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Rosie Toes Jun 2
she's stuck in the middle of
wanting the world
wanting to leave it
~depression waves~
Joseph Rice May 12
There’s a word stuck in my hand
Like a song in the brain
Or bathing suit sand.

So I write out all I can think
All that feel close anyway
But every attempt just makes it sink.

So don’t mind me if I sound craz-ee
Because I’m not okay, and that’s normal
Or at least it seems to be for me.
It starts with J and is a name.
Ali May 10
i'm still here
things are still, here
everything has changed
but the pain is the same

the air is stale
habits beyond the pale
never seem to get it right
always doomed to fail

stuck in the stillness
****** by the illness
does god hate me?
or is it myself that did this?
Nobody May 5
I have always been the sweet charm and favorite of all people at home,
But, there always comes a but,
But I am "the girl" I must understand,
But I am "the eldest"  I must know,
But I am "the quietest" I must be smart,
But I am "the senior" I must set good example,
And in this series of But and examples I managed  to keep my dream and passion to myself in order to be perfect for my younger,
But I always sit and wonder
Am I really good?
Or am I teaching my youngers to be fake?
Am I really setting an good example?
Or am I setting an example of being what others except you to be?
What if I am the worst?
What if they found out that I am FAKE?
Will I'd be the perfect person then?
Katelyn May 5
I’m stuck in a rut
unable to escape
Full of shallow words
with no rhyme or rhythm
lacking structure
scratching the surface
with no hope of redemption
My words carelessly strewn
leave nothing to the imagination
as deep as a gutter
as full as a strainer
as meaningful as my life
will i ever get out
My Dear Poet Apr 22
a lot like
a straw
in marshmallow
You ****
and ****
and nothing
Life is sweet but hard
Mark Wanless Apr 16
the fly carcass stuck
on wall ten years monument
to a life will lived
i just like it
maria Apr 5
Everybody tells me
to forget you.
Everybody's right,
but I still
melt for you
Written on April 5, 2021
elizabeth Apr 3
you told me, someday,
you'll get down on one knee
right on the spot where we first kissed

it's been a year and a day
my feet are still glued
to the spot where you left me
untitled journal entry from when i was in high school | 3rd of april, 2017
Hannah Apr 1
used to be a comfort for her
but now it's - what?
a house with a bed with little joys
but it's not the same as it used to be
is it?

someone once told her
'i can tell you're suffocating a bit'
and that phrase has stuck with her
come back to her every now and then

the more things happen the more
she realises they're right, she is
suffocating, stuck, struggling
to hold on and be who she is, who she wants to be

now she sits up in bed
they're still there, they're happy
but she isn't, she's uncomfortable in
her own skin, it just doesn't fit

she doesn't like who she is
when she's there, she feels like
it's the old her and she doesn't want that
not anymore

but isn't it ungrateful to
not appreciate everything she has
why want more, people would ****
for what she has

and yet, she wants to write her
own story, own beginning, start
her chapter, her legacy,
her family
im back with more non-poetry, just a thought dump with random line breaks
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