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[16:11, 8/22/2019] Me: Why are we doing this tbh. Not that it's bad, There's not a lot of things I'd rather do

[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: I don't know
[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: I guess we are just trying to find ways to be happy?
[16:11, 8/22/2019] You: and like. It's intriguing

[16:12, 8/22/2019] Me: As long as we'll stay together, like, that we're not out there alone, I'll be happy

[16:12, 8/22/2019] You: I feel the same, because we can get through it together
[16:12, 8/22/2019] You: as long as we are together, I will be okay and happy

[16:13, 8/22/2019] Me: It'll be okay, probably

[16:13, 8/22/2019] You: it will be
[15:43, 6/5/2019] You: I trust you
[15:43, 6/5/2019] You: I really do
[15:43, 6/5/2019] You: And I love you (platonically)
[15:43, 6/5/2019] You: And I really, really do want to help you
[15:43, 6/5/2019] You: So let me in

[15:44, 6/5/2019] Me: Sorry I'm crying just a little

[15:44, 6/5/2019] You: I don't care how dark it is in your mind, how desperate you are or how much you want to scream or cry
[15:44, 6/5/2019] You: I will hold you and help you, help you get back to lighter places. And until then, you can scream and cry but with me on your side
[15:44, 6/5/2019] You: I promise
[15:44, 6/5/2019] (response to 'sorry, I'm crying just a little' You: Hey it's okay, I'm here

[15:45, 6/5/2019] Me: Why are you saying this?

[15:45, 6/5/2019] You: Because I mean it
[15:45, 6/5/2019] You: Because you deserve so so many good things
[15:46, 6/5/2019] You: Because I want to help you

[15:47, 6/5/2019] Me: It's just
[15:47, 6/5/2019] Me: I'm so tired of saying that I'm fine but as soon as I say that I'm not people shut me out
[15:48, 6/5/2019] Me: I'm not used to anything else

[15:48, 6/5/2019] You: I understand, I've been there

[15:48, 6/5/2019] Me: Really?

[15:48, 6/5/2019] You: But you can always say the truth to me, always
[15:48, 6/5/2019] (Response to 'Really?') You: Yes really
[15:48, 6/5/2019] You: And god, how I wish I could me honest to someone, anyone
[15:49, 6/5/2019] You: But I'm here, and I don't care how bad you feel just be honest
So I will tell these people the truth
Elle Sep 1
i said i wanted love
your love, their love,
his love, her love,
but you never texted me back

until one day you replied
'what about your own love?'

i couldn't respond
so i blocked you

i said i wanted love
your love, their love
his love, her love,
but i never texted you back

love me back
for me, for you
(because i can't do it myself)
i'm staring at a list of self care suggestions that i printed off tumblr a few months ago, during a bad breakdown, and none of it seems to be computing. what do you normally do for self care?
Risa Njoroge Aug 21
Am sorry that’s not what I meant,
It’s just the auto-correct,
This new technology thinks it’s ahead,
Replacing the words that come from my head,
with words like "You are my best yet"
When what I meant to say was "meeting you I regret"

And that last text I sent, telling you how I felt,
That too was auto-correct,
See, there was a time when your words made my heart melt,
And the butterflies that rose from my belly up to my neck,
I sometimes needed  to tie them down with a belt,
All this words you say you never meant.

Every time you sent that I love you text,
Now I know it just auto-correct
This new tech is quick to make us forget,
And replaces words like I regret,
With stupid texts like “come hold me”
Leaving us with broken hearts we now hold up like trophies,

The rest of the world may never know just how much I hurt,
Because I found a filter that will auto-correct
This frown on my face and turn it right side up,
And every time I take a picture,
This auto correct will add color and remove the hurt,
Making sure no one will never know what really lives inside,
"this whirl we call home, spinning out of control.”
we have been living in an auto-correct world, never saying what is on our minds, and everything is spinning out of control.
m i a Aug 9
i poured my heart out to you
through a blue rectangle box
h o p i n g your eyes would
light up just like your phone
screen did when my confession
got to you.

but, even though my thoughts
were obviously delivered—
my emotions were not conveyed
and all i received in return was
a simple but haunting, “okay.”
i recently have learned that it is so much better to confess to someone he old fashion way, instead of through text or dms. trust me guys.
Ickabobroe Jul 20
My phone buzzed and your name popped up
The sweetest message filled my screen
I wish all this was easier

I want to tell you everything, empty myself out
I feel like I’m lying to you every day
Maybe one day it could

I’m tortured by the constant buzz knowing
That I cross your mind
Knowing that I probably have a shot
Knowing I’ll waste it
Gotta love the life of a hopeless romantic
The overwelming wave of sadness when the last person you were able to text goes offline at 3AM and you're alone in your bed just thinking about what comes next.

A "poem" every day.

I'm becomming sadder every day, and it starts to cost more and more. I'm tired of existing, of living like this.
Emrullah Jul 9
a punch in the face for me is like a
waking up call to do more. More punches more text.
Nigdaw Jun 25
Voiceless, faceless  hatred
Unwillingly accepted
By data communication,
Even when you're not there
I feel you, words piercing
Through flesh, deeper
Than the love of family ties
Criticism, every little thing
I am left with one door open
Follow me if you dare.
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