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Dahlia 3h
sometimes the words are stopped up
spirit clot
but sometimes they just flow and flow
leaky soul
and sometimes they stop and go
and halt and hold
and come out staned and **** and
they dont reall work together
but thats ok
because adt least theyr not cblockef again
we are all just leaky souls
A little copper penny
Lying alone on the sidewalk

Rained on, stepped on, walked right by

No one cares about a penny
What could it possibly buy?
What do you fear?
What makes you shed a tear?
What is your worst nightmare?
What makes you care?

I fear being stuck in a place,
seconds turn into hours into days.
Before I know it I am one with the place,
giving into the routine of my days.

The mirror looking back with judging eyes.
Crusing through life while time flies,
what happened to the kid's dreams,
remember, we burnt it in the routine flames.

I am falling through the sky,
losing grip on my fantasy,
slipped through my hands, the clarity,
woke up back in reality.

I care because I fear,
the failure, will tear
me apart, the liar
says I am a believer.
The questions asked in the first paragraph are answered in subsequent paras with each para representing the answer to each question. The final paragraph answers the most important question of why do I care, why not just give in to the routine? I care because I fear failure(here the failure for me is leading a life full of routines instead of chasing my dreams) and I fear failure tearing me apart. While all this is happening I also have a liar inside of me who says he believes in me.
Vera 3d
Body, you had no suitor
When honesty is lost
courage could not have been misplaced worse
  by anyone else  
than my failures.

We never belonged-
A wallflower
to the dance of life.

Happiness, you are too big of a concept
For this head.
I dreamt of you in dances,
Being dipped into the sunlight.
Reborn by possibility
and bathing in the glow
that could handle the portrayal of a shadow
so dark

Shadow, you will soon feed
And I shall be consumed,
just  as you wanted.
Light, I wish I would have asked,
For your blessing.
the days have been silent
the nights grown longer
the mornings are murk
the afternoon sears
as days are as dragging as nights

out the window the colors are dull
but in this room no color appears
and in these thoughts are cages
the rooms sound way better than
where am i now

my own consciousness hinders me
my own consciousness hinders me
Why do
get angry
when they
get stuck
in traffic
on their way
to work?
Like they'll
be happier
when they
get there.
Hope I made you smile
swaggmaster Feb 6
i anticipate darkness
my actions seem thoughtless

but really
it's a rally of good vs evil,
what feelings will conquer
and what ones will shrivel?

i crave adrenaline
never feeling enough is enough.
trapped in a cycle
too blissful to dismiss,
eventually invoke the abyss.

energy swarming my fingertips,
unsure of where to exchange the flow
fiending for the delicate aroma of rose hips.
Kevin Zhang Feb 6
for seventeen hours
or one thousand
and twenty minutes

i counted
i made sure

the bottommost right one flickered
unsatisfied with death
fighting with air
stuck in time

the fireman’s lock
aptly named
oh how it teased
a wonder release

the brilliant doors
that showed me myself
yet showed no way
till i ceased to see

for i fail to remember
which I selected
where I wished to be

as i’m frozen in my puddle
and the glaze grows upon my legs
until i fall to the ceiling
and count no more
Trapped in descent...
Mariana Berg Feb 3
I’m stuck in a loop day in and day out
A cycle that never ends
A cycle I can not break
No matter how hard I try to escape
It is a leach holding onto my time
Draining me of my mentality
I can’t control it no matter how hard I try
Luring me sweets and all kinds of treats for my brain to devour
It leads me to different locations
I for it so it keeps me happy
I used to be able to say goodbye whenever I wanted
But now I am chained
Being held underwater
Floating up for a second for a gasp of air
Then being held down
As the waves wash over me
It promises more fun

I know what to
I know what is right
The choice is easy
So why don’t I choose it
Again and again
It does things that I hate
It does things that others hate
Even though it makes me sad
Even though it hurts me
Breaking down trust and friendships
Everyday another rule is being added on
I don’t want help
It doesn't matter what other people say
Even if I know they are right
I know I need to leave
But I am trapped
Inside my own brain
It has a name
But I don’t like it
For some reason I still follow it
Alxe Feb 3
You once asked me what I wanted to be
A policeman, a baker, whatever called to me
You would let me sing songs out of tune
So that I’d make up stories for when I grew

At first this was incredible and splendid
Broad opportunities to get interested in
I looked around at the world to observe
Yet I found every straight of hope soon curve

I see a falling leaf, green despite the weather
Cut off from the world, no lifeline to tether
I’d think of an astronaut falling through space
And I’d determine: Astronomy? No thanks

I see a bee, buzzing about. Lost from his friends
A wanderer no doubt. His work with pollen came to no end
No matter how much he did, there was always more
Daily worker’s life couldn't be for me, with so much left to explore

I see a glimpse of a squirrel, and then it’s scampering up wood
To hide its berries and acorns, chattering my ear off as it should
And then I hear silence, as the squirrel fled away
Now anything with nature reminds me how lonely I felt that day

So as I became older, I seemed to shoulder
Every fresh idea of a future I had became colder
I wonder, when did my vision become so narrow?
If I’m still young, then why do I feel so harrowed?

My star light of possibility, when did you become a telescope?
That blinding light, when did it shrivel my last rays of hope?
I know some of it is a little wonky but that's due to me wanting every stanza to have the same rhyme scheme soooo                       feedback? please?
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