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Brett 5d
Oil painted red sky summer
Blue moon June, and tailor-made memories
Skimming the surface like a skipped stone
Riding the ripples
Of an early summer’s amplitude
Like a light ray runaway,
Dancing with darkness anxiously on the edge of the abyss
A lone wanderer,
Searching the soil for some semblance of a soul, but
Our bound hands were meant to dig
Never to hold
Skip a stone and watch the ripples underneath a gray beard mountain.
jasmine wild Jun 2
i feel safe within the darkness
so when it's taken away
where can i feel safe
Ashley Jun 1
she's the reason the sun sets later in the summer and why the moon rises earlier in the winter
just to see her shine a little longer
Luna Pan May 27
when you look at through your window in that summer house do you remember me?
we were a troublesome

do you remember how you used to use that window to connect with me?
i was your little madame

do you remember our adventures?
our wines and sprites

do you remember that night?
we were dancing through twilight

do you remember me or did i become a memory?
f May 26
i have curated an ethereal playground
where our hearts coexist in perfect synchronicity,
where i am his,
and he is mine,
and we are eternal.
keaton henson . you
So many songs,
Writings of different forms,
Signs bearing emotions,
All done to define and express love.

What makes this exceptional?
It's Me and You getting functional
Where time here is neither money
Nor a factor as company

Sing to me your feels
I'll listen and do the beats
Dig in me your prints
Show me how you do your kills

Love to grow and glow
Should be let free to flow
Magnolia May 24
I have felt pain that makes me ache
Dark pain that pulls me till I fall apart
A gnawing sensation which I can not take
Both slow and hard this pain pulls at my heart
This pain won't come "because" I think of thee
It comes from silence, something that's missing
This pain pulls at me, I wish that you could see
Your silence hurts me more than words reminding
It hurts to feel like you don't care at all
It hurts to know that I missed out on "we"
So now I start to stand up from this fall
Abandon all plans I hoped would make you see
So your choices I choose to except
For I trust you through the tears I've wept
A way to feel
A way to trust
A way to heal
s May 23
It's not what you've told me
It is what you've done after,
That is all it takes
for you to hurt me
Because I thought you could
take care of my heart better.
What a shame
f May 21
he who forges the sun,
cannot be restrained
even if rain decides to birth oceans.
mouchette . oOoOO
f May 20
the light that flows in and
through you.
i have been chasing magic like this
for so long
i forgot how the flame burns.
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