I say I deserve better,
And I know it’s true.
But if I believe it,
Why do I keep coming back to you?

I say that I am special,
And I know I’m worth more.
But if I know,
Than what am I fighting for?

I said this is the last time,
This is the end.
But if it’s over,
Why am I back here again?

If only life could be better
If only people could be better
If only I could better
So many Ifs
I just want it to be better
Maybe the future is bright
Whoever I meet
Thank you

People suck, I just want things to be good.

Today I woke up broken
I hung my head and cried to God
because I know He sees beyond this fog.

The calm, the peace - it doesn't sink in until after these words take root in my heart:

Broken is not always a bad thing. Broken is just the stage between better and best.

Through broken soil plants grow to sustain this world.
Broken allows life to grow.
A break in the clouds sends light to those who miss the sun.
Broken allows room for more.

I let this small prayer carry me always:
That I will remember
that it is a beautiful thing
when life goes

Wasting wits Dec 7

D                O
E                 N
S                  S
T                 T                
R     ­            R                    
U                U                
C                 C          ­      


V                 C      
I                   E
T                  S
A                 S
B                 A
L                 R
E                 Y

Cheyenne Dec 6

It feels like maybe I'm not best for you
I keep getting the best of you
I know you've been thinkin' it's time to get on and move
You're worried about me--that's sweet--I'm worried too
But sometimes you've got to do
What's best for you

So we're all doing "better..."
I ponder this as I go over all of our
Future life "perfections,"
War is ten times more bloody
And violent than ever before.
If that's not enough, we deny
The loss of every day for people
Who go do boring, dead end
(Life is very short, so why not
Spend each day mopping floors
And filling out orders for life!
As if that isn't a tragedy,
A wonder as it is, the political
Playground is a wonderland
With the most immature
President in history now in
Charge, people pretend we'll
Somehow survive, his agenda
To remove, to dispose of
Anything or anyone he deems
To be "at large." If anyone
Loves immigrants, they are
Stupid, insane, and lack any
Integrity. If you don't work
And have a car, even if you're
Disabled, you're a "waste of human
Space," to be guilt trip prone,
Ridiculed, no excuse, a total pity.

Well we certainly fixed this life up!
And left the rest of the world in the dust...

Roblox is better than Minecraft
Minecraft should be called minecrap
In Roblox you can play so many games
Minecraft's one is very lame

Who else plays Roblox
Michael Dec 2

At times like this
what you need is to cry
Not a little cry
A tear gracing your cheek
But an ugly cry
A downpour to lose yourself in
Those droplets hitting the floor
As you feel the holes in your heart
The cracks in your soul

The last bit of your happiness
You hold in your hands
With no concern left in the world
The weakness of it pleading to you
Through empty space, voice unheard

You dream there,
From the bottom of the world
Of distant places
Of different people
That you could be
That you can be
That you were

An escape is all you ask
Of those people
Of those places
But this place is all your own
Crafted by your own two hands

mjad Dec 1

The sooner the better
I stopped crying at night
The sooner the better
I don't need to sneak a peek at you anymore
The sooner the better
I stopped being consumed by the memories
The sooner the better
I'm moving on....
So you better come back and come love me

I suck lately but that's okay right
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