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Stop pushing me away
Stop saying you're okay
Stop trying to be brave
I know you're scared
It's okay cause I care
I'll always be there
And you don't believe me
Well soon you will see me
And soon you will be free
To love me and be loved
To trust me enough
And soon you'll dispose of
That voice in your head
Telling you that you should be dead
Telling you that nothings ahead
There's no need to worry
Although things can get blurry
I love you, I'm sorry
I just can't stop loving you...
In the beginning, there was
me, then I became you and
I, then you and I became
and Johnny then Helen and
Johnny became Man and wife
then man and wife became
parents to our son and now
there's only my son our kitten
and I
Me became I became you and I you and I became man and wife
Lynnia 13h
Write me like a rose
Soft petals built of prose
Carve me like a keyless lock
Whose secrets no one knows
Draw me like a dream
Who isn’t what she seems
Mold me like a polished mirror
Who says just what she means
Craft me like a crime
Who stole all of your time
Paint me like an endless youth,
Never past her prime
Form me like a fire
That never, ever tires
Lull me like a legacy
That stays when things get dire.
Faith 14h
Let me hold you tonight
Let me tell you it'll be alright
Let me listen
Let me see
Let me in
I won't let you be
Let me keep you warm
Let me calm down the storm
Let me hold your hand
Let me understand
Let me in
I'll ask again and again
Just let me in
Let me...
I was already broken, and I needed my friends,
Another relationship had come to an end,
So I went to a party where I met you, two men,
In hindsight, I wish I didn't go and had just stayed in.

Late at night I was trying to sleep,
Yet you both followed me like lost sheep,
Inviting yourselves into the bed,
My "no"'s giving you the go ahead.

You acted like all I needed was encouraging,
As if no means "sure let's just keep on going!",
After a while, I even moved to another bed,
Yet you saw that as a sign to follow me instead.

2 on 1, your advance had begun,
I felt empty, devoid of all expression,
I was your doll for you to do with as you please,
I laid there as you added me to your trophies.

One of you is done and I think it might be over,
Yet the other said it was "unfair" for him not to quiver,
I wanted to forget so I could recover,
Then days later told "its only banter".

Did you think it was a game?
That getting *** would lead you to fame?
I know that straight after you went and told your friends,
As if I was an object or a means to an end.

When I asked you to stop gossiping your medal,
You blamed, insulted and implied that I was viral,
After it all that was the first time I cried in shame,
Because somehow, you made me believe I was the one to blame.

It's only now, years later, I realise it was wrong,
The "me too" movement has my mind dropping truth bombs,
The more I think about it the more I might explode,
These mental scars of trauma are all I have to show.

Do you know what its like to constantly think about?
To try every day to block it all out?
You probably don't even know or think about what you've done,
My body was just an object, a conquest that you won.

I don't know how long my mind will be haunted,
I still have to come to terms with being assaulted,
It's a brand my body and soul will always bear,
Except now I get freedom and hope from prayer.

Because my *** is great, and He forgives all sin,
And it is through him that I have gained new skin,
"Forgiving one another, as *** in Christ forgave you",
It is by him and for him that I forgive you.
amme 1d
I've been beaten, I've been bruised.
I've been loved and I've been used
But through it all I kept my head held high.
Looking for the bright side
But every time it seems to show,
I'm too scared of letting go!
So I run and I hide.
All these feelings inside.

It's time to break the pattern,
And let them see.
All the beauty within me!

Gotta let go,
Gotta let me know
This isn't me.
You know I try to
Let loose
But what happens when they see
The real me.

I'm no good at rejection
So I never aim too high.
Scared of my own reflection
Am I losing my mind.

No this can't be it
This isn't life
Got to get off this ride.
A beautiful song written in a couple of minutes by a good friend of mine "JustLulle". She did not want to show this to anyone but finally gave me permission to post this here. She does not like attention or anything like that but I told her this is too good not to be shown to the public. All credits go to her!
km 1d
we are the same

we are different

you and i
well, we're just in love
November 12, 2018
ab 1d
i always expected your hands
to be colder than they are
and your pulse to be steady

but sleepy smiles breathe blue light
and you almost kiss my forehead
nearly interlock fingers

before you catch yourself
and lie there against me
it's my fear through you, i know

i've stopped thinking tomorrow
will be the same as always
there is no longer any "same"

this afternoon i saw the words
"you deserve someone who isn't confused
about how they feel about you"

it made me sick to think
that i'm supposed to be sure
about an uncertain sensibility

you're stronger than i expected
a sea foam green breath of air
youthful but so sure

a shape shifting creature, it seems
to them a staccato exhale
towards me, legato and full

an armful of existence.

i recognize it but do not feel
it besides an ache in my core
reminding me that it is unfinished

the end of which

i do not know

but i can taste in the emptiness
of the evening
~i'm so tired of myself
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