Sometimes our eyes don't see even though they are wide open.
Mistakes are plenty but humbling ourself to admit them is few and far between.
Could we survive only on our needs instead of our wants?
Do most even know the difference?
So many things in life we take for granted.
Why is it so hard to compliment the things done right yet so easy to point out all you believe to be wrong.
The world as we use to know it was full of morals, manners and respect.
The world as we know it today is is full of rudeness, hate and violence .
A man use to stand for what he believed and his word his honor.
Now he stands behind nothing and speaks no words of what he believes or doesnt.
Who made the world as it is today I ask, as I already know the answer.
It's easy to blame our "leaders", our neighbors, or the generations before or after, but my friends, my brothers and sisters, if we speak the truth as we know it, it was you and I that changed this world when we stood silent.
If we all stood for what we believed in and stopped standing back in silence each and all of us are to blame for the ways of our world today.
Who is a real man?
A man with a hard rock body,
Can hold his liquor without puking,
Has many sexual encounters,
Lots of money,
Wins many fights,
Muscular with ten packs.
A real man  seeks knowledge for himself and his family's betterness,
He is focused,
Stays away from glitz and glamour.
He is gentle but firm,
Does not holler to get his point,
Is not a punk.
He is a family man,
Makes time for his family,
Brings up his children to be upright human beings.
Keeps his promises,
He is trustworthy,
Does not break deals,
Pays his debts,
Is upfront and honest.
Respects all women,
Doesn't leer with lust at women,
Stays faithful to his wife,
Treats women with respect.
Keeps his house in order,
He does chores around the house,
Helps with dishes,laundry and ironing,
Cooks sometimes.
Pays his bills on time
Handles his own money,
Doesn't go looking for hangouts,
Or depend on his wife or parents.
Works his tail to earn a decent income,
Budgets his money and saves,
Gives to charity and good causes.
Does not whine or complain,
Solves his own problems,
In my opinion that's a real man.
AK 4d
I remember the time,
When you were still here.
I remember the day,
When I had to pass through the fear...

I remember the pain,
I can still feel it sometimes...
My tears fell like rain,
When I heard that you're not fine.

Do you remember that summer?
When we took tons of rides...
I wish I could go back there
And hold you till the end of times.

That was the last year,
The very last time we met.
And as my biggest fear,
I will remember it and regret.

I remember that call...
The deep voice on the phone.
Hours spent staring at the wall,
Repeating the words '' He's gone ''

But those are my memories,
I really hope that they will last.
You're still in my heart,
Not just left in my past.
You got to find a way to survive
'Cause they win when your soul dies
RIP to one of the greatest rappers that ever lived, Tupac.
I stopped listening to rap music years ago, but Tupac....Tupac's the exception.
He truly was a poet with his message and music; his voice ITSELF was music.
He empowered without denouncing, he spoke about many topics.
And for that, he will always have my respect.
He's what I call a musician.
Granted, he swore, he made his mistakes but he was ahead of his time.
He was wise, he was fierce, he was so confident.
He was a solider.
'Baby, Don't Cry' will forever be in my heart, and these two lines ALONE spoke volumes to me. It still does...
I'm sorry for not being as active. My headache's gotten worse...
But indeed, in life, you need to survive. If you give up, your enemies wins and your soul dies in the process.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Get up and dress my myself.
I don't impress myself.
Need to express myself.
Not to detest myself.
Start to respect myself.
Outwardly reflect myself.
I won't reject myself.
Go out and test myself.
No time to rest myself.
I'll be the best, myself.
The World: I don’t care about you.
Me: I still care for you.

The World: I don’t need you.
Me: I still need you.

The World: I don’t love you
Me: I love you

The World: You don’t even try!
Me: I’m trying.

The World: Just die already.
Me: I am, slowly.

The World: Just give up. Kill yourself already. Honestly, the biggest thing you will leave behind is a carbon footprint. You’re poor, not a college graduate, your family is mixed race. You’re just not well enough for our stature. Weed keep you if you had a use.
Me: I am in great pain, please help me.
The World: No
To those who show love
it's crazy to think that we are so foolish to believe people were made for each other.
only fools fall in love
only fools stay through the worst
only fools believe in fate
but maybe they are right
after all I am the biggest fool of the all
In our time we lived together,
An extended family with love forever,
Grandparents,uncles,aunts and cousins, me and you,
We learned to bond,respect the elders too.
Not the parents but the whole family cared for your upbringing,
No hassles,  everyone intermingled lovingly.
Then families separated,one son remained in the main house with parents,
The parents were highly respected and looked up to,
They were counsellors and advisors too.
But, in these modern times of high tech and working wives the whole scenario  has changed,
Wife is busy earning money,
extra baggage (parents) she cannot manage,
Send them off  to old people's homes,
Who cares for the old bums.
Our parents together our children were our priority,
Our children have forgotten their responsibility.
Wives run the home, have the last say,
Everybody grows old, soon it will be their day,
Extra baggage,
Learn to manage.
Children find it tough to care for their parents. Grandchildren learn respect,humility love from them.They learn to have relationship.whilst parents work,somebody is at home with them.
Isaac Aug 7
No poem perfect.

  Each word hand-picked.

    Value camouflaged by defect

      Won't be spotted without respect.
Written 7 August 2018
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