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Your voice
b lll uuuuu rrrrr eeee dddddd my own
Be shhhhh(quiet)hhhhhh..
I am /ˈlɪs(ə)n/ing
there's a whole
track list I missed
that doesn't play
your name
Natalie 11h
“Come here “
he said,
pulling me closer
turning to face me.
His strong warm hands
grasped the side of my face
one thumb caressing my cheek.

“Listen to me.”
His marbled green and brown
eyes peered into mine
and I melted.
“I never want to treat you
like everyone else,
the way other men have,
your family,
your mom...
I never want to treat you that way.
Do you understand me?”

I looked down
because I was scared.
He knew everything about me,
my past
and he accepted me
and loved me.
None of it mattered to him.
This amazing man
I loved so much,
that I would let lead me anywhere,
He loved me back.
I looked down because I was scared
no one had said these things to me before.

“Natalie, listen to me. I mean it.
Do you believe me?”

“I do.”
And he kissed me
and I felt
surging through my core.
I never wanted to be away
from him,
from that moment
from that place.
It was Christmas Eve.
I still remember
what his voice sounded like
when he said it;
slow, and
just slightly louder than a whisper.
The room was dim
and I memorized it all
like I always do.

Someone recently asked me
in a public forum,
if I could be ‘anywhere in the world,
where would you be?’
My answer would have been,
with him
anywhere with him,
but I said I would rather
keep the answer to myself
because he no longer loves me.
In fact I couldn’t even tell you
a single thing
he really really
even likes about me.
So I kept it to myself
and I sit here
writing this
and remembering
the way his hands felt
warm and rough on the sides of my face.
I remember the way he promised
those things to me,
and I sit here writing this
falling apart
because he broke his promise
and I truly believed he never would.
Lies come and
cover your eyes
from the truth
because that's
what they're meant
to do.
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in their confined places, to their friends
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** *****
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
Siena 1d
draw me a house
of lies
and then tell me it's me
who is blind
now my house is locked
We hurt without moving
we poison without touching,
we bear the truth and the lies
we aren't to be judged by our size
what are we?
Sparta 1d
When you broke up with me I thought,
What will I do when people find out?
But then I remembered.
You didn't say we were in a relationship on facebook.
In fact, you didn't even change your status from single.

You were ashamed of me.

You didn't want people to know that I was yours.

And now they won't know that I'm not anymore.

It's not easy to keep it from friends.
The breakup, I mean.
I get asked how you and I are doing on a daily basis.
I answer "Okay".

Why do I lie?

Because I'm sure you are doing okay.
And I want to be doing okay too.
So I say that we are okay.

It's not like I'm ashamed.
I'm not ashamed you broke up with me.
I know my place, and you were sure to put me back in it.

I just can't stand the pity, the whispers, the gossip.
"No, I'm not fine."
"I don't want to deal with your questions."
"I DON'T want to talk about it."
"Can we focus on you, please?"
Anyone but me.

I can't keep lying about this,
I need to tell the truth.

But I can't.

So I lie.

I lie about our relationship,
And I lie in a puddle of my own blood and tears.
Leave your treasures,
Forget to listen,
To all of your peers and their sayings,
Your cash can’t help you here,

Killing lies,
Till death do us apart,
Killing lies,
No care can be too much,

A field of lies,
Truth mines,
A tragedy,
Serine oblivion,
Pure bubbles of treachery,

Killing lies,
Tonight won’t end ever,
Killing lies,
Get “A”s you’ll do well in life,

Death in jubilation
Of truth’s explanation
Listen to, "Killing Lies" by The Strokes.
Ellie 2d
living by it
trying to adapt herself to the new mask
getting bored maybe
but careless surely
something is bothering
but nothing it is
overwhelmingly quiet
yet quietly screaming
It is a voice I am trying to abandon,

Grey coloured glasses concealed my eyes
Of a condition as clear as the summer sky
That caused permanent damage to my sight,

This thrum has caged me in a mirthless setting,
Hating an existence, harming an existence,
I wonder which is for me, which is for the other,
Saving an existence, subduing an existence,

Hand in hand they go, trust and deceit,
Usurped a land only to leave it barren,
Murdered a being and nobody found it,

It is a buzz preventing me from moving ahead,
Numbing my fingers and aching my head,
Suffocating darkness is everywhere,
It is getting difficult to breathe, it is in the air,
Debunking your half-truths and all the lies,
Evoked so much grief that even the sky cries,

My mind is begging for a moment’s sanity,
Yearns for a fresh breeze, for tranquility,

Heart that is decayed now hopes to dream,
Eager eyes are waiting to gleam,
And wishes to drift into a far off galaxy,
Desires to bloom, to reach the sky valiantly.
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