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Who controls the ledger?
And can change an entry there?
Who controls the money?
And keeps the ledger fair?

For money is a ledger
And gets abused and hacked
By those who love control
And change what’s being tracked

Who controls the ledger?
And has kept it fair and true?
Retaining money’s value
Yes, who has done this, who?

Who controls the ledger?
We mortals will always stray
So let us use technology
For Bitcoin’s a better way

Bitcoin controls the ledger
No mortals can cheat or gain
And we can reach the fairness
No other ledger can attain
You can see this poem on a background here -

Money is just a ledger - a simple way to track who has what.  You can do this through commodity money, or a written or digital ledger.

Imagine you are playing cards with seven friends, and you each use pennies, or quarters, or poker chips, or jelly beans to track who wins and who loses.  This is an example of commodity money, where you literally give Lance 10 chips and you don't have them anymore.

OR, you can get a blank sheet of paper, and write eight names across the top, and keep track on paper.  You can each start out with 500.  Then when Lance owes you 25, you just subtract 25 from his total and add it to yours.  

Both commodity money and ledger money are simply ways to track who owns what and who owes what.  Over history, commodity money tends to develop among groups or nations who don't trust each other, and ledger money tends to work better in groups that mostly trust each other.

And, of course these days most ledger money is digital, for example, Venmo, PayPal, your bank account, and many more.  

But these require a middle man, or a company, and can you trust them?  Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't.  

Can you trust them to accurately maintain the ledger, AND not create new units of the currency for themselves (which debases the value of your holdings)?  With Bitcoin, nobody is in control (and everybody is in control) - or more aptly, the code (or the rules) are in control.
It's my mind isn't it?
It can't escape,
How can I lose it?
It's physically connected to me,
Why can I not control it?
I shouldn't have to fight it
But I do and it's constant
And there's not a moment of silence
No positive inner guidance
As it holds a constant stance of defiance
Enjoying it's facade of ignorance

Zywa Feb 29
Without falling I get

ahead of my legs, it is --

quite an exercise!
Instrumental line composition "oneliner" (2014, Andries van Rossem) for *****, performed on the Van Straten ***** by Francesca Ajossa in the Organpark on December 9th, 2023

Collection "org anp ark" #337
Your superior.
And I,

A hurdle in your way,
An object on display.

A possession for your pride.
And I,
Wish to hide.

For your loving kindness
Was my demise.
Jeremy Betts Feb 21
Digging my own grave with only the handle of a shovel
That's the level of commitment that I bring
But I should tell you this one thing
That also means I have lost the battle
Probably because I could never gain control
Up such and such creek with no paddle
No shanty to sing
Mistakenly trusted an Icarus wing
But that was years ago
Here I am, still stuck in the flow
For what seems like a couple hundred millennia or so
Combating my own soul
Laughing and mocking
The relentlessness is life altering
Landing a career ending swing
Not declaring but taking it personal
And I think I just realized I'll have nothing to show
That's impossible
Win or lose I present as a broken man not worth repairing
And hey,
That's still something

Can't I,
Bare the truth?

It seems that the trees
Know more of my roots.

For outside,
Is safe,
To no worries or feuds.

But I,
Must hurry,

To a home with no hue.
This poem is personal to me, as it is based on the controlling nature that some parents/siblings may possess. If you can relate to this poem, you are strong and valid.
it seems to me
that breathing deeply
and counting to ten
just gives them
another opportunity
to irritate me
even more
James Feb 2
Locked away in a peace of my heart
Not knowing what string to tug next
Am I emotional, or am I just weak?
Are you responsible for making it skip a beat?
Is it lust or is it love?
Only the heart knows what it truly does.
What's this pain? why is it breaking?
Why is my heart always aching.
Keep it beating or just give up,
at this point who really gives a f*ck
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