Did those last few weeks of school,
get me past my stagnation
or push me into an even deeper one?
Stuck again
Glory 4d

i ask for silence
and life
im begging
listen to my plea

this sad small insignificance
little eyes and cold fingertips
stop the warmth of my blood
have i not done everything

show me, love
show me freedom
show me my face
show me

this infinitesimal soul
liv 5d
stuck between i don’t need to write to prove myself to strangers and i want to be the damn best
km Jul 8
The voices in my head, brought me to this place
A gloomy surrounding, everything looking lifeless and sad
I question myself, “Why am I here?”
But as I look ahead, I see a beautiful mountain; covered in fluffy snow,
Almost looking like the clouds.
Now, I am yearning to see the mountain up close,
But how do I get to see the best view?
With no one around, not even animals
Who do I go for, for advice?

I continue to look and walk around,
Still clueless, not sure what has drawn me to go on this journey
“It’s only a mountain,”
I tell myself.
Trying to figure out where the voices in my head came from
My mind is blocked
Can’t think straight or
See clearly
Everything is a blur.

Could this possibly be a dream?
I continue on with this journey
Trying my best to find a way to get to the snowy mountains
Tired and lifeless,
I pass out in the middle of nowhere
Flashbacks start to come
You were the voice in my head
Your harsh words,
Harsh words that brought me into this dark place
Left me feeling helpless and burdened
I get up and try to find a way out

Here I am standing, standing where I began
Looking at the mountain,
From where I’m standing, I question myself:
“Which way do I go?”
There’s the stream
A stream that’s aligned with the mountain
And the mountains with a path cleared out
Directing me to the snowy mountain.

The voices in my head
Preventing me from moving forward,
Drowning me with sadness.
The longer I’m here,
The more it overwhelms me
I’ve got to get out of here.
rob kistner Jul 6

I lean upon my folded fist
hot against my temple
elbow solid on my cluttered desk

eyes droop and flicker
aflame with spoiled sleep

skull upon the finger bones
in weighted indecision
procrastination presses down

face slack
head now dropped
held in my hands
heavy with confusion

where art thou muse
I seek weightless inspiration
to be lifted up by you

the hum of cooling bytes
drones relentless in my ears
impossible to ignore
no matter how I try

thoughts like digits on a dollar slot
spin unsettled in my mind

they neither click nor lock in place
they tumble in a jumble
to roll and blur just out of focus
lost in mental fog

sunken in my writer's chair
I remain immobile
paralyzed by perplexity
imprisoned by the chaos
awhirl in my mind

the freedom of decision
impossible to manage

I fear nothing will be written
no fresh ink will be shed this day


rob kistner © 2010
Agonizing writer's block.
Yule 1d
Is it right or is it wrong
to not ask anything in return
yet wanting to ask for more?
I can be a walking irony
as I make my way closer to you
How can it be
I know that we cannot be
yet risking to cross the seas
to close the gap for a kiss?
Why is it that
the distance between us
cannot drown me
on how far my dream can be—
you're impossible; unattainable
yet why can't I put an end
into these feelings I question
if it's bad or good
to pour on efforts
to soar these emotions still?
180318; 12:56 AM

Still inside the prison
which doesn't exist
stuck in this place
which has no exit.

confined to me
no one is visiting me
there is no skies above
no different scenery.

I look for ways to escape
but I keep getting myself
more entangled
my sentence is getting larger.
Wyatt Jul 3
Falters in my judgement,
words are stuck in my throat.
Shying away from movement,
there's nowhere left I can go.

Carry around dead weight
in the form of my mistakes.
Past discrepancies of mine,
haunting who I am.

You can't live with yourself
when you finally see yourself
for who you were before.
I punish myself daily,
but it never feels like enough.

Words are stuck in my throat,
"I love you, I'm sorry,
stay with me, please help me."
Just to name a few.
Elliot Munro Jul 1
In the time between things
I sit and wait,
Fate taunts me with my dreams,
Thoughts of kings, queens, and what life could be
But I’m only waiting for something small.
The ring or call.
Looking at my phone it tells me
‘We’re ready for you now’
As if somehow I’m not in control of my own future,
Just another bit of code in a computer.
At first sight just another user
In the system of life.
A video game with no guide
and I’m it’s destined loser.
It feels like I’m stuck in an elevator. Neither going up nor going down. Stuck in the middle. Stuck in between floors. Stuck between levels. Not going anywhere. Just stuck there. Not moving forward. Not going back. Just stuck. I keep pressing the alarm button but no one hears. I’m alone here. Why is no one around? I’m getting claustrophobic. I’m banging the doors. No one is here. I wish I could get out. I wish I could go up. If not up then at least down. I just wish to go somewhere. I just wish to do something. But the doors won’t budge; the doors won’t open. Why won’t they open? Why won’t the elevator move?
I’m stuck in an elevator. In between levels. Levels being the stages of my life and the elevator, me.
And me being stuck here as I wish to move but I can’t. I’m just stuck not moving anywhere. I hope I move. I hope I go up. I hope I’m not stuck anymore in the elevator of life.
I know it's not a poem but I really cant write poems so yeah
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