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Hey Karma
I thought we had
some thing special
Sharing more than
Just languages

Then commutation
I check your profile
And you are
Nothing more than
Male *****
A concubine
To others

I love you unbearably
I hate you unbearably.
I used video games
To escape reality
For it is lonely
And boring

I read books
To escape reality
And to gain knowledge
For the world
Is depressing
And hateful

I learn my native languages
To be connected
To my ancestors
And to escape
Because English is too real.
And boring.

I use my art
To express my anger
Without getting
The police
For I have been ******* blued and tattooed.
Convulsed veins, strangled for air,
I gasp but nothing is there.
Each sharp breath,
Each sharp pain.
I grow closer
I grow closer to pain.

Weeping, wailing for more
She is gone, she is gone.
The breaths have ended.
The pain has last.
I try to fight
I try for life.

Each small cut
I release my soul.
Each small breath
I release more and more.
Deep, deep down
Dig as far as possible.
Release the pain
Release the soul.

I have become one,
I have become none.
I want to die
I want none.
Albuna 1d
Never have I ever meet a person like you before.
You came to me, and I thought you are the one I’m looking for.
I don’t want to lose you, that’s what he said.
Many nights I was thinking about him, and laying in my bed.
The look he gave me or the smile,
I was like blown away for a while.
I have never loved a person so much in my life.
So much that when they do wrong, it hurts you like a knife.
I know so much about him, but he nothing about me.
All our memories were they devoured by the sea?
I shouldn’t have trusted you so much,
Now I can’t get you out of my mind, I can still feel your touch.
How you called me beautiful and made me feel like that too,
But now you found someone new…
Didn’t you say I’m the only one for you?
I was so dumb, love can make blind it's true.
But hey, I will get over it!
Step by step I will forget him, everyday a little bit.
But someday I will see him again,
My tears will find their way out, and my heart still feel the pain.
Because the first love is the most powerful one,
and sometimes after it, you can’t love anymore another one.
The first love...
How could I ever forget about it?
Oh royalty that you are
Let me bow down before the
I doth not deserve to be in thy presence

You have made it be known
From all that you've shown
That you are a mighty one
While  i am not but dumb

Oh my king let me apologize
For i have disgraced you
My sight has tarnished your eyes

I am so low
It must show
When others see you
I must look as a ***** shoe

Thy queen is smart and wealthy
I am but a weakminded ignorant imbecile
I'm astonished I even knew of such big words

You couldn't be more right
Everything you say is so bright
Thanks for showing me
How truly pathetic i must be
A lot of people patronize me and I'm sick of it
Mirrors within your eyes…
Stare tranquilly in ice.
Those fog risen lids…
stilled moments echoing.

Frozen they are…
seasoning affection
nowhere near
to thaw tearcicles.
my poetry/short story website: www.gothicsurrealism.com
Astral 3d
How do you let him treat you like that?
He lies to your face,
Over text,
On the phone,
He even lies about things that you already know.

He made friends with the girl
Who tried to destroy your relationship,
And he even lied about that, too.

He sleeps through his classes,
And he says that he passes
With grades that are B's,
Or higher.
Your friend pulled it up,
He has C's and a D,
And a hundred in P.E.,
So he even lied about that, too.

He gets angry at you when you leave him on read,
But you were just finishing homework.
You tell him you were trying to get good grades in school,
Further your education,
That you cared about your future.
He took all your words and twisted them up,
Then said,
That you said,
That he said,
That he didn't care about his future.
You cried that night.

He picks these petty little fights,
He does this over things that aren't important.
It was raining that day,
The sidewalk was full,
So you walked through it.
He told you it was cold so he wasn't talking.
But five minutes before you had to leave,
He told you it was because you walked through the rain.
So I guess he even lied about that, too.

One day one of your friends made a comment
About how cold your hands were.
That night he texted your friend,
Confronted them,
Thinking that they were trying to get with you.
Your friend told you,
Sent you the screenshots.
So you asked him if he was planning on texting your friend,
(Even though you knew he already did),
He said he probably wouldn't.
It seems he lied about that, too.

And he doesn't just lie.

Your friend was fired up,
Saying some kid said they'd bring them money,
But they hadn't seen them yet.
You turned to him and said,
Hey, they sound like you.
You were joking,
You even let out a chuckle after you made the comment.
But he looked you in the eyes,
And he told you that,
You don't f*ing talk to him that way.

I could go on,
I could talk about how often it seems
That he argues with you,
And makes you cry and break down,
All alone in your room,
Probably while he plays video games,
And talks with his friends.

He said he wanted to marry you,
He said that if it didn't happen he'd off himself.
But he can't even get through a high school argument.
He tells you he feels "tense".
That he doesn't like talking about it,
That you should change the subject,
Talk about something happier.
You did.

How do let him treat you like that?

You say you've been in abusive relationships,
But you can't seem to see the one you're in.
She's one of my closest friends, and it breaks my heart.

(I've been trying to only post one every 24 hours-ish, but I just needed to get this out.)
I probably want to be a robot
So I cannot be a ****** being
That is just not me.

I probably want to be a robot
Then I would be flawless
And be able to be happy.  

I probably want to be a robot
So I don’t have to be on this demented planet
Space instead.

I probably want to be a robot
Because I am too intelligent to
Be human.  

I probably want to be a robot
Because I can save the world
And not get killed

I probably want to be a robot
I probably want to Batman
Jayson 4d
Will you know?
Will you really know-
The pain-
The hurt-
The suffering?

The long nights-
The long days-

Giving up.

Have you known?
Have you really known-
The cuts-
The scars-
The injuries?


Do you know?
Do you really know-
Every little thing,
That we went through?
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