shermz Apr 23

baby i just ran out of bandaids
i don't even know where to start
'cause you can bandage a damage
you never really can fix a heart

Fix a heart // Demi Lovato

I was lost
and you were gone
but here we are,
together, complete,
and there is a symphony
waiting for us
somewhere better
than this.
I'm sorry I thought
the light
had left your eyes.

~~ I've been remembered again. ~~

Leaves wilted
Roots dry
Hidden in the unlit
corner of the room
You miss the brightness
of the morning sun

Put there
to pretty up this
bare space
that you need more
than admiring looks
and shards
of fading afternoon light
to survive

Where did your green-ness go?
Once glorious-
now brown tinged
and limp  
Walking past you,  
I can't help
but look away

I know
I should do
something about you

Another leaf falls.
Communicating feelings
of thirst and
engulfing darkness.

Soon, there will be
nothing left of you
But a shriveled up stem
And I'll toss you outside.
with the rest of them.

Really, I'm a terrible gardener.

Ben Jr Mar 18

Say we fix the people,
Make them honest and good,
Say we brush them rust to gold,
Into something we choose,

Say we dress them nicely,
Make them compassionate and kind,
Say they all became heroes we want them to be,
With a phenomenal strength in mind,

Say we abolish hate,
And we all throw love around,
Say we end all conflicts,
Every one puts their weapons to the ground,

Say we change this world,
Into something we'd want it to be,
Say its all possible,
And it starts with you and me,

Alias Mar 6

I know my head is spinning,
And I also know is that it's pissing you off.
My feelings run out of control and my mind starts collapsing.
I know my apologies sometimes isn't enough
And I know your world isn't trembling
Even if my head, my mind and my perception is.
But the thing I don't know,
is how to fix it, fix me.
So before you look at me with those judging eyes,
And before you make that annoyed sigh,
Try to see if you do know.

“those who suffer know the struggle”

I am a broken tinker crying inside,
tending  to other people’s wounds
and letting mine open wide.

I cram my woes into  crowded mounds
then I sit on top of them, guilty and tired.

I feed upon the clamor of the sick,
and I thrive by making a living out of it.
My shoulders are for tears and for generous treats
my words are reserved for those in need.

I spend my days fixing people up real good in no time,
willing them to bellow their suppressed sighs.
And  though I might seem incontestable and bright,
good god, I’ve lost all my faith I once had inside.

Yet, I still dream about the day when everything turns around,
When somebody will hear the quiet sound of my shouts,
someone to do me the things I want be done for me
someone to whisper me what I used to say for people’s bliss.
And maybe it’s sad but it’s comforting to admit-
that I only stay alive just to wait for this to happen to me.

In the meantime, I walk as a tinker with a dying mind,
I feel as free as a man damned by his own kind.
When i say ‘it’s fine, you’ll get better you’ll see’
what I really want to say is that
I just pray you don’t end up like me.

JAC Mar 1

I'm a boy made out of wood
And with you I know I could
Be painted better than I am now
To befriend an artist like you somehow
My hair and shoes are made of clay
Molded carelessly, messy, you'd say
Fix me, bend me, make me new
But please don't make me into you
Someone made me, someone great
But made of wood, I know my fate
Will be met in a fire, so easy to catch
For I know I'll fall in love with a match.

Touch the sky with me
and we can fly, fly, fly
away from these places,
wrong faces, all the traces
of the spaces we created
between our lonely hearts
and forgotten minds;
the parts of us that shouldn't exist
crying in their cavernous
pinholes, echoing
and rupturing in feeling
through the waves of something
more, something undeniable
and true. The pinprick
in which my emotions
are contained
is gargling with a blood
that pours black yet,
as it trickles through
me, I can feel it restoring beauty
to the yellowed valleys of my skin.

~~ Blood will heal me. ~~

If society was a person
it would be a girl with
perfect hair.
If society was a person
it would be a burden too heavy to bear.

I society was a person,
it would have rotten insides.
If society was a person,
it would be a Rottweiler
or a runaway bride.

If society was a person,
it would be a student
and ideas it would seek.
If society was a person,
it would be as sharp as a mountains peak.

If society was a person,
it would smell like sweatshirts and gigs.
If society was a person,
it would hide behind colourful wigs.

If society was a person,
consider it suicidal.
If society was a person,
its acts would all be genocidal.

Society is a thing,
heinous but misunderstood,
Society is ruined,
like the embers of burnt wood.

We broke it
Not bothered to fix it
Want to know it
Want to change it
Go and understand it
Change it
Break it
Make it
But I’m just a writer,
What should I know about it?

But I'm just a writer, What should I know about it?

Porcelain bodies are hovering over
me and my shattered remains, yet here you
are, in your soft beauty, pulling my shards
together with thread into a palpable
stretch of thought. Who would have thought that beauty
like you would see this in a pile of
dust that was left to disperse?

~~ From a long time ago. Keep cleaning me up. ~~
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