Just your regular Friday.
Trapped in a poorly lit elevator
with three other strangers.

The only things they have in common are that
they’re all wearing red shoes,
and that they’re all going up.
Everyone is listening to their own music -
a weird mix of
rap, rock, indie and folk
that sounds great played in the same time.

No one knows where they’ll get off the elevator,
at what storey, nor if they’ll take a left or right afterwards.
It’s all a mystery.

The first couple of floors pass easily,
maybe someone even cracks a joke
or makes a funny comment
and they all smile at their mirror reflection.

Suddenly, the elevator clutches between floors
and they get to see their faces for the first time.
They are mesmerized.
Although they have nothing in common besides the red shoes,
They feel as if they are doppelgangers on the inside;

They wake up in each-other’s heads
and it all feels comfortable for a while,
The chairs are cosy and the food is great!

The mirrors disappear and they start to see the world from above.
they realise that there’s no insurance,
and that they’re suspended in mid-air,
half way between the earth and the sky,
a band of unknown,
4 complete strangers,
everyone trying to act cool,
posing for an imaginary sub-genre cover album photo,
that no one will get to listen to.

Minutes pass and they become hours,
sky becomes sea
and clouds vanish.
They get tired of looking out the window
and all the windows look tired of looking out of them.

Someone finds a door and opens it.
He looks at the others, waves, then jumps.
They’ll never know if he drowned,
got burned in the atmosphere or
ended up on the good side
of the freshly buttered toast.

One of the remaining three starts taking selfies,
Smiling at his virtual image,
not being bothered at all
that the image doesn’t smile back,
being convinced that, in this way,
he’s slowly becoming part of a special form of theatre,
with a smiling/sad face construction,
a bipolar bear with
the heart of an eagle.

The second one starts writing nervously on the walls;
endless lines of pathetic reality;
a combination of feelings, lies,
email passwords,
social media security questions
and lots and lots of sophistry…
everything intended to serve as a rock-solid personal legacy
after the elevator’s presumed crash.

The third one gets locked in his own head,
carefully observing all of them,
gazing in the blank,
with his headphones still in his ears,
but with no music on,
no plan in his mind,
no clean underwear,
no purpose at the end of the journey,
no solution,
no answer for any of the police’s questions,
trapped in an elevator
like a great idea in somebody’s head,
in a brain crack situation.

He is all alone,
humming sad chick tunes,
slowly losing his wit and grit.

The elevator walls reappear,
and he is now going up again,
by himself,
surrounded by three pairs of red shoes
that were made for walking,
but are now
floating around the universe,
half-way between God and Darwin.


DF 15h

You've cut my wings, but they've grown back.
They're stronger and fuller than ever.

You told me I was broken, but now my features are sharper.

You told me I'd never fly, but now I'm soaring through the sky.


Since it's April, Happy National Poetry Month!

The wild in your laughter
is something I wish I could catch
and put in a jar
to sip from on a rainy day.
The Earth comes alive in your eyes
when your mouth inhales the air
and sends magic to my ears
when you sing.
Your hair flies freely
when the wind kisses your face
and your cheeks flush
with the warmth I know
you keep guarded in your heart
like an innocent prisoner
who has not yet given up hope.
I hum at a frequency
only you can hear from across the room,
and our connection is one
to be envied by anyone nearby.
Your soul is remarkable,
unable to be matched
by anything I've ever encountered.
You're my favorite book,
one I could read a thousand times
because it is the only thing
that has understood me
at the turn of every page.
You are my best win,
my favorite piece of poetry,
on my toughest day,
you are one mirror
that I know I can look into
to see the real truth.
You are my best friend,
the warmest blanket.
You are the tallest tree,
always reaching for the sky.
And when your leaves fall,
I feel like confetti surrounds me.
Every distance that separates us
makes me feel closer to you.
Time means nothing
because you're always with me,
like I hope you know I'm always with you.
You bring me peace when I am tangled,
wake me up when I am numb.
You are the sand to my sea,
the cloud to my rain.
I am not empty with you around,
you're my last dollar,
the gallon of fuel
that gets me to the gas station.
The Ramen in the cabinet
a day before payday.
I look to you for reassurance
when I don't think I can trust myself
or anyone else.
I'm the plant in need of water,
and you're the sun to help me grow.

Lilly 3d

your eyes are the mirror
the sky looks into.

Sun 3d

I sit with the same old books in twilight
at my grey colored balcony
as if I am there for years.....  
Don't you believe I can dance with the wild wind?

I cry with the sunset when egrets fly home
Don't you know I smile with the morning sun,
forgetting all the mourns for awhile?

I remember all those dead cactus whom I cared enough
Have you forgotten all the dusts and lush green places
where once we sat for years to celebrate moments?

I love from distance like the moon adores darkness
In a crowded place, don't you feel my absence .....?

I  tolerate you like the branches of tree tolerate the unknown birds
Don't you believe in to live a life with one soul who called you mine once?

I smile when darkness occupy my thoughts
When words may not be beautiful than my silence
Don't you know how to appreciate little things in life
that make life simply content?

In return of my every single tear drops, I want the open sky, green field, blue ocean
Don't you know when you break hearts, hearts love you less?
Haven't you learned how to caress a broken soul that came back again and again to you to fix her every damn shattered pieces?
You gave her false hopes, opened the door and drove her away.....

I respect those who knows suffering, struggle, pain
I embrace my flaws and imperfections in a perfect balance
I color my darkest hours on bright canvas
Don't you know chasing rainbows are in vain?

~||April 2017||

Closing my eyes,
reality slips away
and so do I.
I open them again,
and breathe in deeply.
I feel alive as the world spins,
and it seems as though
everything has a double.
The violet trees begin to dance,
encircling me and enticing me
with their trance.
And the grass upon which I lay
grows taller and taller by the second.
I feel myself engulfed by them,
but it is a new feeling
I wish to endure.
I feel so unified with nature,
unlike I've ever felt before.
There are faces surrounding me,
but they do not look normal to me.
They remind me of Picasso
and of Van Gogh.
Twisted perceptions of life
with extra flares of color when needed.
And these faces reach out to me,
far beyond what is humanly possible,
and lift me up to the clouds.
Among the clouds I soar,
feeling as light as a feather
when flying past the busy birds.
I hope I never land,
I love being this high up
and away from the troubles of this earth.
It's beautiful up here.

originally written 6/28/16

I was the bringer of dawn, pulling the sun
into the sky and allowing my constellation
to fade before His light. I leant against
the edge of darkness and stood, for a moment,
amongst the bright white of Heaven's Throne, deep
chasms of blue circling my feet.
I was the greatest of them all,

He made me the greatest of them all. I
was a prince, the lord of the air. Now,
I am nothing. The shining one, light bearer;
sent to epitomise darkness and evil.
My wings have been blackened by soot and clogged
by smoke - they will never fly again.
I will never see the sun or be free
amongst the stars once more, pushing the sky
around the Earth. I will never feel His
approving hand on my shoulder or resting
on my head. He cast me away as if
I was nothing and cut my hair from my head,
replacing flaxen curls with horns of blackened bone.

The Devil, they call me. The slanderer
who was hurled from heaven to hell. I see myself
in pools of despair: is this who I have become?
Where did the man who shook the earth
with the beat of his wings and make whole countries
tremble go? I made the world a wilderness
and now I'm gone it has been cultivated
into a dull plain of melancholy.
I am nothing without the white brightness
of the night's sky, I was son
of the morning. Venus was my head,
the morning star my heart.
Now, my constellation lies in the ashes
of soul fire because of my foolish pride and envy.

~~ Lucifer: 'light-bringing, morning star'. ~~
Ski 5d

Eyes glued completely on this dark and snowy sky.
The warmth slowly embraces me so tight till I die.

The wind and clouds are whispering, I can hear them whistling.
Thoughts are approaching, promises got me thinking.

There I am painting of us two on my own world, living a life with these wounds.
There I am fighting with the undead one, covering myself with another wound.

I don't see a thing for more,
I lost the core of my eye for sure.
I don't paint for more,
I lost the colors of mine for sure.

The wind and clouds are whispering for more.
They told me to wake up right now.
I hide behind my back no more.
Gonn' rip a new page later on or now.

I'm back with this something. Shorta missing being here even just to drop a thing. Fear not, I'm breathing still. Places changed, people don't. I hope you all still hoping for another tomorrow. Hv fun. Xx, #S.

A cloud never
the same shape
from point a
to point b.

And if they did
would we even
bother to lie
in the grass

There's a reason
many of the best
thinkers in history
took off into nature

She never forgets
what humanity
has long ago

We would not
tape leaves
to a tree
to stop her
leaves from

Or barricade
the ocean
to stop
her ride
from rising.

Or push
the sky
to prevent
a storm.

But we do it
to ourselves
and each other
every day.

I want to change. I want to see the world
with clear eyes.
I want to look upon
people with admiration
as opposed to envy. I want to live my life as
if it were my last day. I want to be
the fire in the sky and the fish squirming
beneath the earth. I want to love mankind,
restore my faith that so long ago was abolished.
I want to stare at the sun and not fear going
blind because my whole life I’ve been blind
and I’m finally starting to see colors and faces
and the good in the world that we
somehow have forgotten. I want to reach
out to my brothers and my sisters
and lead them down this inevitable journey together.
We’re always walking alone, somehow forgetting
that we inhabit alongside each other
and we can walk hand in hand but we have
been divided for so long that this solitary
life is all we’ve ever known.
I want to be the change that this world
has long since hungered for. And here I
offer you my crumbs in hopes that
you’ll make a meal out of it. Here I am
from rags of the once most expensive
fabric and we’ll sew a new blanket to
shelter us from the cold and bitter wind.
I wish to be the change that none of
us have foreseen, but still have the
impact of a thousand storms. To
wave the darkness down and give
clear skies a new meaning. I will be
the change, just you wait.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.
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