I could hide within my own screams
because you can't hear them
and you can't see them
or maybe you just like ignoring them

We controlled everything everyone thought about us.
We entirely controlled the way others perceived us.
And we controlled the expression of our own imaginations,
Suffocating ourselves
Until we wanted to die!

"Those women ought to put on some clothes. They all act like a bunch of sluts nowadays!"

"But don't you think we ought to focus on more serious issues like Global Warming"

"Ah, you damn Liberals want to over-regulate the Economy. You're all a bunch of Control Freaks!"

The daughter of the Taliban Militant
Became an Afghan Porn Star.
They had both abandoned their Faith
In favor of

What gives you the right
To judge me.!!
I may not look like I have a    
Physical  disability.
Underneath my tights
My legs says it all.

I crave control
To satisfy the hunger of an aching mind
To feel I'm whole
So I control this urge to cry

I desire hunger
So I can feel the will to live
A little longer
My limbs begging me to give

I covet strength
The proud moments I'm alive
That even this
Cannot ever make me die

I yearn to fight
Even if it's against myself
Say I'm alright
So I don't need to ask for help

I wish for power
So I devise pain I can feel
So that each hour
Makes me just as strong as steel

I'm just stressed and trying not to die
Josh Mayesh Jul 13

You are the night, embracing,
Whispering the sounds unheard in light.
You are this night.
And you are the night before,
Before the dreams,
Before the losses and the hopes began to grow.
And you are my night,
The periscope,
Tunneling through
Yielding to a day, what day, someday
Not known.
And all answers to the questions
Of each night
All night, questions asked
And spooned out before us in rows,
Stacked in pill bottles
Teetering on the edge
of final night’s
are all my own.

Many psychologists
Would say that President Donald Trump
Has "Control Issues".
Some would say that he's a
"Control Freak".
However, many would ask,
"Who is controlling him?"
He is,
The Puppet of Certain Corporate Interests.
The Question is,
"Are the people of the United States"
"Enjoying this Puppet Show?"

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