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Maybe we are both better off this way
Then again perhaps not
Who is to say?
Soon you will forget everything about me
With exception of my name and what you thought we would be
But it is impossible for for me to do that too
I will always care too deeply for you
I've come to the conclusion you are happier now
Albeit I cannot quite comprehend how
Back when together I could tell I meant to you the most
In my present exist only as a gnawing ghost
A wall bloomed between
Was completely unaware
Too late I finally opened my eyes and saw it there
New emotions have taken root in your heart
Resulting in us being driven even further apart
I wonder if you love her more than you used to love me
Why it has to hurt so bad to set the things you cherish free
Now waking up is hard to do,
Sleeping's impossible too,
And everything's reminding me of you,
What can I do?
It's not right, not okay,
To say the words that you say,
Maybe we're better off this way...
-Maroon 5
Daksh 6d
No shame, no power
to look at you ever again

Desire to talk to you again
but its better to be hurt once
for the all of me
than be there forever
and watch it go down

And as I watch years go by,
not hearing any of your voices
I shall keep my head up high
and keep a big smile on my face
as it was for the better
for all of us
I was floating on the moon now I’m back in town.
My feet still hover, smooth, they don’t touch the ground.
It’s hard to fall in love
When you’re guilt trippin’.
When my back was against the wall
Somehow, you went missin’.
Now that I’m doing good
You start blowing kisses.
Talking wedding bells in June,
You wanna be my Mrs.
I’m onto better days.
I’ve outgrown this zone, how could I ever stay?
I just want to elevate.
I can’t afford the time to just sit and wait.
Floating through the stars because they can relate.
It’s not up for debate, you’re already too late.
I’m driving on the cosmic interstate while you hesitate.

I’m onto better days….
Don't let nobody prevent you from becoming who you're meant to be
I don't want to feel better.
If I could feel better then life would be beautiful.
But I don't deserve beauty,
Or love,
Or glory.
I lost the love of my father,
Watching it crumble away into nothingness,
And pleading "please don't go."

I'd give anything to miss you one last time.
If I could miss you then existing would be painless.
But I deserve pain,
And hate,
And suffering.
I lost the love of my mother,
Watching it melt between my frail fingers,
And screaming "please don't leave."

I don't want to feel better.
If I could feel better then life would have no meaning.
I don't deserve meaning,
Or words,
Or tears.
I lost the love of myself,
Watching it shatter into a million pieces,
And whispering "please, just go."
Copyright Oleander Michael Osiris
stillhuman May 11
i don't quite understand
if i miss who you are
or who i am when i'm with you
I don't understand how you can eradicate all fear from my being when we're together
Daisy Willis May 2
Take me back,
that is all I ask,
I've changed Jack.
take me back, my love
Life is a long lesson
Made up of small lessons
Some small lessons are big lessons
Big lessons are lifelong lessons
Learning you hold your heart
Time is quite hard
The earlier you learnt
Lifelong lessons
The better it's
It's my confession
It's easier to learn
Long lesson of life
Life often teaches lessons of shorter durations. But we either don't learn them or forget them easily until something serious happens. Serious happenings give us lifelong lessons which make us understand and appreciate life better. We become careful, attentive and knowledgeable to perceive warning signs with ease in future preventing disastrous consequences. Small lesson here means a lesson over short period. Big lesson means lesson of high degree of importance.
Alice Apr 30
I think in a small way, I always knew it was you
you've always taken care of me quietly
told me difficult truths
surprised me with my favorite drink
(you memorized my order)
because you knew I was sad before I even
told you
you make me want to be a better person
I am a better person because of you
I like myself better with you
you even took me & my little sister to ice cream just because
George Krokos Apr 19
Wasting time
is like crime.
Best to do
something new
and you will
time fulfill.
Better than
nothing can.
Written in 2020.
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