Big unwieldy reputation
Every time I take a step it’s a big conversation
But nobody ever wants to talk about the real me
And once upon a time, I had someone by my side
But I learned long ago real friends are hard to come by
Well, if good people are hard to find that must be why trust is even harder
Big unwieldy reputation
And people who want to play like adults but are scared like children
Because they’ve learned nothing in life is ever, not even close
And they know every move you make enlarges your reputation
No, no, no, it doesn’t matter if it’s true
It matters if it’s good; it matters if it’s exciting
Because we are a ruthlessly sick crowd craving a taste of excitement
Which is why we all get left with a big unwieldy reputation.
Big unwieldy reputation.
Ben Kaw 7d
The timid moon obscures itself
in shadows of intrigue.
Every night you wax,
a striptease of your soul.

The moon looks over all the stars
reflecting the light of an absent sun.
The cold night glows with wonder.
Though you are smaller than the stars,
the twinkles are minuscule in my eyes.

If you are the moon,
and the moon is made of cheese,
then why am I
cheesy so squeezy.
Dess Ander Mar 8
We picture ourselves through filters and lenses
Faking our lives under false pretenses
All around me these people stare
And I’m supposed to impress them.
I really wish I could say something real,
Something that doesn't sound so insane
But lately, I don't trust my brain, not at all
You tell me I won't ever change- but I have
So I just keep my teeth ground together
No matter how bad I wish I could say something.
I’m surrounded by you and your friends
And you keep running your mouth at me
I have so much to say to you all
I so desperately wish I could say something
But my lips are glued and glossed
Because you’re too cowardly to see my brain
No matter what, I say nothing. Nothing at all.
Empty vessels make the loudest noise
wrestled with this saying at school
those shouting in a cacophonous classroom
always ready to play the fool

Social media soaked with vacuous loudmouths
typing furiously with nothing to say
if the meek shall inherit the earth
they have to do it the hard way

Twenty four seven stairways to heaven
exist not beyond stretched surreality
shallow individuals bellow to the top
then collapse in icy winds of reality

Brightest stars break the darkest nights
beauty in bewitched observers beholden
timeless sayings come and never leave
set in stone is silence is golden
just a few thoughts in the lives we lead today
Have you ever write an open letter to an illiterate god?
To an empty sky blue which keeps blue-ticking you every time you type,

Let me tell you how it started…

It started with 5 loaves and two fish that mankind worship miracles and minor-things not the Christ.
This is a poertion of my long poem called "911-"
Sixteen years old
Another night
Another one
FADL guard*
She smiles
the leather belt
around the stomach
is tight
i can see
the sun set
through the window
with the lock
it hurts
in my heart
my cracked

I break down
in tears
and I tell her
about the assault
about the humiliation
that now
on the seventh day
to derive stools
in a parcel tray
in a flask
with both hands
in leather
by force
with anesthetics
denied all movement
Deprived of all freedom
deprived of all dignity

She smiles
while she
my hair
and softly whispers
the doctor is on his way ..
He's bringing anesthetics...
* FADL = danish union of medicinal studies, used to do graveyard shift at mental instituitions.
Pepper Dove Feb 28
Difficulties arise
competing with
all of these
surrounding me

We're incomplete
receiving till we overheat
technology's consuming me

Because what you see
it isn't me
it isn't me
system's overloading

We've got to dilate our minds
- disconnect to reconnect -
evaluate your time.
Minz Feb 28
They all know, but nobody cares
As the little girl sits down and shares
She gives her heart and her brain as well
And just before she’s about to yell

To release all of the hurt and pain
To finally let go of this chain
They pay attention, they gape and gaze
And, for a moment, they’re almost amazed

But then she shrinks and hides away
And everything feels all grey
They laugh and sneer or so she thought
This wasn’t at all what she sought.

She just wanted to be able to speak aloud
As if there wasn’t a giant crowd
To be able to express her mind
Without her heart being left behind.

But it seems as if that was too much
And she didn't want to make a fuss
So she walked away and distanced herself.
This was where she said farewell.

The fantasy world is where she’d go
Somewhere nice without a foe.
Maybe she could fly up high
Or suddenly become a spy.

It wouldn't matter. She didn't care.
Just as long as she wasn't there.
In this prison, in this cell.
This place was her personal h**l.
I suppose this is one way to start on the app. Wish me the best of luck for the future!
Taylor Ott Feb 27
I can imagine my life in a lot of ways.
I’m an artist.
I’m a social worker.
I’m a traveler with a backpack and a ukulele that walks the borders of people’s lives stopping by for their capital moments and leaving to a port, passing to my next adventure.
The honest truth is I am overwhelmed by the trauma in the world.
Should I illuminate it in scenes that make you question your own morality?
Shall I work, and callus my hands in the rough of the this reality or should I run? Run through and learn and question and return only to realize I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t live in a society of things that hold value, rather than life. In a place where people’s problems are too small when I know that all you need to be happy is clean water, warmth and enough food so you can sit and share, and laugh and love.
But that love is important too. And in whatever life I imagine I want that. A love that stretches past my vast valleys of imperfections and who will share theirs with me. A love that can withstand and give strength in the bends of life. And as we take those tight corners, whatever we imagine, will be together.
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