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Donna 2d
works wonders , it’s happy and
kind and loves to smile
I’m all for positivity works wonders ** ❤️
Wishing you all a happy week ahead ** ❤️
Donna 4d
Mayonnaise on bread !
But I’d ran out of butter
There’s always a way

I said to my hubby we ran out of butter he said dw put mayo on my bread he loved it too ,  made me think of this one  ** **
Miranda Oct 9
I sit in the red rocking chair on the front porch
Back and forth
Rocking and feeling the wind move across my skin
I look out at the trees and the pond
Tinged with gold as the sun sets
I hear the windchimes
And the sound almost brings me to tears
For the moment is so beautiful
This is how it is supposed to be

I sit in the red rocking chair on the front porch
Back and forth
Rocking and feeling the wind move across my skin
I look over at my dad
Eyes sunken and body smaller than ever
I look over at my mom
Her heart pain spilling out of her eyes
I hear the windchimes
A beautiful sound that I wish would stop
For this moment isn’t beautiful

I hear the windchimes but the beauty is lost on me
All I can think about is how badly I wish I was living in a beautiful moment
Instead of this one
But that’s the thing: beauty exists regardless
The windchimes make beautiful music on a sunny day and during a storm
They don’t care what’s going on, they do what they were made to do
It’s up to me to hear them out

Your Aura baby
It's pure magic
I swear you
Can make anything happen

When I'm down
You flip my frown

When raining
you reveal the sun

When I'm bored
You create fun

Look at all the good
Your magic has done.
Her ability to flip negative vibes is like magic.
YY Oct 7
Why worry about something that is not in our control?
Why do we try to fit into some role?
With endless love, fulfilled with flowers,
You'll have way better inner powers.

Not with good looks, but with heart's beauty,
You can give back your given duty.
Not with false words and deprivation,
But with sharp focus and true dedication.

Don't look up or down, but far ahead,
The more you do - the more your love will spread.
Not the platonic wild obsession -
But calm and positive progression.

Don't try to own one's feelings, cause aggression,
Stop making someone your material possession.
Do good, not harm, don't ask to give you back,
Only give and you'll receive twice back.
andY Oct 6
there is a sense of hope
i can feel it truly
don’t know where it comes from
hold on, it’s holy

nothing compares
to the lightness of being
just one little firefly
is enough for
escapes to be seen

i need to preserve it
so precious and perfect
protect it from ember
and scream: i deserve this!
Sourodeep Oct 5
Rhythms and beats touch our hearts,
music turns us into believers
as it helps us bear the everyday pain,
In the song we find our prayers,
and the hope remains...
The festival of Durga Puja in India, where we worship the goddess Durga as embodiment of power destroying evil. Hope we are also able to overcome all evil from our world too.
Time heals our hard times.
Time softens our hardships.
Time makes the past stay dead.
Time makes us live the present.
Time tells us who we are.
Time makes us accept who we were.
Time makes some people unimportant .
Time makes other people unique.
Time connects the dots.
Time makes things click.
Time shows us what's real.
Time dissolves ghosts.
Time makes us forget forgettable things.
Time makes us value what's valuable.
Time gives us perspective.
Time makes illusions crumble down.
Time shows us that true dreams are solid.
Time is all you need, my friend.
Because time heals..
I cast a wish into  the world,
A message from a good old girl,
As  I wish for good intentions,
From a pacifist, I mention,
Make the best of every situation,
Step back from their manipulation,
Nasty makes negativity,
Let's hear it for positivity,
I am okay here today,
Are you okay this way?
Yes, we're both good as gold,
It's a ****** to be growing old,
So let's pray for tranquil ways,
Peace means calm, hooray!
Feedback welcome.
B D Caissie Sep 24
What has become of you? Your missing from our homes, our families and our relationships. People are forced to work multiple jobs just to get by never mind keeping up with the Joneses. juggling the responsibilities of home and work. who is affected most by this but our children and who they become.

Something we must remind ourselves on a daily basis that we live in a country that is free. Although there are cracks and flaws, we are blessed. We are all guilty of taking for granted all that we have and dare I say above and beyond our needs. Which seems to have become an epidemic of sorts. So lets not forget the word thankfulness and what it means.

our hearts to those in need, not just as individuals but as a country. It could be used to describe transparency for our government. Open to new ideas and not close-minded, free of walls and obstructions and not just in the physical sense. It could mean so much more than just a sign hanging in a store front window.

There's something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Sometimes it seems every word out of our mouths oozes negativity. Its a far to easy habit to fall into. We need to retrain our thought process and pay more attention to the words that we speak.  I'm reminded of that old misguided saying "sticks and stones..." Words can wound or words can heal, the choice is ours.  

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