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I am huddled in the coroner,
a little beast within a man,
And when at night he studies bodies,
I come out,
now and again.
Filomena Oct 2
see through hardened panes
watching nature's ebb and flow
inside out snow globe
Psych ward poetry #3
Filomena Oct 3
living with kittens
naive, simple, and carefree
you can hear the mews
Psych ward poetry #6
Norman Crane Sep 29
See simmering vats
of shoulders, elbows and knees,
A banner reads:
"Welcome to the joint stock company!"
A mule may melt your heart,
but the cartel will dissolve your family.
Tony Tweedy Sep 27
I recall many years ago...
An acquaintance who through misfortune and misadventure had severed three toes from his left foot. Although he eventually recovered and adjusted to this misfortune he always walked thereafter with a pronounced limp.

Several years after this incident he had the further bad luck to be involved in a cycling accident and this time he lost four toes from his right foot. Once again with the aide of professional help and prosthetics he was able to adjust.

Although he made physical adjustment he could never let go or refrain from telling of these two incidents on every possible occasion. In my mind it became his key to acceptance and seemed to be his way of gaining some sympathy for his hard done by life. I became aware and felt quite ashamed of my lack of empathy and was alarmed at just how irritated I could become whenever around him. I determined that I should seek help of my own... to discover why I felt irritated so irrationally.

I consulted with my GP and explained the circumstance in detail. I related how over the years the more I witnessed his actions and attitude the less restrained I could be in his presence. I would become both agitated and borderline aggressive when he would enter the room.

My GP listened and after brief pause to ponder upon the story I related to him he reassured me that my reactions were quite normal and were not as uncommon as I thought them to be.
I asked him if it were a defined medical condition and did I have need for concern.
He replied.... "you are quite simply lack toes intolerant"
Norman Crane Aug 21
The city questions
        the virtue of animals
Norman Crane Aug 19
every tear
creates two rhymes
here and there
Poetical Aug 2
is very clever
if you're a dunce
who thinks in puns.

It's cheesy, bland,
insipid, and canned.
It's anti-poetic
and grossly emetic.

It's meant to convince
you while you wince
that all is well
at the Bill Gates of Hell.
LB Jul 9
Can Scan: The first thing an introvert does at a house party
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