Don't trust the words that come out of my mouth

I lie I lie I lie

There is no filter between brain and mouth

I lie I lie I lie

But my hand is connected to my heart
And my written words tell the truth
I should stop speaking alot..
Full glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks in the end
die on the same burden

And appearances and duties
They never meant to die
And these tight walls never did too

Someone needs to drown and
Someone needs to contaminate
«Are you pleased to intermediate
I just need to throw me off

All my pain, all my rage
Won’t stagnate, won’t accumulate
Today, tonight»

Empty glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks are clean mirrors
We blow our feelings to fade
And we fade, and we fake
And we fade
T R S 13h
All the skin that covered
All the skin had died
After all I tried,
Turns out truth is how I lied

Living life in envelopes
Sitting on a couch
Over and In my lover
My heart is covered in a pouch
Jacey 13h
I don't remember the last time someone told me the truth before their lies had already damaged me irreparably.
refy 14h
It's really hard to feel loved; when there is no one to love;

How to be hopeful, when there's no hope left to begin with;

Unable to feel prioritized, because priority was never a thing;

Give me a heart full of content,  tired of feeling heartless

My life is a series of compiled fabrication of missing feelings and emotions;

Every breath I sip, every step I take, every blink I make;

Are all figments of my imagination;

Nothing but fabricated lies;


And more lies
Words are sometimes
                   like a blunt knife,
           they can cut over time
and you don't realize that itch
is but the blade edging deeper
under the guise of an scratch.

Sometimes people can stab
                                 you slowly,
and you never realize that
even though by your side.
their hand Isn't holding you,
              but the hilt pushing it deeper
with snake smiles coloured as friendship.
I never wanted you and I never will, you bitch!
He calls her all these names but does he have anything to back it up? She never once went behind his back, and no matter how he treated her, she still loved him. That was all over when he crushed her world and sent her back to reality. Those words. Those loathsome words that cascaded from his mouth. She still has the nightmares. Nightmares that had her screaming for help. She can still feel the pain. Pain from the bruises and cuts he gave her. She tries to forget and move on but that seems impossible! Why did he do this to her?

“I love you.” Lair! His lies overwhelmed her, tricking her weak heart.
“I hate you!” She thought it was the truth but she knew she wasn’t fooling anybody.
“I want you.” No, he wants to control her, make her into his little doll.
“Leave me alone!” She says this over and over yet why does her heart keep denying it?
“I miss you.” No! He misses his obedient toy.
“Stop, that hurts!” He never listened to her. He just continued to beat her.

The memory of him will never go away, even if she wishes it away.
this last part of the Sticks and Stones series. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think
Nylee 1d
You protect yourself by speaking lies
But eventually truth will rescue you.
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