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Break apart another thing
Another ****** part of me
I still won't be taking anything from you

Exacting prices of my needs
I don't need a ****** thing
I won't be taking any more from you

Find the center of desire, til it all turns south
the bitterness still carried, clinging to your mouth
Another open flame, crumbling to dust
Leave me choking on the ashes, final remnants of this trust

When it all goes down
Will you still be right here waiting
For another chance
At this final undertaking
It falls
Is it truly a prison if I'm the one trapping myself?
It is if you throw the key across the floor,
just out of reach.
I had a thought. So I turned it into a poem. Enjoy.
Let me live at your eyes

One says

You must be a sailor as swimmer or fly

You must have a way to be in her sight

In her eyes, in her heart or in her right

You must be faith with a word you said

"I love you" you must be by my side

You must keep the sail slide

But you must be fair that you may get a slight

That love makes you forget your eat

Makes you dream as a fly or a bird

And face strong waves to your boat
the lover tried to get approach to her/his lover and did her/his best
Hope One Day Nov 9
Often my mind wanders around and makes me ask myself a question?

Where are we heading to?
What world are we living in?
Why have we confused amorality and non-ethical behaviour as liberal and my right to choose mentality?
Are words such as freedom of speech, right to live are interchangeable with amoralistic, non-ethical behaviour?

Honesty, truth, fairness, justice, morals, ethics, trust are they just the words that exist in the books kept high above beyond our reach in the old libraries that no one pays a visit to?

Why have we desensitise to the point where we have reservations to stand by the right and absolutely have no conscience alive to raise our voice against the wrong?Why do we hesitate to accept what we know is wrong?

Often comes a point where we are left with no option than to go with the flow heading in the opposite direction, where we are usually advised not raise a voice, just bear with it, learn to bite your tongue, deal with it, everybody does it. Often hear words and given advise about how much this wrong doing would benefit you momentarily, in your career progression, not to forget monetary benefits etc, etc, and all you have to do is turn your backs and mind your own business.

Again this raises a question?  
Where are we heading in our lives and what are we striving for? What is our fate and what are we leaving behind for our next generation to come?

What happened to the world our ancestors lived in?, who followed the right path paved by their older generation leading to a journey of spiritual, mental, emotional and personal satisfaction and that contentment gave them the courage to stand up against the wrong, hence they defended the right.
where is this world leading to?
Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong regardless how much you desensitise and train yourself otherwise
You say what you want
I'm right here
You don't see what you want
I'm right here
You think you know what you want
I'm right here
But you don't see me
I'm not going anywhere...
Tara Nov 6
Where does the fine line lie
between right and wrong,
good and bad,
weak and strong,

it’s not as simple,
just building brick walls,
that no one can break,

standing on your two feet,
in an empty space,
just to avoid the guilt,
of hurting someone else.
Hunter Green Nov 6
At the pinnacles of right and wrong, where life is changed and paths are drawn,
When your thoughts are surrounded by the hardness of stone,
And intertwined with small traces of gold,
Don’t lay on the rock and feel the cold,
Burn away all that traps and treasure the gold.
Those small shining pieces are what holds the truth,
The solid fixtures of wisdom and proof,
The only part that may bring you through,
In the darkness and chaos of all the paths you drew.
When young always
travelled around by
National Express

Always remember
stopping at Bristol
coach station after
a very long journey

Ready to board the
Coach home there
female German bus
station attendant

She was  hearding  every
body like prisoners of
war awaiting entering
a prisoner of war

Wasn't a happy bunny
that day, so I let get have
It, with both barrels these
are paying customers
treat them with respect I
told her

She tried to ban me from
the bus, but was overruled
by applause from everyone
on the
Including the driver who
said, about time somebody
told her, that made me proud
I'd done my good deed of
the day
Paying customers should be treated
with respect
Opposites attract.
I had learnt the year in which I learnt to tie my shoelaces
And differentiate between the left and the right
But still not between the wrong and the right.
And may be, that is why on nights
When I pulled the blanket of pin-drop silence over myself,
My mind swayed back to my past,
As the night darkened and the silence deepened,
So did my thoughts; become
Fluid flows from high potential to low potential.
I had learnt the year in which I understood
The difference between the right and the wrong,
And may be
This is why my mind drifted back to my past
On sunny days and sparkling evenings.
Today, when I sit across the table with my hand in yours and sip the freshly brewed latte,
I am happy that
The past that haunted me was the 'low'
The place I'm in right now is the 'right'.

- Kavya Mukhija, 2018.
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