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Erez Swickley May 23
Call me a dreamer because I get caught up in my dreams.
Elevate above reality restoring my self esteem.
In between the hard times and struggle I find my drive.
It's no wonder they say through hard times we thrive.
Stuck inside the belly of the rough.
Deceived by thoughts of what's granted isn't enough.
It's up to me to take control of my mind.
The prior is history no need to rewind.
As I meditate I'm reminded to live every moment like my last,
Instead of getting hung up on moments of the past.
Who knows what the future beholds,
Better act on action rather than have stories told.
Contemplating as my true self awakens,
Expressing gratitude for things that were for granted taken.
Most find distractions to avert the need to deal,
With issues arising from values that make them real.
Safety protocols cease the ability to feel.
Still traumatized from the last time the heart had to heal.
Evolving through the years you come to realize,
The burden only gets bigger while pilling up the lies.
How much longer will you let yourself compromise,
Start digging deep and seek where you must rise.
Growing through external accomplishments is barely effective.
Real growth comes from a place that's rather reflective.
All you you really need is to gain some perspective.
You'll soon find how you perceive something is only subjective.
Finding gratitude in your life can really change the way you look at things.
Shwetha sb May 23
Sometimes we find people, coming to talk to us , only when they need help!
But always think that they are seeking light from you,when they are amidst darkness...
Life always teaches us lessons!!
Sometimes how to be,other times how not to be...
Stay inspired, stay motivated
stillhuman May 11
Thirty days and thirty nights
i spent in agony
this pain isn't unfamiliar
with its sharpness
and nauseating consistency
i pray in fear to my higher self
to be stronger this time
but my hands are shaking
and i receive no answers
No one else gives you courage
gives you strength
like you can do
No one else can give you change
to make it easier for you
Only you
Only me
Take a step forward
Cold day, rain outside
It's time for you to deeper slide
Under the sheets, curl up
Ease your brain, pillow hug
And when you want, I'll whisper in your ear
Make you smile, tell you everything you should hear
Let us use this cloudy day
To spend as much time together as we may
Another daydream comes to me of our future life
We are in a house together and you are my wife
In your special room you are finishing a painting
I come, very silent, to watch the beauty in the making
But you turn around because you can feel my presence
You smile at me and laugh, and I admire your essence!
You come a little closer, give me a wondering look
I know you see perfectly, I can read you like a book
You want to know what I think about your piece of art
I smile and tell you the truth about how it touched my heart
You release a breath you didn't know you were holding
You kiss me on my lips, distance is slowly closing
And I take you in my arms and grab you by your waist
You are so **** gorgeous that I can't have just a taste
And as we stand there in the room, you in my embrace
I can see there's a bit of paint somewhere on your face
I take my ******* and clear the little spot
And I start to wonder how the room got so hot
And then I see us lying, cuddled on the ground
Sun seems to be dawning, we don't make a sound
Caressing your hair, feeling your heart beating
Oh gods, how much I wish, I wasn't just daydreaming
Miriam May 4
Fall in love with yourself again,
Look within,
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Learn to love yourself first then the rest will fall into place
I know we both have our demons
I know you might be scared
But I hope we'll fight the evil
Together hand-in-hand
Come here, little one
Tell me, where are you from?

I'm from the future,
Sent to you, to show you what will come
So that in the upcoming hour
You'll properly decide, if what you intend, truly should be done

Tell me, little one
How's the future? Am I there, or am I gone?

Two futures are here, set on the table
One where you are alive and healthy, one that is without you
Both possible, Neither stable
Depends on an upcoming crossroads, what choice you're gonna choose

Tell me, little one
How's the one without me?

Oh, it's dark and gloomy, for all you have known
Many still miss you, many lost the life they now own
You broke the heart of many, some you never would have guessed
The one that you saved – broken, depressed
Your art is unfinished, lamented is your loss
By your selfish choice, you stole the world one important voice
And thought the world did not end with you gone
Many lives did, hearts were turned into stone

I know that such a future would cause a lot of harm,
But is it worth to suffer, is there any light?
Tell me, little one
What's the first one like?

After cruel months and years
Tortured by your mind, your own fears
You finally made it, changed your life
Moved to your love and made her your wife
Together you live, in a small northern house
You still write poems, and your beloved, your spouse
Still draws sketches and paints, creates the most wondrous art
You have two children, talented and smart
You live a life full of love and happiness
Never, ever, will you know sadness and loneliness
Your life will be bright, illuminated by rays of sun
Beautiful family; Wife, daughter and son

My eyes filled with tears, that sounds like heaven
That's what I chose, even if my pain turns to eleven
Thank you, little one, for letting me see
Just one more question; Who send you to me?

My father's the one that send me to you
More I can't tell, I was asked not to
Although I shouldn't, I still tell you this
Thank you for each of your goodnight kiss
Thank you for reading me books in my bed
Thank you for making me laugh, when I'm sad
Thank you for all the things you are yet to do
I now have to go, but know I love you.
Sarah Flynn May 1
my intrusive thoughts tell me
that I'll never be good enough.

but I have so many people
who love me, and who show it,
so clearly that isn't true.

I am more than enough
to be loved by those around me.

now, all I need to do
is love myself too.

I'm working on it.
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