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Oh life!

Why do you?
Varying at each step
Showing different version of you,
Making us confused
Either to see best in you,
Or feel worst.

Why the decision is hard; either
To believe,
To learn,
To cheer,
To inspire.
I think, You want us to learn them all
Understanding life is necessary to grow.
Kati 5d
I always feel like I have to decide
as in right now
like I would need to have an answer ready any minute.

But decisions take time
you don´t just decide
you create pro and con lists in your head
or in reality

you think of every possible outcome
of everything that could go right  
and everything that could go so wrong.

And it is possible that deep down you already know the answer
actually it is most likely you do
so why not stick with that decision.

Maybe because you thought about it for too long
maybe you didn´t thought about it enough
or maybe you just dont trust your own decision

so it is now or never
it is always or gone
it is clever or foolish

Is it, tho ?
aih 6d
Karma isn’t always the case
Just your (guilty) conscience
teaching you a lesson
About compassion
Sympathy, empathy
You’re human
Learn from it
Mistakes, decisions
A life choice
Taken by chance
Or fate
It was given
So take the lesson
Or Karma
Will be the case
I think not once
Nor twice but thrice
But all my thinking
Aren't making me wise

The decision which I took first
Then changing it completely with the second thought
And with the third cogitation
I am lost

Maybe I'm slow
To switch on the brain
Or I might be afraid of thoughts rain
As it keeps on coming from dusk till drawn

At this point of time
I guess it's better to sleep
Although there also lies the fear of dreams
Which brings with it all different kinds of believes
Kora Sani Sep 11
how much
of your life
has been decided
for you?

by the passing faces
on sidewalks

all life travelers
traversing dual rivers

what is
what shouldn't be

how often
do you enter
Gods1son Aug 31
Dear Excuses,
You have been cheated...
I have to bring this to your ears
You deserve to be awarded
As one of the best-selling products through the years.

One of the most diversed brands
I've ever seen
That's what you've always been
And sadly, you will always be.

I will make this clear
You are everywhere
From North to South
From East to West

I wanted to paint an art
On our project, I promised to play my part
I dreamt of being a superstar
But all I invented was you!
Let's stand by our words till the end. Let's give no excuses in achieving our dreams
Anneli Aug 23
You cannot change my decision,
you can only make the pain more thorough

Because, you see, this isn't the first moment we're discussing this
this is only the moment I'm showing it to you
this is only the moment I'm sure I'm done.

I've been on my way a long time now,
I've just clinged on
a little while longer
The decision is already taken,
no more words can postpone it
I'm already gone
Torrents of water slamming
Whipping me away

And I
Am swimming against it
Because I decide

But try as I might
I cannot turn the current
But I can keep going.
Onomatopiyya Aug 7
To stay or to leave
I'll leave the choices to you
Make the decision on your own

To hate nor to love
From the very first time
It was never my intention

To blame or to admit
Makes who we are
Whether you like it or not
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