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—a buyer and seller
of mostly himself

—a ***** on the take
and about to slip

Each made promises to the other
but both loved journeys
and valleys
and limericks
and turntables
and spirits
and skirt-raising
and slowdives
and lip-biting
and come-hither
more than their here-and-now vow

Trigger-happy begetter
with an ax to grind
killing captives slowly
with jagged little things
it's the strangest sound
in spite of the plight of
the ringing in his ears
it never fades away

I reckon numbers and lead are arbitrary
to a button man
whose wheels turn circles
mainly in his skull
as infinite go-around

Never mind though, the time must be now
for a show of hands

Motherhood waited in the ship's hold
until the treasure hunt
brought her to this final island
a choice between gold
and the aging ******

The young who suckle at her breast
might one day run mum through
with the sword at Payback
—that unsteady little homestead
where profit and loss
share the same face

Never mind though, the moment must be now
to ring the bell

And raise redemption
like a burning flag of regret
Timmy Shanti May 31
love was in the air that day
i took your hand
you held my gaze

skin on skin
breathing softly
we set the world ablaze

the night was young
the moon was smiling
the stars shone bright

dusk 'til dawn
a thousand times over
felt so alive
v 2021
I scrub and scrub,
until my skin stings,

wondering why,
I don't look "clean,"

darker skin, darker hair,
they've led me to believe
there must be something ***** here
Shwetha sb Apr 29
The idea of what we don't need is, much better than the idea of what we actually need!!
You know people run behind for many needs. But some things are actually don't need!!
Instead of running behind the need of huge amount of money, let's get what we deserve!! And help for those who need our help!!
Like Gandhi said, "there's enough for everybody's need and not for anybody's greed!!
Let's act right!!
Kezz Apr 10
Let's meet under all of this.
Under all the skin and politics,
under all the hate and animosity
that society is burdened with.

Mother nature got it right
she waterproofed our skin.
She didn't waterproof our minds,
hence the state we're in.

So it's hard to meet below the surface.
Just easier to swim
and thrash about in the waves of our ideological whims.
Front crawling, backstroking
"Go with the flow" kind of doomed.
The odd ones butterfly stroke,
the rest of us are stuck in our cocoons.
This is how the body looks now:
    empty, estranged…
its parts arguing their cases
for emancipation,
sovereignty from the system—
each component demanding
overt consent from all others
before further engaging
in vital collaborations.

This is how the body looks now:
    formless, dissociated…
the war for Independence and
Recognition has left us
devastated by the divisions
of definition—disjointed
structures of severed relations
disavowed of the Whole.
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Gods1son Mar 19
If life was meant to be viewed only in
black and white
God wouldn't have created all the colorful
things He made
God clearly loves diversity and that's why
He's made each of us (humans) unique in
our own way (pleasing to Him I believe).

I wonder why we still find it hard to accept
each other as God's Masterpieces
We were made with so much love deposited
in our hearts
Yet, we are allowing hatred to rule our world!

I look forward to the day when we will all see
the beauty in our differences and embrace
each other as ONE (as it was designed to be).
Ian Dunn Mar 16
It's hard to think about tomorrow
When we're so busy surviving today
But no matter how bad things get
It's gonna be okay

Even though we're all suffering
and although friends are far away
We're still sticking together
So it's gonna be okay

The world outside looks so bleak
But this night isn't going to stay
This is only the dark before the dawn
It's gonna be okay

Things are going to get better soon
Because we'll all work to make them that way
United, we can do anything
So I know it's gonna be okay
Dancing Tree Mar 8
Crimson are the rivers flowing
blood eternal bone and skin
you and I, my sisters, brothers
all of earth as one akin
plants and animal air and sun
God Eternal we are one.
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