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While one is
Searching himself/herself
Some books
Will turned their way
Some songs
Will touched their chords
Some souls
Will changed their life
Some questions
Will taught a lession

When he/she will see
Your eyes

That very moment
Harmony vibes

"I find myself"
"In you"
Genre: Observational
Theme: Questioning eyes || Answering souls
Derrick Jones Sep 28
We are nothing but vibrations in the universe
This movement is a blessing or a curse
In some ways, it’s a choice
If my voice is one of honesty
My frequency made of decency
That is when I let love in
Surrounded by my friends
I let my life begin again
With no thought for the bitter end

But I must remember
As I dismember the lies that lock us inside
We all have illusions of agency
Though the control box has a vacancy
And those with misfortune did not choose
Their portion of this world
The atoms with which they twirl
The vortex of thought in which they swirl
We are all along for the ride
We run and we hide
But when physics is applied
There’s no free will there to find

So what do we do
With this ultimate view?
Let’s embrace each sensation
Pay attention to creation
Not simply seeking elation
Or striving for elevation
But flowing through the sine curve
Merging with each twist and swerve
Through the ups and the down
Thankful to be around
Gratitude for a connection to the ground
The mellifluous magic of sound
The technicolor infinities that materialize
When I bat open my eyes
Or begin to fantasize

In this boundless ocean of beauty
I can weather the storms
Simply passing waveforms
Bolstered by the knowledge
That nothing last forever
But hope is here to stay
Merely a second away
And even when my skies are gray
I remember I am just a string
Energetically swinging to and fro
And when I touch my fellow threads I glow
A spark of connection
I make a mental correction
Weaving myself into this web of life
I am not alone
I am safe at home
My down is another’s up
I cannot understand this pattern
All I know is that it matters
So I will be thankful every day
That I have a chance to play
That I may not have a will
But I know I am the way
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zen Sep 19
Sewing the spiral depth
The halogram projected
Lapse time
Pixels to
Into diamond

The Dogon
Gamble's away his
In hopes of
Sound the sun rays
Of Saturn singing

Serpents tongue
Circulates the circumference
Of the circus
Sung circles
Sunken fertile land
Herbs in hand
The earth purges
And again
I am nervous
Hit with nerfs
Of the world
Me down
I laugh
I dismay the smuck
And smog
Smuggled by singularity
Stiffened by ambiguity
Banging my head on the mirror
Of the river
I bleed red
In blue

Futile, no
Forever, yet
Find the feather
I flew over mind and
Let loose

My severed spine
has broken down into
bread and wine
Dive inward
Stephen James Sep 16
above the waters
we rose from
our souls
and the sky
they become one

cloud connected

where molecules
and vapor
bound with
the dust of
the deep

the product
that begat
arms, legs,
and feet

a singular instance
was set off
in the distance
detected through
we've learned
that this mind
is transcendent

destined to live
among ancestors
who populate
their own
star clusters

the authors
of their own
forces of nature
self-contained rapture

we stand
twelve leagues
in stature

grasp this

where digital code
has been found
what was once thought

stellar decryptions
revealed the answers

we're no longer
defined by classes

from the time
we named
the proton
and then
split the atom

we've mastered
the diagram
of strings
that keeps
all things connected
by way
of revolutions
that have proven
a poem
Invisible Sep 16
Aren't we all
Out of control
Spiraling up the towers
And tumbling down the markets

What we need, we can't get
What we don't, we get
What we want, we don't
But what we want, we get

We fear, we fight
Our worries rise
We're left with so much
But nothing at all

We get up and find
Claws in our way
As if weren't already
Bruised enough

Aren't we all
Out of control
We fear for us
And no one else

So, when we spiral, we spiral as one.
Well, we're spiraling. 'We' isn't us 'we'. It's them 'we'. Well, sometimes it's us 'we', but anyway. Does that make sense?
Zywa Sep 15
The crow is invisible
black in the thin sky
that rarefies, connecting
worlds, revealing

messages that I don't understand
until they penetrate me
sharp, deep and indelible
overwhelming, everything

changes and I don't remember
who I was before it turned black
and the beady eyes with their beak
started hacking on me
Performance of “The Crow” (2019, Kate Moore) in the Organparc, by Geerten van de Wetering (*****) and Matthijs Koene (pan-pipes)

Collection “org anp arc” # 137
Cyan Aug 26
Interlocking loops,
like smoke rings blown by

perhaps a two headed dragon

dragging on cigars,
connect the stars,
revealing constellations
no nation has yet defined.
Derrick Jones Aug 25
Alan Watts knew the secret to life is that there are no secrets to life
There is no answer, and there is no question
There is life. There is an infinite playground to explore
We are offered a window into this world
A body and a mind
And we have one life to live
We have but love to give
So we dance
We play
We make intentional decisions about how we construct these visions
We create
get inventive
We share
our perspective
We care
       Without incentive
We connect
get twirled
We dissect
this world
We dance
to feel alive
We thrive
when together
So get tethered and get swirled
Into novel combinations that rearrange our observations into brand new constellations
A new form of reality
We accept the plurality of interpretations
The ambiguity of our sensations
One of infinite iterations
We dance gracefully with the many ways in which our world is an illusion
And we take solace in the fusion of the stars
The knowledge that sent machines to mars
In basic science, we make sense and rationality
We reason that reality is not cheating, it follows certain rules
And in that order, we connect
We share the same constraints and operate in shared space
We can look behind a face and see infinity
Wonder and divinity
Meeting in a moment of this multiverse
We converse in true connection because we share a few atoms
You are not lost in a sea you are right here with me
Dropped on this crazy earth you did not exist then you were birthed
And **** is it confusing but I find it quite amusing and I love to share my musings
We share enough that we can see each other
I beseech you to see me as your brother
Not just another
Not an other
We all revolve around this sun
Our journey just begun
Divided we are done
United we are one
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Faizel Farzee Aug 12
The fire in our hearts cinder and our love will eternally burn
Your angelic face perfectly captured as portraits turn to stare
The radiance you protrude has even my shadow in joyous tears
Your fire flied smile extinguish even my darkest memories
Your enticing voice uplifting me to soaring heights
Your embrace beckons my sweetest dreams to reality
My confidence, your handbag as you carry it to heightened unexplored terrain
These words flows from the lips of our past lives like messages of past love shared
You are my earthly angel!
Your skin my silken robe…
Your healing touch my savior….Your love my reason for living… are my gift that keep on giving

Written by faizel farzee
True love ...and still is
Paul NP Aug 12
Gentle solar I see you, I feel ya. My light bends around you. I'm not afraid am I? Afraid to dye, my touch in your Heaven? My earthly hurt in your pain. My chosen empath. I forget what I do when I'm cold and blue. How about you?

I am a mammal I do not comprehend your sight. Yet I try my best to re ignite, you, night.

When I am sleepy I am tired, listen to my wire.

Oh boy, are you gentle, soular kind? I appreciate thy design. How about you and I relax our sombre.

Dad, I'm sorry for everything I told you about your love.  

Thanks, me too. My wisdom is hours , my time is forgot.

I think I got it.

Why don't you still with da.

I'm too out spoked, I feel when I feel my lungs. I realize that I am gent.

My advice to your soul is to marry your divinity.

See ya around.
Bye kiddo.
Sunair, solar wind, love, thanks, reason, kind, gentle, sore, beauty, be you.
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