Go ahead
undress your mind
my eyes
can't wait
to see ...
my skin
can't wait
to feel
and my
mind can't
wait to
Clarity Jun 11
What do you want from me?
Why are you back?
Making everything worse
I was finally learning how to ‘move on’ but you had to appear out of nowhere
Making me question everything.
I know you aren’t capable of feeling
Wether its happiness or sadness.
So why do you insist on making me feel the latter?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
Clarity 1d
The bitter look in your eyes,
As he touched me,
Made me realise,
That you still loved me.
You’d told me many times before,
But i wasn’t a believer.

If i hadn’t left that day,
Maybe we’d still be together,
But what i did was for forever.
I feel an uncertainty when it comes to you.
Not because you want to do something that will destroy what we have between us,
but because you want to hurt me.
I clearly see what actions you do,
and I ask myself why you do it?

I'm afraid you will continue doing that.
That thing I clearly see you do.
I understand why you do it,
and I understand you never mean to hurt me,
but I'm afraid you'll do it anyway.
Because regardless of whether I'm sure why you do it,
and that I'm sure you never mean anything bad,
it hurts anyway.
That you want to hurt me,

I'm here for you.
Here to fulfill what you want.
Your needs.
If you feel inferior,
I'm still here.
Here to fulfill what you want,
your needs.
I would never leave you if you felt inferior.
But you wish me pain either way.
Make me feel what you feel.
Make me feel inferior.
And I'm afraid you'll do it again.
Show that you are better than me in some way.
Make me unsure of myself.
Doubt myself.
Even though I see it clearly.
Your actions.
Your result.

I'm left thinking and thinking:
why would you do something like that to make me feel inferior?
To make me unsure of myself?
To make me doubt myself?
When I am here for you.
Here to fulfill what you want,
fulfill your need.

There's a difference between results and consequences.
I fell in love with the embodiment of temptation
Something so elegant but drew blood from my very palms
Her very touch made my bones tremor
The lips she possessed to either touch my skin or speak harmoniously to my soul would encompassed me in her aura
Her mind was to mine superior
She could manipulate my will to manifest her desire
Something so dangerous so unpredictable was someone I once loved because she was a enigma I couldn't solve
So let my lips numb every pain
And touch create every desire
Time tells all
So gaze into my eyes
Allow my soul to tell the beautiful tragedy
One known to man as love
Watch as my mind would toil on night upon no end
See every tear that stream down my from eyes
Because the very thought of your heart in pain is something I can not bear
I rather be pierced by a thousand arrows than to see a tear stream down your face
Your love is more precious to me than any gold or silver or thing that man can offer
For it was the sweetest thing I have ever known
You are ethereal because gorgeous is an understatement
The very ground you walk upon I worship
The very thing you desire I will find for you.
You are a beautiful flower I wish to grow and flourish
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you but I have always loved you and always will
No matter the cause or case
You will always be before me because you will always be for me
The stars envy your radiance
And the wind your grace
Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't worth it or feel worthless because there is no better prize a mortal can attain than your love

The words uttered from my lips can never encompass the depth of love and adoration for this divine
My physical eyes will never understand her beauty in it's eternity
It is only my soul that can see the masterpiece, the muse
Only my very essence can understand the grandiose of the majestic cherry blossom
There is no touch like hers more precisely no love like hers
No woman could humble me
No woman can ease my soul
Thus she is not a woman
She is much more and has so much more to offer
She is a Goddess

Just one kiss,
But much more,
A moment of bliss,
The girl I adore.

Just every fear,
But nothing real,
No one will hear,
I don't know how to feel.
My first poem, feels weird to be writing like this but I want to get good at it.
My Holy Ghost came
In the form of anxiety
In the night.

She said, “You’ve got to
Start moving until momentum
Gets you by.”

At first I began to question
Because; I guess that’s just
What I do.

Than I ran to look in a mirror
To see the person that
Gets me through.

ie, myself
Everyone leaves
When you’re stuck in the mud.

So I listened to my heart & started
Pushing; thanking an apparition
That I wasn’t where I was.

Sometimes; the grass isn’t greener on the other side.
& it took renovating
My mind to finally feel what that was like.

& now I’m flying &, I should be dead.
Pete McIntire
I’ve been so many people
But I just can’t seem to find one that fits like a glove
I’ve been a people pleaser, a revolutionist
But it has all fallen by the wayside
How do you know who you are
How do you know who you are not
Written by Sean Achilleos 2009©
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You make me feel
all the love
that I have lost
in my lifetime.
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