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Harry 1d
I'm a girl and shes a boy
We scrap through a book,
Chasing her , he hands me his hand
But she wont hand her his toy.
Oh boy.
She kisses her lips
Puts her hands on his hips, **** takes their gaze for a bit.

and their knees tremble

They stutter their words and fumble each others sentences.
They cut each other  on barbwire fences.

Oh a short lived romance sprung, each others minor battles lost and won.  Mine are the eyes to get lost in yours, drenched in sweat we just sat and we paused.
I wrote poems for a boy
that didn’t know words flowed from my veins
that a mountain of bones
made up my brain
neural pathways that could only be described
as broken branches from a tree
that saw too little sunlight
and overdosed on rain.
I put my soul on paper
for a boy who didn’t realize that it was cracked
that the sun didn’t shine through my broken parts
and love wasn’t a band-aid that could fix
the damage that had chipped away
at my ability to feel.
For longer than I have the ability to remember
he couldn’t see that these words
meant more to me than living
and when I wrote about him
it meant that I was even more broken
from thinking about how
he couldn’t fathom a world in which
I couldn’t understand my own thoughts
until they were ink
drying on a page next to my tears.
I wrote poetry for a boy
who didn’t understand
the words that ached to be released
from my bloodstream
and it hurts me that
he probably never will
It was a cold morning on a Wednesday
and I'm frozen with nothing to say.
After all these years,
the sight of you brings me to tears.

The cafe is busy
and I cant believe you're here.
the pain in my heart is loves sweet spear.
I'm trying so hard to hide it,
but I cant fight it.
I smile at you and my heart breaks.

I cant help but love you.
I cant help but want you.
I cant help it
I can't stand it.

You tell me she hurt you
She lied and she cheated.
That's exactly how our love was defeated...

You made her you wife
and that "home" is what you call life.
Eight long years I've waited
to hear these words
closure never hurt so good.

You get all my jokes and know all my secrets,
You know that your smile is my only weakness.
January has never been so cold.
I loved you in summer and will love you until I'm old.

I never hurt you, I never lied.
I can't get over you, but I wont let go of this Pride.

saying good bye is saying "forever"
But in January we will always be together.
One little luxury I will
afford myself this year
my wife Helen's once
favorite perfume
Estee Lauder Youth Dew
so at Christmas which  I
can no longer do
But can
shut myself In dreams
with my head on my pillow
sleep Christmas away with
the smell of Helen's beautiful
perfume sprayed all over
my pillow
Since Helen's passed last Christmas
can't do Christmas any more
Renai Oct 21
O' prepossessing garden

for you resemble my youth,

an innocence I no longer bear.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Loving who I’ve become
Loving the sound in the steps
I’ve made to progress,
the authenticity I hold in growth and evolution I’m welcoming optimism and gratitude into the days ahead.
I want to continue writing
Even if there are no readers
It is my way of conveying
Feelings when life hurts.

I want to continue singing
Even when no one listens
It is my kind of storytelling
Portrayed through emotions.

I want to continue running
When if there are no spectators
It is my energy screaming
Of a fiery desire and cheers.

‘I’ are you and I and everyone
We share similar faith in life
Be the brightest rays that shine
Beautifully doing what we love.

Someday when youth is gone
We shall perish into a memory
For our humble passion is one
We wish to be remembered kindly.
Joie Yin
nishta 5d
meet me there.
over the horizon,
where the line between the sky and mountains
ceases to exist.
where my canvas remains bare
and blindingly white.
to be painted.

splatter me with hues of colours,
then leave me
leave me unfinished.

so i dissolve
my very essence
pooling at my feet.
now a murky shade of brown
i seep to the ground
and lay there.

but a tiny flower blooms in my wake.
nothing but a fragment of what once thrived.
ive been gone for quite a while.
physically and mentally
Brynn S 5d
Beneath the air I breath
I find you
A soldier of youth
Catching stars to bring to earth
For me a present
For you a future

Rosemary covers overhead
Reaching for the words you’ve said
Past revelations
They brought us our now
Clear head
Words unread
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