Of course it hurts, you idiot. It was always going to hurt. It’s supposed to. That’s what the process of becoming is.  It's a painful, messy birth into something else, something better. Growing, changing, experiencing, learning, living…you can’t have it without the hurt. So hold onto that pain, kid, it means you’re still alive... and there's still a chance.

Afrah May 20

i find that even when i sit down to read a book, before i begin, sometimes i’m hit with a wave of sadness, this heart-dropping feeling of loneliness, fear of the emotions i’m about to feel, the emptiness, the focus i’m putting on my own mind… allowing myself to face my own thoughts all alone as they run through my head… it’s a scary, weird feeling and i wish i didn’t feel like this... i need to stop being afraid of being left to myself, of being an individual. i need to find fulfillment in life, in things, in reading alone, in taking photos alone, in spending time alone, in going on a walk alone... in being alone. at the beginning of this year i wasn’t like this, i found happiness and made peace with myself when no one was around but it’s changed, because of /you/ it's changed, something’s shifted, and i want my old self back, i want it to shift back, can i reverse this? can i please take back my old self?...

what have you done to me???

Amanda May 11

I love you, even though you hurt me,
I want you, even though you said goodbye,
I cry. I cant stop the tears from falling,
Even though your eyes are probably dry.

It doesn't matter how youre doing,
It won't change or stop the way I feel,
My arms have a longing to hold you,
The heart I own isn't made of steel.

I still want you to be happy,
I want to see your beautiful smile,
I just don't want you to forget me,
At least not for a little while.

I want my name to run through your veins,
Im desperate to hear your voice,
I wish you would ask for me back but,
Its not up to me; this is your choice.

Im waiting for you to change your mind,
For you to realize I'm your crutch,
Despite how much im suffering,
My heart still needs to feel your touch.

I'm a work of art, your protege.
You're my sculpture, my teacher.

I'm your troublemaker, your rebel.
You're my lover, my peacemaker.

I'm a poet, your songwriter.
You're my inspiration, my muse.

I'm a changer, a modifier of life.
You're my guide, my leader.

I was a hater, a freak.
You made me better,
An individual with a love for life and
A man of creativity.

You're the remover of hate,
And the replacer of love.

You saw me as I am,
As the person I was meant to be.
Piece by piece and step by step
You put back the parts of my broken self.

You didn't abandon me in need,
You didn't leave me when you saw the red flags,
You stayed,
You made me drop the anger and put up the surrender.

You took me in,
You loved me.
You made me see life in a way I never knew existed.

You love me now,
You'll love me always.
Forever till forever meets no end,
You're love knows no limits
And is meant to be eternal.

This is a poem about how much my boyfriend actually loves me and how much he has changed me in the time we were together...
PrttyBrd May 7

My fortress of solitude
solidifies regret
counterbalancing justification
with waning self worth

It could be worse
and I am imperfect
so I stay in this place invisible
seen only in degrees unworthy

But here alone
I can pretend I am strong
the truth hidden
by what I cannot show

Words are my friends
where my thoughts
are my enemies
Still, I remain

Not bad enough to leave
Just horrible enough to keep me hidden in this isolation
ashamed to show my face
afraid to be free and learn...

it's all true

Benji James May 7

You killed me with your silence
The hurts become more violent
I took the fall harder than I thought
I'm not the same person I was before
You took the best part of me

And broke it down

Scattered it into a million pieces now

I'm soulless, crazy, lost and confused 

I don't know where, or who to turn too

Oh when did I lose track?

Why the hell didn't you come back?

This torture has gone on long enough

Without you the seas became rough

I've never been that tough 

When you were gone
I thought It was just your bluff

I can't take no more, that's enough 

I'm better off dead

Blood stains in red 

Of all the lies I've been fed 

Yours were the best

When It hit, it hit hard like cement

That your never coming back again

I'm better off dead

In blood stains of red

All the tears we've shed 

Secrets and regrets I've kept

Is nothing compared to what she did

I'm better off dead 

In blood stains of red

©2017 Written By Benji James

Should we hold on to people that treat us like tragedies?

Should we hold on to people that do not see the beauty of the scars etched into our fragile skin like a haunting poetry?

Should we hold on to people who think that our faults are broken highways, should we let them walk with us?

Should we cling onto their poisonous love?

Akiko May 4

Musika'y karamay
Musika'y Kaibigan
Musikay may saya sa kabila
Ng kalungkutan

Tinagpian ng musika
Ang puso kong nawasak
Sa pag-ibig nga'y nabigo
Puso ay nasaktan
Musika'y may lihim
May Luna's din palang taglay

Salamat sa iyo
Gumawa ka ng kanta
Salamat sayo at Salamat sa musika
Sa tuwina'y may karamay
Sa lahat ng oras
Sa bawat sandali
At kahit saan pa
Salamat sa musika heto na ako
At  nakapag

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