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It slowly continues to argue with me day in and day out.
Like a creep following in the shadows,
it decides to elude me no matter how I feel.

As the mandolin plays its sad tune,
and the guitar only remembers the sound of minor chords,
the melancholy erodes the wall that has protected the people since birth.

Taking its time to analyze and devise,
making plans and biding its time.
The edge defines the lie that it says is inside.

Maybe the next ship will take me along.
Maybe it will sail farther away than the last one.
Maybe its anchor will drop on more pleasant shores.

As I scream at the city that has been my home for so long,
As I stare into its ugly face,
I no longer know which way to go.

Do I go to the harbor and board the boat?
Do I search for my creeper in the alleys and roads?
Or do I stay where I am and take heart to the fact that I am still taking breath?

Why are you staying by my side?
You should go.
Why are you still waiting with me in line?
Don't you have better places to be?

When the night is angry and the clouds block out the moon,
I wonder if it will find me?
When the weather is sour and the day looks like the night,
I wonder if it will find me?

Anyway, I choose you, stay by my side.
Any path I take you have loved me despite the tide.
Any time I wept you were there with me and you cried.

Why do you stay when I am in the fray,
When my anxiety shoots you like a gun,
or when my anger manifests and stabs you like a knife?

I look over my shoulder and the creeper is there.
Always ten paces behind no matter which way I twist and I turn.

I look over my shoulder and I see you coming up beside.
You're reaching for my hand and telling me to trust.

I close my eyes and let you guide me to where I should go.
I release any semblance of control.

The sun finally breaks the clouds and the creeper steps aside.
Still, ten paces behind but comfort are by my side.
The sun brightens my face and I begin to cry.
For the night was long and the day has finally come.

The day is finally the day,
and I can see the bay.
The boat is right where I left it.
I look to you and you say it's okay.
So we take our steps and board the boat looking for better shores where we can play.
In order to spend leisure time
Something I need to write
One thing I google search
It offers me so much
That I never heard
Take case of astral body or dress
It showed me 'Astral ***' in result
Bizarre beliefs, bizarre concepts
Your astral body floats off physical body
Mates with your partner's astral body
There's no physical contact
It's just mating of soulmates floating in the air
They say it's more satisfying
Free from STD and ***
Population remains in control
There being no procreation of course
Tremendous are the benefits
They tell you the techniques
Mysticism of mystiques!
Brumous 7d
uoy ot gnis I
seuh derettahs fo yballul a
htrow dna ytilaudividni fo snoitcarfer

kni gniyrc neeb ev'uoy
em revo lla deraems
ynnuf s'ti, das os gnikool

I sing to you
a lullaby of shattered hues
refractions of individuality and worth

you've been crying ink
smeared all over me
looking so sad, it's funny

'sit scriptor aspiret invicem'

       Should we?
              we already are.
                     Each other we paint;
                                  "blood from thee."
original look here ->
I don't think
Brumous Jun 15
uoy ot gnis I
seuh derettahs fo yballul a
htrow dna ytilaudividni fo snoitcarfer

kni gniyrc neeb ev'uoy
em revo lla deraems
ynnuf s'ti, das os gnikool

mecivni teripsa rotpircs tis

                            ?ew dluohS
                 ;era ydaerla ew
          tniap ew rehto hcaE
eeht morf doolb
Kelly Mistry Jun 14
Holding space
Holding feelings
Stopping time
     For a moment

What does it mean to feel safe
To BE safe
Can safety be given

Or only taken away

I believe it can
I hope it can

Safety is an illusion of control
But a vital illusion
One we all need
               all want
               all deserve

Why is safety so rare
                     ­         easily taken away

If we all need it
why can’t we all give it
To ourselves
To each other
To our past

I don’t know the answers
Only the questions
The yearning
The dream

So for now
I will hold space
          hold feelings
          stop time

In a soap bubble
My sphere of influence
Invisible but all encompassing
Fragile but resilient

For a moment
JR Jun 11
Control me
With my emotions
Control me
With my dreams
Control me
Because you can
Control me
And cause me to bleed

My life is not my own
Because you sit on the throne
But once you turn around
My strength will be so keen
You’ll want to take back
The times you controlled me

Control me
And watch as I succeed
Of making you think
That you once controlled me

I don’t know what really inspired this. If I have to find the root to this poem, it would be that I hate when someone just wants to control you because they think they have a right to. They play with your emotions and hurt you. But then when you realize the hold they have on you, you come out stronger than ever. And that’s the best control you’ll ever have. To have control over your strength. Is the best thing one can do.
Kitty Jun 3
Does my skirt provoke you?
Are you scarred by my top?
Does the length and depth define me,
Could I do a better job?

Am I made by what I wear?
An outfit I compose
The paint I layer on my face
The cut of my clothes.

You say I have no self control,
No power of restraint,
You place me in a little box
A student with a male teacher or peer.
It’s her fault he could not.

Hold himself away from her
Chain himself to the chair
labelling her his object
Instead of averting his stare

I’m not defined by cloth it’s purpose is warmth
Nor the body underneath
It is me and my intelligence

Does my existence provoke you
Fill you with disgust
Because my ability to choose
Is simply not good enough

For the standards you set me
The body I must have,
To be considered ‘pretty’
To be considered ‘bad’

My skirt can not be to short
My shirt not to deep
Because a low neckline
Will prevent my ability to speak

Does my happiness provoke you
My confidence in who I am
Because it’s taken a long time
To love myself
Jason May 23

Cord our arms with steel
Bolster our hearts with fire
Fill our minds with light
Drag the veil from our eyes

We have endurance and strength to fight
We have mercy and we have passion
May we learn the wisdom to choose what's right
May our eyes weigh, measure, and ration

Call it hope, poem, spell, or prayer
May it be a boon for those that care
To rise and challenge, to stand against
Control by precedent and ******* by consequence

© 05/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Dark Dream May 21
You lit the match
Now you can’t Control the inferno
You have awoken the fire
Scaring away your dominance
Your now lack of control
You will never Have control until
You learn that chaos is in control
That the unexpected happens And
You will lose
Then you might gain a sliver of control
If it’s given
You might grasp control Over yourself
Your reactions
What will be Surprising for you to realize
It’s so easy to control you
A few words from me
Your ******* just left you
Bye bye control
I just strung you along this whole time
What you thought you knew
Was exactly how I wanted you to react
The design you wove gave me the ammunition
Before you said a word
They ask us to trust them when we get the anti CCP Virus jab
So we are safe and sound and protected from their virus
But upon reading multiple reports and articles
I’m scared fecking shitless about being jabbed up
I can die in a dozen horror film ways too gory to say
A really bad gig that many innocents took one way trip
With so many years to live now stolen with their lives
This is wrong and not right you must agree?
What do I believe? Is the CCP Virus made to **** us?
Rid the world of 7 billion people so only 500 million survive
Of course this is ******* from a badly scripted B-Movie
But where did they get their idea from a **** crackhead?
It’s obvious something is wrong and we are now under control
Big Brother lived out his film script 1984 style and here we are
Lockdowns and vaccines and troops on the street
It will get much much worse when we are forcibly chipped…
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