Jabin 1d
In the morning,
they worked hard
because they worked
for themselves.

By afternoon
were disenchanted
and became goods
upon a shelf.

But that night
the moon turned red
because the toys
came to life.

The next day
the twist ties were left
but not a thing
was right.
Jabin 3d
The foundation starts to crumble,

building like a muscle spasm

seemingly suddenly

but the chasm’s not shallow.

A throbbing pulsation,

intensity multiplying

through a fragile vein

where the weak start  to stumble.

There are cracks in the sidewalk,

disjointed like tendon

shouting through the pain

of childhood stained in chalk.

And the moment’s not passing.

The golem’s gnawing,

crushing bone into sand

into dust into hand.

The grinding screeching metal

causing the spark to ignite

the forgotten weeded mind

which fights but won’t settle.

Then the clenched power courses,

telling lies in righteousness

crying, “this won’t end!”

unless you stop it.

But the repletion of madness

tears the blood from the knife.

The throat is open.

The mountain’s vomit

punching holes into families.

The swinging freedom of

unconscious motion

finds a target in innocence

if exists such a myth.

Sweltering demented meltdown

eroding this tail wagging acceptance,

ripping at the skin of freewill,

proving a point.

That monster has no soul.

that demon stares backward,

smiling from the pages

of mankind’s fiction.

“Burn!” he hollers.

Suffer and burn.

You are my children

in the lake of fire.

Only when it dries,

staining the lips of emotion

can those eyes see once more-

there is a person buried beneath.

A man in the devil’s jacket.

A man.
I've always had
a strange collection.

Not of rocks.
Not of shells.
Not of marbles.

Of names.
Lists and lists of names.

I assumed it was because
I am fascinated with people,
But no, it is a journey
Of self discovery,
And what I discovered
Is that I am not me.

I am not me,
I'm in her body
Taking over her life
Ruining it,
Cut by cut,
Breakdown by breakdown.

I can't get out,
I tried to escape life once and failed,
Made everything worse.

So I changed my name,
To be more me.
To be more real,
To be better.

I chose a name
That describes me,
That suits me,
That highlights
My good qualities
And my flaws.

I took control of my life
Without a knife.
I changed my name.
When you told me
To stop wasting my money
By giving you things,
I heard That as a way of telling me
To back off.
"I don't want to be your girlfriend."
However, instead of lecturing me
About wasting my money,
In reality,
Everything I gave you
Was cheap or not in use,
You could have shared something with ME!
It didn't have to be a material thing.
It certainly didn't have to be
Just something about YOURSELF.
Now that I'm aware
That you think in this way,
I realize that you're not such an innocent victim.
If you feel trapped,
You've done it
To yourself.
Physical abuse
Verbal abuse
Emotional abuse
Spiritual abuse
Financial abuse
Which stands out to you none because they are all abuse.
You acted as if I had just given you a dozen roses,
To try to seduce you,
In reality,
I was just delivering
A Wake-Up Call.
Of course,
If you interpreted It the wrong way,
I can't blame you.
There is nothing especially
"Sexy" about waking up.
It's rather disturbing actually.....
Chaotic, to be precise.
Why the hell would you want anything to do with me
If I'm just gonna' bring chaos into your life?!
Just for the
Sake of Art?
Amanda 6d
I am so tired of the struggle
Existing every torturous minute on Earth
Want to feel good when I wake up
Look at myself, know my worth.

I want my insecurities to disappear
With me all hours of the day
Tried to abandon them with no luck
Stubborn bastards are determined to stay.

Distort my vision often
Sing fears, remind of the nothing I've become
Watching with glee as I sit in this prison
Search for something to make sadness numb.

A substance to silence my sorrows
Found conflict instead of the comfort I crave
I want tomorrow to carry less dread
Forecast is hot weather, not enough shade.

The Earth keeps on surprising me
How I wish the pain would stop
I miss the days when monsters weren't real
Now my shoulders they sit atop.

The world shakes unstable feet
Each time recovery takes longer
I am beginning to understand defeat
I think about past tears, I get stronger.

Like sun beaming after a rainstorm
I will blaze more brilliantly than before
Confidence shining through open pores in skin
Self_acceptance and forgiveness lighting my core.

I need to change my attitude
Drop bad habits weighing me down
Like leaves shed by Autumn trees
Free myself, let them cascade to the ground.

Mood flips rather quickly
I want control over emotions I feel
I may be happy for a moment but it never lasts
I savor those seconds my smile is real.
It used to be real most of the time. Now its hardly ever real.
She's hot
But I don't know
If she's talented
Or not?
To develop talent,
One can't be afraid
To appear to be a fool,
And seeming like a fool
Just isn't sexy.
But perfection is something
One can never
Completely control.
One does not need to be born of royal birth
to realize their nobality
Their existence alone shows great triumph
Over life’s pain and reality
Deep inside our hearts
we are all Kings and Queens
Destined for a greater good
To serve and protect humanity
We are all of royal blood
Coming from a nation called earth
Fighting for peace and tranquility
While we objectify the laws of gravity
Letting our souls fly into a deep blue sky
As angels kneel when we Fly by
Nicky Aug 5
Barriers rose as we prepared for the war
A battle of two minds, we'd been there before
Protecting our hearts, the walls became higher
Silently willing, someone call a cease fire

Words were so hollow, a battle of the wills
Loaded guns, taking shots for cheap thrills
Opposing minds in each corner of the room
A sense of dread at the impending doom

There were no winners, it's easy to say
Just two broken pieces that had to walk away.
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