aw so,
you think you want to love me?
an you think that ya can?
because it's a hell of a thing yeah,
this crazy new plan,

but OK,
let's go,

will you love me- my crazy
my chubby- my lazy?
when I am an orchid
or when I'm a daisy?

when I am annoying
an I'm acting a pain?
will you love me my whacky
as I try to stay sane?

becuz' I'm the moon
an well lovely or not
well I wax an I wane

sigh yes,
even then I will stay true

good, cuz,
mostly I am peaceful
tranquil and playful
I am busy with my life too
yeah I want me a day full

of loving someone,
who looks JUST like the stars
all shiny -so sacred
who'll whipe away scars,

each day I'm a changin'
an each day I will try
right now- yeah evolvin'
I'm not a wonderin' on why,

why this or that happens
an why it can't change?

when did he stop lovin'?
when did we go estranged?

I'll not switch this or that now
have plans rearranged,

I'm not waitin' on nothin'
but I hope for it all
someone to love me
an to catch ~ when I fall

I just want to breathe in,
I'm not lookin' for love
instead I'm a waitin'
on the heavens above

to change my heart -
or his heart
whoever he is
until then I sigh now
for I still know bliss

in simple living pleasure
the joy of simple things
like barbequed sunshine,
an a church bell that rings
and how I can sing now
an man I LOVE to just sings!

how memories they do tweak us
an how memories they do alter,

as reality it too changes
as the memories they too falter

especially when I am,
I am alone at the alter.

where I'm a prayin' for peace
an a hopin' for rain
to release me the past
any unending pain
to finally let go
of the things felt in vain
whew geesh,

for even those things
they change with the time
an just like this poem
and in every new rhyme

so you think you can love me?
and you'll love me sublime?

I do.

I do
love you

I love you boo,
yes yes its true!

hey what can I say
this feeling is so new,
phew, I'm relieved,
it was a conversation
we needed to have
so ..then
let's come together
X-citing possibilities
this new love is,
very exciting
quite different
well it feeelzzz just amazing,
to be over the moon in love,
freeing and wonderful,
that MOST special feeling,
you wait like-
4-eva for?

well that feeling,
I know it today,
an I hear it's even called-

"self-love" ❤

I am looking in the mirror,

yes I do ~ I do love you
Ma Cherie!

Ma Cherie © 2017

Inspired? Ma Cherie means my darling my dear my love. Yup I am self loving right now lol waiting on nothing - hoping for everything- was inspired by a friend who has been very insightful. Love you all ❤
Bianca 1d

(i'm going to talk crazy, so grab me by the blue collar
and scream to my chest, just like you wanted yesterday
then you can cut my blonde hair and swallow it
no wonder that you became so thin and weak-kneed
then take my heart rate and turn it into a majestic crater)

your windows are frozen, my lipstick is hot
tell me what you choose and i'll tell you now
whether my sparkle water will ever stay in your neck;
today those cranes are leaking onto your shoulders
just like hope dies whenever a star falls from the night
(I knew Fata Morgana is still alive, you didn't)
you're telling me that the sky is talking over my shoulder
and the ground is moaning behind our eyes
you'd want to be like them, tilting with windmills
and winning;

Laura 22h

I'd love to be
I'd work hard
To be

If only
If only I


One out of
Will do

To be me.

I'm sorry. I seem to have some kind of word-/why-/me-diarrhea. Can't help it. You wouldn't believe the websites I found searching for the correct spelling of diarrhea by the way. In Dutch it's simply diarree.
Still a weird word. For a weird thing. So.

You stay over again at mine,
while she thinks that, you're covering the late shift-"you're so kind."
You kiss me like there's no tomorrow tonight.
We're on borrowed time.
This love is so shallow.

Does she see the marks on your spine?
The lipstick stains of how much I want you to be mine.
I hear your phone buzz,
You don't answer it-but why?
I get it now,
This is our lost time.

You go to gig,
With the band.
She thinks that your just with your friends.
I see you there, across the bar,
You say: "let's go back to ours."

Does she see the look in your eyes?
You're not happy, your in disguise.
I'm not just the other girl on the side-
I'm "The One" he calls because I'm on his mind.

4 years too long,
We waited for this moment to arrive.
You whisper; "God how much I've missed you in my life."
You hold me until I fall asleep by your side.
But I'm not sure this time... this time...

I can't believe you didn't tell me,
you were still with her, do you still love her?  
So go ahead now try me!
What's it gonna be?
Her or me?

Aleah 1d

I'm either too much,
Or not enough,
It's never in-between,
And when you,
Look at me,
I don't know,
What you see.

Just Kiss Me


Love is a significant matter,

It is sweet to enjoy with the one whom you love.

Love is delicious,

So enjoy it through your heart and lips.

Kiss me sweetheart.

When I look to your lips,

I feel as though I am drunk.

Drunk because of your lips,

Drunk because of the honey that is dropping from them.

Let me taste your honey sweetheart.

Let me feel and touch them,

Touch them through my lips.

Let me enjoy and give me pleasure.

I will also give to you and your tongue.

It is my only dream,

I dreamed about it for a long ago.

Dreamed and still live inside this dream.

Just kiss me now.

Let our lips meets.

I will never lose hope,

Light my darkest night with your lips.

Kiss me so that I may stay away from this world and everyone.

Kiss me now, and every time you can.

Kiss and keep kissing me.

I will never get bored from those kisses and your lips.

By hazem al ...

everyone gone before you realise
how much more important they are
then that gram of k
and now its empty
scraped plate

you were always too late

I’m my brain i create this piece of filth that i call fate

living my life as if your eyes and mine
ill watch myself touch
cus i know you can see me
doing it
for you

You breathing next to me

Is the only love song

I will ever need

I pray that
We both find
What we're looking for
Even if
Our treasures
Are not each other

I say while my treasure looks for greater discoveries
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