Let's NOT forget how fragile we are,
with all our fears and problems,
staring at a delicate image of us,
while others gaze at the sky.

we used to leave our homes thinking
that we’re going to change the world,
but all we do now is close the door behind us
thinking that we’re going to change two metros and three buses on our way
to work.

Fake fears.
False problems.
Unreal image.
The only thing that’s fragile in the room is the mirror.

our vulnerability is one of our main strengths,
our ugliness is, actually, the beauty that others seek for,
our “shower/grower”, “pear/apple”, “spit/swallow”, “oral/normal” abilities are not on anyone’s interest list,
other than the one made-up in our head

stress creates distress.

Let’s NOW forget how fragile we are and start living a little!
He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
He saw crumbs with his wife
and children.

He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
For the home was not full of love,
he choose to raise and nurture

He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
He saw wealth in chasing the
thrill of the illicit than soothing
the pain he caused with us in the

He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
Who now recalls that he's getting
old. You think you're a man.
You were never a man.
You were and always
will be an immature

He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
If anyone was my Father,
it was definitely my mother.
She did all she can to shield me.
She practically raised me.
With her, I didn't have any
memory re-written.

He may have fathered
me but he was never a father.
My mother played at both roles
But of course, she's strong because
she had her father and the
Holy Father.
They all are still here.
They will guide me.
He added another year
so I know He loves me.
I'll make my mistakes.
I may walk the wrong path
But with them at my side,
I'll always find my way back.

Truth of the matter is
Any man can be a father, but it takes a
REAL man
to step up and be
a Dad.
This poem says all about how I feel about this particular day.
To all those good men, all those awesome fathers,
I wish you all a happy Father's day! ^-^

OMG! Thanks so much!
I'm super grateful!
Be back soon, guys!
Lyn xxx
I woke up this morning
with a demon in my head.
I cried, "get out!", screaming,
he said, "no, go back to bed!"
I wrestled beneath the blanket
As he kept the covers over me,
lest the hope of day yanked it
and caused the dark to flee.
The light, at his command
he left my room black
he had the upper hand,
as he pinned me to my back.
“Leave me alone”, I'd yell,
but he snuffed out my cry,
threw a pillow into hell,
And forced me there to lie.
Yet, while I could barely breathe,
And with little will to strive,
I took hold of death, to leave,
and escaped the bed alive.
I know sometimes darkness is like a blanket smothering us. But hold on! Hope is on the way.
How easy it is for one's mind to change
from jumps and joy
to a hollow


just a place I go
in mind where I walk in and
turn the knob to block noise with noise
The noise of my mind conquers the noise of my body

Disappointment travels in and out my ears
Never to stop or dock
If I let it dock,
then my bubble pops
And just like that, my mood has changed.
Great (!) And I was real excited and amped.
I'll block out noise with noise. My inner noise that is. One people underestimate and tell me to 'get over'.
When I feel hollow, I kinda shut down physically. Everything goes blank. There's not tears only blankness and a quiet bubble for the noisy thoughts I have.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day. And the day after is my birthday.
Things will get better, hopefully.
Anyway. More Sijo and Lantern poems will be uploaded soon enough.
Have a good night everyone!
Be back soon!
my vivid dreams,
turn into helpless night mares,
and my calls for help ...?
are nothing but whispers in the night,
i am alone.
" will i always be alone?" i ask.
" you tell me." fate cooed
Rory Jun 6
monogamy means I am a thing
an object possessed by someone else
their trophy, their conquest
their maid and chef, too

I want to be loved, not owned
held loosely and with courage
treasured, valued, and desired
instead of confined to chains

monogamy is stifling
monogamy is jealous
monogamy is cruel
monogamy is immuring

I have always been your everything
rather than comforting, it's exhausting
love is complex but not binding
and sometimes love isn't enough

fifty years down the road
will I regret the time I've spent
being inauthentic and forced
living someone else's dream?
I often feel like I don't belong in the world I'm in. I wish I could want the normative discourses of life.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 5
The bridge between what I feel
and how is far more brittle
than one would assume
Emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain...
There's such a fine line
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2
I don't fear personal growth.

In growth, I feel like I can find
my stability.

What I fear is being stunted.
Forgotten in the soil
never basking in
the light.
All I want from my life is stability.
All I want is to find some form of peace.
I've cut out alot of toxic peop!e, friend and family but still, they persist in coming back and making things harder than need be.
But I will go on. I will thrive. I will succeed in this life.
No matter what anyone says.

Be back soon,
Lyn x
Save your tears in secrets,
I'll hide in them with you;
Where sorrow have pierced you deepest,
There can be dreams along miracles.
Save your tears in the dark,
I'll hide in it all with you;
The deepest will be where we spark,
And beyond your fears, there can be dreams and miracles.
Category: love inspiration
Learn to live without love
then you will not be dissapointed
Learn to live more than love can teach
and have no unmet expectations
Learn to give your life for love,
because you can and are stronger
and fearlessly learn from life
because you are growing
and becoming wiser

Learn my Love, to live
for love will not die by being lived
and you will not die not being loved

Learn to know and not be known
To judge and not be judged
To be fuelled to love, not forced
To be drawn to love, not dragged
To be taken by love, not pulled
To receive without taking
To have without holding
to keep without hiding

That you may find Love
waiting and not wanting
and you my Love...

not be misunderstood.
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