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Gina Mosxa Jun 9
I admire the Sunflower
Who faces that Flaming Star
And grows despite the burning
Who stands tall amongst the weeds
Radiating light
Even in the harshest rains
I wish I could hold, such beauty as the Sunflowers in the Summertime
It is hard to tell sugar and salt mixture apart by merely glancing or touching. I wish I could master the art of segregating them without any arduous chemical process.

According to wikiHow, one may assess the grain sizes of salt and sugar. But they too, acknowledge that table salt and granulated sugar do look very similar; the differences in these 2 is minute.

Option 2: Acquire a sieve sized in between the 2 grain sizes so as to let the salt through. However, this method is clearly not fool proof since not all salt and sugar grain is of the same size. A salt granule could mask itself.

The best way to separate salt and sugar is by adding absolute alcohol to the mixture as only the sugar will dissolve, salt is insoluble in alcohol. Then after, proceed to evaporate or boil off the sugar and alcohol solution and you will be left with salt.

Much like in life, it requires more than looking or tactility to tell between genuine and the pseudo. It takes time, takes processes and occurrences. I once more wish I could distinguish them easily.

Then again, as much as I am grateful for the sugars in my life, excessive amount of sugar isn't all that good for the health. Salt heightens the sweetness of sugar; it teaches me to appreciate sugar better. More importantly, salt, to a moderate amount, does good to the body too.

As such, I am grateful for both the sugar and salt in my life. Sugar provides a sense of joy, while salt is vital for personal growth.
all about balance
Bella Isaacs Apr 28
I'm a bit over the weather, really.
And last year's me may well have been
Rather under the weather, and nearly
Submerged by the deluge when it was seen
That beyond the grey was nothing:
I did not see far enough, and if I
Have seen further, it is because I
Once stood on the shoulders of giants. Nothing
To say I can't do it again, even if the ascent
Is easier said than done. Rather than a further descent,
Rather than the blocking of my sun, a sun that I
Have a right to as much as any and all that live,
I will embrace all, and thank even the rain, for I
Am really a bit over the weather, and ready to forgive.
Instead of being under the weather, why don't we just come over it?
Himani Dhaka Apr 4
When the sun shines bright
the night as sweet and right
the birds will take their flight,
labours ants would take their heist.

Its your time to glow
With your pride just flow
But somewhere a lazy grasshopper would say
I would have worked if it was a cloudy day.

When the weather goes all teary and dark
The birds will hope for their best
The ants gonna prepare for rest
Somewhere the lazy grasshopper would regret

You take some rest
Then try and make your heart steadfast
Remember there is a little sunshine in every drop
That brings a rainbow after every storm non-stop.
In this world of capitalism,
we're driven by consumerism.
We act out of a sense of entitlement.
At times, we order others like a servant.

We think we deserve our rights,
and just for that we'll fight.
Just so that we can win,
We'll raise our voice and create a scene.

In our competitive society,
There is so much emphasis on productivity.
We end up becoming exploitative.
Can the outcome really be positive?

We need to think carefully,
if we can live with ourselves comfortably,
when most of our gain,
is built on another's pain.

Perhaps we should really see,
that we're not much different.
You and Me.
There's so much more that we could be.

Be the change that you want to see.  
To others, they might be somebody:
A daughter, a sister, a lover, a wife.
Please give some honour to their life.
In a society where we have migrant workers and domestic maids in our homes, waiters and waitresses serving us at tables, factory workers who are exploited to produce the very clothes we wear. It is a productive society, where people are valued for what they produce, not who they are. Let us start by being the difference, to give each and every person respect, despite their position, to restore more humanity to our society.
Tichozpytec Feb 10
Like the wind blowing down your neck
That tingling sensation dancing on your back
The singing of birds under the morning Sun
That simple smile that just leaves you stunned
A lovely song sung by a supreme bard
What a jolly moment when you follow your heart
Tichozpytec Jan 30
I can hear birds as they sing
Long Winter replaced by desired Spring
The Sun has returned, cleared up the sky
Take off the coat, say Cold "goodbye"
Tichozpytec Jan 27
A little painter in her room
Gathers strength while Darkness looms
She takes a canvas, picks up the paints
A rush of adrenalin in her veins
She holds the brushes, takes a stance
Her hands over the canvas dance
And suddenly, the room is brightened
Successful work, she's no longer frightened
A powerful shield to fight the Night
A little painter that paints with Light
Tichozpytec Jan 24
Lightless Night is a scary place to be
Lonely blue glasses make it so we can't see
Whispers of Shadows deafen with their shrieks
But one day you'll hear that people indeed speak
Tichozpytec Jan 23
Let the Night soak up your tears
Do not reject Winter, for Spring always nears
The time is coming that will unpetrify your stones
As long as you feel love, you don't have to feel alone
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