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Sarah Flynn Apr 26
I keep telling everyone
how beautiful they are
and how much they matter
and how much I love them.

I spend all day motivating
the people around me.
I say such encouraging things,
and I mean every word,

but why can't I say
the same things to myself?
Sarah Flynn Apr 24
...and in the end,
we went our separate ways.

you don't love me
and I don't love you
and that's ok

because you taught me
how I deserve to be treated.

because of you,
I love myself

and that is the greatest
love story of all.
Brumous Apr 18
Blue skies, city lights
in this broad planet
You can feel small,
and you'll never know why

Look at the mirror,
let out a pitiful sigh
Ask your reflection, "who am I?"
only to never hear a reply

You look away;
as silence pierces through your lungs,
you ask the person in front of you
if you were good

"no," they said.

You shall yearn for things you cannot attain,
envy to bring thyself more excruciating pain,
tell one the untruth just like you do to, I.

Face the mirror,
find yourself,
and meet me in due time.
Lost and stuck in a trance.

I still don't like the self that I see in the mirror every day.
Yet, pointing every part of myself out is the only way to keep me from dreaming too much along with its pain.

Being left to dream the impossible is the thing I despise,
for I cannot do what I want, and this leaves me inside a cage of lies.

Made by my own hands and mind.
karly codr Apr 15
i'm slowly learning
to live for myself
and not live for
the expectations of others
and who they expect me to be

i'm slowly learning
that i can be who i am
around the people who want me to be
the crazy
taylor swift and twenty one pilots and conan gray stan
book nerd
person that i am

and for the first time in a while
i'm happy with myself
skipping school on friday to have a movie day with my friends and i'm just in a rally good mood and i'm actually happy
Norbert Tasev Apr 14
Swell, waving like a swell, a comic sail in our wind-saturated body is the privilege: Prosperity! Make-up, suddenly deliberate naivety between adult chirps Dreamland deception sets a fur trap! Anyone can be hit by an overbearing and light-hearted blow, yet the true Man is the one who is hurt! In the midst of everyday mother-daughter worries, the one who always looks at the future can think of the worries! He who hides, who does not breed usurers in a purposeful way from Life himself, whose unpaid debts remain!
Child-mothers sin with incubator-angels for their inaction, dreading to recognize in the open gates of the Universe the consequences and blood offense if the acute, hot macho guy does not hide in bed with them for the first night of immortality and shame! How many angel deposits are made for them, their parents' sins are also properly repaid: heirs to the throne are irresponsible, so they are born into the swamp!
Why don't Alamuszi try to make bronze-brown-stained, **** bombshell goddesses with anyone, when they know and feel that they may once be the most apt family fathers?! The trick that counts all the tricks of modern seducers is just what a narrow runway can advertise alone! - Sweating in the body armor is intentionally avoided s Prohibited! The universal distillation of oblivion may not be so easy! All the top best of stylists are there just to disguise the sacred truth:
sleepless eye-stars would prefer to sleep rather than the vigilant desire of dazzling spotlights! - The juicy fruit offered on a tray is carried by the mother's breast and yet by a death-scared little girl
Norbert Tasev Apr 13
I tried everything! An emergency exit from this daredevil-barracks is rarely created for free-thinkers! The melancholy, sanda-smile of dictatorial wills roaring over our heads is handing out: a stadium, a plot, a church! Beaten, roaring roaring, even the verbal word of orphaned prophets for the Truth! Our well-founded misconceptions are not unfounded recently! In hazelnuts, deliberately shrunken brains, it is rare if you can still create a vigilant intellect!
I see mass misery eagerly despised by sensations and fame; public funds also change the current owner under unclear circumstances! I was already overwhelmed with the hope that every day could only be better and more optimistic! Unemployment is contagious because guarding minds have yet to boldly report with swirling languages that they are totally fed up with the current standard of living! - Bribery is becoming more and more common in everyone!
This Hyena-smiled, starving Age is creating its straw puppets one after another! A number of powerful lords have built tabloid plazas on the shores of Lake Balaton: the promise of amusement parks is also more of an obstacle course! As a herring, avoid massive tumors until sunny! The ring of the distressed is getting tighter! You can be disturbed by all your field strengths with every bribe application and gratitude money: Disturbance enthusiastically applauding denomination s common people! Bad blood and puffy derring-do give birth to bagpipe weeds in soul-seeking souls!
Stroking ***-licking is hard for me! Raising your head in the camp of morals is rare, if allowed! The suicidal railway track intended for junk is also being turned into a doormat - it may be just right for a junkyard.
anna Apr 13
Semua orang mencarinya.
Tapi, apa kebebasan yang kita inginkan benar-benar ada?
Sesuatu yang ingin kita lakukan tentu memiliki batasnya, kan?
Tidak semua hal yang ingin kita lakukan bisa terjadi.
Jadi, apa definisi kebebasan itu?
Kenapa semua orang mencarinya?

Ini mengingatkanku kepada seorang kenalan, yang sangat bebas. Aku sangat kagum padanya. Dia selalu melakukan apapun yang dia inginkan, dia orang yang sangat ceria dan tidak takut dengan apapun dan siapapun. Saat ini, dia sedang mencari kebebasannya. Dia juga orang yang mengajariku agar hidup tanpa penyelesaian.

Untuk melihat "dia" mencapai kebebasan tersebut, tentu aku harus tetap hidup dan mencari kebebasanku sendiri, kan?
Dia alasanku tersenyum setiap hari
Norbert Tasev Apr 11
When critics pierced my tar skull with pieces of ice drumming! Not a single missing shore could be reached without being so shipwrecked! Vermet-digging careerists threw killers and daggers, and the merit became caressing puppets because they could get an opportunity from Being to start something that had begun again! Anointed redeemers could not keep the Order, and the guarding prophets also slept and listened in silence instead of their Judgment words!
Thick-necked and small-style stici pups were plowed in narrow mouse paths; to become unfaithful natives to demotion who is Man because to stay?! Boiling jampec squirrels and disco kittens are making their way up the donkey ladder of the fashion trend, while their hazelnut brains are getting narrower! Even the proud civis proves only by text and not by his deeds; insane, no-man's-house Aarnoks get the job first because they know: the brain-shrinking **** has become fashionable! - Wrapped in flag jacket wings, you can't make a difference with a single garaboncia!
You can only run and tolerate like you know your loss! He who has constantly professed his convinced Truth is all being branded a treasurer and trampled wherever he matures! Lampshade is all about preparation! A worthy accomplice may still be skillful, but he cannot catch scapegoat mice! Rats zigzag between familiar pairs of eyes and easily betray each other when it comes to getting them! - In the channels of the night ether in the Eve costume, Angels parodying with single-stranded petal bodies offer their superstitious charms; perhaps they unconsciously imagine that they can get to know anyone in this form! Is the time of the guardian heads of families wasted?
Norbert Tasev Apr 10
As a false humanist, I deliberately denied the luxury of Being! I could not pertut with sin either, I could not make its insidious difference! It is called the Rooted Hermit Solitude and the daily etiquette-morality; I greet hesitantly between exhibitionist superficial superficialities; like an orphaned little commission kid! Unfortunately, I am more conspicuous than in the East, as I still advertise good manners among enduring partisan idiots and hordes of hands-on jerks!
Who carries the burden of a World as free will on his shoulders in his bloodthirsty eyes depends on its Vulnerable Loyalty! "It's rarely a place if you can find it under glorified debris!" I can't be a consonant or a total dance, at most an existing, selfish cocoa and postmodern! In the rumbling noise of tabloid media, the self-promotion of preserved willows was just enough! I intentionally turn off the rumble of wall-nailed speeches; weakens and tires a phrase that has been pressed and pierced many times, that our common issues will surely change! I even go against a hint of tamed anarchy against a wall!
The armor of our skin can hardly be a protection! Because everyone carries their selfish destiny in their throbbing heartbeat! Retaining loneliness can be the only one where emotions don’t get ***** unnecessarily either! Your environment is also alien to your body: snarling, constantly fake! Nowadays, the medium is crowned by an office and chirping songbirds are appointed hosts instead of minded skulls! A charming baby gaze, and all the stupidity is forgiven! - Color blind producers would be complimented by small-style Nobody!
Measured with gratitude money, those who watch the selfish audience data can already be featured! - Nobody distributes Paul's and Pálne's coins until only the crown of hick shines
A valid domino principle is already fully valid in all cases! Good luck washing, all chirping taps are a good treat, a shaping that pushes each other into the back! The minute reputation of brilliance is never rushed by the fall of the Individual! It seems like a ten-minute, self-contained pall of a job interview repeated to the point of boredom! Dancer-comedian will hang your clown lace at an angle more easily if you know even the dog is not curious about his sensation! Who they like to see as an obsessive failure, a loser even from humanity - it could easily be that he wears every moral prime!
You did not intentionally commit the retaliatory principal sin! The classic case of overinsurance only applies to him! There’s always just the smell of ammonia from the sharper scandal smelling in the infected V.I.P air! My little boy chatter would be taken down immediately by the absolute adults! The nail-biting tactics of creative women lurk deep in their counting souls; more second fiddlers have never been needed just in this misguided time!
With a slender, superstitious body, he snakes from guy to guy until he gains the privileges of a carefree luxury lifestyle! Incorporated sources of error have always been easier to blame! The rider of exotic evenings is already every jampec fool: easy, overnight adventures forever knowing everything! The germs of immortal romance are dwindling! Why do Don Quixote's chubby face have the unwilling slap first? They go through a whole life as an orphaned victim! Only a few could know the Stars from the sky to lie down.
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