Breathe in breathe out
I believe in you even if you have doubt

Happy thoughts and self control
Yelling will never heal your soul

Time to stop time to breath
Sure you yelled, put it back in its sheath

You fucked up but you fix it
It was just a one hit

She hates now she will hate you for ever
But that's what you deserve you pulled the lever

To late to stop to late leave
You lost control she isnt niave

Slight warning on this if you are sensitive to themes such as abuse be carefull wouldnt want you beutiful humans to be negatjvly effect by writings

Wrapped in a hurricane
Spinning and feeling outta control
Screaming to let go
Why does it hurt me so
Trust me I will stop this
I will not let it spin me
outta my soul
Karma will be
the fate of those
for my wiccian soul
tells me so
© Jennifer L Dlg 1/19/2018

Life and love can be such a pain

Why would I want to be like you
when you go hurting people
the way that you do
You know I try, you know I cry
You know I really hurt
deep down inside
You know I hide, You know I'm shy
Just don't go throwing
things my way
Words can hurt, I can break
but I can't hate
Because with every word
and every breath
I know it gets harder
to get up again

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

You really don't impress me
with the way you act
So I'm just gonna keep walking
never look back
Soon you'll be the victim
of antidepressants
Razor blade cuts
Cigarettes and drugs

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

Don't you see
you're destroying yourself
But nobody can help you
until you help yourself
You shouldn't have said
what you did
because what goes around
comes around in the end

You can bring me down
Leave me in shame
But I won't be haunted
by your game
The pain you leave
Will make me stronger
I won't be the victim any longer

©2018 Written By Benji James

Jenna Kay Jan 14

All I want
And Baby that's not so much to ask for

Daytra Jan 13

Energy between us so intense that when we kiss
the sparks that we create makes
Zeus lose control of his lightning bolt
the heat between my legs gives testament to one simple truth
The rise of your rod makes Poseidon envy you
The release you deliver through
pain and pleasure
is like the
silky caress of the abyss beyond fear

Autumn Jan 12

A puppet on your string
A life according to you
I cry for freedom
But how is that possible
I'm nothing without you

We all have times where we're someone's marionette.

When man mortal with a title
Becomes vile and self righteous ,
He walks around with the Bible
Holy acts and all sacrilegious
Carrying LBGQT rainbow banners
Hailing the devil's temporal empire ..
Accomplished false pretenders
Adorned in bright priestly attire
Those revered by man mortal
Who himself discovered religion
But have lost God Himself in total
God the grandmaster of creation,
Who made everything in days
And created mankind in his image
When man transgressed in fleshly ways ,
He taped Agape love to the damage .
And for himself, God created mankind
Then by mankind , God was created
For mere control and mastermind
And to do this the world was reinvented
By man because he wants to play God
But lacks God's divine omniscience
So man can't become his own overlord
Bless the limitation of his intelligence .

Maybe God created man to worship and serve him and , maybe mankind created God to control dominate and manipulate
Sara Leal Jan 11

They are here.
And everything is because of them.
They control everything and anything.
The reason is from them.
They hurt you,
If you try to hurt me.
They hurt me,
If I try to hurt you.
The dolls inside of me love you,
But they hate you.
D o l l s.
They live inside of me,
And get out whenever they want to.
Sooner or later they always come back,
Because I am my dolls,
And they are me.
Do what they tell you to.
Only them can control what is ours.
Live with the thought that you can't escape.
Lie like you believe me.
So you can answer me like you mean it.

Now, do you know my dolls?
And where are yours?

English version. Hope you enjoy it like I did writing it.

It is said that jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire
is temptations' way for those who don't control their desire.
Desires are of various kinds and often lead many people astray.
It takes courage and strength to overcome or keep them at bay.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
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