Brianna 6h

It has to scare them to think there are some girls out there who run towards the wilderness instead of away from it.
To think some beautiful gypsy fairy is wandering into the big, scary woods at night to face her demons.
To imagine what it must be like as she glides into the night in a simple dress, barefoot and brave.

It has to be scary for the fathers who try so hard to protect their daughters to know they can fend for themselves.
Knowing their babies are out there wandering and exploring- dreaming of conquering all the world has to offer.
Knowing they are using the lessons you taught them but changing the rules so that a man doesn't have to save them.

It has to be scary for the men who can't handle that women don't need them in their lives.
To know that the more you put us down the stronger we are going to get.
To know the more you tell us we can't do something- the better we can and will do it.

I has to be scary knowing there are some women out there brave enough to fight.
To know that some women can wear high heels and lipstick and still kick your ass.
To imagine what it must be like as she lets her curiosity take over and her dreams become reality.

Like a statue I stand,
I cannot be broken.
Sharp as a blade,
I have not misspoken.

I'm already there,
All desire awoken.
Quick as lightning,
Furry bright and smok'n.

One step ahead,
I'm the whole damn ocean.
I'll get in your head babe,
So let that shit soak in.

Sweats like a boss,
That's why I get chosen.
I am the machine,
Don't need your damn token.

Confident words,
Each one that I've spoken,
Fierce as a lioness,
I can't be heartbroken.

Beauty is a Beast™  By Nadia DeLevea
Shanath 3d


You can have my whole heart and devour it
but not squeeze out a drop of blood.

You will drown in a thirst
as you try to water me.


I am not meant to fall in love
I am meant to divide my soul

Among the satans of the world
And turn fire into cosmos.

I am lost
But I will find my way.

You are too hard on yourself for your past. You need to look at what you have now and your future.

I may have not had the best child hood but you are doing your best to make up for "lost" time.

I apologize for watching as my father beat you, and not calling the cops. I'm sorry that all I did is run away, hide in the room, and cry. I remember countless times of him hitting you, pushing you around, and calling you every name except for the one he should be calling you by.
I remember him slamming your legs in the door. I remember you hiding bruises and making up excuses for him. You where bound by drugs and "love" that you couldn't wrap your head around to walk away.

I watched countless times as you tried to walk away, but walking away is not that simple. Every time he seemed to find his way back. I remember as we  begged you to leave him time and time again.

I now realize that he degraded you so much that you felt worthless that you felt you had fallen down to his level. That he was the only person you felt that could love and support you the way you were.

After years of him destroying your self esteem I know how hard it was for you. When you finally left him. I was gone to Florida, and when I got back I was told what happen. I remember a elephant being lifted off my shoulders, I could once again breathe. Hoping that this time was for good.

That year we bounced around from place to place more times than I can remember, once living in a camper. I didn't care where we stayed; I knew it was better than what we have been in. You struggled to keep me a place to sleep you cared for me and loved me.

On my 15th birthday you were checked into rehab for the last time. You struggled to stay in there your whole time even with every one there supporting you. I remember coming to visit you and your personal changing. You where happier, you where learning to respect yourself, and trying to love yourself again.

I know that when you got clean you felt as if I was pushing you away but I was not meaning to. I was trying to adjust, I am still adjusting. This was all new for me. I apologize for not being able to adjust quicker, to forgive faster, and love stronger. You are my mother I will always love you. If it wasn't for you I would not be where I'm at today. Thank you, mommy.

I could not be more proud of who you are today. I want you to forgive yourself from your past. I want you to love yourself like you never have before. You are strong and you can do anything you put your mind to. You have went through some of the worst things on this earth, and survived.

The only thing I want to happen for you now is to get baptized at your church.

I love the way you make me feel
When we meet I'd love to Netflix and chill
We'd spend time with each other inside
Then we'd hit the road and go for a ride
You and me cruisin
Taking my ride out for a spin
People looking and saying, "Wow they look fly."
And you can believe that cuz you're: My Cutie Pie

We ran into a rough patch earlier today because she was unable to play GTA V online and also because of something else that really made her sad.  Thankfully I was able to cheer her up once again and that's when our relationship grew stronger and that made me happy so this poem is for how happy she made me feel today despite her feeling hurt and down before.
Lo B 3d

Just as one nightmare ends another one starts
The anxiety fades but the depression stabs me in my  heart
It’s The calm before the storm where everything is warm and the sun beams down before i am torn apart and dragged to an unknown place
it suffocates me and is terribly dark
no wait my eyes catch a beautiful spark
i search this place but i cannot trace the spark but then i see my face  and i realize that i’m the one that's illuminating
i stare back at my reflection
motivating me to go one direction
up up up and away why would anyone wanna stay down where it’s gray and cold where you lay and you realize it’s been days since you’ve seen the light
my body is battered and bruised
my soul is pretty messed up too
but this radiant spark fills my heart with joy and beautiful art and wherever i stand i leave my mark and the world starts to feel like my kingdom
my soul appears to be glowing
it’s just a spark but it keeps me going
i tear down the walls i no longer crawl i stand up tall and the warmth returns to my senses
such a familiar sensation but it's been awhile
I can genuinely flash the world a smile
no need to hide
no need to escape
i left the devil alone at his gates

this is an alternative version for the previous poem, yin. Here is a happy ending letting everyone know that there is a light at the end and it starts within you. You are beautiful, wanted, talented, everything you want to be. If no one has said it today, I love you. Stay strong my beautiful souls.
A 6d

I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.

you are strong; you are the sun.
axr Jul 16

well there goes another parade,
we're now marching with rainbows on our bodies and hashtags on our face
our roars pierce the skyline as the guns fire
bang! bang!
another bullet
in our direction
another life lost
and now we have a new sensation
young man murdered for a skin colour he didn't choose
young man murdered because 'he seemed like he was from the hood'
young man shot dead for following the rules

hashtags flooding twitter, photo sets on tumblr, double taps on instagram and likes on facebook
debates firing up and questioning the truth
we're marching
with the names of the dead carved on our skin
girls murdered for loving girls and boys murdered for loving boys,
a girl being murdered because she no longer wanted to be a boy.

we're crying,we're laughing,we're screaming and we're dying
and now the walls are covered in our writing
because we will never stop fighting

guess who's back
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