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Krishnapriya Mar 22
We ring bells
Clap our hands
Pray and give thanks

To doctors and nurses
Vegetable sellers
Delivery boys
Tourists and travelers
Urban poor
Rural rich
Railways and buses
Security personnel
Customs officials
Airlines and stewardesses
Everybody, everywhere

May they be safe
May peace prevail

In all hearts with fear
In all eyes with tears
May they be safe
May peace prevail

May love encircle
Our blue planet
Once more
With life
In her gentle grace.
Our country is in curfew today and at 5 pm our Prime Minister asked everybody to stand outside their houses and ring bells and clap hands to applaud and encourage all front line personnel
Vivi Jun 2019
I open my eyes slightly and stare blankly at the window.
My mind is empty as I start feeling the sun on my skin.
All there is is regret.
Why didn't I close the curfew?
I turn over in hope that closing my eyes will make the world disappear again.
It doesn't.
It never does.
I cover myself with the blanket, hoping the darkness will tell me the story
of this warm feeling of memory.
Ah, it was a dream.
It must've been.
A dream about touch and peace.
Once again I try to calm myself.
Maybe I can go back to sleep and feel it again.
A small sigh with a silent prayer slips trough my lips.
I hope the dark gives my dreams back.
It doesn't.
It never does.
دema Mar 2019
at this forbidden hour,
Cinderella has to be home,
yet her hands are gently being kissed
as her heart turns into a pumpkin,
ready to be patched in mid March,
she dances with a broken glass heel,
twirls the ticking clock,
making the hour golden.
Gray Jun 2018
Don't stay up past your curfew.
Or the Snap will surely come to hurt you.

What is the Snap you may ask?
I dont know, its never been unmasked!

Some claim its an unholy entity,
But that hasn't ever been confirmed as its true identity.

Maybe the Snap is just simply a man who is very strict.
And decided to personally end the misbehaving teenager conflict?

Yet that wouldn't explain all the people killed,
Because surely a single man couldn't be that skilled.

Well what if I told you that the Snap was actually me?
I bet that’s something you didn’t foresee.

Anyways now, you shouldn’t have to worry.
As long as you get home in a hurry.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
curfew relaxed, now-
voodoo in yellow, purple;
"we'll be fine” birds chirp.
Emma Marke Jun 2015
I didn't think about where his hands were, or about how they shouldn’t be where they were. I wasn’t thinking of the time and the fact that my curfew was ticking closer and closer. I wasn’t thinking about how this boy’s backseat was so uncomfortable compared to yours.
All I was thinking of, while his hands explored and time was ticking, was how you’re with her.
And that was all it took.

— The End —