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Queen Z 1d
I like white sweets,
For you only, my heart beats.

Your smile is so valuable,
For you, anytime I'm available.

You are my life,
That lucky lady is you,my wife.

Please don't be angry,
I know you are so hungry.

I've cooked your favourite dish,
I deserve at least one kiss.

For this gorgeous lady, one red rose,
How you will look on "Garmi" pose.

Forgive me for God sake,
Let's go and cut the cake.

I'll look after you everday,
By the way jaan, "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY."
The walls of the bedroom have heard more prayers than any religion places
To the night that I prayed
To the tears that put me to sleep
Longing for your presence

The night you were walking to my door
The night I want to get to know you more

When I touch your hand
It took every ounce of me not to get comfortable with you
When I saw your smile
It took every ounce of me not to fall in love
When I saw your eyes
You took every ounce of me

So then, I made myself a promise
To the darkness nights
To the brightest days
I want you to know
I'll be there
Anyone could love your best features
Or cling for your best day
But I'll take
Pick up
All the pieces that everyone wants to get rid
I'll love you
For a wholesome
As a person

Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours
Happiest Birthday to you!
The world has

done it again

revolved and rotated,

As it does milenias


And will do

millenias after,

Forever constant,

This cosmic reality

that don't count us,

The stars don't care

most of them long dead,

The planets are following


No grander scheme

than numbers,

Nothing really matters

that's the truth

So find your meanings

solely logical to you,

Might be senseless for others

but the world's a speck of blue

in a universe that don't bother

to look,

So rejoice, jump and shout,

fail, succeed,

The blackness of space


And it won't tell anyone

what he's seen
Ay Oct 7
If you give me just a minute of your time,
I could tell you stories about my life.
Could you give me just a minute to get it off my chest,
Something's on my mind that I can't ever seem to address.
It's that time of year again where I have to act elated and pretend.
Though I don't feel like celebrating with this recollection in my head.
Happy birthday.
Another year has gone by
And hopefully well spent.

I haven’t seen you this year,
Nor will I see you the next time I wish you a happy birthday.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face at all.
Or heard your voice,
Listened to your laugh,
Or seen your smile.

What happened?
What happened to us?
Why did we pull apart like we did?
I mean, I know why I walked away.
I walked away for my own sanity.

But you,
You don’t have an excuse.
No, you just walked out.
You just walked out and left me here.
Left me alone.
Left me broken and hurt and scared and sad.
Not knowing what in the hell to do with myself.
You left me here to bleed out.

But that was years ago, right?
So what?
The past is the past.
Doesn’t matter now.
Okay, I’ll accept that.

I’ll pick myself up and I’ll walk on.
But why is it that whenever I hear someone say my name
For a split second, I think it’s you?
Some days I’m disappointed when it’s not.
And other days
I hold my breath hoping it’s someone else.

Happy birthday.
Another year has gone by of you breaking promises.
Another year has gone by of you breaking hearts.
And treating the people that love you the most like ****.

Happy birthday.
Even though you never call me on mine.
Even though I remember your birthday better then I remember how to breathe in the morning.
No matter how much I try to forget your birthday I’ll never get it out of my head.
I’ll always remember the day you were born,
I mean, how could I forget the day that my worst nightmare was born.

Happy birthday
To the one that crushed me.

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
I repeat it as if it is a mantra to give me my sanity back.

You don’t have to answer my texts,
That’s fine.
I just want you to know that I’m wishing you a happy birthday.
And for every year that you have the same number
I will continue to wish you a happy birthday.

I you feel like responding, you will text back,
How have you been?”

I will respond with,
“I’m doing fine,
How about you?”

And then you will go on a tirade for 20 or 30 minutes about how great your life is
Or how sad it is.
And then you’ll ask me,
“So, what've you been up to?”

And I’ll probably get one "I've been good" out before you say,
“Yeah, that’s nice.
It’s been good talking to you.

And I’ll sit there holding my phone in some state of shock.
I’ll try to replay the conversation.
Trying to replay every one of our conversations.
Trying to see where it went wrong.
Trying to figure out where the laughs and the “how are you”s and the “oh my gosh I missed you”s
Turned into “I can’t stand this conversation.”
“Make her shut up.”
“I have to go.”
Where did that switch happen?

Even though you treat me like **** and looking back you always have.
Even though you took the person I was and you pushed her away.
And you pushed her inside a box and stuck her in some damp closet where I couldn’t reach her.
Even though you turned me into someone I wasn’t.
Someone I didn’t want to be.
I will always wish you a happy birthday.
Cause even though you used me so much,
Part of me still hopes you love me.
July 9, 1998
Jay M May 2019
Calming down
Waiting for the time
Where I can fill my mind
With anything else
Keep to the present...
Oh ****

The reminders
Today was the day...
Last time...
Remember when you tried?
Didn't you try to....this time last year?
Isn't today...?

The answer is...

It haunts me when I close my eyes
The same old empty night
Killing me inside
Torturing me

Yet there they are
"Happy Birthday!"

They're smiling
While I'm pretending
All my will is bending
Threatening to break
It's all fake;
My laughter
My smile
My glowing in the eyes
I do it for them
So they won't take me away
Because of my past

Oh, but they just sing
They make a scene
Like it never happened
Just forget

But it would be nice
If just a person and I
A friend and I
Would laugh
Make today a good day
A time to remember
To cover my past
Make today a blast

But that's just a dream
Isn't it?

- Jay M
May 7th, 2019
I did something I'm not proud of on my last birthday...
Luiz Oct 18
she gave me the most passionate
intimate kiss I had ever felt

then, her sugary lips glided over
to my right ear and she whispered:

"don't forget to make a wish
before blowing out the candles"

I whispered in return:
"but my wish is already happening"

"I haven't woken up..."
Timmy Shanti Oct 15
i'm thirty six now
thrice a rat
and i must say
it ain't that bad

you'd think i'd shed a tear
or two
but after all
the sky's still blue
the sun still shines
the rain still falls
my fam would even take my calls

i'm frens with cats
i'm frens with dogs
some people too
a couple hogs

i walk and saunter
skip and hop
taking my time
around the block

i'm looking back
and all i see:
those things i did
were meant to be

i'm looking forth
and realise:
you can't prepare
for each surprise
that life may throw
at you or yours
you can't predict
as to which doors
will blow wide open
and which will ever
be protected

no key, no lock
how to get past?
to secrets guarded
fierce and fast...

another thirty six to live?
so full of joy, and toil, and grief...
or, one day, have just what it takes
to boldly go and up the stakes?..

mid-summer autumn
rat three times
feels good as hell!
unshod and blithe...
a moment of self-reflection for birthday boi timz! :)
This is not a poem
Just a thank you
It's ma birthday
Just want to say
Thank you
Poets of hello poetry
Thank you for the love.
It's ma birthday and I want to thank all poets of how who have patronized ma art. Amanda, dr. Lim, and a host of others. Thank you very much
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