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And so now it comes to pass
Eighteen times around the sun
Eighteen winters and eighteen springs
A symbol of hope and wonderful things

The World Is Upon Me
The most
girl in the

Is watching
her Prince
dance in the

With Christopher
Tracy and the april

We are smiling
because today
Is a happy day
to dance and listen
to Prince music.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BMS  

I am beautiful
and I love myself
but the most beautiful
girl in the world in
that song was Mayte
Garcia to Prince

But he wrote
it to uplift other
woman as well but
this is Mayte looking
at her Prince.

Happy birthday
Prince June 7 1958
He would of
been 62 Today
If today
had a mood
It would be

up clouds of
Prince songs,

Wearing a
beret of tear
drops in his

If today
had a mood it
would bleed
a mix of

On this day Our purple
Prince our Jamie star
our Christopher Tracy,

He is our
moonbeam streaking across the clouds as diamonds and Pearls.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Happy birthday
Prince June 7
1958 / if he was alive
he would be 62 years
Old today.

And yes I am
a prince fan I've
written many
poems for his
birthday and
day he left us
pnam Jun 4
Baby it is time to reflect another memorable lovely year
Today  I wish you the most joyous Happy Birthday ever my dear

Let's celebrate for all the selfless love you shared
To all dearest to your heart whom you so much cared

It's your special day birthday girl ever so gorgeous
Beautiful heart 'N mind that always will be so ageless

Many Happy Returns of this beautiful day so dear to you
Now to me as well since my heart that your true love drew

To you only one inseparable sublimely connected soulmate love
Limitless love happiness health 'N joy I ask from Gods above

So fortunate I feel to have you as my own each day of year
Today  I wish you the most joyous Happy Birthday ever my dear
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
it’s a summons mantra for your health, your happiness, your pretty pure heart and your growing soul.
Every experience and incidents wins your patience, your strength, your power, year by year and reshape you into the best version of Ikha Widhia Safitri until you read this cheap poetry.

Friday, 28 May 2021;

Even with my zombie vibes and very short random talk discussion about “stars” and the atmosphere,
im happy to see you two.

I didn’t wish anything for your birthday this time.
because I have made my special short mantra above that will always be with you until next year I decided to cast a new one.

“hope i could get closer to all of you”
-Marisa habibie-
Im sorry for be the last one
Caleb Kyme May 26
Today is my birthday and my mother is dead
All my friends are fake, I had to remind each one of them
Twenty two years of age and I am lonelier than hell
Shofi Ahmed May 18
Zindagi ki piyala itna borha nahi hai
ki uski andor me lehron ki mujhme
nodia beh sakta hai.
Likhen uski andorme ek bindu
pani bi nahi itna chota
ki isme sagor bon nahi sakta.

Koi yaro achanok milta hai to bolta
kitna chota hai ye donia
Ye mitti andorme bi kya borha?
Khodo to isme kobor bonta hai
Liken agor Mawla chahe to ye
mitti se bi Adam bon sakta hai.

Somundor to somundar
shabnam (dew) bi Subhan Allah!
Aaj kaha aj reh ta hai kal ** jata
Kal ko kisi ko kiya pa tha
Thalu aftab (sunrise) ki canvusme
Ankhi dal kor job sham dol jata hai
Kisi Ko zulf ke saye me bemalum
Kitne ankhi khu ja ta hai
Kis andaar goliche chad aa ta hai
Kiso ki kiya pa tha hai
Liken mera bhi kitna khush naseeb hai
Khali hate aakor bi itni kimti herat angaiz
(amazing) majlish me ek hishya bhi mila.
Mawla karega keyse Aap ka shukrana
Alhamdulillah kiyanat ki Rab taarif Aap ka, Aap ka!
A thought on my birthday perhaps applies to everyone.
Anggita May 17
yesterday my thoughts lost in the pines
i heard a rustling of leaves crooned
the sunlight sheepishly trespassed between the thick branches
and I stepped forward, and I slipped
then I stood up seeing the hollow
it was left ajar
although undeterred, I was afraid
of uncertainties thrilling my veins
suddenly my body flitted like water roaming in a drainway
my mouth spoke an unknown language
of pain
and ache
unfamiliar faces cherished my appearance
it was vague, not that dim
and they said I was born.
Aŧül May 14
I survived a life-threatening,
Coma-inducing & memory-debilating
High-speed road accident in May ‘10.
I survived COVID12,
Now I even survived COVID19.
I, howsoever, know what I am.
I am a mortal. Perishable.
My HP Poem #1929
©Atul Kaushal
Johnnyqu33r May 10
There are no children laughing
Playing hopscotch in the driveway
With a manicured lawn and pretty
Flowers in boxes attached to the windows

There's no degree framed in my office
Actually there isn't an office at all here
Inside this lived in two bedroom flat
Where I spend as much time as possible

There's no sleek foreign sports car
Candy apple red glimmering in the sun
Or vacation home nestled somewhere
I can't pronounce to go once a year

There aren't six figures in my account
Or country club lunches with the girls
Black card shopping sprees in the city
Or box seat opera season tickets

There is glitter on my eyelids
And an immense feeling of gratitude
When I wake up happy and free
Unapologetic and authentically me
I'm sure we all have/had extravagant plans for ourselves when we got (older). I find myself content with the here and now, which isn't something I ever thought could happen. I am 30.
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