As the star that illuminated the minds of this world.

From the beginning of time it was I, but now have fallen into this obnubilated swirl

Of confusion, ignorance, a mental contusion.

The question lies, why I , my, people, suffer? Thoughts never concluded.

To loose, the conclusion cons illusions conquered by the cons cure conjured by those who con jurors to confuse those who were part of the con titled "fusion"

A cons game in which we partake in everyday. We play, we pay, unaware of the fact that our very souls are at stake. This is the world that you make.

When hear lies here,the there and now. Presently present wrapped pleasantly a gift given. Consciousness.

Hijacked like the planes that hit twin pillars shined bright with fire gave birth to death in a new form. Enter the void.

At first she was so coy and proud
gazing restless beyond the crowd,

I’d see her as I walked to work
a pleasant start each day as clerk,

She’d move to get a better view
the town, the folk, the sky of blue,

I changed my path closer to be
her second story balcony,

She always stood for me to see
her gracious presence followed me,

I came to need her sullen glance
and dreamed a prelude to romance,

In the cold light of winter’s glow
my lady braved the fallen snow,

But when the atmosphere was clear
her absence turned my joy to fear,

Did she succumb to sad lament?
Or was her bosom Heaven bent?

I had to know her fate reposed
her gift of love was self-imposed,

Her confession I would endure
the sordid details I would hear,

I rang the bell with great distress
wish not disturb the house in rest,

But when my inquiry was heard
their celebration was absurd,

Dancing in the street with folly
only served my melancholy,

The choice of fool was mine for free
a mannequin she came to be.

I don't know how to love
Like the ocean loves its waves
Or the way the sun dips below the horizon
Painting their love across the canvas of clouds
For all the world to stop and admire.

I can only love
In the way only secrets are loved
In between the shadows and the whispers
Of things meant to be kept between the lines.

My love for you would manifest
In brilliant art
But it would be forever locked away
In a deep chest only our eyes could see

My love for you would sing out
In the chords of harmony
Never meant to reach anyone's ears
But our own

My love for you would be

Hidden from the world
Because my whole world would be you
Everything I would do would be for you
But you would never want that kind of love
You'd rather live for the likes
And the cute couple-y comments
You'd live for the documenting every second
Of every moment of our relationship

You'd rather have a social trophy-love
Than the grandest,
Most truest form of love
You'll never get to see

So I guess that's why
I'd never get to love you...
   Because I wouldn't know how to...

Parts of something dug up from years ago when somebody asked me why I didn't want to date them, if it was because I didn't know how to love others, and why I wouldn't want to date anyone during high school. It's a little cheesy, and a little cringy, but the feelings were spot on.

I'm in the bar
With all my friends
We're smiling
Telling stories
Sharing opinions
It's a great night
I'm trying to say something
But I get interrupted
I'm trying to say something
But I get interrupted
but i get interrupted
The night goes on
The bar is full
People are getting louder
Trying to talk over the next loud person
My friends and I go outside
We are laughing
Telling jokes
Cheers go on and on
I try to say something
But I get interrupted
I try to say something
But I get interrupted
but i get interrupted
The night is coming to an end
People are leaving
Tabs are being paid
Some aren't ready to go
Other are tossed
My friends and I plan are next move
Some say come to my place
Others have work
Some are going for a walk
I try to say something
And my friend says what
I look down
Forgetting what was so important
I look up
"Oh nothing, it was just a bit crowded in there, thats all"
We all laugh in agreement

Hannah 5d

On a couch for three,
I am one,
Though there's more.
You could sit here,
But I think you'd rather take the floor.

Oh, anxiousness!
Why is it so hard for you to say hello?
I act frustrated by the question,
But the answer,
I know.

Let your eyes look at mine,
They're blue for that purpose,
If we shake hands and you don't,
It is worthless.

But it seems we all agree,
Being social's of the past,
We'd prefer to not confront,
Don't look at faces,
And just pass.

At this far the heavens meet the oceans
In their proximity, they are split screens
Like the black cat and the panther
They're family but not from same anther

You see only one green forest afar
Within it, separate trees as spar
As the lizard and the alligator
They seem kin, but opp gladiator

The river flows into the sea
But they have different scree
Like the albatross and the gull
Necropsy shows not same skull

Similar is different from same
Even when having ditto name
As twins share resemblance
They prove contrast semblance

One can be deceived by similitude
Especially, the one in beatitude
Delve profoundly to select rationally
to avoid submitting oneself to slavery

Silence 7d

I wanna tell you how I feel
How silenced I am when your physique is present
How easily the words slide out of your mouth when you speak
How your scent fills me up and brings me to life
How perfect your teeth are
How you put me in a daze when you cross my mind
How it's never a dull moment when you're with me
I feel a millions of butterflies when you're with me
You're perfection
And I am not.

I wrote this about my new crush and wows

Why am I so obsessed
With checking my notifications
If no one texts me
It feels like suffocation
That little red dot
Next to my application
It fucks me off
When it won’t work down at the station

I've got a mate who's into spontaneous flirtation
He met a bird on this app
I think she's Croatian
When we go out
Theres no conversation
Even Siri
Gives me fucking quotations

My new phone
Is the new sensation
Checking Facebook
My only temptation
I check my phone
Just to know my location
I’ve had it
With this nation

There's instant soup
Instant milk
Blogs full'a goop
Bugs in your blink

Instant coffee
Love like toffee
Stuck in your spam

Instant high
Instant fluff
Wherever you look
There's bang for your buck

God forbid
Delete it all
Switch it off
Feel the mad withdrawal

And go back to the land
Grow your own
Get a cow or a goat
Forget your phone

Finish the weeding
Chat with a rose
Stand in a summer shower
Smell the smells in your nose

Listen to the night
Owls, foxes, wrens
Watch the slow boiling
Smoke dancing in little rings

Natural world order versus techno world disorder
Silence Oct 7

Because of social media I've learned I am not good enough

Because of social media I've learned my best isn't truly my best

Because of social media I've learned that if I don't look a certain way, I will be shamed

Because of social media I feel obligated to wear makeup

Because of social media I've learned to hate myself

No girl or boy should have to hate them selves because of the double standards we have today. Everyone should feel the way they wanna feel, and they can look how ever they want.
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