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Karijinbba Sep 12
Charity begins at home

The ones dying have noone left
to trust no friends noone
and no voice left either..
are fed garbage excessive drugs
old canned fast lifeless food

So, gasping for air
they close their eyes not to see the
faces strappings them down straight
to the ICU breathing poison machines
bound for incineration ovens.

This lab made *** keyd horned covid lung killing bug is the
only way old systems not working ignight their desired changes 
to the failing systems of living.
the new world order fruiting anteprenurial spirit to even out
of the extreme poverty old system.

Our wise seniors worked all their life and retired in old peoples homes because most family nembers can't give a rats *** working in sweat shops
called by Jewish community econic slaves.
Its a criminal act, a felony of many sinester proportions to abandon
any relative at any age isnt it?!

But this malady remains ignored.
If governments can subsidise
the aged, it can also infect them
kil'*and burry them destitutes
in mass graves.
No final good bye eulogies
allowed either.
The pre pandemic family structure
modern system stinks to the behind the iron covert courtain the ultra
rich controllers flying up above
their inaccessible toys.

Too many freedoms were given
and to them, it must end with covid..
Family units however rich
large, small or poor
must re-learn ballancing
the careing for one another,
their elder must either be part
of the family unit, being
ever cherished, and that is
if parents can afford to
keeping their family bonds strong.

Or perish in the same isolating
ugly way later on themselves.
The law of cause and effect
will ballance their brewing
cooking bitter soup naturally.
they wont see it coming
until its too late.

"A house divided by itself
cannot stand
it will uttetly be destroyed."

its a biblical truth.

Charity love compassion
Love of self and others
begins at home or in ones heart when chikdhiid home is shattered.

Home whatever home it is wherever it may be manifested
is our first school of life.."

And bsturally, our beloved Mother
who cared to be there always
must be chetished.
We aren't animals without conscience
we do not live on instinct alone.
But many people live like beasts.

Jails are filled with them
encarserating them doesn't help.
Why have compassion laws for this kind?!
but not for the non ******* victims of these thugs. Change the system criminals habitual drug users begin at home because our homes are disfunctional when compassion understanding one another is faulty  Single parent homes aren't bad its the communication the mothers ability to be present at the right time.
Schooks are too long  benefitting 8 hours  employment work for teachers
So, School System must change
shorter hours four only better pay
or home schooling kids by mother
and grandmother.
Dante Rocío Sep 1
I still have to and follow the inquiry
to learn to belove
at paid attention
every face
I encounter.
Because there is no fleeing
from any of them
when I look in the mirror
(and in dark glazed)
Greatest yet most complex to resolve
Of strong tanned
Like a sword’s leather hilt
My own highlight face.
Ram B Sep 1
When we stop
When we stay still
When we open our eyes
open our hearts
really see
really hear
be with our senses
We see beauty,
We feel peace
and joy.
We receive love,
We give love.
We are one with everyone.
We are one with everything.
We are one with God.
Dante Rocío Aug 26
What wonder with
Poetry in Prose,
Prose in Poetry,
those two together
made at

what Art is that
whilst those
trespass borders
of what’s cognitive and not,
my true form of wording
and existing
as that!

That is a feat,
mingle those two together,
make one fluent into train of events
by the other
and the other make
the former
an extravagance
that should reign
on us!
The most forming way
of expression verbally
and not!

And what experience would that be
if we took under account again
the spaces
the “Enter” key
between verses
in a classic poem structure,
to think how that changes
everything and what
respect it demands
in each line
The creation of a person made both
From the flesh, the Yin, as Prose,
From the essence, the Yang, as Poetry
Is the greatest feat
Which bears translucent
Survival of perfect Life of an Apprehension
In a beaten-up reality
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
In the morning I rise
With a sun lit sky.
I turn my face to the east,
Oh holy Compass.
I take a moment to sit
In still silence.
As I listen within
For sacred knowledge.
This avenue of affirmations & prayer
Love and gratitude
Lead me there.
I take my sweet time
Learning the rhyme.
This message Divinity sent
Holy, holy, holy
Am I, and We, all One.
©KSS 3/2018
Maybe you’re right, maybe it isn’t.
Maybe it isn’t a crime you committed,
But watching you silently reap the benefits of privilege
Is damaging your witness
And I wonder if you’ve considered it
TazDaManiac Aug 19
In a time...


Death & Poison are all we know

The tempest from the tower begins to blow
And the flag's true colors begin to show

Seeing less..Respect

No one in the tower wants to meet their mess
...and reflect

Who among you...
has the courage...
to light the torch of unity with hope's flint

And pass down the embers
to all those who cannot reach
Every morn,when the eyelids flutter with the wind...

And the first hints of divine sunlight enters the palace of my retina...

A messenger photon runs for the chamber of my soul to read me a scroll from the sun that reads:

Dear, you and I are the same in essence...
You are energy wrapped in flesh...
And I am flash wrapped in energy!

How I become overwhelmed with the news...
That flowers begin to bloom in the gardens of my cells...
And the bird of my mind takes flight to the sky... never intending to return!

Aren't some feelings too invincible to overcome?
Feeling one with everything!
Thanks for reading this! ❣
A tavern built on misdeeds and insurrection,
House of rascals, whisky and imperfection
A hideaway for rebels and racketeers,
Where drinks are served to outlaws and mutineers,
Where the pianist plays for pirates and privateers,
Where the wicked and the wayward can be served,
And are respected however undeserved.

It’s a rag-tag bunch of outlaws and anarchists,
A cavalcade of rough revolutionists,
So come on in my dear insurrectionist,
Welcome to our lawless little band,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.

Come and join our banished battalion,
Join our cause, oh revered rapscallion,
So calling out to nature’s abominations,
We’ve got bourbon, bombshells and indignation,
Come and wait for imminent and sure damnation,
No matter what your deviance may be,
Come and join the drunken reverie.

It’s a monument to lost souls and deviants,
A shrine to every small disobedience,
A riotous, cathartic experience,
Where radicals are safe from reprimand,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.

Welcome back, my worshipped renegade,
To the place where freedom’s sweet as lemonade,
Where skanks and outlaws, sing so intoxicated,
The anthem of the unkempt and agitated,
The mantra of the evil and of the hated,
Laughing as they sing their merry tune,
Unified by their impending doom.

It’s a testament to chaos and anarchy,
A haven for the worst of humanity,
A house of lawlessness and profanity,
Welcome to our lawless little band,
Welcome to the Tavern of the ******.
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