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I laugh at those
Whose only goal
Is to rise high

That high
They are left

Let me laugh
Once again
Genre: Observational
Theme: What Next?
Note: The higher one rises, the more farther the home will be. And it's only the home, the best place to be. In the background of COVID-19.
Empress Asa Mar 14
Day by day the rules has changed..
When the words false it's mean nothing..
The mission always same..
But the ways are different..

This is not mission impossible..
This is mission unpredictable..

How could the mission changes the rules..
Everyone didn't understand..
The way we look are different..
We have our eyes to be understood..
We have glasses to fill it full..
We have our opinion..

The mission didn't change..
But our mind are changes..

Let happens will be happened..
With all the happiness in the past..
With all the sorrow in the present..
With all the kindness in the future..

We are didn't change..
Our minds take the control..
The way we look..
The way we see..
The way we think..
The way we feel..

Hope everything gonna be alright in the end..
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
The drive is endless, perilous,
and being recorded for posterity,
because one planet
is no longer enough.

H.P. Lovecraft is at the wheel,
and we're looking at one thing
and not your mother.

That was a Freudian slip,
but not really surprising
since he's also along for the ride.

And when we get there
we'll scavenge for sovereignty
in the orange filter of hope.

Then a flag will mark
our demesne,
a spot defining both
pride & terror,
as it delivers a dose of ambition,
yet, reeks of future tyranny.

Pray our luck runs out along the way
or we run out of gas
or steam
or headway...

Then again, maybe we should
hope for the breast.
I mean best !
Freud's at it again.
Because one planet is no longer enough
Äŧül Nov 2019
The sun knows where my truth is,
Higher than any other thing,
Exactly beside itself.

My thirst for your love
And company so pure
Is just unquenchable
Not permanently though

Miss Universe you are
In my life & future
So soft are your thoughts
Sitting in my mind
Injected into my veins
On the occipital lobe
Not doubtful if it's love

I am so lucky yet so unlucky
Not having you near myself

Multilingual I am although
Yet to meet you in person

Lies I do never utter
I only have the truth for you
Fostering this bond now
Empire of our love is founded

I desire to be your angel
Still is my thirst unquenched

Joyful I am in love
Enticed by a dove
Never sad these days
In my beautiful life
Far from reality is our dream
Although surely reachable
My HP Poem #1804
©Atul Kaushal
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Mars InSight Mission
revealing the heart of Mars-
boarding pass received
two million plus names on board
earning frequent flyer miles
7/20/2018 - Poetry form: Tanka - My name is etched on a microchip aboard NASA's InSight mission to Mars along with 2,429,807 other names around the world! Insight launched on May 5, 2018, and landed at Elysium Planitia on Mars on November 26, 2018. InSight is studying the interior of Mars and listening for Marsquakes. Cool! - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Lake Jul 2019
i'm writing this down so i won't forget
so that this hobby won't be a cause of regret
what am i doing this for? what's the bottom line?
is it to settle a score or just to waste time
am i writing for myself or somebody else
not really, i'm just writing to write
my mind feels better when there's a bit of light
and i really just want to create
at least then i won't procrastinate
that's not a promise i can keep
but this is one seed i'll be sure to reap
and if i am known for this that's a bonus
we're all trying to curb our loneliness
so i guess that's where my goal is
trying to stop myself from being complacent
in the end, that's my mission statement
Alan S Bailey Jul 2019
I never knew how you cared-and never felt so
Loved, until I found I was out of control and
Fell from up above. You don't deny me you,
I don't deny you me-and so elated was my
Heart when you sat ahead of my seat. I felt
That day the bus ride would never really
End, and something in me never knew
What lied around the bend.
Our sunshine fell from the sky like sparkling
Drops of dew, and when I see the golden
Flowers I always think of you. I feel
This love I have for you is very strong!
As you called for a stop 'cause you got
Sick-we were at the mission just past dawn.
Why when you got sick I fell in love I really
Cannot say, but then again that bus ride still
Continues to this day...
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Only paper to feel our
secret lips sealed to expect
something posted
money is what it is
The blessing Sweet Lord yes
Well I have news for ya

Haha Tra la Oh La La
The laughing stock
Having any luck the
fortune teller 
Tick tock birds
in a flock
His cards race timing
He's so dapper
The double bond of paper
Further apart or closer
_ what?

What did you expect
Oh! what the heck
Tip of the hat  "You Rock"
paper scissors
All resisters fingers scratch
Round paper another match
Did we see the black cat
The movie cut no time
for losers so ****
Out of our head zigzag

On the plane paper card
and I somewhere over
the rainbow
Prepare yourself for the show
Judy's turn and Johnny
be good taking flight

In life, if you play
your cards
Eyes so set to win
Just begin don't dig your
own grave expect to
be saved
The invitation the best
Scotch and match her
Gin standout grin
The Queen of the Ball
Oh! God Godmother
Expect another brother

From strangers to lovers
From birth expected
I will always love my
The lucky number
Fathers birthday January
13th I remember

Morning glory flower
Other peoples money
"The Bee's A= Honey
"Law of Attraction"
Time at birth
Does money grow on
How unexpected
I saw you on your knees
The new year online

The--- world--- we--- all-- shine

Showing your good heart
writing in your diary
He is so loyal his
wedding finger just mastery
Knows her hand and fingers
New lyrics to your song
A card to nose falling
She tingles like the keepsake
"Robin Remake" jitterbug

The silk ribbon heart card
for singles
If its only paper you could
rip to tear
What do you really fear?
The whole world
trigger happy
If your happy and you
know it
Clap your hands
SunFace to Dark world
The Wizard of Oz
It's in your stars
Who is your
biggest fan?
The movie card Tinman
If I only had a heart
or brain
Expect Robinhood train

You better be good
He acts like he's God
Smell the orange zest
Expect your New Year to
be the very very berry best

If its only paper
money flies down
to zero
You're bigger than life
Expect a hero
So many good ones
in poverty
The rich what do
they need
to confess?

Everything goes bam
Uncle Sam chances slim
What's left for
her Social Security,
She-devil with patience
The "Grand Entrance"
The door goes slam
Your health insurance
truly your protector
In paper cutout heart
forged signatures
Camera light fourteen carat
card like copycats
High cheekbones you love
Your I tunes

Whole world feeding lies
Apple computer like a virus
just dies
Your best paper card
remained in your head
Thinking of Valentines day
Its hot Red red red

Like Moms delicious
Nutritious Apple
Paper card coconut- lime
Not a crime "Mon Cherie"
Hear it for the boy's
Taking the New York ferry  
The right words to a card
What you got way beyond
ambition you worked hard

Then smile when your heart
is aching New year we are
expecting you
You will find your words on
the paper card

Some people have no regard
Like poem words so strong
believing who you are
God is not a paper moon
Expect a card real soon
All in the family everyone's
happiness stack of cards
It's in your smile you touched
Someone's heart inside there
card and met "Godliness"
What we expect to stay happy when its hurts stand tall don't pick up the paper if you feel not the person you so really have the best spirit love you for who you are  without such high expectation to only fear
sunprincess Jan 2019
Each day I strive to make someone happy
And feel very special, laugh and smile
When this mission has been accomplished
Then I can lay and enjoy my bed awhile
peacefully sleeping like an angel, almost
With the sweetest of dreams
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