You said you wanted to play a round of Sorry,
but that you didn't know the game,
instead you used Pictionary to draw for me,
but every scribbled messaged looked the same.

You said you related to Snakes and Ladders,
I guess because you like to go up and down.
You hope that I fall off and my leg shatters,
and the snakes eat me on the ground.

So go on and roll the dice, pretend to take a chance,
so go on and play nice, I know you've mastered that dance.
We don't need anyone else to play,
the two of us can share the blame.
So what do you say? Let's play another board game.

You suggested next Monopoly, your greed would help you win,
I think you just wanted to beat me, then wanted to rub it in.
I asked if you liked Risk, though strategy was never my strength,
your "no" came out very brisk, you never liked games of length.

You said you would love a round of Battleship,
I guess so you could shoot and bring me down,
watching me sink within my crypt,
right until I reached the ground.

So go on and roll the dice, pretend to take a chance,
we can play the same one twice, you'll keep your winning stance.
We can do it all your way, rules can keep things too tame,
so what do you say? Let's play another board game.

As a child your favourite game was Trouble,
but not because you're a living cliche,
you claim you liked to pop the bubble,
hoping each time it would break away.

Life is a game called
“is there a god?”, and
many religions think
they’ve already won.
The Holy Men charge
users for using
their consoles, won’t let
go of (control)lers,
and, after eons,
they keep the cheat codes,
even the play book,
all for themselves (smart?),
while the players are
killing infidels  
for points, or for fun,
shooting and blowing
things up and –behold,
they’re all keeping score
in invisible
scorecards and playboards.
Sinners, 666;
Saints and martyrs
(the “losers”), 0.
Atheists, agnostics,
mystics, and buddhists?
For them, playing’s like
asking an 8-ball,
or throwing a ball
against a brick wall.

If you think you're
the only boy
to say that,
you are


Most guys gawk over models and ignore their girlfriends by playing video games

I'd gawk over my wife and turn the video games off for her; giving her the attention she needs.

kathryn anne Aug 8

this is a love letter
to who we used to be
so helpless
so naïve
covered in scars
that will fade away
from the helpless games
that we used to play

i loved who you were. i love who i am.

I’d say we all
Start out the same
Different names
Different games
To play

I’d say we all
Live the same
Stuck in the dark
Looking through
Ever curious
To see what's beyond
The prison bars

We’re all tired
Beat down by
We’re all expired
Pushed to the
We all sigh
Hunting down
Predators of desire
We all fight
From the moment
We are born
For the day
When we can
Step into our lives

Dharker Aug 5

Of games
Scary games
In and out as it please
Hearing things
Making its presence near
Should we be fearful of the strength it can't
Hurt with
I feel its grip
Move along with it
Drifting into
The phantom's pull

Collaborate song from 2CeynD
Dovey Aug 5

A little boy with a face on his shirt
holding an empty toilet paper roll
skip-skip-skipping rope with me
in a cemetery

"Little one, tell me why we play
childish games
on someone else's grave."

He laughs it off
Says, "Don't ask why."
Jokes, "We're ghosts, we're dead inside."

I think
the two of us are in mourning
I've just yet to figure what died
I think
the two of us are searching for something
to ease our troubled minds

gabriela Jul 24

how many girls do you know
that can dance to "maybe"
and "sometimes"?

boy. boy, who is only missing
you when he is in the mood
for something different.
a change of heart.
i know you're hungry, so
here's a side order of drunk calls and
spilled "i'm busy"s for your
squandered appetite.
enjoy the meal.

patiently waiting.
shyguypoetry Jul 23

If I must play games,
It will never involve hearts.
Unless it is "hearts"

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