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Sky, it never says bye.
Day and night it makes me believe,
faith only hugs, with the hope future, can surely be conceived,
Green and blue are not just color but emotions to feel.
The ceaseless and mournful wind that blow draws a new dream,
the celestial river that flows makes me want to glow.
The mighty rainbow makes me feel that not negative but positivity will always overflow.
The breathless dawn makes me want to live the life of beyond,
Every martyr tree growing tall makes me want to forgive,
glorious moon makes me want to believe that every day is boon.
Birds flying in the sky gives away a hope that I'll survive,
with every laborer breathe it gives me the motivation to sheath my dreams.
japheth 1d
i’m writing
a eulogy.
it’s not
for someone close to me
who died recently,
for someone who loved me dearly
whose love died
when i presented my demons
and couldn’t take them individually.
i’m writing a story for film and i felt like my character is so selfish. so here’s what the character is feeling when she’s crying her eyes out writing out the pain and consequence of her actions
I did not know much about ants until I found that the internet told me so,
and I still don't know what that has to do with life,
another text that I had to respond too, I didn't have to do it,
life would not have changed for me,
but I wanted to feel important and so I thanked a neighbour.

Who helped put me on a soccer team, nothing big,
but life changing.

Anyway even though we(you and I) could look back to remember what was said,
I don't,
the future of this life is unfolding within my eyes,
I am creating,
noticing the trends in the writing of a mind designed by the public,
or me,
but not I,
here in this
I would fill in the blank however when you grasp for a word to the point that synonyms become a common search point I worry I've driven this vessel recklessly.

How would we drive proper?

I see myself everyday stupidfied, surprised,
  unexpectedly perplex that i.

Wait did I edit this?

Not that we won't sink,
But an eternity with,
and I(we),
it has always been
I could not stop maybe it's the ,
I had to pause again,
can it be understood that some times the words can cause some unexplainable feeling that chokes you in the back of,
I wanna find out what you said.

What I could say.

What we said.

and now,
Karo 2d
under the blood moon
we drive
trying to escape
living on the edge
loving the risk
of being found
J 4d
You can avoid
it all you want.
Ignore it, if
you please.
Sooner or later,
it will haunt you
in uglier ways.
Because the only
way to heal
pain is to feel it;
to weather its gusts,
and to ride its waves.
Feel it to heal it.
I have spent so much time
caught in my own head

Trying to merely tread water
preventing myself from drowning

Losing touch with reality
my life lacking clarity
as the edges of each day and night
are dulled

Confined to a certain haziness
Caught somewhere between

                               Floating and ......
asia 4d
i am not broken.
but i felt like a burden.
now im hoping.
i drank those sweet potions
i dont remember those disastrous moments
my heart was frozen,
because of ...!
who stole it?
**** they
**** it
too many emotions
juss stop!
i am growing
i am free
to be this beautiful person
ive chosen to be
my heart is golden
oozing cheerfulness
happy explosions


this is not broken open!
i am not broken.

i am free
I feel too much
and not a thing at all
at the same time.
And its so **** confusing
that I can't even breathe.
Timeless joys -
Colors, occasions, fields,
Of grass and trees, rocks and creaks,
Sunlit mornings and early rain,
Moonlight and beaches,
All these things that no-
amount of gold and paper
can ever, by joy, duplicate.
Where have they gone?
Will they ever come back?
Timeless they may be but
I am, as of now, have a lack
of these - around me, by me
to feel, to have, to share,
And even when I notice these
I feel no sense of warmth,
no sense of happiness,
Is it truly timeless, or
am I just, inside, dead?
alone 5d
J ust as you are
U ‘re perfect
L ove is a thing
I feel it for you
A nd I’d love for you to feel it too

I …

L ove isn’t a word I like at all
O ddly enough
V ery strange I know
E erie of me but true

Y ou however
O ddly make me want to yell it at the top of my lungs all day
U have my heart
    Do with it as you wish
I saw someone do the thing with the sentence starts and was like... I gotta try it too
Didn't plan to use it for this ;-;
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