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Zywa 4d
I decided not to lament
over my homeland, the trees
of my youth, I don't want photos

I decided not to be angry
with my father, his rules
and the proud family that is silent

I decided to live yellow
Sun in my house, on the walls
my belly and my bare feet

I decided to dance
to be my own story
for my own eyes and ears
“Wosenku” (2008, Minyeshu)

Collection “Once more”
Infatuation might be the right word,
but i can't help myself too...
She is changing and its beautiful...
but i can't just continue...
the attachments seems to be specific with time...
the attachment seems to be just true...
is there something as love in it...
does love exists at all?
i need to know it through!
i wish to dive deeper,
but she just enjoys floating through...
I am happy to be alone!
But with her i want LOVE to be...
She just want's my company may be...
May be she loves someone else too!
Can anyone explain what love is? I am pretty confused with it!
Lee Aaun Feb 10
She's a pure soul,
made to love
whom ever her heart's want.
Who are you to judge?.
Who are you to decide
if she can love or not?.
She belongs all to hearself.
Her decisions also
belong to her.
So, don't bother
by saying conservative things
So she can stop
loving whomever her heart's want.
She's a pure soul,
made to love.
She will feed her soul
with your useless talks
and ignite her heart
with your conservative thoughts.
She will roam
in the whole wild world
and learn the tricks
of loving herself
more and more.
So don't judge her.
Don't decide for her.
Cause she's the boss
of her own life.
She can judge herself.
She can decide
for her pure soul
whether to love or not.
There's a place at the Center
That every man knows
At the end of a Valley
Where no one else goes
Where the Rage of the Battle
Meets the Eye of the Storm
Where the sole thing that matters is Substance, not Form.
It's a place where the Mind and the Heart meld as one
Where Deep Thoughts and Deep Feelings
Wage a battle hard won
O'er Frustration and Anger and Things left undone
And the Failures of Self
From which no man can run
And in order to reach there
And to pick up the Fight
And to Win, not for Winning, but for that which is right
One must follow a Path
Which is Narrow and Straight,
And not Waiver, nor Falter, nor Tarry, nor Wait
And ignoring Confusion and man's misguided Pride
Take the only course open, and that is:
For a friend.
Daniel eason Jan 30
Sleeping awake
I think its time to take
Another journey
In one place but it seems like another
Its hidden from the majority
Forced out by authority's
Is it your choice or is it theirs?
Have a taste if you dare
Once youre there you may realise
Not all that you believe in is fact but more fiction
Whatever you choose is your decision
Something i was just feeling
n Jan 28
- darts for charcoal.
Jeune boy is compassionate, secure, loving.
What more could a girl want?
Charcoal boy is mad.
Boy, is he unhealthy, inconsiderate, hurtful, hateful.
Full of everything but love for me
Choose wisely.
Self-flagellation anyone?
Because I can suffocate and choke myself on charcoal, I push jeune away in a bout of responsibility.
Choosing between a boy that is bad for me and a boy that is nice for once.
Aman Dahiya Jan 27
There was a knock on my door.
It opened to the face of the guileless timid guy in the next room.
He said, ‘I ordered some good food and now my boring every day food is here. If you want you can have the good food.’
‘Okay,’ I said and went back to my bed
How can someone make that decision?
Give up the good food because he forgot to cancel the boring food?
It baffled me
So much that I wrote it in a poem
Giving it more thematical meaning than it deserves.
But, seriously, why would anyone do that?
It shuddered me to think how un-alike people are to me.
Ruhani Jan 25
Do you think
It is fate
that I didn't
It is ME
who decided
not to be committed
when it was most needed.
So I don't blame
my innocuous fate
for the fall on the face.
Julie Smith Jan 15
They say you only regret the things you didn't do. But what if sometimes you don't know if it's something you did or didn't do?
Just a question... I think originally it was inspired by a movie about abortion.... But it can also be applied to relationships and people. Not being with someone is also a decision.
Sumus System Jan 9
Lying awake at night
Staring out at nothing
Feeling my thoughts swimming

I could

Even with my eyes closed
My muscles calm and stilled
I know in my heart

I could

Tomorrow will bring the chance
Or I could act tonight
Just one movement and

I could

I can

But I won’t

Not now

But maybe
I wrote about what potential means to me.
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