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The rope’s tied on the ceiling
Razors are by the tub’s side
Colourful pills inside the drawer
A loaded pistol is on the desk…
They've been there for weeks
Repeatedly calling my name
And I’m not sure if I am
Strong enough not to
Follow their voices
Hopefully they'll just go away
Pick up a type writer,
to become a type fighter.
A soldier for the right,
truths hurt,
but lies bite.
Place pen to paper,
to guard, trim, and taper,
cut down the transgressions,
invoke love and confessions.
Speak out in loud tone,
Speak words into stone.
Hold voice on a platter,
Climb choice like a ladder.
Be strong now to influence,
give up for no instance.
Hold fast and stay strong,
sing clear your song.
Doubt not who you are...
...For your voice is heard far!

I changed all my passwords to


so when I get it wrong
it says:

Your password is incorrect

Just something I read somewhere that stuck in my head.
Decided to share it with you, my friends.

Hope you had a laugh :)
Didda 6d
I hear him mention that my greatness is that of a family name
and in that moment I understand I am nothing but a legacy.

And my tears are the vines that climb the deck
and put out his cigarette

and my memories create a storm
and dilate his ***** 'till it is water

-it takes time to see your true magic
My father relates success to my family line. It is meant to be a joke but the narcissism still lies. It leaves an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.
Ash Oct 5
Cinderella did not teach me stand up against the wrong.
She did not teach me to be strong.
Katniss Everdeen did.
Aurora did not teach me that I don't need a man.
She did not teach me I am independent just as I am.
Cleopatra did.
Snow white did not teach me that real beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance.
She didn't teach me self love or acceptance.
Winnie Harlow did.
Ariel did not teach me to resist and fight.
She didn't teach me to raise my voice for what is right.
Malala did.
Ashley Graham gave me confidence.
Michelle Obama gave me inspiration.
Tris Prior taught me sacrifice.
Hermoine Granger showed me it's not only boys who can fight.
Nikita Gill taught me I am enough even without a man.
Joan of Arc showed me I can do anything he can.

Let's read to our girls stories of such badass, incredible, fierce and confident women.
Instead of stories where they are painted weak and can't do without men.
Let us teach them that they are powerful, they are strong.
And anyone who tells them different is wrong.
Let's read them stories of brave, heroic women instead of ones where they are shown weak and helpless.
Let's teach them to be warriors and not some princess.
Dedicated and inspired by all the strong, independent, fierce women out there! But mostly inspired by Nikita Gill's 'Fierce Fairytales'.
Donna Oct 4
Ignore people who
put you down , stay positive
and enjoy your life
** ❤️❤️
Anastasia Sep 26
i can't even cry anymore
my eyes are so dry
they water throughout the day
but when i need to let my heart spill
they dry up
the world is forcing me to be strong
but i can't
i don't want to
im not strong enough
i just want to be weak for a while
let me cry
River Sep 26
im not about to fall
into another trap of pure insanity
to fall in love with the words
he speaks ever so kindly to me
to fall and dig this hole even deeper
im not that naive
not today
defiantly not me

im strong today than i was
before i figured out just people want
im not falling for the trick
not me
im more than just my appearance and body
and i wont allow the words to take me
not today not me

im not some litter girl
sitting and waiting for her knight or princess
im not going to allow myself to be seen
any less then the way i see me
i wont allow someone to take over my whole identity
not today not me

im stronger than the words they speak to me
i wont fall in love with all the
ever so kind to me lies of pure
like ive heard all of these words before
and ive been through that door
but today im strong
so now i say
not today not me
to everything and every little word
spoken to get to me
Elle Harris Sep 25
Whether you’ve been faithful or not
Won’t change the ambition I’ve got.
I don’t care that you cheated on me.
It doesn’t change who I will be.

I’ll dry my eyes and pick up my shoulders.
I’ll walk with my head high as you hold her.
I won’t let you stop me from what I’ll do.
I didn’t **** up. That was you.

I’ll reach my goal. I’ll be a writer.
In case you forgot, I’m a fighter.
Your biggest mistake was thinking you’re needed.
You tried to break me, but you haven’t succeeded.
The post-breakup mope is over. The bad ***** is back.
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