I get a little-excited thinking
I'm a little crushing.
I feel a bit crazy thinking
I'm falling.
I feel chill thinking
I'm having fun.
I smile, thinking
It's real.
I feel delusional thinking
You are different.
I feel loss thinking
Everything is fine.
l feel alone thinking
I miss you.
I feel needy thinking
You're coming.
I feel good thinking
It's all reality.

sindy 15h

Because all the world turn around you does not mean that you can make it stop.

Because no one see trough does not mean the miroirs lie.

Because at first it feels right and at the end so wrong.

What if I actually don't care? What if I don't want to play by the rules?

Less I think better I feel.

Beat of a,
romantic music plays
Reaching out his hand
And asking to sway

Hiding her In his arms,
Letting her feel his embrace,
Making her feel safe

Enslaving her eyes with
A little help from
his handsome face.

His hands gently placed,
around her perfect waist.

By saying right words,
at right time,perfect place.

Two strangers,
Staring eye to eye
Standing face to face

Lips aligning,
With perfect pace
Tip of flame
Melting ice

Union of Souls
An alluring sight

Do you still feel the smell of those flowers at night?
Do you still feel the same air passing through body?

Do you still hear my voice calling you?
Do you still hear those goofy voices I made to make you laugh?

Do you still remember the naughty things we did?
Do you still remember ringing doorbells and running here and there like crazy?

Do you not remember the snow fights wearing those blue matching boots and pushing and slipping in ice?
Do you not remember catching butterflies and then leaving them and planting roses and marigolds?

Do you not remember the matches we played in hot sun
with our skin tanned?
Do you not remember building castles and destroying them ?

Do you not remember making fun of each other and scaring?
Do you not remember stealing each-others ice-creams and saying sorry?

Do you not remember?

There's is nothing worse than feeling numb
It's literally the feeling of feeling nothing
But I want to feel something
What should I do?
How can I forget you?
How can I let myself feel?
If the baggage would kill me?
    M  E

inga 4d

Trying to feel all at once
I ended up
Feeling nothing
At all

in the train I thought about about wordsworth
Deemz 4d

I just want to be happy today
I don't care if this feeling doesn't last until tomorrow

I just want to grow a pair of wings
and fly with you

I just want to feel peace
lingering from my mind

I just want to inhale
something other than overthinking
and cold dry air.

Just how I felt about last night.

There you are,
Standing before me,
Glowing in the moonlight.
You take my hands,
Stained with the smell of weed and peanut butter.
Lift them to your face,
You kiss them.
I shiver.
You kiss me.
I melt.
Your hands reach around me.
Tender and soft and longing.
These hands,
Will not be forgotten.

i wish i could stop this feeling inside my chest,
i wish that these...
feelings of selfishness just fade away
how can i stop them if all i want is to have you?
how can i stop these feelings of greed growing inside my veins
if all i can think about is your face,
the way the corner of your lips go up whenever you smile
or laugh
or the way your eyes shine so bright in the dark
the merely thought of having you laying down in bed beside me
is storming inside my head?
i've been feeling this selfishness inside my chest
inside my heart,
my lungs,
i want you for my whole own self
i don't want anybody else,
anybody else but you
and i want you to
have me
to have me
and anybody else but

we sit here and sesh our lives away
crack another can, fight over the last sip
satire is the topic of conversation when
the real issues are too deep to indulge
do we really know what we're doing?
probably not
but who really cares when
the smiles of your friends melt the world away
like butter in a pan
when this atmosphere is truly the only place
i'd ever want to be
in this moment
this life
away from pain and worldly woes
where cigarette smoking is a past time
meant for making memories far deeper
than the fear you feel when looking in the mirror
see a face that has felt so, so much
too much pain and uncertainty
for a collective soul as young as ours
we feel and breathe as a singular being
and that is what friendship is about

and i feel blessed to have finally found a place to call home.

pretty rough but oh well
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