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Fianzy Jan 10
That is why i cannot go back there again.
Why would i want to return to my lowest point?
Why would i willing go back to my addiction?

Don’t you know nothing ever compares to that first high.

That is all, that is all i have to say about chemistry.
Is that it started off so sweet but in the end the taste becomes overwhelming, just like you.

For you cannot build a long withstanding relationship on chemistry and think you found it all.

Love cannot be built on a foundation that is fleeting.
there is more than a spark, love needs patience and kindness. It needs so much more than butterflies and walks in the garden
LC Nov 2021
sticks rub together in her brain,
forming bright, painful sparks
that unite to become flames -
vibrant, scorching, dark -
settling into every crevice
until the smoke washes over -
opaque, thick, endless -
and ashes close in on her.
Alex Braun Aug 2021
All the sparks, the flames, there are embers in my soul, always warm and blazing in your proximity,

I didn't know what Fire was until I knew You.
i wrote this a couple months ago but it stay in my drafts, forgotten, i remember now
Abunde Feb 2021
You shaped my world with hands of stone then told me my heart is cold,
you made planets out of me when you only desired space,
my galaxy is without stars now for you took away all my sparks
but then I still shine with beautiful array because I'm the sun and you couldn’t put me out,
Why do you always write about  love she wrote, but it's you I always write about
Cara Anne Jan 2021
Days, weeks, months, and years go by.

Here, I remain by your side boldly bearing my heart out to you.  

It bleeds out for you, hopefully reminding you that my love for you runs deep through my veins.

The substance consumes me entirely as it coats every surface inside of me.

Truly, it is an addiction I do not want to lose.

Your small smiles and gestures cause my heart to flutter.

But lately, there seems to be a falter in the rhythm.

The flutters and gallops seem to be less frequent as the infatuation levels emitted from you are dwindling thin.

The puzzling action confuses me and my well working machine.

Leaving me to profess my praises and reminders of how I love you so.

Somehow and someway, my worlds never seem to reach you.

It is as if I am throwing them into the darkness to never be found or heard from again.

But to my dismay, it seems your words are always able to reach me.

They twist and pull at my insides and never hesitate to cut the strings that are contained inside me.

You never seem to realize the grip that you have on my heart.

Your hands tightly squeeze the ***** as they lace their fingers around it.

The sharpness tears the delicate tissue leaving me with shreds.

Holes and mourning tissue are scattered around my once beautiful *****.

I am slowly dying inside, but I hide it well from you and the world that encloses me.

My emotions swirl around their asylum.

They brew forcefully together and threaten to overflow.

Leaving me with the realization that I am not as strong as I think.

But I keep my head held high and I clutch onto my hope that we will go back to what we once were.
Mellow sunrised.
The dew of the afternoon high light.
Paradise sunset.
Tuscany, Marigold, Chartreuse, Caramel.
Amber, Copper, Olive, Saffron.
Honeycomb mystery of rejection... or doubt.
Freedom sparks; feet and hip dilate and constrict; lips close to feel the colors and open again, blinking to suffocate the oasis into the dull reality of smog and soot, of cemetery.
The psychedelic picturesque star stares back, dusk-like fireworks of heaven gained and lost.
One second that sealed his fate.
Death will be hazel eyes.
This is an extra poem I wrote after finishing my anthology, trying to explore a new style of poetry of almost pure imagery and sensory information.
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
my dearest,
Humans ain't even enduring,
then how are we envisioned to
have endless instants.

treasure and worship,
such that it prevails eternally,
It's the only way it abides.

isn't it so outlandish to lament on
past moments by neglecting the present?.
Live in the moment,
grasp devotion, yearning, enchantment
and sparks.

only those moments get you
not what a triumphant businessman

We gotta glorify the misery,
idolize the brokenness,
embrace the solitary,
endear the faithless souls,
because all this is what,
take you somewhere in the sky,
to thrive,
to grin,
and to live.
live in the moment
Strying Nov 2020
I feel so cold.

We were never "together"
But you led me to believe in "us"
We were never "meant to be"
But I thought we had a "spark"

And then I found out the truth.
Mariyam Ridha Oct 2020
Why to wait  for that someone when you have already got you?
Why to find happiness else where when it's already inside you?
Why to be in distraught when yu are still breathing?

We humans always miss to find the infinitesimal sparks
That can light up our lives.

Open your eyes through your heart,
Find those sparks.
Find it,my dear.
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