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Emily 1d
When it comes to me it's just,
messages left without responses,
phone calls left without attempts,
and efforts left surrendered.
I lay here contemplating,
why don't you show me off?
Keller 2d
Your promises mean nothing
Your words the same
Not quite lies
But never truthful
I don't know how to play this game
You've got me beat
For once I'll say it
I surrender
You win
A handful of cards I don't understand
You have one and know just when to play
I hold respect in my soul.
For women who are gifts and also many other things...
True care
They know what they want...
So I hardly disrespect a miracle.. a gift
through being shallow and *****...I never taunt
I never try and be the power of any relations with a lady
I wish to win her heart through my inner heart shining through
No one earns a gift of such a beauty
without staying honest, clear, and supportive. Never shady
Although I might show attraction and also interest in her...
I slowly understand and grow to know her

For if I am ideal for such a miracle. She shall stay near me
grow with me
Show her interest in the most beautiful of ways
As we slowly win each other's hearts

Their is never any doubt
As we look into each other's eyes
spending every moment we can, together

Enjoying the bond in which it starts.

The miracle comes as she notices more than my looks
and sees into my eyes and true patterns of communication

As I see into hers and feel a mutual energy
drawing us together
to enjoy each other's companionship
grace 7d
It was a crystal clear night in the winter months.
Though for some reason, the lake wasn't frozen over.
I could see the moon's reflection, and was standing at the shore
when two pairs of footsteps approached me.
A pier manifested over the lake,
leading to a white house on the other side.
"Hey," he said.
I was so shocked that I became a statue.
"It's okay. I'm not angry at you anymore."
He looked at me with a genuine smile. I missed being his friend,
even in light of what happened between us.
I was silent. I didn't say a word.
I don't think I needed to.
He accepted my silent apology.
"Grab my hand and don't let go."
I took his hand, paler than the moonlight,
but warmer than fire.
We walked across the pier, just me, him, and Hunter;
Hand in hand, almost skipping.
The stars were endless, and the temperature was surprisingly warm for the middle of the night in the winter.
We got inside the house and the three of us sat down on the couch.
He gave me a Gameboy and we started to play Pokémon.
Just the three of us.
Like nothing had ever happened.
And I think I miss him more than the anger that I held for him.
More than words can say.
Jason, I know you know this, but I'm so so sorry. I wish I could have talked to you about it. I'm so sorry.
With the lines small in attendance.
We made haste,
Skipping to the front.
A ceremony of shoes,
moving inch by inch.
We felt like kids again.
Amusing ourselves before a rush of anxiety.
Being slung in the air.
Our hands and feet lifeless by our side.
Nothing but stretched nylon and belts keeping us in our seat.
The ****** of seeing her eyes light next to mine.
This was how I felt being by her side.
The anticipation of knowing that at any given moment.
A strange metamorphosis was bound to happen.
The simplest thing such as walking became that much enjoyable.
The endless patter of feet.
Pounding over and over.
Walking about,
Reviewing our love of food.
Funnel cakes, fried Oreo.
A festival of taste buds refined by hers.
An obese smile,
Both our stomachs full.
The anticipation of reaching our peak.
Let out as a loud yell, covered by the sound of laughing.
The sound of bells and dings.
Large to small plush bears & animals given to the winner of each game. 
Her being the best prize there.
Life size
Anna Nov 3
I desperately ransack
Crumpled sheets and pillows
Hunting for you
At any time of day
As the sun glares at me
Shining rays of duty onto
My faded features
And bloodshot eyes

When I can't find you
Sparks bury under my skin
But when I turn
It's just the sunlight
Turning me into liquid wax
My eyes dissolve but
I don't care
They deserve to be punished

You're always out at night
I ring the bell so much
That I get tinnitus
But sacrificing my hearing
Is all for nothing
Because you leave my offering
Bleeding in its temple
The scornful *** you are

You want me to use pills
To hunt you down but
I won't satisfy your desires
I know you like a game
But your opponent
Is apathetic towards life
Your worst fear
How can you twist numbness?

So we intertwine
A symbiotic relationship
You need me to have you
To exist as an action
This brinkmanship
Might push me to the edge
But I can live on the brink
Can you?
Whenever I get anxious it's always super hard to sleep, and the desperation for sleep sometimes comes close to insanity. It also feels like a game that you can't win and your strategies become crazier and crazier.
Maybe tomorrow
I'll admit that I was joking.
Comparatively walking forward.
Pretending I saw what I couldn't.
The rustling of leaves,
Allocation to how far the fall.
The optimism of smiles.
After all, I've know this whole time.
When & where.
Deliberately stealing glances.
The second, third, forth
Consciously known that you'd find me sooner or later.
My role through the renewal of perspective.
Maybe tomorrow you'll forget &
I'll joking walk up to you.
Smile and say "Tag, your it!"
Knowing that you've been it this whole time.
The rustle of leaves growing louder.
Having known that I revealed myself without a word
I can play this game with you
Tell you all about the things I do
How my mind runs through wild thoughts
About the night of crazy ****
If you close your pretty eyes
You can feel it through the night
How I kiss you deep and soft
Lay you down and take control
Body shiver at my touch
Tearing clothes without a thought
Grab your hips and kiss your neck
Lick your lips and taste your soul
In a candle light - we toss and turn
Shadows dancing on a wall
Kiss my lips and **** my tongue
Feel the rhythm of your love
Kiss you sweet and lick you slow
Taste your passion
Won’t let go
Mouth to ******* and ******* too
Bite you gentle
Grip you firm
Between your thighs is where I want to be
Push and pull, succumbing to our ****
Bodies twisting - turning into one
Gonna make you shake and moan
Everything you need and want
Trust, I’ll be the one to give it all...
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