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lib Feb 12
parchment paper moon
stars sprinkled across the sky
laying on your chest
my heartbeat dancing with yours
i wonder if this is love
(i hope it is)
James Rives Jan 20
poetry is bloodletting
for my aching hands,
brain, heart, soul, whatever.
in maroon, I see a *****,
disconnected features, details,
themes, emotion.
all useless without the right vessel.
the pages may get stained
but the Rorschach means nothing
without rhythm and image and heat
and light.
i deserved it
As I gaze upon the horizon
where the ocean kisses the sky
as far as the eye can see
I understood why people thought it
was the edge of the world
Such a beautiful sight,
yet out of reach
Maybe that's why people
thought it might be a
place where they would fall,

But when I saw the
horizon reflecting
in her eyes
I did fall
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2023
the cardiologist, in passing, remarks, or perhaps,
“re-marks” my ECG test, casually revealing
that every fifteen or twenty or so of my regularly scheduled
hearts beats, an extra one sneaks it, which appears
unlike all the rest of those normative little hillocks
pointing skyward, ^ ^ ^ V ^ ^ ^ ^
yep that one,

sneaky ****** slips in, pointing downwards
like a class clown always disrupting classroom’s good order…

Doc reassures it don’t mean a thing
if you got that extra swing,  
and our friendly informing internet reassures:

“The idea of your heartbeat going rogue may sound alarming.
But in most cases, an ectopic beat is a harmless condition.
It's also a common one”

but yet I am intrinsically intrigued,
oh yeah, that’s an intentional funny double entendre,
but methinks that explains
so much of my irregular, irreverent poetry scribbling,
particularly because this bratty beat be best addressed directly as:

“You Little Rogue!”

a highly scientific term,
taught in medical schools by non-poets,
but needy for definitions that the layman
can love and keep in their
heart shaped hands…
Sat Oct 28 2023
Phia Sep 2023
Your presence calms
my restless soul.
As we sit on the couch,
my head on your chest,
I am lost in the waves
of your breathing
and the soft rhythm
of your heart beat.
It's here,
just you and me,
everything is calm,
and time finally
stands still.
Emmy Oct 2016
I'm tripping over the cracks of this
My motivation is waning
I'm floating
soaking in anxiety
Am I lucid dreaming?
My shoulder blades
buried in concrete
My hands
Are they free?
Grab ahold of this heartbeat
it's tumbling
down the corridors of my mind
I love you like the sun loves the day

I love you the way morning meets my windows
and then my face

The way the stars stay faithful to the night sky

How the spring greets the summer and bleeds to fall

Like the breeze that passes through trees
Caressing gently the autumn leaves

Springs polite decline to winters invite
A harmonic fight

I love you like the way the darkness is pierced by the light

Every time you smile my heart takes flight

Love like a movie
Black and white

Bursts of colour
Soundtrack to my life

I love you every time my heart beats

Constantly, consistently, fiercely, calmly, bravely, quietly… with every adjective and all their synonyms

With every vessel and part of me

I love you every time my heart beats.
Love like a symphony
I hear it every time you breathe
You’re the conductor
Pulling on my heartstrings

The sound of your heartbeat
My loves lifeline
Till the end of time

Because I love you.
I love you every time my heart beats.

© Raffi
Karijinbba Jul 2022
✓\baby baby✓\
✓\babe babe babe✓\
I do I❤️u
I miss you
✓\baby baby baby✓\✓\
By: Karijinbba

It's been 4 decades since I could say the word baby it now is bittersweet.
since I lost you both my child and PC dad
D A W N Jun 2022
the pulse of my heart
to greet
the rising crease
of your smile
my pretty pretty girl,
i would tally every beat of my heart
that echoes through my rib cage
and give u the receipt
as evidence of my love for you
(june 20, 2022)
this pretty girl has me hooked on her tiny tiny pinky yawa
im not complaining :p
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