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mgnmrph 1d
I knew I had found myself when
I took off the yellow sunglasses
and the world was still just as beautiful
just as full of love and light and roses
the air whispered
this is it babygirl
sweetly in my ear before filling my lungs
with lavender colored bliss
and sweet hugs from the sun
taught me how to embrace my body
Marsha 5d
your beauty
all kingdoms

and you'll have
entire world
at your feet
Believe me when I say you are beautiful.
Trust me when I say you are.
Believe me when I say the entire world will be at your feet.
Trust me when I say they will.
There's a  time for everything,

a future where this passing moment will seem like nothing.

There's a song for every dream,

where dark and bright will be a theme.

Where negativity will die with no esteem,

where happiness will **** negativity scream,

hope and faith will make a strong team.

Making every existence of life supreme,

only positivity will reside in our bloodstream.

No one will whisper but speak,

optimism in every beat making no heart a weak,

outlook on life will never be bleak,

where time will be at it's highest peak,

each soul will be unique.
Meruem 5d
It's unbearable, indeed, to be a human.
All these uncertainties, not knowing what to do or what will happen next.
I am trying to walk outside just to find a world that's still beautiful.
I'll try to avoid the impulse to grieve what's still wild and alive.
For me to get by, I guess I'll have to continue being a rose-colored boy; your rose-colored boy.
My anger seems lethargic not bothered bathing in serenity trying to keeps this symmetry don't you peep this energy, not gravitated towards negativity, no compound particles of bad vibes gotta keep this chemistry, it's better to live stress free confusion creates too much problems for me, exposing my emotions like a leaked ****, I don't mean to be rude I need my own space go about it at my own pace, no bad news constantly in my face get away to a quiet place I need a clear view, no bad attitudes cool off in high altitudes postive vibes only, a comforting atmosphere I care about what my spirit consumes, can't let negativity doom this mood coolest dude in a room refusing to be shadowed by gloom smooth

In my chill mode
In my chill mode
Chillin in my chill mode
I'm chillin in my chill mode
Chill mode
Chill mode
In my chill mode
A second Version of chill mode, Tell me what you think
Julia Oct 11
soft, softer, softest.
kind, kinder, kindest.
pure, purer, purest.

as much as i want to succeed and have a career and a life of my own, i want nothing more than to be so kind it changes the world. my heart is stable shelter in a hurricane and i'll let you wait out this storm with me a while.

though ice is cooled by my hands, i radiate warmth. i've swallowed starlight and fostered it in my core and it bursts from me.

my gentleness has been tempered by fire and is my greatest strength.
Haiku Donna Oct 8
Pigeons on rooftops
No matter the weather they
always spread there wings
Bragi Oct 8
Be better than all of it.

It’s only a few letters after all.
Haiku Donna Oct 8
Bowl of weetabix
Warm milk and sprinkled sugar
And autumn looks good
Monday morn me dean and our son had a bowl of weetabix and I’m super ready for my week ahead :) good start to day is always good x
Have a happy healthy week everyone xxxx
Gods1son Oct 8
Journeying through life...
Some phases are filled with green leaves
Some seem like dry land
I will focus on my strength
Turn the green leaves to a fruitful field.
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