Wear glasses,
Because weak are my eyes,
Am one of those backbenchers in classes,
Cracking jokes and breaking the ice,
Upon my lips always a,
I try to be the perfect friend,
Take the blame in the end,
Play lots of sports,
Mastered games of all sorts,
Teacher's pet,
Prefer when a plan is set,
But it's all the face of a card,
That's all a façade,
In reality I'm a mess,
Always high on stress,
An emotional wreck,
Overthink every little thing,
I'm the Joker in a deck,
Unwanted and ignored,
I find joy in being lonely,
For then nobody I can trust,
And words won't hurt me,
I may look strong to see,
But inside I'm very weak,
It makes me sick,
Sadness is a pain,
But in it I feel a dark pleasurable gain,
And it kills me from inside,
It is how I am as a person,
It is my style,
My life now,
For tomorrow is another day,
Before everyone I have to dawn a smile..

This is my 100th poem,and for me it's an achievement, and I would like to thank the readers for taking their time and reading and never criticizing, I appreciate it a lot, my little moment of joy it is
eF 13h

When I am a ghost.
Those that weren't around, will say
They were there the most.

Where were you when I needed you most?
Only around for the good times.
the champagne,
And the toast.
amina a 13h

where do they go
when i erase my words
that just weren't
meant to be here

where do i go
when i hide
my self
that, what if,
was not meant
to be here

Carly 21h

Too many times to count,
I've changed
My mind.
Too many of your doubts,
Caused me to stay caged,
Disappointed to find,


It's like I am my own friend and enemy.
Nica A 1d

You carry love deep within your soul
you carry your heart,
still healthy and whole.
and even in those times your hurt,
emotionally numb with no control
A natural gift of love, you still give to all.

In a person's book
you'll be in more than just a chapter
you're one of the main characters,
always known as a lover
such joy that they'll always remember
accompanied by your contagious love and laughter.

the lovers, the dreamers, and me.   9/18/17   12:10 am
Anon 2d

i want to be seen
i want someone to tell me i am beautiful
i want them to mean it
i don't want them to feel obligated to tell me
i want someone to love me too
i want it to be pure love
i don't want it to be an impure sex based love
but most of all i want a friend
i want a friend who will pick up the phone at 2 in the morning
i dont want a friend who turns around and leaves me in my darkest hours alone to cry by myself.

Jedda 3d

And I'm so fucking worried that not only will I lose everyone I have ever made some sort of connection with but I will also lose myself

I guess this is goodbye

she is small
but she is also large,

she is strong
but she is also weak,

she is loved
but she is also broken.

- about me

How you’ve been?
Have you told your mother about me?
I heard you’ve been away to discover yourself or something
But was it worth it when you stole his heart?
Never returned it, but he earned shit for you from the start
Are you working or just wasting your time?
Did I mention that you’re still on my mind?
Still that lonely guy
Low yet high
Don't know why I still get at your phone
Like, me, I should fucking focus on my own life
Yeah, but the bigger picture slips in you
Become more significant in the mixture
Can’t seem to see myself
Always tried to be myself
But who am I, who am I?

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