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i know how much you love
the stars when they shine
and we could just lay down here
and watch them all night
while i stare at the sky
i’m wondering why
how could I ever question
love all this time?
searched its way through a maze
never left many signs
came through foreign lands
walked in disguise
i was stuck on a mountain
met you when you climbed

you're not that easy
but neither am i
but i'm glad that we tried
excerpt of a song i once wrote
Nothings more a turn away
than a love  that's wanting one to stay

Run as quickly as the wind
if  you feel your loves a prize to win
d Aug 2018
Write sad poems that'll make people regret the aftermath of the choices they never made. Write heartbreak poems that'll make people reminisce about the fast-paced relationships they never had. Write joyous poems that'll make people rejoice in winning the tournament they never took part in. Write love poems that'll make people want to go profess their love to a person they've never met. Write inspirational poems that'll make people want to go fight for a cause they were never a part of.
Write poems that'll make the reader feel what you felt when you wrote them. As a writer, that will be your biggest achievement- making people feel emotions they've never felt before, except for when they read your works.
Night seemed dominated the heart
For those who live alone
The silent just like a sharp knife
Unseen agony and torment,
And keeping it unnoticeable...
Riya Sep 7
you make
me feel
at ease..
just your voice
gets me
the night..
oh please
just whisper
to me..
tell me all
that you have
to offer
and i promise
that i won't
daze off
cuz i know
how hard
it could be
to finally
open up to
and let
your guard
just for a second
could happen
and maybe
this time
it will be
worth it..
to finally
just be
at ease..
you make me feel at ease <3
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White Shadow Sep 8
Death is a life changing event,
Not only for the one who die,
But also for the ones alive.

The concept of death feels so vast and confusing, but yet is so simple,
It's like you're travelling from one place to another, just like we normally travel,
The difference is just that we cannot return to the place we died from.

Many of us are here alive but are dead from within,
Our pain, our sorrows and many other are the reasons behind it.

Sometimes I just think death is better living like this.
Sometimes thinking of death gives a feeling of being more alive.
luciana Aug 27
there's little imagination
for a girl and her mind
when there is no effort
in sight that she can find
what are your thoughts on this? reading back i'm not sure if it really flows
Luna Pan Sep 3
you used to always talk about how complicated i'm but
i'm not
i like waking up to bird songs at 6am
i like unmade beds and sleepy voice calls
i like looking at the stars and murmur a sweet lullaby
i like deep conversations and streets at 3am
i like collecting things
i like night swimming
i'm not complicated
i'm my friend
i've got an universe in me that you didn't want to see
Luna Pan Sep 3
he has got sad eyes, pale skin and mouth full of a white lies boy

he is a play boy got a lot of number on his phone boy

he has got a bad reputation, nicotine addiction boy

he is only happy when he is ****** boy

he has got everything he wants boy

he is gonna say i love you then leave your body without a soul boy
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