By Arcassin Burnham

Fallen love if you want,

Thats another story,
Thinking he's the right one in your category,
He's gonna play you hard,
Like an Xbox,
There's not a feeling much worse when
your heart drops,
Analyze here,
See whos about the worth,
She was the whore around town,
Every guy was hers,
But you didn't listen,
She done stole your money,
Stole your innocence, And gave you lil'

Whores and playas they,

Don't really love you,
Gotta love yourself,
There's no virtue,
For misguided , their delighted just to lie
to you,
For misguided , their delighted just to lie
to you,
When the, weak loves the strong and,
Notice somethings wrong, they stay,
They pray,
For something to change,
Oh my God just go.

Whores and playas they,

Don't give a damn about themselves,
Cares about securing their wealth aside
from ruining your health while running
around and telling lies about things you weren't
apart of,
noticing a fake right off the bat is not thought of.
K 8h
These tears mean nothing to you,
Don't cry when I die.
When I make this desperate mistake,
I hope I continue to mean nothing to you.
Even when I'm finally dead,
Don't cry.
Don't make up lies saying you were always by my side.
Don't say sweet shit about me when you wouldn't even look me in the eyes.
Or have a conversation with me.
I meant nothing to you.
When I cried to you,
You didn't listen
When I tried to tell you,
You tossed me to the side.
So fuck you.
Don't cry.
Don't cry when I finally do it.
I'm at the point where I'm so tired of life and everyone in it, am I the only one?
Dominique 12h
Honey and lies
Pour from your eyes,
Strip off your skin
And try ours on for size.
If it fits, let it sit,
Let it settle down,
Then wipe off the dirt
And watch us all drown.

Oh, how hard to be trapped underground
Don't make a sound 'cause there's people around
And they don't want to lick our wrists clean
We drink up our syrup
And don't make a scene

Candy canes and you win alone
Sugar glaze and a mind of stone
Sweeter days and you send the rats out
To whittle us down to the bone

Lavender skies
And existing to die
Another world crumbles
And the internet cries
And it fits, doesn't it,
With the human frame?
We learn
We advance
We remain the same.

Oh, how hard to be watching them burn
A crisis returns and the leading man earns
And babies bawl and the gun shots are dire
But we get a thrill from fearing the fire

Candy canes and we choke alone
Sugar glazes and stomachs of stone
Sweeter lies and apathy comes
To whittle us down to the bone.
I'm not really sure what this is
Maya Feb 27
we make up demons
so that we have someone to blame
when we look in the mirror
and realize that we've fucked up.
original sin is
a bullshit way
of scapegoating adam and eve
so we don't have to face our own consciences at night.
the blame game
Gemma 1d
Broken promises.
Are you bothered yet ?
By the abandonment of truth .
You can bottle it,
Preserve his innocence
In your eyes but everybody is aware of what he likes to do .
Never tongue-tied ,
over-confident eyes
And a smile that takes you miles away from the room .
Invitations but no arrivals
Tonight he promised a message( or even a phone call)
He buys you ice cream to watch you lick it up
And he gives you money to change the way you look.
Who fears to own up to a mistake
Much worse mistakes will go on to make;
Until such time as fears are allayed
Mistakes shall continue to be made.
If mistakes all are afraid to name
Then who is at fault, who is to blame?
A crippling rage may endure
At the faintest hour still:
A cancer to ease the cure
May yield to a kinder kill

To yield to deception
Only forges a sword in water
And lies by exception
To all of the martyrs who faltered.
I may want to build on this later on, but please let me know your thoughts.
Until I was sixteen, all I was was my church.
It was all I was raised to believe. To know. To be.
When I figured out it wasn’t true, my whole world fell,
like pushing a globe off the Empire State Building,
hitting the ground into a million little parts.
I’ve only begun recollecting my pieces.
I don’t think I can fully fix my globe.

It started at about twelve, but I didn’t notice until sixteen.
The inconsistencies.
The misunderstandings.
The “Blind Faith.”
Answers made no sense, and when I
discovered different ones,
they were wrong. I was wrong.
I didn’t understand. I couldn’t understand. I wouldn’t understand.
So I couldn’t believe. I wouldn’t.

I’m a broken globe.
I live in pieces of a whole-
but I’m too Goddamn scared to change it.
Where there once was peace and quiet
there's now an unbearable silence
I want to go back when
I didn't have to count to ten
to calm myself and all the pain
Not sure how I am still quite sane

Insanity would probably
be beneficial, naturaly
I'd just scream and shout and take a leap
Would that finally sweep me off my feet?
And stop my regrets playing on repeat?
Why do I have to get to the point of retreat
everytime someone makes their lying eyes weep?

All I want is something good and true
But everytime I try to look it's another you

The you that lies
with watery eyes
The you that cares to hold
my hand until it gets a little bit too cold
The you that tries hard to see the real me
to turn away as soon as I feel comfortable to be
The you that makes me look like a fool
to find out what you didn't want you just needed a tool
The you that wants to smother me all over
til I feel safe but you tell me I've only briefly been your four-leaf clover
The you that comes and goes as it pleases
leaving me sick and weary from all the diseases

you left
in my mind and heart
that's always the part
where you go and make room for another
to start the cycle anew, someone else to smother
my heart with thick heaviness
my mind with distrust, seeing always less
through the fog of disbelief
where I stand trying to retrieve
all that has been broken away from me
to swallow the bird of wisdom and talk myself into being free

But the bird is always dying
coming back but never flying
Still I keep it safe, protect it with my life
Together we will always strive
One day to release
This you and me will cease
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