Earth, a simplistic nature of complex understanding that buries beauty underneath it's own realities.

Realities that are predermined by ancestors of past that left no hope for future life, future life that are yet to be discovered.

Life that will be struck by unattainable solutions, though solutions that brings hope. Living through lies, lies through which new promises are made.

Earth, a simplistic nature of false prophets.

Subjectivity of the eyes,
Transverse the sea,
To see the world's vice,
Drowning in a sea of lies,
We dream of locks and keys.

Keep to yourself and lie -
- down on roses of red and white,
With scents and fragrance,
So alluring, sweet, and suffocating.
Of roses so white become red,
From wounds of the past -

Nashoba 1d

Our eyes met from across the room. I looked away. You moved closer as to prevent me from getting away.
You spoke no words nor did I, seemed as if we had met before, almost just like this day.
You captured my attention. I could no longer look away. Energy you radiated was baffling even to this day.
You asked to sit at the table, the room seemed to empty. It was my mind playing tricks on me. But before I felt so empty. That all changed this very day.
Your hand touched mine, tingles of energy. Emotions transferred through the touch. I knew there could be more for us.
I longed for your voice so soothing bringing me peace. Your presence, became an addiction like you were a drug. I was dependant on, your energy.
Love you said to me. But I was never enough. You sought out others one by one, only I called your bluff.
You made me captive my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. Making me be self destructive. You swore you cared. But yet you continued to roam.
You were my soul mate as I was yours. Breaking my heart in half which you thought was yours.
I prevailed, you lost much. As only one true soul mate exists in your life, all others are fakes. You learned the harshest way, when the others slammed the door. Leaving you in the streets. Thank God I knew more.
I realized I had made a mistake. Being vulnerable at that stage in life. You were a player knowing how to see the weakness. Your words were as fake as you. Blessed with ones to show me the way away from you.
I learned much from you. You were never my soul mate but a soul sucking demon. I learned to look past the game face of others just like you.
I found my real mate. My soul mate no doubts for sure. Should you ever read this note, know that I couldn't ask for more. I'm loved unconditionally. Protected by him. I gave this man my hand in matrimony, and shall be for him with him until my end.
Nashoba copyrighted 2010

when in the world’s (supposedly) leading democracy
a new president starts his office with

     making life more expensive for average home owners
     signing orders threatening the health of millions
     restricting the publications of researchers
     denying global warming
     encouraging coal and oil companies
     forbidding federal employees to talk to the media
     going on fantasy trips about “alternative facts"
          to justify his ridiculous lies
     blaming the media when asking questions and checking facts
     barring leading media companies from press conferences
     waffling about his Russian connections
     refusing to release his tax returns
     ordering to build walls to keep out all those aliens,
          like the old Chinese did, to little avail
     issuing poorly formulated presidential orders
          causing confusion and harm and even deaths
     banning even green card holders from entering the country
     filling his cabinet with all the alligators from the swamps
          he promised to clean during his campaign
          people who know how to avoid paying taxes and beating the     system
          but have no clue how to govern now that they ARE the system
          and think they can run the USA with its 350 million citizens
          as Trump&Cronies;, USA, Inc.,
          like their private family businesses, for profit
fraternizing with kings and monarchs & wannabe sultans in the near east
     'democratic dictators' in the far southeast
      and wannabe czars in russia
but hesitating to confirm ties to old allies
     in Europe, NATO, and the Far East
suggesting that having undeclared secret meetings
     is quite OK for his campaign team members
     his son and son-in-law & cetera
nominating well-known union busters
    into the Federal Office of Labor
    and a billionairess widely unaware
    of the existence of non-private schools
    as Secretary of Eduction
banning grandparents. grandchildren
     as well as aunts and uncles
     of gratuitously selected contries
     from joining their families in the USA

[ctd. fron line 2...] THEN
it is high time to seriously ask
what concept
    if any
of democracy he has in mind

In view of ongoing developments, this poem is a work in progress and will be updated whenever significant "presidential orders" or some such become public.
Seema 2d

I would like, you to know
That you were my devotion
And if I die, my soul will wonder
In a wait for your anticipation
I am sick of everything around
White lies, dark lies, all lies surround
A fool, I was believing in you
Surly you've left me to drown
One truth, an honest word
You never attempted to plead
Just stood there in the dark
Watching my wings tear and bleed
I went, out of my way to guide you,
On your righteous path each day
In a battle, I fought for you
But that win, you took it away
Now, I am a damaged angel
Mocking myself for goodness sake
Innocent man, gain easy trust
Then turnout to be fake!



stars shine bright,
like the smile that used to be on your face.
millions of them, but there's only one you.
9 planets in this solar system,
but my home was with you.
you were my everything.

upon those stars,
one is falling out of my grasp.
i'm losing you and you're getting away so fast.
there's nothing i can do,
but yet...
what can a two year old really do?
why'd you leave me?
you promised you'd stay.
you lied.

14 years later and i finally understand,
no one could help you.
you were too far gone,
all that's left are broken memories.
bittersweet memories.
you'll always be my shooting star.

CBrown 3d

You are the itch of my healing nipple piercings
A sensation beneath my skin that I can never scratch
A place close to my heart, where?
I can't be exact,
Because I'm too busy ogling at “odd” areolas in the mirror.
And if that is what your girl said was true
It's nothing I haven't feared before
And maybe that's why I can take the abuse
My only rebuttle, is, it takes one to know one.  
I am still outside the loop, and just a bit confused
And baffled as to why her lips met another if they are home to you.
When she chose the one
who “wasn't looking to make friends”
They did just that in your bed and behind your back
And I made an effort to love her in all of this
But it was her who made your foes friends with your pillow case.
      She, who made acquaintance with lust in a red light that blared her infidelity
From the crack under the door
Her mouth will breathe carbon monoxide into you until you are poisoned like the rest
Because your room is a garage built for housing cars,
The sound of deciept carried through your house, long before I was home.
Oh to be close to you
I'd caress the hips and kiss the lips
That will cheat you out of my forever
Hoping that in the back of your mind,
You will compare the scent of red roses, to the scent of black coffee
Only anger, brews in “her” kitchen.
Follow your nose to the garden
I am here, selfishly praying to the god within you
That one day you will wake and turn to the right
Instead of being left
Motionless between her and I.
The truest version of this
"Ménage à trois" in hindsight.
Ends with me in the wrong.

The thoughts I do not act on, the impulsive, self righteous, distorted part of my brain. Everyone needs to vent. Don't take it personally.

you're a fucking liar
you said you'd never get tired of talking to me
now i'm sitting alone in my room
trying to remember what your voice sounded like
when you said goodbye

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