Amanda 1d

I hate not being able to write,
About anything besides you,
Youre the only thing that fills my mind,
So what am I supposed to do?

I need different inspiration,
I'm tired of spending every day,
Complaining about how bad i feel,
and how nothing ever goes my way.

But each time i sit down to compose,
A masterpiece or a work of art,
I touch my pencil to the paper,
and cant help but spill my aching heart.

Stuck between two worlds
I've ran out of audible words
I'm speechless . . . . . . .
All I remember is being caressed
By someone important to me
But I can no longer see
Indeed, there's no black or white
All that there is is a reason to fight
Be it, a lover or a mother
All I could say is "We're not different from one another."
Our diet is different
Our status is different
Our way of living is different
Yet you're just being indifferent
Because you failed to see how alike we are
We also have emotions that you can see from afar
But this harsh reality can never be altered
There's always someone who'll say "I've faltered."
It's just how the chain goes
We have no power to control how a river flows
So, what choice do I have?

This piece was inspired by Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Inspirations can really come from anywhere cant they?

I had something to write
But my mind couldn't let me write
It took away my right to write
It held me in prison
the guards were 26 letters I couldn’t put into words  
So in silence I sat, looking at these words with no meaning
My heart dying to define them
But my mind lacking the courage to write them
This writer’s block is a cancer
To which I can’t find an answer
As it happens just before I need to write these words
Stuck in an empty mind of a dead author
Want to advance but can’t go further    
I am a slave to these words and they are my master
Controlling me and forcing me to face my disaster
Until I find the words to write,
silence is what I will feed the minds of my readers

allie 4d

i'm stuck.


living with depression
is like living as a landlocked
pebble waiting for a sea
that might never come

You remind me
Of a stupid pop song
Too upbeat
With repetition; I dread

And I hate
That I know all the words

So you stay forever
Stuck in my head.

Pepper Dove May 20

A mind so vacant,
ain't it awful
it's still complicated?
Life so full
and weighted with
pockets full of
Can't seem to let go,
yet so
eager to now cut the rope
wrapped around a swollen throat,
hindering worries.
Not fit for elegance,
true to limbic resonance.
I keep myself closed off,
in a mason jar,
you see?
There's no turning back.
The veil's been pulled,
the world's not flat.
Stuck in all these disbeliefs,
while monsters still
control your dreams

Erin Marie May 19

Words mumbled.
Thoughts kept secret.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, I scream
under muffled breath.
I'll get some sleep,
maybe when I'm dead.
But for now
I'm just stuck
in my own head.

Gia Garcia May 18

I steer clear from the things that remind me of you
But they always find me
Everywhere I go there's always a bit of you
You're everything I see
Evertime I sing, everything I write
Ends up being about you
Everytime I move, I want to move next to you
But you're nowhere near me

Everything I do it's always about you
Every chord I play, every song I make, every word I say

Every single thing I do
It's always
About you

For Jig
Kaylene May 17

You sold me a love that resides in a cage,
confines of guilt that only grow stronger with age
You expect your love and all its intensity to justify your self-righteous jealousy,
as if a sufficiently suffocating love defies all practical incompatibilities

Bless me with a love that is void of steel and chains,
one that let's me grow without restraints

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