Riddhima 14m
Thirty three years Alexander lived
Shakespeare wrote his tragedies
the teacher near our house
...in dhoti turned twice
still dirty with yesterday's mud
goes for another regret
what am I doing?

The play was staged
clowns and faces with paint
their age twenty
The man next door
his face well known
for the cycle he drew across the world
where am I here?
The lunatic
in house arrest wants to breathe
showing the foolish thumb
to people on lanes
but what am I doing?

What am I doing? Doing what? Doing what ?
Till half past three into the night
the question haunts my ribs
A inadequate path, oozing with men flood
but all headless clouds
Am I one in them?
All my life I have been placing this head
The weared out head of mine
In one body
in another
Trying to look into the mirror
On which body does this head of mine
look like me
the word dhoti used in this poem is a garment worn by male Hindus, consisting of a piece of material tied around the waist and extending to cover most of the legs.
Trixia 1d
i swear i was so confused
i couldn’t write a single bit of me
“who am i?” i asked
what is the purpose of me?
i struggled writing an essay about it
i can remember memories
our times, smiles and tears
but really what was i?

writing made me realise
i was too lost to remember
who i am
who was i
i could’ve sworn
that i knew the details
of your freckles
the alignment of your moles
the shade of your skin
your thick brows

but when you went away
i didn’t realise
that i wasn’t me when i’m with you
i’m a total stranger to myself
i am the only one struggling
with my identity

more than less
winter passed by in a blink
and everytime in my nightmares
you were there
i kept waking up missing you

you created me
you made myself
how i acted
or even how i talk

but i love you even more
even if it hurts.
i swear this boy changed me, no he made me, i felt good about it, but anyways it hurts so bad to miss him but everyday i kept loving him more.
My first life lasted long enough
A wife I loved and children real stuff
The war changed everything
Family dead except for my son
where was he when we won?
Forget it all

My second life a depressed teen
Counselors fail to make me clean
Phonographs and tapes
The start of my new life
Why do I keep thinking of my wife?
Forget it all

Third life wasn't strong
Discrimination with my hair long
Women disguises aren't the best in 1900's
This goes with my fourth and fifth
I really wish this was a myth
Forget it all

Sixth was really fun
Did some drugs and went to clubs
Became a show host
They all found out
They started to shout
Forget it all

Aute Lun didn't go to heaven
Nothing phased number seven
His life did not last

Number eight was burned to the steak
That hurt I needed a break

Poor sweet number nine
His bills made him commit

Ten and Eleven
Nearly became convicted felons
But they got too sick to even try
Forget it all
All these lives
Do they matter?
Just forget...

Number 12 was one of the longest
A guy by the name of Alex Coneales
I was finally myself again
I made a friend or two
They help me through
They never know

Wilson Maxwell a friend with laughs
He found my tapes, my phonographs
We exchange our secrets
He says he'll help me no matter what
He knows too much so I keep shut
This is actually a poem about one of my characters I made for stories I've been trying to make. The thirteenth life I want people to find out. Let me know if this would be a good idea for a comic!
Clarity 4d
I won’t let you do this anymore
I can’t loose control again
Can’t let you effect me like this
It’s been too long
I need to protect myself,
My heart,
My soul.
I distract myself from thinking,
Because if i dont
I think and think and think.
I think
Then i get nervous
Then i stumble
And mumble
And glance everywhere.
I count in my head like its a prayer
I scribble on anything i can like i can
Run away and hide in the scribbles.
I read like books are my oxygen supply.
I listen to music like if i can just turn it up
Loud enough,
I wont have to hear my thoughts.
Faith 6d
i think i lost my mind
the leash i had on it
was too loose
im such a fool
i allowed too much slack
and my mind
took advantage of me
and ran away
Mikko Jun 7
I went outside for a while
It was so cold and full of life
It made me uneasy for it's been a while

Walking alone in a sea of people
I felt lost
Nowhere to go
Stuck in a place
That no one will know
You need someone
But no ones coming
You cried inside
For no ones helping

And then i went home
It was so cold and empty
It made me uneasy for i am back
I guess you could say i'm tired of being alone whenever i go out
Mikko Jun 6
Can you hear me?
Stuck in your little head
Cant get out and wants you dead
This voices helps you ease your pain
But all they do is make your pain insane
Word by word it cuts you deep
And think for a second that all their words are real
You sit in a corner to prove they're wrong
But then you can't because you're dead inside all along
This is my first time posting in this website i'm also new in this type of things and i hope i can do more in the future
Trixia Jun 4
i saw a morsel of the truth in our universe
today is such a tiring day, i thought
that when i get used to seeing everything
it will be easy, no, it was harder
the longer the time passes by

i’d love to see all the vibrant colors of the rainbow
but whenever i looked up, i just saw a morose sky
i’ve met anger, sadness, and pain all at once
i hoped to see happiness on this voyage of mine
so i laid back at the green grass
watching the flowers wither
and sun go down the ends of earth
i waited from different seasons
seeing how everything changed
from snow to water dripping on
the leaves of years old trees

as the daylight went down,
our dear moon went up unraveling
the true beauty of darkness with sparkling stars
the moon shines better at dim
but it looked sad somehow
in pain as she glows from above

i kept thinking why?
no one knows, will i ever know?
probably not.

and just like the moon
we, people
art of god
has a little secret
a pain
that no one can know
even it hurts
the most
I’d love to tell you the raw self of me, but it was too much for me so I stayed quiet, and mourn about it by myself, cause no one will ever understand the pain, i don’t need you to understand me, just be with me and I’ll be fine.
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