Anna 3d

Hey you, reading this.
You may be scared, you may be frustrated,
lonely or heartbroken.
I shall tell you something great, you are beautiful and worth it.
Don't wither because of the cruel world.
Stay fresh like a flower that blooms bravely.
Keep your head up, be proud.
The sun rises, the sun sets.
Make each and every day colorful.
Colour yourself with positive thoughts, shine.
Paint the perfect picture of you in your mind
and strive for it, make it real.
Stay with the people you adore.
Go out for a walk with them, drink coffee,
watch your favorite movie together,
talk about the things you love, your passion,
smile, laugh and forget about the cruel world.

In this life where sadness
Is seen everyday
Love, butterflies and birds
Inspire life
To be one big bright world
Because it's the love
That silently unfolds
All beautiful things

Bye for nows x

Today another beautiful day
A gift by Almighty...

I am given chance to welcome it by frown or smiling face
I welcome the day by smiling face

I am given a choice to be sad or happy
I choose happiness

I am given a choice to feel empty or content
I choose to feel content

I am empowered to spread joy or glum
I choose to spread joy

I am enabled to dance or lazing around
I choose to dance joyfully

I am capable of singing or cribbing
I choose to sing cheerfully

I am given a choice to be grateful or to be regretful
I choose to be grateful to almighty, nature, people, life, lessons, blessings and every everything

This write is dedicated to Star BG...My inspiration to feel positive.... she is a blessing... she is an angel assigned to spread love, joy, positivity by her presence. Thnx sbg for being there. Thnx for showing up. And and the time is 11.11. It has confirmed what i wrote abt sbg. Tonnes of love sbg.. no words to express my emotions fr u.
Ame Agami Nov 7

I'm the expert
When it comes to disappointment
I always end up with the things
That I do my very best to escape from

If that happened to you too
That doesn't mean you screwed up
Yeah , it hurts like hell
And it's not very fun to deal with
But those feelings won't last long

Before you know it
You'll be ok with your new normal
As a matter of fact
You'll be so ok with it to the point
Where you're going to reshape it
To make it even more comfortable
© Ame Agami

My life isn't always filled with sadness and grief.
I just have this bad habit of only writing when I'm hit with mental illness and misbelief.
When I inhabit this place of mind, the only way to escape is writing until I’m able to leave this behind.
Everything gets intertwined, I get the feeling of hatred towards humankind.
But all of this does not last, it goes away and then it comes back.

Rose Nov 2

Not everything has to be sad,
Yet it's usually what poetry expresses,
But if you look beside it,
There is a world full of successes.

F Edward Oct 25

it's time to step out the cage
for i conjured up the golden bars
it's time to leave it all behind
and flush away my scars

the rain had come and belted a song
and still the melody plays
but if i cannot learn to love the music
how will i find my way?

a part of living is turmoil
and rocks you cannot surpass
rather than giving up
i will stay and smell the grass

for some things are unavoidable
and take a while to play out
it's better to wait and laugh
where before i would scream and shout

so this is it in all it's glory
life is a tumbling mess
but how long does it take to realise
that in having life we're blessed?

alex Oct 24

my fingers may feel like ice
when i return from winter
but don’t let that fool you into thinking
that i’m frozen.

no, dear
my skin is only cold
because the chill
couldn’t find a way
i love myself far too much
for that.

i think i confuse cold with depression too much
alex Oct 24

in these times of chill
these times of blistering wind
i think it is important
to know how to keep warm.

you can reach for a hand
a body a furnace other than your own
and it may warm you
but for only as long as
it can sustain itself
after that, you’re both just ice.

and what if someone
reaches to you?
what will you say?
“i’m sorry i’m too cold
to warm anything at all”
how sad.

i begged myself for an answer
begged to know what to do
before the times of chill returned.
and, lovely and true as i am,
i responded:

put on your winter coat.
wrap your hands in fuzzy mittens
that make your insides feel fuzzy too.
double up on socks
and wrap your neck in a wool scarf.
you have everything you need
to feel warm when it gets cold
it was always with you.
you just have to dig around for a bit.

and so
in these times of chill,
i warm myself.

and my god,
do i recommend it.

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