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Amelia Jun 8
The music beats loudly,
the lights are scintillating,
caught in a time lapse,
of never ending smiles.
And then the next day comes
and I sit
and I stare
and an hour feels like days
and the only trace of the night before
is the aching feet
the throbbing eardrums
and the hope that I’ll see you again
but not too soon
because when I am without
I sit quietly alone for centuries
when you inevitably disappear.
Jessica May 30
Breathing here
Happens though a green straw
Like a lotus rising though the mud
Of societies lackluster grandeur
Speaking here
Best though inherent beauty
In metaphors
Harder to reach than Everest
Walking along
The ***** pond
Satanic windmills above
Rotating in the neon breeze
Take a fresh breath of air
In the metallic moonlight
The only sunlight
In this society
Is the lotus rising
From the artists’ demented dreams
The truth will set you free
Only in quiet reverie
Nothing is, nor has ever been,
As it seems
Dark Dream May 8
As the evening ticks on
I sit and ponder
Inside my restless spirit
I witness the comings
And goings
Of all the people
Through the pixels of black
Scrolling or trolling
The ether holds such power
Yet it’s substance is weak
Usage of color inside words
A slip of the keys
Portrayal in portraits
In lives out of the hives
But what is the point
Engaging in this parade
Do you show off your mask
Create those tasks
So I wonder again
If I’m in the right place
Or did I just end up
In a new trap for me
Steve Page May 6
Action without validation
without comparison by Instagram.
Experience not shared
not shown to those in the stands.
These events have value
even when not shared by you.
Secret acts are potent
so relish these moments
without posts.
Not everything off line lacks value.
neth jones Apr 12
Leaking Words                                                            ­                                    
                                                                ­         Absent Amongst Company ;
       Goming Tongues                                                          ­                        
                                                    Social Immediate
Holding & Lacing A Formation

Meeking & Shrinking
A Being Checks Out

Caught !

               Grabbed vice by the wrist
                            a swift clap to the cheek
then some laughs                    
                                      ­                          its all in sweat jest
but it is clear                                                  
         ­                                                                 ­                you should choose

not to cleave the loop
vllxch Apr 3
there i was
sit alone
people walk and passed by

some of them are carrying serious ill
some of them are crying,
lost someone they loved

never know
what people carrying
on their shoulder

but in this place
we all knew
we carrying
similar problem
Megan Mar 28
Feed me meaning and resilience
The bitter sweet,
Social validation
With thorns around my skull

Addicted to your thought.
Addicted to a corpse.
Addicted to the stories.
Feeling under valued
Like a statue, I feel it all

Today I surrender,
And set an intention.
Be wide open
to less,
Social Validation.
I can keep it all to myself
the things you said to me
the things you did
it's mine forever
it's mine alone
the things I wish I did
the things I wish I said
I should have put a bullet
in your pretty little head
I can keep it all to myself
the things I said to you
the things I did
the things I thought
it's mine forever
it's mine alone

Instagram was a graveyard
of memories that came to pass
my ex shared a picture of our son
on the backseat of his car
with their hands touching
whoever "he" is
I wonder if he knows
all the nasty **** you love to do
the ****** up thoughts you keep
the thoughts that keep you
so very far away from me

Now Instagram is a nightmare
a collage of everything
that makes me sick to breathe
it's where my dreams died
and reanimated
as someone else's
and that's ok because
in a way
they are still mine forever
his and mine alone

If we ever touched again
that would be
our very own cosmic Hiroshima **** up
I wonder how many souls we'd stamp out?
I wonder how many dreams would die?
mine are at the forefront of my mind
the dreams I had of us together
as the happiest three man band
the world has never seen
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