Young and innocent,
I played hide and seek
with my shadows,
I was happy.

He cast his shadows over mine,
Forced me to live under his,
I became sad and timid,

I took courage to jump over his,
I conquered my fears,
I am free at last.
To be with my shadows,
My soul mates.
jul 1d
at night we lay whispering amongst each other
while the stars judge our eyes.
we talk about everything
from our fears to our dreams
as if no one is listening and the wind sighs.
as silence envelops my mind, I ask,
"why is it us who the despise?"
"because," you say, "why would they acknowledge the imperfect
when they have already accepted their lies?"
1:48 am
Sometimes I need to remind myself
that this all comes in
phases, need to stop carving
words into stone and start
to see how they feel between my teeth instead.
Sometimes I try to remember how the universe dances
to the song of whoever pulls hardest, and I
am in an endless tug-o-war with myself, I'll be
cutting up old contracts before the month is out
mailing you the damage report and wondering
how this all fits together.
I can't wrestle this beast forever; I tell myself
that I'm going to hang up my hat, I tell myself
this is all predetermined just to
make the pill slide down a bit easier.
I think I need to stop weighing the options and start
casting stones blindly, because
someone is always going to pick up a brush and paint me
in a way that I dislike
(usually that person is me)
So maybe I'll write up new laws that salvage
what this world is becoming, maybe I'll put
these fears in the hands of timing or signs just to forget
for a little while, just to breathe
a bit easier for a moment.
Chaos chases
our heels in the form of everything
that we try to disguise, so I'll put away the scissors and trust
everything fleeting to keep me company tonight.
Tomorrow I'll find the envelope marked
"return to sender", and realize a second chance at
un-learning my cynicism and the things that I constantly throw against
the wall.
I want these thoughts to bleed into
I'm tired of her leaving the line
Ella 6d
Eyes always on the brink of tears
That's not a surprise
When you're full of fears
Me Díaz Apr 13
All along these walls,
Baring names I can no longer recall;
And those I can no longer feel
On the edge of my fingertip’s caress.
But their echos weave themselves
Through the fabric of my skin,
And it itches inside my bones,
And it swells inside my head.
And the sound pressures it’s way
Through my skull,
Bursting in grains
Of sand along my shores.
And I watch their mouths
Open and close,
As if to speak a truth.
But I can only feel
What I cannot hear,
And I can never hear
All that I feel;
The things they whisper
In my ear;
The way they whisper
Inside my fears.

M•(e). Díaz
Lili Apr 12
Reptilian serpents crowd her crown
Whispers and shivers down the spine
As I spy through the looking glass
All that is mine.

I tremble to see
Myself in eyes of obsidian black
–Hole I dug myself, here to swallow me whole
–Lot, vacant, panicked visage of a gorgon
Is but my own mare in the night.

The fear, it creeps in serpentine waves
Crashes into my tumbling breath
As I search for a light between the shadows
For a reason to escape my prison of living death.

I ache to scratch
This infernal psychosomatic tic
–tock of my unwinding mind
–lest the stone takes hold
And the cold reaches the bone.

Into the eyes of Medusa
I looked and saw myself and nothing else
And I fled before the reptilian being
Seized me.
rainbows and rain
smudged windows on trains
singing and playing
dancing and swaying

forests, woodlands green and lush
passionate scenes that can make one blush

sighing and moaning
forgiving, atoning
heartbreak and sadness
sweetness and gladness

musical notes falling like leaves
swirling round and round autumn trees

seasons and changes
and wide-open ranges
smiles and laughter
the here and the after

skies cloudy, skies clear
tiny sailboats seen from the pier

ocean breeze, crashing waves
undersea caverns and caves
flying and falling
creeping and crawling

creatures that swim in the deep
ones that awake while we sleep

dreaming and hoping
struggling and coping
sun, moon and stars
lands that are far

nightmares, ungodly fears
cold blood, hot sweat, unstoppable tears

lightning and thunder
the above and the under
soaring and hovering
healing, recovering

creeks, lakes and seas
dark prisons without any keys

chains and locks
deep rivers, smooth rocks
reality, fantasy
wanting to flee

we write it all down
we write it all here
it makes us feel better
it makes us feel freer
Aishah Apr 8
the gaze you wear
a gentle stare
kindness and love
All of the above
I'm yours.

I waited a while
for a wholesome smile
took days and years
but now you're here
I'm yours.

those earnest ears,
our dreams and fears
Started with harmless flirting
now? never more certain
I'm yours.

to start I was weary
the Past has been scary
We gave it a chance
and you make my soul dance
I'm yours.

two hearts that need feeding
no longer bleeding
now sing a sweet song
where they belong
I'm yours.

We're now planting seeds
and that's all we need
On our way
day by day
I'm yours.
KM Hanslik Apr 7
I'm going to grow my hair long, so I
don't have to look you in the eye when I speak;
I'm going to take a rough surface to my skin until
it's too calloused to bleed
(or maybe I'll bleed anyway).

I'm going to tell you that I can't do this anymore, I'm going
to tell you that I need to quiet down, that this
is no place to build a home, but that the timing
was perfect and I can't quite bring myself
to say no.

I'm going to lay my fears down at your feet, but don't
crush them;
bring them into your home and make it ours,
soften the lighting and ask me, what happens after
the sparks settle?

And I'll lay my skin on yours -
softly, because everything after the flames must be gentle -
and I'll quiet your heartbeats
and show you.
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