Today is my birthday and I guess I got what I wanted, which was talking to you again.

The past two years I missed having someone to talk to who cared about me, and I’m not sure if you still care, but you seemed like it because you told me, “If [I] don’t have fun tonight [you’re] going to be mad at [me].”
That was just one of the things.

Well I guess I had fun because I listened to the playlist that you made me and I talked to you.
And that’s what I wanted right?

What I didn’t want was to lie on my floor crying off and on for an hour because that playlist, a simple thing, made me so happy and so scared. I am so scared because I do not know what is happening and I am afraid it is just going to vanish before my eyes like last time.

But I’m timid and I’m shy, too shy to tell you this, too worried about how it might affect the course of events playing out, so I will just write it down here in hopes that you’ll come across it one day. I hope you do see it and take note of just how much the little things you do matter to me.
Myrrdin 3d
I throw away my art
The second I get praise
I toss aside men
The day they fall in love
I save the icing for last
But never eat it
Because I didn't
Exercise enough that day
I am an anorexic
In every way I can be
I just want a bite
Of the moments
I've built up so much
In my head
Yet every time
I try to swallow
I remember
I am not worthy
Tell me,
What does it taste like?
Raindrop Dec 2017
Let me tell you a story
of a young woman
winsome and wise

Once a small flower
bloomed into something
more beautiful than a whole garden

Someone who gives joy
in a world with so much

A hidden diamond
exquisite and rare
treated more precious than jewelry

Once a blank paper
tainted with love
by her one and only

A daughter and a sister,
a friend and a lover,
and will soon be a mother

This is the story
of a young woman
winsome and wise,
*special and loved.
Happy Birthday to my cousin!
Ollie 6d
If you’re 14, I feel like you’re old enough to get when I’m dodging the question I keep asking myself
And let’s be real I love you in sickness and in health
Whether I’m poor or in wealth
I know I’m second best to some asshole with a cute hat
And that’s gonna happen a lot throughout our lifetimes
Because I didn’t mean to but now we share this thing called a lifeline
Where I’m not really sure if what I’m feeling is mine or yours
But that’s not the question I keep dodging
And the question is one like about love
Before I answer it I have to ask you a few
What’s March 11th
Who made it up
Why did you decide you wanted to be alive March motherfucking 11th 2004
Because now it’s March motherfucking 11th searching-for-something-more-than 2018
Like maybe an afterlife that you don’t believe in
But it’s an excuse for the suicide attempts
I relent
Hey, Tyler
I still don’t know your middle name even though I know you inside out
Like how I knew the inside before you came out of the closet
Twice, admittedly
But that kind of has something to do with it, because I did too
So now I’m confused
Because you’re not a girl
You’re a boy
And once upon a time my lesbian ass was all like, “I’m in love with you” but there’s no way that’s true anymore because I just don’t like boys
I hope you get that
I love you more than anyone
And if I’m a ray of sunshine then you can be my moon
Cause we might be destined to never meet and the moon has many stars with it all the time
But in the end the moon is infinite with the biggest star in the sky that’s me
I’m done, Tyler
Being someone I’m not
Trying to pretend like I’m not getting better cause I know I am
You helped
And I’m not gonna sit here and just fucking pretend that I’m not adorable
I’m a good person, man
I’m a really good person and I love a lot
I drift towards broken people and I heal them cause they fit together like puzzle pieces
But you’re that one thousand piece puzzle that’s missing a few
That I can’t solve even though I’ve spent years trying, never putting the pieces back in the box
Despite knowing it inside out
But be the night
Cause everyone knows the sunset I used to find in your eyes has to set at some point
And maybe it’s at fourteen
Or maybe I’m a liar
Happy birthday, Tyler
a poem for his birthday.
She’s adventure,
She’s Spirit,
A fighter  
No limit

Her Smile, a sunset.
Her laugh, a chorus.
Like a Rose of Noisette.
She blooms right before us.

Hair, country morning gold
Eyes, cotton candy blue.
A fighter, courage extolled
A warrior, her struggle is through
Happy Birthday!
Dhaara T Mar 5
The sun is out
but the butterflies have all died
The blooming, the blossoming
the rustling greens have dried

The cold, humid, passionate
nights have all gone
Where once there was love
new love has been born

I do not despise you
I never could
I respect, and adore you
Wish you the best, I always would
Just a little birthday present for a former love.
If you're reading this, don't you ever think that anyone who's seen you from so close, could ever dislike you. You're a wonderful soul, and you'll find a way, even if you don't see it yet. Happy, is the hero here. Happy's got to be.
Bon anniversaire, A! :)
DracoTalpus Mar 3
Phileas Fogg,
On a brigantine sledge,
Braved the Omaha wind
As it twirled.
So, Jules Verne might say
That a full eighty days
Is plenty to travel the world.

Amelia Earhart
Crossed the sea –
The quickliest feat
…For a girl –
In twelve hundred forty
Short minutes, you know:
Others failed, but gave it a whirl.

Rosemary Doyle,
Our wonderful mum,
Exceeded these
Feats of grand scale!
She has crossed oceans faster,
Breezed over Great Plains,
And – without perspiration – prevailed!

Carefully, casually,
She raised five kids:
‘Neath our burden
She never collapsed.
Loving and giving
Us lives we are living.
Have there – really – eight decades elapsed?

Silliest word:
It sounds like
A sea creature’s vet,
But if you want true fun,
Then just orbit the sun
Eighty times, like our mom:  It’s no sweat!

© 2Mar2018 DracoTalpus
For Rosemary N. Doyle
On the occasion of her 80th birthday
I love you, Mom.  Thank you for creating me.  Thank you for including me in your family.  Thank you for loving me right back!  <3  :D
Alec Astaire Mar 3
Another candle on the cake
Another wasted year where nothing has changed
Ya know, when I was younger I thought by this point
I’d have my whole life arranged

“How’s the birthday boy” they ask
They’re not too wrong, you see
If I’m 22 two years old
Then how come I’m only half the man I used to be?

You asked me how I am?
Well, what am I supposed to say?
“Can you supply me with a basic, depthless response?”
I think that’s what you meant to say

Because if I told you how today makes me feel
You’d wonder why I’d have the gaul to ruin your day
You’re here to celebrate
Whereas I’m here to entertain you until you go away

But Grandma, if you really want in
On today’s daily dose of looming existential dread
Let me blow out the candles first,
And then I’ll let you inside my head

They say when you blow out the candles you’re supposed to make a
And every year- for as long as I can remember
I’ve had but one wish
That always goes unanswered

I wish that someone could love me
And fix me
Put on a suit of armor to help me fight my
Depression and anxiety

I wish for a companion
Who would never rest until I loved myself as much as they love me
Someone who’d never give up on me
For absolutely no reason or rhyme

I’m so sick and tired
Of being so eager for these wishes
Knowing that there’s no magic
But yet, hopelessly begging there’s power in this tradition

But this year, Mary
I didn’t wish for any of that
Because I’m tired of hoping and wishing.
I just wish for it all to be over
Poem could be better, but it’s really all I wanted to say
Merlina M Mar 2
so magical and so scary
when time flies
and it doesn't think about you
it let's you decide
your own destiny
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