Lynnia 1h
In the silver morning light
I make a wish and watch it fly
I dare to hold my daydreams tight
If but for a longing to touch the sky
They guess that I don’t sleep at night
But in my dreams I soar so high
Fulfill my want; bring me your light
I only wish to touch the sky
stars are not eternal
they will go out
everything will become oblivion
all will swallow up the fog and gloom
and even our bright sky
and bright sun and rays
everything will go into darkness
everything will swallow up the fog

your eyes are blue
bright words bright words
beauty is all before us
everything swallowed up the fog
all the darkness will take with them

every ray of the sun
every ray of the moon
every ray of love
every ray of our love
everything will go down in the fog
everything will go into darkness
everything will sink into oblivion
everything will burn in the dark

Let’s embrace each other
as our bodies met in the air,
fly through the night sky
as the strings drew us closer
and nothing kept us apart

Hold my hand tight and
let me guide you through
the impossible that we’re
trying to break through
and prove the stars that
we’re worth rewriting for

And as we glide back
down, promise me that
you won’t let me go and
we’ll conquer what lies
outside these walls, together

Jakarta, July 11th 2018
Inspired by Rewrite the Stars - The Greatest Showman.
and the days passed by
and the light above the fireplace burned
and did not burn
and the candle flies into the sky
where are my eyes

and the days passed by
and the twilight seized me
o uncertain vague
o let me go
at the will of the bird

Reach out like the branches of a tree reaching towards the sky
Towards the heavens … Towards the light
Feel the stroke of the sun on your face
Stretch as far as you can … Reach for the farthest star
For when you retrieve you will descend to where you’re meant to be
Written by Sean Achilleos 15 July 2018©
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I was sitting in front of the steering wheel again
It was very dark outside
The night was back
But without stars in the sky
Many stars are hiding behind the clouds
But this one star was not hiding
She showed herself
She was not afraid
Because she knows
That all stars in the sky
Beautify the empty night.
I'm very sad
I'm very sad
because everything

because everything
Because it's not clear
what will be ahead

I'm very sad
and the moon in the sky is beautiful
but even its harmony
does not help to soothe everything inside

and even her singing
and even her wonderful game
on the piano of heaven
can not give me rest

can not give me stars
and can not give freedom
such freedom
what was in childhood

her i
forever lost
lost as well as almost all
in this world

thank you to every star that decided to enter my little section of the sky tonight
you put on a beautiful performance
with your beautiful specks of light
that shone through the darkness of the world
i feel at peace every time i see you
every one of you did spectacular in your own way
i give thanks for not everyone appreciates your beauty
thank you for giving me your nightly visit
i'm even feeling courageous enough to think i may bring a friend next time
for your beauty shouldn't only be seen by me
thank you for giving me courage and the knowledge of beauty
thank you for showing me that light will always be there
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