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Ella 4h
believing when the world crumbles
She won’t crumble with it
The girl in the red dress
A wild horse- a beauty galloping at full speed
Never forgetting her worth or her means
full of fireworks
With a passion overwhelmed
by the aching love of the world
The girl in the red dress
Who is freer then any being
Because she lets herself be
Yet more tied down then she seems
The girl in the red dress
Who will fight ferousicialy for anything
And anyone
To the girl in the red dress
Who has the wisdom of the moon
And the brightness of
The sun
The girl in the red dress is the person I want to be.  She is  the person who is me, but it’s taking me a while to find her vibrancy. This poem is about finding yourself and being brave. One day, I will be the girl in the red dress. I dream of that day.
john 10h
i contemplate my existence in this small purple room
with no way in, but no way out as well
as i lay down, drowning in my own self-gloom
life seems to slow down to a crawl
the inevitable sound of doom sits on
the fringe of my identity
my words cut deep into myself
they leave my mouth breathlessly
i close my eyes and enter the cavity i find in myself
the darkness, the void,
the never-ending ravine
that sits inside of me
curling or twisting, but nothing i ever predict
i keep it hidden so no one can see
it is a silk blanket on the dark days
reminding me of what i am
a blip in the galaxy, a mere clump of space dust
little bits of me scattered along with those who i misplaced trust in
leaving me here, a mere lump who feels crushed inside
overwhelmed as my dried eyes cried
everything out.
cried the pain, the grief, the disdain, the lack of relief out
i run away from my problems. they scare me.
the run turns to a sprint as they rarely
leave me be.
Leave Me Be.
sometimes we are the biggest cause of the pain we feel
Naoki B 11h
You looked at me strangely
A history in your vision
I stared at you curiously
The train cuts the tension
But you're still there
On the other side of the station
You move as me, like a pair
Though I realize who you are
Who I am, the mirror stares
I forgot myself, the lost heart
To jump in, to end this pair
Vxlentine 17h
Take a deep breath,
swallow it in
Don’t let them see
the darkness within
Unwrap the bandages,
pull on the sleeves
Force yourself
for them to believe.
But the whole universe is crawling
through my veins,
How can you not feel
these burning flames?
And behind a locked
bathroom stall,
I beg myself,
please, don’t fall,
It’s just a little blood,
can’t you see?
But the world ignores
my last plea
And the comforting darkness
gets a firm hold
On my tortured mind
that suddenly turned cold.
Who am I? Woke up
and left the person I’d been,
lying in a room
I don’t want to cry in-

Can I run at a speed that tears
tears from cheeks,
dispersing them into air like
explosive seeds,
saplings birthing
from different needs,
three people in one bead:

My silence has a time bomb. I’ll
have to speak
or in madness,
I'll squeak.
Lies have numbed me; In

frozen ice
waiting to be dropped into
liquid: I’ll melt,
into something
sometimes I’m crushed
and find myself lower
Man in an ice tray,
where cold air is warmer. If

I had to be born again,
could I not have regained
the body of Bird?
Weak or strong,
flying faster than legs -  
I'll move from one
person to treason-

the body is ageing,
soul travels through thousands
places and lifetimes,
lands of lies.
In a stranger’s bed, she finds warmth

Yet she still feels cold.

Her body a temple for the devil

To carve his initials.

Tear-stained pillows and ***-soaked sheets

Became the cornerstone of her identity.  

As the Devil continues his invade.

In a stranger’s bed, she finds acceptance,

Yet she still feels rejection.

Her mind a playground for the Devil’s adversaries

To take her heart.

Yet she cherishes those mornings

As if they were her last.
Palumbo 4d
Every night is a new night
and it feels the same as the night before.
i forget the days of the week
i remember i'm weak.

i forget your name
i can't remember my address.
and i don't know who to blame but

                                                          my mind.

today i'm confident
i'm too ******* myself.
tomorrow i forget i'm good
i'm too full of myself.

i'm sorry mama
i've lost my faith.
im sorry dad
i've lost my mind.

       - i'm not sure who i am anymore
There's a human in me,
I assure you.
She's just not easy to find.
Somewhere, hidden in all the rubble,
of people she tried to be.
Wearing a thousand masks,
One under the other.
Groaning under the weight of
all the pretense she's carrying.
The strength, the courage, the happiness,
Everything that isn't hers.
Trying to take the off,
so she can finally see herself.
But there's too much.
Hoping that she can hold on for a month, a week, a day...
Hoping that hope is enough...

There's a human inside me,
I assure you.
She's just not easy to find.
azumiii 7d
Day by day
I face the mirror
Wanting to see someone familiar
But all I see is a stranger
She keeps on looking back at me
Scanning every part of my body
As if it was hers
As if she was trying to look for flaws
I stare at her
Her eyes fixed on mine
Like wanting to tell me something
I looked away as soon as I felt uneasy

Days passed
I saw her again
She tried to sneak a glimpse of me
But I catched her eyes
Eyes that wants to tell something
I wanted to ask her
But then she looked away

Another day
I saw the same girl
She looked at me with disgust
What did I do?

I faced the mirror as I usually did
I saw her
She looked happy
She smiled at me even before I did
But I saw traces of sadness still

Everyday I repeat
I face the mirror
As I try to familiarize how she looked
I close my eyes and try to remember
Thick eyebrows
Hazel nut eyes
Pointy nose
Fair skin
Long black hair
Hairs on her slim arms and legs
Crooked nails
Lips were pale

All just like mine

Come to think of it

She looks like me.
Integration is more than about personalities. It is about full acceptance of all dissociated aspects of oneself.
Taylor Ann Dec 6
I am not roses and champagne
Or birds on a sunshiney morning
I am not high heels and pretty dresses and bright colors
I am not the girl with a positive comeback to every little thing in life
I am not the person who you can look at in the early morning hours and find sleeping like an angel in your arms as you caress my cheek in the early sunlight

I am strong and independent
I am determined
I may not be champagne and rose
But I am steel and whiskey
I am as strong as steel and can take some of the strongest heat
I am whiskey because you'll remember my exact tones and hints even after I am long gone
I am the woman with an optimistic yet realistic comeback for things that happen in your life
I am vans and leggings because, ****, I have places to go a **** of a lot faster than heels can take me
I am most likely stealing the covers at night and if you wake me up before 8am you will get the worst version of myself
I am muted earth tones with hints of sunflower yellows
I am steel
I am not roses and champagne or a bird chirping on a Sunday morning.
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