At the end of a
tear is a blooming flower
Silently growing

A D 4d

do we actually ,
needed to feel and be hurt,
to know we are healed?

I don't know if I make any sense :/

When people say "that's sad"
You know those people don't know sadness at all

your life has not been sad
It just has been the only thing you know

you are resilient, you've seen so much in sadness
It reminds you of the beautiful architecture of the universe

If you weren't bruised
You wouldn't know the sunlight after it rained

Sometimes you pity those who don't know sadness
Because surely those people don't see beauty in a lightning storm

Once someone gave me
a box full of darkness,
It  nourished  me  like
a gift of dark chocolates.

They don't know
the new me exactly,
Now I rearrange those
broken pieces differently.

Yes! i frequent that
  murky memory lane,
But to make peace with
the past, to heal the pain.

Karmic lesson was our
We had chosen it under
the souls' preplanning.

I wish to meet them
somewhere someday,
Not to start it all over,
to begin in a fresh way.

To let them know that
in life we ain't together,
Yet  our  loving  refined
soul connection is forever!

A new perspective on hurtful memories..heal them rather than killing them!
Lina Banzaca Sep 12

Walking down the street in the dark
I'm swaddled in another's arms
Only a month we've been apart
I'm so much happier

Opens the door to the car
He knows just how to make me laugh
I swear that both our smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, my heart's happier. That's true

Ain't nobody hurt me like you hurt me
But ain't nobody knows what I through
Promise that you will not take it personal, baby
That I'm moving on with someone new

I never thought this day would come so soon
My friends will never know the hidden truth
My whole heart was beaten down by you.

Sat on the corner of the room
Everything I loved was lost with you
Nursing my broken heart and telling myself just walk away. It's through.

Ain't nobody hurt me like you hurt me.
But ain't nobody knows what I went through.
I hope that you won't take this personal. Baby I'm moving on with someone new.

My friends told me one day I'd feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
I know I'm so much happier without you

Baby, I'm so much happier. Its true. My hearts just practically brand new. And if you try to come back we're through. Cause I'm better off without you.

yes this song/poem is a rewrite of ed sheeran's, Happier. This song means a lot to me because I've been through abusive relationships and had toxic people in my life. I hope this is okay..
A D Sep 10

5 - 5 cups of coffee, i drowned myself.
4 - 4 times i break down, yet reasons are still unknown.
3 - 3 chapters of book i keep on reading.
2 - 2am here, another day is coming.
1 - 1 reason of living over thousands of ending,
and that's what keeps me going.

i know it's a crappy poem :/ i just really need to get it out. anyway, for those with same situation as i am, take your time :) be patient with yourself. we are doing the best we can.

The words spoken were short and few,

But the wounds they formed cut deeper then you knew.
The residue left started to fester and rot.
And the butterflies in my stomach transformed into knots.
They say it’s alright,
I say it’s okay.
I wonder for once what I did anyway.

To provoke such,
to form into knives.
They penetrate my skin,
but I will still strive.
In the dark of the moment I’ll make art from my pain,
Even if my confidence may never be the same.
I’ll come back STRONGER.
I’ll come back BOLD.

Willing to tell the story that needs to be told.
Yes, the cuts were deep,
But skin grows back thick.
I’ll never forget the words that clung to me.
They stick.

After an awkward, and also fairly shocking encounter with someone I considered to be a friend at the time, I was devastated at the way I was treated. But, none the less I've always been a positive person, so I decided that instead of wallowing in despair, I'd buck up and create something. If your art is not used to transform feeling, then there'd be a lot more sadness in this world.
Sam Matches Sep 4

7 billion on this earth
Each one beautiful from birth
But so many concerned about their girth
Focused on getting the curves
They forget to give themselves love

Everyone is beautiful and unique
Or as the French say; magnifique
We’re all the same, no one’s a freak
If someone says otherwise, don’t give them a kick
Instead, give them a kiss on the cheek

For violence only adds to the animosity
Use love to generate positivity
Pave the way using generosity
Think before you say, have some sensitivity
Toss out all the negativity

And just love yourself.

inspired by Angelica Yeo, Logic and the Black Eyed Peas.
Eleanor Sep 1

To me, perfect is an opinion.
Nobody's perfect is the same.
But the tell me this,
why is "you're so perfect" a compliment?
Why does another person's perfect matter?

We wake up and strive for perfection.
But what happens when we get there?
Do we lose our motivation?
No, because we never get there...

Even when you think you've scaled your mountain,
all it takes is one insult,
to send you thundering down again.
Or does it?

What about body positivity?
Or not giving a shiz anymore?
well I am not those people,
and my perfect is on the floor.

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