It took me a long time to finally realize
that I’ve been through so much shit already
Broken promises, fake friends, careless lovers…
What made me think that I couldn’t get through this?
because in the end you’re just like all the rest
And even though I may cry
I may fall
and I may be close to not making it again
In the end, I got through it all
and I can get through this too
A reminder to myself that I’ve been through so much and I’m still standing. (barely, but I’m trying to be okay).
Lily 5h
Was the foundation not good enough,
The make-up not strong enough,
To hide what I’d been going through?
Were the bruises too large,
The cuts too deep,
To ever possibly conceal?
Was my mask of happiness too thin,
My cheerful voice too fake,
To convince them of my stability?
I knew it was all for naught,
Yet I hoped I could stay strong.
I knew nothing would protect me,
From this world where I don’t belong.
Their accusing looks, their quiet gasps,
Were enough to tell me what their hearts contained.
I’m broken, imperfect, and selfish;
And they knew.
Let me be me
It doesn't matter if I'm weird or normal
Straight or gay
Pretty or ugly
I don't need your judgement because I already judge myself
The labels I have I own and wear and if you try to put them on me I'll tear them off
Because I am me so l will be me
For every one judged which is EVERYONE
I hope you finally figured out your a born leader.
Your strength shows not only on the outside but your mind set and your emotions.
I know it’s been hard. I know life has been hard but you have already realized. Life is no cake walk.
But you need to stand tall.
That there is no other choice but to move on. And yes it’s painful. But pain can’t last forever.

You have a good heart dear soldier. Don’t let them break you.

                            With love,
AIA 1d
and if we're tied with the same sad fate,
i'll change it... no matter what.
Good day folks!
You may travel long
but never forget
what/who made you suffer/strong
Times have changed,

We are no longer meek, little girls hiding behind our knight in shining armor to defeat our enemy,

Sometimes we have to fight for our knight with swords in our pretty, delicate, soft hands,

But more often, we have to fight for ourselves, our honor, our life, our dignity,

Our little hands might shake, our eyes might water, our hearts might stop beating, but we should not stop the fire burning inside us,

We must step ahead for us, for every woman who has suffered, for every unborn girl who will be inspired by us someday,

If we don’t fight today, that girl might never be born, she needs to be born, she needs to hear our story, she needs us,
So, fight!
japheth 5d
i’ve learned

to not always

get addicted to




in life —


it’s meant

to stay forever,



it’s meant

to last

only for awhile,

as i continue to grow and learn more about myself, i realized that being stuck and falling in love with one place creates a complacency that won’t help you grow more as a person.

i dont know how to expound this more, but in this day and age, nothing lasts forever. accept that when things don’t go the way you want them to be, it’s because they aren’t meant for you to keep — they are only reminders of what you shouldnt do for the next.

so keep moving forward and learn more about yourself. at the end of the day, you only have yourself.
Flame 5d
Listen to me,
Why would you want to open up to someone who doesn't care?
Why would you want to text someone that doesn't respond?
You're gonna feel shitty after,
I promise you.
Like I know you feel bad now,
But you'll feel even worse.

Remember all the other times?
Let's relive them.
You'll send the text,
And turn the ringer on,
So that you know the exact moment he texts back,
But he won't.

You'll keep checking your phone,
Every few minutes,
Thinking the ringer is broken,
Or that you missed the sound,
Even though you have purposely kept your phone right next to you,
All day long.

You'll hear someone else's phone go off,
Even though it's the wrong ringtone,
You'll still check your phone,
Because it's been a while,
And you think he should've texted you,
But he hasn't,
Because he doesn't owe you anything,
And you're wrong for thinking that he does.
But being wrong hasn't ever really stopped you,
That's why you're able to write this in the first place.

You've been here before,
And you're so close to being there again,
But you can't let yourself.
You have to be strong.

If you push through this,
It will get better.
If you don't,
It will get worse,
Like way worse.
Come on,
You can do this.

Treat your phone like it's a weapon,
Because in this situation,
That's exactly what it is.
Drop the weapon,
And walk away.

Feel that relief?
Really tune in,
And feel it.

I'm so proud of you.
So fucking proud.
Like really.
See how amazing you are?
Even though it was hard,
You did the right thing.
Not everyone can do that.
But you did!!!
One step in the right direction.

You'll be back here again,
And every single time,
You need to read this,
Walk away from your phone,
And look at yourself in the mirror,
With a giant smile,
Because there's nothing more beautiful than a genuine smile,
Like the one you have right now.

Admire yourself,
Because you're incredible,
You proved it now,
And you'll prove it again.

You can't control when other people hurt you,
Like he did.
But you can control whether you hurt yourself,
And you're not going to do that again.
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