Hades 10h

What if this attention or what mortals called fame,
Vanish all of a sudden, will you still stay the same?

What if time slowly takes my voice away,
Will you turn your back and finally stay away?

What if life keeps me under the soil of the earth,
Will you ever voice out all the pieces I've written for the youth?

I'm a small pilgrim of the earth,
I'm the most trusted of the Deities
I'm the enemy of the mother planet
A tiny dust breathing under the vast skies,
Soon I will die and be one with the ground
And fade away like the sunset,
Letting the dusk that they call death
Take over and be in union with the night sky.

I'm young-
So I sing of youth
Every nice is beloved
So I'd like to be nice.

I'm young-
I dream of new earth
Every success is glad
So I'd like to get success.

I'm young-
So I sing of courage
Every mind is Insatiable
So I'd like to be boundless.

I'm young-
So I do afar voyage
Every mission is impossible
So I’d like to be braveness.

I'm young-
So I sing of morning
Every spring is blooming
So I’d like to be freshness.

I'm young-
So I sing of shining
Every new day is grooming
So I would like to be endless.

I'm young-
So I break with dark
Every light is blessing
So I’d like to be gorgeous.

I'm young-
So I do like spark
Every win is cheering
So I’d like to be victorious.

I'm young-
So I do try up to bone
Every wish is like ocean
So I’d like to be audacious.

I'm young-
So I love everyone
Every caste is human
So I’d like to be gracious.

I'm young-
So I do love you
Every love is pure
So I’d like to be sweet lover.

I'm young-
So I do ask you
Every relation looks future
So I would like to be closer.

Will run
tamia 4d

together we watched sunsets
more than senseless television shows
in our minds we mapped escape routes
on the empty roads that wound on and on
the uniform houses with plain walls
made the city feel so far away
when that was where we wanted to be
all we ever knew were the same little stores
and lifeless gasoline stations
but with the lack of life around us
we were still storms brewing in our bedrooms
painting the grey town with the colors
of knowing we belonged in other places
and indulgence in undying dreams

I’m enjoying being twenty,

And don’t want to wish away my youth,

But I look Forward to being wizened,

And no longer so uncouth.


Josh 5d

I would look even if it burns my eyes. Unlike the sun, you can grow brighter. You are smouldering coals. But darling, some day you'll be a blazing fire. And I've always wanted a funeral pyre.

tamia 7d

far away but you still hurt me
and still i
slip into the silk of your familiarity
whenever you come close
and i release
all anger
all hurt
i forget my senses
and all i see is you
and not the hands of your ignorance
that could've choked me to death before when i allowed you to.
it shouldn't be like this
you shouldn't be able to take my heart anymore
(i'm a big girl now, i thought i've learned)
but you do
and i don't wanna love you

I don't think I'll ever love you but if you want the rain I'll be a thunderstorm
& if you prefer the warmer weather I'll burn so you can see the light of day
I'm not saying you'll ever be the one but I'm so used to all of these thoughts making me crazy
and with you I swear I never think at all
maybe I stopped believing in soulmates a while ago
but if there's such thing as bodies meant to dance and lips meant to touch
I think that's you and I

pigeons still
wait for meals
by that bench
where sun once grew
in tufts of gold

girls skipping classes
to window shop
their scarves wild
and their nails chipped

tough boys go out and smoke
and cough and dance
and act brave
and cut their hair
in the dark

and words of a new language
tumble down our tongues
head over heels
tasting strange
but falling into place
after all

Aaron LA Lux Jul 15

See between Genius and Insanity,
there lies a very thin line,
some would call us all mad,
others would call us all divine,

tell me what you find when you peer inside another man’s mind,

still seeking peace every moment,
because They say seek and Ye shall find,
They also say I’ve got it all,
and that everything I ever wanted in the world is mine,

They say I may’ve found the Fountain of Youth,
but in the process I lost my senses and probably my mind,
and so as everything I’ve ever known as fact turns into doubt,
I realize that we are all friends and our only enemy is Time...

exert from '777' by Aaron LA Lux
available worldwide in digital and paperback formats: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1548700746

My body, my soul, my youth.
Young song pours from my skin
and weaves through the patterns
in my irises. I am beautiful
so she hates me. She curses me,
eating me up with her eyes,
eyes which are eating me alive.
She tears me apart
because she loves me,
I am too beautiful for her world.
She will dance in the winds
I make with my hands
and in the flowers which bloom
at my feet.
She will cry in the storms
I breath
and the rivers
I sing.
She will know me and love me and run
away from me because my youth
is crawling somewhere,
somewhere where everything belongs
apart from her.

~~ Ephebiphobia, the fear of youth. ~~
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