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uselace Oct 6
i will be okay.
even if i don't believe it,
i will keep hold
of those words,
because what is the point
of being broken down
and built back up
and over
if it only destroys me?
i refuse to believe
that i have gone through this for nothing,
for no reason
i refuse to believe
that i will end up
a hollowed-out
lifeless shell of a person
so instead,
i let four words carry me
guide me through the storm
and hope
i make it out the other side-
i will be okay.
i can cope with everything but the idea that all this has been for nothing.
Nicole Oct 4
She falls in love with ideas
And collects them to
orchestrate a
And some of them
are the most simple
Mundane pieces
that hang heavy on her neck.
She never asks.
She just keeps looking for pieces
That can be sequestered together
And keeps pushing her hips into
Men who don't love her.
All hoping for
A line about going places
And less reasons to thumbtack
Surrender onto
Her artwork.
Maria Nieves Sep 11
Recently it hasn’t been easy
Lack of sleep
Horrible thoughts
But you
You are one of the reasons
I get up in the morning
Knowing that I will see you
Knowing that I get to hug you
Nothing has made me happier
Than spending time with you
So thank you
Thank you for saving me
For keeping me safe
For showing me a good time
Thank you for being there
When others were not
Being back in college hasn't been easy on me, but one person has been keeping me sane.
Lily Sep 2
Rainbows that appear out of nowhere
Cozy sweatshirts
Hot chocolate on a cold winter night
Musicals so good they give you chills
Movie marathons
Books that make you cry, make you feel
“I miss you” texts
Laughing so hard you can’t breathe
Pens that are full of ink
The smell of pancakes
A baby’s grin when you pinch it’s cheeks
Teachers who make their class enjoyable
Inside jokes that you laugh about for years afterward
Smiles from that specific person
Butterflies that land on your finger
A cat’s purr
When a piece of music you’re rehearsing finally sounds perfect
Hairties that don’t break
That perfect gift from that specific person
Receiving a letter
The smell of Christmas trees
Long, meaningful hugs
That happy baby sound
Creating memories with friends
The leaps and twists of talented dancers
Realizing you are early to the meeting
Your favorite TV shows
Adorable baby clothes
When you finally find a pair of jeans that fit
The relief of jumping into the cool lake on a blistering day
The smell of a new box of Crayolas
Feeling inspired
Writing poetry
feel free to put your own additions in the comments! :) For anyone going through a rough time; you are loved, and you will get through it. Stay strong <3
Quinn Adaire Aug 27
What are you feeling?
Why is that?
I don’t know.

Of course you know!
There’s a reason for everything.
What’s that reason?
I still don’t know.

Come on think hard, you aren’t stupid,
What is that reason you’re hiding from me?
I. Don’t. Know.

Who is backwards?
Me or them?
Should I know?
Is it ok that I don’t?
A conversation with people who try to help. It didn’t work.
delilah Aug 13
Whenever I hear it
It's you that comes on my mind
And my heart starts to beat

Whenever I read it
Your name appears on my mind
Again, heart starts to beat

Every time I look around
It's you that I look for
Wishing you be all round

It gives me tons of butterflies
Just by having a quick glance of you
Makes me feel like I'm up in the skies

I can't explain why
I don't even know how
Because I'm a bit shy

In my mind I can't believe it's true
Without any further reasons
In my heart the reality is you
The Moment where you start searching the reasons for loving someone
is the
Moment where you
Lose your ability to Love them.
Nina Jul 8
" why did you stop smiling?"

"The reason behind my smiles,
Has already left,
There is nothing for me to smile again"
Nina Jul 5
I finally knew why
His feelings for me has faded
The reason why
He wouldn't want me back
He no longer wants me

It was because
He was able to get the one he wanted
The one he has been waiting for all this while
When I thought I could replace her,
I guess I was wrong
And now I knew why
There is no more us
But only him and her.
She clears her schedule all for you.
But I can see, you just squeeze her in yours.

She stops doing the things she was supposed to do just to focus on you.
On the other hand, you don't.

Maybe the reason why you gave her all those watches was that you can't give her time.
You can only give her watches, but not your time.
Clearly this is what I feel with my current relationship.
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