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your eclipse May 24
if too much is
what you deem me to be
then go,
go find someone less
you deserve someone
you can fully hold
and i deserve someone
that could hold all of me
JD May 5
If you push long and hard enough,
I will walk away!
Regardless of much it hurts.
Lo Jan 31
The reason you say
you've had enough is because
you don't feel you are.
Zack Ripley Sep 2022
Today, I'm going to give you a chance
I never gave myself.
A chance to understand that you don't have to compare yourself to anyone else.
A chance to understand that you are enough, you've done enough, and you will do enough
to make your life worth living.
You may not feel like you deserve this chance. But you need it.
I S A A C Sep 2022
staring at the horizon
waiting for what is yet to come
the moment is tantalizing
but my past is paramount
escape it for a night, once in a blue moon
take what I can get, embrace the wiggle room
not everything is set in stone and finished
not everything is as good as I predicted
I need to allow
I need to get out and touch some grass
make myself strong enough to last
If only
I was
able to
the wounds
you hold
deep in
you with
the touch
of my
for now,
I only
but, do
you not
they are
not enough,
only you
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
I try hard to love myself
The person that I am
Everyone tells me I am beautiful
Don't know why I never can
I want to love myself like i did when i was little
-of this…

-of that…

-of them…

-of me…

-is enough

-of this ****…

Just give me a moment

Just give me space

Just give me (some) time

And I’ll let you know when
That’s enough

© By HF-Whisper
15/12/21 19:48PM
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
said the echo to the voice that kept yelling

said the boy that was bullied and raging

said the wife that was battered and bleeding

said the man on the bridge and is jumping

said a world that was lost and still spinning

said truth to deceit and the lying

said the poet to his soul and the writing

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