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I had already sipped, I had fought quite a few times: with gazes, squeaky fools, good-natured comers, who - perhaps - despised the moral fruits of the tree of knowledge at a cheap price, and yet stored in their brains, the sacred fruit seemed to get worse soon! I would speak more boldly, with a silly, prophetic childish voice and a free mouth if

I could have understood the word more scientifically - which is why with wise people! - I was looking for an alliance of scientists, friendly spirits; they all buried my good humor, the secret atmosphere, with their flirtatious, honey-glazed hymns of praise and gallows humor: what could have made me - if my linguistic stuff hadn't

they succeed - so that with groping possibilities I can find eyes like a blind kappa in the land of yellow *****! What was a toy and a weapon for them was an evil in my eyes: “You! Because you don’t have a universal linguistic examination, you can’t listen to grammar lectures that’s why - No one has teamed up with my uncompromising soul!

Sober, prestigious morals should be created, not by doing business with meanness and vulgarity, human dignity will sink, if it does not flicker as an unshakable candlelight in the heart of the Moral trusted!

Because we dared to believe and hope that the flame of the intellect would drive fresh and modern sprouts, - but we had finally seen it with fragmented self-confidence: in the exterminating campaign camp of Roast Conservatives; Inquisition is a gift for innovative spirits!
Natasha 7d




for me.


I'm not even sure,

I know






Hannah 6d
I’ve been wondering when the trees will grow me shelter.
I’ve been wondering when the waves will turn me over.
I’ve been wondering when I’ll finally find a friend.
I’ve been wondering when I’ll find a place to live.
I’m finally standing on my feet.
Breathing in the air.
Lying on the beach.
Sitting there,
Thinking to myself,
I don’t know what happened,
but I’ll find out in the end.
Hannah May 22
Time seems to slip away before my eyes,
witnessing the change of the open skies.
At night, I tend to not get much sleep.
My workload seems to pile into a heap.
The internal battles with my brain
are like the endless tracks to a train.
My struggle to focus lasts day and night,
it causes me, myself, and I to fight.
I don't need to be scolded by any other.
I am already doing that to myself undercover.
Sometimes I feel like no one knows,
how hard it is to keep my steady workflow.
Procrastinator is my middle name.
Rushing to turn things in on time isn't a fun game.
While doing work I stare off into space,
even if it's not the best time and place.
I'll ask for instructions but they make no sense.
It's like understanding is being blocked by a fence.
On test days I am just so slow,
that my friends can't wait for me so they all go.
My slow is other people's fast.
I wish this would just go away at last.
I have dealt with this all my life,
but I've learned to make living with it less strife.
This isn't how I would have liked to be,
but I can't help it because it's all from my ADHD.
Norbert Tasev May 22
Now the sky itself cherishes more and more gloomy, sour cream *****, cotton candy clouds. Chubby angels - just as the sun’s rays run away from this non-existent time, they flee. I research and discover my literacy as an ant-taught self-taught self,

I often get a rash from schedule, longing for pennies - because what I want and what I can get is in many cases lost or sold out! You can survive! Number, if you can, just takes a breath of stuck sentences and stutters. I am a liar if I betray my heart! Existence now comes with a meager breadwinner - I’m a returning, survivable hedgehog again,

and if it's an invoice, or just a check when it comes - the intellect can't do anything else: Divide and, if necessary, break the law, cursing and suing my mind for money set aside and the suspiciously thin poems of my favorite contemporaries - the library ticket is only for students s discount for pensioners:

With our mortal lives, we are dwindling with restless, restless nerves day by day! Although in other forms, compromise and palalization are hidden - the Essence does not change, and it is the same! It grinds our meat bone-to-bone and devours it for a little hunger, free chewy munches and coffees:

Because a decent wage is only for the craftsmanship - we dug beautiful graves for liberating, beautiful hopes, so that we might bury our remaining dreams and wasted opportunities for good! In many cases, dawn is found in the worker: Sitting on a chair, the sleeping one still dreams bitterly…
Norbert Tasev May 21
Your wrinkles are multiplying now. The thought, the consciousness, liberates and cripples at the same time: The Old Time is still rampant on your trench wrinkles - but it's not a problem, it can't be a problem - at most it only grimaces in its vanity, you like it! May the cruel grace make you wise, besieging yourself among millions with question-and-answer answers, why were you the Only One?

Isn’t the glass of life a disgusted wormwood? A sure recognition binds you with a bridle and reins: You can no longer be independent, and you are free because you are stifled by the greedy death in the finite tunnels of your cells - you cannot break the siege ring that has been shattered around your existence like an unbreakable lattice!

Maybe then - if you will and maybe you run out of time - you will recognize yourself as the smallest, the most vulnerable all along: You will perish like dust in the unbridled wings of the wind, and insatiable and selfish in eternal love: Hoping to support and comfort, you will believe in being a social being!

But the proud consciousness: You have come to create, to create and to create will remain with you forever until you die - you will grow your faith and meaning, your knowledge; and you are hoping for a foolish mistake, or a conscious fool: perhaps your future will not be barren if future ages recognize the indisputable, legitimate fact: Applications, prizes, works that have won competitions are still appreciated even now - than forgotten trash cans, crouches deep in drawers!

Never believe in flatterers! - Be more confident in yourself: Whoever campaigns and operates with Responsibility and keeps the manuscripts is worth more!
Axel May 20
I keep lying to myself,
Saying: I look better now.
When I look into my eyes,
Blue colours painting wild.

I've been diving into the ocean,
Diving deep to the darkest bound.
Swimming in tears become my habit
Not too little, not too big.
an introduction of myself.
Nicole May 20
Everyone was acting like as if they were right

But I did not buy it, no I did not buy it

I said I'm going back, 'til there's no one left,

Now I'm standing on my own

It's me against them all

And it never looked so beautiful

'Cause I found what I was looking for

Now I'm standing on my own

It's me against the world

And I never felt so wonderful

'Cause I found what I was searching for

I found my voice .
Never back down from a fight, and always stand strong!
Norbert Tasev May 19
Splatter - pretty much - I didn’t even know, in my beautifully ringing compliment-bouquet tongue, and yet you dragged it into your heart like a stifling magnetic clasp as if the secret gates of our souls were closed only to uninitiated eyes! Who is completely robbed of the experience of the universe of the Experience, the tangible moment: Like a cooling waterfall, I fell inside me

as recognition, it is the eternal connection of your being, and I would have been immersed in the redeeming waves of your night-black hair. “Now all my memories that seem insignificant are remembered from the charming autumn spirits of your face; from the indelible, comforting compassion of your being and in all my better days: When there is no pessimistic mood, nor sinking self-pity

scares me - I think of you, and I can only believe: From a distance, you ever do that, and you forgive me for not being a Initiator! - Irrevocably enchanted into my home, my second house, the visible imagination - I will be satisfied, sad, lean figure in his own rot: Perhaps bitterly, exiled by love: My dissatisfaction is already growing every day!

As a dream chaser, I would allow myself to hide in the camp of illusions of fidelity and devotion against a lost world of ordas: and were you the immortal flame of rampant Reality? "Believe me, and that's better than anything now."

it aches more permanently than ore and hurts apocalyptic!
Wyatt May 19
Heard this revelation
repeat inside my head,
nothing really matters
and nothing ever stays.

Always been myself
and always by myself,
always left behind on the shelf
to collect dust while everything
and everybody else feels brand new.
Never was the type to choose,
I was always sitting idle,
procrastinating til' the
moment came and it went.
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