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That’s all I ever wanted
With you

But we were too young, too foolish
To believe that everything we wish
Would come true

Time will never wait for us
Just like the back of that old school bus
All it ever does is pass us by

Even if we did stay together
Even though we do love each other
Time will always slip out of our hands
Just like

So maybe it’s better
To turn and walk away
Maybe one day we’ll have forever
And you’re really here to stay
© 2018 Alessia Koh All rights reserved
Time is never enough, let's all spent it wisely...
written on 18/9/18 by Alessia
MaxiM Jun 11
To grow old is not to grow wise, but to grow wise one must grow old.
MaxiM14: Wisdom
Grey 2d
Am I your villain?
Is there emotion at the mention of my name?
Your dark secret?
Pray tell, memories of us do you regret?

Slave to my past, there my ghost stay
My heart begs to stay true today.
Tomorrow beckoning by those sparkling brown eyes
Will this weary soul be granted love, reward to my cries.

Beg I will for your sweet smile
Long I will for your cute laughter, even for a short while
Pray I will for forgiveness of my past lover
Hope I will for understanding that I have found another.

I'm with you in my heart, yet we are not bound
I'm wondering if it'll work this time round
I'm willing to wait till the day you notice me
My love you are beauty

I hope you'll one day realize destiny is real
I hope you'll one day see love is right next to you...
Last night we walked through our old suburb together
You stopped outside your old house and peeked through the hedges,
Stared silently into the nostalgia where someone else lives now.
It’s the second time we’ve done this in less than a week.

We went to the park and lay on the cold basketball court looking at the distant stars.
It felt like being nineteen again,
When we could drift away together without fighting or crying:
A sameness in our strangeness.

I was wearing her underwear with the pink flamingos on it.
She would smile if she knew.
The terraces and neglected cafes stays pretty, and even quiet.
The weight of day. The sunset sugar pills. Blue lamppost, a big blue.
Teasing bastard friend, mocking the boy with the piercing on this left face,
The lipstick was twice priced, yes so, A one, five and two with two makes ten.

The chit chat after more chat of short people, talk people, spokespeople
and Notpoeople. Strike twelve, now boredom. His huffing flu resolved itself
"Yessum," he tried saying. For whatever reason. Was a boyfriend of hers.

Indecisive of the next blow. With his little socks and socks of red and green
Put on orderly. Hopes to avoid his thickening, unforgiving secret. Still mixed clues.
A puzzle, a puzzle piece in the centre of question. Arises the attitude remedy.
His only skill is comedy.  A blaze morning sun rises now. Oh dear, not now.

Strolls about resembling exactly of kings. A King, he told himself to be like.
Waiting, waiting, in a hurry he's waiting to wait for the girl to come, presently.
In Proportions, he waits presently. So easy and a little hasty, here she comes -

Sugar on ice, not all but a slice delight, my precise precise. Having lunch,
Delicacy lemonade, in likeness, with a perfect meal with sauce on fries.
There's too much honey in his drink - Tender change, good meal they say.


They lost each other in April,  A signal of hurt was played in a collection of rue.

She was left with a blister, mostly solemn, absent and good.

The terraces and cafes remain pretty, and even quiet.
Life at Seventeen
He dresses in cool blues and purples,
Slouches back against
Railings that brush clouds while
Ice rolls down her back.

The rain runs down
And through her hair,
Into her eyes that he meets with a glance.
An eternity burns, irises reflect
Sunlight on sand and
Molten glass and-

He looks away, hair dyed a cool blue, obscuring
Eyes that seared her cheeks a bright
Sunburnt red.
Inspired by random thoughts associated with boys and UV lights.
You kindled in me a gleaming beacon
Lit by the timber of flaming affection
This fire guided my clouded reason
Away from the icy paths of dejection

Together we conquered the gloom of night
In consent with the distant sun’s reluctance
Our ardent hearts burst into burning light,
Causing clarity in ample abundance

You taught me how love’s simple equation
Solves the variables of the lonely heart
You caressed my chest on one occasion,
And saw my lingering loneliness depart

One fateful night you put out the fire,
And concluded our most secretive affair
Now I’m mourning how unquenched desire
Turned into a wound of festering despair

When you took a stinging knife and harrowed
The marrow of my bones, so dearly achieved,
It struck the wound of anguish that followed
From the painful rejection that I received

Your love was like a wind that swept on high,
But you left me low in its stormy closure
I regret that our hearts became so nigh,
And that I burned myself in love’s exposure

And now that regret runs its slaying course,
I’m stricken with a mortal man’s remorse
Youth is a case of trial and error,
But love is a game of loss and terror
Youth transforms us before days expire,
And my youth is new and my days are long
There are bulks of knowledge to acquire,
About manly nature and muscles strong
I sought to comfort my newly manhood,
With strokes of a pleasurable feeling
Behold the innocence of my boyhood,
Escape its enclosure through the ceiling
I felt a fleet of foreign sensations,
When lust ignited a luscious fire
The gentle gift of a Woman’s patience,
Is the cure to my deepest desire
     My body is ripe with a burning need,
     To cover Her fields in erupting seed
One lonely night at the dawning of May,
I reached the limit to my self-denial
Indeed I discovered that I was gay,
And thus I was plunged into major trial
Men in this world work to banish my kind;
They worship the words of a hateful culture,
But I will never shed, nor leave behind,
The purest essence of my dainty nature
There is no man alive braver then he,
Who risks disdain for the love of another
There are no one alive stronger than we,
Who fight for the right to marry a brother
     I passed the test of dignity and pride,
     When I embraced that which I used to hide
Terrible fear left a tender chest to burst,
So I spiralled down in darkness again
I self-medicate with insatiable thirst;
Far too often do I fail to abstain
There’s an infinite extent of foolish fears,
On the endless path of the lonely heart
I wash my face in a salty stream of tears,
And return myself to a sombre start
With poison I water a desert of drought;
I pray that my remedy will arrive
Many a bottle have I frequently bought,
In order to cope with being alive
     Destructive forces are launching a war,
     That plunges my confidence to the floor
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