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I'll write this in blue
Because it's how I feel
And I can't help it

I'll write this in green
But I don't know what it means
I don't go outside

I'll write this in red
For everything I hadn't said
They've never really left my head

I'll write this in black
To forget all that I lack
And who I could of been
As the night bloom
in sparkling lights
of stars and moon
wind is whistling in a lovely tune
You and me dancing
In an empty room
swaying in silence
feeling each other's presence
I am here but you were there
but your scent was everywhere
an apparition
a divine intervention
an unfathomable notion
that you were once here
feelings seems to adhere
oh dear
how i wish you were here
I really miss you dear
Dear heart!,
please calm down!
it's just a text from her,
doesn't mean anything.
please take it easy,
steady and quesy.

Had this discussion before,
Last time drowning in sorrow,
broken apart in pieces,
trapped in Band-Aids and stiches,
that sharp pain, felt like a heart attack.
Can't see you in that shape again,
don't act like a clown!
and please calm down!

Sure she's nothing to say,
same old crap and foul play,
just some what's ups and fake concerns display,
you are gulible and innocent,
her words are your stimulant,
you will cry again and crack.
so let me handle this attack,
you sit back uptown!
and please calm the **** down!
My Ex texted after many months,
thought I was over her, but...
Ainnoot 6d
You know the things you do for validation obscure your worth, but you go for it anyway because there’s nothing that feels worse than the hurt.
A little reminder that something you’ve had since birth is desired lights a fire fierce enough to remove your shirt.

You’re lost, but still, find yourself in other people.
You keep finding the pain, the kindness, it’s an endless sequel.
Fabiana Oct 7
trust me,
i know how it feels like
to carry the world in your heart
to carry your heart on your sleeve
to give your sleeve to a stranger’s arm
just for it to be taken away
trust me,
i have a world shaped heart and the world is my heart
banks . till now
c Oct 7
I’m not afraid of ghosts
But I don’t like the way things linger
Like laughter
Or cologne
Or the feel of your skin on mine
Fabiana Oct 4
i find myself lost in this comfortable metaphorical heaven where forever feels tangible
i’m falling into you in this life within a dream
and i feel more alive than i have ever been
banks . contaminated
Luna Pan Oct 4
getting straight A's
messed up all the ways  
smoking attitude with curly hairs
laughing all the ways
having eating disorders
lying all the ways
beautiful smile with a fancy clothes
dying all the ways
one two three
who you gonna fool now?
one two three
is this worth it?
Luna Pan Oct 4
summer days
late greek nights
listening to abba
just you and me
dancing under the moon
this is heaven for me
Imagine my arms wrapped around you, holding you tight.
My lips kissing your forehead, and my hand gently touching the side
of your face.

You feel my touch and the warmth it gives you.
You smile when I say the words,"I love you."

I'll comfort you and stay by your side forever.
I'll never leave you, so please stay with me forever.

When you think of me, remember all the times that we shared
When you look at me, remember that we were always meant to be
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