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Katanya, tak baik untuk memendam
Tetapi, tak semua rasa mudah memadam
Katanya, janganlah selalu dipendam
Nyatanya, tak semua cakap bisa meredam

Mereka, bisa menuntut
Tetapi, haruskah hati selalu menurut?
Mereka,  bisa bertindak sebagai penuntut
Tetapi, rasanya.. jiwa tak perlu selalu berlutut

Ada masa.. untuk menarik diri
Untuk bersimpuh, dan memberi diri afeksi
Ada masa... untuk menangis, memendam semua emosi
Untuk menyadari semua hanya proses menjadi asri

Terima kasih, sudah selalu kuat
Berdiri dan menjalani semua walau terasa berat
Terima kasih, sudah selalu kuat
Untuk kamu, yang terhebat..
I S A A C May 22
oil slicked skin, smothering sunbeams
when did we get so far?
once upon a kin, could we do it again?
soaking up your energy like a sponge
been waiting on your remedy for too long
i have been too strong, waiting for the one
In shadows cast, I stand alone
An outcast in a world unknown
Misunderstood, a soul apart
I bear the weight of my wounded heart.

In crowded rooms, I fade away
An echo lost in the disarray.
Invisible threads, they pass me by
A silent tear, my whispered cry.

Yet, in my solitude, I find solace
Embracing uniqueness with fierce promise
For within these depths, a light will shine
A beacon of truth, no longer confined.

Though different paths, we all may tread
I'll wear my outcast cloak with grace, instead
For it's in the margins where I find my might
A symphony of colors, painting my plight.

So let me wander, let me roam
An outcast's spirit, forever my home
For it's in this journey, unbound and free
I embrace my truth and claim my destiny
I've always felt as an outcast. I've always been the black sheep within my family and friends. I've also always embraced it. I need not fit in nor will I change because society or others say I'm different. I will always walk my path the way I choose. If I'm understood, great, if not, so be it. My uniqueness is who I am.
Every single passing day
Bitcoin’s stronger, come what may
You can join us, come along
Join the stable money throng

Every day, transactions sent
Bitcoin saved, or bitcoin spent
Every day now, someone new
Moves to Bitcoin - could be you

Start in easy, start in slow
Once begun, you’ll see it grow
Every day, just learn some more
Bitcoin opens freedom's door

Stack your bitcoin, every day
Start right now & don’t delay
Get out from inflation’s hold
Come and join the Bitcoin fold
You can see this poem on a background here -
I wander through
I trudge ahead
I just keep going
Through the mud
Up the hills
Over the bumps
I fall I stand back up
I get knocked back
I roll down the hill
I brush myself off
I cry I scream
I begin again
I strut on by
I don't stop
I just keep on rolling on
I refuse to stop
I just stand tall and walk
I know there's something
I can't stop
I wander through
Till my rest is given
I then will stop
Till then
Wander , I do.
©Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 1/5/2023
Robert Ronnow Nov 2022
I’ve seen it myself sometimes.
Shooting pool with a Marine I liked, a buddy.
He’s drunk. Always had a ***** problem
and women had disappointed him,
no more than any other man.
Anyway, the only gal in the unit, honest, hard working,
blonde comes into the room. We all
wanted her
I’d shown her my poems, which she’d taken a pass on.

Joe starts teasing her about her tiny ****,
touching them with his cue.
She’s scared. So am I.
Joe’s stronger, faster than me, by a lot, and when he’s drunk
he knows no friend.
How long can I stay silent, I calculate.
What does he have to do before I speak. Speech, none.
If I don’t put him down with the first crack of my cue, I’m done.

Lucky for me she gets away
unharmed, goes back to her room.
I think Joe assumed me and the other guys, by our nervous smiles,
would enjoy a **** tonight.
Men are such chickens,
I can’t speak for women.
You basically hold your breath
your whole life.
Live in a zoo
**** and *****.
And if it comes to that, you’ll ****
on orders, from who?
Another swinging ****
who fears his death.
You’ve got to make every day a good day to die.
robin tarox Oct 2022
They might be few they might be thousands,
They might have set out to conquer the suns...
Their swords dripping blood of their enemies,
Whose bones sharpen their weapons with ease...

Sharpness of their blades are rendered dull,
They cannot cut through that one adamant skull...
They cannot pierce through that cold heart,
Of the one born without fear from the start...

They keep trying to shatter his soul relentlessly,
But each strike deflected time and again tirelessly...
The loss of ichor and sweat not felt as burden,
Because a warrior's spirit is never broken...
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