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mica Apr 28
it's sad to think you've fallen for his pretty face, and the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he keeps you up for days... it's sad to know he doesn't really care, and all of this was just a show because he's run by softwares. it's hard to wake up and face the reality that he never once existed and was only brought to life by mere imaginations and thanks to you, you've been keeping him alive.

it's sad to hear him say, "thanks for playing!" when he's your only escape amidst your tiresome journey through life.
got so much immersed in a game and sometimes forget they never really existed despite casually talking about them with my friends every single day.
Sarah Flynn Mar 30
as a kid, I loved
shadow puppets.

I still do.

I used to love that
they were free and fun

and that no one had to
buy them for me

and that any time I wanted,
I could play with them.

now I love that they’re
so fun and so fascinating

and when you turn
the light back on,

you get to see that
all of those laughs and
memories and happiness

are actually just me
in a different light.
Orchid Mar 16
Roaming the plane soulless spiting rights, spitting facts

Exhausting public eyes whilst rendering a tax.
Gameboy versus home-made

Computer games
Before the desktop
Took over the world
(laptops came later)

King Kong and Worms
Idly passing the time
Of Day
Of Night
Games, Games

Gameboy - a child's
Victory over adults
Who never take the time
To play, play
Siyana Mar 7
I disrespected myself by adoring you,

especially after what you put me through...

There was no respect,

I was treated in a way

that made me feel inferior and insane...

Love was one-sided and that's okay,

I was young in a search for my other piece...

It never had anything to do with you...

at least I've learned my worth,

I deserve better than you...
Penny Z Mar 4
Take back the memory.
You have it.
Yet how can I give something away I don't want to be without?
Sometimes loss is the best thing.
Why does it not feel that way now?

If you knew
the games of chess
I play with you.
You would wonder why
you win so easily
whilst it is I
who loses her king
each time.

What is it like to go from white
to black,
move along the squares, the moods,
whilst I'm here wishing to go back.
Take back my faulty move, return
to those halcyon days,
toasting under the sun.

The rain should have been a sign
for those days long gone.
That our day is past, our time is through,
for not much longer would I lose you
A fresh stage is set and I'm stamping this day
as the day I finally cleansed the clouds
and crossed your name.

You've taken a fall from your pedestal
and I see you now,
with your domino on the ground,
my fair-weather friend (that's a kind way to put it),
my boiling point can't cook up a better fit.
I've played your ruthless game for the longest stretch,
I let a ******* decade slip through my fingers;
and I've still lingered,
for the sake of something I can't recall anymore.
Your betrayals are the mindless hand to an hourglass
and I'm counting the sand you spilled.
No sea of apologies can wash away this wreck.
I'm done with pointing fingers and holding daggers to your neck.
I'll lay my shield and armour down, and walk you out.

A fresh stage is set and I'm stamping this day
as the day I let your hand and my grudges go
and asked your ghost to stay.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Finally letting go of a friendship gone sour.
Delyla Nunez Feb 26
Log on,
Be the character,
Enjoy another world unlike this one.
Payton Feb 24
I've always dreamed of adventure, but now, I'm not so sure.
I grew up playing video games and playing pretend in the woods.
What I would've given to be Link with my own legendary quest.
But these are turbulent times.
Between my anxiety and the businessman-president and his blue-bird threats and the media, honestly, I'd rather curl up in a ball and stay inside my house forever.
But the truth is, no one ever caught a crocodile by hiding in their
It takes real bravery.
And while I've got problems staring me down like I'm deadmeat,
I've got to be a crocodile hunter. I have to.
It's the only way to free the princess trapped inside.
This poem aged well —ha! Guess I got my wish to stay indoors! I caused COVID-19, so feel free to cancel me, I guess!
This poem was written in 2016.
Man Feb 23
there's secrets, hidden beneath the corduroy
a world of wonder
where admission varies
guest to guest,
it's a game of guess
at whether you're let in
or you're like the rest,
corduroy's the fashion though
for sure
they'll be others
that hold you high up
just to push you down under
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