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Alexa Genesis Jun 13
decision makes action decide what fate we will belong
behavior makes people judge who we are
reason makes us decide what choice we have
personality is who we are
I'm split in two...
Entangled in my mind...
As Two forces Collide,
A predicament that should be so very simple
Yet far from simple is it

I know what I should do and
I know what I desire to do...
The Two... vastly different

Therefore I do not Know... What I shall do...
Out of fear? Not for myself but for you

For Dangerous things I've done
But in comparison this is beyond those
Because... it won't be me alone exposed

It's a bad idea
I can see it ending with heartache and tears

This might **** me but I know it's time to turn back the dial
I don't want to break your smile

I'm willing to sacrifice mine
And that.... That is fine...
The last of 6 agonizing stages
Simon May 1
The Breach Interpretation: Is a mild chemical defect, found on the losing side of painful guilt itself.
Making (or, causing) such troubling acts of kindness, the very rhythm (full of justifiable results...), on the biggest possible gimmick...that could ever be committed.
That's just a rough outline of the very interpretation (of "The Breach") itself.
But the Breach part, is truly insignificantly broken from the deep inside out....
The Breach itself however, fully adopts the very different struggles between both "what is right", and "what is wrong" (with one's own personal image, and their own personal struggles at large).
But that doesn't mean nothing should be any different, then when it came to how right that very someone's personal image was, and how awfully wrong their own personal struggles were...when they interpreted it into millions upon millions upon millions of different fragmented individual pieces, (of their own collection). (And that's just the tip of the iceberg, when you finally console the very dynamic realization, of eventually, coming to terms with the long acts of perspectives...) That then obviously shows that those millions upon millions upon millions of different fragmented pieces (with their very own different properties and meanings), because nothing is truly conclusive in ALL these specifics areas and points (of a system that has more to offer, then any other order of things which could tilt at ANY moment...) Revealing a mere simple reaction in their form upon an even simpler side-effect.
Which tips the balance of power...and creates the most unsteady order of chaos that could become either an unstable universe (that could hypothetically become "stable", anyways).
Or just another standard, simplistic, normal sense of self full of such logical wit, (or the smallest of components of each), could then finally define both each others strengths and weaknesses.
Once this happens, everything becomes much clearer, (of course with time).
And this very interpretation of ("The Breach"), can then become fully "self-established" towards just what truthfully surrounds this very Breach itself.
Nevertheless, things now become more founded upon.
(When once it was truthfully subjected towards an unfortunate one-sided enclosure that didn't know how to officially become as one.) Because it was simply missing its other half that was an entirely unknown placement that didn't know it even existed.
The Breach Interpretation is full of all sorts of unbreachable flaws!
But for how much is truly unbreachable...fully depends on the sorts of acts you commit towards.
That's entirely why, this very interpretation is fully masked by the intentions of either others, (or your very own, intentions).
Because in the end, intentions lie their way too victory!
And that's the start (not the finish), towards an act of serious possible violence...(that truthfully defies the very expectations...), of what The Breach...truly is!
Breaching something (that should never be breached), had its own limits a very long time ago. Nowadays, things become truthfully dormant both "at the wrong time" (for the smallest number of useless reasons). And finally knowing "how to arrive at the right destination" (from which nothing comes back from, unless you specifically retrace your own possibly lackluster full of steps).
As , I know
It isn't always
It could be
a maybe
a nope
a naugta
but you can
improve the chances
of a possibility
or a success
if you give it
and feed it
think of it
see it
and you just
might make
it be ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
I believe
I can be
What I want to be
So I stop
Indonesia, 13th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Hera Mar 31
I can't.
"You're just wasting your time."
I'm not.
"Go find another work."
I don't want.
"Then go **** yourself. You have no direction in life anyway."
Had I not sacrifice my heart for you, I'm alive.
Hera Mar 31
I told everyone that I’m okay,
But do I still need to say?
I wanted to be happy, just to be happy all day…
I wasn’t expecting you come into play
Expectations deprived me from watching sunset by the bay

They wanted me to be perfect but I couldn’t shine properly
I was criticized silently
And was perishing inside, slowly

I cried a lot; my life’s too dry
No one scrupled to ask, “Are you still okay?”
When you had the confidence to utter words, it was late.
Too late
I’ve taken my life and it was my fate.
I stand before an ominous beast in a forest of concealed destinies.
The hour of decision has been prowling and now meets me in a lost realm of time
My chest clenches, my head swells
Breath begins to tremble as the windows to my soul observe the foreboding divide

I despise decisions.
The impacts, the consequences, the possibilities
Wisdom stores within itself both gift and curse
All my searching, the answers I thought I knew, fade in this place

The pines silently observe in judgment.
Grand pines and firs catch my every terrified inhale and broken exhale
Ancient bark, swelling green of lingering moss, sacrificed needles covering the damp foliage
All silently anticipate the choice

One path remains constant, where past souls have wandered long before my arrival.
Light breaks through the shadows of the immortal forest, the trail unbent
It is the way of assurance, peace, safety, security
Mindful wisdom magnifies the direction unto here

Deep inside, I betray myself.
As my eyes remain on the way of wellness, my heart lurches elsewhere
There is another path, my other choice
One where darkness lurks, brooding with a dense fog that makes sight impossible

Why do I feel drawn to it?
I want it, I crave it
Every element of my mind cries for me to turn away, but my heart howls to move forth
Onto this strangely beautiful and unpredictable trail

I terrify myself with this desire.
This desire of darkness, of complexity, of the unknown
My head is within the security, my heart within another
If living is found in the known, what is life?

As I stand, the forest awaiting the moment, I know what my trek has prepared me for.
I take a step
My head screams
My heart sings

I gaze into the dark, into what lies ahead.
Despite the risk, I find an odd comfort
My faith begins illuminating the dark, and
Logic has been lost to the pining fog of the selcouth unknown
دema flutter Mar 23
woke up
on a decision
that the day is
finally here,

today is the day
I take over this
body of mine,

today I make the decisions,
today I draw the line,
today I live the moment,
today I manifest my
aesthetic into a lifestyle,

today I will act
like the main character
I am in this
story of mine,

and that's that.
Deep Mar 10
The hopeless battle
we stretch day by day,
Be quick!
Put an end to it.
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