Rach 2h
down under
There are things no one knows
nor understands
not quite yet.
They've drowned within you,
Because they were too heavy for you to take on
and one day they will resurface
but not quite yet.
crashing and burning
but we all know that water will extinguish the rising flames inside you
so you put it back in the bottle
for it to drown again
but not quite yet.
For sometimes these feelings are uncontrollable
and we have to embrace pain
suffering is inevitable

the drowning is what kills you.
Asia Aug 4
my heart is broken but open
fragile but closin.
my heart tht you chosen
will you embed it?
my stomach is turnin
it is fckn hurtin.
ig im overdosin...
so many emotions
how could you cheat.
the whole in my heart
my heart is explodin
ig were now opponents
blood is now overflowin...
and now tht i think.
why did i open?

now im completely broken...

but open.
an old heartbreak.. pt 2 comes soon.
Asia 1d
can i tell her tht
she was her.
i wanted
all of she!
i juss knew
she is
to be w me..
her... she is
juss so beautifully.
eyes, nose, lips
& body... mainly
she is her
her is she
wow she’s so
i juss want her
to be with me
can i make you my
queen on saturday?
nvm.. i think
she’s has somebody..
sadly i thought
maybe it
was jus an imaginary
but now were friends..
and in the end
can i tell you tht?
she is her.
her is she

... i wanted her to be w me
when i use to like this one girl..
I see music

A sad violin isn’t simply melancholic,
I see,
A little girl crying in a garden
Cause her bird flew away
Then came her mother, cello
She wiped out the pain
She told her she understands
They both breathed in so deep

I see a mysterious piece
Creepy house and gloomy lights
A vibe of clowns may come by
I see a happy one
Fast then slow,quiet to catch the breath from laughing

I close my eyes to the hammering of an old piano
I see a tremendous ballad and a luxurious party
I see foot tapping then slow dancing

A whole orchestra can tell a life story
Moment of birth starts with a murmuring harp
Childhood , teenage and beyond
Grief,nostalgia and it usually ends
With a flute telling the revival
part of the story

I see lovers through their journey
I see loneliness in some melodies
I see wanders
I listen and somehow
It isn’t only sound
I'm a force to be reckoned with,
And I don't recommend crossing me
the wrong way.
I've been holding in this fire for years,
So I don't set fire to the world around me.
I don't know how much longer I can hold it in.
I don't want to be known
as the criminal in this town.
The one's who provoke
never get punished.
It's the one who are pushed
over the edge that
always get blamed and
imprisoned for others actions.
Fools always rush in
where angels are afraid to tread.
Just don't take it with a grain of salt.
We're all hanging on by an invisible thread.
The innocents cannot be unpunished,
If you beat them down until they are as good as dead.
Sunsets sand and me
What do you have in mind
A retrospect of happiness
over the line
We lost in this fight
Sighing I see your sins
How about tonight ?
Serpentine dress
No glass left to break
I’m marking my zone,too long the hold
Every curve I’d caress
  is my taste
Undress unmeasure unsurp
Don’t put to waste
I push you in
You take me out
Oh the effort
Is that all it’s about
Skin lingers
You bring you Lana
I have my Audrey
I’ll hold on longer
Will carry all of them
Let time be on my side now
I’ll make you rain
You can blow,can roar
I’ll make you feel
Each thump in my veins
It’s okay
Night’s asleep now
Make my way
"She takes cold showers
because she's cold as ice,
and otherwise
she'd probably melt.
her skin is the warmest
skin I've ever felt."
japheth 5d
may be the
hardest thing to do
it won’t
once you’ve
done it.
so no matter what they’ve done to you, forgive them and move on with your life.

be happy
There is one thing I want to say before you go
There is one thing I want you to know
My heart still beats
Still feels
Still strolls down broken streets
My mind follows default maps
Wearing worn down safety straps
I am still ready to catch you
I am still ready, no matter what you will drag me into
I am still ready, even though I might not make it through
Just worn like stains
miss salmon salami - raw and real,
on a train with your head
high up and flamingo
pen this down
what do you fear most,
the endless expanse of the sky
or the expiry date on your heart?
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