happy birthday, love
hope this year carries your heart
where it needs to go
I'm getting older
Blessed to live another year
Now I'm twenty three

Today is a gift!
A celebration of life.
I'm grateful to breathe

Life truly is short
So many dreams in my heart
Never enough time

Though I am still scared
My heart burns with hopes and dreams
I want to shine too

Age is a number
Now is when I take that step
Towards my future

Words, my history
Success is my destiny
Come stability

Lyn the little bird
Feel the wind, flutter your wings
Take flight and sing loud
Guess who's now officially 23!
Man, i don't feel any different but still.
Another year, another blessing! ^.^
Thank you to everyone here for giving me the confidence I need when it came to my work! You guys are awesome!
Much love
Lyn xxx
Her party conflicted me.
I worry if her expectations were met
After the last gift's been unwrapped,
And she's wearing her Princess elbow-length gloves,
Her Audrey Hepburn sunglasses and chic ball cap.
I took a picture of her sitting on her new bike,
And on the table you can see the remains of birthday cake,
Cards, some ribbon and paper, crumbled past the folding creases.
It's over now, and there she sits, feet on pedals,
A serious look on such an innocent face.
You might think I think she's greedy or demanding,
But I don't. She's not, she's a child,
Expecting great things on a special day,
Her day, which comes everyday,
Until she won't remember this day,
The way I will.
Turned four.
R 5d
How funny is it,
that tomorrow is your birthday,
And you're not here to celebrate?

How odd is it,
That you, beyond life
seem to have such an effect on those of us
that still have to wake up in the morning?

How crazy is it,
that this time last year,
bubbly and bright,
You would wake up, another year old?

This year is different

You're gone
gone- what a funny word.

This year, your birthday will be full of tears,
rocked with an abyss of depression and guilt.

This year is one to feel lonely

How funny is it,
that tomorrow is your birthday,
And you're not here to celebrate?
Another year,
another piece of me
that is getting
leaving behind.
Tomorrow I turn eighteen.
I’ve been living my whole life hating the fact that I was born
And I could’ve sworn that I wasn’t gonna make it this far
I’ve done my fair share of harm
I’ve popped bars and I’ve let loose
I’ve downed my weight in vodka and juice
I feel as though I have tried it all,
I don’t have very far left to fall
I’m tired of the world making me feel so damn small
I think this might be my final call
Eighteen years have come and gone,
In a hell that went on for far too long
I don’t think this is where I belong,
And I don’t think I’ll be around to hear my birthday song
Lunar Jun 10
blocked by clouds
or invisible in the day
i'm content knowing
the moon is always
in the center of my frame

sea tides rise
and the constellations change
but i'm reassured to know
the moon has always
stayed the same

even when you're growing
and even as you age
i know i'm grateful because
the moon will always
be your name
happy 22nd, wjh. i'm beyond content, reassured, and grateful for knowing a soul like you exists.

Gideon Jun 9
I'm not writing again
But today is Caitlin's birthday
And she does deserve a piece

We haven't talked of late
Yet I feel she's doing great
I'm not sure what to say
But I'm glad I didn't forget

Before this turns to a bore
I just want to say
I'm glad we were friends for a bit
Happy birthday Caitlin
Gray Jun 6
Guess what i got you for your birthday present?
It’s certainly something that isn’t unpleasant!

Go on, take a wild guess! I’m sure you’ll be very impressed!
(If not, you’re going to make me depressed.)

This present is worth more than a million bucks,
And i guarantee it doesn't sucks.

You know what? I’m just going to tell you now.
Come on buddy, get ready to say wow.

Your present is something you’ll never be able to resist.
This year, i got you this.
Kael Carlos Jun 4
Simulan natin sa katapusan nang taon,
Naging dahilan nang araw-araw kong pagbangon,
Naalintana ang palagiang paglamon,
At uminit ang Pasko nang kahapon.

“Napakaganda nang buhok mo”, aking bati,
Para sa minimithi kong binibini,
Pagmamahal mo’y sa akin’y biglaang sumapi,
Noon ko ipinagdarasal na makita kita’ng parati.

Humingi nang payo kung kani-kanino,
Upang manatiling aktibo’t ‘di mablangko,
Bagama’t ang kinauukalan mo’y malayo,
‘Di nagtagal, nagkaroon na din nang “tayo”

Araw-araw magkausap simula noong ikalabing-walo nang Enero,
Nagpatuloy hanggang Pebrero pati Marso,
Kadalasang naiisip kapag nag-iisa sa kwarto,
Hanggang sa eskwela, daanan, lansangan, lungsod, barangay’t baryo.

Naputol man ang ating koneksyon,
Hinding-hindi ka mawawala sa ‘king imahinasyon,
Ipinagbawal man upang turuan nang leksyon,
Sa araw-araw ang pag-ibig mo’y aking binabaon.

Pinaghigpitan man’y iginagalang ko
Ang desisyon at pagmamahal nang mga magulang mo,
Sa ika-dieciocho ka pa daw pwedeng magka-novio,
Nag-atubili, sumagot ako nang “opo”.

Lahat daw nang inaantay at pinaghihirapan,
Ay mayroong napakalaking kahalagahan,
Kahit alinma’y sakit ay aking ginampanan,
Upang sumunod lamang sa natatanging kasunduan.

Kaya nandito ako ngayon,
Na may pagmamahal at may mga pagtitiis na naipon,
Nanabik sa pangako nang kahapon,
Sa pangakong uuwi ka sa iyong selebrasyon,

Ngayong ika-siyam nang Pebrero,
Nais kong malaman mo na pag-ibig ko sayo’y ‘di magbabago,
Nag-intay, nagtiis, nahirapan, ngunit ‘di napagod,
Dahil umaapaw ang pagmamahal mula labas hanggang ubod.
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