Hurtful words lurk in the manner of pike
hidden in the reeds they forage from
the deep pools of sub consciousness
Healing words are dolphins swimming in warm waters
guiding across the shallows of uncertainty
Impulsive words leap like sock-eyes
thrusting themselves along sandbanks of tongues
reefs of teeth, estuaries of lips, desperate for spawning
Elusive words dart, minnow like
in the shallows of intelligence
Forgotten words shock with sudden emergence
from memory’s deeps
they are electric eels sliding out from submerged caverns
Long words evade capture
surviving the sharks of ignorance
slipping past the harpoons of memory
escaping its nets
When I was a young teenager, I made my own fishing rod from a bit of cane, a discarded reel, and used to go fishing on my own - my Uncle was very jealous when i caught a fish bigger than he had managed to catch  - Sheila at Kegworth
Amanda 1h
Thank you for being
There for me when I was not
Myself anymore
Thank you mom, I know I do not say those two words enough, but my life is the way it is because you helped me up when i was at my lowest.
I am to blame.

I am to blame for all I have done.
I cannot blame you for the fallen sun.
The rain is not dependent on your independence.
I am to blame for you being gone.

I am to blame for never thinking of you enough.
I am to blame for never loving you truly.
I am to blame; I should have been good.
I am to blame;
You can see right through me.

I have worn a mask to disguise my reflection in the mirror.
It is time to remove the mask;
It is time to see clearer.
The man in the mirror is not a ghost, he is me.
I am to blame for everything.

I am to blame for never changing,
Into what you needed me to be.
I am to blame for you leaving.
I am to blame.
I have to see.
I can no longer blame you,
Because you chose to leave me.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I was a basket of fears,
An open tap of tears,
With tags of doubts,
Never knew what they were about,
Loneliness nibbled at my soul,
Life was foul.

Then, I looked at me in the mirror,
Saw a reflection over and over,
It was my image ,
It had courage,
It had strength,
Which stretched a length.

My copy was friendly and flirtatious,
Resilient  not vicious,
I fell in love with myself,
My old self I stacked on a shelf.
At last I was alive!
Love sent me to new drive,
It gave me the will to survive.
I was in love!
A young, beautiful dove,
I  could fly,
Paint in hues the sky,
Kiss the moon,
Swing on the rainbow,swoon,
Juggle the stars,
Wink at the Sun from afar.
Love! Love! Here I soar.
alexa 2d
my mother tells me i’m lucky,
father says i’m blessed.
but it’s hard to count any blessings
when i’m always out of breath.
grandma says i look pale,
it’s because i’m not getting enough sleep.
when the farm becomes abandoned
it’s hard to count any sheep.
i’m a mess who makes more messes,
sister tells me it’ll be alright-
that even in my darkest moments
i must remember to turn on the light.
but i think the lightbulb’s broken
or maybe much too dim,
because the only joy i feel
is when i’m looking up at him.
i’m tired of being sorry,
i’m sorry for being tired.
in life these days my
happiness and satisfaction isn’t required.
so it sucks if i’m a disappointment
but it’s hard to focus on grades
when instead my mind likes to relive
every mistake i’ve ever made.
i really didn’t mean to hurt you
i hope you can learn not to be mad.
i just wish i didn’t always go through the day
feeling so goddamn sad.
my heart feels heavy.
Kayla 4d
I need to learn
How to love myself first
I can love you
The love that you only have
When you try to stick you’re hands
Down my pants
I need to learn how to
Love myself first
Emily 5d
Coarse as silk
Rotten as milk
Sour as honey
Useless as money
I only have
Love unto you
clever 7d
i look at you and see myself
you feel like home
when the furniture's pushed back
we fill the space
slow dancing to silence
barefoot on the carpet
no good - harry hudson
Emily Apr 17
In lingerie up on stage
It was a different age
Sultry sighs and bad mullets
It was all rock and roll

A teenage cherry bomb
A girl gone wild
Free to run away
Along a yellow brick path

I see it in the stars
Both cosmic and mortal
I feel it in the air
The world is about the shake
And I'm going to be the earthquake

Vintage as an advantage
Retro and grunge,
Shabby chic,
Whatever you call it

Like an angel, Judgement,
Calls the dead
It will be a resurrection
Singing and crooning,
Triumphant trumpets

So grab your guitars
And some mates
It's time to start a band
anon Apr 16
let me tell you how it all happened

they'll tend to tell you bullies caused it
or that everyone has the same experience
and it starts because
other people
forced it to

but what i have to tell you
is that i did it to
i'm a turncoat
to my own flesh

i would look in the mirror and see
a gut
and suddenly
that was all i could see

no matter if my calves were toned
or my arms were sticks
i saw that gut
or my
curdled thighs
and that was all

so i'd say i wasn't hungry
or i'd "sleep" through a meal
and i'd work extra hard at practice
pretend i wasn't always run down

and even if i'd pass out
or struggle to stay awake
i'd pretend like it was sleep
i was depriving myself of sleep

and you know that cycle
in every anorexic girl's story
where her body bloats before it thins
because it's trying to protect her

i went harder in that stage
so i could lose the weight that made me a 2
instead of 00
and i would cry myself to sleep
because i was in pain
and physical

but i couldn't stop the
i gave

my dad would tell my friends
to make sure i would
but i never listened

and now i look back
and see my former shell-f
a self that had no self
a self that was only

a shell

a turncoat

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