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Sacha 1d
It’s days like this
I want to write
When everything comes to a halt

And I am left between the two
And I don’t know which way to go

Just need to choose
Which of the two
Will cause a bit less suffering

Meanwhile I am in between
But we know it won’t last forever

I’ll make a choice
Glancing at the other
The suffering is still here
No less, just different
standing in the middle of some vast, empty space—the kind of ocean or plain where you can see the edge of a dream in all directions

and it opens to you, and you let it in—womblike—everything around you is meaningful, whether it’s beautiful or horrible or sublime

it must be written above and left to fall as the wettest raindrop, tempting fate, and fate retaliated—again there was light, and again there was darkness, a new day
Purple Haze Mar 19
I'm so lost for words right now.
I kind of feel empty,
But somehow, I feel relieved.

I don't know,
Should I go back,
Or perhaps not?
Would this be a waste of time?
letters from the past years
stillhuman Mar 18
No paths are bound
no roads are taken
the future's only
what we make it
You don't have to follow someone else's path. It's your life, not theirs. Make your life an art.
What’s important in this life,
Everyone can disagree,
Traveling through our time,
To what our future will see.

Changes in thoughts, and actions,
Like everything, will rotate with time,
Second chances, or opportunities,
To examine how we think with our mind.

A few words or actions,
Will not immediately change our ways,
Like learning to walk,
A few small step’s everyday.

                                                                       © Tom Maxwell 02/04/07
Zack Ripley Feb 27
When I left home,
I was broken and bruised.
Daddy took it out on me
When he fell victim to the *****.
I thought when I graduated,
I'd finally get to choose.
Find a world where the bars
played rock instead of the blues.
The day everything changed,
There was a fork in the road.
There was a wise old man,
And this is what I was told.
"If you go to the left, you'll stay in hell.
But you'll get your revenge
when he dies in a cell.
But if you don't want revenge,
go to the right.
You'll travel the world,
you'll make a difference.
But it will be hard to sleep at night."
I didn't even think. I ran to the right.
He told me it would never be the same
If I ever had to come back.
But I was okay with that.
I had everything I needed in my sack.
Five years later,
I woke up alone in bed.
A purple heart hung above my head.
Even though I am where I am today,
I don't regret it.
Because when I go to my grave,
When someone is asked to describe me,
They'll say "he was brave."
Grey Feb 25
It was a shotgun wedding
and the bullet hit 'em both.
miki Feb 13
a new day
new faces
endless masks to wear



the fork in the road
stops me in my tracks

have i made the right choices?

did i say the right thing?

my mind has no limits
but stops working
when you walk into the room
i’m not good enough for you
i know that i’ll never be good enough for you
but i’ll keep trying
my heart aches
for its missing piece
Leah Carr Jan 24
I want to do it

I have to do it

Because I can't take one more day
existing in this dreary, pointless monotony

Because I don't see what is to be gained
from blood pumping through my veins
in that continuous, useless cycle

Because every morning, I wake up
with that one, tiny vessel of hope
But by night, it has disappeared again
Only naivety and ignorance is keeping me going

Because I've reached that point
that we all must reach, sooner or later
This "life" is too agonising to bear
I don't know why it's taken me this long
To wake up from that comfortable slumber of false hope

But that hope, that aftertaste of a ruined childhood
is gone now, and I see this world with new eyes
And it only takes a glance to know
I can't stand to live in it

My loss will not be mourned or grieved
Like the falling of the autumn leaves
Just one in so so many

It will be a relief to leave this pain behind
Along with those who caused me it

I want to do it

I have to do it

I will do it
Leah Carr Jan 19
Up or down?
Left or right?
Smile or frown?
Day or night?

Front or back?
Advance or retreat?
Taut or slack?
Strong or weak?

Noise or peace?
Work or rest?
Continue or cease?
Worst or best?

Walk or run?
Laugh or cry?
Lose or win?
Live or die?
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