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Em Sep 29
One million reasons to cry
Yet I can't find
Which one's mine
im back again hoes
anyway does anyone wanna play on ps4 or something
Mandi Wolfe Sep 22
I love you and I used to could talk about it
But now it feels like manual labor
forming orders inside my mouth.
I want to say “when did it all come to be so hard?”
But it has always been this way, hasn’t it?
reasons Reasons REASONS
For bizarrely monogamous reasons
it has always been hard to talk about the way
I love you.
We were married and that was
And then we were married but IN LOVE and that was
Then we were divorcing and HURTING and that was
And now we are friends and have all new
One ex drove twice around the block
Maybe to see twice what he had
Or to see twice where I am
One ex came twice into the store
Once alone and once with his new love
One ex came alone
Maybe to show me he’s around
Or maybe I’ve got a chance
One ex came with her girl
But too many times for I to keep tract
Once with her mate and many times
With other lovers
On ex came alone
But I never knew she still had concerns
She came brave and filled
And other times she reminded me
I’m still loved
One ex slide through
Unannounced and uninvited
He strolled through my paths
Unbothered but allured
One ex never showed memories of being owned
And he made it clear that I was alone
One ex never judged
But never said she felt love
And now
I’m planting more seeds
To reap more ex’s of my own
And yes,
I’m the ex that called myself the *****
Maria Mitea Aug 27
Thin pale grass
Competing with the
big, strong tree roots
pushed to the surface
from below the ground.

Below the ground
There are reasons.

Heavy clay,
Compacted soil,
For moisture,
And air,

Below the ground
There are reasons.

Can we cut the
tree roots, or
remove the grass?
and plant a
new garden.

Below the ground
There are reasons.
I wrote this poem long ago. It is about  injustice and inequity in life and nature. And how there are so many hidden things we don’t know ... and still the sun, soil and water is more for the grass, for the many ... for people and not those in power that come and go ... 🙏
Lusen Jul 31
The star in the sky have their reason
Why they don't shine sometimes.
Likewise sometimes even the one close to us have a reason why they leave.
heikkitsh Jul 25
When I look at you,
I see so many reasons
Why I love you
But the biggest of them
Is inside you.
To my girlfriend
Nolan Willett Jul 15
Everything happens for a reason,
Reasons are plentiful
Nylee Jul 12

  There have been hundreds of drafts
   I've opened and closed
  with the words unfamiliar to me now
  unposted for the reason unknown to me.

I often have a dream,
About this feeling
It is an escape,
This love.

I don't know where I am
So I thought of holding her hand
And taking her along
On a journey with no sure destination.

Sometimes I'm stuck
listening to the background noise,
I'm fading out into the unknown.
This seemingly perpetual dip in time
Makes me come back to life.

Realising a purpose
Now that I have her,
It is time to make our journey
Conflate and intertwine
Like Adam and Eve
Exiled from the garden of Eden
Seeking salvation together for eternity.

It is time to put an end to this pretend
Even if this union is treason,
For the summers are always slipping away
But the show must go on
We can escape together now,
Without having to give any reason.
Love is an escape, even when considered unholy or sin, is still pure. Escaping together, breaking the shackles of society and acceptance, towards another reality to fulfil the potential of the union.
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