pookie 4d
A dark night
A misty morning
All signs of life hidden
My mind open to the sounds of the world
But closed off from life

A dark night full of terror
A misty morning of regrets
Memories of a life befor
A feeling of longing for a time gone by

A dark night full of nightmares
A misty morning of hope
My feet move to find a new path
My heart searches for a new feeling

A dark night twisting and turning me over
A misty morning pulling me awake
My life beats my mind into submission
My eyes see all but understands nothing

A dark night
A misty morning
And still lost hope that I can't find
And still looking for the past to be the future.
Aiden 4d
when i look at my past,
i grip the ground tightly
not wanting to fall back
into that deep,
that is teeming with nightmares
more horrible than my words can describe.

sometimes i get a taste of it.
i get a taste of how it once felt
to be in that canyon
and having no hope of rescue.
that scares me.

i don't want to go back.
i don't want to go back.
i don't want to go back
to that canyon teeming with nightmares.

i write poetry to let go of my emotions and move on,
but sometimes putting my emotions
into words
is more painful than keeping them in.
Noah A 5d
Nobody understands you
I want to know
Why you kill
The pain you cause
You make warriors fall to their knees
Everybody worships you
You haunt nightmares
You are an evil sorcerer
Your prison locks away the forgotten
In a place where
Creativity, imagination, and color
They do not exist
They are not welcome

I hate you Death
You have taken from me
You thief!
You are evil
You torture my mind
My body screams for the pain to stop
You kill me from the inside out
You possess my thoughts
There is nothing worse
You filthy liar!  You cheater!
I hope you suffer beyond belief!
I hate you, Death

And yet,
Without you
There would still be pain
You end all that
With one movement
What is worse than death?
Many, many are worse than Death
You may be a devil, Death
I will never understand you
You have helped me through life
And when it is my time to end
I will do it willingly
Thank you, Death
Nel 6d
I’m in the same room

The room that overlooked the cemetery
The place which I used to think I would join sooner than everyone else thought


It’s different

There’s no windows
No door...

           No escape...

                    No way to help myself..

Then I started coughing up

Half digested pills


Razor blades...


I feel ripping at my skin

Tearing and pulling

Then warmth spilling from the slits

My body burns

Like I can feel everyone’s pain

All at once

I’m crying


Begging for help that will never come

I’m scratching and clawing at the walls

Walls that are now covered in a sad red

I’m punching and kicking

I’m trying to get help

I’m screaming screams that won’t crawl out of my mouth

Not a peep

The metallic taste won’t stop dancing on my tongue

It won’t stop..

I gag

More horrors leak from my mouth

I can’t speak..

Not even a whisper

Not a whine

Or a whimper

I’m trapped

I’m shaking

I’m blinded by tears

I’m covered in gashes

I’m gagging

Blood covers me like a blanket..

I’m scared

I want out

I can’t help myself

I can’t feel my body now

I can’t save myself


I only feel one thing

Someone wrapping their fingers around my throat


                      I wake up

In my bedroom

It’s the same as I left it, there’s no cemetery nearby

But I was the one with my hand around my throat

I loosen my grip

And start to sob harder

I pull my knees up to my chest and hug them


The difference is

I’m sobbing silently

I’m not crying for help

Because I’m safe

It’s just a dream

That was fabricated by me


I’ve made a promise that I won’t hurt myself anymore

So I’m safe with myself
My nightmares,
Are you my shadows that glare,
In contempt at me,
Such that sleep has deserted me.
Are you there to persecute me,
In bed,I turn and toil,
In terror,like a foetus I coil,
For mercy ,to my Lord I shout,
Pray, what my nightmares are about?
Yet, you continue to gnaw,  
All the courage I strive to draw.
I swear, your attempt I shall foil,
Your plans I shall  spoil,
I shall seek to rise,
Every horror you cause I shall prise,
Bit by bit,a clean slate,
Possession of me you shall never satiate.
My nightmares were terrible.They came every night.I prayed hard, meditate and even took medical help.I promised myself to overcome them and I did.
Alva Cardona Mar 11
Autistic people don’t dream the way normal people do, and our nightmares are no exception to this rule. While you dream of that horror movie monster you saw in the theater last week, we dream with people we see on a daily basis, showing strange emotions on their faces, demeanors we’re not used to, foreign and alien, that scares us worse than Friday the 13th’s Jason’s mask or Scream’s disguised murderer would scare you. The new ways in which faces can twist their features, contort them beyond our ability to recognize them (or at least feign recognition) or draw comfort from familiarity terrify us and cause a reaction on a visceral level, making us wake up with a start. Still, I never forget the distortions on the faces I dream about, even if they’re twisted in what you would consider normal expressions of sentiments that would be easy for anyone else to recognize. I’ve fallen out of bed so many times, I’ve bruised my hands and head, and I still shiver every time I remember the way you stared at me unwaveringly in the eyes for more than the few seconds it takes to make me feel naked and uncomfortable, your smile crooked beyond its perfect and normal dimensions, just a little more lifted on the left side, showing more teeth than usual, extra lines and creases in your wrinkles, and the shine in your tapetum lucidum more or less dimmer. All I can think about when I open my eyes after those dreams are “Wrong! It’s all wrong!”, and "Why does it take so little to turn a person I know or love into a stranger?" I need to grab and stare for a few minutes at photos of you in the albums where I’ve intricately and extensively documented your many ways of showing animi moti.
Anonymous Mar 10
I have a monster that lives under my bed
He whispers ugly stories about being dead
I shiver in my covers; eyes wide
As his claws tickle at my side

I have a beast that lives in my closet
Often I hear her groan and vomit
I hide and pretend she's not there
But at night I hear her in my rocking chair

I have creatures that live in my walls
They scratch and whisper down the hall
I squeeze my eyes shut; afraid
While they chatter about making me their slave

We children have devils in our heads
They screamed, our eyes bled
We huddle and hide, wishing and praying
But of course, they claim they are staying
Khushi Batra Mar 8
I sleep in late to enjoy the nightmares.
Get easily seduced by the pain.
Happiness gives me an uncanny sensation of consternation.
Surrounding me in a void of wretchedness and misery.
When I look into the mirror
Soulless eyes of abhorrence stare back at me,
With an evil smirk on his face,
I smash the glass and lick the blood
From my knuckles.
Memories of glee and enthusiasm from my childhood
Gnaw at me; haunt me with their claws filled with delight.
A hysterical laughter is strained through my lungs
When I see my blood on the floor.
I sit in this abyss of darkness both
Day and night, till the god of death
Pays me a visit.
-Khushi :)
Emily Miller Mar 5
It’s time to talk about it,
It’s time to talk about the nightmares.
I’ve lived in fear of sleep for far too long,
A lifetime,
Struggling to make a home in my head
When it feels like a foreign country
A new one
Every night.

Something about my own mind makes me uneasy
Each time I lay down.
Something turns my stomach,
And I get a prickle under my skin.
I get cold and hot all at once,
And I can’t get comfortable,
And as sleep creeps over me like an island fog,
I shudder,
They’re coming.
The nightmares.

They don’t only come at night.
They come when they please,
As long as my guard is down,
And my subconscious at play.
They jimmy open the windows
And crawl in under the shadows.
And when they’ve arrived,
They seize me,
And I’m trapped in slumber,
Awake enough to be terrified of what they show me,
Just not enough to shake them out of my head.

Odd lights swing about as if fixed to the roof of a dancing house,
And bizarre scenes are partially illuminated in the infrequent light.
My memories betray me,
Morphing into something monstrous.
The worst of them-
My arms in a grip stronger than mine,
Cold eyes looking at me flatly
As words come out
Evil and wrong,
And me,
My father,
Dying in the living room,
Everyone prepared,
But no one ready,
And me,
Knowing what was to come from a dream sent to me,
Gentler than the rest…

They’re not always memories.
On occasion
My imagination runs hand in hand with my fear
And I become a victim to one crime after the next.
The villain is anonymous,
Or sometimes someone I know,
But they’re always armed,
Grinning cruelly as they berate me,
Hurt me,
Kill me.
Natural disasters destroy my home,
Wars commence,
And animals speak,
Surreal chaos reigning
Until the ring of an alarm
Or a gentle shove
Awakens me.

My head throbs and my chest aches and the visions continue to play silently.
The nightmares fade excruciatingly slow,
A faint reminder that they will return again.
Mornings delude with a false sense of awakening.

Nightmares don't disappear by first light,
They haunt you like shadows until they blend with the dark.
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