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And in that moment i saw,
no longer a familiar face
but instead
a golden light gleaming out of you from every individual part of your sacrid body.
Rox 2d
He lays
While the leaves sit underneath
the brilliance of sincerities tree,

and thinking to you
were all the things done by.

As it were
Pages left turned and inkless
What's left behind inside
the minds of an intertwining summer
a conclusion predesignated.

I saw to you,
just as I waved hello to goodnight’s moon.
As they touched along the surfaces
fleeting into the skin
A welcomed wound.

And didn’t you know,
That the pictures I stole
Of every point of you
Were etching onto sheets of heaven
into the reflections of the mirrors
that sit before your bedside.

While it rests
with mixed spirits,
the roses that I bore

Passing through glowing bodies
As the silences burrow
are the images you started to dream with me

A judgement left only partially bridged.
Melded with the manifestation of adoption

And as the calls ring in secluce,
I still feel that this alley is ghostless
Lest this vase breathe the life
of unwilted flowers

where the flip sides meet
on the evenings tides
joined by charmed indifferences

in company with the character
of an old flame,
only tangible with
lights which lay ahead.

medleyed in to what's to be.

Thank you.
Blue 7d
You must,
You just must surround yourself with people who respect you,
Give regard to those who do not
The path down the hill of contempt
Is one not well-kept
You might hear this often
I do,
I guess I know it’s a lot easier to write this
than to do
But once you leave,
you will feel free
Your company should never make
You feel hostile and trapped
You’re worn out and
It’s uneasy and uncomfortable
You don’t need an explanation to leave
Havoc and abhorrence
That’s they’re own doing
There may never be a consolation to these type
Of toxic relationships
But that’s the beauty of free-will
You are in charge of ones discretion
It may be unrequited, unsettling for them
But think about you now
Liberate yourself
Respect yourself

let them go
& now, be free
my son shall be a reflection of me with the mirror being his mother. he will have my eyes and his mothers heart, my brains but his mothers demeanor. we all know he’ll need it. the courage will come from us both because your mother is a warrior as am i. we fight. never let them see you down son, if you fall remember: gravity centers lowest to the ground, you shall gather yourself up and stand strong. and when the waves come crashing because they will, when they crash just know that you are a warrior. there is no mountain big enough in comparison to your potential, no storm loud enough to quite your spirit and no accolade too great to make you gloat. my son, you were made under the shield of love, so you shall forever be protected. never let anyone tell you otherwise. when you see a man down keep your arms outstretched, warriors can fight for the less fortunate too, but stand proudly in your body. and when they ask why you are who you are you simply respond: I am a reflection of my father in the mirror of my mother.
From my 2016 Poetry Collection: The Writers Room (Available on Amazon/Barnes&Noble)
A bubbly baby

A tiny toddler

A cute child

An intolerable teen

A ****** young adult

An angry adult

The grumpy elderly

To people around the world, no matter your age, have you ever stopped to think about how much you can learn from each different generation?
You might not get a wise piece of advice, but you can see life through a new lense tinted with the color hope, and you can gain experience without even experiencing.

Think about that next time you go to badmouth a parent, disrespect an elder, or even chastise you child.
Speak Slowly Oct 8
You know... sometimes I just want to be understood. But most of the time I'm ignored and misunderstood. I just want people to read me like an open book, maybe its because I'm prideful, but I end up keeping it all to myself. I'm so doubtful of the people around me, I call you friend but I question if its OK to open up to you.. friend. Too many shattered friendships, broken trust and broken hearts. A life where relationships are turmoil, when things are falling apart, I know other things are falling into place. Sometimes you just need space to figure things out you know? But stay too long and it can be self destructive, emotionally and physically. People say I shouldn't worry about the past, but that's where I learnt the most valuable lessons and sadly, a lot of people take that for granted. Blood stained history built what has become our destiny now. Good or bad, I'm just glad to look back and appreciate what I know now. If someone opens up to you, just know that you have earned their respect. Appreciate every aspect of it, because once you lose it, it could be gone forever.
Alex Zhang Oct 6
I can squeeze myself like an orange
Giving my sweet and sour soul
To sate the thirst of passerby
Whose stomachs will never be full

Strangers sipping saccharine nectar
Spitting putrid pulp
Tasting only the sweet of fruits
Wasting what makes us whole

I give my body for others to love
Not for them to take
My personality is part of me
Not a divisible buffet
Maya Oct 5
she waits at the door
for him to come home.
it has been so long.
and yet
she keeps her post.

if she leaves for a second she might miss the flash of a uniform, a crooked grin, a letter home.
baby teeth knocked out like gravestones after a storm.

like the gravestone the telegram in her hand may imply.
she has not opened it.
she has not-
can not-
will not-
open it.

the telegram sits
and she sits
and the clock sits

and her son sits.
the closest to his homeland he will ever get is
the flag blanketed over him.

and still

she waits at the door.
Andrew Oct 4
Do you hold me in your memory?
Or did all the mementos flee
Once you no longer heard from me?
My intention was not to abandon
But joy played elsewhere so I had to run
To it; thinking I could leave crumbs
To find my way back to you
Now you found your path more true
And I am just a time you rued

I wish you would remember me
Even if in the distance like fading drums.
A beat begot by the love you lose
A rhythm that holds memory
That weeps now at what it will next become
A trance to track the my next muse
This is a poem I wrote to honor my first love, the one that taught me how to
Whenever we perceive
Good vibrations
Respect roots it’s way

We start to feel the vibrations
Not the name or the color
Not they are, whatever

The same vibration
May change the wavelength
To preserve the earlier respect
It is better
To keep a distance

Let the respect be
The form of energy
We worship

Genre: Abstract
Theme: Conservation of energy
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