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Poetic T 14h
Only a weak man would intrude
                    on virtues of another #.
For a strong man knows that within him
                 is the virtues of a woman's birth.  

And with out them, he would be nothing.
            Those that intrude on the innocence,  
         have a weakness not of man
but of value and are neither of morality or humanity.

But the sinking ventures of humanities folly.
                For all of creations bindings are
                                but a creation of before.

And even those that are  pure some are always
                              damaged to the point of sorrow.
Never guise all under one brush,  
   because each is a different ******.

And some are just not meant to be allowed
                                                   to paint a canvass.
          let alone a memory upon another's ever
                                                changing innocence.

We are each a picture
         and some where never meant
                                           to be painted
let alone ****** upon others design
To everyone I've ever met,
to everyone who once tried to get to know me.
To everyone who wanted to be my friend,
to everyone who had to deal with me.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm stubborn.
I'm sorry I'm insecure.
I'm sorry I locked you out.

I'm working on becoming a better me,
I've realized I turned into a loner.

I. don't. wanna. be. a. loner.
I really didn't want to post this because I feel it's not worthy enough for this page, but on a serious note, this is me. This is my mind, my feels.
This is me when I can't sleep, when I've been lying for hours on my bed, thinking, and then look through my window and the sun's already out.
This is me being sorry for being myself, but also not sorry at all.
Me recognizing my demons and rising above them, without losing myself.
دema Dec 6
I thought you were trying to make me a better person,
I thought you knew better than I did,
but you don’t,
and I know I’m better off without you,
because all you have been trying to make out of me,
is a person you can control.
Jemevic Dec 5
A life in Silica is promising
Bread and Wine is plenty.
Everyone lives in a square box with four windows.
Men work at mines and markets.
A life in Silica is truly blessing.
Those who know the blessed Silica,
Leave their nests and fly,
In hope to settle down on a new blessed land.
Silica is really new and interesting.
The country is always sparkling
The buildings are so tall that a man broke his neck when he looks up.
Lips pushed out when they speak.
Silica must be really interesting as it said.
I know the Silica
My friends know the Silica
Everyone knows the the Silica
But *** sends only a few there.
Everynight we pray fervently
Everyday we listen in awe as we listen to their story.
Everyday we dream that we are also there.
I want my family to have a full meal.
I want my family to live peacefully.
I want my sick father to be recovered
So he can write poems with me.
Once we are in Silica
My family will be fine.
Their future
Will be really promising.
I just cant control myself anymore. I hope immigrants can relate to  this poem.
Kate Oshla Dec 2
I have so few skills
She plays them all better than I do
It’s time to for me to hide them
So no one judges as I do

She’s better with her style
Her drawing and her voice
She writes entire stories
While I write this one **** verse

I don’t want attention
But what can I say
The only thing I do better
Is pretending I’m ok
Zoe G Dec 3
It's cloudy
but that's
because I
on to the
that it will be
Why do you give your heart
to the ones who carelessly drop them?

Why do you give your heart
to the ones who engrave their name,
scaring it with memories
and then leave it deserted?

Why do you give your happiness
to the ones who leech it out of your life?

Why do you root yourself into their
hearts, intertwining with them emotionally so quickly?

You know better than
to let them wound you.

But I don't know who they
are unless I give them.
my life instantly gets a little better every time i hear and see you laugh.
Johnny walker Nov 30
This ever-changing world to which we live so very different from childhood days that I remember very few technologies did we have
But we were happy children, today to much pressure at the early
days of life don't get time to be children play as we
did when
I was born 1953 so had that wonderful experience of moving Into the 1960
all of a sudden everything bright colourful
Just my opinion, but maybe we all would have been better of not moving on from the 1960s ?
Just while passing the time of a thought, those who no of the 1960s maybe we might have better not moving on from there
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