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This whole time,
The devil thought
He was playing with my head
But his whole plan backfired
The devil is below our feet. Don’t let him think he can get above us...
Sept.14.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

I’m thousand miles away
Away from everything
But they will follow me
Yet it has seem to be lost
By me loosing them
Where there is many people
Where the city's lights are never off
People trading money
For money turned into a tall drink
To last the whole night
Games being played
Like how you played my heart

But I forgot this feeling
The feeling of my heart being played
It felt amazing , but I knew it wasn’t gonna last
As I left the city
Everything was picked up as how they were left
Em MacKenzie Oct 3
Seems I like dark deception
and the odd manipulative game,
I question quality of reflection
as each shares the same.
And it seemed like love
until I’ve finally had enough.

I tie up my own two feet
and put my hands straight to shackle,
and while the imprisonment is sweet
there’s too much bitterness to tackle.
And it seemed like love
until the rose tint got scuffed.

She shook the flowers from her hair
and my fingers were cut from the thorns of the tangles.
I thought there were a million clear signs there
I took the time to find each direction, possibilities and angles.
Did I demonize a saint?
or did I give a monster wings?
The image is up for perception, not the paint,
and the same song is different depending on who sings.

Seems I attract words of blades
and metaphorical slaps in the face,
deciphering shadows into different shades
and ranking them last to first place.
And I wanted it to be love,
but it was lower when I thought it above.

I see false inflated importance
or I see nothing at all.
With black and white I took a grey stance,
but my planted feet kept me from standing tall.
An empty home with a closing wall.

Seems I like dark deception
and the odd manipulative game,
I convince myself it’s forms of affection,
so it’s only I to blame.
And it seemed like love,
but I chose the noose instead of my glove.
Randy Johnson Sep 29
I remember what happened 24 years ago.
I went to Walmart and bought a 3DO.
The 3DO was a video game console and it was 32 Bit.
Contrary to what some believe, it wasn't a *******.
It was almost as good as Sony's original Playstation.
I decided to buy a 3DO after some consideration.
I eventually bought the original Playstation but I bought the 3DO first.
It wasn't the greatest video game console but it certainly wasn't the worst.
It had some great games: Killing Time, Road Rash and the original Need For Speed.
But Plumbers Don't Wear Ties was so terrible that it will make your eyes bleed.
I was only twenty-four years old at the time, that was half a lifetime ago.
Panasonic, Sanyo and GoldStar were the three companies who manufactured the 3DO.
Randy Johnson Sep 27
If video games were like crack, I would've been dead long ago.
If video games were like crack, I would be buried six feet below.
If video games were like crack, I would've overdosed and wouldn't be alive.
If video games were like crack, I wouldn't have been able to survive.
If video games were like crack, somebody would've had to call my next of kin.
If video games were like crack, I wouldn't have played video games ever again.
If video games were like crack, I would've been like a man who can't swim, I would've drowned.
If video games were like crack, my ex-wife would be happy because I'd no longer be around.
I'm not playing in game where I'm right or I'm wrong.
I am who I am.
If don't accept it then pass by.
I don't hold no one.
alice Sep 5
watching as time goes by
on the bleachers
waiting for the game to end

cheers and shouts
my distanced gaze is different from all the rest
meaningless numbers are shown on the board

only cheap thrills
temporarily balancing your thoughts
until it doesn't work
evacuating hurricane dorian :)
Starry Aug 31
This is no
Ordernary bus
You do go on it
To go to work
Or to school
Work and school is
Battle field
And your job is to save the world.
Starry Aug 31
The guy looks like he is going
To climb Mt Everest
But that axe isn't for ice
It's for fighting off enimes
And saving the world
Swing he will
If you get in the way of
His goals.
Sunshine Aug 23
i found out all your lies

laid out on the table

thinking you could have played me

but my cards were all worth nothing

counted up against me

you turned into a devil at the game

and i never saw your colours

and i never saw your intentions

but i found out your lies

wasted in the back of another bottle

so tell me that you're okay

because i still want to play to save you

my friends warned me

they told me what was good for me

they told me you spelled trouble

but here you are

cashing in your time spent like its money

placing your bets again

other hands at the table mean nothing to you

but i see all your lies

so don't come for me

because i'll make sure you run out

of fools to play your twisted games
he was my lover
i was his queen
but it was all a game

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