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large round red puddle
blood of the dog that bit me
i do feel better
Luna Pan Feb 8
new crowned king sang his ballad to the gods
sacrificed himself in your limerence
kicked out of the garden of eden
just to taste your deathless dead
in your blasphemic tongue

new crowned king danced with the gods
discipled you towards to the sun
worshipped your orpheic lips
thought you'd save him like Jesus

new crowned king threw to the sea by gods
his love wasn't enough to save him
Ken Pepiton Jan 9
Call all the lost, lost.

know the worth of holding thoughts true.

For the present, for the moment,
for one breath, be true
from the past, to the future,

regret nothing done today.

practical self rule, become a sphere
of all you know the use of,
the future perfect tense,
I shall be ready for death, fearlessly
careful where I step… following Wisdom,
abhoring the good for nothing.

Push off, the clinging past, become
the being now knowing others exist, out be
yonder where no messengers return the same.
Experience recollection, mind sweeping fractured fantasies.
Humble Poet Jan 8
Did she think about me today,
as sunlight kissed the morning's gray?
In moments quiet, hearts in play,
I wonder if, in her thoughts I lay.

As hours that passed and skies turned blue,
did my memory cross her mind, too?
In silent whispers, dreams anew,
I long to know if her love, still grew.

In twilight's gentle, ebbing light,
I wonder if I'm in her sight.
Though distance keeps us out of sight,
I hope she dreams of me tonight.

For love's a mystery, deep and wide,
A connection strong, hearts side by side.
So I'll wait and hope with each sunrise,
she'll think of me, with love in her eyes.
Whenever I feel this way
Thinking I've nothing to say
I gather my thoughts straightaway

With the words on a page
Simply rearrange
Letters like a Daisy-Chain

The Intent is clear
I hold dear
How I truly feel

(C) Debra Lea Ryan
1st Poem/Words of 1st Album Concept I have challenged myself to create during 2024 - Life Willing. .
irinia Nov 2023
a liquid heart is hard to bear
even if I shout no body hears
how many we are
lost in the structure of tears
this pain that I let in like a love decree
a wave like a fist dressed in impolite velvet
how to survive hating unresolved
the other side of everything is pain
in such a world of beauty and dread
absence and seduction rampant songs
and acid hands

a cycle revolving evolving
it disappears from here if you push it out there
I am talking about pain like a broken doll
a cruel fate left me without eyes so that I can see
only what I  feel
pain in all aggregation states, a true substance

a radiant promise in a vacant smile
I am trapped inside the circle
of the moon perhaps
at the hour when a great nothingness greets you
a neon sky a synthetic civilization
full of fascination as any other
we begin to live again
with some honesty, some regret for the divinity
of a blue death that possesses our hearts
Mrs Timetable Nov 2023
I listened
To the dessert you made
I tasted
The lyrics you sang
Your eyes got jealous
So I felt
Everything you
Touched with them
The senses are interchangeable.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2023
Be the most amazing person that you can be
Who you've always tried to be like
You can inch towards goals little by little
Moving forward like wheels on a bike
Encouraging all the ways I know how
Sure it's not what energy you need
Sorry you feel pressured or pushed
I just cannot help but want you to succeed
It ***** when you want what's best for someone but they don't want that themselves
If I could still hold you,
In the palm of my trembling hand,
In the depths of my fragile heart,
In the whispers of my restless soul.

If I could still hold you,
In the shadows of sleepless nights,
In the echoes of forgotten dreams,
In the longing that seeps through my veins.

If I could  still hold you,
In the silence of empty spaces,
In the void that your absence created,
In the ache that lingers, refusing to fade.

If I could  still hold you,
In the fragments of memories,
In the pages of a love story,
In the etchings of a bittersweet past.

If I could still hold you,
In the tears that flow like rivers,
In the laughter that dances on my lips,
In the moments we shared, forever cherished.

If I could still hold you,
In the depths of my imagination,
In the realms of a parallel universe,
In the hope that defies all reason.

If I could still hold you,
In the symphony of our intertwined souls,
In the symphony that plays on, undeterred,
In the symphony that refuses to end.

Then perhaps, just perhaps,
Even in the absence of physical touch,
Even in the void that separates our beings,
Even in the vastness of this universe,

I could still hold you,
In the tenderness of my love,
In the strength of my devotion,
In the essence of who we once were.

For love knows no boundaries,
No limitations, no constraints,
It transcends time and space,
And etches itself onto eternity's canvas.

So if I could still hold you,
In the depth of my being,
In the essence of my existence,
Then know, my love, that you are forever mine.
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