Red Brush 10h
The love of my life to me, in bed, said,
"I love you truly, love. Now kiss me."

As I leaned in to kiss her, her head
Fell off, screaming with glee, "I'm free!"

With a loud gasp I woke up in bed,
And knew it was just a dream scary.

And then I realized I was not wed.
I was single, and would likely die lonely.
Kat 3d
I'm hurting lately
Is it just me?
I keep breathing barely
Is there a good excuse?

I'm quite tired these days
Should I get medication for that?
My nightmares are showing me new ways
What's the deal?

Cut. One small thought I had as well
Where did that come from all of a sudden?
In our bathroom is that certain smell
(I can't stand it)
Am I doing this right?

I think I left my confidence at home
Or is it hiding under the bed?
Guess we got separated, this girl is one, lone.
Or is she?

I made new friends in the meantime
Is Anxiety coming over?
We gonna have another slumber party, “I seem fine”
(That's going to be the theme)

Don't forget about Self-loathing,
the party doesn't really start without them, does it?
It's gonna be a sick time with a bunch of loafing,
Sounds pretty good, huh?

Might as well make this my invitation,
to my awesome sleepover
though there's an ongoing renovation
so please don't mind the noise.
Not sure what I did here. Just some random thoughts written down in the heat of the moment. Let me know what you think.
His skin is peeling away from the structure of his face the fire burns so hot he will never be recognized as him again I don't know why they bothered to re cremate him when by the end he was already a burnt out husk anyways.
2 a.m on Friday the 13th his tires slid and he wrapped himself around a tree something ignited and it's clear he never had a chance from the beginning
I thought he was careful.
I see his bloodcurdling screams on a movie screen in my head the soundwaves look like never coming home except in a box with a flag handed to his two sons I think the irony is that he made it through the war and not down the highway.
I thought he was careful.
I sat in the 4th row and couldn't stop staring at a beautiful blue box it held this man bigger than life inside of it everybody is crying around me and I just want him to hug me again but i feel so selfish as if his sons don't want that too.
I thought he was careful.
Everynight on the back of my eyelids they replay the crash I never saw but can only imagine in full color surround sound I could almost feel the seismic impact his death left on the world when the tree did not give way and I hope that you were lucky enough to get into heaven but I've got to say that burning up on Friday the 13th doesn't sound very lucky to me.
In the nightmares that haven't stopped in 2 months and one week.
Spoke to a Baphomet
Down by the willow
He was watching the moon bathe in that same river
That dissolved everything in its way

He whispered:' This is your version of Aegri somnia'

I tell him that this is not a bad dream and that
I really am shattered in a thousand pieces
And that
I came to lay my burden down before I close my eyes

So, he offers a rope and I suddenly see a brighter season

He plays me dirty, one for the shepherd none for the sheep

I asked for my own Beatrice back

she burns in a pit
9th circle - still have her knife in my back
And only then he tells me the rules-the waiting game begins only when the lights go out


Game over.
*lat.troubled dreams; sick man's dreams
*Dante's lover, Beatrice
Cumulous pillows
of insomniac depravity
drizzle keen pulp
unto the eye, hair wetting
mattress - springing
metal spasms
upon the spine of those
who dream.
Mellow morning
saltily floats up
from morbid
A 5d
every night
tears are dragged
your eyes
until all you can
is salt,
until your eyes
stay open.
The darkness is
made of
soul crushing despair.
Anguish enough
to have you
silently screaming
as you
break your fingers
on the wall
uselessly hitting
at cold, hard

you spend all night
desperately trying to

Aren’t you tired of it?
I am.
But then again,
I may just be tired
because I can’t
Another 3:00 am poem

facing heaven
facing the music

angel choirs are nothing like the devil
down in Georgia
far above the level of
into a stratospheric stratification of
and seven levels of adrenaline beyond

dopamine dreams drip
soothing control
like a lighted window in the
glimmering like gold
but so far gone
the meaning is

and I wander
through my own house
wondering why this isn't home
wishing to the stars to go
away into the unknown

but I'm snatched back

and I switch back to passing
myself in the mirror
and screaming Bloody Mary
because I'm home
but gentle hands

how to love while being played like a fiddle
how to sweetly play it off as
close enough to god to

yet I am home
and the stars align so I do find
refuge in the music
and make a home in
dreams made doped
coaxed by my own
two hands

too late to come down
Shoot up for the stars, land in oblivion.
Colten Clark Jun 15
My eyes stare into oceans, in which I cannot breath
I sleep with mind wide open
letting strange things in my dreams . . .
Deemz Jun 14
Stop chasing me,
I see you watching me when I'm waiting at the bus stop,
I feel your presence when I'm preparing my 1 sugar 2 cream coffee,
I know you're with me when I'm counting sheep as I'm falling asleep,
you're there in my nightmares,
your reality is the maze I am trying to escape from.
Greg Jones Jun 13
Head on my pillow,
Wishing you could
Come visit my nightmares.
Change them into dreamscapes.

My mind’s an ocean.
It’s crashing the shore.
Floating on my memories.
I’m drifting away, away.

Head on my pillow.
I need you to
Come visit when I sleep.
Nightmares into dreamscapes.
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