All the ghosts / who never sinned

Are gossiping up in heaven again

They say Michael has been visiting Lucifer’s wings again

They say it’s the anniversary / it’s a spring ritual

From when Michael cast off his own dark parts

And Lucifer abandoned his angel wings  


The grave / in modern day / is now half lit by the Denny’s open sign

Buzzing like neon only half the lights are broken

And Michael himself

Is half shadowed by his cigarette / he tells himself he’s not sinning

Because this drug isn’t against the law / and he can’t ever kill himself


The drag pulls at the place humans have hearts

And it hurts like a flaming sword

His hand hasn’t stopped shaking / by the time he breathes all the tar out

He breathes out again and again / like there might still be smoke in his lungs

And is he wrong?


All the humans / who were sinning when lucifer fell

Were gossiping on earth

And Michael’s hearing the story again / through the dirty Denny’s window

Some kid who lives off / ego / drugs / and subreddit pages

Tells another around a mouthful of pancakes

“When Lucifer fell he cried and his tears scared his face,”

And Michael who couldn’t watch then / doesn’t know if this rumor is true now

And the other kid in the booth / thinks the boy is a philosophical genius

Just grins around his own pancakes and drugs / says “everything tastes like chalk.”


Michael’s stuck on asphalt

Digging his toes hard into his shoes and / his whole foot lays flat pushing into the ground

But he wants to take his own head off

To let it spin away

Or maybe he just needs to lose pieces of himself / let the roses blooming beneath the skin

Cut away at the bone until he’s bleeding enough to be mortal

And sit with the two kids who don’t know themselves
Hanna 11h
The ticking of the clock,
steady as the tides,
the continuous rise and fall of your chest,
inevitably of our collide.

The ticking of the clock,
dusk and dawn,
the lies that spill from your parted lips,
the loss of the pawn.

The ticking of the clock,
having everything and nothing to do,
the way you leave,
my love for you.
Hanna 1d
Sun streaming through the window,
the shadows of my fingers dance on your face, lying on the pillow.
You reach up and kiss my fingertips,
a promise lingers on your lips.

But you’re silent.

I press my hands to your face,
trying to coax it from its hidden place.

But you’re silent.

Now the shadows of my fingers lie on the empty space,
Without a trace.

And it’s silent.
I might be wasting my youth.
It didn't hit me until just now,
flipping through social media feeds.
I know it's false,
but it feels real.
The smiling faces,
the laughs, the loves.
They may not have it every second,
but they have it this second, right now.
And I don't.
The Sansui turntable still works well.
Like memories, round and round,
Needling me. And the more I play them,
The more they itch.
I know the dark side of the moon,
And the way the sun shines.
The dances, whirlwind moves,
That have settled now.
Inside the sleeve are notes and words
That amplified us.
I will not let the dust jackets do their job.
I set Abbey Road gently on the pad,
Place the needle softly, and hear the familiar scratch.
Standing back, like watching a parade,
I listen.
Here comes the sun on a cloudy day.
Sally 1d
I didn't think things would turn out this way.
One day, I decided to cut out sweets.
A simple idea turned sour,
Running away from my problems gave me power
And I did it.
Five kilometres every day,
Followed by constant calorie counting.
The numbers were running through my head,
Until I struggled to get out of bed.
I stood up too fast,
And my world started spinning round and round
Until I hit the cold, hard ground.
The feeling of lightness became euphoric.
Challenging the scales,
Determined not to fail;
It was a wrong kind of rush to have.
The voices wouldn't leave.
Telling me all kinds of bad things like a high-school bully on repeat.
I started lying about what I had eaten to please my family.
Exercising like a deranged athlete.
Hopping around in my room without anyone knowing.
Starving myself to feel complete.
I was paper thin with a faint heart-beat.
Ava dwells on imperfections
Wishing an iron could be made
Perfect enough to smooth them out

Ava dreams in seven colors
If only to escape the void
If only to dance freely for a while

Ava doesn't flinch at the medication
She curls a lip and smiles
As she dangles feet in crystal waters

Ava misses her auburn hair,
But misses the salt of the ocean more
The one place she calls home

Ava possesses the courage
Of armies ten thousand strong
Yet, no one hears her battle cries

Ava's heartbeat may finally cease
Before sunrise, before breakfast
But her love won't fade anytime soon

I never wanted to be young and stupid.
I longed for the respect of my elders,
and I achieved this through acting old,
even though my heart was young.

It's only now that I realize
being young and stupid
is a gift,
not a curse.
Being young and stupid
is permission to live
as wildly and as loudly
as you please.

So let's drink too much,
sing too loud,
and have too much fun

while we still can.
Fun and games
that's all it takes
to keep young hearts in motion
but one night like the
thousands of others
she went missing;
gone from sight and
gone from everyday life

Time went by
and she went with it
the clock was a ticking bomb;
waiting to find hope
and explode with glee
but on the happiest
day of the world
it took a sharp turn

She was found in the
morning's cold embrace
no trace of life remained;
robbed of innocence
robbed of possibilities
never to open eyes again
never to open the front door
and say "I'm home"
Based on the murder of the Danish girl Emilie Meng in 2016. Her murderer is still not found.
Young people can be cocky
Even if they possess a vagina
Rather than a cock.
As I age,
I need to be careful with them.
They can break my heart,
Not because they refuse to
Accompany me to the sack
But because most of them
Never realize
Their potential.
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