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Under the bow
of a failing nebula
floats a time capsule
full of unused bandwidth
and disappearing summers

Swimming-pool eyes
they're in remission
discovering Columbus
on the starboard side
of this standard suburban saltbox

Fragility and risk is this
cosmic companionship
rowing to latitude
through dark matter
seiche or refracted

The oncoming tide
will mean a migration of steep passages
"though shiny, sculpted pebbles
spoke of frequent waves
the sea was docile that day"
Inspired by the poem "in love with to the north sea (swinburne)" by fellow HP writer, beth fwoah dream stclair.
Red leaves on vines
Curling waves peaking high
Mountain cliff crevasse seemingly

    Gentle sway against the air
   Falling rolling into itself
  End unknown
The fall seemingly

Grasp grasp onto the tree
Roll roll into the sea
  Gape gape around the emptiness
   Keep keep your mind at ease

Stay awake stay awake
'What else should I do?'
Stay awake stay awake
Take a picture of the view

Don't fall asleep
Keep falling
Just don't land
old willow May 20
Fate is a thread,
the breadcrumbs that never fades.
Sometimes, it's best to relaxed,
let that thread guides you.
Only fate knows where the thread ends,
you are simply a visitor guided by its invitation.
Agusto Ninoy May 18
When things go rough and that we cannot grasp
And set our prime but destiny decline
We say, things happened for a reason

When things go wrong but not too wrong
Instead of death we've only received scathe
We say, things happened for a reason

As if someone had a concrete plan for us?
Such being amputated and losing our sight
Are just shenanigans, just blessings in disguise?

We believed, for after suffering, a safe haven
But truth is, things don't always happened for a reason
For every choice there's an equal share of delight and affliction

But then, a mortal mind had always shown
On losing situations we'd clung to the unknown
And maybe, just maybe, you're in the right situation

Because things happened with or without reason
Jae May 18
I like the door open in my room
I don't know why but I don't like it closed
Maybe because there's no escape
All this open space but the walls insist

That I am alone.

Or maybe it's these feelings I can't fathom
The ones that I hide
The ones that I imprison behind my eyes
When the door is closed there's a creaking and cracking
And then there's a flood

The unknown swallows me whole.
Rose May 17
it seems as though she was
so very sure of herself
her future planned out
step by step

people change
everyone has still so much
life to live
and time to learn

with no plan
nothing can go wrong

nobody has it
"all figured out"
the future is an unknown
that everyone is heading towards
LRF May 14
There are not
an infinite number of evening paths
that friends can walk together
basking in the glow
of a single torch.

At some fork - parting imminent -
one will see
the darkness of the path
that disappears before them,
and the same fear that grabs in their throat
will grip that lamp
and wretch it,
will scurry away,
illuminating the way through their own travails
and casting those of their friend
into the yawning void.

It is only when
they reach the safety of their destination
and their lamp still glows
that they will know:

There was always
enough light
for two.
May 2020
Cayley Raven May 12
I wish I could build trust
towards people
but all
my feelings do
is keep on biting dust
I can´t really help it, I just don´t trust people.
thispanman May 11
Forever seems to be a long time
Gearing closer to the end
I feel my heart race
Took way to long
To escape

It is hot
This feeling
Unlike anything
That has been felt
For I have never known it

What is this odd feeling?
Will I ever know?
The birds sing
I am home

To be home
I must be with you
Nothing has made me feel
As if you are to leave me alone

If I do not act it, know now that
I am not leaving your side
I will act realistically
And want you

If anyone
You ever need
To cry on or snuggle
I will be here for eternity
I wanted to try a pattern, so here you go. Happy Mothers Day!
Would you agree with witty words from a dictionary?
And do those confusions all depend on mind play?
Who could help us more correctly:
Definition or detonation?
Lust or Love?

Who will promise to find the differences?
When we dig ourselves into dictionaries
or thesauruses 
Defining our commonality,

Refining our uniqueness, However
the death is the dictionary of unknown words,
Cant’t anyone edit and omit it, to none,
It’s soliloquy.
By Angel.XJ 10/05/2020
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