Sylph 6h
Sometimes I catch myself feeling--
something strangely indescribable
It's like--no matter the words I use to describe it,
they will never be enough--
to express it to its fullest extent

It's better to just let your body move together with--
the shallow currents of your overflowing emotions

It's better to just let your mind wander--
forever lost in the hollowed echoes of the catacombs

It's better to let your hands be guided--
by the puppet strings visible to only you

But if you keep yourself chained--
all you ever will be is a doll left unnamed

Sometimes I catch myself wondering why--
I seem to hurt myself with--
expectations I will never be able to meet
It hurts, but I just can't stop--
So I keep wondering--
                       Just why?
A poem left unfinished.
In here I can breathe freely
In my own little atmosphere
Away from the nasty smell of peoples opinions
In my little-confined space where I can enjoy the clean filtrated air
A world far away from the pollution that is exhaled through the people which opinions reach far into my mind in an attempt to control me
I can almost feel a slight touch of happiness
Clean lungs
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Pull the smoke cascading through your cracks back inside. Nobody can know that you are burning down,
Nobody can know that you are being engulfed by an all consuming destructive blaze of emotions.
You have worked so hard to make them think nothing is wrong, That you are stable, solid and serene.
They never look close enough to see the cracks that have been formed with each failed love
And they never stay long enough to see the ash stained tracks the tears that these loves create carve their path down your face.
As far as they can see you are in perfect control.
Unflappable to the extreme.

You should be able to do this so easily.
You have done this since the first time the moon in your heart was ignited and eclipsed by the rage of rejection.
Up until now you have performed this act so well that they have begun to forget your humanity,
They have started to revere your serentity.
They look at their own cracked interiors and think that only a god can ward off the human flaw of heart breaking emotion so effortlessly.
They have named you a diety entrapped in flesh and now you can’t dissapoint them.

So breathe in.
Smother the ever rising fingers of fire inside of you.
Look around you at the other collections of flaws in human form and notice that they too are crumbling, smouldering ruins held together by smiling masks.
Breathe out.
You are just like everyone else, but they cannot ever know.
Sylph 2d
When he kisses me,
I repeat this in my head,
'Kinkshame, not kinksame'
A little bit of humor never killed anybody :'> i find it cute when someone is trying hard not to give in even if they want to ;v;
Yan F 2d
i used up
all of my
to keep me
from saying
'i love you'
before i
could hang up.
legit bit my tongue.
umm it really is possible to be good friends with an ex, you have to bite your tongue a lot and fight the force of habit so much... and yes it hurts more than biting your tongue off but if you find all of those worth it i guess you're screwed up?
(lol welcome to my world!!)
Once I gazed into my future
I saw only what I wanted to see.
Dark, looming clouds,
hanging over me.

These storms damaged, destroyed, dismantled
everything that I held dear, to me.

But I remember a calmness.
After everything was over.
That was my Halcyon.
That was my salvation.
~The storm saved me.~
angels and demons perch on my soul,
who will win today?

angels sing sweet praises of righteousnesses,
demons whisper temptations to the soul.

both stronger than any human's will,
let them fight for control over mortals.

somedays the angel wins others the demon does,
each day I grow stronger to banish them away.
Jabin 4d
The children, they don't need us.
In fact, they repeat us.
And what ungodly error.
Collecting our wounds en masse,
spreading our crimes so fast-
continuous looping terror.

We spit upon the face of the devil
and bring ourselves right to his level,
pray for consuming ignition.
With triteness we scheme for money,
and laugh at things unfunny
to dodge the hard decision.

Kill me, my God I'm not ready.
This burden feels so heavy.
But will it save all creation?
My child, I love so dearly.
I see what love is so clearly,
and gained such appreciation.

Remorseful I am for pain I've caused.
With arrogance, I've rarely paused
to accept the pain of my brother.
And in my soul harbored hatred
and never known what is sacred,
Blamed this disease on father and mother.

What shall we do now to gain redemption?
Life's too vast for our comprehension.
Apes that we are, we continue to wrestle.
Domination, we damn those who're different.
Though we fall from a common descendant.
I pray to our God, re-brandish the pestle.  

Live for each other, I'll tell her.
Into bondage, I'll never sell her.
But unto the enemy, I'll submit.
And those who subscribe discrimination,
and from torture derive their elation.
I tell you the truth, you're all full of it.
Isn’t interesting how much fear we hide even from ourselves? I think that if we’re mentally healthy people, this world and living in it is a terrifying experience. The thought of our inevitable death alone is enough to humble anyone, if they let it. Some people are stronger, and some are weaker. Some pretend to be strong, so they don’t appear weak. That is a dangerous path. When you start deriving your self identity from the thoughts of others, you become as weak as a person can be. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be angry. We have to accept these realities, and if we do, I think we can begin to accept each other more thoroughly. We just have to realize that we all have control over our own lives and our own selves. Look deep into your being and seek out the truth. Let it guide you, because lies are stumbling blocks no matter how you slice it. The sooner we become more comfortable with the truth and the telling of it, the sooner we can actually deal with our problems in a healthy way. I think a lot of violence, depression, anger, etc. could be avoided if we made honesty more of a priority in our lives. And the truth is, we will fail in this quest from time to time, but it's one of those things that gets easier the more you do it. And you will feel much better about yourself if, when you realize you are wrong in a particular moment, you are able to openly admit your error out loud. It doesn't feel good in the moment to be sure, but pulling those weeds up as soon as they sprout will always help ensure a more healthy garden. There is an idea that everyone lies, and that might even be true, but by repeating that mantra throughout the generations, all we do is justify our own dishonesty, because hey, everybody's doing it. Do not be afraid. You might lose friends or even family over honesty, but sacrifice is a fact of life. And who's to say that your influence won't open their own eyes, leading you both down a path to a better relationship in the end?
Clarity 5d
I won’t let you do this anymore
I can’t loose control again
Can’t let you effect me like this
It’s been too long
I need to protect myself,
My heart,
My soul.
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