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Heavy Hearted Dec 2023
As you drive
taking me, we- on a ride
from the suburbs I grew up in
to the City
Down the same streets
Ive always known, driven myself,
the same route
that leads to Toronto.
Splitting, the fork- takes us,
flying around the circumference of the city
The sun, golden orange,
begins to set.
Iridescence coating the skyline –
as each reflective surface
becomes stained glass.
“Eric-I need GPS direction” …

& Its after I've arrived at my destination
& then home again after it all;
do I re-open & Re-read this scribble in a note book-

Recapitulate, & end.
written on the DVP / Driving through the Gardner and Queen's Quay
leolewin Jun 2023
If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply look up at the stars,
And I will twinkle back.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply close your eyes and listen,
For I will be singing with the birds to you.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simple feel the earth below your feet,
I will be with you every step of the way.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply smell the sweet scented flower from the black locust tree.
Pause and move on with your day.
leolewin Apr 2023
Focus on your mind
Strengthen your body
Heal your spirit
leolewin Apr 2023
Looking into your eyes,
I see the stars shine.

Looking into your eyes,
Eases my tainted mind.

Looking into your eyes,
I see the love you have for mine.

Your eyes are looking into mine,
I’m loosing track of time.

These moments feel like forever,
I only wish they would be.

The notion that one day you won’t be gazing into my eyes, makes these moments all the more special.

Life moves fast. Enjoy the small moments. Nothing in this world, is made to last.

Ill be looking into your eyes, I hope that sight will be my very last.
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Heavy Hearted Jul 2022
It happens just because we need
To want and be Wanted too
Serendipitously here, spontaneously there,
A true friend I've found in you.

Now friends will come and some will last, but in the end so few;
Are in actuality Ride or Dies
Disappointingly it's proven true.

Lucie my friend, has forced my hand
To write my words of feeling
For untill now there'd been no reason
To attempt a written healing.

Thanks lucie
I S A A C Jun 2022
clean fit, ***** city
manz gripping the waist because i’m too pretty
breaking it down on Yonge street
breaking it down for the young me
that had to hide, inner child suicide
now i surf the waves and follow the tides
imagining what it would be like
to be a son of skyscrapers
imagining what it could be like
if i left my nest i’ve built
home is where the heart is
but where is mine
i think i found it in the rainbow
Diesel Apr 2021
More puddle steps that everyday
Fall back again with water rain
More tiny drops of water blow
And concrete grasses wet the stone:
More morning hue that fills the trees
And vapid air that sets the breeze:
In spring, and yet with winters loud,
The shoddy days the world bestows:
Of quick sunshine in leaving days,
Sour grass set in mellow rays;
A cousin-friend to seasons like:
The April springs of Toronto life.
Diesel Mar 2021
The busy breath of a city north:
                                                        Toronto,­ by Ontario shore.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2020
Amanda Catching;

 the unworthy Angels
as they fall-
     Is a job
         Only you
could do.
5 years later I find myself alongside, once more
the comfort that I never wanted to leave.

The compassion I mistook being no longer the false
virtue I came to age with,

waiting for
And everyone else; right where they've always been.

No longer was I

too young to see.
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