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I've tried finding love once
And it broke me
I've tried finding love again
And it broke me some more
So don't expect me
To find love to fix me
When I am broken
Only for it to leave again
And break me some more
Maida Rasool Nov 2
i keep running to the toilets to cry
to cry for me, to cry for my mum
to cry because of the way we're being treated
nothing helps, it won't get better
i know it
writing doesn't help, these words won't fix anything
i'm broken, i'm hurt, so hurt
i need help but can't ask
i just don't know what to do
if there is anything left i can do
i need someone here with me
telling me it'll be okay but i'm alone
and it'll stay this way
i keep leaving and they don't notice
i want to see how far i can take it
if i can ever get away
but i'm just too weak
the tissues keep piling up, all i can do is cry
i'm so ******* pathetic
Kiara Malig Oct 29
One day, I decide I’m too broken to exist,
I’m more ‘cracks’ than ‘girl’,
I’m too much of nothing and severely lacking in everything.
I forget that my heart holds escape exits,
I forget that feet run for a reason,
I forget that hands burn if you touch fire.
It kills me that I forget things that could’ve saved me from reckless abandon.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I need help.
I ask an amateur magician to please piece me back into something more than this porcelain doll,
He says, ‘Sweetheart, I’ll try.’
I sit patiently as he cuts me all over, and brings out all his tricks,
But I end up even more broken than I already was.
I say I’m sorry for bothering him at all,
As if it was my fault,
As if it was my fault clay was meant to be played around with in unsteady hands.

One day, I decide I’m too broken and I decide I need to fix myself.
That day, I steal all types of tools from the hospital ambulance,
And from there, I decided to write over my mistakes instead of erasing them.
I decide that my being is no longer up for argument,
I decide that the best way I know to fix myself is to reject hands that tremble,
Is to fight fire with hellfire,
Is to make what was into what should be and burn the rest of it.

One day, I learn to fix myself.
I learn that trees cannot be put down,
If they just stood tall enough.
the broken are the empowered
Alayna Mae Oct 28
Blurring out the intentions make you want more
When all you do is wait for the next open door
You shut yourself out from society but you do not forget
The pain was not your crave, but it is what her body let
When you can not take it anymore, you have to feel free
She does not want to budge, to leave
Having the need to change or be fixed
But your mind and your soul do not mix
Are you okay ?
king Oct 24
I've got the duct tape,
The hammers and the nails too.
Brought the drill and some screws,
Do you need some super-glue?
There are pliers and a spanner,
Anything else you want?

Please put all my broken parts together,
Mend my shattered heart,
And fix my messed up brain.
All I ask is for you to fix me,
Kylie Oct 21
we hide because
we want to be found
we walkaway just to
see who will follow
we cry to see
who will wipe our tears away
we let our hearts break just to
see who will fix them
king Oct 18
The poem I wrote at my breaking point,
Was the same one that fixed you again.
I was red,
I was ******,
fear and desperation

drove me to self hatred
and I hid from the world
and loathed the high expectations

"You should be perfect
like the stars in the sky
not lost and broken

like a cracking china doll
you should be gold
and shining

so paint over the red
replace it with white
the same pale as a pill

a bottle filled to the brim
with many a fix
but once you're fixed

It's hard to learn
how to feel again
cause if you're perfect like the stars

why feel anything anymore?
e m p t y
I always waited
Waited until it felt
All dead.
It's all cold,
Still I waited.
Thought there
might be signs of
Our love being alive
All over again
But it faded
on it's own
Without any sign
And honestly
I never want to
say goodbye!
I wonder without a word
We just shattered apart
Were we not meant to be?
Is this all destined?
When tsunami occurs
Earthquakes takes it charge
Cyclones evolves
And destroys all forms
Was all this shattering
part of life?

Losing everything bit of you
Every possessions
All the loved ones across
And what are we left
with after all?

Questions of destruction within lives due to natural disasters or within families or friends or loved ones. Every disaster is always heartbreaking. Questioning the purpose of life! What is it about?
How come it destroys everything and expects us to be all okay?
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