Hold a Woman
With reverence
and respect

To adore
And to protect.



I need not wander any longer in the tresses of my depression
As this lesson I now know
is happiness

Long time no see
Zero Nine Oct 11

I used to lie down in my bed
Count kernels in the popcorn sky, overhead
I used to use the daytime for nothing much at all
Was I prepped for death?

I once liked the ones I called friends
Draped myself in colors I could defend
I once misused my empathy, passion, and my wit
Only to have you seize it in the end.

Since I'm there, written on your list,
please, cross off my name.

If I show my amateur face on your stage,
just write me off.

Play me off with the music of your choice
until I'm gone.

The End.

Thank you all for joining me for another set.
Appreciate all the love. Much respect. <3

Catch me next time.
I've got grievances to air.
Skylar Oct 11


This is what we all deserve
The path is long
Worth it

You think you've given me that
Your peacemaking
Is for yourself
To think that you've done nothing wrong
That I'm not sitting here in Tears because of you

I'm not at peace
Not with you

They respect me
They show me kindess
They give me warmth
It goes both ways

Your warmth is nothingness
Your kindness is fake
Your respect is to yourself
When will you learn?

Their embrace give me hope
Yours makes me cry
Not because of what happened
but how I let myself down again
How much I hate your arms wrapped around me
Get off
You make me hate everything that is you
I'd blame it on you
I do
Not fully
You blame others
You do
When will you learn?
You're not in control
They have their own way to go
As I have mine
You lost my permission to run alongside with me
In the World that is my Home

It should go both ways

Your ignorance isn't bliss

Continuation of Empty Memories and Loud  Silence

I want to run away.

Jazeera Oct 7

She said don't
But he didn't mind
He walked right at her
With a devil's intention.

She wanted to scream
And call her parents.
But he threatened her.
Her silent tears shed.

By each step he took
Her heart beat rapidly
As if she ran a thousand miles
To get away from here
She just closed her eyes
And took the torture.

She always wore a mask then
A happy one for the world.

She never uttered a word to anyone
Until now,
She opened herself to me
I was shocked
Couldn't do anything to fight
Just the prayers
To keep her strong.

I've seen several brave girls
But none of them replaced her.

Keep fighting,  my friend.

Girls are not toys. Society needs to respect every girls.
@maneomsy thank you so much for helping me.
Skylar Oct 5

I try
I'm busy I'm sorry
You are ahead of me yet you seem to have nothing to do
I try to be there
Work, Sadness, Anger
I told you
I'm busy
You text
and again
Complain about me
I've told you I'm busy
I never complain when you are not there
I respect you
Your work, your anger, your sadness
Why can't you do the same?
It makes me feel
Sadness and Anger
I don't know what to do
I've told you I'm busy
You ask if I'm sure I want to stay
I have it
Yet you tell me to go work
Make the choice
It makes me feel
I've told you
I'm busy

anon Oct 2

no i mean it


i was actually feeling a bit

and­ i needed you to tell me
on a monday night
at 7:53
in the middle of july

that i had i nice ass

it really brightened my day
to know
that i
a human person

can be complimented
because of my

instead of the fact
that i work
all the time
without getting tired
or giving up

or that
i study
so much
i feel like
i'm falling apart

or that
i spend time
trying to make the world
around me
a little

i really wanted to affirm
what girls are told
from the time
they can listen

that cup size matters
and whether or not
you fill out your jeans
whether or not
you might matter

that we will be ignored
in the work place
if we aren't

and even if we are
that is all we become


not people

you know
somebody once told me
it doesn't matter
what you look like
because your personality can make up
for anything

which should be good
i look like quasimodo
but with a sense of humor
and a bit of spunk
i'm esmerelda

i can look like a spork
but if i laugh
and play along
like nothing's wrong
like girls should
i can be a full fork

i love that i have to be something


i do

i love that being
is more important than

i love that i have to be someone who listens and never speaks

i love that i have to work with all my might to be thin enough for people who don't care about other people

i love that i have to have a double d and up in order to be even noticed

i love that my butt has to be filled out and gigantic so that i can be assured personhood by a man

because girls are only





we are reduced to objects
who give up
and don't fight

because the women who fight
are criticized
and raped
and killed
and we can't stop it

because the more we speak

the more we are silenced

so thank you

for reminding me at 7:53
in a menards parking lot
your wedding ring glinting
like the malice in your eye
that all i am
what you see

kvgy Sep 28

It's 02.20 am in the morning
Let me just sit in
And take all that in
Every words
Every sentence
Has life been way too hard on me?
Oh i thought i was powerful
Or maybe i was wrong?
Is it just an illusion i have on my head?
Because truth is,
i can't handle any of this
As i wish i could
So i keep on thinking i can
I keep on dreaming i could
I constantly wondering if i would
Endure all the pain
By myself,
Take the suffering away from others
And burn it inside my flesh
But i can't! Can i?
The illusion of me, is there
But i am not capable of doing any
For better things
My heart does ache
My body gets weary
And no one will ever see it
People are too blinded
By their own thinking
By their own mindset
By their own perception
Including me
We are fooled by ourselves
It is proven by the theory
That our thinking
Is pretty much shaped
By our own desire
And i'm telling you it's good
You gotta put yourself first
You need to do things that satisfy yourself
But remember,
Other people exist too
And respect is much needed.

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