She had so much love to give.
Yet, no one wanted it.
So she forced herself
to act like she didn’t love.
Fiends driving suits of meat,
Vying prying,
Wishing wanting,
yearning and burning,
For a single stimulus,
Humanity forsaken,
Traded for,
Fleeting feeling.
M G Hsieh May 5
We veered towards calle muerte. It is 
inevitable we come here. Before this, 
there was no us. All things was only
you. One year ago, you called me a
whore. One month later, i learned
about the affair, that i was the obstacle. 

Separation. It provokes anxiety 
and relief. For appearances, a
requirement of exchange needs
subterfuge. It won't help us
to seem greedy to others. I
will not relinquish what is

Last week, you invited me,
say you will give stuff
due to me. Yet, not my 
pride? Let's not play

The drive back to my
place disquiets us.
Press continue.
Click OK.
Go on, please,
say you'll stay.

Swipe once more,
take one more look.
It won't take much more,
to know you're hooked

Sit a while longer,
the signal's still strong.
There's no better offer,
you know you belong.

Don't go out now.
Don't wash and shave.
Don't deny what you need
here in your cave.

We love that you're here,
you know we'll be true,
all night and all day
we'll be here for you.

You don't need daylight,
it's brighter in here.
That's right, sit back,
you're safer right here.
Screens are addictive
David May 13
To rest, a lumbering Whale
slumbers within a dissmal
green foggy depth of the
shadowiest waters.

Sleeping now, an
but also cause for
That from which to awaken. ...

The task to rise for a
breath still,
Magnificent size,
its shape imploring -

Where life grants itself
from the essence
of which to it
also plays.
You're sorry and it pains you to say.
     You've found solace in other people's pain. Your shoulders were made to bear weight. You've only gotten weaker due to your training of literally everything other than yourself. They can't see your fatigue, after all you're the life of the party. You don't know this, but you're their gravity. You've saved them, and everyone but you can see.
     You are a broken kingpin. You live in what's imaginary. Chess pieces to your command, instead a sacrificed king. You don't dream because that's selfish. You fell in love by circumstance. You don't think you deserve this, you think you're worthless. So do those songs that scream the same sentiment- good thing you're eclectic.
     Intermediate stage of life and you believe you understand the end. Peer into their future, pity their misfortune, manifest your worth in their misguided action.
     "No, you need to do this."
     Show them how. They don't listen. Revert again, lend a hand, upon seeing their inept expressions. You suggest to restart another fictional world you can all escape in. The prophet dictates another prediction: "We'll be here again."
This one is you, my love.
I've been down that tune
that competition sings

All the accolades to garner
material, useless things

I'll prefer to wander
the hills and all the streams

No one, no where to fight
a life, truth and freedom bring

The drawing of the poison
may take more than days and years

Heeding the dire warnings
abandoning all my doubts and fears

I can say I've done the deed
won, even through the pain

Feelings lost, nerves long burned
losses that
I was raised the middle son of three
we fought over nothing real
after all, it's just Risk
and Monopoly
Delamusiq May 3
For the thought of your dreams my mind races
Mad dashs ,shocked faces
But to stare that glint by starlight drapped the caresses of your hair
I trip to find me on your line
Oh right beautiful fields ,waisted time
Your waist on mine
Just a taste , said at nine
we set pace after that line

Picture frames on baby's painted nails
Paint me in fame, she replied your insane
Washed face paint dowm drain ,she never kisses again
Her company other then other men is my brother then i move this pen
Words are zen , cherry flavored summer flows
Grass blues and sky growth
Twisted pages on saturn sing burns and we take turns on the wave frank ocean plays
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