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I’ve stolen your heart beat
snatched straight from your chest
I placed it inside me
to give my own heart a rest
but it’s a step and tap out of time
to the rattle of rock and roll
I didnt want to skip a beat
to the rhythm in my soul
I pulsate to your heart rate
threw me off the beaten track
not knowing if it’s a heart break
or I’m having your own heart attack
Leah Carr Jul 20
my heart is beating still
but why?
why does my body fight on?
I wish it would give in
like I did a long,
long time ago

i am breathing still
but how?
attempt after attempt
to stop that
has failed
to my disappointment

my heart is beating still
and as much as I hate it
there is just one thing
I must do
and let my
Clive Blake May 9
Don’t always march to another’s drumbeat,
Nor always dance to another person’s tune,
But march in time to your own heartbeat and
Dance and dance, till you reach the moon …
دema flutter Mar 23
I looked
at my heart
asking it,

how is it possible
that I can love again?

and my heart's
only response
was a beat,

turns out that
all along
I had been breaking
because I was still alive,
my body was fighting
for me,
even when it felt
like I was dying.
and I guess that's
when I learnt
that the same way
I was breaking all this time,
I was also healing,
moria Mar 9
i was listening to the sound of my heartbeat.

it sounded like the pitter patter of the rain,
in the abyss.

what does your heart sound like?
JKirin Feb 26
Gentle breaths, huffs, escape your sweet kiss-swollen lips.
At the feel of your heartbeat, my own wildly skips.
I am content right here with your head on my chest.
I will hold you close, dear, while you’re taking your rest.
Payton Feb 24
Suspended in one beautifully, eternal moment.
The wind didn't blow, and world stood still.
The only way we could measure time was through our heartbeats.
You smashed your mouth to mine with a lust you couldn't hide, even
if you tried.
And your intentions became quite clear, then.
You were falling for me just as I was falling for you.
If only it was more than a dream.
This poem was written in 2016.
For me , my life meant nothing .
Until you came and become my everything..

Yes , I know I won't die in those lanes.
Unless you leave me in vain .

Sometimes stupid more than babies.. Sometimes cleaver more than archimides... Sometimes childish more Than his sisters.
Sometimes my everything becoz of affection

But it all changed..
Now you're gone..
You left me alone..
I'm not dead nor I'm alive.
I'm like a fire in the dark moonlit sky

From miles aparted We are  indeed..
... But hearts are actached toward a dream..
. I'm there everywhere when u feel lone
. I'm yours indeed for a long
For ever .
Even you left me alone.
It's a Collab
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