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Sydney L 40m
There was a girl
Who was stuck in her bubble
People could see in
but she could not see out.

She placed her hands
on the pearly edges of the bubble
Calling for someone to pop it
Calling for someone to let her loose

Yet nobody heard her
and the girl was trapped
In her bubble

There was a girl
Who was stuck in her bubble
She called for help
But nobody heard her.
Latifah 12h
I'll be okay
like you always say
"just be strong"
"life's moving on"
but I'm not
I'm stuck here
frightened of darkness
consuming me
once again
******* me
into a colorless hole
with no return.
Scared of losing myself, again.
I sit in front of the tv
Brainwashed into thinking
That this monotonous existence
Constitutes living
I feel my mind screaming
For something more engaging
Instead of the useless stuff
Seeping from my screen
Sometimes the only breaks I take
Are just me looking from that screen
To another smaller version in my hand
I feel exhausted emotionally
Unable to engage in many things
But I refuse to give these screens
This kind of power over me
I am a human being
Not a lifeless creature
I need to find something better
To break this habit that's killing my creativity
It's killing my energy
My motivation
My attention span
And I will not have it
Not anymore
I will find something more satisfying
More promising in engagement

And then I wonder
Is this what it was like
When books were first written?
Or is this unique to electronic media?
How does it feel, when he touches you?
Do you think of me by any chance?
Or does he give you everything that you need.
I want to know, if I race through your consciousness.

There's nothing that I want more,
But for you to be happy and satisfied.
You are a queen and you deserve,
All of the best things in life, given to you.

I've always been apprehensive
About not being abundant, which
Made me become cruel towards you.
I've demolished so much of us.

I wish you could forgive me.
Even though you belong to someone new,
I'll constantly be in need of you.
I want to give you more than what he can.

But is that a possibility?
I never admit my jealously,
Since you merit every bit of goodness
That he could give to you.

I want you to belong to me.
I'm afraid to think of,
All of the ways he can touch you
That I can't, or won't be able to.

And I know you're fixed,
Between two worlds right now.
But who is your heaven,
Who is your Earth?

Choose me.
You stare at your own work until you hate it,
Sit for so long you forget why you waited
Hold your tongue instead of speaking your mind
Longing to move forward, but remaining behind.
i was sitting outside in the freezing cold
hands numb and body shivering
the cold makes me feel better
my friend saw me crying
she came out and hugged me
and i realized how much i loved warmth too
i'm missing out on so much
and thinking back
it's because the cold is all i've ever known
and what's sad is
i also realized
no one has really hugged me in months
I should be doing something,
Get out of this funk I'm in.
Instead I'm stuck in nothing,
Replaying years of sin.
Allison Wonder © 2018
Jack P 2d
line the shores
with hospital beds
let them sleep by the sea

if nothing else
they can jump the fence
untethered from the bodies

but when the credits roll
i still won't get up to leave
because behind the smoke screen of relapse
there's figures waiting for me  

some days i'd like to stay
some days i'd like to drift away
i've never had an original thought
but i keep thinking them anyway

so what will it be: a slice of life, or a chunk of wrist?
sometimes i feel like i can move mountains and other times i feel like i'm underneath one. into it and over it. we'll continue this elsewhere
A 5d
I wonder what it would be like to live
Somewhere else
Without him.
I tell him.
He makes a face.
"You're not going anywhere."
The car keeps moving.
Part Three.
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