Sometimes he will be unkind to you;
Say painful words
Make a fool out of you
Promise you heaven on earth

And when you think you have just had enough

He will come with pretty flowers
And kiss your beautiful lips
The moment will taste of
All the sweet things you have
Been longing for.
Sometimes he will put his hands on you
Say painful words
Make a fool out of you

And when you think you just had enough

He will buy you a pretty dress
And take you out on dinner.
The moment will be so bliss that
You will not want it to end

But he will treat you like a pretty flower today
And tomorrow; he will forget to water you.
Abandonment thats what mom says you did to her and me and my sister
I was 15 and you left to move 11 hours away to live with her
Why. She is better then us
I thought you loved us
Now shes pregnant.
Are you replacing me???
I thought I was your baby?
Were we not enough?
Cat Lynn Jun 10
I believe these things of Wisdom to be true...
and more things of wisdom I wish I knew....

Some of us believe we are wise and safe enough to be foolish and to be a fool

Then some believe wisdom can be gained through the foolishness as a tool

Some of us believe we are wise enough with what we say and do when it comes to deep love

but in honesty... we are humans... who make many mistakes... and sometimes... are not wise enough...
I so wish I had more wisdom with things... sometimes I feel taken back I'm not sure if anything I say is wise or not... this poem isn't all that good, so it'll probably be deleted

We live in a fallen world, and it's so easy to believe we have great wisdom... but too easily.. we can fall
Lon Witter Jun 7
Now I know about
How cruel you are life
The pain is only think I felt
Disappointed with everything
I had enough, can't hold more
Death will be my salvation
She Writes Jun 7
You didn’t know how to love me
The way I needed to be loved
You didn’t know how to hold me
And show me I was enough
whiskey chocolate truffle ice cream
whiskey chocolate truffle ice cream
for David
Am I enough?
It sure doesn’t seem like it
I grew up as the golden child
The gifted one
The multi-talented prodigy
Excellence across the board
I pushed and pressured myself to be the best
It was easy to be on top
I was enough
Insecurities started getting the best of me
A “B” was menacing
A “C” killed me
I was no longer the brightest
No longer the best
Comparison brought me down hard
My higher-than-average SAT score upset me
Someone else was better
I wasn’t the best
My anxiety got the best of me
I imagined my family’s disappointment
In my lack of straight A’s
In my lack of gifted-ness
“Try harder”
“Be better”
No one was telling me that
Except myself
I feel more average than ever
The mediocrity suffocates me
No real extracurriculars
Only three classes
The self-loathing sets in
I don’t feel proud
The praise for straight A’s
In three
It feels like mockery to me
Though deep down
I know I have something to be proud of
I could have dropped out
When my body failed me
But I didn’t
I could have given up on life entirely
But I didn’t
Maybe I’m not the classic Gifted Child anymore
Maybe I don’t sweep the awards at the school ceremony
But that’s alright
I am enough
Even if I DID drop out
Even if I DID give up
I would still be enough
Because I was put here for a purpose
My family and friends won’t leave my side
Even if I failed every test this year
I am enough
woahhhhh this is emo dhhdjs
I wrote this after thinking a LOT about how much pressure is placed on “gifted kids” at such a young age. I think it damaged me a lot, especially my sophomore year. A lot of the poem was written from the perspective of my sophomore year, when I was in an AWFUL place with extreme depression and anxiety. I occasionally go back to that place of despair, but I manage to hike myself out every time and see how awesome I am ;;))
Sindi Kay Jun 3
Stop thinking you’re not enough.
There’s different ways to be funny, different ways to be beautiful
And different ways your talent is expressed from within you

Stop thinking your not enough
Everyone got it rough
One way or another
We all came from a mother
Caused great pain to a mother

Begged for a lover
Just to become
Someone’s mother
Or someone’s father
And someone’s none of the above
Or someone’s other

But more or less someone’s.

Stop thinking your not enough
We all struck by diseases
We all praise some version of Jesus
Even those godless
Get goosebumps
And butterflies in their stomach
And seek purpose and wonder

We are all human
And at some point we
All turn fragile

And at some point we can tell each other we are not made of porcelain
And to be strong

Life’s a journey
but it’s not that long

I tell myself this
When I want to stop thinking
I’m not enough...
Helene Marie Jun 3
If our "good"
was "good enough",
the girl over there
crying mascara speckled tears
as she looks into
her own reflection;
the guy whose
best was just a 'B',
but now he's told
he wasn't trying
because his best
was not his brother;
the person who
is trapped in their closet
real or metaphorical
terrified of
what would happen
if they came out;
would know
that their "good"
is far more "enough"
than ours will ever be
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