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All it took for me to see.
I sow within the deepest parts of me.
Weave between the cracks and holes.
My veins will tell me until I bruise.

I know that I will rue the day that I have to choose.
Is it really up to you?
Steve Page Apr 25
Faith is a choice
Not a compulsion
Not a feeling
It's a decision
And it has to be made
by you.
So make it.
Victoria Mar 21
I thought forever was a feeling
But then you asked me for the facts
Honey, you held me in your arms
And kissed me just as my heart cracked
Jeremy Betts Jan 10
Carrying wounds that will not heal
A pain I will be forced to always feel
Stitched up, scabbed over
The new flesh is much paler
Sealed but not seamless
A basic healing process
That's what they tell me
Looks like a ground up mess, what does everyone else see?
The sensation is still so prominent
As if I'm back in that bathtub reliving it
The visual as clear as the day
Terrified but can't pull my gaze away
I only opened a small crease
Honed in on the crimson flow of my life embracing it's release
Two fresh exits located to my left and my right
Allowing it to forge a new path to the drain and out of sight
My past, present and future colliding
Pooling faster than it can move through the plumbing
Took forever to register my final decision
Turned out it wasn't final at all, just another negative mark on my person
No relief felt, only overwhelming regret
A permanent reminder
But how could I ever forget

Jamesb Dec 2023
True love,
Love - period,
Can conquer all things,
It is an inexhaustible source
Of glorious beautiful energy,
The thing that binds us,
One to another
Or one to team
To nation or to God,

If you do not love me,
Will I still love you?
Will I have your back?
Will I still desire to be
Of service to you?
Share your table?
Share your home?
Share your body
And your bed?

Yes and yes and yes again,
And yet if you
Truly honestly do not
Love me,
Or rather since I see most clearly
That you do,
If you refuse to see or let
Your body mind and heart
Perceive that love,
Then what's the ****** point?
Sometimes we fail to realise that someone else knows we love them, but to them that state of wonder means  nothing. Its a sickening hollowed out feeling, Ive been there before. But waiting to hear is very nearly worse!
Nicole Sep 2023
May I remove these hooks from my heart
Dislodge ice-hot metal from burning flesh

May the air rush through these wounds
A fresh breath, painful and promising

May I feel the emptiness in freefall
As the universe guides me into the unknown

May these holes built of loss and longing
Transform into refuge for peace and calm

I know that a life in chains isn't living
As I know letting go requires faith

May I find the courage to break away from painful familiarity
And to fall into the terrifying freedom of oblivion
You gave me the freedom to fly against the wind
And tried to hold my string in your hand
But you never realized I was a bird, not a kite
Who has its own wing to chase the sky...
And now that you've recognised my flight
It's too late for me to climb that height..!
Few things need to be done on their right time, once their time gets over. It's almost impossible to do them again with the same perfection...
Long before her brain figured it out
her heart raced and fluttered
At the sound of his voice
At the length of his stride
At the breath of his knowledge
At the charm of his presence.

Her head said, “Oh, he is merely a good friend.
Yeah, you both click on an intellectual level,
But that is all there will ever be to it.”
Was the damsel wrong and at what cost?
Her poor, tender heart feels differently,
But as usual, will it calmly yield to the
Dictates of her ever-imposing head?
For a season, she managed to brush aside her dilemma.

No matter how much she tried to ignore it,
her heart pounded at the mention of his name.
Whether rightly or wrongly,
Whether it was meant to be or not,
All she knows is that her heart flutters
At the depth of his wisdom,
At the warmth of his smile,
At the thought that he cared.
If only she let her heart lead the way,
Rather than acquiesce to her assuming head.
Her head seeks for a safe, comfortable choice,
But her heart prefers the risky and unexplainable.

In her naivety, she thought the flutters were short-lived.
Reason suggests if she ignores them, and
Refuses to characterize what her heart knows,
Time would erase the flutters.
Well, time will tell.
Time will tell!
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