Robert 1d
Recently I've thought about
The moments in my past,
My thoughts enflamed in guilt and doubt,
I wasn't built to last.

If only I could fix a day,
If I could change a second,
I promise that I wouldn't stay,
I'd fix my past I reckon.

I'm done with all the bends and corners
I feel like time's exile,
I really don't like walking forwards,
I'll walk backwards for a while.
People often forget that you can change the future without going back in time
s s f w s May 17
Tormented souled
Ripped off
Heart wrenching
Torned out
All got
Beaten up by
Cheer lined
Bug fixes
If you were given an opportunity to live back your previous day Will you live it much warmer and happier? How that would be dealing the Same stressful insane moments in a light way.
E McNamara May 1
Stop trying to cut and glue
The parts of me that
Disagree with you
I'm not picture perfect
Or a pristine garden
I'm not always pretty
Sorry but, construction paper
Won't fix that and
I don't want it to.
Flaws are what makes us human. Do not take that away from me.
Dainty Bones Apr 26
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
I feel left in the dust
I feel the broken trust
I feel pain in the weirdest places
blood stained shirts without the traces
I feel alone
like I'm missing my home
there's so much going on
and so little hours in the day
I feel as if I've gone crazy
as if I'll never find a way
I need comfort, I just do
and I don't want to feel like I burden you
these broken pieces I place in your hands
are yours to fix, because this is pain I can't stand
I feel unheard
as if I've never spoken a word
Shifat Apr 24
This stupid heart
Whose only job is to pump blood
Decided to love

And now,
I can’t find someone
Who can fix it,
Make it as it was before
"Have you made the right ones?"
The greatest enemy to your mind is the forever existing question that remains and will never be answered.
Thoughts that will forever keep me up at night.
Kon Grin Apr 10
i could be
incorporating zillion words to reel
at the combustion of my percevearance
of my contagious belief and clearance
but i wont
i am higher than imperfect ego
than the dirt iwas born to live inside
equal to the monument of thoughts of teachers
build inside this crumbling mind

discovering the glue to fix
discovering some time to make it beat
at least
a little bit
its my year im here
She Writes Apr 9
She wanted to be loved
To be put back together
Until she was whole once more
It’s not until he couldn’t
That she realized
It was never up to him
To fix her
It was always up to her
To love herself enough
That she couldn’t remember why
She ever felt the need
To be fixed in the first place
Gray Apr 4
I wish people worked like clocks
They can be tall
They can be digital
They can be old-fashioned
They can be dressed up
Or even a little bare
And when they break
You can tell
And you can fix them
And make them all better
BetTer PeoPle
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