Why does love have to be a constant battle? Why is it wrong to just tell the one you love that you love them? When did it become more socially accepted to hide how you feel, and treat each other like shit? Why is it normal to push away when someone gets close rather than embrace it? Why is everyone so afraid to love? I am so tired of playing games. So tired of the power struggle. So tired of playing hard to get, but not too hard to get. Sick of feeling like I am clingy or wrong for wanting to be around people I care about. Why are those who express how they feel viewed as weak? It takes a lot more strength to share how you feel than it does to close yourself off from the world. It’s no wonder people feel sad, lonely, miserable, unloved, and alone! Why do we do this to each other.

I just really needed an outlet to vent how I feel. I am so tired of hurting, and seeing others around me hurt. All this pain could be so easily avoided if we could all just be honest with ourselves and each other.
Andy Randell Dec 6

You've been watching them eat
Why would you?
Their gnashing teeth slurping, crushing
Sucking the cheese off their fingers

Messy, screaming faces
Jaws snapping on sticks
Waiting & devouring
Bending back heads
The crack of dislocation

Your friends know it was your fault
So, who do you blame?

Oh, but the wonder in those eyes
Why could she never share?
You think she wasn't made for her
How it was sussed out before you knew

The string's cut, though still she dances

We all hide in another skin
But the floor was flooded
The ceiling leaked before
Trapped within a guise
Never will they find him
How could they eat so close to you?
How could you watch?
Why would you?

We will put you back together
Luisa Nov 29

I’m trying to reconcile all the hurt and the pain
It just feels like I’m going insane
Wandering around in circles thinking about our past
& the way you treated me, I’m actually aghast.

What kind of person creates a whole new persona
Just to enter a relationship, you’re such a pathetic loner.
I wish you hadn’t hurt me or treated me how you did
But Lee you’re a Narcissist & of you I’m glad I’m rid.

You went to extraordinary lengths to conceal your lies & cheating
Your narcissistic game meant my heart and mind took quite a beating.
I still can’t understand if you pretended to love me
Or if staying faithful is where the problem might be.

You’ve hardly ever been single, never had the time to heal
From the wounds and the pain your cheating ways conceal
Even when in a relationship you have other women on the go
You obviously have no morals at all, you’re integrity is so low.

Toby Nov 28

We finally made it past day 11.
We haven't starved yet.
Chop down all the trees I see.
While my counterpart burns everything.
We found pigs, spiders, and beefalo.
Making fire pits when we can to stave the darkness.
Hounds haven't come to attack us yet.
Few more days they will.
Let's see if we can make it past day 20.

Psychic type with no
Emotional energy?
Abra fled; no spoons.

Vyscern Nov 24

Its funny how I can be dead in the brain
Only four hours sleep but still slaying stupid games
The people expect trust when its all turned to rust
Faulty; and your fault for letting it settle in the dust

Like hold up, wait a minute, you screwed me over
That logic you used there; are you certain you're sober?
Don't you dare try to pin your shit onto me
Just because I wont take a drink from a stagnant creek

I didn't come down in yesterdays rain
I know the difference between real and fake
I know when you're brewing an earthquake
I know enough to start making a change

I have the experience of a thousand words
Hidden behind bust lips, sounds left unheard
Vocal chords not humming, no six stringer strumming,
And buzzing like my phone does when lips start running

You could make a change too, stop and think
This relation is parched and needs new drinks
You've brought it all down, suffered in a drought,
Concocted some confusion and forged brand new doubts

I won't buy false gold no more, I'm no fool
Imma fix it up, but I need my tools
Stop acting like one too, start being a solution
You want me back? Well stop toying with my trust for your amusement

I don't need to name you. if this doesn't stick, imam peel you off. stop leeching my brainspace, stop being a fucking thorn in my ass, and pull yourself together
Cobalt Nov 21

If you're going to be a child,
Then put me down.
I am not a toy, much less yours.
So go on,
play games with someone else.

valentine Nov 17

sometimes i just give up
i get mad
but mostly i’m fine
sometimes when i give up
i feel happy
but mostly just tired
honestly if love is a game
i really am bored of the rules
i would just run and kiss you
but you aren’t a rebel
a rule breaker
you stick strictly to the rules
and honestly i’m so over it
you’re so boring

i sound like a teen in this that’s cause i am a teen if my poems ever come across as whiney that’s cause they are i want to whine it’s how i stop myself from going crazy
Lynx Nov 15

I love her
I love her so much
Her long hair
Her cute skirt
I love her
I know she's only pixels
Only lines on a piece of paper
But I love her
She's so sweet
And selfless
and brave
I want to be like her
And that's why I love her
Even if she isn't real

This is a poem about waifus. Specifically, I wrote a poem about Marta Lualdi. She's from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, on the Wii and PS3. I recommend playing it!
Paul Butters Nov 15

“Who let you in?” jokes Henry the Doorman,
Waving the signing-in book
Like a wanton dervish,
With a glint in his eye.

But in you go,
Into a dimly lit room,
Filled with smoke in yesteryears.
Men in huddles
Hatching plots
Or just playing cards
Or Dominoes.

In the corner those darts are flying,
While blokes stand chatting
At the bar.

Next door you find The Snooker Room,
Where all is silent
As “World League Championships” are underway.
Snooker and billiards to be precise.
Men so serious
Some sitting sternly
Worrying about their match.
The odd breakout of conversation
Over some dispute or debate.

Back at the bar
All is well.
No need to be PC here.
You can say whatever you want.

We drink and drink,
Until the bar closes
At whatever time.
The chat gets louder
As the booze loosens our tongues.
Then home we roll together.
Every Club.
A place I love.

Paul Butters

© PB 15\11\2017.

Inspired by my local bowling club, where I  am a "Social Member". :)
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