Ella 1d

Where should I go now?
My feet can't move
But I'm not stuck
I'll make sure
To get out
Of this

This is really short! I've been really lazy recently. -'

I trusted you, but my trust changed.
It crumbled into dust. Like poison you surround me.
I want to let go. I want to be free.
But you won't let me.
I try to escape, but you grab me by my nape.
You say "You will never escape."
I know it is my fate. You caught me, I was too late.
I am stuck, I ran out of luck.
You force me to give in,
I will never win...

Sanny 5d

Please set me free..

From my painful past.

From the dreams that'll never become reality.

From the hopes that he'll come back to me.

I no longer want to be a slave to a love that has ended.

Please, let me let go.

I do not want to prove myself to you
I am all I have
an absolute avalanche.
on your door step, pouring, spilling, blockading the front of your home—
we are stuck here.

Stuck in each others arms gripping the cold edges, burnt brown and bent—unlearning each others bodies one limb at a time,
kneecaps to noses—

I cannot prove myself to you.

I cannot unfold myself
break my bones to fit a mold
we must dig through the cold snow until it runs brown, till morning light melts through, till we understand what it means to be frozen solid, stuck with nothing but our bare hands.
This is all I have
this shovel for us to share—
Dig us a new
dig us into morning.


just choose..
want to stuck in rain
or pick rainbow up

Madam X Nov 6

My life is like a carousel.
This one I can't get off.
It's beautiful on the outside,
but it never ever stops.
The world is a blur now,
from spinning for years and years.
It's easy for people to say I'm fine,
when they haven't felt my tears.
Your life might be a roller coaster,
going up and down.
That's way more fun than being stuck
Spinning round and round

This is mostly written about my vertigo tbh, but I hope you find meaning in it
Marles Nov 6

//you said you thought you just needed space,
a little time to breathe;
neither of us realized you were still choking
on the memories of her,
your lungs had no room for me.//


Sometimes my mind is a broken record
My thoughts stuck on repeat
I've been trying to fix it
unstick it
bring it back
to playing music
glorious symphonies
but usually it just takes time
and in that wait
I must listen
to the pain
of my yesterdays
over and over
screaming for help
and I know that that pain is over
but it is the only thing I can hear
it becomes so real

Zan Balmore Oct 27

Traveled this road
times before
It would be true
to say I drive
in circles
so I won't

So I won't say it
I won't say it

I won't say it
I won't say

I'm broken
You can't fix it with words
All I need is you
to want to hear
me speak
For once

I'm here
I'm ears
Let me
hear you say

I won't say it

You're bare
You're open
Let me
taste your salt

I can't do that

I can't do good

to myself

It's endless

keep setting those
personal fires
one of these convictions,
from the ash
you'll rise

i'd hate to end on a sullen note
so i won't
Machel Yvan Oct 26

I'm stuck.
In the memories you left behind,
In the love I thought was mine.

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