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numayer shuvo May 18
I'm meeting this girl
For the first time today
I don't know who 'benched' who
Well, what can I say!


I looked out the window
For the first time today
It's the same old cityskape
But the weather has changed!


I had this epiphany
For the first time today
The world just goes by
Nothing's ever there to stay
This is a first
The first time someone has loved me more than I love them
The first time where i have someone close by to hold me tight
The first time I held hands in the hallway
The first time I've worried about PDA
But you want another first
And well

It'll never last
Even I am interpreting this two ways, a humorous way and a serious way. Not sure which one I prefer.
Makayla Jane Mar 22
You shook my hand
And touched my soul
Burning my heart
And poisoning my skin
I don't know why you decided to shake my hand today before you left, let alone why the handshake was so weak and you were so gentle
Feel free to share revision ideas (:
دema Feb 18
The first breath I take
becomes the very first choice I make
Isabel Aghahowa Dec 2018
it was dark and the thunder was growing
along with the screams of the children outside
who were running away from the storm
that was to come
with my hands clenched
and my ribs growing tired
my breaths became restless and weak
as i started to lose control
i fell out of my keep
like a lamb that had strayed afar
there you were
with your deafening heartbeat
as you watched me like a silent hawk
watching its prey
carelessly finding
remnants of an unwinding heart
that had been left sober
on the kitchen counter
we were walking on egg shells
around aquamarine carpets
the mud stains you left
had a form that couldn't help
but fall into tangled pieces of righteous light
that were trapped in the heat of our human pressures
and our unspoken pleasures
your painfully bright emerald eyes
seldom locked with mine  
your razor-edged chin
in my shoulder it found its borough
it laid firmly planted
waiting to feel secure
within my tiny grasp
as we moulded an embrace
that felt like lifetimes that had been and gone
in silence was your comfort
it lived there with laughter
while you floated above the hair on my skin
as your hands exposed bubbling panic
though it was draped in loose tranquility
we found we had lost ourselves
the lights had finally escaped our eyes
we were now alone with the raging tempest
RedD Sep 2018
We met one night
Unaware at the time
Preoccupied with lives
Unhappy and unknown

Time has passed
Feelings grown stronger
Our bodies willing
But time denies

Hope gets stronger
Each time we meet
We'll be preoccupied
With only each other
Happy and known
I still remember that first night, a lot has changed since
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