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David Hilburn Jun 25
Panic's jewel...
Or, is that pride?
Poor relenting, to you...
The question of irony on your side?

Places and things, together
With a real appetite for life's regency
So, sophisticated, the liberty of kind to bother
An open air, of a wish that found deception's history...?

My undone mercy, my marveling hope
Is with a ghost of a chance, the truth
In a guarded fist, to promise a shared cope?
If any pout of lore, is a wish that sought your youth...

I will follow...
Despairing consciences, with a blinking stare at honor
That defies home for one thing only, that is to harrow...
The dread in a tear, found for a salt that told a story:

Once upon a time, and the tenderness of couth
To wake upon a simple bed, the taste of harmony in league
With itself, the role of unity and vice, come the riches of who
Is a part defined, and who is a smarter focus divine, of each?

Which will the tows of remorse...
Work as we said, they have the skill's of duress to laud
And heraldry of a looming proportion, to understand the worse
The life of another lords prophet, the can and the callous odd...

Here is such, the lies or levity we fate
With a rekindled fire, for what is a stranger look, of desperation
Sincerity or since charity is a fool for itself, the world of sate
Is a kindness only a lover could afford, the very gift of intimation?

And the ides of heathen politeness, are here
To simply move forward and borrow
The truth in an order and repute, that has oneself to bless, with another's fear...?
Prove me the notorious, and the nefarious will **** a night-mare
Yemaya Apr 27
Hands travelling over me,
I'm scared, holding back tears.
My heart pounds trying to fight back, but I'm paralyzed unable to protect myself.
And he holds me as if I were his to adore.

Now I wonder if I can ever be held again.
Oh you don't mess with this lonely boy.
I dated you. Mated with you as a Crake way back when. I hated every minute of being your sweetie Helen Rose.
I am not your Oryx so stop acting like I will magically appear in Idaho for your love life.
I don't do guilt trips anymore as a date-**** drug Helen.
I don't do sirens as emergencies anymore, Helen Rose.
I don't do popular girls with lonely needs anymore, Helen Rose.
I don't do you, Helen Rose!
I am not your girlfriend in real life, never was. I don't do false alarms anymore!
Sweet Dreams.
Jael O'Dell Dec 2021
Don't you ever tire of being in my dreams?
Don't you ever sleep?
You're there every night, it seems.
Don't you ever tire of running through my head?
Don't you ever ache?
Sometimes I dream you're dead.
Don't you ever tire of sitting in my brain?
Don't you feel guilt?
You're putting me through pain.
Don't you ever tire of being on my mind?
Don't you ever share?
My energy has declined.
Don't you ever tire of cracking on my skull?
Don't you ever go away?
This joke is getting dull.
Don't you ever tire of being my delusion?
Don't you understand?
You're the cause of my confusion.
Don't you ever tire of being in my dreams?
Don't you ever want peace?
You're with me every night, it seems.
Finn Dec 2021
For my dreams
and nightmares
I'm left standing
at an edge of something
incredibly important.

But it leaves me to wonder
whether I need a doctor
or a witch
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