japheth 8h
you tell me i’m your last —
that you won’t ever find love again,

that i would be the one
to close the doors to your heart.

the one to lock it.

the final door keeper.

“it has been an honor.”

i say with content
as i close it slowly.

you thought
you’d never find
love again —

that i threw away
the key somewhere
far away,

but little did you know,

i left the key
in the lock.

knowing that
will stumble
upon your door.

and right when you least expect it,

you’ll hear

the lock unlatch,

the door creak,

footsteps coming
towards you,

a familiar set of sounds
you thought you’d never hear again.

but this time,
from somebody else.

and you’ll smile,
and say “welcome.”
i wrote this piece while i was talking to someone i’m dating at the moment. this person told me, that if ever this thing we have doesn’t work out, i’ll be the last person to close it and lock it for good.

i cut this person off and said, “no, i will never allow you to not love again because what we had didn’t work out — i can’t ever do that to someone.”

so in the spur of the moment, i wrote this as an honor to this person, who, regardless of the uncertainty we have, still pursues me.

dear you, i’m cheering for you, even though it doesn’t feel like it, but i hope you find the key my last one threw away in a far away place i have no idea where and you be the one to unlock me.

in the mean time, let’s go with the flow.
eli 11h
i see you
i really do
i see your pain
i see your beauty
i see your love

i see the scars on your wrists
i see that you're getting better
i see the strength in your eyes
i see that you're so much stronger from yesterday
i see that you will be stronger tomorrow

i see you.

i hear you
i hear you crying your heart out alone in an empty room
i hear the words you say
i hear the voices in your head shown by the sparkle in your eyes

i hear you.

i feel you
i feel your pain
i feel your soft precious skin against mine
i feel your scars
i feel the tears dribbling down your cheek

i feel you.

you're not alone
i understand you.
i see you.
i hear you.
i feel you.
i love you.
mt 14h
i don't really know what it feels like to be in love but i think the clouds look nice about an hour before sunset when it seems like everything is submerged underneath a blanket of cotton
or maybe in the morning, when the sky is so blue but the clouds are so sad and so soft like the froth that sits on top of my soda in the summertime when its hot
or right before a sunset when the clouds are dripping gold and the sky seems to soak up all of their honey, honey like the bottles tucked away in the pantry or the eyes of the curly haired boy living across the street
and i sit and watch how beautiful the sky is from the comfort of my bed or the lonely window in my classroom or the passenger seat of my mother's car and think of how beautiful it must be to be in love
japheth 1d
don’t stay

for the glitters —

help me clean them up afterwards.
sometimes, you got to understand that everyone just puts their best foot forward first.

at the end of everything else, that person has its own demons they deal with everyday.

you can’t expect them to shower you with love all the time, like glitters. because as pretty as it may seem, glitters are hard to clean up.
japheth 1d
i’ve learned

to not always

get addicted to




in life —


it’s meant

to stay forever,



it’s meant

to last

only for awhile,

as i continue to grow and learn more about myself, i realized that being stuck and falling in love with one place creates a complacency that won’t help you grow more as a person.

i dont know how to expound this more, but in this day and age, nothing lasts forever. accept that when things don’t go the way you want them to be, it’s because they aren’t meant for you to keep — they are only reminders of what you shouldnt do for the next.

so keep moving forward and learn more about yourself. at the end of the day, you only have yourself.
I had a dream,
you and I,
sharing the rest of our lives.

I had a dream,
where you could not hear me

I wake up,
looking for you all over.

I wanna wake up
when you come back.
Too late for being dreaming about it.

We fell down into fighting.
You were always the first giving up.
I get used to close the doors,

you leave open in me.

I don't dream about us anymore,
happening in the way I wanted to.
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