And we set alight
The night sky with our eyes
In my wild dreams
If only we could explore;
the skies,
the stars,
the moon,
the sunrise,
the sunset,
and our lives.

Umi 8h
By the evening when it covers the earth softly in a veil of darkness.
As all the colours change, from a bright inviting blue of the heavens,
now softening, losing their glow, as shadows fall beneath the Earth
When the last ray of sunlight has arrived the stars rise in order to claim the sky for themselves, as so does the moon, overshining them.
Vision may shrink due the lack of light, causing many to get anxious if they would have to travel throughout the arrival of the night.
The time to rest has been brought near, but some do choose to stay awake, gazing, observing, watching as the stars above them leave their gentle, slow and most importantly fascinating trail.
Thus for them, the lovers of this declining day, made it their mission to stay awake and admire all the beauty the night serves them.
A time of charming for those who share love, for those who have engaged themselves in the sweet embrace of slumber.
As time goes on I lose myself in this wandering fragnance, until the light of the sun, manages to greet me for a fresh day.

~ Umi
ZAR 12h
above the sea
in the silence of the night
the moon kissed the earth

it shone beautifully
reminding me I'm alright
In the small hours
I walk
And feel the sleepless city sleep
And empty streets

The sky above
Is still
Despite the stars

If the sun never rose
I think that right now
I'd be happy
Xant 1d
He's up there
The lonesome astronaut,
with a will to fly,
and a skill of flight

He and a star
that have just collided
both dies gracefully
Like a flower withering in spring
But the star still haughty
And so full of itself it explodes
Into a supernova

He and the star
that emits the brightest light
And obscures the eyes
of whoever that sees
As he dies so faithfully

And the flaring light?
Blinds thousands as it emerged
in the darkest seven p.m.
But we were wildly astonished
by the lonesome astronaut
who was a dashing astronaut

A poem inspired by a song.
you just need to
run into the
wild and
look at the
starshine and
look at the

and forget
who you are
for a while

forget where
you came from
and where you're
trying to go

forget who is
waiting for you
and what they said
and what they
might say

to melt back
into black
and pulse shiny
and magical

to be
simply a
body under
the sky
No matter how big and bright and sparkling we make our lives, nature still calls to us. To be domed over by an indigo sky spangled with stars can calm even the most turbulent heart. Because nature connects us to the wordless part of ourselves. And no words = no worries.
i used to be as peaceful as the sky
much clearer than crystalized ice
but when you came into my life
i was blinded by great light.
From her perch
Above the sky
Our Mother Earth
Feeds her children.
And with her
She watches us
Our large and
Another one from my short "feeling"series.
Jude 1d
it seems to me that the sky is sad,
heartbroken, perhaps,
grey without your colors.

she wails at night,
rumbles and shakes and cries,
alone and missing summer.

when morning comes,
and she feels your presence,
she is silent at the sight of her lover.
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