Emotional sadism
has seduced me
time and time again
to fall for the pain
that still makes me
leading me to
let go of all things selfish
and attach myself
to selfless

Dr zik 1d

I recall You in time
And feel bliss in no time.

The state of real happiness is much like a supremely safe and warm nest
where no matter what happens you can always feel and live at your best.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Poetictunes Apr 14

Lately it seems like my dreams have faded.
Can't visualize myself as nothing more than what you made me.
Although my back is up against wall,
I fight regardless.
I try my hardest to put my best foot forward.
These ghetto walls won't kill my dreams.

Debanjana Saha Apr 13

Why do I feel so much?
Good question...
I don't know why..
But I feel..that is how I am..
I tried not to feel anything
more than twice
but it is choking in both extremes..
To feel or not to feel at all...
is a dilemma to the extremes!

Extremes never works out in reality but that is how I am...
Ami Shae Apr 13

This is so unusual
so explicitly unreal
I'm not sure I like this lay out
this site--
can I be free to say how I feel?
Some how it just doesn't feel right
Is it okay to wonder
if ever I will again
feel at home here?
I hope someone can help me
to overcome my fear...

I've been away and even when I tried to come back here, I couldn't get onsite and now I can get on and everything is so different!
What happened?
Just curious if anyone else
feels like they've found themselves on the wrong road? lol. Eeek! I'm so confused!

What do you all think? Is it better? Worse? Indifferent?
Just curious.
Should I stay?

Why do i feel that...

my heart...
my eyes...
my lips...
my emotions even feels that...

strange feelings..
why do i feel that...
however i hear your voice..

feel how much close you are...
even the heart starts beating so fast...
why i feel that...
why that feelings lives inside me...
why i feel that you are so close to me...
close even more than me to myself...

you are always inside the heart...
giving always a safety and a peace...
because you are a desires...
the desire which my heart needs...
needs a love...
needs you and your love...
your love...
this love,which started with no date...
and still lives till now,and forever..
still lives inside...
and will be always to infinity...

sweet honey mine...
do you understand me now...
do you feel like me now...
do you feel same as what i feel..
hope you do...

by : hazem al jaber ...

There comes one more day to feel the time for pain
There is love to burn and a life to gamble on in vain
So restless i become, when the roads never lead to love
but that tinge of light will let us be bright and nothing will be gone before the time just begun

Mousamous Apr 6

One thing i like from you,
You do not like me,
No matter how far i have pursued,
You are still getting it ran, away,
Without ever looked back,
Stared at me.
Love u.
I'm fine.

i wanna goin away, from the past
Neil C Apr 6

You twisted your perception
To believe what you wanted to believe
Without thinking of the repercussions
Your heart would feel in time,
I wasn’t about to judge
I’m imperfect myself
Mistakes made quite frequently
Learning and stepping forward,
My gut instinct will tingle
Skin start to sweat
If I stray off the path
I’ve laid down with true intent,
Be true to yourself
In mind, body and soul,
Only then will you find
Your own trail to follow
Give in to your soul’s desire
To avoid undue sorrow..

Neil C 2017

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