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Jamilla 2d
Badly need someone to lean on
My knees are weak, so faint and down-and-out
My tears are falling, my pretention is over.
Welcome to a place where nothing is what it seems
The real are things that only come from dreams,
Enter the world of the living and the dead
Enter to the place that everyone dreads.

Go to the realm of things unexplained
Go to a place where no logic remains,
See the place where strange things brew
See a place that is far beyond you.

Far beyond conscience, hope and pain,
Far beyond the normal far beyond sane,
Don’t look back only look ahead
Before you realize it’s all in your head.

Once you’re here you can’t go back
Turn around if a soul you lack,
Now you’ve been warned So enter if you dare,
But beware &prepare your in for a scare.

Enter the realm of no escape
And watch the impossible start to take shape,
What for you in this realm lies
A simple question without a reply,
Take a step forward and see for yourself
It’s more than just another book on the shelf,
Take a walk on a path that never ends
In trolls and munchkins you’ll find friends.

From the bottomless cauldron take a sip
Feel your body start to slip,
Slip into the realm of things unknown
Let your mind be overthrown,
Let go of all that seems right & true
And grab the reins of something new,
Once you get there its heaven inside
But on the way it’s one hell of a ride,
Everyone seems so busy
Some more projects, personal or assigned
I feel much less busy
I should probably work, but I have time
What happens when I try to be lighthearted and fail
In this life we feel the fright of failure;
In our death we kneel to knights of nothing;
Above us we heed the heights of heaven;
Below us we meet the might of mountains;
There’s a sapphire light in the tundra;
There’s a narrowing sight through the jungle;
There’s a lingering night in the water;
There’s a flourishing fight in the temple—
With each new human a new connection springs
From our hearts to the heavens with secret strings;
They bind this life to the body and the soul
Trying to give us a purpose and a role,
And we search space and time for the final truth,
But the moment we find it we lose our youth
One foot down the rabbit hole,
What has my rabbit gotten me into,
These people seem a bit mom and dad,
I have woken up in some kind of foreign land.
This is all so alien to me,
I do not know what it means,
I don't know if I should continue burrowing,
It is causing me to get lost in a haze.

Knee deep down the rabbit hole,
My rabbit has bought me back again,
I thought there could not be more to this,
But I have barely scratched the surface.
There is so much the eye can't see,
So much that we can't comprehend,
Maybe if I keep on burrowing,
I will begin to understand.

Waistline down the rabbit hole,
My rabbit tells me to keep on burrowing,
My beliefs now contrast each other,
So I pit them against one another.
I set myself upon a pedestal,
Take a long hard look at myself,
Which life must I choose to live,
And which life must I leave behind.

Up to my neck down the rabbit hole,
I can see the bigger picture,
In the smallest of details,
That were hidden right in front of my eyes.
I can't see the world as I did before,
There is no going back now,
I can now see through the fantasy,
I can now see the reality.

My rabbit is dragging me down the hole,
How deep down does it go,
I keep sinking further in,
I'm going places I've never been.
I am not what I was,
and what I was I will never be again,
what I saw,
I can never unsee,
It has become a part of me.

Follow me down the rabbit hole,
Into the unknown we go.
Burrow down to find the answer.
Seanathon Sep 14
I want to go beyond your clouded skies
Love deeper than the ocean bed
And lie peacefully beneath the trees of ease
My love and I
Quietly watching the leaves float by
Almost titled this "Shared Vision"
Alexander T Sep 13
help me,
I want to die
I want that knife
I want the lasting peace

I hate me
I hate how I have everything,
and I still feel like dying
I hate how I cant love her enough

I want to die
I want an end
I am sad
I am depressed
everything that should be happy,
just isnt

I need your help
I need something
I want to keep going,
but I want to die

I love her
She loves me
I have everything I have ever wanted
so why do I feel this way

I am empty
a void
I need help
I dont want to leave her

she is everything
I dont want to hurt her
I am scared that I will,
if I say that I still want to die
help me
The unknown lingers,
Just like every second,
Guesses can be made,
Utilize the senses,
Use the sixth knowingly,
Confident through the blur,
As opposed to blind guesses,
Evolve them into sure,
Intent that is pure,
Cannot be touched by flak,
For soaring even higher,
Remains in one intact,
With a choice to fly low,
Adds for another thrill,
Freezing lightning solid,
Unleash its strike at will,
On fate,
To travel within destiny,
Leave behind the physical,
I shall use the rest of me,
Light's what casts shadows,
The Universe's recipe,
I say,
Test me,
6 or 9,
No line,
Top or bottom viewed,
Perception that factor,
That makes opinions skewed,
For both views are correct,
Yet the other just can't see,
Through the other's eyes what be,
Attempt to unfold,
Sifting gold through gravel,
Decipher this here poem,
Let your mind travel,
Times and places,
Never a dull moment,
Grasp the present,
Own it.
Written 09/06/2018. To better explain the 6 or 9 part. Imagine: a 6 drawn on the ground, with no line under it, or above it. If 2 people were looking at it on the ground, one at the top, one at the bottom, one would see a 6, one would see a 9. Both would be correct. Perception.
Spiralize Sep 2
Standing by the shallow waters I stare
Sun is shining but no shadow is visible
The other side has something unknow
But I feel too weak to sail my boat..

What I might find I am not aware
The first push I give is crucial
The Mast is broken,wind sail is torn
As I felt a spear down my throat..

Cross these waters before the thunders
But why am I afraid of them now?
Let the wind sail the ship home
Take me to the place unknown..

Random things at random times
Is a symptom. We have to adapt
Weak heart has an ego to be killed
Mosaic minds have to be willed...
moon Aug 30
A place unknown,
a stranger to no-one.
It's new to eyes,
but old in her mind.

In this place,
Sun is beaming,
through the dissolved clouds.
As the last light of day,
tints the sky and the ground.

That day,
like a celestial phenomenon,
moon rises in time of the sun sets.
And for a little while,
they became one.

The moon in half,
spark in her eyes.
Roses in her hands,
they bloomed so beautiful.

A place unknown,
an ethereal place.
Of which she steps on,
too many times.
In deep sleep,
under the starry night.
But for once ㅡ
on that day,
it's real.
For when we always have that one beautiful dream of a beautiful place which stays there for a long time or perhaps, eternity. At night, in my sleep, I always dream of the same place ever since I start dreaming up until now, the place remains the same. It's just amazing how our brain works.

ㅡ n.s
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