WalkerZ 4d

She is a fighter
they called her their lighter
she led the way
to the next day
she was the dawn
he was the day
she loved him,
but he loved another
she continued
to fight,
but running alone
on the battlefield of life
can break one's soul,
but she continued
to run through
and just like that
her life was still in one piece
'cause she made a breakthrough

You don't always have to be with someone to win the game, but it would make it more interesting

life is funny
one day i hope to live longer
one day i hope to die
i am funny
one day i prepared everything for school
one day i prepared a knife to kill myself
you are funny
one day you said you wouldn't leave me alone
now you leave me alone in the darkness

:( how to NOT have suicidal thought help

Finding yourself in life is an amazing feat. Not all people find themselves in their early twenties, most go to the grave without finding themselves. It is a disgusting reaction of hatred, jealousy, and arrogance that people show when you find yourself. To think that I am the happiest I can be and yet society continues to tell me what's wrong with me. What's wrong with me is YOU.

Sandoval Apr 7

Poetry has never hurt like this before. I beg of you, drown this

hurt, and kill it with your last  touch. Touch my skin with your lips, let them rest against my bare neck. And let me drown in

you as well the disillusionment of a love  separated by the stars. Spare me one last look, tame in me this fire that yearns for you,

this fire that can't be put out.  Save me. From myself, one last night, before we say goodbye.


Sandoval Apr 7

I feel myself forgotten, like a lost voyage with no destination.


etrealouest Apr 3

Last year I made poems about you,
and only you,
This year I’ll make poems about me,
From me,
For me,
There’s no use of writing poems about you, You’re gone.
However, I’m still here
For myself
So I’ll write poems to myself,
And myself,
From now on

JAC Apr 1

Nothing would make me happier
Than if I were purely selfless,
But then I'd be happiest
And I'd have only served myself.

Mane Omsy Apr 1

A minute of your attention
Just pretend I'm something
Let me rent a room inside you
With all this stress pressing hard
Down, I'm supressed, I'm the nail
Pull me out of this wooden smell
Had my anxiety crave for admiration

Leave me a trace of hope for love
Leave me a page from your history
On this silent road
I just want to hear a horn
An affectionate one
A residue to remind myself
It's meaningful to wait
Or could it mean to move on?

Redemption - V
April Mar 31

Somebody please save me.
Save me from myself.
Save me from my actions.
Save me from my thoughts.
Save me from what I might do.
Save me from what may happen.
Save me.

Steven Gosling Mar 29

If I met myself one day.
Would I like the one I find?
Or would I talk politely,
with retreat most in my mind.

If I had to work with someone.
Would it be someone like me?
Or would I say no thanks,
as a tried to get me free.

If I was my own best friend.
Would I trust me with my thoughts?
And tell me all my secrets,
without  fear of getting caught.

If there was one person in the world,
to whom I’d never say goodbye,
and walk away and never see.
Would it be someone like I?

When you look into the mirror.
is it really ever true,
that you see the same old person,
as when other’s look at you.

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