You had my forever
tucked in your back pocket,
waiting for the right
time to play it.
Midnight sky glimmers

My Soul is as black as the night is long

One night only is all the time we need to quench our undying desires to see which one cracks first

How long can we play this dangerous game?

How long can we go without giving in to this battle that never seems to cease?

Can we just forget ourselves... Our selfish needs and wants and think of each other

Instead of going around and around in this kind of tortured dance that we always seem to do

So for one night I stand before you looking at you with the past and now the future...

You decide...

The chance is left up to you...

So my dear this is life or death for we only have one night for our greatest adventure

Shall we play an interesting game of Russian Roulette with our love...

What will we decide?
Oh the games we seem to play when life is hanging in the balance...
Graff1980 Mar 12
Where do all the lost boys go?
The rag tag scruffy band
of tiny merry men
playing Robin hood again,

The kings of
flying fancy,
dragons dancing
in the fire lit night,
the little wrathful
waking warriors,

The lonely eyes,
with scraped
and soon to be
scabbed up knees,

The oily skin
and dripping tears
accompanied by
snot that drip drops,

The searchers,
tiny adventurers,
monster hunters,

The little victims,
who follow the whims
of cruel dictators,
of vile violators,
of demon desecrators
on their soft flesh?

When all the madness
seems to pass
and only the stillness
finally lasts,
when they finally
silence the bad,
the nightmares
they had,

after peering
the artic cold
of winter’s
harsh white snow,
searching for
a safety
they have never

please tell me
cause I don’t know,
where do
the lost boys
go to?
Alison Ilene Mar 8
Fucked your wife
          Take your life
                  Grip on knife
                            Stuck on hypfe
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
Latin Mar 7
life is a poorly designed game
too much dead space
loading screens that last all night
unskippable cutscenes
irrelevant boss fights and tasks
no cheat codes
and the story has no direction
where is the fast forward in my life
i am in the between of everything
can i play my life
like I play video games
grinding through obstacles
till i reach the next level and the next cutscene
can i skip to the main storyline of my life
all that waits for me here
is cutting down monsters
till im strong enough to fight the boss
Karisa Brown Mar 7
Why are you eating me
What is it in my skin
That's so appealing

Or do you crave
To get in under
Lock and key
So you can
Take over my body
Danial John Mar 3
We are similar in so many ways
We love and hate pain
We love someone who pushes us away
Someone, someday, somehow, someway
I hate other’s pain, but love wallowing in my own. Real head scratcher
Jay Lewis Feb 27
Black tie,
Black suit.
I'm Thinking of you.
Black dress,
Black shoes.
Good god Girl.
I'm missing you.

Where are you?
Where did you go?
Lord don't take her,
her body's not even cold.
I need you.
Please don't go.
Take my hand.
Let's grow old.
Don't give up
on me just yet.
At least wait
until my final breath.

These are words,
He never said.
Maybe he'll say them
when I drop dead.
G Feb 26
Kiss my lips so I know it's true
Hug me tight so I know it's you
But when you look into my eyes
I know everything is just a lie

We met by chance
But I fell for you at first glance
We played it cool
Like kids back in High School

No strings attached that was our ule
So we just did it like a bunch of fools
Every night that we wont forget
This is the kind I wont regret
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