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trf 2h
love is gravity
& hearts plummet.
oxygen seizes
so why summit.
white flies lick
****** knees.
red skin burns
alcoholic pleas.

time is helium
& lies numb it.
suboxone eases
just for a moment.
marigold dyes
cowardice grips.
kudzu spreads
like raging fits.
tethered to the brink
She was mine,
A delight.
She, woken up to morning light.
Me, woken up to she.
We had loved the days,
My ray of sunshine,
She had loved me, stay.
Love cannot persevere
All the time.
She was there, time after time.

Not all good things can last,
Pain brewed from the past,
Mashed against the wall.
Us, hoping to forget it all.

Before a move was made,
Love was left behind.
She knew he had lied,
He knew she wouldn't, stay.

Love, left there, untouched.
Him, a crutch.
Her, left there.

Right away, he "moved on"
But wished to forget

Impossible to forget,
She left.

Impossible to forget,
He was left.

All the time.
She was there, time after time.
Let's grow old, this time
This time.
Luna Jay 14h
You will never be perfect,
The words aren’t worth it.
The only gut love you have, and you cannot birth it.
I’m bottling myself inside my of skin-
Wall after wall, and the flesh is wearing thin.
Pulsing a hatred for my charred insides-
I force it down,
And wait for the thought to die.
I can't raise my voice any louder,
it hurts to even mumble a plea,
not that anyone would hear me.
I'm lost in this sea of lies, and I'm
drowning whether I'm in his arms or
out on my own. Even if someone
came to help I don't know if they
would find Me.
Ais 2d
He was kind,
He had done some things,
He'd messed up,
But nonetheless,
He was him.

She wasn't special
Or worth his time,
She'd messed up.

He said he loved her,
But it wasn't true.

And before they could even make a move,
She knew he lied.

So they left it there,

She remembered,
But she wished to forget.

He'd moved on,
After all, lies don't last.

One day maybe,
She'll forget.

One day maybe,
He'll remember.
Pyrrha 3d
I feel like I'm stuck inside a fish tank with liquid lies and excuses made of water flooding in. Thoughts of him subside, but the water keeps filling to the top. Somehow within this flooding nightmare, I feel calm and steady. The silence is not what I fear, but the thoughts that occupy it. They float around me, but what I fear more is the fact that even though I know how to swim,
I'm still drowning.
That child,
seems to be reading to my old dog friend.

Can we teach a dog to read and see the significance
some men find in syllables unsaid?

In print,
Sibilant denture whistles, perk no ear
silent esses no ear can hear, un spoken esses essentially
signify nothing, simple noise.

But a good dog will respond to the slightest whistle, as if…
A sibyl said listen,
hear the wind enter the world once with
inspired expired whistling sound found in song

this way,
this is the way,

Say plain the sound of each sign.

Alpha Beta, Aleph Bet, Ayee Bee

See, these let words be saved as signals

Letters, let silent sounds hold meaning in

signs of sounds men can make,
Ah. or baah, which certain ruminants make as well…

A man can say ah, and mean plain nothin'

and some dogs can too,
but when dogs say, ah, it's often

a yawn gone into a groan like a stretched out
awww as the back arches
backward and front paws stretch out.
Tail swishing slow sweeps
swirling dust mites in a shaft of morning light,

more wind than any butterfly wing or
humming bird wing could stir.

"Remember", his brown eyes say,
this posture always meant,
"let's do some fun,
go for a run,
follow a scent"

But then, another yawn
and a shake. a glance from those knowing eyes,

signifying, signing , if I am happy, he is, too.

A dog friend then punctuates, by curling down into
a black and white comma
with a bit of golden tail
covering the nose
twitiching ante

cipitating a chase that leads a new place,
where new sounds can sound
dream time humms,
not worth the effort to hear,
since we are not going anywhere, today.

Ah, be, still.
Tomorrow is the myth.
My dog swears that's true.
Today, or never, and
never's fine. He Yawns.
Searching for the place being tween subtle and simple called sublime,
just below the harsh glare of scrutiny.
In her eyes
I was light
Filtered through brokenness

I was the calibrated afterthought
Calculated each night above the heavens
Peacefully laid to rest
By the Stars

I was the monster
That tore her clothes off
Her bleeding heart
On floor

She missed me
And I did not care
She wanted more
And still
I did not care

She pretended to
She pretended to
She was her eyes
You see
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