I write
Who's right?
Who has rights?


To write
To rite
To mute
To fight
To right!
Too right?
Too tight?
Lack of sight.
That’s a slight
Feeling some plight,
Wanting to take flight.
Is that right?
Written rite
I find it hard to believe
that my mom
was right
about everything.
Well, almost everything...
should have no delay.
should happen right away.
Why wait to love? Don't wait to love, just love!
Hunter Jan 8
Do heroes follow fools?
Do they make their own rules?
Do heroes sin?
Or always win?
Are heroes brave?
When the day is saved
Who do we have to owe?
When peace is a no-show
Who shows us the light?
When they start to fight.
For everything that is right.
Who turns your life away from a zero?
A hero.
Sunshine Jan 8
Oh, little girl, that’s not nice
not nice at all
Those are not nice names
to think, Let alone say or call

Oh little boy that’s not nice
not nice at all
Thinking your 10 feet tall
bulletproof & ready to brawl

Scared girls
who just want friends
Popular girls
would much rather offend.

A frightened boy
who doesn't like sports
A tough boy
who just points and snorts.

No Bully in our school's
Isn’t that what they say?
That's a nice thought to bad
it doesn't work that way.
Bleurose Jan 6
I hope that this doesn't last forever
and I get used to fully being alone.

I hope I forget how nice it is to be touched,
to be held, to be desired.
I hope I forget and never remember.

Because I can't do this anymore.
I sleep too much, I don't eat,
I hate the way I look (more so).

I'm jealous but bordering on envious.
I want to be what people want me to be
but I am not going to compromise what little of me I have left.

So please, if anything that has the power to help is listening....

I don't want to do this anymore.
Steve Page Jan 6
The right way to say something
something important, something of emotion
is a gift and a craft.

The right way to tell your story
is your's to decide.

So decide.
I envy the writers.
Max Jan 3
I always want to say sorry,
Even when it's not my fault.
Because that's how it used to be,
That I'm getting blamed for everything.
So I'm sorry for being here at all.

I still try to do everything right.
I have to prove I can,
I just have to show that it wasn't always my fault.
I have to prove them wrong, even if I'll never see them again.
I just have to prove them wrong by proving my right.
I just can't fail, like the failure they think I am.
Something I had to write.
AndSoOn Jan 3
I used to dance alone,
Along so many people, lost in the crowd,

I used to look for myself, trying to
Create my life's guidelines

They say it comes when you are least excepting it
Ask no question then, and let's dance together

So we began to dance, completely intertwined
Afraid of the upcoming day and reality

I was not expecting you

We have not met so I could write better, or cry less,
We met so you could see yourself like I admire you
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