JBH 2d

Man fuck school vacation is here
Time to party and drink lots of beer

Fuck science fuck maths and fuck all the other subjects too
It's all just useless information not useful tools

Man fuck school imagination it only kills
Man fuck school it's time to chill

We sat down by the river polluted by discarded cans of booze-
cheap cider that you get for £2.45 when you're lucky enough to find an adult to buy it for you

It smelled like weed and
it made made my sober heart ache

luckily someone came to meet us and brought
mary, mandy, jack, our best friends!

we sold our bodies for their company

it was so fucking worth it

being exploited only takes a second but this life that we've chosen will go on forever,

and fuck me if we do it all sober

tw for drug use and brief mention of sex work.
grace 3d

marked with love and marked with hate,
she said "ill meet you at eight"
awful lies and cold truths,
somehow ive forgotten my youth

a lil something
lostboy 5d

Shine your ego.
I’ve sent enough flowers,
I’ve seen enough,
It cannot be much.
Why does she love

For only two days;
That’s all it takes.
I’ve sent enough flowers,
I’ve been enough,
It cannot be much.

Take my heart
Into oblivion,
Let go to
Lose what you will never know; how
Young tears fall.

regret doing that? not seeing her?

Listen, Old Man!
I don't want to be burdened with your problems.
I have enough problems
Of my own!
I came  to Denver
To escape my stupid family.
Why the hell should I want to talk
To someone like you?!
You tell me that your ideas are "original"?
There is no MARKET for "original ideas".
No one gives a fuck about anything like That nowadays.
We aren't living in the Hippy 1960's, dude.
A whore with a hot body,
Can earn $10,000.00 in an hour,
But none of your poems
Are worth a dime!

I've composed many poems on racism. I'm finally taking on agism.  Of course, the "Alt-Right" Youth that are "rebelling" is not so liberated. They're the counterculture against the counterculture of the 1960's.

on my youthful arrogance
I thank God
for the gift of shame.

Bird 6d

my ex-lovers mouth was not a
place I was proud of lurking
drowned in alcohol and cigarettes
he said
were from all the stress of working

remind me again why you liked me? it was faulty at best
Alex 7d

"Umm Ok.." The boy said; voice cracking mid sentence to the girl who once had eyes as blue as the ocean, but now as grey as a storm cloud. "Okiee dokiee" she whispered back to him. A boy who has a smile that can make anyone smile but this time there was no smiling.
Little did they know they were destroying eachother.  He walked away and she stood there,waiting, to see if he turned back. He didn't. Not until she started walking did he turn, mouth open, about to say something, but she was to far away. The both of them, with tears in their eyes whispered to the wind: "I still love you".

it was originally 3 sentences but then I just had to put detail and then this happened tell me what y'all think. I follow back

Soft pastels of lavender and peach,
The Earth wakes
On a sand bar in the middle of Lake Erie.
I clung to the bones of your back as you carried me out there,
The 6 A.M. water too frigid.
My honey blonde hair stuck in your beard,
As I waved to our friends on the shore.
We couldn’t draw my eyes from the swirl of colors
Happening around us.
As we trudge through the murky lake
avoiding needles poorly hidden by junkies in the sane,
I knew that this was it for me.

In that moment, you were my seraph.
My religion and entire being.
Other sun rises have greeted and left us from this day,
Some through your bedroom window,
Some slipping onto your front porch after a drunken night,
And some following us after long car rides.
But now, four years later,
As I paint over the glass stained windows
We built together,
I let my thoughts drift back to this morning
And disappear in the oils of mind,
Until I drown it all out in the water.

Vanessa Grace Nov 10

my heart beats
in my frame
whilst melancholy
at my brain
the memories of a younger life
  seize me
and take me far
where innocence was
and I was not
to blame


Another birthday has come and gone. Adulthood is not all it seems.
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