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Lost 2d
I don’t know how
To stop hurting

I’ve grown so used
To the aches and stings
In my chest and my
Hip and my arm
That I start to miss
It when it’s gone

How do I move on
Without this pain?

I’ve never lived
Without it and
I miss it like an
Estranged lover
When it starts
To finally leave
Me alone

Soaring through
Dirt and soil skies

I want to die
But mostly I
Just want to

Falling asleep
Without waking up

Do you know
How much it
Hurts to want
You can never

I feel fated
To live in
The ground
Ms Noma Jul 29
I wish I could escape
This life of mine I hate
I wish that I could shape
A life with better fate

What’s the point of God?
If all he does is watch
I wonder does he nod,
Or turn up my pain a notch?

A silent, passive ghost
That’s what I’ve become
Living off a host
And withering in glum

Wake up and make some noise
I urge my ghostly self
Your life is full of choice
As long as you’ve good health

I know tis but a phase
I pray its end is near
I’m tired of this maze
That’s trapping me in fear

I know I’m in a cycle
An endless, spinning wheel
I’m afraid to take the fall
And face up to what is real.
Decay is not cold
It is warm with the new life
Of a cycle's turn

It is stagnancy
Preserved and encased, so still
That freezes us there
I fought the overwhelming sensation to let sleep take me last night,
Through lies and deceit my blinking eyes brought tears,
There is no place safe to scream in a crowded room,
Even in the places that society can only explain though means of light and dark,
You are not invisable
On mornings I wake up to a volume of busy loneliness,
A mundane blending of actions and last night thoughts,
The pause during an explanation leaves room to lose control...
This tear calls for more than a friend,
Yet that's what I find in every smile,
Every passing of the locomotive distracts from the truth y'all are hearing(reading)
It's okay,
I'm okay,
There is so much more for us to discuss,
But I can't be sure your attention span cares,
So join me in this lonely ramble,
Leave with the mind wandering, talking jibberish,
Critique, criticize, separate me from you,
Listen close to your reasons,
Because I'm going through them too,
So don't you dare judge me,
I only ask you to tell those thoughts about me and you,
I'll be over in the corner waiting for them to show up and become engaged,
I want to exist because of you.
hello out there
Isolation within my time,
Stuck in a well sticking to my feet.
Working till death to finish my design,
Running late, borderlines to meet.
A hero of management,
An Hr call left at the tone.
Stuck in my cubicle fortress.
The place I'm forced to call home.
I don't wanna be stuck in the loop of the cubicle slaughterhouses.
you look like everything i've been searching for
complete with a scruff on your cheeks
and a thick accent that makes every word you say
sound sweeter.

you look like home.

and i feel more heat in my body
and more love in my heart than i have ever felt
for anyone else,

i crave your touch
around my waist
your lips on my neck.

part of me wants to live in the glory of these feelings,
and part of me wants to crush them with my fist.

i don't want to feel too much for you.
you don't know it now,
but my downfall in the past has been just that.

i know i already have though
i know the feelings have already dug themselves
deep inside my bones and planted seeds
that will bloom a soft yellow in the spring

whether you stay or not.
I can’t move
my legs are pinned to my body
squeezing against my chest
my arms restrain to my sides
my hands pressing against my flesh
my eyes wide but i see nothing
the four walls of this confined prison
pinches my skin
and pushes my head into my knees
my breath is heavy
Panting i can’t breathe  
I choke on my own thoughts
my own breath
my heart pounds in my eardrums
I long to stretch my arms
through the bars
of this prison with no windows
I yearn to stretch my legs
and run far far away
from this hell I have to call home
i have no room to run
Anya Sep 12
A dog
For it’s owner
In my case
For more likes
We all look to society, often in the form of social media, for verification. Even Hellopoetry for some.
JB Sep 10
I can't move
I try
and try again
but nothing is

Its just loose wires

It's all
white noise

I'm stuck laying here
sunkin down
staring out the window
and up at the ceiling
trapped with my tortured thoughts

Until my alarm goes off.
Andrew Dec 2017
I am stuck in your dimension
Which wasn't my intention
But you have a heart warming appeal
And you are a reliable friend
That's why I hate the emotions I feel
And wait for my life to end

I have been stuck for a decade
A twisted mind it has made
I see suitable suitors
Yet yearn for your presence
Your image seems cuter
Than those peasants'
I wish I could make you see what they see
Better yet
I wish I could make you feel what I feel
I wish I could make what I feel real
Instead of being stuck
In my fiction
My wheels in the muck
Cause friction

I tell you how I feel
You handle it with grace
But that makes me love you more
Now I'm a whale stuck on shore
And hanging out with me is a chore
When my love makes you search for the door
Leaving me stuck
Saying things like I didn't ask for this
I don't want to be like this
I am stuck with clenched fists
I am stuck with eyes of mist
I am stuck like this

I'm through thrashing around
When everything is broken
There is no healing joke
No joint to smoke
No way to cope
With your overwhelming presence
And the threat of your absence
While you're stuck on the fence

There is a light bulb in my room
It provides vision
But its light becomes too powerful
And it explodes
Shards of glass penetrate my eyes
Now it is all I can see
And I can't see anything
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