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BSween 16h
Please do not leave her behind.
Yet you think that it’s time you must go.
How could you be that unkind?
Don’t you think that will she know?

To your most loved of all
Your princess, your light.
Be brave and stand tall,
For her alone you must fight.

She looks up to you with her dark searching eyes.
It isn’t the time now, to say our goodbyes.
You’re still the one to calm all her fears.
Imagine you being the cause of her tears.

So, stick around as long as you can
And think of the time when you’ll be an old man.
Of course she will  be there, you’ll still be her sun.
Now isn’t the time. You’re job isn’t yet done.
Hannah 3d
I don’t have time to breathe.
I feel my heart beating between my teeth.
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
Until I can feel no longer.
Water is slowly rising above my head.
JcA 6d
The space between the ribs is hollow. A heart beats so it must echo. Love, come listen closely, I think you'll hear your name.
Dharatal Oct 21
Have you ever gone through a moment full of silence?
No, you can't.

Once I decided to meditate,
I locked myself in a room,
So that no sound could hit my ears,
But I was wrong,
I didn't found any silence.

Then I went to a field where I could not see anyone, miles and miles away.
I closed my eyes,but the sound made by the blowing air disturbed me,then I put cotton on my ears,
Still a sound I could hear,
was non another,
It was my heart beat.
We could never go through
Silence till we are alive
lost Oct 17
... and i lay there,
listening to your heartbeat. the soft laughs we share as we exchange kisses;

i never knew it'd become my favourite sound-

your laugh, your heartbeat;

you are my whole world.

as i lay there, peacefully with you,
you've made everything whole again,

my world; until the end.
Heartbeat doesn't skip a beat
Remember I'm trying my best to not carry the weight
Don't think I don't care about your health
Please don't beat like the speed of light
I just wanna hide these feelings inside
I've been looking for help
Don't know what else to do
But please go back to your normal rhythm
I can't take it if you are not okay
I'll try to be calm and handle my thoughts
Ill the exercises like my doctor said
Please don't accelerate
This is not a race
I'm not in danger
I'm just stressed.
If you suffer from anxiety, you will understand how hard it is to keep your heart beating the right way and how scary it is when its not.
Numbness in my chest
Resisted by my heartbeat
Along with music
Hits against fragility
Shielded by the walls of fear.
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Cross Boundry Sep 23
Hearts beat a rhythm all the same
As the workers in the factories
Pounding for their pay
Feet stomp a pattern all the same
As the birds in the skies
Looking for their way
Nobody lives without following the beat all the same
We all find it and look for something more
But we don’t need anything more
Than this rhythm, this beat
And when it stops that’s when I’ll meet
Her again.
and hopefully, she remembers me
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