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دema Jan 6
It's good to miss you,
routines make me get bored easily,
and boy have you failed at being consistent!

I'm just worried,
do you even miss me too?
If this becomes the routine,
then what do I even get out of it all?
Dredd Jan 5
it's hard
when you have all the tools and knowledge to improve your life but the only missing ingredients are motivation and consistency.

Devin Ortiz Jan 2
Another year passes.
An arbitrary collective delusion.
Another year of promises.
Words write themselves some days.
Others, require a show of force.
This spectrum grows day by day.
Business and pleasure.
Business brings consistency.
Pleasure brings creativity.
Drown in expectations or,
Suffer in idle waters.
I seek balance.
I see it on the horizon.
Isaac Dec 2018
You spread over many, many days is a mighty team.
Written 16 December 2018
Zhai Nov 2018
Material things don’t entice me
Empty promises don’t  count as a remedy
Flowery words are pleasing to the ear
With apparent intentions clear

Is this just an infatuation?
An effect of my subtle imagination
This relentles game of tug of war
How I wish it wouldn’t end up in a scar

All I know is that I’m tired of this dance
Might as well give us a chance?
You have gone way past this armour
Consistency, that is all I am asking for
Madison Greene Oct 2018
when my infatuation dims
midnight conversations
fade into radio silence
I'm sorry for making you my muse
you look at me in ways I always wanted someone to
and in another life I'd love you the way I should
my weakness is I've only ever held on to unrequited love
and I'm not sure I know how to let someone stay
consistency intimidates me
maybe heartache is more of a friend than I'd like to admit
Ilunga Mutombo Oct 2018
If you love her fight for her

If not, then please leave her

For she deserves a better lover

One that can truly adore her
Yani Oct 2018
And they say consistency,
by and large is the key;
then, with just a glitch on being consistent
it killed me consistently.
heather leather Sep 2018
your name is the only thing that makes the alphabet matter,
I knew this was real when you told me to stop dreaming
and start living. I love you.
it'll never change.
yes, this is about love. because everything is and I'm glad I've finally come to terms with it. shameless self-promo but I just decided to make an instagram for my poetry (@deadtalksx) follow me if you want I guess.
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