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Shofi Ahmed Jul 17
The epitome on the show
is more than a dream turned true.
A timeless beauty stitched on the stone.
The first impression catches the eyeballs
it did for every star in the sky for every age
something remains forever a new Taj Mahal.
Addie D 1d
We were lying,
you and I, an eternity,
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields.
We were dreaming,
you and I, the realists,
of the wonderful world we didn’t want to explore;
of all the stars in all the skies we’d never see;
of all the love we’re missing out and all its heartbreaks.
We were crying,
you and I, the optimists,
for all the death that ever came upon the world;
for all the tears and screams of pain that filled children’s dreams.

We’ve been lying,
you and I, the eternal,
under blue skies for ever and ever.
These blue skies,
our shared grief and last hope of salvation.
For we've been lying
on the vast green grass of the fertile fields for
far too long.
For we’ve been searching for the same blue skies
far too wide.
But there is no other place like our blue skies
where we always meet in the end.
This is not a love poem. But if you prefer it as a love poem, enjoy either way!
Amanda 1d
Hold the universe inside my palms
I alone understand it is but a solitary dream
Between stars I make out memories
Connecting dots, forming images ingrained in my mind

I look in the unfilled depths of sky where suns have yet to burn out, remaining eternally preserved in an explosion of beauty lightyears away wondering about humans peering at their ambience through time and space

This isolated reflection I witness change in compliance with the predetermined path set in motion by the astrological forces of nature
My hands must be trembling
Scared of sorrow and frustration they undeniably confront

The fear of the uncertain, the inconsistency of the unapologetic future awaiting
Solemn visions of an imperfect outcome, enough torment to push strength a bit too far over the edge

Fragile balance of peace and chaos resting within cupped desperate hands
Ignorant, the quickness of extinction among synapses in the cavern lighting the entirety of my skull
Pinned under familiar self-induced delusions
Galaxies silently begging for permanent freedom
Such fate to let their wishes dangle ignored
Urges within bursting, released
That moment I also give in
Forcefully close my fingers into a fist
Instantly crushing wild constellations scattered around my consciousness
A great deal more fragile than realized

Once unshakable destiny budged a millimeter by one lone act of rebellion
Against a powerful pull the majority pretend is rigid
Elusive control by way of self-combustion of life's temporary illusions
Proof one touch can fell worlds of fantasy

Founded on fiction

Or maybe

I was inspired by Horton Hears A Who
Where the wind ruffles my hair
The rain kisses my lips
The sunrays embraces to keep me warm
And the serenity makes me break into a song
Or just a simple humming and wiggling
Where I can lie on the grass to catch my breath
And for hours watch the birds fly
And watch the kids play
Where the innocence once more beats in me
That I run up to them just to taste the shear joy in playing
Where I can spontaneously plunge into a river and then decide Whether to drink it's purity or drown in it's abyssal depth
Or just watch my reflection on its glistening surface
And drift off to distant thoughts with the shepherd's kulning
Where the farthest stars lead me to my deepest emotions
Where the silence of the dark night awakens my soul
There I'll make my bed
On the grass under the sky
And not sleep a wink
For I'll be already living in my sweetest dream
ChrisE 3d
The sky above seems to be falling trapping me in endless blues
and puffy grey clouds that only bare bad news
There was a boy

He dream to fly

High, high in the sky

To co mate the stars

, play with them in the sky

To combat with clouds

Who can beat him?

Who can descend him?

He dream to be near

To the greatest sun

He collected its rays

And send them gifts

To all his friends

He dreamt to dive in deepest

Of all oceans and seas

To get that pearl

To give it to a lover

The most lovers he knew

She gave without want

Of thanking or greet

Except know her rank

That is his mother in fact
dream is essential for every advance and for getting life good and forgetting every worth
Your face has been splattered with freckles all over.
I look at you and I'm staring up at a star filled sky, yet to be mapped out.
I give a name to the constellation on the bridge of your nose.
I give a name to the cluster of freckles on your eyelid.
I map the sky out and give everything names and I name them all after me.
Roses are so beautiful..and so we pluck them and watch them die. Love is a funny thing sometimes, and so I'd rather be a star..you can love me from afar for my beauty..but never will you take me away. Noah_arkenswagg
Marle 4d
Beauty & full of light.
Is what I call, myself, in daylight & tonight.
I can never seem to fulfill my mind, with hatred of some kind.
For, beauty is forever, in sight.
Forever inside. Of me.
Forever. Beautiful.
Beautiful & full of light.
They always are
one blink of wings away
from eternity.

They always are
one sunrise away
from the dust.

They know well,
that their first dance
is the last.
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