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Abandoned in place,
Time erased,
Sky in our arms,
Stars on the lake.

Fire on the beach,
Sensation on the rise,
Warm in the dark,
Candles inside.

Reclamation proclamation
made way out far,
We took what was forgotten
and made it ours.
An abandoned hotel in disrepair,
Far away from interfering glare.
Cole Feb 18
I'll paint my nails
Fix up my hair
Anything you say.
Get good grades
Wear high heels
You never listen anyway.
Who cares if I am strange?

They dare to call me names.
So I'll change my clothes
Cut my hair
Just exactly as I please.

You won't hear me anyway
Who cares if I change my name?
Who cares if I dare come out?
So what? So what?

I put make up on
And starve til I'm enough
Is this truly what you want?
Is this truly what you need?

A daughter who is prefect
A daughter just to see

Who cares what I say?
Who dares challenge me?
So what if I shut my eyes?
"Fix your hair"
"Do your nails"
Anything I should do.

I will not listen anymore
To what you have to say.
Maybe I'll change everything
Even change the game.
"Wear a smile and wait a while"
I won't follow you anymore.

Mark Wanless Feb 3
i want a spring bonsai tree
possess it as own
shape it to controlling will
Ren Sturgis Feb 2
If only you could see,
See that I was hurting.
Hurting on the inside,
Inside of me is broken.
Broken from the past,
Past issues not recognized.
Recognize the monsters,
Monsters that are controlling.
Controlling my very own emotions,
Emotions that are evolving.
Evolving into a revolution,
Revolution of my freedom.
Freedom to change,
Change who I am.
Am I visible now?
It's so amazing to see all these poems I wrote when I was like 14-16 because even though I've grown a lot of my thoughts remain the same.
“Fiat” in Latin means “let it be done”
Yes, a “binding edict” for everyone
So “fiat money” means “by decree”
THE approved money for you and me

“Fiat lux” means “Let there be light”
God said the words, God has the right
But fiat money by leaders decreed
Abuses that role - if inflating by greed

Dollars are printing by trillions, it’s true
And all decreed money is inflating too
If “by decree” - debased money we use
Much of its value we can and do lose

Now you can use a “money” that’s new
Not “by decree”, so it’s freeing for you
Bitcoin is money that plays by the rules
Safe and predictable - no one it fools

The money printing, controlled by a few
Takes from the rest - not much we can do
You can use Bitcoin, by choice - not decree
Let’s make the choice - so we can be free
This is Bitcoin Poem 008 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).

******* ****** demons.. they're everywhere.
And I've known it about this site
for so ******* long.
And the witches..  Jesus Christ--
control freaks,   every one of you.

do you think your 'creativity' substantiates  you?
They're   just   *******   words.
Your creativity comes with an accountability
but you won't have any part of that..   will you..

If your demons are so ******* powerful,
why do they hide inside of you?
Like a pathetic  excuse of a man, stepfather--

Using..  using..  using.. his wife's beautiful daughter..
over and over and over and over again.
It is no different with these Unholy shitbags also..
(Oh, but don't I gather the most followers with my words?)

It's just empty ******* babble, Babe.
In the Realms,  it means nothing.
Absolutely.   *******.   Nothing.
The *******, inhabitor is just an extension of your
empty, ever-controlling..  soul stealing Mother--

    It's an extremely-closed loop, Lovecakes.
                End of ******* story.

******* ******* demons..
the pathetic ******* are everywhere..

Feast like pagans
never get enough

Sleep like dead men..
Wake up like dead men

And when the sun comes
try not to hate the light

Someday we'll try
to walk upright
get the **** over here,
and lets get this unholy *****  out of you.
(it per loca inaquosa, puella pulchra..)

Cole Dec 2021
Don't let go of me
I'm too young to feel this free.
Tie me up in memories
Shut the lock and hide the keys.
Make me close my eyes
And hear all your lies.
You don't care for my cries.
I've been straining for some time.
Close me down, pushed away
I wish I didn't wake up that day.
You don't listen to what I say.
Isn't there some way?
Break free of my cage!
I'm burning all the sage
Give me back my wage!
I'm tired of your stage.

Abuse can follow control
Shounak Sanyal Nov 2021
You are my ocean of existence

oh, My fifteen-centimeter galaxy

you make me myself

yet we are so different

you are a horse untamed and wild

and here i am weak and mild

should have been me who held your rein

but its you who is making me dance like a puppet on your strings

strings of desire to gain the entire world

you are the worst AI dream man can ever think

yet you're fragile, so much that in a blink of an eye when my heart calls it a day

and I become too late to stay

you too get your bags packed without any say

you are like the best mine of gold which i can ever find

only that this gold can roar and pounce from behind

yet a gold mine you are and a gold mine you'd be

and I guess it’s for time to see

if civilization was an outward thing or did men really become true lords of the ring
SøułSurvivør Nov 2021
The one black hair
That WE create
The truth which
We manipulate
We try to
control our fate
Kings and queens
Lie in state!
We believe that
We are great
Brother, we

We think we can
Build up... repair
The termites nest
The spider's lair
The web of which
We are aware
Beneath our skulls
Pate brown or fair
No matter how
We wish or care

We can't make white
one black hair.

November 2021
No matter how we try we cannot in the natural turn one hair white or black. It is through subterfuge and false manipulation chat we can do this.dyes or bleach. But we are NOT GODS! THINK ABOUT IT.
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I can give you water
but I can't quench your thirst
I can give you food
but I can't stop your hunger
I can tell you jokes
but I can't make you laugh
I can call you spiteful names
but I can't hurt you

You must eat
You must drink
You must laugh
You must cry

I can't make you happy
I can't make you sad
I can't force you to love me
I can only give you the ingredients
but you must choose to make the meal.
Nobody can affect your spirit, good or bad, unless you allow it. Your peace, your happiness, your love is all within your control. That can be a terrifying thought but it can also be freeing. People's criticism can only upset you if you listen and allow it too. If I pay you a compliment, doesn't mean you will accept and believe it. You are in control of you.
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