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Blake 1d
Once for the witches rabbit hole
And twice for the foxes hymn
While one began to pluck her mole
The other tricked and teased men
Though two and the same
They’re known for different years
And both are to blame
For trickery and fears
I listen to my mind
talk while my heart
roars in its cage,
wild within my

Is it bad that I just
don't listen to it
I've gone so long without listening to it because when I do, I get hurt again...
I just want to be deaf to its demands at times...
Feeling a little better now.
Thanks everyone for your patience with me.
Much love,
Lyn ***
It's not that I don't like you.
It's that I'm afraid to ask.

I'm demanding and I seek.
I'm afraid that you can't give me the things that I want.

Would you still want me by your side?
Would you still want to hold me in your arms?
Would you still want to kiss me?

I'm someone who needs time.
Time to develop, time to be ready.
I don't kiss on first dates, not even on the second, not on the third.
Could you wait till I am ready or would you give up and turn away?

And when the time comes, you'll know.
I'll hold you tight, I'll hold you close.
But. if we were to kiss, would you do it the way I like?
Would you take your time and kiss me so slow?

I'm demanding like that.
I'm afraid and insecure.
But I do obtain a heart that could love if given time.

Drowning in anxiety
Mocked by insecurity
Seas black, cold and slimy
Inkpot has dried
The paper turns to dust
All alone
Lost at sea
Nothing but a joke.

Turbulence is dying down now.
Lyn x

I trust yet I'm suspicious
I love yet I'm hateful
I laugh loud but I cry
I observe, I'm not blind
I try so hard by confidence
Try harder, esteem breaks
I stand strong with laughter
Locked deep, my ferno rage
I clam up
Guards up
Shields up
Inside, the shards of my bones
Laughter to me is a sword
with two faces
I see the argent lighthearted face,
but my eye is locked on its
shadowed edge
Malicious, cruel, sharp and swift
Sheathed ever so deep into my heart
I can hear the echoes more than feeling the pain
I pick so blindly at an open wound
My mind is a riot, a murked brew
of emotions
Time will heal the wounds,
but it's a scar I'll always remember
Anger screams
Sadness cries
Frustation seethes
A joke, am I?
The sun is dead
Blocked out by echoes
So disoriented
Heart pulses
I cannot think...

Trying to calm a turbulent sea that currently is my mind...
Lyn x
Nina 5d
Whenever you didn't text me, i wonder...

Have you eaten?
Did you have enough sleep?
How is your day treating you?
Are you back home safely?

I love you and i miss you
It worries me when you're away.
My mind is haggard
My body drips fear
A poet without words
brings me to tears!

I cannot pretend to be something
I already am...

There's enough hatred in the world...
Lyn ***
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