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juliet 28m
for what it’s worth
shiny frost man
you shook me up last night
and your cold heart froze me
tangled up in blue and white
i’ll never see the endless sky
in your eyes
i wish i could be here with you
the coldest winter is coming
in a new shade of black
devouring the sky as snow falls
the sky has fallen
I stand here alone
white mist conceals
my tear-stained face
it wasn't fair
but I have lost
this battle beneath my skin

the stars have faded
the moon is gone
am I really alone?
no flames have marred me
no scars shine through
but I have been burned
by the untamed truth

untethered shadow
follows me
stays close to keep warm
but I am
just as cold
as if I had
no body to contain me
no soul to call my own

how have we fallen
I can't recall
but we are all alone
within this mist
a blinding light
fed by unshed tears
juliet 3h
i am a sleepy drop of silver moonlight
i bask in diamond skies
before i feel the sting of the sun
because i don’t want to lose my
starry eyes
For me to live
I must scream to the sky
About what you have done to me.
The sky is a good listener.
She is kind to me when you are not.
I cannot be kind to you,
But if you must,
Talk to her.
I promise she is a good listener.
about a kid who doesn't realize that I only tell them what others do. I am the middleman, but everyone else is a coward. they are being lied to, but I have been asked not to say names. I dislike them and so do many others, but when I tell them this, they do not listen. they sky listens to me. they do not.
Michael 1d
"They said reach for me
They say I have no limitations.
Little do they know that I cry
Little do they know that I anger
Little do they know that I can give the cold shoulder.
I guess we are one and the same.
Only that I never reach out for you
When you reach out for me.
I guess you can't trust me either ? "
A monologue by the sky.
what a bad or good
when i looked up
i found rosy flower
filling every span
drawing a big heart
my secret was released
the birds make it in poem
i love you
all creatures know
they sing my name and you
i felt shame
i ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , i find
your heart
but you get shame
as the universe might know
you  ran to get fine
place to hide
one only , you find
my heart
the time of love passed as a sight,one can,t discover
the sky is a messenger
a catcher of stories from dreamers
a holder of the stars that inspire even non-believers

can the sky hold by confessions
can it be my listener?

when the sky is empty
my dreams are homeless
for nowhere can hold worlds as large as infinity
Anne J 2d
Pitiful aqua trying not to dissolve into the afternoon sky
She feels her dreams of being free also pass by
Her orange to pink hair falls unto the sandy beach
And remembers the dreams that are far too old to be in reach
Nectar from her locks engulf her body into a sweet poison
That the purple tinted water swipes away from the ocean
The black birds flap away as the orange vicinity closes
As the woman’s purple lips drip in shades of wilted roses
I recently got a tub curtain, and it has a large flower and then three mini flowers or so, all filled with the color orange and fuchsia, with dark pink branches, which gave me a sunset, tropical and memory lane feel, hence the poem.
Anne J 2d
The moon in the green sky is a wicked thing
Who always cackles at the sorrow that my life loves to bring.
It gives a snarl at me if I cast a smile
And it makes sure that I can’t even find light for a mile.
A poem from a few days ago and I finished yesterday and am now uploading. I have a supernatural story I'm making, and this poem is basically based on one of the main characters, who has no idea what happened to her enslaved family.
raising trembling fingers
up towards the rippling night sky
touch the depths
look into Her dark eyes
Witch Mother, Misty Maiden
dancing in the raining ice
longing to be in your heart
wrapped in the shadows of your embrace
Destructress of Time
silence these explosions in my mind
oh Darkness, thou art my Queen
hold me so that I can sleep
touch my eyes so I can dream
awaken me so I can see
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