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LLillis Aug 26
Cool air undermines
the aphid’s loud assertion
Summer will not end.
chitragupta May 29
I have a book of songs,
a collection of antique emotions,
carefully crafted for someone
Like how seedlings germinate
inside the womb of the good green Earth
feeling the warmth of a watchful Sun

Yet I pick up another,
a chronicle sans embellishments,
A tale every bit pure, every bit unspun
A familiar fear grips me -
clouds me, maims me, ****** me
as I open it with glum expectations

But I feel myself break,
to know of my absence from this tome,
with each page I anxiously turn
Did I not deserve
a chapter, a line, atleast a word?
Maybe I will find a footnote - none!

Oh my dear heart,
Do not expect in return something better
because you've surrendered to her memories
Equivalence is just, but justice is not a quality

How do you plan to **** the one
whom you've already granted immortality?
At the price of a pun, get a paradox free.
annh May 27
I used to be your little cream puff;
But these days I just feel like a medium-sized cabbage.

By way of explanation:
chou, choux m. - cabbage;
mon petit chou - my little cabbage, my sweetheart, darling;
pâte à choux - puff pastry (named for the dough's resemblance to a small cabbage);
chou à la crème - cream puff
Noah May 2
Joy walked out of her house and pruned the roses in her yard.
She saw a tiny figure from afar. She wiped the sweat from her head and look ahead. Happy looked nervously at the house and beautiful Joy. Nervous acompanied him. He walked faster because he might spin and walk away, Scared also came. He bent on one knee when he was in front of Joy and said” will you Marry Me.” She looked at him with Exitement over her shoulder. Three years later Joy had two children , twins . She named one , Life and the Other,  Emotion.
The nurse named Mrs. Care Kindness laughed with Dr. Joke Humor as the two twins held each other on the table.”I guess Life is full of Emotion.
That last part though ...
Kieran Messer Apr 16
I was just on the phone
With Justin Timberlake.

He wants his **** back.
Don't ask me what came into my head when I wrote that, for I do not know either.
Oskar Erikson Jan 31
these ghosts aren’t gone,
they can’t be exorcised.
it won’t be long
they just need the exercise.
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