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The walls of the bedroom have heard more prayers than any religion places
To the night that I prayed
To the tears that put me to sleep
Longing for your presence

The night you were walking to my door
The night I want to get to know you more

When I touch your hand
It took every ounce of me not to get comfortable with you
When I saw your smile
It took every ounce of me not to fall in love
When I saw your eyes
You took every ounce of me

So then, I made myself a promise
To the darkness nights
To the brightest days
I want you to know
I'll be there
Anyone could love your best features
Or cling for your best day
But I'll take
Pick up
All the pieces that everyone wants to get rid
I'll love you
For a wholesome
As a person

Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours
Happiest Birthday to you!
under the night sky with great people,
looking up, looking for hope
then there's me, thinking of how were

i forgot the wishes i made for those
six meteors i witnessed
but in the seventh meteor,
i wished for you

we ended up in a bad away,
i am well aware of that but
i really wished for you

for your happiness, with someone new
there are really people who will come to ruin our lives and it ***** real hard but we just gotta deal with it and wish for them.
listen to me.
Just hold my hand
like you used to.

don't speak,
hold me near.

Just let me
let it 
"Tonight I'll need you to stay"
if I die,
I know that my eulogy
would be read aloud
by my biological family
with tears in their eyes
and sad, solemn voices.

it’s scary to think
that if I die,
my eulogy would be read
by the same people who
once wished for my death.
min 6d
my insides are twisting
and shaking and burning.

my wishes are too dreamy,
aren't they?

but i have to go on.
i have to.
If wishes where horses
I'd be glad to ride
I'd take a chance and sail to the sky
If wishes where horses it'd be nice
I'd grow feathers wings and fly
I'd harness the sun and keep the rain
I'd be sure there'd be much to gain
If wishes were horses let's be plain
We'd wish to pulverize all our pains
Yet these and more did keep us sane
If wishes were horses as we dream
It won't be enough to quench our greed
If wishes were horses
I'd wish mind be let free
Free from thoughts of adversary
I'd wish the waters flew through me
To cleanse my soul and gladden it
If wishes were horse as it should be
I'd live in abundance of treasure and pleasures
I'd cross the borders in seek of adventures
If only wishes were horses no it's not
Or horses could grant wishes yet they can't
If wishes were horses or horses were wishes very funny
I have trod lands of hazel glaze that called themselves lovers of Sun and Moon
From their lips of coral grove I stole thousand vices, two thousand sorrows and three thousand whishes and planted them mingled with pink seeds of tamarisk beneath the august cliffs and hollow of Parnassus
And they blossomed and ripened of grown fruit with merriment which overlept Serenity
And lily - like Pain reached for sweetness whom she bore and at touch worlds drew at peace
My feet wandered into
the serene shoreline
while the strong waves
hushed my cacophonic mind —
I strummed my fingers and gripped
tightly of my conch.
While my lips brushed around
its spiral shell — as I whispered my wishes
and blow through,
suddenly an angel
flew by and swiveled —
his wings burning.

From the heavens, he falls
right through the deserted sea.
My naked feet began to push
its life towards him —
he lies on the sand and his wings burning through.
Silhouettes of him rang on my mind;
gashes of water fell
through my eyes —
and whilst even the silence
grieved for us.
His burning wings calmed the strong winds —
the winter sea began to calm its strident waves
as I let myself lie awake beside him.

I closed my eyes and the replicas
of myself flashed through like a
candescent wind —
and there I saw a woman
lying in the hospital bed.
The sun mirroring the artificial light
through the windowpane;
the man standing beside her
had his wings folded —
and his eyes cold as the winter
and the woman dying in her
tranquil sleep.

The trees had fallen its last leaves,
and the winter is coming at dawn.
The man covered my eyes and I was at the
winter sea again —
“Mona, you will die in winter.”

And I woke up.
It was September.
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SONG: Sea Change - Stephan Moccio
A beautiful sky beckons over you
And could come and kneel before you for the angel you are
Years seem easy to count like numbers but the good thing they keeping adding onto what you have
The Lord has seen you in all your endeavours
You have turned out to be the girl all men keeping vying for her attention
Grown to be someone words can't describe because you are amazing in all ways
Will a smile animate your face and make it beam like the sunrise
Will you stay pretty even when you turn grey
Will you have that beautiful heart to take us all in even with our annoying ways
Will you sound beautiful on the phone each time we talk
Will you give the world a beautiful child or even more
I hope the answer to all this is "YES"
Birthday poem to a friend
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