emnabee 5h
Sleeping beauty lies serene,
seemingly dreaming.
But no one knows.
Is she comatose?
Is it catatonia?

What is in her mind, a mystery.

I want to wake her from her slumber
and say,
Are you ok?

If yes,
Go back to sleep
and dream,
You have eased my mind.

But if no,
Please let us take you away
from this pain.

Come join us, and play.
This is for a new friend, who I will not name, but she may recognize herself in these words.
Glad you are feeling better, and joining us, to play.
Today you asked me
why I dont want to kiss you anymore.
Darling it's not that I dont want to.
I do.
But when our lips collide,
all the lies slide off my tongue onto yours.
And when our lips depart,
your mouth speaks the lies,
I fed to you.
And im stupid enough to believe,
all my lies that spill through your gritted teeth.
And that darling,
Is why I dont kiss you anymore.
Maybe it's not as good as you thought it was.
Lost 16h
Your lips are spun with gold, they touch me in the softest spot, I cannot speak, you thread me in your love.

My eyes are filled with tears, I cannot breathe, your face is light, the heavenly will scream to me, they miss you dear.

For every angel falls, it loses hope, it gains the world, and gods will pine away, they miss your scented skin.

And every man will crave the silver touch, the kind of silk between your thighs, you taste like home.

Heart inside my throat, I swallow hard, my mind is caught within the web, within the strands of shinning hair.

Choke me ‘till I die, I’m just like them, a climb to heaven, drop to hell, my angel I must go and leave you in the dust.

For man can become god, can climb the sky, can stand in stars, the moon his platter, sun you birth me in your perfect light.

Angel you have fallen, I have climbed, for heavens replace purity, they see the world as balanced in thine eyes.

In all my lives I live with you, I stand by you, I reach towards gods yet stood beside you in the past.

But now I see, the sky is clear, my path is here, a ladder of the galaxies, a chance to triumph, door to futures, key to worlds.

Man will fight and man will build, create a legacy, yes, rip apart the cry of femininity, he takes and builds his walls.

And I am he who sees his chance, who cries at last, my love, my angel, fragrant as you are, I leave your love behind.

I walk away, I climb the sky, I kiss your hair, your eyes, and see within your tears a world of emptiness and pain, but I am god.
Haleigh 1d
lies lies lies
they won't stop running through my mind

lies lies lies
convincing everyone I'm fine

lies lies lies
they happen time after time

lies lies lies
and all i can say is i apologize

lies lies lies
they are all thats left inside
Surrounded by endless space,
We have one place;
A home in perfect placement,
A little bastion of hope.

It's a miracle we're here,
And graceful we must feel;
But they don't comprehend,
They just don't understand.

Blinded by white lies,
That "Everthing'll be fine"
But is that really true?
Why don't they see the truth?

I wish to save my home,
My little bastion of hope;
But only wanting more,
They destroy evermore.

I wish to give the Earth it's peace
I wish her soul you would release.
But when I speak you shut me out
Just to make society proud.

How can you destroy your home?
How can you just care for more?
Your selfishness will doom us all
Your doomed if you ignore her call
Steep outside and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Breath the air and hear the wind, we're so bless to be right here. Don't ignore the Earths cries, help her out and leave your mark.
i have thought a lot about the end
and the unimaginable emptiness that awaits,
but i have come to realize,
there is an unimaginable emptiness here.
it is only ourselves that can fill the void
I remember...
Laying in bed for countless hours,
Stoic and still with little power.
Those countless days I spent in my bed,
Those countless nights restless and dead.

I remember...
My crimson soul escapic my pores,
My empty heart filled with holes.
It felt like nothing, it felt like all,
I was surrounded by billions of walls.

Hidden in lies,
Deep down inside.
I'm just afraid,
and burried alive.
They ask
and I answer
I don't know

"How do you not?"
and I answer
I don't know

"You are you
you must know"
But I don't know

Am I here?
Is this real?
I don't know

Am I honest?
Do I lie?
I don't know

How do you know who you are?
How do you know what is real?
What if everything is a lie?
What if you are just blind?
All I know is that I don't know
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