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My Dear Poet May 1
I will follow you
whereto you roam
I will follow you
all the way home
down the road
up the hill
along the river
by the mill
past the tin shed
that old shoe store
till I follow you
and go no more
an open field
where a path unpaved
with stones unsealed
leads to your grave
Seb Tha Guru Mar 31
Had to get off the internet.
Thugging, Im not the biggest but pose a threat.
Maybe because I'm black or my colors repped.
Where fake **** will get you stretched.
Dealing with so much pain I can't recollect.
Roll me up a blunt of my deep regrets.

trying to focus, I need a check.
Dealing with all the glory and disrespect.
Been betrayed by ****** walking my silhouette.
How far can a Brutus stretch?
Steady learning my worth, others far fetched,
want to use my head just to get a check.
Got trial, I need to rest.
Temptation, money, drugs, and guns made me disconnect.
I still came right back, I had to die a sec.
**** could be worse, learned from the wreck.
All this going back and forth about who's the best.
You do so many shows but where people at?

Success has been over mapped.
A couple of turn in had me overlapped.
But I will make out the cloud;
too deep to rap.
Hunter Taylor Mar 30
It's been over a year and I cannot forget it
My heart always hurts and I tend to let it
I strive for a connection but always regret it
Lines get drawn and I overstep them

It's a problem that I'm stuck in the past
But for my heart time moves to fast
Life tells jokes and I forget to laugh
I close my eyes when reality floods back

So maybe I'm not
As fine as I thought
Maybe I lose myself from time to time on accident

This isn't a promise
I'm just being honest
When I say I hope I find myself before it all ends
Madeleine Feb 7
You are the needle
To my compass
Where you go
I will follow
Benzene Dec 2021
It's time to change your living,
time to follow your dreams
Doesn't matter even it requires
passing through all streams.
Steps may falter,
Roads may be steep
But your dreams shouldn't alter
even if you gotta jump or leap.
I know it won't be easy
but it's time to decide.
There'll be people to pull you down
and foxes to mislead you
Turn them away with a tint of frown.
To your dreams you must always be true .
Hope you all are doing good .
Just keep following your dreams .
Hi Nov 2021
“I don’t think
Understand how
It is to explain
What’s going on
In your head
When you don’t
Even understand
It yourself..”
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Hi Nov 2021
You can do it.
Even though sometimes you doubt yourself . Even though at times it can feel so overwhelming.
Do not worry.
Trust yourself. Know that you are capable and you are going to absolutely smash it!
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Hi Oct 2021
“There were so many things I wanted to say but I knew they would hurt you so I buried them inside and let them hurt me instead”
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Shofi Ahmed Oct 2021
When the want of money
Nothing like the happy-bird
tempts to follow it up!
just emma Oct 2021
Dear David,
First of all, I would like to start this letter with a big *******!
How dare you come into my home and take advantage of me.
How dare you get into my bed and touch me.
How dare you!?!
Oh, you were drunk?
No worries, that totally makes it okay.
I was probably dreaming like the time my best friends brother decided to hop into my bed when I was 11.

I hate you!
I hate how I can’t be mad at Terry for wanting to have a relationship with you because you’re his brother.
I hate how I can’t speak up about what you did because it most certainly will ruin your life.

But I want you to know, you will never be apart of my life again.
You will not be apart of mine and Terry’s life,
And best believe you will not be an uncle to our little girl.

I know all you did was touch my skin and kiss my lips,
But what if I wasn’t strong enough to push you off me, to tell you no?

I hate what you did.
I hate that I can never be beautiful again,
You took that piece with you.
You greedy, ******, *****!
How many other girls have you done this to?
Are still doing this to?
And aren’t able to tell you no…

I just hate how I can’t move on…
How can you?
Trigger warning
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