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Kassan Jahmal Jun 29
Kissing lips; the best taste to have,
Next to chocolate and coffee,
Close few friends; for Saturday hangouts,
Binge watching series when I'm all alone,
Reading a good book, anxious for the next chapter,
A long awaited Friday to kick back from work,
Bonus points if we're knocking off early that day,
Instagram memes, and poetry related posts,
A few brave selfies to show off a fresh cut,
Avoiding "I like your cut g" reactions. Perfect.

The smell of brand new clothes with the tag on,
Socks and sandals in the comfort at home,
The sun coming out of a blanket of clouds. Shinning.

A good or ***** joke to have you ear from ear smiling,
Loud music in my ears with bass, and good lyrics
Picking through playlists to a sombre mood and worship,
Pretty flowers amongst the random walks to nowhere,
A brand new journal, and ballpoint pen to match,
Especially the ones with good grip, and black ink,
Holiday trips to new places, people, and food,
Afternoon naps, sleeping in days, and up late gaming,
Anime lovers sharing folders of content watched. Great.

Bible devotions leaving questions and encouragement,
Sunday meals, filling me up with good food,
Seeing cute kids; making you yearn to have your own,
Somebody complimenting or saying thank you for your effort,
And having poetry, stories, art and expression to channel every
emotion and thought out into physical. Creativity is beauty!

Twenty seven of my top reasons to appreciate being alive.
Zack Ripley Mar 17
it's easy to criticize people
for how they deal with pressure.
but it's important to realize that pressure,
like people, come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes;
they affect people differently.
because he doesn't drink just to drink.
and she doesn't smoke just to smoke.
they're trying to forget how broken they are inside.
trying anything to escape their minds.
escape their lives.
and, at the end of the day, that's all we want to do too.
Noura Dec 2021
It would be nice if you could be here
With me, right now.
But that’s impossible
For reasons
Reasons out of our control
Reasons we despise
Reasons that others
Have caused.
And alas
what’s to become of this?
A relationship?
A friendship?
Or is it just
Two strangers talking
Until time sees us apart?
maria Nov 2021
I don't know how to feel anymore;
how to love you
when all you did
giving me reasons
not to
I shouldn't love you but I do somehow

Written on November 17, 2021
© ,Maria
Z Aug 2021
I still remember
the most painful words
I've ever received
from you

"We all have reasons
(to give up),
and mine
was simply
Ms L Apr 2021
Now, look up at the sky.
See those glittering things in the night sky?
Those swarming, dazzling stars are billions of reasons why...
I chose you to be the light source of this unpleasant life.
Jack R Fehlmann Feb 2021
Ink in water
A dark rolls
In the invisible
Like light at night

As the candle warns
Forlornly to wage
Quiet battle

against defends
and Unseen deploys

A shadow dances
Rising silent
Defined by denial

The glowing quill
Lifted, weilded
Strokes such ink well

To borne a truth
To what end shown
from hence within.
Poetic truth of the depressed type of mind.
Do the seasons change
so that I don't have to?
People come and go,
sometimes for a reason
sometimes just for a season,
I'm here till I can be.
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