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she loves everything about art,
she knows how draw,
she know all the ideas,
where to picture them,
and she knows all the song,
singing at the top of her lungs,
while writting a poem,
but she doesn't make what so called 'best'
and she neither called her too,
she pictured her life as a measurements in their eyes,
what's best is not her at all,
and so she remain at shaddows,
cause she will never be at the spotlight.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, we can feel people without knowing them too:)

angel nested in heaven

made earth feel like hells of seven

marked some scars in place of tears

maybe not in my right to dear

more for the blood is in the own

but swear my love will be tamed on her stone

Sindi 3d
If she turned around
Started to walk away in a straight line
Would she reach the end of the world?
Would she?

If she reached the end of the world
It would be announced to the rest of the world
Would it be the end of the world?
Would it?

She jumps off and into space
Space a space to think
Turn back and walk in a straight line
Until she would be back to where she started
Made an ocean before a drop
Of water dried-up before it's mopped
A shoot before the backdrop
creative feeling before she gulped

Beauty before the beholder
or let say before he behold her
Grown before she could be older
Timid before, She is bolder

Loved, before realizing they are ****
Yet to get the love-in, but he has come
He's here, she will yet describe him as gun
Only shoots around, like he's as* god

Now, she wished what was dim was clear
Like courage coming before the fears
She hoped this affair could be fair
Like seeing the future before it appears

If only we can know Tomorrow's end from to Today's end
But Today's end is just a start
Well, will like to stay a start can just be the needed tip for the trip.
mica Apr 28
"thinking about the future... it scares me,"


"because you're venturing out towards the unknown..."
brain rot
Raven Feels Apr 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, follow your dreams or they will<3

fed up on the revolt of the real

locked myself behind the dreamy doors to an an evermore of a seal

I seek you on the delves of the stormy spaces

it's like a universe I called came back with answers to shock faces

your name I heart you speak and led lights illuminate it

sparked on my heart when duty calls I fade in

Raven Feels Apr 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, why does it seem like we abandon the other planets?:)

threatened on the nights

on the skeptic luxuries they ignite

other insecurities come to highlight

abandoning wants of dark carries that were once in hindsight

not sure if marvelous from the precious of the might hopes tied

clouds of mutual Venuses or Mercurys to collide

on backgrounds of relate of lonely to define

styling a vintage glass of polished wines

not a drink but the dime

not a dime but the inside

Raven Feels Apr 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't really know what I'm trying to say here;}

every word in poetry

I want written on my stone in the cemetery

they fly in the perspective

in every human eye changed-disrespective

no faults on the creation all undeniable artistic behavior

faithful not for me loyalty not a word to my savior

hands barely reaching a touch

others marvelous not asking much

Raven Feels Apr 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, waste before you taste cries:\

holding me this way      

     never thought id never wanna leave

Raven Feels Apr 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never give me:]

search the olds

never the least

clung onto hopes I hope to cheer

drag the stick and flick them bright

get the ignite and force a light for to be fight

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