The world feels broken;
What mattered, now does not.
The people have spoken,
With anger their will fraught.
Many fight heartbroken;
With lies their future wrought.
Yes, the world is broken,
But then, when was it not.
Emily 7d
Birds croon in the sky
Fearsome claws stabbing
Amanda Aug 5
Someday we will know perfection
We will meet eachother like we are meeting for the first time
Face to face with fears
Touch our bodies like we are feeling skin
For the very first time
Written 2-18-15
It was the nightfall of summer,
A man wanted to buy a house.
Just he knew it is a real comer,
Puts it in his own name Straus.

Mr. Straus wanted it to be quick,
He wrote down the rent pricing.
Hope its low, or he won’t buy it,
I want it low, it’s all to my liking.

He needs this to become his own,
What do I need for an experience?
Just I wanted to call this my home,
For a house, needing a cleanliness.

He’s happy to buy his first house,
Just couldn’t wait to check inside.
He lives far away from his spouse,
Living here so if he needs to hide.
Mary Smith Aug 1
My anxiety attacks,
My tears and
My man fears.

Shed my skin,
Take my bones.

Throw stones,
Did you pay for the loans?
Tea stains beside
My veins.

I am brave.
Praggya Joshi Jul 31
When the dusk
Grazes our back
We'll hold hands
And slowly undress
our deepest fears and endless doubts
And the things that make us frown
Toss them out like dust
Into the leaden sky above
And wait for the strongest wind
To take them away from us
In the darkness of the night
Perhaps in a very long while
We'll feel our chaos abate
And a long lost sense of ease
Will truly gratify our senses
As the clock ticks
And a chirping dawn
gently unwinds  itself
Perhaps we'll greet
our feathered friends
With a grin
That we hid
For so long
And didn't even knew
Was as wide
As this neverending universe
Ollie D Jul 31
I reach out my hand,
But it only goes so far.

I call out your name,
Only to hear an echo.

I am lost to you
And I won't be found.
Another fear.
Alexis Jul 26
Losing you was one of my biggest fears
What would I do without you?
You used to wipe away my tears.
You helped me when I was lost,
Guided me,  gave me direction.
You were the only one
That gave me love and affection.

It wasn’t your time
But I guess you were ready to go.
Now all that’s left of me
Is a broken heart with a giant hole.
No one can hear my tears
Behind closed doors.
As I sit and think about
Our time down by the shore.

You held me,
And loved me as your own.
Without you,
Silence lingers within my home.
The last time I saw your dying face,
All we did was cry.
You left me,
Without a single goodbye.

It’s been three months
And I miss you more than ever.
I still have this thought
That you’d be here forever,
That what I experienced was all a dream.
I guess I was wrong
And Heaven earned itself a Queen.
Te extranare Abuelita.
Diana Garcia Jul 25
Gotta write about what’s weighing you down
About the things making you frown
Don’t hold it in mama,
You need to let go
Make room for your roots to grow
For your stems to flow
Let your flowers blossom
Pull the weeds and toss em
Bring back that old smile
It’s been a while since I’ve seen you
I know it’s hard mama but bills are due
Wipe the tears
Face your fears
Hold your temper
Remember to pull your strength from last September
The memories make you cry
But let the tears fuel your drive!
So, I’m starting to share my poetry on Instagram..
I know, how lame.. but it’s been kinda sweet

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