ST Rossa 53m

Its difficult to look at her and create invisible barriers that encrust in my mouth and keep me from speaking, or looking at her and at the same time keep me away when i see her with some other.

In the end we didnt even know if we loved or hated each other we just asked questions that no one answered.
It's hard to be strong and more so to try to be strong.
One day we said that everything was fine and that we were going steady.
the next she suffered from blindness, acting as if i were never there
that killed me and i had to pretend that I could resist not seeing her.
In the end If I killed her,
It really wouldnt matter if I'm thrown in jail.
it's a jail in itself to not have her.
But love is a game
to win you have to risk it
but in my case I'll just skip my turn.

Alaska 5h

It's okay to ask for help
       it is more than okay
you are not weak
       you are strong.

Rus 6h

Just because I'm a princess does not mean I need a knight
For in the depths of my being, I am already one.
To not be lost, I have no need for the moon and sun's light
For my heart shines brightly, all doubts crushed and gone.

Fairy tales often tell us there is a prince charming just waiting to swept us off our feet; a knight to fight our battles for us; a fairy god mother to grant us every wish. For so long, I believed this to be true. Only in the latter part that I've realized, that this belief is twisted. It sways us from the real fact that the strength to battle any hardships comes from within. We may get support from outside, but In the end, all left is ourselves to protect ourselves.
As we were born alone, we must learn to fight alone too, occasionally.
Sanny 8h

I am changing.
I'm not greatful nor have I gained wisdom from what happened to me.
But I am tougher, my barrier is stronger.
I know who I am, and I'm no longer afraid.
No more bullshit and lies.
I see through it all.
So take your best shot, I dare you.

Dori 1d

You get sunshine and hot coffee.
While I'm stuck with cloudy skies and an empty stomach.
My mother never taught me anything about falling in love or how to water a dying plant, but growing up in the dark made me realize that crying into your pillow at two in the morning doesn't make you weak. And laughing so hard that your bones ache, doesn't make you whole.
But sometimes I find myself crying or laughing while hoping that you miss me.
Sometimes I even convince myself that you do.
Even if I know that you don't.

Alexa 1d

everyone and everything
around me is whirling
i can't look a certain way
without my vision swirling
i need to go lay down
but i can't and i won't
i need to stay strong
i need to stay afloat

the hierarchy is difficult.
AndSoOn 1d

Life expect you to fit in
But you feel like afterthought
As you were not meant to win
Summer led you to a naught

Then, we welcomed the cold back
And they all left like the birds
Even though it is all black
Alone isn't a bad word

The light will come back in waves
'Til you grab it for your sake
I promise you ; join the braves
And you alone will not ache

Jen 3d

She walks only to forget
The tears of her regret
Only to fret and get
The needs that are unmet

I am not a rose

I am not delicate, I do not have thorns
I am not careful planted, tended, watered
I am not loved

I am a dandelion

I am not wanted, I do not grow where I'm told
I am random, sporadic, persistent
I am wild

I am not a rose

I am not picked for beauty
Just to wilt
I am not chosen for love
Just to fade

I am a dandelion

I am picked to destroy me
But I will not die
I am killed to make me go away
But I will not fade

I am not a rose
I am a dandelion

I am wild
I am free
And that is okay

I miss writing

there are thousands of stories I try to remember
which I try to summarize
there is emotion, sadness and grief
not all stories always end up like fairy tales
when we say "happily ever after"
in my story
I try through the steep and rocky road
this foot even tripped
I'm hurt
but when I think again
I'm still fine
if I want, my lips can smile as if nothing happened
then I got up

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