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3d · 25
دema 3d
we all linger
for that something
or that someone
to start up a fire
in attempt
to feel alive
on the inside.
Nov 10 · 25
دema Nov 10
I think I'm starting
to fall in love with the feeling of belonging
Nov 10 · 30
دema Nov 10
If I were to describe emotions
I would say they’re something like strawberry sherbet ice cream dipped with blue raspberry; intricate, intense and insanely delicious,
or a pink and blue sky with a little grey from the smoke of a capitalist factory; placid, painterly, and polluting,
a smile from a stranger on the 8:55 am subway ride; habitual, harmless,
Nov 10 · 24
baby, it’s cold
دema Nov 10
we put all of our troubles away
the same way snow lies on the side of the  roads,
we neglect our needs and wants
the same way a tree lets down it’s leave after autumn,
we convince ourselves that it’s too late
the same way when we slip on black ice.
Nov 10 · 35
دema Nov 10
nobody prepares you
for the day
you lose
your self-worth,

nobody tells you,
"just because you can
do something, doesnt mean you should"
Nov 10 · 46
دema Nov 10
I just want to love
you completely,

but I also have to
protect the very
thing that wants
to that
Nov 9 · 702
I win
دema Nov 9
To my abuser,

I know you will never
be attached to me
the way I am attached to you,

but dear,
that's because you are broken
and you're addicted to
projecting your pain,

and I'm here picking up
all of my pieces,
trying to heal.
Nov 7 · 52
I refuse
دema Nov 7
I don't wish you the best,

because that would be
getting to hold me
in your arms,
just like in the good old days,

rendering me
stuck in your trap.
Nov 7 · 70
دema Nov 7
you envy me for my resilience,

but you forget
the way I break harder than needed.
Oct 29 · 38
don't forget
دema Oct 29
take your time
in grieving for the
gone and dead,
but don't forget to
bury and release
Oct 26 · 32
دema Oct 26
I thought I could
never feel anything
and for no one
but you,
but baby
you dug a grave
for all the feelings
I've ever had for you
and you jumped in too
Oct 21 · 60
دema Oct 21
history does repeat itself,
I see it in my poetry
Oct 21 · 47
دema Oct 21
the same way you don't
owe anybody your time,
you don't owe anyone forgiveness,
as much as you owe yourself relief,
and sometimes feeling anger
for those who wrong you
is the strongest form of self love.
Oct 21 · 386
دema Oct 21
I gave you something
that belongs to me,
and all you left for me
was the gift receipt.
Oct 19 · 41
dear me
دema Oct 19
i love you so ******* much. so ******* much.

what the **** was i doing loving someone else more? what the **** was i thinking?
Oct 19 · 718
دema Oct 19
is not a feeling,
but rather a process,
it’s wanting to burst out
in laughter when you fall
for the same trap twice,
and shedding tears
when you least expect it,
it’s being able to experience
emotions that you thought you had lost
touch of, sight of,
it’s looking at yourself
in the mirror
and loving the broken
version as much as the healed one.
Oct 16 · 286
settling for less
دema Oct 16
settling for less is the war
everyone's trying to flee from,

but in fact,
settling for less is
an extra shot of espresso
in the coffee that we
drink each morning
in an attempt
to avoid being alone
for the rest of the day.
Oct 16 · 41
دema Oct 16
what hurts the most
is not realizing
how much
you were hurting
me day by day,
and not realizing
I was being hurt
by you everyday
Oct 14 · 52
دema Oct 14
I can sit here,
cry myself an entire ocean
and sit at the bottom and drown in my own tears,

or I can get
Oct 13 · 187
دema Oct 13
my body
misses you
more than it can handle
the pain of the withdrawal.
دema Oct 6
put a top coat
on the pain,
mattify it,
don't let it
reflect on you.
Oct 6 · 749
(I've had) enough.
Oct 3 · 158
دema Oct 3
no one's past should
define who they are today,

unless their present
is merely an extension
of the supposedly
dead and buried.
Oct 3 · 217
the known
دema Oct 3
my deepest fear is no longer
a bottomless ocean,
but rather feeling your love
when it was never really there.
Sep 30 · 516
دema Sep 30
I can still feel
your cheeks
pressed against mine,
your eyes locked on mine,
your heart beat as you
lay on my chest,
your hands caressing
my face,
my heart wanting to burst,
except this time
it's because
you are gone.
Sep 30 · 105
girl reflects on time
دema Sep 30
if you think
that you really
know who you are,
it most likely means
that you don't,
your body isnt
the only thing
that ages,
your experiences
grow bigger,
you're like sand
on a beach,
waiting for the wind
to pick your next
and it's all
too random.
Sep 28 · 31
دema Sep 28
everyone's entitled
to their own
perceptions of the world
and how the clock
ticks away each hour
of the day,

no one should
define who you are,
what you feel,
what you need,
other than the
spirit residing
in that body of yours,
Sep 20 · 48
reality check
دema Sep 20
The truth is that
learning things
the hard way
is enforced
on all of us,

Free will
is nothing more
than an illusion of
an autonomy promised
to all of us,
But also one
that can never really
be fully obtained
by any of us.
Sep 17 · 52
self love
دema Sep 17
it's the friend
that's always
there for you,

it's the hand
that reaches out
to you before
you even
get the chance
to ask,

it's the voice
pushing you
when all you
want to do is
give up,

it's the warm
that seduces
serotonin into
your veins,
Sep 15 · 36
دema Sep 15
my childhood
was short-lived,

my skin was
repeatedly irritated
until it grew thick,

vulnerability was
never an option,

meaning didn't
always accompany
the sacrifices,

I did not always
get answers,
or ones that I had hoped for,

I did not always
have an answer,
but I have always
Sep 14 · 84
castle walls
دema Sep 14
you taught me
how much love
truly resides in me,
how capable I am,
of loving, being loved,

but you also
reminded me,
of why I had
built walls around
my heart so high,
that even I couldn't
get a peak.
Sep 14 · 154
دema Sep 14
when we first met
I finally understood
what all the songs, movies,
and stories tell about love,

but only now that our
paths may never
cross each other's,
I finally really understand.
Aug 24 · 153
دema Aug 24
it did not make
me stronger,

it made me break
in new ways
every single time
it trespassed,

it made me adapt
to itself,
camouflage it with its
very antithesis,

and when it had left,
it made me unable to
be the same person I was
before meeting it,

everything but it
felt unwarranted,
barely recognizable
Aug 24 · 57
birthday boy
دema Aug 24
there he is,
25 years young,

there he is,
a dreamer,
an achiever,
big man,

there he is,
making life work
extra hard
to challenge him,

there he is,
entering my heart
as if it's a kingdom,
like the king he is,

there he is,
teaching me new ways
to be inspired,
to grow,
to love,
to be,

there he is,
with his warm presence,
his pure smile,
his kind eyes,

all I want,
and see,

my home.
there he is,
entering my heart
so unwarranted
Aug 12 · 379
دema Aug 12
when you
and not tell
the whole truth,

you leave me
in a position
where I can
but can't forgive.
Aug 12 · 130
Oblivious lie
Aug 12 · 118
دema Aug 12
trusting someone

is like

jumping in the middle of the ocean,

hoping you know how to swim.
Aug 12 · 174
دema Aug 12
you trap me
in-between your arms,

telling me all about a secret
you have buried
underneath your tongue
for months now,

but kindness
is the only part
of me that manages
to escape from your grip.
Aug 11 · 295
so sick, became neyo
دema Aug 11
sick of all the
games everyone plays,
and all the
rules I have to abide to,

sick of all the things
I need to do,
and all the times
I must silence
myself away,

sick of going
through the hardships
just to enjoy the
good times for
a little while,

sick of proving
to others
my success, my self-love,
my worth,

sick of stressing
about life before it happens,
and forgetting to just live.
Aug 11 · 234
دema Aug 11
don't let
the ship sink,

and if
it happens,

leave me,

drown me
in your love.
Aug 11 · 162
دema Aug 11
please don't
doubt how
much love
for you
resides in
this heart
of mine,


please take
good care
of the heart
that lies
in the palms
of your hands.
Aug 7 · 290
دema Aug 7
wanting you,
or needing you,

leaves me in a
constant state
of confusion,

and focusing
on what I know
will not help me
reach a decision,

because all
I know is
you fill my
heart with an
iridescent sapphire
دema Aug 2
Growing up
means realizing
that sometimes
you hurt others
in an attempt
to save yourself
from that first
Jul 23 · 265
دema Jul 23
anger should shoot out
but instead kindness drips
from my eyes onto
the palms of your hands

and so I caress the pain instead
as I push it to the corner
with the rest of emotions
that have gone unattended to.
Jul 9 · 149
دema Jul 9
Look at you, discovering yourself for what feels like the first time. There you were, sitting in the backyard with a book you never had the chance to read, learning the hard way that you should apply sunscreen more evenly next time. Look at you, greeting your lover and welcoming new feelings everyday with open arms. Look at you, experimenting with colours other than the three shades of black you've always known and being brave enough to wear pink on your toes. Look at you, turning a bad memory into a much better one, you deserve that crown, queen. Look at you, taking matters into control
دema Jun 21
I have come to realize that the hardest thing
to do is not picking out an option from two that
are very similar in nature, but rather putting myself first.
Jun 21 · 385
دema Jun 21
how can you love someone
and trust in them,
when you only carry love
for anyone but for yourself,
because you don't trust
in you,
and you can't love you.
دema Jun 3
I gave something to you
that belonged to me,
but most importantly
I gave something to you
that I should have wanted for me.
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