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I think I found myself lost, maybe.
You're just a girl...yes a lady.
You just were around me and
I felt the hairs stand on end.
Heart beating quickly.

I the pretty dolled up one,
I lost all my self control
I said I loved you and...

Why? You for such a simple cute girl, a lady,
"Not in blue-dressed in pink,"
Could have such huge boyish brown eyes,
Yours was short raven hair, "or like a wildcat" I think,
It grows now full all around your sweater.
I am of the impression that I could fall
Into them all, and be swept away a feather.

Yes I fell, I was "mad idiot" and I lost,
Just to a simple short girl,
With colorful beads in lace,
You could hold me in your embrace,
So much where my heart belongs.
And one like lightning could strike me,
Just you...being so very strong...
Whenever I feel alone and lost...
I try to smile the most..!

I smile to hide the pain that I bear,
I smile to hide my eyes full of tears.
I smile to hide the truth that never lies,
I smile to hide my sufferings that continuously rise.

I smile, 'cause I know the cunning nature of this world,
I smile, 'cause I don't want my pain to be unfurled.
I smile, 'cause I don't want to show myself vulnerable,
I smile, 'cause in the crowd, I don't want to be uncomfortable.

I smile to put a smile on my loved ones' faces,
Amidst all the challenges, I smile to hide my every weakness.
I smile to look strong and hide my scared inner identity,
I smile to spread a little ray of humanity.

I don't want this world to make fun of my dream, suffering and pain...
That's why, I smile... 'cause only this smile has the ability to make them insane..!
I always try to smile, Even in my hard time...
'Cause only two things make me strong, when I feel low
One is my fake smile and another is my flow of rhyme...

Wasn't active here from past few days... Hope u all are good... Just came back here to say 'HELLO' to u all... 'Cause again taking a break from tomorrow to prepare for my sem. Examinations, will see u all after that..! Till then, we can connect on Insta, I'll be active there.

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Yemaya May 2
O man of might
O man of mirror
how does one
****** their fear?
Leah Carr Apr 30
Keep holding it together and keep holding on
You need to survive, you need to stay strong
It doesn't matter that you want to give up the fight
For no-one but you is going to be the light

Keep holding on and keep holding it together
You need to walk on, no matter the weather
It doesn't matter if you don't think you'll make it through
Because at the end of the day, the only person the change this,
is you
Ylzm Apr 26
Only the strong
     can be pierced by the sharp sword of truth
Only the strong
     walk unarmed unafraid into the fire
Only the strong
     carry the weak and shield the hapless
For strong is its own master
     never servant to mere powers
Kelsey Mar 3
You dont need people
To see your strength
To convince yourself
That you are strong.

You are.
I didn't want to end it
Because I didn't want to have weak love
I thought that's what love meant then
Putting in ninety when you gave ten
Till my sister said, "Girl, not for months on end,
Babe you gotta cut the thread.
You can still love him but you can't invest."
And man I needed that
The Noose Jan 28
I know you when you delicately stitch the fragments of your unbecoming
When everyone else is reaching is reaching for the sun
I know you when you ache to swallow it
When you rip through yourself
Searching for the skeleton key
That will quieten the longing
The cure
Vague, elusive
I know you when your love is sacrificial, ******, clingy but real.
written in March 2018
I wish I can find you a cure,
To heal everything I done wrong to you.
I wish I can give much more,
Knowing my love has always been so true.
I miss the way you used to laugh,
Knowing I’m here to always hold you strong.
Alas, what left of me is staph…
Burning needles under my skin and wrong.
It’s not your fault of me falling,
All done to myself a long time ago.
The bugs aren’t in me yet crawling,
My chemical romance you’ll never know.
So what of the days to all shine,
My heart blackened and praised a shrine?
it just doesn't
come naturally
there's an awkwardness
a failure
to accurately convey
what needs
to be

either that
or uncontrolled words
twist sentences
contort the sentiment
that was intended

feigning the expected
mimicking those witnessed
bought success
in the past
under closer scrutiny
the charade
would be discovered

for now though;
this silence
has drawn on
without response

i've wasted
another chance
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