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B Morgan Talbot Aug 2019
He called me, “Assassin,”
And peered into my piercing blues.
                     I called him “Collateral damage,”
                     And watched my mark maunder blindly out the door.
I'm work-shopping this! Looking for feedback particularly on line 2
Best read on a computer browser to preserve the shape
دema flutter Feb 2019
Losing my **** over you is an understatement,
that's something a person like you would do,
not me honey.
mjad May 2018
There are more secrets that my heart holds,
than arguments I have woken up too.
More anger and resentment rising upwards,
begging my mouth to attack you,
at every waking second I am in your presence,
than times I have muttered the words: I love you

Happy Mother's Day
We don't have a good relationship unfortunately
mitus May 2018
What are YOU looking at?
Smack that ***,
Talk about sass.

Looking at me sweetheart?
Well *******, I'll only tear you apart.

You think you can change me?
We'll see about that,
You rearrange me?
What a dumb ****.

What else have you got to say for yourself?
Sexualizing women's bodies,
Your catcall can help **** oneself,
But it wouldn't be just your fault, it'd be everybody's.
Ellie Wolf Feb 2018
You say you’re the GOAT,
and perceive yourself as oh so clever.
Like you’re the first one to come up with such an impeccable and hilarious acronym.

Impeccable: adj. in accordance with the highest standards;
Just like you, right?
“It’s a double entendre, get it?”
No, sorry, my femininity hinders my abilities of basic thought.
Tell me more…


You look like the kind of guy
that’s into S&M and taking MD.
Fittingly, you can **** My Metaphorical ****.
PaperclipPoems Dec 2017
Your opinion was not requested
Nor taken under advisement
But thanks anyways
It’s your choice to listen. Never forget that you decide the power they hold over you. Don’t give them any.
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Your the hot sauce in my life.

Full of red and fiery sight.

Cool to the touch all most as ice.

Yet neat and calm always winning any fight.
Hot girl
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