Eppie 1d

oh black lacquer night
full of exploding stars
right into my arms

hot sky residue
space dust art
at the center of my heart


Be blazing cloudless sky , I will be the sea
When U shine bright , It will reflect on me

When I look at the mirror , I see you

i am a finch
crushed in the howling wind
not quite alive
but my limbs twist
of their own accord

your possession
is the strangest dream
i recall forgetting
in self-defence

i am a finch
in the storm's unblinking eye
never again
to touch the ground

The night's venom bore through my skull.
The seduction to comply with its demand.
A tempting offer,
with a kind skeleton to show me the way.
His bones were cracked,
but still intact.
His boney smile did not seem so different from my own.
His hand gently enveloped mine as he dragged me along.
The beautiful fields he leads me through caught my eye,
the blues and purples of the field seemed to blend with the sky.
A moon falling on the horizon,
yet darkness still filled the sky.
He stumbled over his own feet.
You would think,
if he’s long enough to be a skeleton,
he should know how to walk.

Cleo 2d

You make me feel blue
Not as in sad
As in I drank up the sky and took on another hue
You are my muse and I’m a girl in a notepad
I feel blue like the kind airplanes travel across
They are fleeting but I will last
We are the cause of beautiful and mad chaos
Sunny days and hurricanes in the forecast
The feeling of blue goes farther than the sky
It dives into the ocean, it brings things to life
It drips out of the eyes in a joyful cry
You see, the feeling of blue is not a feeling of strife
Blue is simply the color of love
And into it’s waters, you give me a gentle shove

Not including iambic pentameter because no thank you.
Yule 3d

I know I started seeing things differently
Every time I look up the sky thinking
that I want to take every moment
sharing this beautiful view with you

— strolling

he's my golden sky ; for l.jh | 171121 // 3:24 AM

a dogma
that inter-
nuncio drew
sultry where
gotham despite
arms was
proctor of
circle that
could emboss
pathos in
guise of
rouge that
flew in
grace still
an alkaloid
with quantum
effect beyond

Follow the star that no one could see
Should I be the Guardian of the stars
With no light or shadows
Upon my return to the sky
In my mind

Saumya 4d

Although the skies appear blue,
Blueish white, with cottony hue.
Coloured orange, with fainted red
Dazzles bright at each sunset.

Evening sky, intensely blue,
Fainted is the sunset hue.
Glowworms dance, adorn the hue
Happiness spreads  in the world anew
Into this landscapic purplish blue.

Juggling, days
Klucking nights
Lying stunned in this hue so right
Man, the creature, so curiously few.
No matter it's a day or two,
some hues amaze like a landscapic view!

Orange red, with deep yellow in blue,
Pearly stars, adorn the view.
Quilty cold, in the days with dew
Rosemary looks majestically new!

Sun, the ball of fire for few
Teaches, turns a page each new,
Unknown, interesting, perceivable to few
Vanity is so pale, to take,
Wander, wither, breath well each day.

Xmas may not come each day,
Yawn, smile, admire all days, as uncertain are night somedays
Zenith meets  only the braves,  let zephyrs cuddle,  embrace your zealousy face.

ABC Poem/Alphabetical poem:

ABC poetry is a short form of poetry. It is normally written to show feeling. It contains five to six lines in each stanza. You may begin your poem with any letter of the alphabet.
The next three lines must follow sequence. So if you start with the letter "G" the next line must start with the letter "H". The last line can begin with any letter of the alphabet.
Example :


Sleepless, fitful nights, (first four lines follow the order of the alphabet)
Thoughts of you adhere.
Untouchable, love abounds.
Visions haunt me;
Memories sustain me. (last line begins with any letter)
- Anonymous.

Read and lemme know how was the poem.Thankyou  for reading, reacting, and Commenting!
Billy 4d

Come, quiet now
Feel it in the air
Listen to the whisper
Of the stars on the dark sky

Big stars, small stars, all bright
Shine as they do through the endless night
But the way you light up
Make the whole universe stop and stare

You find peace with the sunrays at day
But at night, when the darkness creeps in
Even the stars are jealous
Of the way you find comfort

A whole new galaxy is forming within you
Seems close, yet unreachable
You are way beyond a beautiful constellation
You are a stardust of the dazzling cosmos

Inspired by a girl way beyond my galaxy who I really admire.
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