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Your elegant jewelleries and bold outfits,
Your powerful voice and ear-pleasing hits,
Your luminous eyes and heart-melting smile,
So much about you makes me inspired.

Your natural kindness and infinite respect
Towards all the people you've ever met
Have shown the world what a decent man is
Who chooses honesty, love, together with peace.

Your countless talents and creativity
Make me want to express myself fearlessly,
Your pure soul and humble nobility
Fill my heart with admiration, felicity.
Every day, you make a choice
To stay silent or raise your voice.
And that's your choice, and I respect it.
I just want you to know
That if today, you decide you want
To be a lion
and let people hear you roar,
I'll roar with you until you don't feel alone or broken anymore.
Maria Mitea Sep 13
A city man met with a villager man.

The village man talked about his work in the fields, when the city man stopped  him by saying:

“ Do you know that the city people have invented large airplanes that can fly trough the air?”

The villager was deeply impressed.

The city man went on “We have got great boats that can cross the oceans”

The villager was even more impressed.

The city man continued “ We’ve got cars on the road that drive at tremendous speed”.

After all,
The villager asked the city man:

“ The man in the city, you are talking about,
Who flies trough the air, and moves trough the ocean can he still walk on his two legs?”
Mitch Prax Sep 7
I don’t owe
anyone my respect.
respect must be earned,
not assumed.
Don't trust anyone who says
that they respect you-
I need to see that
in action.

My soul is an eighty-year-old grandma
Observing the world through spectacles
Smiling with a mouthful of wooden teeth
Listening to an old radio blasting within

She looks like a raisin in her rocking chair
Knitting miles and miles of inner thoughts
As the hands of time keep spinning around
She sits like the Bodhi Tree rich in wisdom

Her spirit confuses reality with the past
I don't hear the funky song of the present
Ghosts swarm around me in my bedroom
Watch me dance to their masquerade 

Do you see them, too?

I wish we lived in the 90's.
Amanda Sep 3
He is taking his chances
Wasted his life chasing a buzz
For years the only things that mattered
Were money, power and drugs

He kept running after the high
Gotten from clout and respect
Phone blowing up 24/7
Altered by success

And he can't imagine a life
Other than fast and fun
No matter how far he goes
The distance is never enough

So he falls and spirals down
To the bottom he heavily crashes
And he struggles to climb out of the hole
As his body crumbles like ashes
I seldom write it the third person but just felt like doing something different
Poetic T Aug 31
I gave my hand, leaving it hanging
                   there like a bare branch
of unfulfilled swaying.

You just looked down at
it as if  I were dead wood.
                I was felled by your
ignorance, they say trees
make no noise when they fall.

I'd taken out the hillside of respect
for you when mine fell to my side.

          Offered a branch
and you
       felled it for your ignorance.

Never again shall I offer you an
    extension, you'll fall alone
            in the woods of regret
no branches to lean upon...
Bhill Aug 30
awaken all people and try, try, try
if it can't be done should we all just die
that's not the conclusion we're all searching for
at least if we try, we might find the door
get up off your but and learn all the facts
the country’s gone crazy by the way we all act
let's see things, with respect, and love our fellow man
before it's too late and we lose the whole plan

Brian Hill - 2020 # 238
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
Do not treat me like an object.
I'm not a pleasure tool for your lust.
I am a human,
I do not care about your ******.

So listen as these words hiss off my lips:
I demand respect, and will accept nothing less.

Do not whistle at my back.
I am not here for your entertainment.
I will not turn to give your ego attention.
My patience has been spent.

And lest you er forget-
Without my kind you would not exist.
Alone you were not sufficient,
So God took out a rib.
©KSS 7/2018
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