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I do what I want
when I want and how far along I have to go to become better.
Poetry is news,
a glance,
into the awkakend minds
of planet Earth

we speak our truth
and read each other’s
brothers and sisters
of a conscious collective

A wild world,
needing change
and here we are
with simple text
a weapon,
a calling

These words here, are just as alive as me. I live on like you, cast through circuits of infinite internet and worldwide connection. Let us find love for one another, this strange humanity. Children of the universe, and of creation.

Forgive your family,
call your friends
tell them this:
there is a change coming
and the elite don’t see it
bonded with perspective
and united by fear
who said f*^k your system
friends of a foreign tongue,
who see through illusions

war becomes like slavery
rejected and disgusting
the primitive ape
learned to see
from the other’s
falling asleep in the bathtub
soaking in hot water
the warmth slowing down the bad thoughts
the comfort of floating
waking up slowly
liking the danger of possibly drowning
freezing the thoughts
with the cold water
it numbs the pain inside
i'm better
just trust me
i'm so much better
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to run.
I've got the scissors
To clip my leash.
I've got the key to
My cage.
I'm ready to pack
My past
And set my sights
On the future.
I'm ready to live
For now.
I'm ready for the freedom.
Let me run.
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
Bragi 6d
Be better than all of it.

It’s only a few letters after all.
by Arcassin Burnham

Trials and tribulations for relations in America where the higher class resides in cutting the checks,
Putting the past behind my back and running to the light of a better future all in debt,
To love and to hold while we rejoice a brand new day of peace on earth to follow up bliss,
If we all stick together and fight as one then it would actually be more better than this,

Picking fights and winning wars in this country is more like a mind to result in some treason,
You have no reason to be so damn ignorant while we're sinners signing all these agreements,
Tragedies will happen and mostly all planned , the systems rigged as destruction on the brink,
It is nothing than to be afraid of corruption as long you live and free think.

You struggle with your pain
Yet still helped me anyways
To reach more to gain
Even if no one stays

A sonnet dedicated to you
With a new happiness born
Yet you're filled with blue
As your wiery heart's worn

I know your soul's torn,
But I'm here to repair
Your rose, not only a thorn
To live with no despair

I know how you've been shoved
I know soon you'll be loved
To a girl called Olivia who shared my poem and helped me touch many more people. I want to help her in her darkness, for she helped me as well
Tara 7d
You can’t run from depression,
that’s why you feel like this again,
It’s a never ending labyrinth,
you’ll never find your way out,
a circle you’ll try to escape,
captious day after day,

It’s hopeless to try and flee from the pain,
the torment continues,
an incessant nuisance of despair,
you’ll wish away with every birthday cake,

Prickling needles that you can’t seem to numb away,
you’ll fixate yourself on;
flowers, the ocean, the color purple,
“I’m happy,” you’ll say as you braid your hair,
wiping away memories that trigger you every year,

Depression causes vexation,
you’ll pray to a God you don’t believe in,
wanting to escape,
but it returns some days,
a pattern you’ll try your whole life to vanquish away.
Xylos Oct 5

Would you

Till I can reach out,

If you can't
Turn back to me?

I know love,
All the effort
Won't be mine.

Don't ask me if he did.
we tried this once before
actually twice
we ended up breaking up both times
i wasn't good at a relationship
you were my first
and i never dated anyone since
i was too clingy
and wanted attention
i was too annoying
so we settled for friendship
but you are too irresistible
and i guess i am too
because it didn't take you that long
to be stuck like glue
i know i failed the first time
and the second time again
but i promise this time you won't regret this
because i know what i did wrong now
and i won't make a mistake
so i hope we will work
because if we don't
why does the universe keep pulling us together?
why do we keep saying i love you?
why can't we seem to stay away?
I'll break
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