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Cece Aug 28
I hate that time
Even if right now isn’t perfect,
it wouldn’t get worse
if time didn’t run away
so fast.
I’m breathless from chasing it,
I’m sore,
everything hurts.
one day I’ll
and maybe then time will finally
I’m tired and scared
Poetic T Jul 31
When chasing a dream never
                 run up the steps.

We should always tread

As dreams are only worth

if we take our time.

As nothing ever comes fast,
we may misstep
                            and miss the mark
             we wanted to land upon.
Grace Thaba Jun 21
When it gets too much and I feel like giving up, I remember why I started in the first place
Remember how I crossed boundaries for this
I used to skip class and catch rides with strangers for this
Broke mama's heart and papa's trust on the way
Broke a couple church rules,I became a mess everyday
Did  it Just so I could fill the empty void in my heart
Did it just so I can start counting checks not test marks
Will Jun 4
Like a cosmic whip, lightning crackles across the night sky.
It’s electricity illuminating the dire landscape that passes by outside.
Glancing out the window, eyes squinting at the glorious storm growing near.
Pressing the gas pedal down, heart racing as the vehicle jolts forward.
Like a comet flying through space, the car ripped through the torrential downpour.
Speeding through the dark void, raindrops colide with the window, like projectiles from above.
Though the inside of their vehicle was dry, the driver's eyes were flooded with tears.
Wiping them away with a brush of their hand, car speeding forward.
Resolved to follow the lightning, but not to see it’s glow once more.
It was to chase the thunder, that deep booming foe who always felt so near.
That is who we all chase, the invisible enemy who instills immense fear.
Johnny walker May 27
I chase her each night In
my dream but can't seem
to catch her this girl of my dreams the girl I once knew In life for she was my
Stumbling around In my dreams but never seem to catch her always fall short of the mark almost within touching distance desperately
out In front of me over stretching I fall to the ground as look up she running towards this beautiful
She turns and wave to me then I see her more and I'm left alone chasing shadows around In my
Chasing this girl whom I love In my dreams each night but can't seem to catch her
I went chasing after all
my memories of you through all my dream whilst asleep
night running through
my mind chasing Images
planted by you  In my
YYC Apr 29
feels like,
I'm about to run out of time.
I'm literally chasing him, begging him,
to stay with me..

like just about almost everybody in my life,
he gets tired of me,
and wants to leave.

and so,
he does.

but little does he know,
him of all people,
I actually need most.

i miss him. everyday. but he's by my side, always.
Allesha Eman Apr 21
Your colossal extravagance
The glitter in your words
The sparkling jar of hearts,
That you bury in your tombs
The shivers that you send
The tears that you forget
And the people you’ve broken
Are slowly trailing behind

But you’re so far ahead
With the future in your hands
You’re the “x” on the map
The destination in every heart
And with that you roam your wonders
Set them on blazing fires
And laugh in the distance
As you watch the faces of the world

And you leave us wondering where you are, whenever we feel alive
You truly are the master of the hour

The reckless paradoxical force everyone chases,
As you follow closely behind
When a dog chases it’s tail,
Does it get bored after it catches it?
Or does it hang on tight,
Running circles through the night?

If I chase you again,
Will you continue to run?
Run away forever,
Some sick idea of fun?

And if I become as fast as light,
Will I be the dog that hangs on tight?
Or will I too get bored,
And leave your life fragmented and ignored?
I would give up feeling sad if my cat would chase it’s tail
Johnny walker Feb 26
Sometimes on rain-filled days, I'd watch the rain forming droplets and  running down the window pane, sometimes when there were two or three I would have a little
Which one would get to the bottom of the sill first then when bored would gaze beyond the wet streets Imagine I was somewhere else a
A place far from where I was, used to work for me take away the boredom for while till the rain stopped and out would come a rainbow
I would think about the *** of gold supposed to be at the end of the rainbow old wife tale, but as a kid, I believed  
Many a time I'd go chasing
over the fields but never reach the end even though It would always appear so
Go chasing rainbows as a kid looking for that put of gold
of cause never found It but It didn't stop me trying
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