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I promise myself peace and serenity,
yet I strike at the first glance of a storm,

I think I know who I am,
but then doubt enters my heart
at the first introduction of confusion,

I prepare myself for the worst,
forgetting that good even exists,
like an infant,
believing that the sun has really disappeared
when it's just hiding behind a cloud
دema flutter Jul 31
i confused
honey-dipped words
for unconditional love,

as healthy jealousy,

holding me back
as wanting me close, (as holding me close)

intensity of infatuation
as devotion for adoration,

as desire

as commitment
دema flutter Jul 30
love me
like you really see me,
like you really need me,
like it's the only thing you were meant to do.
دema flutter Jul 17
I look for beauty
even when it's dripping
in the corner of an alley
filled with all the monsters
underneath my bed
and inside my head.
I loved you

through the bitter

and you loved me

through the sweet
دema flutter Mar 23
Pain's secret weapon
is numbing you
just enough
to barely be able to
feel anything,

taking away your rights to feel,
making you

pain's secret weapon

Pain is pro-abortion,

pain's secret weapon
دema flutter Mar 23
I looked
at my heart
asking it,

how is it possible
that I can love again?

and my heart's
only response
was a beat,

turns out that
all along
I had been breaking
because I was still alive,
my body was fighting
for me,
even when it felt
like I was dying.
and I guess that's
when I learnt
that the same way
I was breaking all this time,
I was also healing,
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