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Ms L Apr 30
Now, look up at the sky.
See those glittering things in the night sky?
Those swarming, dazzling stars are billions of reasons why...
I chose you to be the light source of this unpleasant life.
Ink in water
A dark rolls
In the invisible
Like light at night

As the candle warns
Forlornly to wage
Quiet battle

against defends
and Unseen deploys

A shadow dances
Rising silent
Defined by denial

The glowing quill
Lifted, weilded
Strokes such ink well

To borne a truth
To what end shown
from hence within.
Poetic truth of the depressed type of mind.
Do the seasons change
so that I don't have to?
People come and go,
sometimes for a reason
sometimes just for a season,
I'm here till I can be.
ghost Jan 4
Eternal sleep

Questions why

Answers keep

Reasons die

Darker still

Winter's night

Emotions ****

Souls' contrite

Time suspended

Final breath

As intended

Promises death...
Kennedy Dec 2020
i stay because you need me,
because i have so many people to meet.
i stay because without me,
my siblings won't remember each other.
i stay because there's guitars,
and blond boys
with butterfly-inducing powers.
i stay because i know this is a bad time,
not a bad life.
i stay because too many people have left;
left me, left her, left them, left him, left you.
i stay because i don't want to be a statistic.
i stay because i want to watch,
i want to watch everyone i've ever loved
grow and be happy.
i stay because they can't lose me.
i stay because my childhood pet has.
i stay because my abuelita cries on the call,
because i haven't seen enough of the world.
i stay because there's no time like now.
i stay because there's so much good.
i stay because i'm stubborn,
because i've crunched the numbers,
and the pros outweigh the cons.
because life is grand, and because i haven't punched the prime minister.
Hammad Nov 2020
There were thousand reasons
to reach me
- but you found "None"
So How could you
come up with
the lame excuses
and still claim
to be "The One"
Arcassin B Oct 2020
By Arcassin B

Crossing different cities,
mind state restless, I keep walking along,
Coffee stains on my shirt and i don't even
drink coffee, come to crossroads I'll never
get the chance to bare it all on, the fact,
We're in hell already, in the devil's country,
Who gives a ****, about it all.

Raise hell in the mother's wound conjuring some
Shadowy agenda for annihilation,
I cover eyes but they won't cover their own,
Can't save anybody, they disgust me , all of them,
bunch of bodies rotting,
Even with my own worst enemies I'd probably leave them out to dry and dye,
Along with the true colors,
Swearing that the darkest depths of my soul won't let the monsters out that reside inside,
I wouldn't hide the secrets that kept all of me afloat..

I am as strong as I ever was in my ultimate pride,
Feel like I'm on earth 400005,
Anger stem from stupid **** while staying alive,
I always walked alone , I am the Bill Bixby of Life,
Don't make me angry...

Maja Oct 2020
you fought with good intentions
but for all the wrong reasons
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
Em Sep 2020
One million reasons to cry
Yet I can't find
Which one's mine
im back again hoes
anyway does anyone wanna play on ps4 or something
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