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The words we say to you
aren’t strictly true
as much as they do
what we want them to

shaped and spun
with hidden gears
so when they reach ears they fit
neatly settling
without drawing attention
to the shabbiness
and moth holes

Look here my good man!

Hand shadows dancing
on a bright screen
hiding meaning
in dumb show gestures
of duck quacks and rabbit concerns

In Oz, the wizard’s heart came good,
behind our curtain
you’ll just find avarice
and certainty
that a brief, gout ridden future
means more to us than you
Too many nights I have lay here crying,
the tears pour down
and I can't tell if they're lying.
I feel an emptiness deep inside
knowing I should be doing alright.

There are days where I paint on a smile,
make it through the day
by laughing a little louder,
I know if I ever dare stop for a while
I will feel it in full force and I'll breakdown.

Too much noise filling my head all the time,
I try to scream
but it's buried deep inside.
I fear if I don't speak up soon
I'll be lost to the war no-one else can see.
Took a test to see
If I was depressed;

Well, the site
probably lied -
They need us to think we're sick
They need to earn.
In denial , as always.
I’m trying to get out of the blue,
But my heart is wrapped up in you.
Your mesmerizing lies ain’t letting me free.
While your scent is almost suffocating me.
I am engulfed by your love,
Which isn’t even true.
Unleash me from your soul
And grant me your adieu.
Did I tell you, what the poet told me?
He said my hair was longer than that of Rapunzel,
He said I was fairer,
Than Snow White
And even prettier than Cinderella.

Did I tell you, what my poet told me?
He said he would be the only Prince Charming,
That gets to wake me up from my beauty sleep.
He said he would raise dragons, from their ashes,
And make me the mother of dragons.

Oh! My poet says nice words.
He paints beautiful images
As he drinks his garri
He slays words in his house able to contain only himself,

Oh! My poet uses words to take me on trips,
The last time he opened his mouth,
I found myself in Dubai.
He goes by the pen name
"slayer of words"
Is that even literally possible?
Am I dating a poet?
Or a liar?
What's the difference?
I don't know
But my poet says beautiful words.

"It's a hopeless case", the reporter said,
a fuzzy picture of 80, 'dead',
flashes up upon the screen,
enough to make the viewer scream.

"Be careful, take caution, with where you tread"
the panic follows most to bed,
my chest is heavy, my knees are weak,
when it falls apart, what should we seek?

You can't put a mask upon my head,
while sanity's hanging By a Thread,
in the end, when falls apart,
God will alter any heart.
It does not matter how much fear is propagated. We have all been given the chance to follow our spirits, our divinity. I have overcome miles from where my heart was.. always aching, stricken with fear and panic. If I can change it, anybody can. We all can. I've been given that strength from the Source, the Creator, the God we all carry a molecule of within us. I am grateful, and would never forget.
Science and technology are great, but do not let them lead you astray. Life could be the perfect balance between the two. Unfortunately, greed is being worked out of the universal system at this time. It will be trying, and exhausting; say no to vaccines and microchips; say yes to knowledge, conscious thinking, and God.
Truth twisted or truth told?
Collusion or collaboration?
Who can tell what lies beneath:
Politician or statesman?
We need statesmen (women)
You've tricked everyone else,
Yet you couldn't trick yourself,
Isn't that the truth to lying?
That the one telling fibs,
Could never be their own fool.
Jenish 5d
Fireflies of lies souring high, where pristine truth couldn't follow nigh
Like stupid ant sorting out, sand and sugar in just a kiss
I caught fireflies amid fallen leaves, blowing for fire of truth.
I wish that I could meet the me inside your head
I don't think I'd like the things that she says
I wish I could erase the stencil of me you traced
To give your mind the freedom to see a different shape
I would deconstruct the shadow that has taken my place
And help you see the real me that has somehow been replaced
Paint a new and clearer picture, however long it takes
I want to stay until you see her, however high the stakes
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