There are so many things I do want to fix
Which is why I am rather anxious
to be and not be seen
I question if I am
ready, and to
be honest

don't know
I want to fix and show
the best of me. Not the perfect
me, but a human me. So much I want
to fix about me. So much I have to fix about me.
Anxiety and insecurities on the rise for some reason now.
One piece after the other
I'll break myself apart
and fill your empty spaces
Amanda 6d
Open myself up for you
Bleed out my dreams, hopes, and fears
Leave them, a pile at your feet
You walk away
You see my wounds, you leave them untreated
To grow infected, painful
In your hands; gauze, tape, a needle and thread
The tools to fix me and take away my pain
Instead you stand and watch
It hurts, I cry and plead for help
You give me none
Share no comfort
Lend not one helpful word
Shine no light to guide my path
Aching body has had enough
I am too broken to fix now
I am too hurt to love
Instead I watch you watch me
Until I've lost all strength to go on
You are watching me die
Written 4-13-14
nobody 6d
lock me in a building
a room, if you will
padded fuck-me walls
to terrorize my mind
and, most importantly,
fix me
and i wonder
are psychotic girls a good fuck
7 - 12 18
There are days that I feel that I can no longer help anyone,
my words are trapped under layers of regret and uncertainty
and my love is buried too far underground
for even grave robbers to find.
I want to fix everyone that I love
with understanding and commitment
but too many times my skin has been ripped to shreds
by people who are happy with being broken.
These days it is impossible for me
to take more than one panicked breath
before submerging myself in icy water
that I could easily stand up in and walk out of.
I see potential in every crack and scar
but sometimes things should be left shattered,
because sometimes things are not ready to be whole again.
I find myself too often fighting for change in the unchangeable,
looking to heal whatever I see,
but constantly fixing has led me to be broken
and I have found that somedays the only person I can help
is me.
gabriela Jul 4
I started going to counseling this week
because my plants started dying

the roots are all rotted
and the leaves are just slowly eating away at themselves

maybe my roots are rotten too
and I need to fix them before I start eating myself up
Wynn H Jun 26
I sit here
With her heart
In my hands,
Gently trying to mend it.

[she bruises easily]

It’s not easy,
But I persist
As my Soul,
My Heart,
& my Poet,
Cheer me on.
[they want it as badly
As I do]

I take pieces of mine
To mend hers,
To fill the cracks,
To fix the cuts,
And to mend the scars…

I’m not sure if it will work.
I’m not sure if the pieces will stay.
I'm not sure if they'll be accepted...
But I do it anyway,
For she IS my heart
And without it,
Am I actually alive..?
Awtumn Jun 23
I'm still a little broken,
So bear with me.
I didn't give myself time
To heal
Or to build up my walls again,
Before falling in love
With you.

I fell once before,
But the one who caught me
Eventually cut himself
On the sharp edge
Of one of my scars.
He dropped me in his pain
And like a fine China tea cup,
I shattered when I landed.

All the fragments of me,
I held together with glue,
They fell apart on impact
And broke even more.

But you were there.
Whether you didn't know
Or just didn't care
About my jagged edges
And damaged state,
I'm not sure.

But you offered me your love
And I'll gladly accept.
I'll fix myself again,
But better than before.
Because instead of glue,
I'll mend myself with gold.
Dan Beyer Jan 29
Maybe I can fix things...
Maybe, but not likely.
Perhaps the thought is just as good.
Amanda Jun 16
Inhaling clouds of smoke each day
My head feeling fucked up
Wondering why I always see booze
When I look inside my half-empty cup

Want more than bottles and grams
Than band-aids, pills, and glue
I'm searching for peace; a permanent fix
That heals, not covers up, pain in me and you.
Written 3-24-18
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