Your past boyfriends may have ignored you playing their game for hours
But mine is thrusting into you for hours
Wanting to see how well I can pleasure the one person that matters most
Your precensce puts my sadness into a roast
Please don't change
You make me want to change
For the better
La de amores intermitentes y fugaces.
A quien le dan un intento pero no dos chances.

La de encuentros efímeros a escondidas.
Escapes irreales, soñadas huidas.

Su tímida personalidad versátil
en ocasiones se torna agobiantemente volátil.

Tiene esa extraña energía que la hace genuina,
de cada rosa muerta conserva una letal espina.

La que camina a través de la multitud
con la cabeza en alto y una desafiante actitud,

con su corto vestido ajustado
y labios de rojo tirando a morado.

Muchos la devoran con una mirada ardiente.
Secretamente eso es lo que espera impaciente.

Guiña un ojo e irrumpe sin previo aviso.
Te invita al lado equivocado del paraíso.

Especialmente a vos, nudillos de luchador.
Vos, que llevas ese mote de ganador.

Sus coloridos caprichos a los demás alteran,
pero ella actúa como si no lo supiera.

Y en sus solitarias caminatas a veces hace una parada
en aquel café donde la triste rutina se ve pausada.

Pide un jugo de naranja y se sienta en una mesa de afuera,
el vestido se le sube demasiado pero sabe lo que genera.

Piernas cruzadas provocativamente,
su lengua juega con el sorbete de forma inocente.

Su piel de seda emana cierta energía
que te golpea con imágenes de todo lo que le harías.

La de pícaras sonrisas, labios sabor miel,
sabe que de sólo pensarlo te quema la piel.
sara Jul 8
I don't have the time of day
to beg for pardon 'til you stay,
to get down on my knees and pray;
for it to rain, just all the same.

I don't have the trust in you.
You choose comfort, I choose new.
You'll hear it once, you swear it true:
the sky rains black; you're sure it's blue.

It's just like paint, a blood-red heart,
a colour sample on a chart;
I'll build an abstract sculpture, craft
it carefully and call it art.

Then, I'll sell all that I create
and save enough to walk away,
whilst you're left dripping wet with rain.
Whatever made you think I'd wait?
Sorry, but why do people leave then try to come back into your life as if time froze when they left ¿¿¿¿¿
sara Jul 5
It became a long
and drawn out mess.
You push me back, I'd pull you in
just to counteract the loneliness.

I don't really want you,
I'll confess.
I just want things that I'm not meant to;
the feel of forbidden sweetness.

I will wear a little less,
each time you say no more;
just as you feel like you forget,
you'll smell the smoke beneath your door.
Sorry if this offends anyone

but just so you know he deserves it x
I'm going to the school
And last, i'm going to home
Sunny everyday
Rain weather today and snow again
Sunny everyday
Rain weather today and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again
And sun
and rain
and snow again

I'm play the computer games
I'm eating food
Sunny everyday
rain weather today and snow again
Sunny everyday
rain weather today and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again
And sun
and rain
and snow again

And sun
and rain
and snow again

Deemz Jul 4
A boy bought me new feelings from Amazon,
I couldn't install them right,
I gave them a 1-star rating.
You were playing poker with my heart
bluffing any chance you got
lying about the cards you've been dealt
and here I thought we weren't playing any games.
Look the other way
Eyes to the floor
If silence is golden
Your tongue has the Midas touch

Lyn-Purcell Jul 1
This is a game called life,
a game I never asked to play
a game that I felt like I would always lose
because so much has happened
more bad than good
which left me feeling weary
A young body with an old mind
Though it does come from my depression
though it does come from my anxiety
though it does comes from my fears
I have to say, I've always felt different
in how I see the world.
It truly is in the palm of the wicked
Something I've always known
But unlike most games,
there is no map,
there is no cheat code
Once you go forward,
you can't go back
Life is a game we can't restart
And I feel like a failure
The one who laments on her mistakes
The one who wishes that she could begin again
And though she knows she can't, the one who
wishes not to die but fade away...
But then it hit me one day,
for me to play, I need to love my
own reflection.
I need to know who I am at my core
I need to remember that any change I
want to come in my life
the stability I yearn for
the career I dream of
the happiness I want to feel
the love the little girl in me believes in
All of that I want to come
I know starts with my first step
I search and search but I do
the true reflection
that shines within me
A reflective poem on how I feel...
I know the first step of love is to love yourself and I struggle with that.
I know if  I am ever to amount to anything in life,
The first step is to embrace who I am, all of who I am.
Thanks everyone!
Love you!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Vexren4000 Jun 30
Video games,
World tucked away in line of code,
Telling stories as books once did,
Books still hold worlds,
Funny how man is slowly,
Faking his dreams and musings,
Into reality.

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