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There's a reason we don't normally walk backwards. Train yourself, focus on what's ahead of you and take action.
Just a reminder♡
I thought
we were once
so close,
knit together
close enough
to know
what's it like,
to be ghost
to each other,
yet wandering
out into our
own colourful
way of life,
just that
we are
colours now.
colours change,
seasons change,
people change,
yet I
remain the same.
and i guess i learned
the hard way that
chasing you is like
chasing the sunset
i am running towards you
but when i reach out to
hold you in my hand
fingertips grasp at empty air

a master of disguise
appearing so close, but you were
distant, off in the distance giving
the horizon line goodnight kisses

you belong to the wind
the light, the sky, the stars
you belong to everything,
but you do not belong to me.
Bluebird Dec 2020
We're chasing each other around the tree.
The fox and me.
Always just shy of catching the other. Sharpening our teeth on the air we each leave behind. You took the tip off my tail. And I ripped the hair out of yours.
You're the reason my hairs turned white. It's the stress. And something else, something deeper, more profound. Something that gets me out of bed in the morning, but forgets to put me back to sleep in the evening.
We've been running for weeks now. And we can't stop.
I'm just waiting to see who drops first.
I think it's going to be me.
Doing an inktober sorta thing but for december:D
Van Xuan Nov 2020
For once tell me you don't want me
So that this poor heart of mine
Will realise that we can't be together
And stop chasing you forever
Maybe I am following a light,
A junction from where I took right
Some days I'm just chasing a high,
Is it just some words arranged tight
Or is it chastising yourself through the night?
For when the sun is shining bright,
I love taking my emotions for a flight.
I'm not hunting for any limelight,
Nor do I have any foresight.
I'm just driving through the misery and the plight,
Knowing I will always stop at a red light
Like a deer in the headlights
I'm trying to be my self-guiding light,
Try as I might.
Sometimes we don't even need a reason, but for days when the reasoning is strong, it must be upheld and respected. Cheers to all kinds of poets :)
Van Xuan Sep 2020
Is the only thing I wish
Yet can never be granted

A foolish decision
Which I never regret

It is like driving on an empty road
Crazily speeding towards you

The thrill of my life
Rainy thoughts
Claudius Sep 2020
I used you
I used you so long that I broke you
I tried to forget about the pain in my chest
I tried to numb myself by chasing your love that was never meant for me
I know you might not forgive me
I'm sorry.
I truly never thought about it this way until I healed myself.
Casey Rodger Aug 2020
I once met a pup
Who liked to chase his tail
Never once did he give up
Determined not to fail

Badly did he want his wagger
Between his little jaw
After he would stagger
And then fall to the floor

Not knowing what he desires
He strives for what he sees
Even when he tires
Knows what he believes

The days comes that I see
His tail and his tongue
Caught between his teeth
All tangled up as one

After 20 million circles
Tail chasing phene
Jumping many hurdles
Not caring where he's been

Finally achieving his dream
He caught what he was chasing
Success as it would seem
The moment he's now facing

The moment he worked hard for
The challenge he accepted
A journey paw after paw
He let it all go in a second!
We work so hard for what we want, take ****** all time to enjoy it, then we let it go like it was nothing. Make sure what you're chasing is worth it. Take a moment to enjoy your prize. It isn't the pleasure itself we seek but the pleausre in the journey
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