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Alexis Aug 28
i do hope dying is a lot like falling asleep .

its not the pain,
the loneliness
or even the after
i'm afraid of .

i want to melt into an endless oblivion
let me be a star
let me burn until i having nothing left to burn anymore  

its the living that scares the hell out of me .
(A midnight liaison to appease an insatiate infatuation with the unknown and the abysmal).

Pallid flowers white as bone
Hang down heavily from the weight
Of their scent alone.

I inhale perfumes of death
Exhumed in luminous plumes
That drifts invisibly like mist;
From petal’d lips it pours
As ferns uncoiling, shiver.
Her whisper silently implores
And summons fungi from the floor.

Dancing on a blackened sea
A vibrant veil of emerald leaf
Conceals her ghostly glow beneath.
My femme fatale, a mystery,
To each nocturnal ear she sings.
A sweet miasma of insanity
Now rises with the moon.

With tenderness I pluck her down
And lay her there upon the ground.
I strip her petals, counting five,
Until in pieces there she lies.

Lets go far away, she said,
Or anywhere but here.
Then guided by the silver light
We sailed into oblivion.
Brugmansia is a genus of flowering tree from South America. All parts of the plant are as powerfully hallucinogenic as they are toxic.
aj kamari May 15
the light in your eyes
is drawn away but the darkness of conversion
to someone you don’t want to be
society pulls and strains
until the light is ripped in two
and disintegrated
and the dust
is blown into oblivion
making the darkness a monster of their own imagination
you are filled to the brim with their ideas
of beauty and normality and acceptance
squandering any chance of revival
and forced to live among the social rocks
another victim of their rage and discontentment.
sorry it’s been a while ya’ll i’ve been super busy but enjoy :)
mjad Apr 22
There is no reason
to fear living a fun life.
We die anyway.
ok okay Mar 10
My mind is in oblivion
Lost in a sea of thoughts
beep boop my mind is in a loop
Memories will fade
Hair turns gray, flesh into ash
'tis oblivion

/dear reader, please whisper a prayer for my grandpop. Ty/
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