I wish you’d defend your own body
Like you do those of animals
I wish you’d love your own special quirks
Like you do those of animals
For if seals can be fat and zebras can have marks
Why can’t you?

And if that animal isn’t ugly despite its oddness
If those things make it beautiful and fun and amazing
Why doesn’t the same apply to you?
Why do you insist such mean things about yourself
When animals are exactly the same?

My love I believe
beauty applies to you too
and I’m hoping that you’ll start to see that
you’re just as beautiful as the animal kingdom

So stop shaming yourself
with thoughts that you aren’t

We’re so quick to defend animals called ugly I wish we’d do the same for ourselves

when the clouds rain
flowers grow
and when the rain stops
everything looks beautiful

mjad 4d


In then out
Breathe, don't shout
Think, don't fight
It will be alright

Soft kisses
between gray sheets.
Two different paths
entwined for mere moments.
Time will tear us apart,
so inhale my scent,
I will do the same.
Good times
lie in front of us.

Infinte Seas
baby angel Jan 7

though, merkabah is the reason i am spinning; the reason we are revolving.
as long as i can give off love and joy to mother nature, maybe things will go better.
seems as if no one sees me gleaming, sees me dripping;
no one looks my way, heaven isn’t listening. i’ve exhausted this solar ring.
i wish i could float away, float atop a star to absorb cosmic debris.
i’d puke star dust.

everyone looks her way, even i look her way:
the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds' song is beautiful, and so is she.
the clouds are rolling, the trees are breathing, the birds are singing,
the flowers are blooming because she is apart of everything.
(even you are, you just won’t say it)

guess my efforts are a bit unnoticed!
Ciara Jan 6

I must inflate my lungs with oxygen-
with my deep exhale
they shrink-
with my breath
my newly produced carbon dioxide flees-

life may bombard you with struggles
sometimes until you feel as if you might combust-
you must then
breathe in the good-
deeply exhale the bad-

-you're gonna be okay

sunprincess Jan 5

Positivity is most beautiful
Don't you think so, too?
Like after a sudden rain shower,
and a gorgeous sky of blue
Oh, positivity is so cool

phoenix Jan 4

I am the queen of my kingdom
the knight of my castle
the protector of my realm
and I will not let anyone
destroy what is mine
even my soul.

Polka Jan 4

where you see a desert
i see an ocean
where you see a death
i see a happiness
where you see a life
i see an opportunity

but this isn't always the case, my friend
one day,
if i convince you of the good,
when i've convinced myself it isn't there
will you promise to see an ocean?
just for me?

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