Light of my Lord
Brighter than the stars
You died for my life
Because you loved me so

You gave me a heart
And filled it with stars
So I could shine in the love
Just like yours

Light of my Lord
You've healed all my scars
I praise your name
To our God above

You've brightened my face
Because you loved me more
Than anything I could ever afford

You are my light
Brighter than the stars
For nothing outshines
The Light of my Lord

I wrote this poem for Jesus
It is a birthday present to him

Twenty-two years ago
My mom made a big mistake
She gave birth to me
A cursed child
There is no such thing as happy birthday
Why do everyone keep saying happy birthday to me?
Well, at least there is a good thing
I'm one step closer to death now
So, I guess I should be happy.

I'm supposed to look forward to it
I'm supposed to look at the future
I'm supposed to be happy
But all I see is a dark tunnel.

Michael Dec 6

A Happy birthday
For you my friend
Doth my heart dearly wish.

As the old year passes away
For the freshness of the new
So to may all of your troubles
May you find them scattered beneath you
As the leaves of fall lay trodden

May this day be granted to you
For your heart’s desire
May it be crafted of bliss
A pinnacle beyond zenith
May it be a rebirth
Of all that is good to you
May it warm your heart
As the fires of autumn

May this day pass into memory
To be visited often
Ever sweet and merry
May it be wrought of euphoria
Sourced from celebration and remembrance
Of all that you are and have grown into.

May this day be good
To you my friend
May this day be your birthday
May I wish you a happy birthday

For my dear friend Ty. If ever you find this, may you know the fondness which I bore for you in my heart. Know that you eased my mind in troubled times. My best wishes for your life if you are reading this.
Juin Dec 5

6th of December,
The one born is my mother.

As she grows older,
Her smile still like no other.

Always there to help me,
Her love for me as big as the sea.

Beautiful like a flower,
My mom has superpowers.

I wish for her in this special day,
May she be happy in many ways.

The warmth she always gives,
I want her to receive.

Thankful for this day,
For God gave me the best mother I could ever have in every way.


Sitting and thinking
Can't believe it's been 44yrs
Life can be so strange
For it seems
Time flies by
Moments last but a blink
So much we loose
For we don't think
How much we will wish
For these years to have back
I'm not any younger
But a hell of a bit smarter
Go for it live them up now
Love what time u got
Cause it's gone in a blink
I know 44 yrs came so fast
Can't go back
So the next 10 years
I'm not a wasting
Smile more & cherish time
Cause in 10 more yrs
I don't wanna wish
I had them back
So cash them in
Love them all
44yrs are gone
But at least I got
10 more !!
© Jennifer L DeLong 5/10/17

To know her is not just knowing her
name, birthday and her favorites.

No, to know her you have to notice all the
little things that make her, her.

The way her fingers tap when her favorite
song is playing out loud.

The way her eyes always search for that
one particular person in the crowd.

The way she holds back a smile when
his name is mentioned.

Most of all, how she is when she is all by herself.

Nothing shows better how a person is,
than their behavior alone.
Then she is a hundred percent herself,
and that, my love, is the girl you want to know.

i want to pick a new birthday
my old one doesn't mean anything
anymore, i have died too many times
since i was first pushed into fresh air, screaming

maybe my birthday can be the day we met
i went out wanting to find something
beautiful or die trying and i was pretty
and you were a guy i did - i did - i did want to die

maybe it can be that day on a field with a friend
and i was breathing faster than my bike could account for
and we lay and watched the clouds
i thought about how they reflected in my eyes

maybe it was the day i woke up angry
and i let that drive me through the world
for years, let it pull me up from the gravel,
let me let my wounds heal, stop picking at scabs.

i want to celebrate this one with you all
today is the day i decided i wanted to go on living
you all have to be there,
because without you i wouldn't be.

this is some deep shit yo
Shofi Ahmed Dec 1

It’s still hanging low
since the moon
came down so close.

The seven seas dance
beneath her polished feet
but could never touch it.

Then the intact moon,
in fact, once did unleash
only when one popped
out ahead of the rest.
Down from earth
luminary Muhammad
Peace be upon him
raises his finger towards it.
And into two halves
did the Moon split!

But the man wouldn’t touch it
remained with us all
with every human the Moon dwarfs!

Commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of his miracles was that he split the moon after the pagan Makkhans asked for a miracle.
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