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Thorns Sep 12
Reputation, Reputation this is how you play
If you mess up your status will change

        ­                   r

Be with me or forget me
It’s your choose
You’ve kept my letters
We’ve taken walks together
You’ve admitted you like me and want to be with me
But apparently your rep means more
So you won’t go around with the girl who’s a beauty behind a pokeball hat
So I’ll sit here like a broken record repeating our good times together
In my head over and over again and again
Even though we part ways in the end
Not that there will ever be anymore good times
Not with us together anyway
Just so you know
I’ll be here for you
What’s strange is you never got that...social with a girl except for me
You act like you’ve moved on
But there’s no other girl
I think it’s pretty clear we both know you haven’t moved on
But you still pretend to and ignore me
While holding on to my words and drawings
Sometimes it just feels like your toying with me
You play the game for the trophy and nothing more
What does that tell you
He doesn't give a ****, I don't either...
Our thoughts change day by day
Oneday your mind state will fade away
Taking away personalitys and voices
Not a decision or one of your choices
A naturally occurring misfortune
Sat in a room
All alone
Waiting by the telephone
A poem about dementia and your mind changing with age
Madison Nov 1
The path leading the way

Has long since been carved

But the weight of the journey

Is not one that I wish to carry.
Emily Oct 24
Uncontrollable quivering,
Innumerable butterflies,
Uncertain future.

Concrete set,
Mind at peace,
Course decided.
Adulthood daunting, calling, taunting.
Empty applications haunting.
Heartbeat thudding in my chest,
Through one more standardized test.

Fear ascending, never-ending.
Transcripts somehow aren't sending.
Catch me dangling off the edge,
Scrambling, I can't feel my legs.

Time interfering, disappearing,
Ground beneath my feet, commandeering.
Lungs burning, filling with water.
Panic prepping me for slaughter.

Indecision, like a prison.
One path splintered by division.
College here, or college there,
Growing up is a nightmare.
Amanda Oct 13
Gaze upon your sleeping figure
Wonder where I went wrong
How can I love you so deeply
If in your arms I don't belong?

How come goosebumps rise
When I hear or think of your name
Yet with your face inches away from mine
Our love just doesn't feel the same?

How can my eyes look and see
Perfection from bottom to top
But feel magnetic attraction fading
Powerless to make it stop?

How can I rely on you for such
An enormous portion of my happiness
If every token of generosity
Makes me worth less and less?

How is every sincere compliment able
To spill from your mouth true and clear
When we are both aware you deserve better?
I don't match the adjectives poured in my ear.

How did our easy conversation
Turn to spontaneous spiteful fight?
Understanding somehow replaced with animosity
At least we still share words late into the night.

How can I be chilled by a trace of fear
Tagging along with excitement up my spine?
How is darkness tainting all we know
Yet one touch from you and I'm fine?

How am I able to hate part of you
While loving the rest with all my heart?
How am I distant when you are around
Then miss you very much when we're apart?

How can my brain worship your image
After the extensive damage you've done?
If you cause me to to feel my absolute lowest
How could I still believe you are the one?

Lay beside your body wishing
To be close like we were before
How can I yearn so strongly for your embrace
If we don't feel right anymore?
How can feelings so strong fade into resentment?
Justen Davila Oct 12
humanity assaulted by the sucker punch of the corrupted
drunken from the bottle, anti-venom switched out for more vile
vexation arises from our actions as we are
broken marionettes once admired
The wind whispers,
Calls to me.
The trees stretch their limbs,
Wanting me entangled with them.
The grass grabs at my toes,
And raindrops kiss my skin.
What do I choose?
Do I stay with my fellow humans,
Where I was designed to be?
Or do I fall into nature,
With where I so desperately
Want to be?
When to start is
The bold decision
When to stop
What ultimately matters

If the inner voice,
Makes you stronger
Changes your life
Shines your soul

Leave what stops
Break the webs
Never look back
They were not mean to you

Know your worth
Be sincere to self
Be a whole
Let it be
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Never settle for less
daniellaap Oct 7
currently in a battle with a dream
I have not expected to be this hard,
to be this complicated & mind-wrecking
until I realized, I'm trapped

trapped inside a prison cell
fighting for glory without strength, without drive
I'm beginning to feel my flesh, my soul
gradually turning black, burning down

this is not what I wanted, what I wished for
maybe this is not for me
i'm failing, falling too many times,
too tired to get up again and again

years passed, this is the last
I wonder if I am to escape atlast
before the time ticks too fast,
that I'll perish into bones and pass
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