Lie with me
on this ancient
ground and keep
me warm with
your lies about
a better tomorrow
where sorrows
die with the
remnants of my
common sense
Stale air takes the stage in this office,
With the dust of many conversations held.
Many come in  broken down and disheveled.
These exchanges primarily hold premise about getting away from,
the void that they have carried for far too long.
It has left pieces of them scattered, for others to collect.
In time these souls learn to put themselves back together in hopes
That they might not break again and in the process heal inside.
An lifelong battle but a worthy one.
Just a reflection in the profession that I am in and the desire to help individuals.
He's different.

I miss him so much.

I haven't seen him in 3 years, yet his name makes me giggle like a schoolyard girl.

I get to talk to him once a week, but the rest my soul aches without him.

Anytime he sends a picture my heart does a little twirl.

He's different

I'm honestly not sure what it is about him.

He always knows what to say to make me smile.

He's so smart its incredible to watch him work.

Yet he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty once in a while.

He's different

He doesn't always have to be the center of attention.

He knows which silent look will comfort me the most.

He might be lean, but he gives prize-winning hugs.

No matter the things he's accomplished, he's never one to boast.

I don't know what it is,

but that boy is different.
I loathe imagination;
I lay in bed dreaming
of reality; fictional
creatures telling me
to go fuck myself: I
imagine u lying next
to me like so many
days & nights telling
me to go fuck myself
moon at the window
Nylee 5d
there is nothing to see anymore.
Turn the other way
for you will not be able to see it.
Close your eyes
and pretend it never happened
It will be much easier this way
Hush Hush
no one will hear, no one will know
no need to speak a word
better for your life
better for you.
Amanda 6d
I am sorry for being who I am
At times I can be a lot to take
We should tell eachother goodbye
Before I make my next mistake

I knew you were too great for me
From the very heavy start
It was foolish of me to think I
Ever deserved a piece of your heart

Clearly my shadowy side
Is stronger than the light
I need to accept that darkness
Will eventually win this fight

I thought you made me better
Now I see that isn't quite true
Yes, you bring out the best me
But also bring out the worst parts too
Sometimes the people who push you to be better are also the people who cause you to do and say stupid shit that doesn't even sound like it is coming from your mouth
Passionate souls
drawing in the wind
Making colors with the stars
Dreaming souls
waking to do it all again
Sending life into a tailspin
Rendering life as is
Creative souls wildly dancing
music in there hearts
When all souls come together
imagine the scenes
the visions we would see
Wildly fun a bit crazy
Wouldn't that be fun
like a trip on imagination
gripping us to stay
maybe finding it a bit more bearable
then the shit we see today
© Jennifer Delong 3/2018
ANON Mar 14
i could be better
i could make this a letter
i want to try more
but then you will learn
about my ability to bore
so for now i will burn
on the inside
so buckle up for the ride
enjoy some trash poetry
Nayana Nair Mar 14
The dust that lay on the page
that I left open long ago
is now a page on it’s own,
with a story its own.
I look at it and read
negligence and loneliness.
I read how things are forgotten
so easily
and how things are treated as things
by people who
live their life accumulating things
and rest half of it
misplacing, destroying,
replacing and forgetting them.
How people are treated on similar lines
but worse.
How we come back to claim our possessions
when they can clearly exist better
without us.
And things had never been so good!
Well, that's what I was supposed to say.

I had broken months before,
But I was too frightened to let you in.
So as we came together,
Something else joined us there.

I'm afraid that I went first,
and strayed further than we meant to,
But something took a hold of us,
And suddenly we were spiralling

Further and further from our intended path
until we crash-landed:
bodies, exposed,
souls, in tatters,
us, in ruin.
I don't really know what happened to me in Kiwoko - I fear I never will, but Sasha I am so sorry for the person I returned as. Long distance was harder than I expected and I wish I had been better for you. I should have listened to you and your mum, and just come home, but I didn't, and I paid the price for that when we went too far and it broke us apart.
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