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Organizing our travels, subconsciously,
Or with intent, we confuse our own mind,
Different, ideas, plans, changing directions,
While not forgetting, the what if’s, and whys,
With the, I knew better than that, or I know,
I just can’t think of it now, I should have tried,
Now thinking about it, their story, was a big lie.
Then we head out in the world, acting like were,
Confident having life figured out, our **** together,
Knowing nothing last forever, soon clouds will form,
Drift our way, thunder, rain, called stormy weather.
Oh, we cannot forget the guessing, experimental,
Ideas, we are all inventors, on different days, then,
The story to praise our self, and often exaggerate, lines,
The final thought, we all have experience, answers come fast,
If things do not work out, like that simple picture, in our mind,
The three W’s, who, what, or why, messed it up for us, this time.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/18/22 AD
11:00 am
Has anyone survived, that remembers 1969,
Everyone, was experimenting with drugs,
You’re still alive, you were supposed, to die.
Peace & Love were the greetings, with,
Bright colorful flowers to brighten up each day,
Sharing, looking for the cool, positive in each other,
Giving hitchhiker’s a ride, no one in that extra seat anyway.
The Wood stock concert, held in muddy farm fields,
That season the farmers, lost some yield, as a pond,
Was their bath tub, they passed around, and shared meals,
Touching each other,
Showed love, sharing a sandwich, or ****, was no big deal.
Hundreds of thousands, left their homes, to protest,
Their feelings, and what they believed, they stood up proud,
The way Americans should be.
Protesting the politicians, for picking, shipping young people,
Across the seas, to fight in Viet Nam, they didn’t know why,
Or believe, the day they left, the last time for many of them,
Their homeland, they would ever see. Events that change history,
Marijuana legal today, politicians taxed it, so now it’s good, ok,
Those boys that came back, from war in body bags, they still lay.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/30/2022 AD
Zack Ripley Mar 26
If, today, someone walked
up to you on the street and asked "would you rather be seen or heard?", what would you say? Would you humor them and stay? Would you simply walk away? Growing up, I always heard kids say "I wish I was invisible."
Maybe it was because
they were shy.
Maybe bullies made them cry. Maybe they were embarrassed about how they look.
Maybe they just wanted
a safe place to read a book. Whatever the reason,
I can't help but wonder...if, today, someone walked up to you
on the street and asked "would you rather be seen or heard?", what would you say?
Would your answer be different than what it would have been as a kid? Or would it be the same?
Steve Page Mar 22
Something is better
than nothing
Nothing is better
than stupid
Stupid is just
i tried on
a new shirt
it fitted ok
not perfectly
by any means
but well enough
               for its price
it would be suitable
for the occasion
i suppose

it could perhaps
be a little longer
as it is liable
to ride up
and reveal my stomach
if i raise my arms
it's also
a little tight
across the chest
if i'm honest
now that I think about it
i'm not certain
it actually
suits me

i could just wear
one of my other shirts
that would probably
be more comfortable
and would
save spending
there's the old blue one
after all;
i haven't worn that
for awhile
As we travel farther on this trip, every day,
Following our decisions, without a clue,
Hoping we are heading the right way.

Never knowing if we discovered our purpose,
So many detours, and bumps, that can alter plans,
We can only hope we are heading the right direction,
Some- times we feel like we are floating, others,
Like we are sinking in quick sand.

Never give up thinking, the best part of your life,
Has passed, you never know the best day of your life,
Until you have lived your last.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/01/2022 AD
5:00 am
My Dear Poet Jan 16
I create a giraffe
from a paper craft
green was its colour
“Nice dinosaur”, they said
should’ve chosen red
or tan tinted paper

So I flip in half,
squash fold to a calf
It’s simply done with ease
“Nice baboon”, they said
I change again instead
to an island and palm trees

with mountain and valley folds
we unfold what creation holds
and recreate a world from disaster
we make a judgment fold
from the view they hold
if only change is as simple as folding paper
Origami - a Japanese word meaning 'folding paper'.
The two most important folds and the simplest are the valley fold and the mountain fold. They form the foundation of all origami models.

There is also a Judgement fold where an exact location point does not exist, and so you locate the fold by eye alone
Nisha Dec 2021
Walking through the rooms of my mind
Wandering until I find the right door
There are many doors to choose from with opportunities or consequences
Tempted to not open any doors at all
I am lost
Decisions I fear to make that may result in dismay
Which path should I take to finally liberate myself from this dilemma
What door shall I choose?
Mentally conflicted
Should I avoid situations that will be make me unhappy or take risks to see what the future may have in store...
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
You built the walls
to keep yourself safe.
But the question isn't
"will they come down."
The question is
will you LET them fall on top of you,
or MAKE them fall next to you?
Zack Ripley Dec 2021
Candles light the way to your destiny.
Will you lose yourself in the vision or the flame? The candles light the way to your destiny.
But you decide whether or not
you want to continue the game
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