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Jay M Aug 2019
In the night
A yell
A cry from the elderly
A wailing
Piercing the calm
Alerting all

"No! Demon!"
She cried
"Deja me!"
She screams

Getting up, she is touched on her shoulder
Her granddaughters
Hope to sooth her
Then go back to bed
At last she is quiet
But only for a minute..

"Deja me demon!"
She cries
It's 4am still
Mom walks in
"Mamma, Mamma, Mamma..."
She soothes
Wakes the poor woman
Sighs of relief
Then peaceful rest...

- Jay M
August 20th, 2019
My grandma is staying for the week, and had a nightmare last night. She woke everybody, and scared my siblings and I. She's okay now.
Sakura 1d
Sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
So that my tired soul can rest in peace
So that I can avoid the eternal pain of this life
Will you sing me...
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
My soul is wounded and
Body soaked in blood
I witnessed a massacre of happy moments
I witnessed a massacre of dreams
I witnessed a massacre of human beings
I can't sleep bcz i have nightmares
In my eternal sleep i want to avoid it all
In my eternal sleep i want to live the life of Riley
The world is so dark and it's the right time to fall in a deep sleep in a bed of roses
So that I can rise and shine again someday
So will you sing me tonight
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity?
The other dream
the one where we have
tangled tanned limbs
and you have a shaved head

Did it happen yet?

and we are 14
at an antique wooden table
nestled in an alleyway
tucked within my suburb

tearing flower from stem
body euphoria from all within
placated and saccharated with
Creme honey in a
****** passionfruit sunset

we are home
i nuzzle the tail
at your neck
you tell me stop being scared
but I  have already

and its just permission I wait for.
you know, express consent
Maybe I have so much
to learn before then

Still discovering what it means
to be a queer friend
And if I could acknowledge
how very far I've gotten..

all the pain that im not in
right now incase ive forgotten

Baby maybe I have
so so much to learn before then

I'm still learning how
to be a good queer friend

im fine to dream of your skin
if i could just acknowledge
how far i've gotten

better dreams. There are nightmares and then there are their equals and opposites.
Sakura 4d
every night when i sleep
I have nightmares that make me weep

Every night i find myself walking around dead bodies
Every night i find myself running away from some killer
Every night i find myself in a warzone
Every night i find gallons of blood
Every morning i shed tears
It's a nightmare...

I feel tired of running away from the darkness
It's just a horrible place with screams at times
is it my own voice that i hear...
I want to get up , but I'm a prisoner of my own dark world, in my nightmare...

I find a light, so far away, but as i reach it, i wake up, its another day. And my nightmare world is gone, until the last ray of light, then maybe into that world, ill have to make another stand, and begin another night.
Trying to hide what I am from you
Trying to hide the dark part of me
But you know me to well
I can’t hide the fear
My worries from you
I’m alone
I stumble through the dark
Wondering who am I?
Want am I supposed to do?
When it’s dark
I want to scream
and hide from all the nightmares
Fear is crawling into my skin
I remember all the times you made me uncomfortable when you touched me and I tried to push you away
You haunt me I try to scream but nothing comes out
The tears coming down my face as I am terrified of it all
I am haunted by the dreams over and over
I just wish the rain would pour down on me and drowned me
Your heart is cold like the words you keep telling me
You keep haunting and coming back for me
I need to wake up from this continuing dream
My hands wrapped tightly in my blankets
Trapping me down
As I close my eyes I keep seeing you
I scream out but no one is here to listen
Your causing me pain
Will you go away
Leave me alone
When I try to sleep you’re there
So get the hell out of my head
Why can’t I hide from this
Let me escape this please
Baby please will you hold me
Will you take me away
Luiz Oct 9

always there
never spare
to scare
they stare

and snare
they swear
my despair

not a prayer
to breathe air
never fair
always tear

here and there
I'm elsewhere

back in time
times behind
hit rewind
as tears flare

past glares
I dare

rip to pairs

to replace
and erase
no space
for disgrace

give it face
past deface
earn my place
win the race

up the pace
live in grace
life embrace!
Time goes on, as I grow older, the fear and doubts grow with me into a chasm in my mind. You fall awake, I'm another year older and you don't know who I am. You fall away deeper and deeper into this chasm in my mind.
This abyssal feeling wakes me from sleep terrified that you aren't next to me. Only a ghost in my arms, staring into my eyes, feeding this chasm in my mind.
a fear of my worst nightmare,
possibly coming true.
is just too much for me to bare,
and it would be the same for you.

my heart is damaged beyond repair,
i couldn’t be more blue.
you left me in despair,
when you found someone new.
Owen Oct 2
How could someone you love
become a stranger so fast.
Over broken promises,
having so much hope they would last.
How could flowers so beautiful
turn and decay
when you did your best to water them
each and every day.

How could all this
have been just a dream.
When you stay up all night
your body trying not to scream
as your heart is ripped out,
and placed in a fire
where it dies, charred and black,
a funeral pyre.
You collapse
and you wake
tears and scars you must hide
while you know
you just died a whole lot more inside.
You were once.
Her most favoured dreams.
That's slowly transforming.
Into her worst nightmares.
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