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i ran out of words
don't worry only for a little while
the metaphors seemed to become out of style
the rhymes don't seem to rhyme
like the way it was--

Amare Leslie Nov 11
Trees start to undress as showers of rain fall cleanse them
Winds blow dry their hair before starting another day
Wynn H Sep 20
The wallet's dry
& the bank's floors
           are cracked like
the sahara desert plain,
as tumbleweed rolls on by...

[a distant 80's tune playing sumwhere]

I'm on the road to nowhere,
getting suckt down
by dry dusty quicksand.
as a lizard scurries off
               in the distance
leaving dissapearing tracks
on the fading sand...

Stuck in hotel namaqua
I can check out anytime I want,
but i can never leave...

Dust on the ceiling
Black label on ice,
evry1 seems to be prisoners here
of their own device.
No-ones got enuff money
to give some good advice,
Just put ur head down
tell the captain to get more ice,
Busy ******* over the receptionist
to show me the way [out],
A free pass is all i need
to **** this beast
they continuosly feed

Anya Sep 12
When I’m down
Real low
I start writing
Like a disease
Busting out those poems
Like a waterfall
Or like puke
As the words tumble out of me
Till I’m dry
But I never seem to be
Nthabiseng Aug 10
She smiles like she doesn't have fear.
She smiles like she has it all under control.
Everybody around her thinks she has it all figured out.


What's on the inside is a completely different story.
DRY...Empty... that's the best way she can describe her state on the inside.

All she needs is confirmation, that *** is with her and that he hears her cry .

Just to be filled with his presence and for the flood gates of heaven to be poured on her, is her desire.

Though her thoughts overwhelm her some nights, she has hope... hope that *** hears her and loves her unconditionally.
Francis Aug 5
People whose only meaning is to keep up appearances,
a competition of swankiness,
looking around like barn owls,
trying to hide from the inevitable bigger fish.

I’m just as bad for sitting here, keeping up with the jones’, trying to believe this nice time is worth it.
They sit and expect, despite having absolutely nothing to offer.
I’d love to inject you all with lucidity, and watch your life degrade.
Show the true colours of your damaged personality,
Expose your grey hypocritical ubiquity.

Bland and soulless,
empty and barren.

A dry riverbed,
I can see through the cracks and the confusion behind your smile.
As you realise without knowing what’s missing, that suave looks aren’t quite enough.
Yanamari Jul 16
Not even a chance to say the basic
Stopped me mid-sentence before I could ask
Raised your barriers and pushed me away, unable to
Called you a million times and now my eyes are
If this was to be the outcome, that first time we met, I wouldn't have said

Or so I say,
When I have a feeling why you would lie
Pulling off a stunt to raise the barriers high
But these barriers aren't around me
They're around you
So please, don't make these barriers your way of saying
In don't even know what to feel...
Dog Years Jul 16
She said
Boy, you couldn't land on water if you fell off a boat!

He responded...
The wind created by the flutter of your eyelashes makes men believe they can spread their masts and set sail in the desert. As I stepped back to observe your beauty, I fell overboard and landed on dry reality.

As a tear rolled down the side of her cheek, I knew this lucky sailor had landed on water.
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