Prom night,
Fun, too much to drink,
A quickie in the car,
I got stuck.
Both young,
Barely out of school,
Long way to go,
I, a mistake.
Tears and frustrations,
Family discussions,
Keep  or abort,
Final decision,
I, out.
What about me?
They never asked,
I could have been cute as a fawn,
Bright as a new dawn,
I would have loved the world,
Many stories I  had heard.
Now, I will be gone,
Not to be born,
Before it's too late.
I had you somewhere outside
We were so near to each other like never before
I talked to you on not giving up
Then you said to me not to let go
The skyscrapers  around us were breaking and falling
I was scared
Then I went to your back and you grabbed my hands
You let me hugged you
We were too proximate
Together we faced the end of time
As soon as we saw the end light, we went back to the beginning
It was just a bright light
But then I woke up, it was just only a dream
A dream that tore my heart
A dream that slap to my reality
Because the truth is, we have broken up
The dream is the opposite of our decision
Cause in reality, we didn't fight for our love
We never faced the falling world of us And that dream is a reminder of our shortcomings
And a reminder of what should have been done to save us.
Rone Selim Jul 8
Tears come falling down
Decisions are already made,
but are any of them right?
Oh morality is what i seek
But the dagger of self blame yields further beyond any other weapon
It cuts you deep
We have choices,
but rarely speak the language of our heart's true desires
What if?
What if my choice was different,
what if your choice was different?
It doesn't matter what cards we are given, it matters what you choose to do with them
Living life with folds around the eyes, yet again it was always a matter of choice
Aint it sad?
We don't recognize
the sound of our soul
Its usually almost non existent
But we recognize everything else, that's not ME so easily
My tears come falling down,
I wished I could choose differently
And now the pain of never knowing,
will always be with me
Until I live, this sorrow will weep..
Anne Jul 4
A sun, a moon, a love
A girl who had enough

The sun was he
He rose above
He glanced back down
And he saw love

The moon was he
And he was a vile
Who hurts the girl
So out of style

A warmth a glow
The sun bestows
But grief and cold
The moon was told

A day had come
When Anne chhose
Between them and
To gain, to lose

She looked upon
The horrid moon
And never on
The warmest noon

Her heart was cold
Her love was old
Done by her story
The moon had told

While the sun
He focused on
Rising up
Every dawn

And Anne glanced
Up above
The brightest star
And she saw love
An old poem of mine
Anne Jul 1
In the couple of days
I didn't know what to feel
I can't think any other ways
If all of this is real

Just ignore the emptiness I feel
Just going to tell myself this isn't real
My heart breaks because of you
Just gonna wait for you to say ''I love you''
I had mixed emotions when a friend of mine has a crush on me back and yes i had a crush on him from a while back but not anymore there's more to this story but I'll keep it hidden
Aprajita Jul 1
Don't be afraid of her carefree yet loud and scary laughs
Warn yourself and fear her
Gentle yet polite smiles
Sometimes it's good thing to be the one everyone is scared of, instead of being one scared of everyone

Aprajita Jul 1
I'm addicted to you
I get hurt without you
I beg please save me
I love you
But you're making me hate you.
First Publish

sayali Jun 15
          Letting go
Is the only
          Thing you
Can hold
          on to.

-Sayali Parkar
sara Jun 14
I toss a coin into the void
and say my last goodbyes.
There came a day. I made my choice.
I'll live in peaceful silence.
peace is the mission
It was called a
because it was an


It was called
because it's

And then,
There was
in between
For we did not know where we are, what We were
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