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Van Xuan Jan 2021
In that very moment
My fears are gone
Taking all the risk
I bring her close
As I put her lips to mine
With her startled eyes
I didn't dare to move for a second
For it's a pure bliss of happiness
Covered with face mask
Credits to the face mask that gave me courage to kiss her
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2020
the first time we make love

your body will tremble, from behind, my arms’ will, to encase,
I, sponging up every tremor, shush-stealing each shuddering,
the outpouring of sounds will grow softly and steadying,
as gasps slow lessened, till the breathing is regularized.

you will sly ask for words, but I will come prepared and you,
will laugh when so informed, happy by my thoughtfulness,
wondering if they are being reused, and knowing this, I will
coax you to feed me morsels will I shall then embellish, proofs.

there is a first time in almost every aspect, but for one, which
you won’t refuse, forgiving my experiences, a history to become
now partly yours, the priors paying forward my debt to serve,
a gentling interplay of eyelashes *******, fingertip confessions

you will alternate tween fragility, regretful solitude, emptied but
then refilled, you’ll want to define, identify, label for storage and
reuse, classification for acceptance, thinking that will make this
moment lasting, but it won’t, but it will, last, under closed eyes.

when the need to sob returns, one or two may escape, unelicited,
but won’t go past that, you’ll hear me saying “Hello in there, hello,”^
and ten thousand skin cells will in unison firm gel a single sensory,
not a trick or strategy, an honor bestowed, medaled, molten medaled

that you were held captive, it will be a proud mark, for freedom only
comes from being released, and an anthem will start to form, words
all raw and wholly yours, then you will sing to me “good bye stranger,”^^ granting me a pardon, for being who I am, a wonderingly, somewhat familiar face...
^John Prine
^^ Sharon Robinson
دema flutter Jun 2020
I gave something to you
that belonged to me,
but most importantly
I gave something to you
that I should have wanted for me.
Tafuta Atarashī Nov 2019
My fingers tickle against
The soft fibers of the first page
In a manuscript written with
dedicated ardence. I
admire the ink uncials, left behind
By eloquent whispers passed from
Your eyes, to My lips.
From your tongue
To my skin.
Salacious words succulent
That permeate the thick paper,
Like heavy breaths from a prurient
I savor the memory,
Turning over the page to find
Blank linen sheets left awaiting,
for letters and punctuation
Until, poem after poem,
A new chapter again
we commence.
numayer shuvo May 2019
I'm meeting this girl
For the first time today
I don't know if I was 'benched'
Well, what can I say!


I looked out the window
For the first time today
It's the same old cityskape
But the weather has changed!


I had this epiphany
For the first time today
The world just goes by
Nothing's ever there to stay
Aliah Brimhall May 2019
This is a first
The first time someone has loved me more than I love them
The first time where i have someone close by to hold me tight
The first time I held hands in the hallway
The first time I've worried about PDA
But you want another first
And well

It'll never last
Even I am interpreting this two ways, a humorous way and a serious way. Not sure which one I prefer.
Makayla Jane Mar 2019
You shook my hand
And touched my soul
Burning my heart
And poisoning my skin
I don't know why you decided to shake my hand today before you left, let alone why the handshake was so weak and you were so gentle
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