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so this time i thought of doing something new!
u guys comment titles or themes of my poem! i will write poem for the comment with most likes! it can be anything,,if u want to dedicate a poem to some1 now is the chance!!!!
do comment!
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Bhill 3d
who is following who
who is leading who
why is there such separation
beneath the layers of doubt and mistrust
under the government of ***
who is following who

Brian Hill - 2020 # 148
not a poem!
i have opened new page-
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i know you wont be disapointed!!
sanchit mehta May 27
i write and write and still no surprise,
no likes, no comment, no subscribe,
arent my poems worthy enough,
i ask myself every time ,
or is it something in my speech ,
thats keeping away the prize.
i started with enthusiasm, you know,
but now that i see it,
all my work here is a still no show,
i cannot impose but just a request,
what will it take for you people to comment your best?
this poem might be my last on this platform you never know,
without support, without demand i just dont get the reason,
why i should post?
try i insist  and i will send my thanks to all those who will,
show what you care, because i know you guys wont leave me spare.
these are the thoughts i have been getting after posting so many poems and just 4 followers! please check out my work and follow me,,i really need motivation to write pleasee!
Arcassin B May 24
by Arcassin Burnham

Praying for you that you pray for all the others,
stay with these words for the weak
won't shadow over the strong but to make them stronger,
the key to life is belief and wonder,
I really do , about the things that could bring darkness,
instilled in ones mind to keep them tarnished,

pray for the living and souls that partake,
and even all the evil ones , the rules that they break,
but who needs those,
forever be your own hero,
however this time goes, faith follows.

sanchit mehta May 22
this pressure to do something great,
its not something other people create,
its one's heart that craves for feeling victory.
This crave makes us do nasty things,
its really creepy.
why cant we control it, ever thought about that,
well its simple! no person in the world,
would like to create no impression of itself on this earth,
a common man follows same routine, breakfast, night in.
but my mind doesnt want that, yours shouldnt too,
this monotonous life is nothing but a disaster,
we should find our ability and remember everybody has one,
just try and master, a mediocre never prevails, prevails is the king,
just give this a thought, just think.
i am writing this as i am literally bored of this monotonous life,,it really seems like waste,,,,poems are the one thhing that calms me! do like and follow me! plsss
new, unused; you picked me up
from quite a few parched with dust over them
excited you were so was I to be selected after all.

picture of me clicked, lights on and a perfect setup,
you and me only with a cup of chai and not so bright lights.

love thrill and excitement,
the first chapter had it all,
you read it and loved it,
like never before.

with the passing chapters the story slowed down,
so did your reading speed,
started forcing yourself, with tired face and sleepy eyes
struggled just to move forward,a bit more, a page more, a chapter more. maybe you should have Let me go at that moment,
but decided to hold.
never did you forget to take out time for me,
I have seen you crying smiling clinching to your pillow like a kid,
also while reading when that pink blush slid. soon the story paced up again, there were ups Lows and heartbreaks,
and you were sailing through them all,
along with me.

I was about to get over,
we were about to end,
you wanted me to be longer but the plot didn’t allow,
you finished reading,
you competed with me and you freed me,
that was how I wanted it to end.

now I am free I promise to be with you,
through your lows and highs and smiles and cries,
that’s why it’s always said,
it all starts with a good book.
Laura May 17
the furious knock
your pain seeps through the wood
each thump restarting the rhythm of my heart
anxious feet
the carpet caressing the soles of my feet
glued in place, hesitant to follow
the light on your face
the cracking of voices, the water in eyes
pain is a present on my doorstep
Walking down the aisle,
Dragging my feet slowly
A rhythmic beat,
Playing in my mind
Grieving over nothing
Just a clingy thought
In my heart
Lost but found
in a world full of dreams
Let those beautiful thoughts of yours float around you.......
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The sun rose out among verdant still hills.
High peaks, forests and earth stole their eyes away from this charade.
Strands of light refuse to illuminate me.
As the the play proceeds with divine authority.

Each bird is standing on its feet and spreading its wings.
Tigers brandish guns at their young, unaware of the anguish hungrily stalking behind.
And the men with hearts of black gold walk away with their heads down.
As we are all eaten away by ignorance.

The hands of fate stitch together a torn garment of time.
Embroidering its history of suffering.
But the answer to your questions won't be found in gods clothes.
There's a lot more suffocating water in this ocean than treasure.

But your heart withstood the weight of it all.
And its callouses grew over their shadows left behind.
But when it beats, I can still hear the screams
Of your abandonment.
Who knows. Probably just tryna write fancy.
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