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Comet Jan 9
it's in the mundane that love thrives
in the tiredness of the night
during ordinary days
when romance is a luxury
in your dull days
love is persevering
in its consistency
it is unwavering
Faltering plans
An indecisive mind,
Consistency in itself is an art
An explosive start!
Followed by;
Fumbling fingers and idiotic ideas.
What next?
Do we pitstop like Hamilton?
We were in pole position.
Reassert, focus and keep on track.
We are the drivers of our own Destiny...
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

I've been trying to keep up one poem a day. It's tough. I'm sure other writers can relate. This poem is about trying to keep that target going. A Formula 1 racing theme was completely unintentional and off the cuff, but seemed to work nicely. So it stayed and I kinda like the end result. I hope you do too.
Kitten Yvad Feb 2021
when you open your mouth
you open the windows
and my halls
and doors

and there's no electricity..
yet. no onsite heating.. yet.
i tell you im not scared
but you know
im wrong
Godfrey Ndlovu Nov 2020
Shy cup of Latte 🍵

Shy cup of Latte, savor of mine
Sat with ease as unto a regal saucer--
Upon my heart's amber throne
Hearth to a grandeur sublime
That trembles the first bright gleamer,
Of the early morning sun.
Portions enchanting proceed--
From your pearl purple scepter
Bade on high,
Onto lofty summits of lovesome regard,
To reign my walls for ages untold,
As Empress to a citadel ever yours

Violet petals doth my path carpet
Gracing my careful fervor stroll--
To the edge of your sweet repose,
By the smooth rims, encircling
Your gently steaming streams of splendid love
In a bid to peck a sip so healing--
Kiss your froth in heartly devotion
As unto a ring queenly royal,
Of she whom upon my love delights,

Let mine soul be merry in this stead,
With its essence to joy in this blessing
Ringing spurts of gratitude--
and whispers of promise

I sound in chime to myself

"I, then --
Be an endless song
To which I ever call for her hand in dance."
She, then --
Be my heaven-vested cistern
My shy cup of latte
A fountain cup so sweet
It never ceases to pour.
To Daisy Flower🌸, the woman I wanted, the woman I've won🧘🏽‍♂️
Eola Nov 2020
It runs through it's masters veins
With a thick consistency that stains
The journeys that it usually takes
Often are in snowy plains
When it stops, it makes chains
Of epic tales that advance our brains
After the centuries it remains
To help us in the quest to obtain
The knowledge we seek to retain
What is it?
topacio May 2020
every day you must add a drip
to the well of creativity
flowing within you.

a word here
a lyric there
a small drip
no need
for the flood
my dear
breathe into it

drop by drop
little by little
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Do you find it not enough?this consistency
Do me a favor don't make a move I'll show my chivalry
You know why?because I feel you are my destiny
And I find you as a perfect woman that have dignity

Do you know why I question you
Because this is an application for me and you
For the rest of our life
And do not doubt this I'm serious about this.

These questions that I need to know
Has a good benefit for us to grow
Just come close and just go to our flow
Lets heat this love just like a month ago
And have the love we deserve that we don't even need to throw

These questions that we need to know
Do not even deserve to snow
And this love do not deserve to be hidden below
Because we just need to answer these questions to be on that love we want and please take it slow.
And until now I question you in my dreams and hoping for you to answer it someday.
دema flutter Jan 2019
It's good to miss you,
routines make me get bored easily,
and boy have you failed at being consistent!

I'm just worried,
do you even miss me too?
If this becomes the routine,
then what do I even get out of it all?
Dredd Jan 2019
it's hard
when you have all the tools and knowledge to improve your life but the only missing ingredients are motivation and consistency.

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