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Ekansh Kedia Apr 1
Pull me up, pull me high;
My arms can't fathom where you are lost in the sky.
You said we're in this together,
you said we'd be Bonny and Clyde;
But at this moment I feel, "I'd be better off not alive".
This avalanche of feelings covered by my snowy smile buries me alive.
Against my snowy smile, it flows without a stop;
like the river Nile.
It flows till it reaches the Amazon of tears,
evaporates from the heat of your heavenly body;
goes up again to be with you.
Ready to precipitate another day.
this little poem is about the struggles a person goes through to be with their loved ones.
cherish the ones around you we're not here for a long time!
Being in the dark can trigger you
to realize how precious the light is,
how valuable is the time you have
been given in this adventure.

It's not important what colour you
are or how fat or thin you are.
You should ask yourself:
"Where are you going and how ?"
Your answer to that is what really
matters the most. I appreciate if
you spend your time to read this
poetry collection.

I have recently published my first book on Amazon. It's called "light in the darkness", with two options (e-book and paperback). It's available in a couple of countries.

In this book, I wanted to write my lines very honest and brief, while some poems taking five pages, some of them took less than half. I want people to remember that it is Ok to not being Ok, you can move forward by choosing yourself and your belief.

Paperback available in (USA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CA)
E-Book available in (USA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN)

Link is down there.
Nothing has ever been more
Whole Foods

Than the graffiti
Written into the
Toilet paper holder

Next to

"Love IS
The Answer"


"Open Your
3rd Eye"

In an otherwise
Prestine public restroom
A work of art, really

All while I am
Serenaded sweetly
By the Decemberists
I love you


Maaz Aug 2019
With the taste of ash on our tongues
and with soot & dust filling our lungs,
We watch on, as we force nature to burn down our Amazon.

With hearts filled with greed & apathy
And with eyes desensitised to the latest catastrophe,
We watch on, nonchalant,
As we burn down our Amazon.

We were told we have years - but in reality we have months.
Months before all hope is gone and we lose our Amazon.
Is it too late?
Garth Lebowski Aug 2019
The howl of her soul whispers in the wood
And ruffles the feathers of those who fly
Her spirit does carry the buzz of the bees
Even in death – she doesn’t die

Her ground supports the feet beneath me
And buries my fears - long tormenting
Under the soil her treasures lie
A heat so fierce and unrelenting

Like a moth to a flame was i, drawn to her
Burnt and broken, now do I stand
To extinguish a blaze so bright and true
Would be the greatest of sins any man could do

Droplets of sky condensed fall upon me,
To wash away the guilt I hide
Tis I who killed my only mother
Murdered by mans own restless pride

Now I do lie here alone and cold
Doomed to see my grandchildren grow
In a world my own doing foretold
The sight of a forest, they shall never know
Inspired by the trajedy occurring in the amazon at this point in time. May God be with the animals, people and trees who suffer as i write.
JAC Aug 2019
You blink
in the depths of a sparkling forest
full and rich with sweet colour and sound
a vibrance and power dense with life

blink again
and you are all that's left standing
hot and splintered in a blackened silence
the sky pushed away by a mass of death

blink once more
the earth and sky stay dark.
LLillis Aug 2019
smoldering canopies,
rampant greed did this.
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