I tore myself open
so that you cloud see how broken I was,
And instead of running away;
You stayed.
You stayed and you healed my heart
with parts of yours.

Mims 4d

They say,
It will fix all of your problems,
All your broken,
All your pain,
Will take that all away,
All I can honestly say to that,
Is how can you put that kind of pressure on someone?

heal me
fix me
save me

Because "you're all I have"
Or "I'm lost without you"
Will fix everything wrong with me
Don't care if it makes everything wrong with you.

Someone told me,
That love,
Is a lie,
And that we only think we need it,
Because everyone tells us we do,
And we do,
But not from her,
And definitely not from you,
We need love
Because society convinces young girls,
That it will fix everything
And it will.
But its not the kind of love
That is taking over 13 year old girls,
The love,
From another human being
Isn't what's gonna fix you,
you have to,
Because yes,
Love will fix everything,
If you love you.

And believe me,
This is something that I wish I knew long ago,
Because I went so long,
Hating myself,
And wanting love from someone else,
When all the healing I needed to do,
Was inside of me,
When I figured out,
That love for yourself is beautiful,
It makes everything clearer,
Makes sense,
My love,
Your love,
Is what'll fix you,
That's not something I can do.

Said love so much, it doesn't even sound like a word anymore
Nakia Sep 9

Please fix me
I'm desperate
Grasping to you but not breathing
How are you dead with your heart still beating
Something deep within you
Watching as you wither and your mind turns needy
Honestly I'm greedy
Wanting to give unconditional love to someone who will always love and need me
I wanna be the thought in their mind
Staying there
Never leaving
The load I carry is heavy
Never knew my mind could be so empty
The scary part is when I look in the mirror I don't realize that's me
Don't wanna be a name in a graveyard
Depression is so scary
Suicide takes too many
Victims rest easy
I know you didn't know me and I know you didn't "need" me
But when any kid dies at their own hands it leaves me grieving
So much pain
I feel it trying to kill me
But I won't let it
I'm too busy trying to fix me

elise f Sep 9

Should I listen to you?
I don't have to
Why should I?
You don't really know what's happening
You can't fix it

But neither can I

so maybe i will

maybe i won't
Jose H Sep 3

I see you
Like broken glass
Unable to piece yourself together
Beautiful in your placement
But broken

Never fret
My hands will build you together once again
No matter the cuts
No matter the tears
You will be whole without fears

Mims Aug 26

I take problems,

like they're drugs,
get me a fix before I get fixed,
I'll always pay for them.

Sep. 2016
haze Aug 21

your hand grasping mine weakly
plunging deeper in darkness' abyss
seeping through the cracks, my light can't penetrate
in utter disbelief, an unfortunate realization;

-you can't be fixed for i was merely your temporary fix not your medicine

melancholy Aug 1

I wanted to fix things but all my change fell out of my pocket and I have nothing else to give away, I guess i'll have to stay the same

alan Jul 7

They're not better, they're just not your style,
and you'll get better if you do it a while.
Keep on going and get back up,
catch those tears and fill your cup.
You are useful amidst your pain,
take that chaos and make it sane.
Pick a way and carve out your path,
find something calm within your wrath.
You're not the only one, you know,
you can use these things to help you grow.
You can, you can,
you can.

Janae Jul 5

I trusted you
I believed that you had my back
thinking about it now
there was none of that

I was yours and one day
you left me
you lied
and you hurt me more
than I ever knew you could

I don't know why
and I don't care
because nothing could fix
the bond we shared

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