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It doesn't matter how long it took
before we
met each
other. What
matter most
was how well
we'd ever
stay together
longer. On
our journey
of trust,
honesty fuels the motion. Loving
you is a
mission with commitment
to bringing us
to a rightful
Baby you're my aspiration, my
dream in
whom lies
my whole vision.
I am born with a purpose
And I live with a focus
Grow with a vision
Survive for a mission
I got a reason
To live for a season
Through the trials
I have to triumph
‘cos my mission
Is to humanity
To add quality
And meaning to life
So I strive
To overcome the storm
That seems so tough
But for my purpose
I shall not lose focus
No thought of giving up
When I have not done all
That humanity demands
For it is a command
I must obey
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
And the truth is

Live person
Can act
Like a dead

But the dead
They can't
It just is

I felt that
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Learn Unlearn Relearn
I see a story one of love.
Inspiration of dreams one from afar
I see hope for a better future
One of complete satisfaction
I see a driven person
Seeking expectations
I see a reaction of contentment.
I see a very a beautiful person with a very special heart.
SiouxF Aug 2020
A leaf floating
on the water
has no effect
on its future.
It drifts passively
on the pond,
In an hour,
a day,
or a week,
it may land on the shore across the pond,
or remain floating on the water,
or even sink to the bottom forevermore,
Without ever knowing why.  

Are you drifting in your own small pond?
Floating oblivious,
Unsure, uncertain, unmade?
Going wherever the waters take you?
Watching the world pass and fade?
Or sinking and drowning?

Or have you set the sail in your boat
And know the direction
you’re headed,
Your purpose, your vision, your mission,
Sitting back and enjoying the flow,
The tumultuous journey with its ups and downs,
As you watch the world unfold within and around you.  
From calm sweet waters,
To crashing and crushing high rise waves.
It’s all about the journey,
The lessons and the pain,
The joy and the excitement,
The highs and the lows,
That will take you to your destination,
The lessons and the pain.
And better than whence you came
The first part of this poem was taken from something I read about employees returning to work after Covid that inspired me to ponder
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2020
Cloud 9
Force ten
Apollo 11

I'm high in the sky
Driven like the wind
But walking on the moon
July 21, 1969
Forgot to post this a week ago.
The Drummer Brothers of Ikku Ukku
Heard from the bathers that-
The Princess had been abducted
By the Dark Beast.
A bounty of thousand gold coins was announced
If you brought her back alive and the beast dead
And Death if you brought the beast alive and the Princess dead.

The Drummer Brothers of Ikku Ukku
Hung their drums around their necks
And drummed their way
Through the Forest Dark

When  the Elder Brother drummed the sleep-inducing roll,
The storks that roosted in the trees
Dropped as if they were one big bunch.
He picked them up one by one
While the younger one,
Shouted 'Pelicans!' and drummed the defeathering roll
Upon which the plumage came off
The Elder Brother drummed the roasting roll
And the birdflesh caught fire.

On the second day a leopard that looked-
More like a boulder in leopard's clothing
Lurched at the brothers.
The Elder Brother drummed the age-reversing roll
And the poor old leopard grew younger and younger
Until it became a watery foetus which-
The Drummer Brothers ate,
Dabbing crushed chillies, and sprinkling salt.

On the third day a bear of grisly proportions
Ambled, roaring, into their sight
The Younger Brother drummed an *****-enlarging roll that-
Stretched the bear's mammaries far too long-
They dragged on the ground like two pythons.
The Elder Brother drummed the light-the- candle roll
And the oily **** caught fire like wicks.

Having vanquished the two deadly beasts
The Drummer Brothers of Ikku Ukku met,
On the fourth day of their journey,
The Dark Beast.
The Dark Beast, as it turned out,
Was no beast as such
But an Outcast once expelled
Into the heart of darkness
Who wrapped himself
In the dark of the Dawn
And became one with All the Beasts
And rumbled.

The Princess' pygmy horse was impaled
With the stake coming out of its mouth
Grossly gory, its hindlegs missing
And the blood, coagulated, hanging like icicles.
Near it was the Princess herself,
Naked, except for the gold waist chain
And the anklets.

The Drummer Brothers of Ikku Ukku
Drummed a very ordinary roll,
Steady and throbbing.
The Dark Beast who listened to it
Was transported into his past,
His memory of listening
To the old drummers of Ikku Ukku.
He spun on his heels and stretched out his arms
He gyrated and pirouetted-
And on reaching the peak of his frenzy
Exploded, like a watermelon
The pieces flew in all directions.
The Drummer Brothers picked them up
And licked
While the Princess, shaken out of her languor,
Rose and sauntered towards them.
Holding out her honey hands
She said, "Now I belong to both of you."

The Younger Brother came up with a plan:
The elder one would have her from the waist up
While he would have her from the waist down.
The Elder Brother approved.
Vain and coquettish,
The Princess rammed her fists into either drum
And said: "I loathe their sound- too unrefined."

On the fifth day,
The Drummer Brother  drummed a jazzed up roll
On their new drumhead
Made of the Princess' hide.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
As Our Lips got Locked,
Our Hands went for Action.
Searching for points,
to meet Our Satisfaction.
Passion was Creeping,
beneath our Skin.
Two Hearts kept Beating,
deep Within.
As We went about,
exploring Our Spaces.
Happiness got written,
on both Our Faces.
I kept sipping on if,
U were a Glass of Wine.
We finished Our Mission,
at Quarter past Nine.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020

I laugh at those
Whose only goal
Is to rise high

That high
They are left

Let me laugh
Once again
Genre: Observational
Theme: What Next?
Note: The higher one rises, the more farther the home will be. And it's only the home, the best place to be. In the background of COVID-19.
Empress Asa Mar 2020
Day by day the rules has changed..
When the words false it's mean nothing..
The mission always same..
But the ways are different..

This is not mission impossible..
This is mission unpredictable..

How could the mission changes the rules..
Everyone didn't understand..
The way we look are different..
We have our eyes to be understood..
We have glasses to fill it full..
We have our opinion..

The mission didn't change..
But our mind are changes..

Let happens will be happened..
With all the happiness in the past..
With all the sorrow in the present..
With all the kindness in the future..

We are didn't change..
Our minds take the control..
The way we look..
The way we see..
The way we think..
The way we feel..

Hope everything gonna be alright in the end..
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