From nought to fifty six in one second,

How time has flown,

and adventure beckoned.

We're all on our way to seventeen
With torn jeans & clothes from velveteen
Faithfull friends like we're forever teens

Hi new days & graceful traces
We're the darkness in starfull places
Broken hearts of charming faces

Spending nights awake with our team
Roaming in streets with best of our dreams
We're the samples of perfect teens
We're all on our way to seventeen

Actually it's not like my other poems... just wrote because days later I will be 16 and enter the world of 17... and I'm on my way to 17!
ryan 16h

this should be a day of joy
one filled with happiness
and laughter

instead it's a day of sadness
one filled with tears
and mistakes

today - august 16 - is my birthday
but i'm far from excited

today is the day
that i turn a year older than i was just last night
the digits have rounded their corner
and i am fortunate enough to see
the beginning of my second decade

another orbit around the sun
another 365 day interval
it's all just spinning
just like me

Seema 2d

Maa Yashoda ke tum dulaare
Tujhe tere bhakt pukare
Chale aao mere makhan chor
Tujhse bandhi hai preet ki dor
Mohini muskaan, chanchal ye maan
Teri pooja karoon mei jeewan bhar
Aayi hai teri madhur janam diwas
Meri hirdaye mei basay rahena, bas
Shama karna, har bhool ko mere Kanha
Kabhi mujhe bhool se bhool na jaana
Haath jhod kar, tujhe sumiroon
Yaad tujhe har pal karoon
Poori kar doh apne bhakto ki kami
Aap ko shubh ho ye janmastami...



You are mother "Yashodas" darling
Your followers call upon you
Please come, my little butter thief
With you, is my whimsical tie
Charming smile, restless this heart
Your prayer I do throughout my life
Your mellifluous birthday has come
May you stay in my soul always
Forgive all my fouls, O' Kanha
Never by mistakenly forget me ever
I fold my hands in rosary
I think of you all the time
Fulfill the wishes of your followers
Happy birthday to you...


why should blow your own age? —
until the question was smoke, there's
something remains unanswered
: "Happy Birthday!"

I want to believe
even though the flame is hot:
that yesterday
and the previous days
are still melted wax
that hasn't been burned-out

"may happiness go with you, and be happy."

hey, listen to the candle!
they sing along too, but

did you not ask, why
they've change the lyrics?

soon, both of us will know
who'll die at the end of that song

Samri 4d

every year on my birthday, i cry
and so does the sky.
i haven't figured out why
but -
maybe, it's the fear of getting older
or -
simply the fear of being loved.

no kidding, i cry every birthday. sometimes because I'm happy but mostly cause I'm sad.

Inside in pieces
Yet outside strong
making things right
yet proven wrong

The dreamy road turned
into a patch rough
The repeated setbacks
turned me tough

Few rollbacks
Also comebacks
Many setbacks
Yet bounce backs

Lost a lot
Found a little
Learnt a lot
Unlearnt a little

Many loved
Few unloved
Few just involved
Issues unresolved

Many pains
Also gains
Not agains
Some stains

It's the course
No remorse
Always thankful
To all I'm grateful

Added life to years,
totally transformed

Birthday reminds,
The life is reformed!

It's my bday
Just looking back n summarizing life..
Perri 6d

It's that time 
Where I was brought here
Without a say
And year after year
I'm guilted to stay
People feel obligated
To celebrate my day
But the other 364
Want me to fade away
So I beg of you please
If I get one wish
Just leave me astray

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