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A hint of disapproval
Would turn me upside down
I do not seem to be brave enough
To set it on my own
And splashes of emotions
Of those I can't control
They turn me upside down.

I cannot trust my instinct
I do not feel secure
Of my own inspiration
I need confirmation
And do not know for sure
Whether my devotion
Has the results that I've hoped for

So all this renegation
The fear of humiliation
They turn me upside down
And that I can't control...
CGW 3d
When I am alone the dark thoughts return.
You don't know me.
Like parasites they rot me from the inside out.
Making me scream inside.
Death is my master.
Sitting on a storm playing puppets with my emotions.
Controlled calculated movements.
A darkness in my eyes.
I'm trying to grasp reality but only capable of
gasping anxiety.
I'm trying mother but the waves are too high.
Goodbye world.
I've seen enough.
"computer turn off."
This is made up.
Not based upon me or anyone else.
Inspired by Radioheads, Fitter Happier.
i am a heavy burden
columns upon columns
of concrete and steel
i weigh terribly
on my pallbearers

these are the words that echo
through my disquieted mind
as i struggle to reach
above the rough waves
to dry land

my feelings are danger
fear is in truth a coiled snake
venom dripping from eager fangs
i am a predator
this is what i have been told

burned into my brain
if i am not careful
in my orbit
will have a terrible day

this leash
was meant to have been broken
many years ago
why do i still feel
its pull?

i accumulate injuries
one after another
enemy after enemy
after friend after lover
the bruises fade
but there is something more

my body ages
but the scars do not
i move through the years
but i do not feel time
how am i meant to heal?
You hide behide a torn veil.
red eyes
Not much to see
But your drawn eyes revealed all.
If I could only see your face
What expression would gaze upon your cheeks
The dull aches of culture be.
The strict attitudes
of moral dress.
endless plight
Huddled in a corner
Frightened alone.
scathed with scars
Hidden under a mask
Kiara Malig Oct 12
I keep forgetting that I am me.
That I am ‘Kiara’,
Smart and immature and competitive and deeply flawed and conceited and shallow.
With no actual purpose.
A being meant to only convey emotions ‘I’ would.
I keep forgetting that I can’t be reckless,
I keep forgetting that I can’t be brave.
That I can’t just one day decide to snap and break no matter how much I want to,
So I sink.

I think of it as a dream, one I cannot escape,
And do not want to escape at the same time.
Pinching myself doesn’t make it any less of a dream,
But I keep doing it to comfort myself.
I keep forgetting that I am supposed to be me.

Sometimes when my mind gets lost in the storm,
And the thoughtless sails have broken off,
I sit motionless, waiting for the next command,
except I am wearing the captain’s clothes,
Yet I command no one.
As if my body, my being is no act of resilience, instead, a vessel I am not allowed to control.
Here, I stand still. Here, I keep waiting.
julianna Oct 12
I’m creating worlds for fun
Having people’s lives in my hand
Is a luxury some don’t care for
I’m a control freak, if I’m honest
And doing this feels so good
I’m not hurting anyone but the character
But a little bit of me
If a reader comes along,
I’ll be extending a piece myself to them
Writing = Control
Ed Russ Jr Oct 11
I can't help myself I been fantasizing about you lately while I'm drinking, I can't help myself I been contemplating these feelings obsessed with you I don't know

Drowning in my misery this love ain't fizzling another bottle got me drizzling **** girl what you do to me, self abuse I ain't loving me stumbling to my ******* knees another round need energy spinning room ain't scaring me I see you watching me come closer, another round to soothe this trembling another round is you hearing me Intoxicated love, I'm ******* drunk! I'm *******! don't nobody care all I love is this bottle here, it's just me and you trapped in a tiny glass, shot drank out these memories this love is a tragedy alcohol keep seducing I'm in love with your misery violent love you keep abusing me, flooding up the kidneys pancreas ain't forgiven me Liver getting bigger, Lord please deliver me addiction she's controlling me

I can't myself there something about I can't put this bottle down this sensation you giving me, I can't help myself confuse and inebriated girl your love got me fornicating

Now I'm crashing (crashed)


Got me feeling like J.cole trying to burry theses bottles addiction my power trip

Sing this part:

[Got me up all night thinking getting another drank, got me up all night singing Alcohol a love song, got me up all night ( all night) empty bottles it's a horror story]

Fade in:

Now back to reality overdosed man that was close, addiction won't let me go! Baby girl just pour me more I can't help myself no, I can't help myself no! Too deep in the bottle

Another round to the head like oral *** I'm in love with the Hennessy this liquor keep pleasing me addicted to your misery this love properly killing me, ******* me up mentally visually is blurred love, me i'm just an alcoholic she stares as she poisons me seductive she know my taste, toxic relationship got me hungover **** I hate being sober, pursing your love in the bottom glass I want it to last, but girl you ain't right me, I enjoy you using, I'm just drunk deep in your love ****

I can't help myself I been searching for you in bottom of the bottle, I can't help myself I been loving you endlessly that feeling you given me addicted my love
Don't let the bed of a broken man
Be all that you ever worship .
Because  you will sink deeper than you think
Maya Oct 10
the word for not changing is
and the word for constant change is chaos
and the word for swinging wildly between the two is
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