Oh my, noone ever told me it would be this hard...
To be so in touch with your emotions,
Right from wrong,
But still choosing to do wrong.
Is it the selfish gene taking over,
Or is it the fear of the unknown?
Am I too caught up in the safety of this home,
To break through and be on my own?

MU May 11

Broken in pieces like thin branches for wood fire;
Worn out like a cloth fifty years old;
A trunk invaded by termites,
Rolling down a hill full of rocks;
A carpet walked over with dirty shoes,
Covering the floor of a once busy hallway,
Now abandoned and invaded by mold;
The paleness of a ruin one thousand years old,
Submerged in a thick sea of fog;
The rust on an old broken truck,
Mixed with dust to form an adhesive substance,
Eating the metal through to its core;

Combine this all together,
And imagine it's a feeling.
That's how I am feeling right now...

No comment...
Wanderer May 10

I have never been able
to tell you my left from right
I use a scar as a marker
to help me remember
when you say "turn right"

Which made it ever more
difficult when trying to decide
Should I have left?
Or are we right for one another?

I can't see the scars
on my heart
to give me a direction
I know they are there
but which way
do I turn

JAC May 7

You were right
And I was wrong
You were the right person
And I found you at the wrong time.

Fill me with light
So that my tongue will cease to bite
Make me contrite
That I might fight to do right
Trying, trying everyday
To keep my demons held at bay

Yozhik May 6

Sit in a desk
draw the Straight Line
pick the Right Answer
write the Right Sign

Negative, Positive
Black or White
that's what we learn
Day and Night

Plan out your life
be the Straight Line
pick the Right Answer
flash the Right Sign

Negative Positive
Day or Night
that's what we learn
Black and White

but then some fucker
gets you fired
'cause he's hired
his girlfriend's son
and you get sideswiped coming home
and you fall in love
with--no one,
what makes you happy is the Wrong Choice
the call alluring you -- the Wrong Voice
you want to color outside the line
and-- actually...
if you can be brave enough...that's totally fine

There are many paths to happiness
You only need to find one
but it might not be in the Straight Line
the Right Answer
the Right Sign
But if you can be brave enough
It's totally fine

Which way do you tip?
When you dream of the kiss?
Right, like me?

Such a subtle thing which so few really think about. Ever consider it?
bluevelvet May 3

I have this friend,
They truly are the best.
Always there for them,
Keep what they tell me
Close to my chest.
I would never lie or deceit them.
Maybe I'm a little rude,
Blunt to be exact.
You could say I'm not modest,
Like, at all in fact.
But that's okay!
At least you can say I'm honest.
If they like someone that they could
do so much better or
if they like someone that they could never ever
What would a friend do?
Tell them the truth!
That's why I'm so glad to have
A friend named M!

Breath in throat. Breathe child breathe. Keep reminding myself this is just memory.  Nor more reality.........

Seems like yesterday when you drove by. Nothing special nothing earned on that hot day.  As every story of hot day  that's  were my story of you begins.                                                          

Water. Yes.  For your radiator. Handing you the jug was tomorrow never seen. Oh, but I skip so much already to talk about are midnight escapes.

The Right Thing

What would you do
With a life in your hands?
Those begging eyes
Pleading for clemency
For an existence hanging in the balance.
So easy it would be
To let the knife drop
To let the bullet fly
Out of your control
Snuffing out another.
Would it satisfy you
To see the skin go pallid
The eyes glaze over
A carcass crumple to your feet?
Do you enjoy the thought
Of a mother weeping
A father distraught
A family rendered asunder
From your crime?
I pity you
The likes for which this decision is easy.
Just hope that if you ever find your life
In someone else’s hands
They know
The right decision to make.

This is not mine, but my youngest son's work. He is shy about publishing. His name is Stephen Francis.
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