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Bea 15h
Tell me, which is harder.
Waiting for something you know will never be in your cards,
or having to come with the terms that it will never happen.
Bea 3d
Maybe closing yourself

Off from me will make it easier

When the inevitable comes
Bea 4d
Somewhere maybe in

Another time your heart was

A piece of mine
Hailey 5d
Out of all the choices in life I could’ve been anything,
but I only wanted to be yours.

- whenever you’re ready I’ll be here
Hailey 5d
Out of all the things I’ve practiced,
I should really practice on how to not fall in love
Bea 6d
From the moment I

Met him I knew he was worth

The heart ache
Bea 7d
Have you asked yourself

If you are running towards your fears

Or away from them
Bea Apr 6
I fell in love with

The darkness of your soul because

It felt like home
Bea Apr 1
I spend more time

Mourning the living rather

Than mourning the dead
Bea Mar 31
In another life

The stars align and shine

Brightly for our love
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