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Have we forgotten how to dream,
To see the world through ourselves.
The place I used to be is now lost,
When I was a child I knew where it was.

Before I knew the world I knew myself,
Then I became aware of the world.
It is hard to live when everything is so fake,
Convincing myself that this is all real.

This all has to be real,
Because it is all I've ever known.
It is hard to let go and fall right in,
And go to places I've never been.

At night when I close my eyes,
I see the place where I used to be.
When I sleep I remember who I am,
But when I awake I forget again.

My rabbit will take you there.
Keep on chasing my rabbit,
The hole only gets larger.

It is larger than you can imagine,
You will never truly grasp the bottom.

My rabbit's dragging you down the hole
How deep down does it go?!
You are starting to see from the in,
You're going to places you've never been.

Once I looked from the outside in,
Now I look from the inside out.
What is in is in,
Will never be out again.

I am falling down the rabbit hole,
Which way is up,
Which way is down.
I can't see the top,
And I can't find the bottom.
I am looking from the in,
I'm going places I've never been,
I am learning to dream again!

Follow my rabbit down the hole,
Into the unknown we go.
Look from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Your perspective becomes your reality, change your perspective on things and everything will change.
Austin Draper Jan 16
I set my legs forward on this dirt path, aimed by love
I sense it in the air, I feel it in my body as my heart beats rhyme.
I see the path ahead of me, and I flap my arms in glee as a dove.
But hastily now! I mustn’t miss it, make it in time!
For it is not for the casual man, this is a Chase!
The path to it is Curvy, many uphill and downhill no chance to be slick!
No branches nor shortcuts have made themselves visible, it is at the same pace.
Though your legs are weak as your Heart is, and they wobble but be quick!
Look down every so often, your head drifts to the stars that smother.
But, when you get to the end of this trail, it will all turn out into a blessing!
Just be sure to be careful of others.
For lose not sight, if you see another Maiden another path forms seemingly more pressing.
Look down it, the hill will block your view. And sadness paves it, but maybe only for a while in.
Look down at your feet, is the path you follow now bluer? More corrupted, is this a sin?

For if far down the path, it is hard to turn back and seek another bad adventure of
Maidens and Lies, Games and Aims. But hug the maiden at the end, she is of a lovely kin.
You made it
A poem I made early on in my relationship, about love and the chase that it is. I chased it, but never really got an end product. [Shakespearean Sonnet with an A G Ending Couplet and line]
Justyn Huang Jan 13
If happiness were a simple thing
As they'd say,
"Catch a little birdie before
It flew away"

I'd be living in the trees to catch them

Too long above the world below
The dirt, the mirth and roots that grow

Forgotten then for how we came to
kiss: the sun, the sky, the clouds to know.
Jordan Ray Jan 7
I tried looking for love, in a change of my mind.

Listen to my story, let me tell you how it goes
Unlike rags to riches, I started with the gold
I gave her all my time, gave her everything I know
But something deep inside, made me want to let it go
I watched it through my fingers, now she haunts me like a ghost
I gave up chasing pavements for a heartless empty love

There's nobody, nobody no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

I tried searching for love, in a strangers eyes.

So I picked myself up, when I hit that cold, hard ground
Made my self seem happy, made my parents feel so proud
Wore my heart under my sleeve, not to let anyone know
That the battle deep inside, hasn't got an end result
I've been fighting for survival, holding onto all the blame
But maybe there is hope, if I show her that I've changed

There's nobody, nobody, no,
Nobody, nobody, no
Nobody, nobody like her.

And I've prayed to god, even though I don't believe in him.
Mister J Dec 2018
Its 3:30 in the morning
My eyes bloodshot and wide awake
My mind in a confused trance
My chest running out of breath
My heart growing heavier by the minute

Desperately going for my keys
Wallet on hand, phone in my pocket
I think I need a drive just for tonight
To chase where my mind goes
And clear the thoughts off my head

My hands trembling in panic
My eyes stealing focus on the road
Limbs on automatic as my mind wanders
I guess a trip to get some alcohol
Would help calm my nerves down

Took a sip while heading to Lord knows where
Holding back my tears as I run around in circles
I don't know where I'm heading, I just kept on driving
My heart in a constant state of agony
As I found myself stopping at your front door

Bursting into tears when I realized
Where I sought to find some comfort
In your arms I've always felt at ease
But this time it feels so different
When the same arms are the ones hurting me

I know I agreed to wait for you
Wait for you to fully open your heart to me
I even said I'd wait against all the odds
Just to earn the chance to win your heart
But why do I feel miserable at this moment?

You seemed so close to me
Well within my hands' reach
You shower my body with your embrace
And nurture my lips with your kisses
Yet why do you feel so distant?

No matter how much I try to run to you
You keep on pushing me farther away
No matter how much I try to break your walls
You keep on setting up newer, stronger barriers
Sometimes I can't keep up with your thoughts

You leave me dazed and confused
And yet you still make me feel loved
You make me believe that this could be concrete
Yet you can't put words on how much I mean to you
I don't know how to respond to any of this

You make me feel at ease in adversity
And yet sometimes you're confusing to me
A source of both my serenity and sweet agony
You're an addiction that may be bad for my being
And yet I still offer to you my everything

You drove me in a crossroad I can't avoid
You want me to stay and yet you freely let me go
So now I'm in dilemma I can't imagine to escape
Because even as all the signs point to danger
Here I am, still driving, still going towards you

I'll keep on driving towards where you are
No matter how near or no matter how far
People may say that I'm idiotic and crazy
But regardless I stand by the routes I choose
And amidst all the traffic, I'll chase the elusive wind called you
Heey! Its been a while!
Here's a new piece.

Hope everyone likes it. :)

Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Someone I know
today he is no more.

Sudden cancer was still
chasing him moments ago.
Can it trace him anymore?
she remains anon Nov 2018
my hands do violently.
Carousel horses why do you run from me?
In a world stuck spinning,
I am a girl caught thinning.
Carousel horses, how can this be?
All my dreams, they do escape
and I, a women of the flock, always await.
Carousel horses, will you hear my plea?
So I pray;
my hands do violently,
emily Sarker Nov 2018
My goal was never to be your first love.
My goal is to be your last love.
That's why even after you told me you loved me,
I still go about us as if I'm chasing you.
never stop trying to win the heart of the one you truly love.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018
How much time have you
wasted just chasing them?
Never chase your dreams,
start exhibiting them...

It's a better way to think. It's a better way to live. Okay, managed to get of the Masked Bard done! Just need to edit it. Ill let you know when it's about to be released! ^^
Thank you so so much for 250 followers!
***, that is absolutely amazing!
Im truly grateful!
I'm slowly recovering, thankfully. I haven't had the chance to read through everyone's comments but I will soon, I promise!
Especially when its easier for me to think...
Love you guys so so much.
Thank you for the support!
Be back soon
Much love,
Queen Lyn ***
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