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Kyle 5d
Distorted memories,
But all were just tragedies.
My mind was just full of fantasies,
That didn't happen all through these years.
Happiness that turned to tears;
Hope that turned to fears;
I wish I never woke up from this dream,
And just stayed there forever until it dims.
Lo 6d
It is the courage to touch your pain that will transmute it:
The lamb must face the wolf
to become it.
MoonFlow May 18
Free of fears, free of tears
I wander freely
And happily rejoice with materialistic things
Gleefully denying the fact
That death doesn't rejoice with me
"The one who loves his world harms his Hereafter, and the one who loves his Hereafter harms his world. Hence you prefer the immortal (Hereafter) to the mortal (world). "
- (Musnad Imam Ahmad, vol. 7, pp. 165, Hadees 19717)
RobbieG May 10
Left foot, right foot
back and forth
Faster, faster please
these issues might

You can’t do this
voices whisper firmly
Stop, stop please
you can’t keep

Your shoes soles
forever wearing thin
Quit, quit now
quit running scared

Be brave , face it
REALIZE it’s not
your fault
However it’s now
Bugaboo accompanies me
Eversince I lost her
A volley of questions
I have lost the 'key'
Bugaboo accompanies me
To the street I lost the key
There is darkness everywhere
Except only a lamp post
I could see
Near to where Bugaboo is with me
I approach the lamp post
Search for the 'key'
Bugaboo laughs
What are you doing
Street extends from east to west
You search for the 'key'
In small vicinity of lamp post
Listen Bugaboo
Hope is here for light is here
Groping in the dark
I shall be no where
You have given me fears and fears
In the light they disappear
Allesha Eman May 3
And we sit on the porch steps
our bare feet rest on cold cement  
the space between memories and contentment
starts to occupy your lungs
we watch the distant rain, still too premature
yet you, in fear of the future
run inside.
Jay M May 3
Hold me
Take me into your arms
Hold me tightly
Safe and right

Hold me
Away from the monsters in my head
Hold me until they go away
So I can stay
Here with you

Hold me
Close to your beating heart
Hold me
And tell me I belong
That my monsters are wrong

Hold me
And don't let me go
Hold me here
Help me fight my fear

- Jay M
April 30th, 2021
Sometimes it can be frightening, and I could use a nice long hug.
A single tear,
a million cries,
a million fears,
produces a single sigh,
one cut,
leads to a million stitches.
Reopening old wounds.
v Apr 26
I used to have this night terror...
a man or multiple chasing me
trying to kidnap me
I watched him kidnap so many others

he reached out to me
this scary man with a disguise of female features...
I never understood
where and what created this fear of abuse
at such a young age I ran from more men in my dreams than I did in real life...
I never thought of being abused...
I have no memories.
Was i??? did something happen to me?
did something happen to my mother???
am i seeing a ghosts story???
am I hearing the tales of these kids??
is this a past life??

these are all the questions I would ask...
as time goes on...
the night terrors turn to day dreams
i witness myself being choked...
i can feel someone watching me
i lose track of time
watching some take their time on me...
i cause myself tears...

i create all these fears in my head
i can see them so clear
these fears i could never control
and i never once understood

never the memories of someone i knew
all strangers
from a memory
i almost knew
fears nightmares abuse
Jeanmarie Apr 22
I let out a blood curdle scream
Hoping my parents can come help me
I was trapped within a paralyzed body
Stuck between a purgatory state of sleep and reality.

Shadowy silhouettes appeared then were out of sight,
In the corners of my forest green eyes,
The sound of their hushed footsteps were left behind
Leaving me frightened out of my mind.
I was prepared to be hurt by the creatures
That lurked my bedroom at night.

Mom frantically told the doctor who said it was sleep paralysis,
The good news is that I would be alright.
There’s nothing they can do,
I’m stuck feeling the fear that comes to me
Whenever the sleep paralysis decides to strike.

No one can help me,
I have to live through getting stuck in a limp body
Welcoming the scary creatures that come by,
Having an episode is one of the scariest things
That I’ve encountered in my life.
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