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ky Jul 19
Looking back on it all,
I don't understand why I gave you
so many second third fourth changes.
You treated me horribly
and I let you back in
every. single. time.

I guess I thought that
when I let you back,
you would be different.
You would treat me better.

But each time,
nothing changed.
And the last time,
I just had to say
ky Jul 7
Sometimes, I'd think that I missed it.
All the late-night conversations,
good morning "I love you"s,
glances exchanged in the halls,
awkward smiles,
adorable nicknames,
that bracelet.

But I don't wear that bracelet anymore,
not since you starting doubting all we had.

When the good morning texts were just typed,
sitting there with the send button unpressed.
When we started avoiding each other in the halls
because we couldn't bear to see the other's face.
When those awkward smiles we'd exchange
turned into just plain awkward.
When the adorable nicknames went away.
When that bracelet just sat there,
on my dresser instead of my wrist.

Sometimes, I thought I missed the way we were.
But now I know, we're better off the way we are.
Ghxstcxt Jul 5
It all started with a quote I wrote on a post it note.
I stuck it not for show, but for hope on this road I'm bout to solo
I'm not alone though
In fact the quote I wrote that thought provoked I got told.
I've to say it once inside my mind
Then again to make it twice
Out loud the second time
Bring perspective to my eye
No joke
It's so I can focus through this hocus pocus
I've conjured on my own, that's slow erodingĀ soulful in all the places that I don't go.
So, here's to a better day tomorrow
And every one that follows...
evolove Mar 28
When I sit and my head dips. I reminisce and drift until there's a consciousness shift. I'm split. My lifes a cliff that's hard to grip. I've got the wits but choose the whips. I want the love but choose the pimps. Corporations who don't give two ***** about alcoholic fits. In cahoots with the boots who aren't afraid to shoot the kids not producing plantation fruits. If you want the truth it's the roots that have influenced generations of youth stupid. most of us pull through it. Like suicidal thoughts when they get intrusive.
Me: "I'm going to acknowledge you, first."
Her: "I'm going to trust you, more."
I S A A C Dec 2022
wander while I ponder
wonder when I'm farther
out sea, just me, pisces
underwater, wonder if I can feel thunder
running from each other
wonder who can go farther
light green, I am a rusty lover
underneath, wonder if I can get better
leeaaun Dec 2022
if wait is not worth the
then why humans
die wishing
one day
it will all get better
does that ever get better?
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Guarantee the valley...
Sweat and simple salt
Shared by constant, and fluent reasons
The tale of taste in a long run, for a hidden fault

Twists of fate, insists of courtesy
The truth be told, I have no problem
With wisdom, the tale of evidentiality
But a wise more, to finish anger, is our whim

Latent, the sobbing of a charisma
Sweet endeavor, do I seem the better of others?
When a promise of significance, is ours for the only dilemma
That will make liberty, a levity in justice, the irony of lovers?

We have the time, to tell you another story...
Through the timid shall, the world has a future to beautify
With all of a sincerity's bloom, a pyre to worry?
And the coming victory of self and same, a lucre we identify

With hatred...
Here to say, in language we see, is an assured privilege
The tows of compelling a home to sing the body lead
To wishes in the name of God, is anywhere here and now, a legend?

Poise of a common nose, to the grindstone
Welcome us to the table of vice, like a halt of decency
Among the clouds or finished with sunshine early, we have sown
The new, with now, the needs of all; any soul to show humanity...
A banana split from hell and back...
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