Allison 38m

"Away with the wind and sky, she thought.
"I've got this."

Audora 19h

Love scattered across your forehead
like stars flickering over
the eastern sky.

She awakes
as the dawn nearly awakens
Rising above the river banks
the moon is slowly disappearing.

She walks on the pasture
watching the lake ripple
as the wind brushes against her
she looks to the sky.

A blue light sky
a color between dark and light
shines where the flowers lie
turned to periwinkle dandelions.

Her hand picks up the tips
as her breath touches the top.
Nearly brushing her lips
watching where the petals go.

Puddles of water
splashes around.
Bundles of rain
falls on the ground.
Sparks of lightning
and roars of thunder
A covering umbrella
keeps us safe under.
Dark clouds
turn to a dark gray.
Sitting inside
for this rainy day.

love is love,but real(love is love,
but is made of amaranthine too)i was blind(but
you made me unblind;you gave me,
the gift of life, i never felt so lucky, my sunlight)
            i trouble
no trouble(since you are the sunlight, my love)i want
nobody(for, my lovely, you are my somebody, my only)
it’s you who puts the ‘some’ in nobody, and it’s you
who outshines my moon. and it’s you who that is whatever makes our purple&black nights so romantic for you.

for, my sunlight, our love soars higher than the cloudiest
of clouds, the skiest of skies and the spaciest of spaces,our love soars higher than the hopiest of hopes and the dreamiest of dreams.

another love poem wtf is happenin ily nathan

Crow on top of roof
Resting on an Ariel
Talking to the sky

fun one  
Went into garden to tidy up and heard crow cawing on tv Ariel on top of roof x

If you were the sky,
Then I'd be the sea.
And when you shined bright,
It would reflect in me.

If you'd be at rest,
I'd be steady.
When you'd get rough,
I'd always be ready.

And if on the darkest nights,
You won't shine a light,
Then I'd be alongside you,
Until you feel right.

We'd meet at the horizon,
Where everyone would stare,
and wonder with passion,
Why can't they reach there.

dante 3d

A rhythmic sequence of crest and troughs
of waves rippling in rhythmic monotone,
through the fickle yet constant blanket,
with a radiant monochrome of blue.

Water glistens to the morning light,
dancing like stars dancing to a cosmic ballad,
while a humid breeze envelops my transfixed body,
tickling palm trees to a slow ruffle as it passes.

I stand there in veritable awe,
as waves ebb and flow in methodical motion,
waters seeping through white sand beneath my feet,
just before it becomes one with the sea.

I gaze at the sky in my mindlessness,
flawlessly blue and as pure as an untainted heart,
as clouds undulate slowly, like floating castles
while the sun radiates its warmth with its earthly touch.

Birds glide in unison with the clouds as they float,
dancing to the tango while clouds dance to the waltz,
nimble silhouettes moving to the halcyon sky,
just before they become one with the horizon.

I get lost in the picturesque landscape—
the tranquility of the monochromatic radiance of the sky,
and the serenity of the monotony of the seas—
and like the birds soaring through it, I become one with it.

stars 3d

Look, the skies was blue
You know what?
Just look
Do you remember, now?
Yeah it is scene of our memories
In the past

Turn back time
And i will redeem my mistake in the past
But its imposible you know

We're lost our time now
Our moments
Just remember our memories
Still keep in my heart

Yeah it's my story, and even now I still remember it when the blue sky is bright

you can almost smell
the rose colored clouds
almost hear the whispers
of sullen storms
slowly changing the sky
from champagne to silver,
feeble strands of gold
slicing through
the dark heavens
a crack! of thunder
breaking through the
loudening voices
and the sky falls silent.
blue blue blue
the whispers reside
dark silhouettes
of the unknown
take their places
until the break of dawn

black pink golden blue evening skies. all is as it should be.
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