Seema 2d

If I get shot by them-
And you run away
Please come back for me-
I would be dead by then
So do pick me up
And lay me down-
In the depths of the earth
Where I've been shot
By my very own-
Bury me deep with flowers
And some scented seeds
So when the rain showers
These seeds would grow
Bestowing my fragrance
In the blooming gems-  
Decorating my grave
Just admire them-
Ask me if you do need them-
So my thorns shall not prick you
Don't snatch and make me bleed
Atleast respect my love for you...


Fictional write.

Lonely men chase butterflies
They run and run
Cry and cry

Lost boys chase dragonflies
From here to there
Try and try

Honest men seek a rose
They pick and place
Wilt and waste

Smart boys leave her where she grows
To stay and wait
He appreciates

how tranquil it feels
to know
that you have someone
accepts the parts of you
no one claps for


AAA Aug 13

oh, my body
my oldest friend,
You make me secure
You are stunning,
you hold a power higher than men are capable of understanding
the goddess you hold within makes mouths run with water
skin created from the dust from the stars
every scar
every freckle is valued by me
people will tell you you aren't enough
but to me you are a home
not a hotel
not a empty shack
you aren't a place for men to bury themselves and leave
you are a castle
you are a temple
Skin runs soft like silk from your favorite panties
Eyes are dark like the chocolates the men give you on valentine's day
You are not a empty museum that people can fill you with treasures to make you feel valued
You are a home full of your own familiar objects  
i know you better than anyone else
i am close to you
my breath fills your lungs

wanted to start writing to things i am ashamed of
Amanda Aug 12

Its so hard to put into words,
All the ways you make me feel.
At times its difficult for me,
to tell which parts of you are real.

What we have means so much to me
and it hurts to never really know,
if im getting all of you,
or just the pieces you choose to show.

Im trying to overcome this doubt,
and regain my trust in you,
but im afraid and I can't forget,
all the hell you put me through.

You swear youve changed this time around,
youre not who you were before,
But ive heard that line and I,
don't want to be hurt anymore.

If you love me like you say,
then show a little respect for me,
All im asking for is the one thing
youve never provided: honesty.

AR Aug 11

Prying eyes
Don't mind.
Admire me from behind
Over sexualize.
Cat call, be kind.
Grope me everywhere above the knee.
Demand and you shall see
All of me.

This is very controversial content, in no which way am I glorifying the actions going on in the text it is just the way I have felt at one point in time about myself and my body... I needed validation and it didn't matter if it was negative or positive and negative validation was easier to acquire. Not having self worth and self respect puts you in a very vunrable state and causes you think unclear and this is one of those unclear thoughts, and crys for help.
Tash Aug 10

Maybe I was born into a world of lovers.
Who have loved nothing but hate?
Maybe you were written into my life;
Sewn and sealed my fate.

Maybe I choose, now, my fate over your faith.
Maybe I see what opaque bodies do not.
Maybe I hear her crying in the night;
The mother we both forgot.

Maybe it's easier to blame.
Maybe you shy away from shame.
Maybe I cast too wide a frame.
Maybe... just maybe, to you, it is all just a game.

Maybe you cast the gold to close to the furnace.
Maybe the iron has taken it all in.
Maybe you can show me the difference in people.
Maybe... just maybe I can teach you the colour of kin.

Maybe I believe you and all that you spout.
Maybe I don't believe a single word from that mouth.
Maybe you love me and are simply scared
That maybe... just maybe I never really cared.

Maybe I believe you.
Maybe I don't.
Maybe you love me and are afraid
That maybe... just maybe I won't.

Upon fire's head is a crown.
The crown jewels radiate respect.
  Of an energy so magnified.
    Warmth dances off the wipping waves.
     Beautiful in its essence but do not touch.
      Warm & comforting but do not get too close.
       Wild & consuming in its nature.
         Must be given its throne & space.
           For if let loose will run with out control, no mercy.
Holding in it's right hand the gift of erasing.
Ashes, dust, earth, beginning.
  A friend to earth, a helper to humans, a slave to water, a lover to wind.
    May we set our past, our insecurities, stresses, & anything we wish to eradicate in the fire of our soul.
    Allowing them to become ashes that we throw to the wind.

Seema Aug 10

Living in cold
Weary and old
In a thatched house
With rats and mouse
Still he felt good
For he had some food
But later, did he find
A man who was blind
This boy was very kind
And he didn't mind
To share what he had
With this sad old man
They sat together
To enjoy their little meal
Then the old man
Proposed, a kind deal
For the boy to look after
Him, till his last day
He broke into a crying laughter
Of how everyone went away
The boy was very obliged
And he agreed to abide to stay
After a few years, the old man died
Leaving the boy with a letter
Which stated, your life has got better
And soon, the kind boy
Inherited the treasure
Of the old man, named "Mr. Troy".


Look after your elders with respect and kindness, their blessings are the real treasures.
M Aug 5

I would not rather say,
what I felt today.
It was something scary and intense,
that made my nerves go insane.

It is something I asked for,
To continue the learnings I adore,
But, Chaos came into my core.
Now I'm breaking down, oh no.

I recall talking to a stranger.
I told him what I've done before
He was alarmed & disturbed
And kept asking about it all day long.

Today, I asked for a favor
And kept my pride lower than before
My psychological disorder shifted too strong
Now, my body's shaking, oh no.

I rather not tell,
How badly I felt.
How I tried to kill myself
On the 24th day of December.
How suicide thought possess
How PTSD caress.
How down I was, regressed.

Because the only thing people see,
Is the damaged part of me

Pain wouldn't go away. I told my new workmate about my suicide attempt last December. And he was distrubed by asking if I told the HR about the incident. If I'm fully recovered. I felt discriminated. I felt  violated .Whenever I share my life, people were too disturbed that I might not performed well with my work, acads and life. Then, I'm still supported by my family in my education. And asking for a favor especially in monetary issues, is a big no no for me. It triggers my paranoia and I became disturbed. I'm still starting to build my career and my self.
Mental illness is something I lived in everyday life. Please try to respect one.
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