Subject myself to the topic
Masochism and apathy
Misanthropic logic
I'm past living, beyond being happy

Houses smell like carrion
Clothes feel like rags
Waist no time caring
Only my soul needs a bath

Everyone gather around as I bend over
So you can
I have suffered God's wrath
Punishments for my sins
Fate be we crossed paths
You're ment to tear me from within

I see now I deserve it
Reap the fruits of my karma
I still seem to think you're worth it
Even if you choose to forget our love

You're perfect
Cursed to be froze just below heaven.
Fire flies undulating in rhythm with staccato lightning flashes.
Campfires that have smoldered down into cinders and ashes.
Scintillating swaths of planets and stars that illuminate the night sky.
In my moment of time these sights and more have brought you to mind.
When ya got feels, ya got feels.
Cameron 14h
I write this on paper
Because words are too hard
Thy bring back the memories
That I wish were gone

I write this on paper
"Coping", I guess
My go-to source
For feeling my best

I write this on paper
Maybe one day you'll see
That I write this on paper
Because its killing me
Coping with my thoughts and flashbacks on paper.
Regan 18h
I almost lost you,
I really could’ve too.
You wanted me to tell you,
Something I simply couldn’t do.
I hated how I let you,
Walk right over me,
That really hurt,
Can’t you see?
Threatening our friendship,
Over a petty little thing.
Trying to destroy me,
But you can’t,
You can’t hurt me.
You have already
Broken me enough,
But I’ll tell you,
I’m pretty tough.
You hit me, jabbed me,
Told me you could trust me.
Just because I didn’t tell you
What you simply couldn’t see?
I almost lost you,
And it would’ve been for the better,
Because you’re like,
A loose string on a sweater.
And I wish I would’ve stood on my own,
Without you hitting me.
Truth is, I would’ve been better off,
Unfriending you.
This is for trying to tell me I was wrong for not telling you, when you have no right to make me tell you.
Let your heart pledge allegiance to me.
I have borderline personality,
I can be sad and happy,
I can feel the sad and happy of the days,
I'm always mad
I'm always bored
I'm just so empty
All the time

I have anxiety
I feel like dying every day
I wish everything could just disappear

I'm just illness and pain
I'm just sickness and destruction

I have borderline personality
I have anxiety
I have pain
I no longer have a life to live
salt underfoot
I prevented and did not prevent me from going
and the moon around was water
when there is no water and no sea
then it's under my feet
bricks become water and salt

the light is on the streets
day and night quarters
the sea looks at me and I look at it
and get out the paper
I write again and immediately
I go to nimu and only to him

There were so many ways by which she can heal herself  
but she chose me.
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