Calliope 12h
In the midst of our passion,
I tried to make you show your hand.
You were losing your poker face,
I thought your inhibitions were gone.

But when I said “tell me what you want”
You replied “for you to be happy and healthy”.

And that shattered the dam.
The wall that held back the sea splintered.
And I let you see me drown in my pain.

I told you how letting you gorge on me
Made me the kind of sad I could control.
It was a shallow kind of sad, one that could be fixed with scotch tape.
I ripped the adhesive off  of the shallow sad
When the deep dark sad became too much.

I told you how letting you gorge on me
Made me feel useful, even if it validated everything he told me.
I don’t care that my body is nothing more than something to be ******,
At least I’m doing my friend a favor.

So even if I can’t be happy and healthy right now,
And even if you know that,
At least we can see each other for what we are
As I let you feed his desires for me,
And you let me feed my desire for pain.
Sean 1d
The person you are
If moulded by previous experiences
Will die indefinitely the same
Indifferent to change

The present marches on a straight line
Delusional by unclear skies,
Believes in free will
And the power to create
i wrote you a letter
and now i stare at
it, terrified to let
it go, untrusting
of the mailman of,
the planes, of the
weather, of releasing

i have all these
chains. i wish you
could see me slowly
sawing away. one
day, love, i'll stand
on my feet
I can’t.
I can’t take this,
I can’t feel good,
I won’t be good,
It’s never enough.

I jump in, and swim till I drown
I slice my wrists, I pour out the blood till I’m empty
I hold on till my fingers refuse to uncurl
I drive not only till the car runs out of gas, but piece by piece it begins to fall apart

just like me.
I’m falling apart, waiting for someone to piece me back together.
I gather the pieces myself, but my glue isn’t enough.
I need something stronger, I need to be someone stronger.

I want someone to tell me I’m enough. I want to feel needed.
I self-loathe, I self-pity, I hide behind a false sense of humor and confidence.
Underneath it all is nothing.
Complete, utter emptiness.
We say we’re empty, numb, but what does that mean?
We all feel, whether it be purely happiness or hurt, regardless of how numb.

Emptiness is not simply feeling nothing. It’s feeling as if you’re nothing.
c 6d
My father
Has been a Man
All his life
And I capitalize Man
Because his terms
Of masculinity
Include being
The Man

He doesn’t like the word
Unless it’s in his voice
And under his control

Control is his ego
I think
He likes a grip on everything
So tight it chokes us
And he wonders why
I’m slipping away
when we want
it's just better
to let go.
Anya Jan 12
We-I am so silly clinging
To that little bit of control
When out of place
Out of shape SO annoying
In my face
I HAte it
It has to be RIGHT
or it could be WrOng but I say
It’s right so it’s Right
Sixteen Jais Jan 9
Create your own reality, control it with mentality and mentally believe that you are right where your need to be.

Does the past define you?
And your now predict ya?
Do you feel the same as in last years pictures?

I don't believe in fixtures
We're evolving you see
And cosmically

But if you only see with eyes
And only hear with ears
Then the connection and perception
then suddenly disappears
Greg Jones Jan 8
An artist, I am, a creator
Of wonder and marvel form.
I take the blank canvas without objection
See it's beauty before its conception
Then carve away the imperfections
And now I'm left with
My gem.
Something the world can't condemn.

Oh I sprinkle just a bit of honey in her eyes.
Colors of the wind I do apply
And she'll shine like a cloudless sky.
What else, what else could I try?
Maybe love? No not love.

Lovely puppet...
Leave me breathless
Stay for always.
Ever flawless.
Oh how I make you dance
Twirling here and there.
Make me forget all my cares.

Lovely puppet
Don't be silly…
Your whole world is
With me.
Let's keep dancing
Like we're weightless.
Lovely puppet.
Looking out the window, oh,
Staring at the clouds.
You can't leave, even if you leave
You'd get tarnished
And no longer astonish
Nor would you harness
My art, my precious art.

Lovely puppet
I command you
Stop these questions
No more thinking
No more gazing
Don't play with those strings, love.
Be the wonder as I made you.
Lovely puppet.
Andrea Jan 8
Flowers bloom, trees grow
No one controls the fate of the universe
So why seek control?
seeking it like a thirsty child, desperate for water
Or an Ill begotten son desperate for a father.

When things spiral out of reach
You slowly descend with it,
The weight placed upon yourself tugging you down
Sinking you deeper
  Little you drowning in the ocean, Little you already forgotten.
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