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Ek zindagi hain farheen ki
Aur hain dus mod
Farheen ki khoish raktay hain sabhi

Par farheen ki khoish hain koun
Souchtay chalogay tuh shyad smajaogay
Milingay sabhi tumay
Par phir bhi farheen ki khoish raktay phirogay
Dhondna chatay tuh dholo
Har gali har mouhala

Milingay haar koi par
Dil ki baat hain dil tuh sirf
Farheen kay pass hain
Ajj alag sa mood hain farheen ka ❤️
Allesha Eman Jul 4
Dream, tell me
what have you heard
from the gossiping stars?
did they let my wishes
fall into the hands
of hummingbird nests?
did the quiet ocean blue
bring waves of things untrue?
Were you deceived by piano keys
lingering songs & eulogies?
Does the sun cleanse your lethargy
or are you like me?
Where it never reaches you in time
before everything fades to a quiet dark
tell me, Dream.
Dreamer Jun 21
I wish I could be a poet, so, that I can write about these feelings,
I wish I could be an artist, so,that I can paint these feelings,
I wish I could be more, so, that I can express these feelings,
But then again I am just a weak human.
A weak human who doesn't even understand their feelings
D A W N Jun 11
i lit my cigarette like a birthday candle
and i wished for your name
through my puffed up coughs
and bleary eyes
this job ***** but atleast i met new n cool ppl ;ppp
In the troposphere of your life are the ready clouds to precipitate
The clouds which are for days condensed of your acts
The acts of your kindness, selflessness, dedication and the lot given into other lives
And on the day of memory - a day worth celebrating
Let our wishes be the steams that melts those beautiful clouds
Let the rain soak your soul wet with joy
A joy that really make the day special
Special enough to preserve you even as you are to us forever.
In honour of kind brother in Christ  - Emmanuel Konlan ( on his birthday ).
EmVidar Apr 12
For each new promise made
we broke the one before

-em vidar
LC Apr 4
the dark limb splits the moon
from the expansive, pitch-black sky.
at a distance, we paint it
as a glowing, surface level circle
that we place our wishes onto.
we never listen to it in return,
so the limb fiercely protects
the whispers of the moon.
Escapril Day 3! The prompt was "limbs." I used the astronomical definition of limb, which was "the edge of a celestial object." This poem took some twists and turns, and this is where it ended up.
CIN Feb 23
So it is my birthday today
Though this day i feel no different than normal
Perhaps a little sad
As yesterday i had a bit of a conflict
But I won't let this person have control over my birthday
Today is supposed to be special
Though most things have gone wrong
I forgot my coffee this morning
And Spotify gave me the worst songs on my playlist
Still, today is my birthday
I am sixteen
It is a time to celebrate the sixteen years i have been struggling along
Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday
And today will be the only
I think of my favorite flowers
Red columbine, clematis, water lily
Trembling, mental beauty, tranquility
I think that if someone gave me a clematis today
I would cry and preserve it forever
I'd like to hide away
And sit with my poetry
And cup of coffee
Writing about the beauty of the world
That I cannot see
happy birthday to me
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