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Nylee Sep 25
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
When following your heart.
Don't listen loud noises.
Just go, don't stop!
Your life, your rules, your choices.
And even if you scared.
But ask yourself exactly.
You never know if you don't try.
It better trying with regrents.
Than sit in little safty places.
Mark Wanless Sep 3
logic is only
logical if
you follow it
Bec Aug 24
Why do we spend our time obsessively checking the number of followers we have?
Let’s take a stab at the facts
Why do you care if they follow you back?
When you lay your head down, you’re sad on your own in bed
You can’t stop thinking about what those haters said
You better get that **** knocked out of your head
Maybe pick up a book or go outside instead
Ruhee Aug 11
Stunning souls
Marvelous are you,
You are strong and
that's the reason
you are here
Holding a beautiful heart.

Fathima Ruhee
Heart was saying: Follow me. Mind was saying: Not believe. Mystery, magic sound of love.
Step by step doubts were melting in the air.
Step by step more closer everyday. Step by step, day by day, dream by dream.
We never been so close to eachother like now.
San-Pei Lee Jul 8
No matter the dreams you have
I'd shift the stars to align them with mine
But if your purpose leads you far from me
For however long, I'd wait for your return ever patiently

If you ever find yourself lost at sea
I'd dive in to keep your soul company
My shadow rippling against the white of the moon
Even during the halcyon nights of winter

Because on our hearts
Flutters a matching pair of wings
Wherever you are
As long as you're willing, I will always follow
It comes in waves
One moment
I'm naked
Under the

My world
Into ways
I want

Next minute
Each letter
Until I
You. <\♡
I will your light, I will your guide. From darkness to the light.
Just give me hand and follow me. Don't be afraid, you'll not regret.
I promissing, just follow me.
I will your light, I will your guide. From darkness to the light.
I always wanted to help you.
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