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For all the water which poured out slow
And was wasted on such hollow words
I should not wish for myself at least
I should not waste
I should wish for her
Gosh... Finding this... Remembering this. Really makes me happy. (:
violetbaby Feb 11
when i hear that one pretty song play
when i pass by my favorite kind of flowers
when i read books and come across your name
i’m suddenly reminded of your laughter
and that sweet bubblegum smile
you often waltz into my daydreams
and before you leave i wish for more time
just thoughts of you bring me peace
when i look up at the warm golden sky
when i find myself slowly falling asleep
when i can’t help you being on my mind
My poetry falls to the music of tears
To the rhythm of this ache inside me
I love you in unrequited reveries
I reach for you with empty hands
Palms up to receive, with infinite tenderness
The you that will never be mine.
If l thought...if
I would create my own language
One born of my red, beating heart
and my sad, purple hope...
Swallow my fears and let my butterflies free
And just tell you...
But you are a star away and I
Do not dare.
Silently days turn into nights and
Silently I love you...
While you, unknowing, think I dream of others
Those ships have all gone
It is you
Oblivious, blind, beautiful you
My secret is held fast in a chain of whispered
Words you likely would not want to know

My poetry falls to the rhythm of tears
I remain silent
Sudeshna D Feb 3
Do you feel it when
Your mind is drifting to
Someone other than
The one you’re talking to?
I ignore it as often
As I think I can possibly do
But do you realize the space
Captured in my head by you?
I know not what to call this
It’s breathable and new.
I do not want to spoil this
Fearing what it’ll turn into.
The paranoia of losing it
Is what I’ve already grown into.
Conservative, feeble, shy?
Call me whatever you want to.
Caitlin Jan 27
I cannot escape you,
even in my dreams.
Sometimes they are fantasies,
showing how I wish we were.
Sometimes they are nightmares,
reminding me what we really are.
Both torment me.
I realize my last two have both started with I cannot, but to be honest I do feel helpless when it comes to this “muse”
I have wished for you in every star in the sky

and prayed you'd visit me in my dreams

waiting for 11:11 to come for it to come true

Hopeless still, broken inside, yet devoted to you
it wasn't what i needed but now i can't survive without you
Navpreet Kaur Jan 26
Promise me,
That you would be a good boy
That you would not complain
Of how you hate eating vegetables
That you don't have enough time
To play too much video games

Promise me,
To always
Come back home on time
So that Mom and Dad won't be worried
To always
Finish your homework
Because education is important
To always
Be yourself
No matter what people say

I won't be there
To remind you
Of this
When I'm dead

I love you baby brother
                                                                             From your only sister.
This is something I want my baby brother to know. When I run out of time in this world.
Jade Bartlett Jan 25
When I say
I wish I was beautiful,
I mean I wish I could
sculpt myself into the same loveliness
borne in the eyes of Marble Goddesses
In Ancient Greece,
I know I would have been pretty
you know;
curls a liberated wreath atop my head,
a nose as grand as Mount Olympus,
body as curvaceous as the summits
of Mediterranean waves.

I mean I wish I could
steal Orion's Belt  from the sky
and wear it around my waist
to cinch away all the extra room
I know I take up,
cuz there's no gravity
in outer space--
it's impossible to feel fat
in outer space.

I mean I wish I could
be as cliche as a rose,
despite being starkly unoriginal,
everyone loves roses the same way
everyone loves photoshop sleekness
and Tumblr physique.

I mean I wish I was
lucid dreams / leather journals / dewdrops on leaves / fairy lights / eyelashes on pillowcases / moon-gazing /  listenin' to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time / standing ovations / the butterflies in your fingertips / frost congealed on tree branches / lightning storms / Disneyland fireworks / soft bed sheets / champagne kisses / polaroid photographs /  whales howling at sea / midnight inspirations / double rainbows / bed time stories / the skyline at golden hour / foggy 7 AM’s / snow under streetlights / the colour purple / when I say I wish I was beautiful I mean I wish I was
a poem.
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Amanda Jan 19
I wish I was able to wave a magic wand
Take all our broken pieces
Put us together perfectly
Without cracks, chips, and creases.

I wish I was an ancient shaman
Who could heal with just one touch
Caress each and every wound and fracture
Soothe pain so doesn't hurt as much.

I wish my muscles could bear both our burdens
Not falter under their weight
Peace the impossible destination
When we carry baggage we hate.

I wish we could rise high above
Small opinions of close-minded folk
It seems perfect until someone makes a comment
Reminding me our relationship is a joke.

I wish the day would come where we walk hand-in-hand
Without obstacles in our way
Across this beautiful atlas
Not stopping until far away.

I wish for a paintbrush
Large enough to paint the sky blue
Tried different shades of navy and indigo
I never could find the right hue.

I wish I had the ability to sculpt
A duplicate of your heart out of clay
Savor these wild emotions
Relive your love day after day.

I wish I was cold enough to make time freeze
But precious minutes and hours won't bend
When will I discover that love never lasts?
Time destroys all things in the end.
Everything must come to an end
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