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Max 1d
My heart beats to you in morse.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-
I've found you, runnning everywhere
in my bloodstream
I've found you, to be the power source
for my heartbeat
I've found you, to be the essential part
in a perfect dream
Yes I do feel very attracted to her
I must admit
The ephemeral memory of your fragrance
fills my mind with such an amorous longing,
Alluring my senses, anticipated bliss.
More intoxicating than wild lavender,
it invades my conscience.

The purest hint brings you close once more,
as if I nested my head against your chest,
listening to your steady heartbeat,
I am again embraced by your arms,
as I am lusciously reminded
of the evenings of passion

When we were a whole world ourselves.
Mitch Prax Feb 8
Just know that I am in love
with your heart
even though you think
it may not be enough.
I listen to your heartbeat every night-
it's my favorite lullaby
and it beats for me as mine
beats for you.
Maha Feb 3
Do you hear it yet?
Thundering and stampeding?
I hear yours, my prince.
To You.
Lizzie Feb 2
I want someone to be so in love with me that even my handwriting makes their heart skip a beat.
She fed my soul with the
Kindest of hands.
Revealing a hunger I didn't know.
I ate from her hands,
Knowing the pieces that she gave
Were near & dear.
I ate expecting her to stop.
Seeing past her body,
These beautiful hands.
I'd wave my hand to stop
But instead she smiled and continue to give more.
She gave pieces of her soul.
Her hands like spoons,
Blowing the pieces that were too hot.
Easing them into my mouth.
Her hands like home
The heartbeat I knew with in.
Warm, comforting.
Celina Jan 23
Your breath against my neck
Its warming and comforting
I know its you
I always know
Your body is familiar to me
Often enough we had been lying here
The stars above us shine bright
A chilly wind rushes over us
You pull me closer
Hands around my waist and under my head
I cuddle up against you
You whisper something so softly I can barely hear
I love you
Your chest is pressed against my back
Your heartbeat is fast
As fast as mine
I still can’t believe it
We never lost it
We still got the excitement
And i hope we will never lose it
I know we will never lose it
I love you too
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