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دema Mar 21
I told you that you should always be
thankful, things are getting
better, the process
is just rather slow,

and I told you that the proof lies
in the fact that you still have some
sanity left today,
if things weren't getting better,
then what else
could you be holding onto?
jai May 2018
my chest tickles
energy is an odd feeling after many months of emptiness
i sang to the birds today because i woke up and did the dishes
no i didn’t put a bra on but the dishes didn’t mind
my mother tells me i am a good girl, and i am
i smile without her knowing that is the greatest moment of my week
borderline personality disorder has its good days, when feelings don’t feel like the empire state building crushing you or rather feeling as though your soul blends blandly into the most darkest and isolated parts of our universe.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Sure, there are events
That mnemonically make sense,
But the entirety of that day, yes,
Slips as we take new steps
Toward the promised morning beyond our essence.
Trials become more, we grow to become less,
Something we need not confess,
For it cannot be concealed, even in our code of dress.
There are groans for the day to cease and those for the day to onward press,
How can this opinionized split be reconciled? Unless
Our own lives we assess
And remember those moments that still impress
Our minds and attitudes, this can we address.
When the day and our remembrance
Of it seem to fade in all hopelessness
Of retrieval, remember at least the happiness
That kissed you in distress,
That lifted you like incense.
A quintessence
Of what it’s like being on the fence
When time unleashes an offense
In weak defense
Against what we hold nevertheless
Not with hands, but with dense
Feelings, those with irreplaceable innocence.
If I have the time, why not rhyme lol?  Ever since my collegiate experience, I've been anxious about remembering each day, even just ordinary tasks because I'm afraid I will lose sight or thought of what I've done (not to be egotistical) and accomplished.  Though summarily even tasks are fleeting things, in order to remember the times I or anyone want to remember, it would only make sense to remember something at all, right?  Anyway, enjoy!
Miss Me Oct 2017
All those feelings tucked away
   When  depressed

Came leaping out from such a place
    so compressed

Flowing fluttering like butterflies
   And i shall never forget the beautiful bees.

I wished they would land upon me
   On grey days as well as a clear days

They're beautiful these feelings you see
   Just like the butterflies and the bees
To my daughters, the butterfly and the bee!
Advaith Jaikumar Apr 2016
Experiencing an alien place,
A place where Phoebus' face
Fails to face the winds
That blow with subtracting grace.

A large green field,
Surrounded by white topped peaks
And the green waters that adds on to the greenery
And hits you with the blows of mist and mystery.

The delight of so vibrant a sight,
Soaking you in the atmosphere so light.
The cold, dark, smokey breaths
That you breathe out of your shivering cold
Breathed out with a rather warmed up heart
Giving your life an entirely new start.

And the glacial fed rivers,
The perennial rivers up north
That freeze in the dark winter
To overpower your damp sweaters.

The snowfall and the nightfall,
The contrast of black and white,
Of darkness and brightness,
The soft fall on the hard grounds,
The gentle touch on the roughness,
And you ask yourself,
Is this the real life?
Life it is, indeed.

Your words freeze as you speak,
Your thoughts freeze as you think,
Immerse yourself in the foggy glory!
Weave yourself a new life story!
This poem is about a trip I had to the wonderful land of Kashmir, a state in the northernmost part of India. A land nothing less than a paradise, a life changing travel experience, I'd say.
B P Aug 2015
There's good days
and bad days
one day the world is sunny
but the next on my shoulders

I can laugh and smile and enjoy the day
be with my friends and feel good
ignore my flaws
smile, not cry

but when I am alone
the sadness drowns me
the pain engulfs me
the mirror pains me
the tears escape me

There's good times
and bad times
I've felt sad for so long
but I can still smile
I hold on to that.
Cat Fiske May 2015
I wake each day,
not to say,
"try to be happy"


I wake each day,
to say,
"try to be less sad?"

and being less sad,
less steep drops,
on sad days,
when trying to be happy,

and trying to be happy,
consists of less advanced,
but a constant setback.
every sad day,

I just try to find the one good thing,
and think about that,
rather then,
all the bad things,
eating at me all day long.
Less sad came up with the idea while texting
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I miss you,
And when I miss you,
Its not,
Just a miss , or worry , or care,
Or a concern,
You're the best,
I'm the worst,
But by chance,
you just made my night,
Never heard from you,
Or your mom,
Or your brother,
In awhile,
Made me laugh,
Made me smile,
It was accurate,
It was reality,
When we were together,
Good morning,
I guess mistakes were made,
Then we dry our eyes,
Put on the vans,
I kiss your face,
Made you blush,
Hide your face,
I hid under your bed,
The cutest face I ever seen,
First person I ever loved,
And gave my virginity to,
Wanted us to never end,
Its like you had all the answers to my questions,
You sat on cloud nine with me,
I can't get over you,
And if I do,
Then I want someone just like you,
To kiss and touch like you,
You knew me well enough to do those things,
And get me excited,
If you know what I mean,
I miss you.
Miss her ...
Shruti Atri Jul 2014
rain finally falls,
the heavens burst,
it pours,
making itself known,
and thunder growls,
to tell me,
'I'm here!'.
It was a good rainy day in Mumbai today, the most awaited, the first of the season! =D

— The End —