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Robin Lemmen Jun 4
You looked at me, absent-minded. Comparing with eyes made for judgment. It's your right.

It's too bad you don't " see the hurt, the words carfed into me. The ones that go "she's skinnier" or "she's prettier, you know". I try and consult, whisper "mirror mirror on the wall" but it just  won't look at me.

You did it without thinking. Took the liberty to stare me up and down, and when I asked you why, you were surprised. "I wasn't doing it on purpose".

Maybe you lacked malice, but I still saw the wish for better in your eyes. You didn't need to put it into words. I heard it all. Felt the need for better, burn away my skin. I covered up, so you no longer had to be disappointed.

You checked them out and looked at me after, as if surprised you'd accepted this version of a body for so long.
Carlo C Gomez May 28
How many steps are in a donut?

How many calories in a mountain?

If only I could climb salad bars

Or scale frozen foods

To the happiness of Candyland

Where the sweetest things

Rise with the sun

Or shoot for the moon
Why do I have a million feelings when I wish I could just feel one?

Why do I feel like I could soar across the sky, or float on top of the clouds one day, but then crumble down below the earth the next day?

What causes the bubbly feeling of laughter to be suddenly replaced with the grey storms of a heavy cry?

Why do I feel so sure of myself at times to then switch sides with the sudden urge to hide?

Why do I feel extraordinary most days, but plain at other times?

Why are people so hurtful with their words when I am so delicate with mine?

Why are others so quick to judge your cover before they dive into what is inside?

Why do life events happen before the blink of an eye?

Why does time feel so special that it cannot wait, and why does it insist on rushing by?

Out of all the events, emotions, actions, and words, why is there a million questions of why?
TObed Mar 9
Wish I was there from the beginning to see it all unfold
"Oh what a stunningly beautiful sight" I'd say
Payton Feb 24
My dear, you sway with the nervous passion of a thousand

Tell my why you are so anxious, when you carry their wishes on
your eyelashes?
This is a pretty thought or a piece of pretty prose rather than poetry. It was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
Vibrant streaks of green and blue and violet twist in your eyes, like a
beautiful galaxy and I want nothing more than to catch each shooting star and leave my wishes on your lips.
I'm not sure that this is a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
maria Feb 18
Even if fairy godmother
came here
with my 3 wishes
you'd still give me
mixed signals
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
Mose Feb 13
I’m still putting together the pieces of what that feels like –
Leaning in over the table paying no attention of the peripheral vision.
I whisper we can skip dinner just eat me instead.
The drinks run dry and I am overflowing.
My apartment?
I wrapped my hand around yours like the perfect present.
In the moments I am thy wholly myself –
I am in love.
Maybe not with this man but this moment.
& that’s so **** confusing.
Cause this moment wouldn’t be as it is without you –
I slip in the car hoping my dress rides up.
Placing all the intentions I had for the night in the backseat.
I am happy & for this moment – that’s all that matters.
So, I turn on the radio and pause for whatever feels good.
This car ride,
These Santa Cruz mountains,
The music,
& your hand grazing my leg.
I am babbling on;
who knows about quite what?
But I remember it coming from the heart, unfiltered as the moonlight.
There is no better feeling -
arriving as yourself to somewhere you never planned.
I take the long way back to my apartment.
Just so I can hold onto that just for a second more.
It took a lot of these steps to walk into the notion it is I taking You home.
A confidence the opens every door & says I am here as is.
Our bodies fold into each other stepping through my apartment.
Every desire entangled as our legs mirror and cross through the sheets.
Usually by this time I’ve already came up with a reason why not?
But his gaze as I bite his lip tells me this is the only self-assurance I need.
That utter freeing feeling of I want you.
It feels good to let go.
Allowing yourself to reach climatical moments that leave you breathless.
Leave you saying baby yes, give me more…
Give me more life.
& moments that shatter all my preconceived notions about love.
About love not having to be a person
but a place,
a moment,
a smell,
a dream…
Another reason to wake up and & say - I am happy to be here.
Because there is so much in life we must move through,
that whatever brings you closer to you is something you choose.
There’s a lot in life we can say yes too.

& I might be still putting together what this feels like....
But I do know just by saying yes; you are saying who you are.
miki Feb 13
you can trust me
all kept under my lock and key
they can’t hurt you
not unless they take my entry
and steal what was ours to keep
i would never betray my own word
only if you abandon me
the depths of my own knowledge
are often so bittersweet
filled with the voices of a thousand murmurs,
sayings that are mine to keep
admit it once,
i’ll lock it away
never for anyone to peek
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