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I S A A C Jul 6
my blindness causing me strife
never committed to being right
but never committed to being wrong either
just trucking along the beaten path
I didn't know there were fires birthed in my wake
I didn't know for goodness sake
I would not be the bad guy, even if it were my fault
but ignorance is bliss at the top
water the burnt fields, open my eyes to the real
could you open my eyes?
for real
Ylzm Jun 28
you know when you heard right
if you walked in dark night

and revealed the unsearchable
even when it's unknowable

on way unseen in light
unstumbling without sight
lua May 22
the power of a broken heart
fills my cup
and my fingers tremble
and shake when i lift the tear stained glass
i want to be alone
drunk on my sorrows
finally having the right to do so
after so long
of hiding in plain sight.
My Dear Poet Mar 2
my heart    is split
into two   parts
  the part that   is now left
        and the part   that was right
He knew he was right
And nothing stopped him
From proving it
Not the gradual diminishing
Of his friends
Nor a famine of encouragement
From his family
Not a single word of appreciation
From his loved ones
And never either or whatever
mark soltero Dec 2021
it’s okay to be in love with the dying light
spending your evenings away from reality
things that make you forget about burning
and while the lasting memory haunts you
it’s cold embrace feels right
the just emotional whirlwind that feels pure
fuels your sense of being
time erodes away its value
but sometimes its strength transforms
i want to hold my former self
tell him that life is going to be painful
but he can be stronger
to make him understand isolation is chosen alienation is given
stagnation isn’t a confine to misery
virtuosity isn’t fulfilling
and sometimes the pawn’s value outweighs the king
and to live in the shadow of your own worth is a disgrace to one’s own constant growth
transformation strength feels right isolation self value  stagnation
Zack Ripley Oct 2021
My 400th poem

At this point in life, I don't really care
whether I'm wrong or right.
I'll be whoever, whatever I have to be.
As long as I can fall asleep at night.
Delicacy8100 Sep 2021
As the unraveled words slip through my thoughts into the universe.
Correcting imperfections.
Judging every woven threaded word.  
4,065 languages.

Intermingling words composing every thought as my own.
punctuation leads me not.
Grasping my  
Language(s): unknown


Yet once
with lack of punctuation seen not as a problem.
Yet seen for its purity.
That we the people could connect in understanding
The languages we combine.
Punctuation implies correct. Given to the word by man/women. In hopes, the world could connect with a better understanding of one.
Beautiful RIGHT?
World keep in mind we are no one.
are the great mystery of how I see the connection.
Judgment also will lay between the lines..  ......
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