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Poetic T Apr 2014
I think this does not do me justice,
It is an ill fit, I wear underneath
Even though it doesnt quite fit.

I wear it for others, to make
A statement to show others my
Dedication, for a cause that
Will show those that I am like
No others, I do what I feel  is right.

I wear it with pride, as I walk through
A crowd, children laughing as adults
Walk around. do they look at me guessing
The vest I wear is about a statement.

I look around as I do what must
Be done this vest is a message, I
Am everywhere in a split second as
Screams and silence scream out
All at once.

I was a person who wore a vest
It was ill fitting, but now those
Who didnt know me, now see me as I
Showed them my vest, to the world
A statment heard not by voice but
By the person wearing this vest.
دema flutter May 2014
I* wept,
till my eyes were dry,
and I could feel no more.

In a statment of ,
complete numbness,
I layed in bed,
in hours,
for days,
s a d.

I wiped,
away the tears.
And my feelings ,
wouldn't stop ,
reminding me.
And those memories,
wouldn't stop,
chasing me.
And I couldn't just,
let go.

— The End —