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دema flutter Sep 2022
My dear
the future
is new,
it's the unknown
that you probably want to explore,
so go ahead,
move on,
move forward,
live for the present
and reach for what's awaiting you,
leave all behind
that belongs
to the past
and the gone,
be one with the wind,
let it move you
as if your entities
were made of sand,
scatter into
what's meant for you
and who's the one for you.
دema flutter Jul 2022
I still remember the first time your hand reached for mine,
I still remembering my hand going numb upon the touch of yours,
I still remember the sight of your eyes trying to trace my eyes as your hand reached for mine,
waiting for a reaction, an expression,,
I still remember the echo of your accent flowing through my ears,
دema flutter Jul 2022
I am starting to feel it again,
an alarm going off, right after
a red flag if fluttered,
except my flight or flight is not quite excited,
I am stuck in-between,
contemplating flight or fight,
confused on what comes next,
dissonant about the rationality of my decisions,
and afraid of the consequences of my actions,
filled with thoughts, filling with thoughts,
and overflowing with thoughts.
دema flutter Apr 2022
Being with you isn't easy,
but it's worth it,
it's right,

Being with you isn't a choice,
it's a need,

Being with you
دema flutter Feb 2022
for i am a rose
blooming with the
colour of my blood
and thorned by
the wars i’ve battled,

for i am a rose,
with skin so thick,
even when it sheds petals,
there lies more strength,

for i am a rose,
placed with another
for the ones who want it all,
and preserved in my individuality
for the ones who look for the one,

for i am a rose,
climbing my way out with
eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.
دema flutter Feb 2022
your standards are the not the problem
your standards are their problem
and your problem is how low
the bar has been set.
دema flutter Feb 2022
if you listen close enough to your soul
it will tell you how to heal,
just listen to what it has to say,
listen and you’ll find the way.
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