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Eva 1d
Poor decisions...
lacking logic.

Poor decisions...
crafted by heart.
Lanech 4d
I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that won't be wiped off.
I want to be an example,
That will stir up the hearts of the simple.
I want to crossed the line that winners crossed,
I want to cross it clean and pure.
So while others embrace the dark,
My young ones will shine in the light.

I want to leave a legacy for my young ones,
A legacy that can't be wiped off.
That till a thousand generation,
My work will remain in motion.
That the future of my young ones
Will be encouraged by my little works.
That even when I lie my last
I will be honoured for my past.
Lara May 21
A part of life where you’d like gravity to stop

And just fly away

Decisions are a part of growing up

Sometimes it’s hard to decide
Sometimes it’s easy to decide

Sometimes it’s hard to accept decisions
Or make decisions

Decisions affect your life
Decisions can hurt or make you happy
Or both at the same time

Everybody makes decisions to make their life better or get another chance

After making a decision
You feel freed
But there also is this other feeling that hurts
Make your life better with the decisions you make
My greatest fear is not the fear of death
Instead, it is the fear of not being heard
I am often asked 'What is your most defining moment?' and I am asked as though I have given the question a lifetime of thought and my answer means absolutely everything
But I have not; because of the complexity of the question

The perception of the question itself is what I question
Perception is honestly the most complicated when it comes to emotions
My most defining moment? I cannot say
Like the good and the bad
They are there and they exist as a combination of moments that define us
Like night and day
Rain and the rainbow at the end
The choices I make daily define me, not just one moment.

But if you must be given an answer at the time you pose this question?
I will give you one, but only one
What is my most defining moment? My answer would be my birth
My birth is the most defining moment because it is when I began to make choices that define myself
Perhaps I will reflect upon this question and later my answer may change
I dream that by perchance I may have the opportunity to speak to Death
So that I may ask him when my time will come
Not so I may attempt to cheat him
But so that as my time approaches, I may look back and reflect upon my life for that one defining moment of my life
Lara May 7
Would it help me?
Would it change me?
Would I overthink my life and my decisions?
Would my life be the same?
Would I still live in the now or would I just think of tomorrow?

I don’t know what I would do!

But I know what I am doing today!

Living in the now!
Saudia R May 6
see what you must

then take the steps to go where you should
So that's life

.Well you would get crushed                                      you could fail                                                             you should make mistakes                                           you could lose !                                                         But will go                                                      you will show                                                           you will know                                                               and you will grow !                                                      this soul destroying                                               would have, should have,                                                could have helped you see the life  the life that you will live                                             and you will love.                                                      So that's life............🤔
Mrs Timetable Apr 23
And I ran with
The ribbon cutting
Ceremonial scissors
Celebrating my brave
Resolution to not
Make bad decisions
Amanda Apr 16
Torn between choices
Move forward or go back home
Which one up to you
We all face that choice every day, there is no such thing as standing still, even if that change is a tiny minute one it is still pushing you one direction or the other.
n Apr 14
sylvia plath watched all her figs rot
because she couldnt decide
which to eat

im watching my figs
and i dont want any of them.
not right now.

i know i need to eat.
i still want to eat.

i just don't feel hungry.
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