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Ann M Johnson Jul 12
I think that I want to plant a garden in life
I want to start with lettuce; lettuce be helpful
lettuce be kind,
lettuce be thoughtful, I hope you don't mind.
This garden I plan to share and you can join me if you care
Keep in mind that we need to ****: **** out anger,
**** out strife that threatens to choke out our delicate plants
Next, maybe we can try some squash out prejudice, squash out greed, and help
those in need. It doesn't always take money to lend a helping hand. Just lend a listening ear or any special way only you can, and perhaps we will all grow in a more peaceful land.
Maybe if we all work as one it will matter to many people and they too will help us plant this garden, And don't forget the water which joins us together in this garden of life, For the water is love.
I hope to meet you in the garden, there is always room for more understanding and together we can discover what great things this garden can bring.
Keiya Tasire May 20
That lasting life change
So deep, so heart felt?

How is it born?
That deep inner knowing
A place of understanding
Connected to what Is
Divine within each of us?

As we work together to understand truth
What lies within each of us and directs us
To the deepest desired connections
Of our intertwined hearts?

Is this within?
The unfolding Inner most being
A Higher Spiritual Self?

The Spiritual Man
The Spiritual Woman
Who's purpose exposes
Our strengths and weaknesses
With expected and unexpected gifts?

As our weaknesses bring
Us to our knees
Lamenting our life's challenges
Crying out our broking hearts
Evaluating the known and unknown
How do we begin to move along
The Way Home?!

Do we go into the unknown shadow of darkness
Only to shriek and back away?  
Or do we chose to allow courage
To accept our steps into it's presence?

In spite of our fears
Will we allow courage
To forge our greatest strengths?
As steal within the bellowing fires?
And if we allow resolve
Will we find deeper wisdom and truth
Beating within the sacred chambers of our hearts?

The opening is before us.
If you place a hand on the door
Open it wide!

It was then!
He stepped into the shadow of
His own darkness…..
Finding himself alone
He reached his hand back
Toward hers.

Stepping into her own shadow
She grasped his outstretched hand
Pulling, supporting, anchoring together
Both facing the Light...

From within their own
Shadows of darkness
Holding fast,
They began their journey together.

Step by step
Line up on line
Precept upon precept.....
How does it begin? What do we do with that something stirring within us? That calling for us to remember who and what we truly are? It is beyond the trappings of this world. It is beyond religion. It is beyond words that adequately describe the True Essence of unity and so much more.
kayzamo May 2
Ich and du
I and thou
To experience a thou...
To experience a human.
A thou - a person.

A living breath,
A living spirit,
A living relationship,
Held in our own dominant perceptions.
An abandonment of the world's sensation,
And a melting, mixing in between.
I and thou
Becomes thou and I.

When we speak in terms of thou,
Standing in relation
And shattering mortal barriers,
We begin to exist for the first time.
The trees become movement,
From the pumping of the roots
To the trembling of the leaves.
Our breath becomes life force,
Feeding our soul and mind.
Our minds each become one -
Melding, dancing, synchronizing.

Fold your fingers in between mine,
Stepping away from the chaos for a bit.
We'll find solace in momentary unity.
Timmy Shanti Mar 24
It's been a month
A month of horror, despair and pain
It still hurts

It's been a month
A month of hope, kindness and unity
I'm still speechless

We have never been so different
We have never been closer still

It's been a month
Why then, does it feel like yesterday?
By the stream, they sang
as the waters of life flowed
and what grew by the waters?

I ask myself this question daily.
Rancid gutters, stench of rotting responsibility
passing problems forward
generation by generation
until the backs of our grandchildren
snap under the weight.

Just look at us now
searching for truth for healing for salvation
like every generation before
and I must ask myself
where are the waters of life
and what songs would I sing were I to drink them?

I believe it in my heart
that our song would be every moment
a chorus of peace
a chorus of love
looking into each other's eyes
no hint of displeasure or bitterness
haunting memories looming no more
forgiveness a currency of champions, we
and I cannot shake the mirth of it
almost oppressive - the laughter
I drown in it
aching at the sides
at first wondering, "What's in this water?!"
Then making it my daily drink - liquor forgotten
My daily bread the love of those around
and my gift to them the same.

Such a dream.
Lying back, sorrow at the sheer distance of that vision,
I stare into the ceiling
watching the cobwebs flutter
the waning daylight calls me to rest my eyes
bury my day's burdens
give control over to the weightless, mindless veil of sleep...
yet I lay awake all night
fearing sleep
because the beauty of that dream still clung to my soul
and should I have slept
the dream would die
and my grandchildren would have nothing
but this crumbling world we're building
while they'd wonder if I ever dreamt.

They'd wonder if I were ever free.

I did dream. I did hope to be free.
I will make this dream a reality.
I will find the waters of life.
I will share it with you.
Even if it were just a drop,
it would be ours.
You, me, and everyone,
for a drop of life is worth worlds of love.
Found this in my drafts written since February last year (2021).
I'm surprised it was there, I completely forgot I wrote this! LOL
Honestly, what in the world, haha.


It happened in a flash.
winding down a Rocky Mountain road,
a trio of travelers,
basking in snow-draped vistas
pulled off for a photo or two.

Their tires locked into a snow bank
and after a few futile wheel spins,
the undeniable truth sank in;
they were stuck!

In moments, the slamming of car doors
echoed across the valley,
an ad hoc community of a dozen Neighbors
formed, converged and began to dig.

After a half hour of elbow grease
amid vapor clouded exhalations
and cries of,
      “straighten the wheel,”
      “slow on the gas” and
      “let’s push together now”
the car eased onto the center of the road.

No one called "meeting adjourned"
but as quickly as it formed,
our ad hoc community
dissolved into the greater band
of good folks working together
for our mutual benefit.

E pluribus unum!
After struggling during the pandemic for a new poetry I think I have found it. This poem will be the first and title of a new poetry book designed to foster unity and healing in whatever small way I can help this happen.
May the long hours I work depriving my body of rest and sustenance never justify
“I worked long hours, too.”
“I did it last time” instead may they be my sails through the sea of compassion
be the bellows that fuel my heart’s fire, expanding it into colorful
flames that light the room

May my heart expand 100 fold and may I  never see it fit to pass perpetuate exertion and harmful conditions onto another fellow human being.

May I see my body and life through eyes of reverence even if I am made to feel pain and subjected to the misperception of the world.

May compassion be the ruling answer to all the pain I encounter. May it be the guardian  of my heart.

Even in whispers may these words be received “let me see all being with eyes of compassion. Let me see all humans as myself in disguise. let my heart expand. Let our divine equality never be diminished by the illusion of the world.”
Michael Nov 2021
The Water's been polluted and the Fire is high.
The Earth has been consumed and the Spirit is nigh.
The Temple Door is open, but no one is there,
with the source of Living Water with no one to share.
They'll say that the building is the only place,
to get a glimpse of perfection from the Ghost of His Face.
But the Truth of the matter is not easy to grasp,
with the Hissing of Lies like a Poisonous Asp.

Insanity and Vanity, every day.
For just a Whisper of Truth is all we can pray.

"Walk into the Desert, get closer to Me,
I'm not in a building if that's what you believe.
Sheltered in division is not what I will.
The First True Word was said atop of a Hill."
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