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دema 3d
Guilt of lack of sleep
makes me decide to go to bed early,

Guilt of lack of accomplishments
makes me unable to sleep thinking about it,

Guilt of sleeping in and time wasted
makes me put 3 alarms at 6:01 am, 6:02 am, and 6:05 am,

Guilt of my emotions eating me up,
makes me unable to get up even when Im wide awake,

It turns out that guilt is the only thing I accomplish, allow to eat my day up, and yet can't decide on lacking.
دema 3d
Tell me how
I only break
to be strong and still,
how I only
take from me
to give to others,
how I get disapprovals
on my own pain,
how I wake up as
early as 6 am,
yet can't get up
until the regrets of
time gone to waste
hit at 2 pm,
Tell me how
to stop.
دema 4d
You gift me gold,
bringing back old habits,
but I never aimed for the stars,
so I wear it around my neck,
with no sparkles in my eyes,
wishing it was silver,
gold bends and stretches,
but it will never get a grab of the stars,
silver is realistic,
it can handle reality,
even when things heat up.
remember that personalities shine brighter than any star
دema Feb 21
I don’t crave revenge and grudges,
my soul doesn’t feed on anger,
it feeds on confrontations as
it only craves the truth.
دema Feb 21
It takes a year,
for the pain to leave my veins,
for the memories of you to fade,
for the cuts in my soul to heal,
for the rhythm of my heart to change when I’m around you,
to forget your touch on my mind,
to forgive the universe for meeting you,
to live life like you and me had never happened.
دema Feb 21
the tears stroll down my cheeks,

the words come out all wrong,

as your perspective of me isn’t my reality,

under construction,
is the fight against my tears,

that there is strength in vulnerability,

your tears from their cells
and let go of the custody of pain.
دema Feb 19
I'm sorry you feel this way,
we both know what it's like
to fall for someone who we
can't have,
and I'm sorry I had to be that
person for you,
I know it hurts,
at least I've seen his **** side
and learnt to overstep my emotions,
but I am your friend,
and it hurts more than you think
to know I'm unwillingly hurting you
in ways I know too well
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