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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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The thoughts of morrow
have me feeling fearful,
The beginning of a new
day and chapter of my life.
Instead of plucking petals,
I hold onto each one, for they
protect the stem of my heart.
Let them burn alive with all
of your blessings and keep
me strong.
For I am fighting and facing
my demons.
It is time that I accept that I have
all the tools I need...
I will fight.

Tomorrow's the first day of my 10 week course.
Wish me luck and keep me strong guys!
Love you so much!
Thank you for 227 followers,
You are all stars!
Stay blessed!
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn xxx
Am I a strong woman?
if I weep every night
and sleep into the afternoon
because I can never seem
to get enough rest.

Am I a strong woman?
if I'm constantly
absorbing the traits of others
consuming myself
with who I am not.

Am I a strong woman?
if I don't know myself
as well as I should,
and more often feel lost
than found.

Am I the woman
that would make my mother proud
after she's spent half of her life
teaching me
and modeling
the one that I should be.

Am I a strong woman?
if I can't stand to be
alone with myself
with my thoughts
and let my insecurities win.

Am I a strong,
independent woman,
if I have to question it at all?
Cana 3d
I know you
I burn in the flame from the glint in your eye
I sense the power in an insecure smile
I feel the danger in sarcastic defense

I see you
Desperate search in a forest so dense
Fighting the current, feet bloodied and red
You flex and bow, delicate perch, fragile limb

I taste you
From knees to shoulders In feline repose
A punch in the face from the twist of a nose
My blood hints of freedom, drips off my lips.

I feel you
It’s an electric vibration, synaptic attention
An ambiance, subtle change in light
Conflagration grows while sparrows take flight.
I story I wrote for a badass bitch I met recently.
imai 4d
I’ll keep you in my hands
until you bubble up and fade away
I know that something as
precious you
won’t stay
long enough for me to begin to hate
the clock is ticking,
I know that Time will not wait
for the two of us,
not for me,
not for you,
not for a couple of misfits
of has been’s and too late’s

so I’ll keep you in my arms,
and hold on to you, fiercely,
I will keep you safe.
I know I come off as a coward,
I admit that I am not brave
I will toughen up,
every hardship I will face.

For you, 

whom I love dearly,
no danger is too great.
B Elizabeth G Jul 18
Today I missed you...

     but missing you is an empty jar
     that once contained wrays of
     Now it is nothing more
     than a jar...

          You see...

                tomorrow, I'll remember
                all the reasons why
                we are galaxies away
                when we used to be
                a couple of moons
                that spun in the same orbit...

Tomorrow, you'll be gone again,
but today...

     today I wanted to open the jar
     and hope I found that same
     and today I wanted to catch a
     to the closest moon in your solar

          But missing you is empty...
                        Empty Jar
                        Empty Space
You can try to shame me
And call me all sorts of names.
You can try to persecute me
And accuse me of false crimes.

You can publically undress me
Parade me around like a clown.
You can mercilessly flog me
And chase me out of town.

You can scam me in transactions
And take away my only home.
You can take away my possessions
And put in the streets to die alone.

You can behave to me like the devil
And speak in an unknown voice.
You can show me you're very evil
And even treat me like a sacrifice.

I'll someday again rise and shine
I am unbreakable, I'll survive!
I'll live to tell my children the story,
And testify and speak of God's glory.

Falls on the dirty ground
Weak ,small and have a open wound

She thinks she will not grow
She thinks she is not strong
She thinks she is alone

Sun shines on her
Rain pours over her

They wanna see
How the small seed
Rises into a beautiful flower
lX0st Sep 11
She breathes fire
That tastes of the cremation
Of her forefathers
Their ashes grit
In her eyes, spit
In her hands
She marches
Atop marshland
Swallowing graves
Of their mothers
And lovers
Her thick, leather skin
Wicked and weathered
Wields weapons
Of resurrection
With commanding force
She breathes life
Into desolate plains
She breathes fire
And they rise
the warrior
ALC Sep 11
I see the stares
And I hear the whispers
I look at their faces
Sporting my blisters.

I hear the gasps,
And I see their faces,
And I see the confusion,
As they wonder if I am in pain.
As I lay flat on my back
With air wheezing from my lungs
A smile spreading across my face
And a laugh escaping from my flattened body.

I stand up, ready to fight
As I brace myself for another attack.
We glare at each other,
Sparks in our eyes,
And a grin on our lips
Wondering who will make the first move.

I step forward
And lay on the punches
Ready to receive them right back.
He grabs my arms,
Trying to stop my assault,
But we tumble to the ground
And both start to laugh.

People stare in awed horror
As I take a man to the ground,
And are in shock when I pin him with my knees.
They are gawk as we both stumble up laughing,
And their faces turn white as they see the bruises
That sprout along the length of my body.

I know I am aggressive,
I have never been a gentle girl
Always a warrior at heart
Ready to take down the biggest beasts,
And my bruises and cuts are my battle wounds
That I wear like trophies
Telling stories of my conquered foes
-ALC September 11, 2018
Özcan Sh Sep 10
Deep in the sea
I scream aloud for help
But no one was there

Nobody hear my voice
I fall deeper without joy

My eyes close slowly
The heart beats weaker
But the inner strength gets bigger

I realize that I am not paralyzed
I am strong
I can swim high

I reach the surface
They see a flame in my eye
And started to cry

I wipe their tears
And teach them
How to be nice

Now I walk alone
Without carrying heavy stones
In my whole life.
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