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When I sleep at night: It feels like time and space
are seperating and the idea of reality
breaks through my bones, crippling
my very structure. My thoughts are floating
inside the void behind my eyes.
Nothing is around, my brain is empty.
The point is when I sleep:
I do not dream anymore.
I lay still unconscious, unaware
of the things happening around me.
My thoughts flush put of my head.
Leaving nothing but darkness.
I tell myself I'm strong, that I can survive.
My favorite shape is a triangle.
I am Strong
The silent echo of the night
Just one flickering light

Whisper of two friends getting along
In the Silence just hear their cheerful song

Like the flow of the ocean
They were full of emotion

In the Silent Room
I still found him talking to the Moon

                                                           ­     ...Michael J Fourie
Sometimes when the world puts you down,you just need to take a breath and talk to the Bigman.The light of hope will always flicker whether it is in a light,lamp or the moon.You will find light in your darkness.
thesa 3d
i know
you are scared
because you feel unsafe
i know
you are in pain
and that you feel misplaced

take my hand
and trust me

there will come a time
when you will know
what happiness felt like
there will come a time
when you will receive
the love you give to others
but most important
there will come a time
when this pain will stop
and these tears will dry

let me tell you
you will recover
from the thoughts that drown you
and from the ways
you were used to handle them
you will learn
to not think of everything
as your fault
but to find beauty
in the imperfection
and you will understand
how much you matter

let me tell you
you will be healing
as the scars
on your body and soul are fading
you will be grateful
for building up your place
in life's majestic maze
and you will become
the person you wanted to be
strong and wonderful
loving and loved
by so many others
however by yourself at first

you will discover
how to put together
all the shattered pieces

you won't be perfect
and neither will you ever
want to be it again

- because now i know
i'm perfect just the way i am
In times of need
In times of hopelessness

I need help
I need a song to guide

Just hearing it
Just seeing someone sing it

Someone believing it
Someone saying it

It helps
It gives strength

It helps to know
It helps to keep going

Just to know there must be something
Just to know I am not alone despite from what I feel

We are not alone
We are together in this same **** hole

Alone is not something we do
Alone is not something we think

Because we are together one
Because we are one together
You should check this song out, it is so great and it helps me from time to time with my depression. I just wanted to share this song with you guess because it really helps me in times of needs, and I don't want to take that from you.
Lily 5d
My hand touches yours against my will,
And your soft touch sends fireworks through my body.
My elbow just habitually knocks into you
When we’re laughing together,
And I don’t know how to make it stop.
I’ve stared at you enough,
My eyes blocking out every other person in the room,
To know your mannerisms,
The way you glance at your watch frequently,
The way you tap your foot when you’re nervous,
The way you run your hand through your hair.
My whole insides jump when you say my name,
And every time we lock eyes I have to remind myself to breathe.
But I’m scared that my love for you is too great.
What if I’m coming on too strong?
I feel like you should be terrified of my love,
Because sometimes it crashes like tsunamis,
And sometimes it howls like a sandstorm.
It can sink ships,
And destroy dynasties.
It could destroy us.
I just want you to be aware of that so if
I do come on too strong
You know I’m just terrified of losing you.
I think this is kind of cliche, but sometimes us poets have to be cliche before we can find our voice.
Shila 7d
just like mantras

these words
swam into my mind
slithered through like a basilisk
what a spellbound

did I listen?
did I hear?
did I absorb?

gotta heart
this art of losing hope
giving up

getting on
stronger or
than yesterday

tread my walk
I abandoned this thought
not looking back

for all I know
I'll never be done for
I don't know how to explain this poem. One day I decide to give up everything in life, and on the next day, I'm totally fine, like nothing had ever happened.
Amelia 7d
You've spent so many hours,
So many days, wasting your time and tears
On a different kind of idiot.

You doubted yourself
And hated yourself
Because your father
Didn't cherish you.

It's time for the pain to stop.
It's time for you to realize
How amazing you are.
It's time for you to stop being a victim,
And start being a fighter.

Show him how wrong he is.
Showcase all of the fantastic things that you do.
Make him regret pushing you down.
Make him jealous of the people in your life.
Make him wish he would have stayed.

Let go of the broken little girl,
And make way for the strong queen
That you have become.

Dry the tears on your cheeks
And make room for the smiles
That will appear.

Give yourself the love
That he didn't give you.

Some may think it's arrogance,
Others, confidence...

But you will know that what you
Allow the world to see
Is strength.
This is the final part of a poem that I am extremely proud of. Parts 1 and 2 are on my profile, and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thank you for reading!
Cyrus Gold Jan 15
Held in place by an insatiable jolt, he heeds.
A feminine landscape, gracious in its bearing
and fiducial in character and grace,
commands the screen by way of a privileged audience.

Words of a genuine spirit are uttered,
producing a flavor of static serenity
potent enough to lead the meek away from sorrow
and into her pacifying warmth.

Majestic, both in name and persona,
normalized greys are cast aside
in favor of Kore’s illuminating, celestial sky.
Wrath disintegrates at her muted embrace and euphony.

William himself would reanimate
had life given him the gift of time
in servitude of the Priestess and her
tender and captivating adjudication:

“Et’rnity beest ****’d f’r having did produce an embodiment of majestic grace.”
Inspired by an online personality.
Philomena Jan 15
Some people get to be pretty
And some get to be smart
I don't get to be either
So I have to fight with my whole heart

To some thinking comes easy
It's what their brain is meant to do
My brain is rather ******
Even the simplest concepts seem new

Some people are dashing
Their looks speak beyond words
My looks wouldn't win first second
Not even third

Nothing has been easy
And that makes me tough
Cause I'm one **** of a woman
And all that fun stuff
Nothing has been easy, but that just makes it all the sweeter that I'm here.
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