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I think
I feel
I see
We have something meant to be
But are you willing to see
My heart is full
Or is it just me?

Far away from here
I lay in the deepest corner of your mind.
I've packed my bags
in search of the many times
you've kissed the air.
The new sights and events
seen through your eyes.
I packed light
knowing the most essential thing
was reaching at least one of a million
of your passed thoughts.
Far away from here,
I've missed you so much.
When I close my eyes
I am there with you.
I packed light knowing that my favorite
everything resides where you are
It's Half past twelve.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
I've lost count of time being in the loft of your heart.
Lost in the city lights.
It's something about the streets here that make me feel brand new.
It's half past twelve in the real world.
But here,
In the loft of your heart.
I have the best view.
Being downtown transcends my favorite places in the real world.
Here, there aren't any scheduled buses, no large crowds of people.
It's stunningly beautiful.
Not being able to tell the difference between night and day.
Although your eyes are barely woke.
It's already tomorrow here
And everything reminds me of you
As long as you're away
I will continue to look up at the sky
Longing that you'll gravitate back to me.
Even though you're far,
You're never at all that far from me.
For in my deepest thought I am curled up
in the brightest star that I named after you.
No matter how dark the sky I will always find you.

Gazing back upon me, curious as to how we travel so many miles.
In so little time.

Even on the darkest night
I know that you're still there.
Your love the brightest of stars.
As long as you're away
this star is always closer than it appears
No matter how far you are
Baby..Let's get away
Pretend that todays a holiday..
Your the perfect get away..
Each moment spent with you..
Baby..Let's get away
Baby..Let's get excited.
Spend all our time away..
Forget all about our privacy
Make today a holiday..
Baby.. let's get away
Make today a Holiday.
The weekend still days away..
Your the perfect get away..
Our weekly get away.. down charcoal gray
Baby..Let's get away.
Pretend todays a holiday..
Bombay & Lemonade.
the perfect get away..
The sun melts into your skin
and I the horizon that melts into you..
Your the perfect get away..
Baby..Let's get away
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
If by chance I call & your fast asleep.
Record me in your dreams.
& when you wake up I'll see you soon.
Greeted by the sound of your voice.
Only a call away.
If by chance I call & you can only talk for a moment.
Then I'll spend a moment in honest truth.
The moments quickly falling in the past.
Your smile always with me.
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
Take a message so when you play it back
You'll always have a reason to smile.
Whether your busy.
Or simply just don't have the time.
Take a message.
Take a message
You've always been able to do
Fill my head with all these
Beautiful thoughts.
To the point that I feel
Like I am floating
Up in the sky where every
Cloud reminds me of you.
Sometimes I think it's funny.
Picturing myself as a balloon.
Swollen head.
Little body dangling below.
No matter how high I get,
Floating inside this love of yours.
I promise not to float too
Far away.
Knowing the sky is filled with
Ivette Jan 23
Well I don't really know what to think at this moment. You say you guys have problems and then all of a sudden you guys are deep in love.... You told me you had a ******* about me so randomly just so you can get it off your chest and that you don't know what it meant but that it was just random.... then you ask me to go to formal with you when your girlfriend denied you and got into an argument with you. Am I just always gonna be the second choice? Am I just gonna be the one you go to when you feel upset because of her?
If she makes you feel that bad why not be over but soon after you guys are just ..fine. Don't you think that's a little toxic. My friends say you like me but I don't want you too which is strange since you are my crush.. I don't know how to feel anymore. You make it seem like I shouldn't like you because of the way you are with me but with should be concerning if you do that to me if we do become a couple and you get depressed. Then we are going to dance together as if we should ignore the way we are together so you can be with her and me and you can be friends...But I want to know how you feel about the whole situation..Do you like me? Do you love her? You're with her yet you do this and say that with me! I just don't get you anymore..
Yes this is something I am going through but I shall refuse to say his name
When I think of you.
The first thing that comes to mind is your smile.
I always find it at the most unexpected time.
Coming across it in a world where everything seems cold.
Although it's been a short time.
This smile of yours is selfless; kind, patient.
Although Valentine's Day is highly celebrated.
Out of three-hundred sixty-four days.
I hope that your able to smile your biggest smile.
On days when your schedule is full
On days when your tired and look forward to the minute you get to yourself.
When I think of you.
I hope that you are still courageous enough to turn that frown upside down
In a world where everything seems so cold,
You never know how big an impact you make,
With something as simple as a smile.
How fast time flies when your lips reveal this gift
that you constantly give
It's been so long
Since I've seen you.
So so long
The joy of your company kept in thought.
Seeing you smile your beautiful smile.
A spot of light seen with closed eyes.
It's been so long
Sharing the same space.
The touch of your skin against mine.
To be the shadow of reassurance
That propels the moon to shine it's brightest.
It is in these times I miss you most.
The moon a reminder of your cheeks.
The complications of how scarce  we've made ourselves.
Places to be
Thangs to do.
The night a harsh reminder of how we pass each other.
Your moan more distant,
The stars but flickers of our tongues.
Your body a constellation made in absence.
The absence of your dress between my teeth,
The last time I truly felt with eyes warm,
The ****** of eclipse.
The joining of northern to southern hemisphere.
Your cheeks the fullest they've ever been.
The moon a constant reminder,
How scarce we've made ourselves.
Places to go
Thangs to do,
Mo thangs to occupy the time
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