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His flawless facade veiled his private malignity, your sultry devil in sheep’s clothing.
chlorine Apr 20
the wave washes over me
it's hard to take action
when all you know is resistance
what could fix it?
******* distance.
where's the light
when you fall into shadows?
you're alright just being shallow.
find it hard to smile
if nothing feels right,
there's beauty in the chaos,
it's time to learn to fight
you let go
and just be
hollow complacency.
an older write
Nicole Ann Apr 8
i go to bed trying to sleep
at the crack of dawn
where I hear the morning birds
chirp me lullabies
i’ve been playing too long
with fellow moon
that I’ve forgotten how life was
without the darkness
it's been a couple years since I last checked out this website, glad to see it's still running <3
K Apr 5
the lights flickered as they died
a testament to our time.
and there's blood dried on the kitchen floor,
i wonder if you'll care that it was mine.

how many times will this story rerun?
it's always the same plot,
new characters. and it's becoming old,
just like the actors.

too old to be so young and naïve.
i wonder if you think of me,
quite frankly it's been a while
since your last emotional scene.

you're chipping away,
the cracks in your porcelain skin
proving you don't bleed red.
i tried to help. to glue your pieces together,
but every piece i glued,
you ripped another off. and refused to see.

"let me go,"you begged me in a dream,
"leave me be, and set me free."

and that night, when i woke again,
i begged for an excuse, an explanation.
some kind of reason for my hurt.

all you could offer was silence. i knew then.
Kushal Mar 23
Oh, what force have heaven and hell devised,
That twists and drives the hearts of mankind.
To chase across the world,
Hearts both filled and broken,
Trusting in faith and hope
To bring us home.

When lost, one grieves,
When found, they smile.
Never is it a waste,
Yet always is it a blessing and a curse,
One that twists our journey on paths unimagined.

Risk it all.
The hurt
The happiness.

Paras Bajaj Feb 19
I see no love
in your eyes
or in your heart.
Togetherness is
what I crave for
but your actions
keep breaking my heart.

I see no warmth
in your words
or in your heart.
Forever is
what I crave for
but your actions
will break us apart.
shaina Jan 11
I'm just a female
who has empathy
a really nice
female friend
who has feelings
that you lack

you get scared,
at the thought
that I cry

you distanced yourself
from me
because I feel emotion.

Oh, I'm just a female
who has empathy
who's there
if you need a hug
or there to understand

but am I just a female to you?
am I nothing more?

I was just a female.
that's all I ever was.
"Female" is about how he only saw me as a female and not as a girl or a woman. He couldn't understand why I was run with emotion. While I was looking back into our messages to timeline, it became very clear that he never actually liked me or thought of me as a person. "I thought I could talk to a female because they are so empathetic"

This is from my project, "Rose Tinted," a collection of poems, drawings, and stories of reflection. The art can be found on my instagram in the upcoming months.
Melanie Jun 2022
Don’t assume ANYTHING about me based on ANYTHING
You don’t know what IM THINKING just by seeing if my face is ******* up or if I look happy.

Don’t assume you know me and don’t tell me

what I think
How I feel
What my motivation or intent is
What I can do
What I cannot do
Who I am
What I am..

You’ll always be wrong.
It will always be abuse.
Because only I can decide or define those things about me to you.
And they can change every second and I am the only person on the planet whose responsibility it is to define them
to decide them, to label them.

You don’t decide
You don’t define
You don’t redefine
You don’t label me
You don’t paste who I am to you
onto my face and then criticize it.

Don’t pin your idea of me on your mind’s wall to throw darts at to evaluate, to devalue, to label as something only you want me to be.

Or as something only you don’t want me to be.

What’s written on your mind’s wall about me isn’t reality.
What I want you to know, I WILL TELL YOU

Your job is to listen
Your job is to understand
Your job is compassion
Your job is not to decide, define, redefine, label, criticize some image of me that only lives in your mind.

Because doing that is a form of emotional abuse, & I won’t tolerate it.
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