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at some point and time,
amongst cosmos,
and the vast arrays of this
breathing, yet
tragically tethered to the angst
of a rising heartbeat,
middle of it all,
middle of the road,
i think of you,
and the fabrics of existence
in it’s full pure form
can hear it

i know that,
as stars collide,
and supernovas cry,
they hear me do it

some distant souls,
wandering the safari of
listen to the mozart i yell out
and they paint picassos with
my pain


i remember,
seeing you walk away,
like everybody else,
******* burning
hotter than the solar flares
that bring to scale
those moments we shared,
ones i used to keep hidden away
in my vaults
in a black hole,
consumed by the gravity
of our circumstances,

of agonizing despair

geometry or the theories of music and sound,
no matter how complex
and grandiose,
simply couldn’t explain
with its intricate mathematics
the types of screaming
i did in these
dark corners

scales worth of screaming

but these days,
during these times,
at least in this version of my timeline
i find myself creating whole universes
out of all that crying,
all that screaming,
all those arguments,
the self doubts,
the loss, of many,
of you,
the loss of my own self

i became
in being so lost without you,
but in the cyclical patterns,
and in the signs,
my misplaced trust in you
henceforth found in the universe,
or as Aurelius calls it,
the gods,
i found new meaning,
and i opened a door that lead to many
other doors,
and they all led within

and that’s a door that without you,
i may have never began to realize,
but i don’t look back past it,
especially now, especially lately

these days, during these times,
at some point and time
amongst the cosmos
a vast array of this breathing,
and surviving,
and this thriving breath
of fresh air i take
i fill many rooms with
many doors with genuine and true aura,
pure essence,
amongst the fabrics
of our very existence

and i can see you,
on the other side almost slamming
your ******* head on the same door,

a door i was willing to show you
how to open,

and in that impure, but full form of yours,
the universe and i hear you,
even though we don’t speak,
we hear you screaming

this isn’t you, and the three of us know that

i see you searching everywhere else
which is exactly where the
right doors

this isn’t to say you’re past from saving,
or that i’m for saving myself for you at all,

i can hear your echoes spread
and somehow past,

i know that
as stars collide,
and supernovas cry,
they heard us do it
during those years

well, these days,
during these times,
and in these spaces,

they just hear you,

i just grew
past the door i wanted to show you
how to open,

until i realized that’s ******* useless,
you have to do it yourself,

it’s like screaming and crying
into the grand vastness

and somewhere, it echoes,
leading you to no one specific place,

i’ll stick to my safari,
thank you.

been a while, hope you enjoy. they're all personal but i wrote this on a especially emotional night recently.
LoveIsReal Feb 25
There was a world, a world destined to crumble and disappear.

In that world was a person, that person was slowly becoming unaware of their surroundings, the only thing they can remember is that they didn't bring any phone or wallet with them. Until BANG. A gunshot rang in their ears, a figure dark and far away from them, their eyes blinking really fast, as they moved their hands to where they felt pain. It felt wet and sticky, they didn't understand why or what, the only thing they knew was that everything was turning dark. Darkness consumed them. Then they were forgotten.

As for the shooter, who had no idea how a gun got in their hands, ran, never looking back. But from above them came a bright light, as slowly as a snail, descending towards them. KABOOM! What was once bright became dark. Darkness consumed them. Then they were forgotten.

The world they lived in was destined to crumble and disappear.
Max Neumann Jun 2023
In the dark luster of the last arrival
Wrapped in the oblivion of our fathers
Surrounded by false promises
They hemmed the tracks of life

Waiting for the train to return
The train was delayed and didn't come
A swarm of sparrows flying above us
Whistling a song about summer

Spread the light; be the lighthouse!
Shine thoroughly within oblivion
Shine! Shine as bright as a lighthouse
Lead the light through the valley's gorges

I do need your shine urgently
To forget about oblivion
Shine! Shine as strong as a message
Come into my embrace at the tracks
Nigdaw Feb 2023
what scares me most
is the crazies could be right
the **** stirrers and cynics
could have a point
what if the non believers
have the truest religion of all
what if the doomers and gloomers
hold the light
and the true path is oblivion
into meaningless night
Petra Dec 2021
My grandparents gave me a holiday card.
My grandfather wrote in it, "stay young as long as possible so we can watch you grow for a little longer."
In the card, they put a $20 bill for me to keep.

How ironic that they tell me to stay young then hand me the social construct of deconstruction; of internal combustion.
Part of being young is not understanding social constructs, like money, class, privilege.
Please don't hand me money if you want me to stay the way I am.

I truly do want to stay young, though. I want to stay oblivious.
It's hard when you hand me the world's struggle in the form of paper and tell me to stay happier for longer so you may have the privilege of watching my joy and be delighted for it.

dilshé Aug 2021
exploring the extramundane

a cosmos beyond the auditory,

visual & tactile

the mind's orphic in its anonymity

galaxies of oblivion,

yet imprisoned in the same isle.

By chance our curiosity-

collided with the unknown

Hallucinating on O2

knowing mysteries lie

outside of this dome.

A quest through neurotransmitters -

constellations of thoughts in gear

What is the unfiltered 'reality'

once the cryptic gas clears?
Ayesha Jul 2021
Needles struck in my weakened moon
And out of their gaping pores
Bloom strands of light
All sleek and soft in their intricate might

The world, you tell me
Is a lion flayed alive
And all the stars and suns
And bits and pieces such
The animals it loved

And I on these—
Dare I say I too itch with lone
No ‘I’s here
We, on these still clouds
Smothering thick
Our hands ****** into fleshy planets,
Eyes, drowsy beneath their gentle dusks

And all the screams
That we may have lived
Are drowned before they reach us
In the viscous air
Just, just beneath our feet

The land that birthed us
Worships a flame
That will ****
All that it has ever ruled
And the lion is bared
Its gold discarded to mud
Its pleas withered

Upon a stake it rests
Sun-warmed flesh made love to
By honey and precious vines
Kissed by ants
No vultures, not them
They eat the dead only

And life bleeds out of our moon
—our moon
As nights lick it off

This is how I remember you:
A whimper beneath
—just a small ****
That grew where it shouldn’t have
Dried off in a minute
And a whimper above
Just a note, young as a twinkling star
At the edge of an eye

And this is how I remember you:
A face beyond the clouds,
Oblivious in its agony
And a glimpse of silver above
Fading away quietly
A moment
Before it is gone

Drunken, we walk
Lips curved, content
Skins as calm lakes untouched

We have lingered here
For hours or more
Many sunsets we have swum through
No moons, no kings
Begging our hearts for immortality

Slowly, the glimpses go away

Clouds get fatter
And golds and silvers
Collect dust

I do not know what becomes of us
Only that clouds
Crowd around
Swooning for the petal-soft
Breaths of our light chests

Loving us slow, slow,
And we forget
Everything but.

Needles struck in my undying moon…

I think it is all us- I, the moon, the world flayed alive, and you, we, a mixture of both.
Ayesha Jun 2021
The dust storm
Whipped the world red
Trees all freaked out, I and my brother
We climbed up the solar panels
On the roof
And laughed
In the face of the sky

The city swirled
With the drunken stars
And lights bled
In our flooded eyes
Laughing does that to you
We did not weep
For the sky did
And darkness
Was a horde of wasps let loose
It devoured our sweet,
Ripened day

I grabbed his wrist
And spun him around
Our feet kissing
The grumpy, old ground
We blended
Like ink in milk
Stirred round and round
And round ran the heavens

We laughed
Laughed our stomachs
To painful exhaustion
And the gusts hissed on
Rain sneaked down our clothes
Ran soft touches
All over

Do you ever settle down
On the edge of the world
And watch the beautiful
Oblivion chase itself?
Do you ever laugh
Even a dog moves on from its tail
After a while
Or whisper
“Will you not stop? Will you not stop
For I am here
I have climbed a thousand peaks
And slaughtered many a ravenous
In the valleys of time
to get to you
Will you not stop?”

A gust of hues.

It says something
And you grasp it, you
Grasp it almost
But what is it
If not an oblivion?

And a voice comes
From around, inside or
Maybe somewhere in between
Maybe nowhere at all
It ruffles your hair
And pats your cheek
Have you forgotten your place
Little human?

Winds then shushed
The clouds away
From their beloved sun
And gold gleamed
Up, below, and in between
Every pearl that plummeted,
I watched the sunset
Peep out the night
And I wondered
If rain was overrated

Have you forgotten you place
little human?

Because when the euphoria dies down
And cold begins to bite
You watch the raindrops
Beat the world to silence
And day breathes its
Last laughs

You wonder
“What now?” What now?
You wrap an arm around an arm
And shiver
What now?
Even a dog gets tired
Of whirling

What now?

The hues whisper
Now sit on the edge of oblivion
And we will do our magic

And maybe the world
Still chases its tail around
But you forget
For a breath or two.
S May 2021
I am not afraid to live- for I have lived.
I am not afraid to die- for I have died.
All I can do- when faced with oblivion,
is stand with my arms outstretched-
and fall.
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