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Another Birthday
Without You
I've had enough
The pain of unrequited Love


Hang about
It is all in your Head  
Just keep living how you Feel
Because your Love is the Real Deal

2 July, 2024
I think this is a *** Poem! LOL Happppppppppppy Birthday!
caitlan May 17
April 23.
My birthday is tomorrow;
I took off work to celebrate.
My boyfriend and I are going to get lunch.

“Administrative Professionals’ Day” is today.
My coworkers get a cookie text
From my manager—
That’s an 8x8 square of cookie
Topped with saccharine frosting
And edible paper.

The printer jams.
Someone heats up fish for lunch.

Time drags on.

On my way home,
I pass by the cemetery.
A woman sits at the edge of the garden
Where her baby is buried.
She adjusts the Easter decorations she set out last week.
Pastel-colored eggs, a small rabbit.

Near her, his younger brother wanders about
Picking dandelions and
Hopping over graves and
Waving to passing cars.
The child touches his mom’s shoulder
And points out a bird.

They look at it together,
Then get in the car.

Time passes by.

Tonight, I think I’ll make pasta for dinner.
There’s half a jar of red sauce in the fridge
Perfect for one meal.
There won’t be any leftovers,
But that’s fine.

After, I sit at my computer.
My friends are around to play games tonight,
So I nurse a *** and Coke
And hunt ghosts
Until my eyelids grow heavy.

Time flies.

Finally beneath cool sheets,
I reflect on today—
April 23.
My birthday is tomorrow;
I took off work to celebrate.

My boyfriend and I are going to get lunch.
Nigdaw May 16
he brought in cakes and out of
politeness I had to ask
how old he was,
just twenty two
I've got T' shirts older than you
I can't even remember the stupidity
the freedom and immortality
of days that just escaped me
tossing them aside as though
they were in endless supply

you wait until every precious
moment is a gift
sunsets mark an inevitable end
and the days are dark
when you neither laugh nor cry
Hair adorned
with rainbow glee
good tidings brought
to noble thee

Bones are weary
thoughts are cloudy
heart is heavy
sighs are breathy

But on this day
the snow is thick
the days are long
with brightening sun

And your radiance gleams
like dragon's treasure
tucked away in secrecy
your beauty and its measure

For love you have
to share in oodles
soft as silk and satin
warm, like labradoodles

You give of yourself
and want for nothing
so here it comes
a day of wonder

For today you were born
and continue to live
continue to fight
continue to give

So receive instead
these joyous words
to thank you for you
for being a friend

Though life is heavy
and the snow layers thick
your smile lights the world
and in our minds, stick
A birthday poem for a friend :)
The month that produces a lot of new things.
It is a month that rain blesses the earth 🌎.
It is a month where fresh leaves are erupting to bless the life's of animals, New flowers were blossom to beauty our environment,
New fruits that blesses humans life with vitality and protection for man.

In this beautiful month a legend was born.
The man that is a savior in the world of fashion.
A giant amidst the fashion celebrity. This gift is no other person than you, the love of my life,
This is your month and
I blessed God that you were born in this blessed month.

I pray for you to see more of this month in pool of abundance of wealth,health and happiness in abundance and satisfaction.

Happy new month to you my 💕💕💕 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎂🎉🎉 IN ADVANCE.
Legend guy
Zywa Apr 14

none of my birthday guests know --

how to celebrate.
Novel "Midnight's Children" (1981, Salman Rushdie), chapter 2-6 "My tenth birthday"

Collection "Low gear"
uv Mar 24
Looking back at another year,
Being thankful for things far and near.
The horizon has never been this bright,
The sea of love brimming with glorious light.

Looking back at another year,
Grateful for things small and dear.
Possibilities like soft molding sand,
Hope of adventures crossing sea and land.
Jellyfish Mar 14
Imbalanced at heart
So often I press restart
but nothings starting over,
I'm just pushing myself back

There's so much I lack.
I'll stay in old habits,
So I don't have to face it;
My avoidance.

Even when I try to be right,
I'm still wrong.
My last finger is slipping from the dogs tail,
Will she turn around and bite me or disappear?

I sit and wait to see the ending,
But it never comes.
The globe keeps spinning
And time moves on, leaving me unwinding.
I S A A C Mar 6
birthday, birthday
22 years spent in orbit
looking for the treasure in golden moments
hoping i am deserving as destiny’s unfolding
tired of withholding, fasting from my motives

birthday, birthday
sunken thoughts from the optimistic ship
smiles can only get you so far, as far as this
recline into decline into the abyss
growing is the acceptance of this
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