forget tomorrow
start now
this very moment
you can get better
and you will
The truth about somebody will always come out.

And when the truth comes out

You’ll look at the person

And suddenly notice the little signs and warnings that you once overlooked

And realise the truth was there all along.

But don’t blame yourself.


Because it’s pretty hard to see the truth, when that person blinds you with an illusion.
I never really knew you
Amanda 6d
Our romance was unforgettable, that's true,
However fake it was to you,
A stranger now who i once knew,
Barely recognize eyes so blue.
Each moment a memory now that you're gone,
Living without you feels all wrong,
Trying to be brave but days seem long,
Every sunrise brings a new chance to move on,
But time won't let me forget your name,
Feel like I'm caving under weight of this pain,
Have no hand to hold, I am going insane,
Can't force your image outta my brain.

Memories far too dear to let go,
Time heals wounds, at least they tell me so,
I know happiness I will eventually find,
There are better days coming than left behind.

Life no longer brings flashbacks, memories made,
Free to grow now, but too afraid.
We both have changed, glad I didn't stay,
I am with someone else, you moved away.
I still think about you now and then,
What would have happened if we didn't end?
If I wasn't stuck with this broken heart to mend?
If we could, would you choose to start over again?
Treat me right second time around?
Keep my heart protected, sound?
Give it reason to pump blood and pound?
Would you still smash my feelings into the ground?


Dwelling on the past will not lead to happiness,
What is done is done, no need to second-guess,
Let go of memories weighing heavy on your chest,
It might hurt right now, but I swear it's for the best.

There are better days coming than the ones behind us
Amanda 7d
If you want my body then take it
Do what you want with me, call me your whore
I've never gotten so much pleasure from pain
You're better than anything I have felt before.
Sorry to anyone who finds this inappropriate haha
Evolve to control.

When I have written my thousandth poem,
My work will be done.
Things will change after that
And I will make every poem I write after that, better than this one.

I will strive for perfection
And dedicate more time to each poem I write,
Because I cannot accept being just good enough;
I want to be the best I can be.
I want my poetry to become the meaning of my life.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kirill Jun 11
To have loved and lost
Is better than to have never loved at all.
To have loved and lost is better to those who have survived its fall
ethan gaskill Jun 11
how do you woo someone
who sings better than you?
how could they fall for something
that they could do better?
how do you write a love poem
when they write "i like someone else" poems?
i'd never have a chance
but hey, a boy can dream
and if for some reason you change your mind
you can always have me
SoZaka Jun 10
one more smile
sweep some dust from the floor
make it shine,
more than it did before
tune the radio dial,
let the melodies flow

show someone love,
with a kiss on the cheek
make the right decision,
weigh it with care
turn the right direction,
and we all get there

just be a little better than yesterday
and the world will be too
just one little bit better than the day before day after day and the world can't help but follow suit
Little notes of warmth and light
shimmer all around.
Green bugs and blue dew drops
are scattered on the ground.
Blowing breeze and sturdy trees
stand so tall and proud.
Summer songs and childrens' laughter
ringing through the crowd.
Summer memories,
Summer people,
Summer home.
Take your time.
I don't recognize this woman,
The beautiful, strong woman I see;
When I look at my reflection;
In the mirror;
On any reflective surface.

I mull over how much I have changed,
How sophisticated I look now;
How my smile bubbles over with grace;
With wisdom,
How I seem to have everything organized;
All my goals and priorities in order.

I look at this version of myself,
All grown up and more experienced;
And I don't recognize her.
Am I the only who has trouble punctuating poems??? It's annoying (mad face) lol. Thank you for reading ♥♥
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