i wake to the auburn sun
that is dancing
in the cloudless sky.
sudden rush of air
carried morning dew
over my window panes.
over blooming flowers.
the time, a moment
to start things over again.
Crave a blue yet shady sky
and a sense of calm
as you admire
the beauty of sunset

those bright brown eyes
staring at me deeply
without a word
that is difficult to express

a smile that attracted me
to smile too
and your laugh,
I'll put my life
to keep it bloom.
I wish to go swimming, you and I
In the dark expanse we call night sky
I'll pick stars like flowers for your hair
And watch your eyes reflect the glare

And then we can sail across the tide
Open mouthed and glassy eyed
The moon our ship, we'll take the stern
As I guide you through each twist and turn

Hand in hand, we'll voyage the stars
Stretching down to brush the surface of Mars
I'll adorn your fingers with Saturn's rings
And catch distant Suns to be our playthings

Then at last we'll dive back in
Our smiles revealing the places we've been
I'm content with my feet touching the ground
For as long as I'm with you, I'm safe and sound.
On most nights the sky is my sanctuary
I feel safe and still
Laying under the stars

Meteor showers
Leave me refreshed; inspired
Engulfed by the beauty of our universe

Not tonight

I feel intimidated
By the empty spaces
Between the stars

It reminds me
Of the empty spaces
In my heart

I look to the sky
To find peace of mind
My celestial sanctuary

Not tonight

All I see is chaos
As streaks of light
Chase each other through the sky

My mind is crumbling
Bit by bit
With each falling star
Watching meteors
streak across the sky
Sparks the realization
even things falling apart
and combusting all around you
can be beautiful
mt 3d
i don't really know what it feels like to be in love but i think the clouds look nice about an hour before sunset when it seems like everything is submerged underneath a blanket of cotton
or maybe in the morning, when the sky is so blue but the clouds are so sad and so soft like the froth that sits on top of my soda in the summertime when its hot
or right before a sunset when the clouds are dripping gold and the sky seems to soak up all of their honey, honey like the bottles tucked away in the pantry, honey like the eyes of the curly haired boy living across the street
and i sit and watch how beautiful the sky is from the sweet-smelling sheets of my bed or the lonely window in my classroom or the passenger seat of my mother's car and think of how beautiful it must be to be in love
over the hedge,
over the gates,
over the tall looming trees,
the bright blue sky
where birds flew free
(i wish that was me.)

; e.i
Hi there aeroplanes
I like you have a grumble
When your flying high
Silly one :)
Inspired today watching aeroplanes fly by x
Paint Me A Sky

I want you to paint me a sky.
Paint me a sky with all the stars above.
Paint me a sky with all the darkness of night.
Show me your mind within your work.
Don't be afraid to spit your heart out; for it is within your work I can visualize your true self.
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