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Don’t ask questions,
it’s not true—

Please don’t make me
lie to you.
Cape Town café

drink up it's gospel brew
as black as ink
and I will ask you
what you're thinking
how you're feeling

is my love only in theory?
does it mystify?

look plainly at
your hot cup of gloom
watch it stimulate the tongue
and give away
fidelity's holy fire
that once lit the fuse
of addiction

within the skin of this burning man
We are liars
in their stories,
they lie in ours,
we all lie at the end.

is it always wrong?
A restrained ahem
echoes into the night
without even the edge of an eyebrow raised

the tentative gesture
fails to interrupt business
as usual
no mass exposed
to the fat con and filial misdirection

while on the stage
the hamfisted prestidigitator
sweats so profusely
that the greasepaint nearly shifts
They stole a word
from a poem I wrote
the meaning
leaving just a note
“We’re sorry for the damage,
we hope you don’t mind
we’ve just taken a lend
of a word from a line”
They left no name
no number to call
Just a few words
and that was all
Then just the other day
I read on the news
a poem became famous
for a word that was used
that made the world weep
over their lies and their theft
critics hailed it
‘the true and only’
‘honest poem’
in the world left
I hide my pain behind my smile
And truth behind the lies
And I save them for my monsters
Who come visit me at night
Because they see straight through my lies
And the hurt I try to hide
But they dont say anything
Instead they hold me till the light
Julia Celine Apr 26
Let's play little word games
If honesty's so obscene
You can pierce a soul with icy prose
And still claim your hands are clean

Well I've created monsters
More harsh than your deceit
Forget the cold, my pen will bring
Words burning at your feet

So let's play little word games
I know that you know how
I've seen the disasters spilt
From tremors in your mouth

If it's "only words", then fine,
Let's smoke each other out
You say that you want sparks,
I'll be the fire in your house
Oh my…
My love, I saw the moon, and she revealed the truth
Of me, and you, and dreams so true
The lust, the lie, the loss!

When first I saw your handsome face
The sparkle in your eye
I loved you then
I love you now
But truth, it never lies!

You promised me the sun and stars
The sea, the tide, the sky
You took my soul
My heart
My life
But, in the end, love died!
26th April 2021
Pink Moon in Scorpio
Kora Sani Apr 25
thin lines
uneven eyes
white lies
in summertime
drinks in that old bar
honest words won’t get us far
two rounds
and then a third
stumbling on our every word
blissful nightfall
scolding time
the thief of memory
hands intertwine
still remains
a void to fill
a few steps closer
i hope you will
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