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julian 2d
everything will surely change
because nothing in this world is permanent
however,  it’s still a matter of choosing between
it is what it is
change to have the best and less regrets
although change is constant, it’s still depends if we are willingly to let that something really be changed. you decide your own life and not by fate. Don’t let yourself flow with the waves, have a floater haha lol :)
The sunlight has been stolen
And thy humans accept their decade
But one shall break the prision
Thus heart feel true the decision

One time after tragedy
Despair finds their place
The choice presents
Raise or die

Many lies begin with malice
In a reality that only the slave knows
So in time to break of in their own
All the mirrors shall be broke

Long live the real one
Because they know a place for them
Where the destiny feels true
And hope feels finally free
Isaac Sep 18
in the event that love breaks you,
let it break...

your heart will be shaped
and reshaped
but in the end
it will still be yours
-Miles Carter
Lara Aug 18
I‘m trapped
Trapped in a time loop
Same scenario
Different people

I‘m robbed of my lifetime
I can’t do anything
I don’t want this to happen

I can’t get help
I made my decision
I have to live with it now

Was it the right thing?
Was it the wrong decision?
Am I going to be happy again?

I don’t want to feel like this
I want to travel back in time and get out of this dark place!

Decisions lead to new people, new adventures, old friends
You don’t have to change your life completely
Nobody expects you to do this
Nobody should expect this from you
Alex Gifford Jun 24
Every year comes less defining.

Deeper roots and with less pining.

Past decisions, cobblestone.

Better think before you sow.
Dear father,
I am your lil version.
People usually say 1st daughter are father's carbon copy, i belive what they mention.
All your love  for me or your decisions
I respect them and never question.
You made so many sacrifices and
Always being an helping hand.
Your strictness gave me growth
And yo u be there for me like under oath.
I want to return but i cant
Now i want to fulfil all your want.
You made me capable, you made me so far
Now its my turn to make you at par.
One day i will be able to give all the happiness he (the father) deserves.
دema Jun 21
I have come to realize that the hardest thing
to do is not picking out an option from two that
are very similar in nature, but rather putting myself first.
MelaninInked Jun 3
I remember that night
I saw you see me dance
I remember that night
Yes, I saw you see me see you

You made jokes
You tried to hide behind them
You made jokes
But I saw right through them

I kissed you
I lay my head on your chest and listened to your heart beat
I kissed you
You have no idea how badly I wanted to

Things changed
Things really did not go as planned
Things changed
You had a girl and I had a stand

We crossed the line
We knew we were both unstable but still
We crossed the line
Ignoring common sense we tread deep waters

You lost nothing
You kept your girl and your dignity
You lost nothing
But I lost you and my dignity

Here you are
Here you are building my playlist and gallery
Here you are
Present, available but not mine

I still feel you
I know it's uncalled for and wrong
I still feel you
Despite knowing full well that I'm playing fool

Probably shouldn't
Probably should give my heart a break
Probably shouldn't
Knowing me I might down one and confess I love you
You know that person who you will forever have some sort of tie to because you had a good thing going but it seems that they are your Tapu. Your forbidden. Though it seems you are both too hard headed to accept facts.
Lyss May 20
Lately, I’ve been coming to crossroads mentally and spiritually
To either go %110 and give my all and be open and flexible on all aspects and wear my heart on my sleeve. To be completely open to being loving
To still give that 110% but direct it more towards myself rather than my relations, to block myself off from certain things and keep my mental focused on myself and my goals.
To keep that energy internal so myself only can prosper from the energy and not a single other person.

To spilt my energy more so into an array of aspects including myself, or to focus it only on myself shielding and blocking all outside energies.
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