Sophia 2h
when i see myself in the mirror

i've always dreamt of seeing a different person

a better person than i could ever be

but when i stare into the eyes

of the exact same person as me

i'm faced with cruel reality
Pyrrha 1d
I think I've finally realised why I don't feel right
I've spent so much time and energy worrying about everyone else
That I ignored the problems within myself

I have always had a solution for their troubles
But when it comes to what I need I never have an answer
I wish I could help myself like I help them

But my mind has become so paper thin
Rummaging around for a distraction again and again
I never have a moment to stop and save

myself from all these problems within
These days it seems the conflicts never end and never will
So long as I focus on them and forget

myself once again
Sophia 2d
i shun them

i hate them

i can't stand them

i hate the way their smiles are so fake

i hate the way their eyes always roll this way

i despise that every time i see their faces

i see myself
Get up and dress my myself.
I don't impress myself.
Need to express myself.
Not to detest myself.
Start to respect myself.
Outwardly reflect myself.
I won't reject myself.
Go out and test myself.
No time to rest myself.
I'll be the best, myself.
To the world I didn't made sense

I didn't made sense
when I'm awake and the world was asleep

I didn't made sense
When I wrote endless scribbles

I didn't made sense
When I was standing outside when it was pouring.

I didn't made sense
When I laugh when it hurts the most

I didn't made sense
When I smiled, even when Im sad

Yes I didn't made any sense doing all of those but I dont need the world to understand me. I just need only one.
Yes its hard to find someone who will understand you, many will think you're crazy and have lost it. But Continue to find that someone who will.
Is it a surprise?
Is it a surprise?
When you quit,
When you quit,
paying attention,
that your battlements
crumble, thanks to you?

Why can't I hold steady?
You see,
my spirit has been beaten
by forces, both within
and outside my control,
so frequently, I suppose
it's a miracle that I
manage to hold on at all.

Why can't my wellness
hold my attention for long?
Long enough, to get just
a teasing taste of something
like love.

Do I hate myself?
No one ever asks,
but if they did,
they'd learn that
the answer's, "No."

"But I'm fickle,
so I fall in and out
with myself."
four walls surround me
my things rest on shelves
and within dresser drawers
my name is etched into the pillows
claw marks on the mattress
clothing littering the floor
specks of my dna live here
it’s been
398 days
10 hours
42 minutes
and 36 seconds
since i unpacked
and still it doesn’t feel like home
my things surrounding me
but they don’t feel like mine
the walls sigh my name
but it doesn’t sound like my name
i am a stranger in this place
a place that is supposed to feel safe
a place where i am supposed to live freely
i long so desperately for a space
where i don’t solely reside within my bedroom
trapped in the confines of my bed
a space where i don’t step quietly
not wanting too much of me to be seen
a space where i can sing and dance freely
where i can etch my truth into the walls
and talk to the skeletons in my closet
a space where i don’t feel my breath is limited
careful you don’t say the wrong thing
because the walls may collapse
because the streets may become all you know
i just want a space of my own
a space where the walls sigh my name
and i can say “yes baby, i’m home”
Regan 3d
i knew a boy with brown hair
like flowing locks of a mare.
we talked and talked
i was the one he stalked.
we grew close
until we both became morose.
he changed his hair to black
and let my feelings crack.
he stole my joy,
and i let a boy
change me so much
by just a simple touch.
naive is what i was
and that is ‘cause
he changed
and deranged.
I was left alone
i even tried calling his phone,
but nothing would work.
he passed my gloomy face with a smirk.
now i know
to keep my feelings low
so a black haired boy
will not turn me into a toy.
Life became more serene,
with reduction in friends list
and expansion of playlist.
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