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Lewis 5d
Once again this, once again love.
A memoir so sublime, summered and peppered, folded in lustre and sheen of a blue lensed and buffering sky

Once again love
Crow May 14
wind shuffles
through the long grass

seeded heads
in the percolating afternoon

broiled air
heavy and lethargic
laboriously ascends
its unseen ladder
into the barren sky

Arcady sings
from a place
of unimaginable height

the song
is a whisper
at the precipice

I am the wing
that awaits your breath
to take flight
Mark Wanless May 5
i sparkled a couple trillion
brain cells
one-one thousandth of a second ago
blue sky an  whiperwill
Hello Daisies Apr 29
As a child
I'd look up
Look to the stars
The night sky
I felt so high
I felt a home
A special glimmer

I forgot to look
As I grew
I lost a sense
I lost my friends
I lost the sky

I try to look again
I try to see my friend
The stars I loved
The glimmer I hugged
They are lies
They are false
They are gone
Someone else

Almost giving in
Almost giving up
I look over
I remember
My one true love
The moon has me
The moon saves me
The moon is real
It makes me feel

You can't take her
You can't have it
If you tell me it's a lie
I'll always deny
It's the last glimmer
All I hold onto

I need to believe
I need to see
The moon is real
It helps me heal
I'll look into her
I'll smile again
Take a deep breath
release my pain

If the moon goes
I go
They've taken
My snow
They've taken
Almost all
I know
I shall never
Let this go
This is how
I'll grow
I'll glimmer
I'll shimmer
I'll shine
With hope
So divine
It's mine
I can share
The beautiful glare
On my face
To all
*** the moon
Is beautiful
And for everyone
With a heart
For everyone
With hope
Hold onto her
And look up
Give her a glare
Take a moment
To stare
Breathe it in

Let the moon win
Let the moon
Give me hope
It's barely there
But for moments
I feel her
My one true friend
Letting me in
Arsala Apr 27
In the morning sky, a golden orb does rise,
Spreading its rays, painting the world in dyes,
The sun, a fiery ball of light and heat,
A marvel to behold, a wonder to meet.

The sky, a canvas, ever-changing in hue,
A breathtaking beauty, always anew,
From the crimson reds to the calming blues,
The skies above, forever amuse.

As the sun sets, a spectacle begins,
A sight to behold, as the sky begins to spin,
A dance of colors, a majestic show,
A symphony of beauty, in a perfect flow.

The clouds, a canvas, for the sun to paint,
A masterpiece of colors, never faint,
A work of art, for all to see,
A stunning display, of nature's beauty.

And as the day comes to an end,
The sun bids farewell, a dear friend,
Leaving behind a sky of gold,
A beauty that will never grow old.

So let us bask in the sun's warm embrace,
And gaze upon the sky's ever-changing face,
For in their beauty, we find a peace,
A reminder that nature's wonders never cease.
This morning
Is cold.
Shades of

It gets better
I've been told,
Sun will shine
Sitting on my porch with my vape, waiting to go to work. The sky is Grey  but it's supposed to be Sunday.
Mark Wanless Apr 17
i don't see tonight
october moon dark sky
squirrells run rampant
Oh Big sky,

would you make me look pretty too?

Would my sickly veins be something of a golden hue?

Would my dim-lit soul be of an aura blue?
Jotting thoughts. Quick check-in.
snipes Mar 28
disregard did the damage
this region is the damnation
the sun burns so my eyes can overturn
I see how death is looooming
the flowers poked out glooooming
the sky drips and I fall into its illusion
I’m far out
but I ain’t tripping
I’m far out
but I ain’t tripping
if life is god given
then death is god taken
the soul purpose
of me on earth is to
reproduce and rebirth
the sky calls the distance
this is death’s presences
don’t ignore the calling
because you might mistake
the reincarnate’s fate
Ave Maria Mar 27
I took a slice of the moon and brought it to my lips ever so carefully
Head heavy with thought, soul dripping with poetry
The heart’s different phases of color painted upon every wall in my dome
Ever changing, raw art of emotion
For a moment as I glance out the window, the breeze combing through my hair and the fresh smell of the night meeting my nose
I begin to imagine stars dancing up in the vast sky, twirling around and breaking apart, some fading out to let the others shine
Shooting across the sky to emphasize their passion of the night
Crickets watching and singing their songs to one another, a language only they share
Humans wishing upon the stars from their homes, secrets floating around within their minds, never to be uttered
I smile and place the slice of the moon in my mouth as if it’s a sacred fruit
I close my eyes.. and lo and behold!
It’s so powerful, I am unsure if I am merely dreaming this magic
So many stars and even angels, all dancing together as if in an orchestrated play
I dance with them, twirling around graciously in sequences that were prior unbeknownst to me
I laugh in such a beautiful and unearthly manner, my voice light and airy like the angels
A large crowd of stars group together to form the constellation of a Pegasus, twinkling and sparkling ever so bright with a certain sense of mystery
I waste no time to hop on and am carried across this seemingly never ending canvass
Until I am slowly brought down to a cloud
Softer than a feather, softer than the fur of a kitten
Similar to the first embrace of a mother, invoking a deep sensation of deja vu
I sigh with comfort and from there I soon fall, as the stars abruptly yet softly alert me with kind smiles that it is time to go
The sun is rising, a single tear slips from my eye as I awaken
Already grieving and wishing to return
But maybe tonight, I’ll find another slice of the wondrous moon
And live it all again, as a true child of the sky and the heavens
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