MU 1h

Subject: Questions

Dear You,

You surely know
That you are not
Don’t you?

You always act
As if you were
Are you?

How many times
You thought you’re right,
And weren’t?
You learned?

Why do you think
That time will change
You, while
You don’t?

How many years
Do you think you have got?
Much left?

Then why you act
As if life
Will go on,


P.S: They say, we can’t foresee the future until we shape it with our own hands...I say, relatively speaking, we can always foresee it. If we work hard on shaping it, then we know how it will look like. And if we don't, then we know that it will look like our current reality, since we are who we are, unless we change.
Anomaly 1d

I need to pay more attention in chemistry

instead you're all my eyes wanna see

So I began paying you more attention
And wondering if we had chemistry

But then you moved seats permanently

So I decided you probably wouldn't be into me

Goodbye to my slurpee dreams
Nylee 3h

Hello , how are you ?
Hope you are enjoying a nicer view .

Hope you know and understand
the mistakes , I am making these many days .
And even in future  , making new set of them ,
But I hope you are braver in the face of problems .

You know ,
Life could have been much easier
if you could write back .
But ,
that way , maybe
each time , I would be re-writing you

Talking to future me

I think there are people
who do not want to be happy

Because they know
happiness might go away
And once it's gone, they know
they might not reach that again
That it will just be a reminder
of what they no longer have
And they'd rather not compare
I think there are people
who do not want to be happy
There are people like me.

I'm tired of crying. I'm scared of believing.
Abby 6h

the palms of her hands
are calloused
from the constant

she is
digging a hole,
running on empty.

as she falls to her knees,

her fingertips
are enveloped in
the cool earth,
cooling the blisters
and bruises.

she climbs inside.

and as the cavern fills up
with rainwater,

she feels her swollen tongue
and the rug burn on her skin
and the acid in her throat,

and she reaches for the comfort
of her shirtsleeves.

the grit
of cough syrup
and mud
between her teeth
makes her gag

over the patter
of rain,
she can hear a shovel
against rock.

another person
digging a hole,
but into the rocky portion
usually reserved for those
with nothing

and so out she climbs,
cradles the digger
in her arms
and fills her hole
with flower petals,
dropping the lost soul

and she wraps her fingers
around the soaked piece of wood
and metal

and groans with that familiar sound
of metal on rock

as she resumes
what they left behind.

~dig, boy. dig.

fire cannot exist without air
the more air on offer
the brighter the flame burns
air stifles as fire ignites
but don't forget
hot air rises

whoa just tripped myself out with that one
Jim Davis 1d

Mommy loved Daddy
Then me

©  2017 Jim Davis

Crimsyy 1d

I know that everything has changed;
apart from my name,
nothing much is the same.
Now I wonder if awareness
is equal to happiness,
because somehow
moments stayed longer in my mind
when they were an inhale
I didn't bother to memorize.
Now I'm a museum
filled with stains
from all the different kinds
of pain,
now I'm dipped in paint,
dipped in so many colours,
aiming to complete
a thousand pictures,
not content with just one.
Now I'm confusing
hunger for love,
and my heart has lost
its gravity;
my ribs are its cage,
one my wild heart won't escape.
And now that I've walked
a road filled with scars,
instead of tears,
I'd like to swallow the stars.

Breath in throat. Breathe child breathe. Keep reminding myself this is just memory.  Nor more reality.........

Seems like yesterday when you drove by. Nothing special nothing earned on that hot day.  As every story of hot day  that's  were my story of you begins.                                                          

Water. Yes.  For your radiator. Handing you the jug was tomorrow never seen. Oh, but I skip so much already to talk about are midnight escapes.
Joyce 1d

We said goodbye.
I'm not gonna cry.
You make me feel happy.
My fire was burning.
I could smile all day.
This feeling of yearning.
I feel the passion
and it made me feel free.
Like honey so sweet.
With such high intensity.
I know it was wrong.
But this feeling felt so strong.
I needed you more.
More than you needed me.
Deep in my heart I knew
this could never be.
I don't blame it on you.
Just don't understand
my feelings for you.
I have to let you go.
Time to end this show.
Before it gets out of hand.
This feeling will fade away.
And disappear like footprints
in the sand...

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