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When I talk too much,
don't kiss me for me to shut up.
Listen to what I have to say
then kiss me.
If you were a song
I would sing you dearly
and the keys of the piano
would resonate in my living room

If you were a song
the most beautiful melody
would crash into peoples hearts

I would sing and play you
all night long
if you were a song
SgScrib 5d
When the wind tries to hit you from directions, hold on, girl.
When your scar oozes blood, hold it on.

When you find no way out, just hold on again.
Close your beautiful eyes, and smile on it all.

Not that your story is ordinary and deserves to be taken granted.
It is way gorgeous than what all see.

All those tears, heartbreaks, scars are yet too beautiful and deserve respect.
It is fine to find answers.

It is still fine to search yourself. But, dear girl, don't hold it on longer.
You know, few scars do not need to be corroded.
They are better be left unhurt.

Count back those nights you hid your tears somewhere deep down your favorite pillow.
Hundreds. Thousands, may be.

Now, show me, beautiful, how you rose in all those times.
Don't you see life growing beneath your feet?
I respect it. That Everything. I mean it literally.

Someone might not have held you warm. But, tell me, were you not enough alone?

I'm not here to tell you good or bad.
I'm here to see you shine back and let the girl come back to life.

Your feathers want to flap, a deep dive into the blue sky.
I'll still be here on the roof waiting to see the whirls of your free soul.

That smile, I long for it. This world longs for you.
There is no other way.
There isn't.
You smile, girl, like never before.
Yes, exactly like this.
You look so gorgeous!
For the first time in a while
I woke up with a smile
It was plastered on my face
Almost perfectly placed
Getting my morning routine done
Was for the first time, fun
And I left with that smile
Stuck upon my face

Walking down the street
Making rhythmic sounds with my feet
I finally felt like I belonged
Not a character in some sad song
I talked to people without a problem
Like my anxiety was gone
And I got on the bus with that smile
Stuck upon my face

Walking into school
Something that is normally a blur
Was for the first time exciting
The pull to learn enticing
I couldn't be any better
As I type out each letter
To this ode to a day
Without any dismay
And so I continued my day with that smile
Stuck upon my face
For the first time in a long time, I woke up not dreading the day. It was very strange to understand how I was feeling, but I realized it was happiness
Listen to the forest
It speaks
Not in the language we know
Birds singing
Leaves bustling in trees
Dancing with the wind
It blows, whispering
“Come with me, come home,”
The ground releases a crunch
As a hard foot presses down

If I sit here long enough
Will I become one of the branches
Of the tree?
Is this how they all got here?
White mountain
Nested between two trees
The sun cast
A shadow on the page
As my hand writes
The grass shapes round’ my feet
I am cold
Rays of sun give bits of warmth
White mountain stares steadily
Gaze unwavering,
I try my best to stare back
I don’t speak for everyone,
I can only speak for me.
I don’t want a silly toy to
Make me feel weak at the knee.
I don’t want a handsome savior,
Riding in on a white horse
Just so years later I end up
Sad, fat and divorced.
I want to be myself,
Open and free.
No one on this earth
Who should chain me.
Not outside of privacy of my bedroom.
Can you blame me?
Equal or I walk away.
Or I cannot stay.
Does not mean stuck in our ways-
Just expect to be treated with respect.
Discuss our decisions
Or the visions of us dies.
Open communication-
Not entangled in webs of lies.
I refuse to be used up,
Laid out to dry.
I don’t have to die,
Not yet.
Get wreckt.
I saddle up my iron
at the small of my back
under my t-shirt
above, my *** *****

I hope and I pray
that'll never be drawn
40 S&W the weapon
that I've always worn

Hollow of point
plus P, iffin I can
need only one shot
an expert, I am

I work in a business
not always safe and assured
I like to have options
for the risks I've incurred

Be sure of your targets
something I always say
as that's just safest
when guns are in play
**** right I carry ;D
Mahati Dec 9
I respect myself
Maybe you don’t
I care for you too much
To walk away
From your ignorance
Teaching you helps us both
So i stay
And i bare
No, I’m sorry
I don’t
Not anymore
I have leared to say no
And walk away
So I don’t bare
I walk to a safer, more free environment
With my head just enough high
And back as straight as possible for me
And i do come back
To see your growth
I respect myself
After all these experiments
I have done to feel more
After mistakes
I didn’t think in those moments
I felt
There will be more of these
But i know where’s the line now

I respect myself
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