Katelynn 12h
Someday you’ll love you.
From the sparkle in your eye,
To the pitch of your laugh,
Even the color of your hair.

You will love every part,
From every wrinkle,
To every crinkle,
Every part of you.

But they will try to tear you down,
To make you frown,
To make you think you’re not worth it.

But darling you listen to me.

From the way you walk,
To the way you talk,
You will be mocked,
But don’t you listen.

From your weight,
To your height,
You are all wonderful to me.

Maybe one day you’ll see,
The beauty I see.
The way you were made,
So beautifully.

But until then,
Do not forget,
On how true beauty,
Comes from within.
I hope one day that you love you the way you deserve. You are worth it ❤
Art work once hung from walls
Gets trampled into the floor
Has you zone into the smaller details
And zone out from the bigger picture
Neglect and forget all the things you love about yourself
Have you ever wanted to change the world?

Would you make it better?
Would you make it happier?
Or would you just make it easier?

Would you change it for good?
Or maybe for evil?

How would you change it?

Would you do it to change your image?
Or to fall in love?
Or maybe to just make that one person smile?

Would you end all wars?
Would you feed all hungry?
Or would you house all poor?

Why would you change the world?

Do you want to be the hero?
Or the villian?

There are many things we want to change,
Whether in our selves,
Or in others.

Some are greedy,
Some are humble,
Some just want peace.

With many things,
We would want to change,
It’s okay if the only thing you change,
Is yourself.
the moon weeps for the
company of the sun,
lacking comprehension
that she alone is enough
to light up the night sky.
The best version
Of this moment
happens when we
accept this moment
Just as it is

The smiles and tears
Anger and fears
Arrive and display
The palette of life
We watch and let go
Let the moment be
As still and as best
As only it knows
To be

We remain observers
In the silent stillness
Of love

Watching and accepting
Responding if need be
From love, for love

Come relax and enjoy
Moment by moment
The best version of life
In the silent sweetness of love.
Aa Harvey May 12

Reality ain’t as dreary as some say it is,
Or others say it will be.
Positivity is the best of me,
So I apologise for my negativity.

Do not just smile to make them happy,
Smile because you are really happy.
Tell them if you are feeling sad.
Things improve with time;
Stop living in the past.

Do not bother to swear,
Or make promises you cannot keep.
Get an early night,
It sounds like fun
And we all need a little sleep.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
jonas ernust May 9
It's interesting writing poetry  in  a content and non-neurotic state.
I just feel so good,

and maybe it's not profound,  nor even reads as poetry,

But I just had to document this moment

so I remember that things sometimes do

get better.
DarjeelingT May 9
What does it mean - to overthink?
Is there even such a thing
To think too much?
What is to think less?
Thinking is just thoughts where one can never count them.
Harmful or helpful, the two hands of any ticking clock.
When people believe overthinking is debilitating, I say it's normal :)
I don't believe in heaven
But we've got one chance before death
To create our own
Aa Harvey May 7
One vision

One vision, writers block.
All I can see is love.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Glass half full.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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