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I found you in your box,
Broken and cold
I tried to fix you
Did everything I could to help you,
But everything wasn't workingー
You just kept on cutting me until I bleed.

I know you didn't mean it
But your 'sorry' and' I love you' could not always serve as band-aids to cover my wounds.

I'm sorry I had to let you go,
But know that I genuinely loved you
I need to heal,
Before the wounds get deep
Because I don't want to remember you
As a scar I want to forget.

'Shattered' series
Amanda Oct 18
What gives cops the right to do whatever they please?!?!
Forcefully vacating premises that on a whim they seize
Rendering multiple people homeless
Innocent or not
Not caring if the right perpetrator is caught
Deceiving to benefit their colleagues and careers
Law-abiding and criminals alike filled with fear
Padding pockets with taxpayers money
How come the majority can’t see something’s funny?
And if their comfy salaries are not enough
Slyly shake down any person they cuff
Too often dollars are unreported
Come up missing after everything is sorted
No justice for the public
Rich or poor
Those poverty-stricken get ****** much more
If you can afford bribes you at least have a shot
Even then
Not every pig can be bought
They wear badges so they face no consequences for sin
Abuse power again and again
And it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see
Citizens powerless in the land of the free
If we rise and protest we’ll gain their attention
End up in jail if we even dare mention
The multitude of ways rights are violated
We stay silent while the system is hated
Because if you do catch police doing wrong
In court hear the same ******* song
They work together to keep us from what’s fair
Doesn’t matter where you go
Corruption is everywhere
So do not expect aid from the government or a judge
Like law enforcement
Their opinion won’t budge
Every option offered to help
Just another fallacy the media sells
They are all in cahoots
We’re ******* from the start
Look at statistics spread out on a chart
So do we rebel when the law’s not on our side?
Those sent to protect us only lied
My whole life been taught cops are not who to trust
Everyone around me is brainwashed they must
In vain I hope our country will change
Have no clue what it will take to rearrange
Til then go on hunkered down and scared
Praying by miracle my freedom will be spared
I know I am good deep in my soul
But know better people who end up on parole
For now ******* may have the upper hand
It’s time to finally take a stand
We are strong enough
To succeed if we unite
We can make a difference
Push for what’s right
No matter who you are
Black or white
Put our differences aside
Give our all and fight

Honestly we probably can’t fix this
But there’s a chance we might
I hate cops more and more every day. I have literally lost everything I own for a second time because of them. And I may not be 100 percent guilt free but I know my rights were definitely violated while this happened. *******...
PM Oct 9
Am I too broken to fix
or too broken to be loved.
have I been broken for so long?
That I can no longer be fixed,
I need to know if it's true
for I can't take another second
not another moment of this unknown.
Not knowing if I will ever be fixed.
For I long to be fixed and loved,
loved like I was loved before.
But you have left me broken.
Unable to be fixed from the day you left.
HippoHelios Sep 20
I wonder: Can the „I“ be fixed whilst being a „we“?
Or will you fix yourself, reducing myself to just me?
Will that, then, be forever so?
Will you take what‘s yours and left of you and go?
I will have neither options nor choices,
I‘ll be stripped of what I value and cherish.
What will be left? Echoes of distant voices
from a fairer past that once was but now did perish.

Most of all I‘ll hope for one thing, should it ever be this way:
That you could master to respect and love yourself; every coming day.
Holly Aug 31
I am held together
by tape and pins inside,
make shift stitches
are the only things
keeping myself from
falling apart.
There are so many chips
In my skin
I do not know
If they are from mine
or everybody else’s
My strings are so weak
there is no telling
when I will have to cut them,
and let my limbs
fall far beneath my feet.
You would think
I would be better
at keeping myself
from ruining everything else,
but I have spent too much time
tearing myself up
to know how to
hold anything worth saving
In my bloodied hands.
My lips have been
stretched so thin
from keeping all my secrets
locked inside
I drool blood and grief
through the sutures.
Please use me,
i have no idea
how to do this on my own,
and I am not my own master
I don’t know how to exist
without you.
I have been left on the floor
for so long
I am a mess
of broken attempts
to fix something
that cannot be mended.
I am unsure
I will even work right,
but I need someone
to tug on my ropes
and make it seem
like I am more alive
than this.
Did I hear your heart beat
between your words?
I chose to scatter my judgements
upon your wounds.
It’s so easy to assume
I know the fix
I think you need.
I am so sorry.
August Jul 30
so scared of everything falling apart
till everything fell apart
nothing to fear anymore
life is a lullaby
I am famished but don't feel like
I am exhausted but I can't
I am alive but don't feel like
I want to cry but the tears never seem
I want to move on but my legs are
glued together.
I want to say so much but my lips are
sewn shut.
I don't want to look at her anymore, but my eyes are
wide open.
I feel like writing but my hands only come up with
I feel like dying but don't have the
I feel like reaching out for
Can anyone just
Fix me?
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