Candle in a dark room.
Fire in the ice,
Laughter in the gloom.
Taker of breath,
Bringer of death.
Dryer of tears,
Bringer of fears.
Silent voice,
Obvious choice.
You intoxicate the sober,
Bring the chills in October.
As the bringer of destruction,
You then begin the construction,
Of a being anew.

Madam X 13h

Have you ever noticed just how boring your life can be?
I sit here alone with no one to the side of me.
I can't go outside cause the world may start spinning.
I don't mean the way Galileo said in the beginning.

I'm feeling quite helping and wanting to leave
To experience nature, and all of its trees.
I sit on my roof and look out into space
And think of the things that could make my life great.

Some think I'm dumb and have nothing to ponder,
But my ideas and poems have so much to offer.
I'm scared that my life might not become much
Or when I get old, my friends won't stay in touch.

There's so much to think about and so much to do.
I'm feeling quite lost now
What should I do?
My brain overflowing,
My stomach in knots,
Just How should I handle all of these thoughts?
I write them all down, and I put them in poems,
But it's just not enough to forget or forgo them.

My first poem
Lynx 1d

As the crowd moves around me
I cower
and make myself
as small as I can
My eyes burn
and my chest hurts
"don't hurt me"
I think
as I cry so hard
my throat refuses
to let me form sentences
people ask what's wrong
but I can't answer them
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
Is all they can make out
and all I can make escape my lips
I'm sorry I'm scared, but I don't know what to do
Please forgive me
and don't hate me
for the fears
I can't control

I experience a phobia of crowds, and although it's not nearly as bad as 3-4 years ago, it's still pretty awful.

Sitting in passenger seat
Driving next to big lorries
I faced my fear
And enjoyed the ride
Then over a bridge I go
And the cars down below
Looked tiny
My heart beat faster
Aniexty slapped at my chest
But I took a deep breathe
And instead of being scared
I flew down the bridge
As if I had beautiful bird wings
And all the street lights
Glowed up prettily
As I finally faced my fears

Fears of big lorries and bridges
Bella Oct 15

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I’ll hand myself over like a bird.
you’ll have to care for me,
because I can break.
you can crush me, in your hands, if you want
but I-am trusting
I am not-naive
I know what COULD happen
I am loving,
because in spite of it,
I hand myself over.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I will become a collection of all your lost parts.
I will continue organizing your memories until I am your own
     personal encyclopedia
your secrets I will share with no one
your fears
your likes and dislikes
your history
no one
you, and only you, will have the key.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
I’ll sing a song of “I love you’s”
because the thought of you not knowing that I do
scares me-
more than anything.

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
because of that one thing that I am so scared of
I’m scared when you’re all gone.
when I’m not near anyone I love it really really scares me
and this has effected my actions and personality so, that…

When I Love You-
you’ll know it.
because I will cling to any part of you that I can hold onto
and when I’m not doing that,
I will grab your arm
or your hand
or touch your cheek shoulder something anything
because I am reaching past your skin
through your muscle
the heat of your body is not what I am craving
it is more than the touch of your skin I am looking for
I need your soul.
to hear the words that language can not form,
the connection…

Haven’t you ever touched someone,
and heard a story?
heard the words you needed to hear
felt safe?
not because the skin you are touching is strong,
not because you know it will protect you
just because,
you’re touching it
you’re hearing their story
because their words surround you like a blanket.
they block everything else out.

So when I touch you-
when I Love You,
please don’t run away so fast.
let me hear your story.
let me feel safe.
because no matter how long it’s actually been,
a month
a year
to me
it was an eternity
of being in the cold
of being in the snow-
without my blanket…

               I don’t know... why I am like this,
               why I…
               Love, like, this
               but I promise you,
               when I Love You-
               you’ll know it.

This was not written for a romantic type of love, while it can apply to that type as well, it was written for many different people.
Lady Grey Nov 8

I like to say “Goodnight” aloud,
Every night,
Before I go to sleep
(When I remember).

Not for myself, of course,
But for anyone,
Or anything,
That might be listening.

Not to God,
If that’s what you’re thinking,
Though I am open
To the possibility.

But rather,
To the demons of my day;
My little fears and regrets,
So that they might shut up,

And leave my dreams the fuck alone.

Something I actually do, the poem was inspired by a friend's writing
Machel Yvan Nov 7

As the rain pours and hides my tears,
I am thinking of all my fears.
My fear of losing you.
My fear of falling out of love with you.

As the rain pours and touches my skin,
I am thinking of us and what could have been.
What would happen if we took the risks?
What would happen if we knew what went amiss?

As the rain pours and drenches my heart,
I'm in pain thinking we're apart.
Hoping that as the rain goes away,
You'll come back and stay.

Hedgehog Nov 7

Light hurts my eyes.
A cold metal-wooden chair.
I feel the heat.
This game is not fair.
And I feel the shame.
Fear and shame and worry.
That's what I did all day.
Teacher,can't you hurry?
I have to go!
Go away from the eyes
And find a place to hide.
Hide all my feelings,my thoughts.
My body feels the torns.
How to get out from
This place,
Dirty haze,
Dead end maze?
I froze
Cause I realize
It's time to get up.
Teacher,won't you give up?
Four players,
Three winners,
One loser.
Don't worry.
Here I come!
No one has to be the one.
My own past chose me anyways
To be the victim of decades.
You can say,
''Come to the board.''
''Come to the board.''
My heart goes to the court.
My body,my feelings are the reason,
Why I am still in this prison.
After all these years,
Your voice still roams around my ears.
I burst into tears,
When I remember
I still have these fears.
I will come to the board
But I feel the heat.
As I cross the ford,
I'll take a seat.

Lexi Nov 6

I know you're there.
Lurking in the darkness of the night,
Cowering in the shadows, avoiding the light,
Crouched behind the curtain or hid beneath the bed,
Awaiting the chance to dive into my head.

I know you're there.
With your bloodshot eyes glowing, never showing,
Watching me with a hunger, all the while knowing
I fear you most when the daylight's gone,
With seemingly endless hours til morning's dawn.

I know you're there.
With your black heart pounding in your leathery chest,
Knowing too well I'll get no rest
As you prowl my room like a ghostly haunt,
I know it's my soul that you need and want.

I know you're there.
You demon from Hell. I know you can tell
My fears are growing and beginning to swell
Like a ticking time bomb about to explode.
You sit patiently with your evils to unload.

I know you're there.
You pitiless beast, ready to feed
On my every thought, on my every deed
I can feel you staring, glaring, carrying out your scheme
To enter my mind through an open dream.

I know you're there.
No noise you make as you devise a plan for my soul to take
Back to the land of the living dead before I awake.
I won't sleep, I won't close an eye
As soon as I do I know I'll die.

I know you're there.

I know you're there = your own nightmares
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