A cold spring night
in a grim and dragging April
I am thriving everywhere
I am the dark, I am the shadow
I am the moon, I am the snow.
Do not talk of day
I’ve heard that word before
Now but a distant memory
Fading from my dreams
I am the wolf, I am the char
I am the storm, I am the stars
I built this sea of clouds
So that darkness may rule
I have no need for light
for I am the night.
She blames me that I am an emotional vampire,
the King of pain in my lonely, very small empire ...
I stare into the world, at nights, from my room,
maybe she is tired of my eternal darkest gloom ...
So, I will give to her just an empty goodbye kiss,
I will let her go, she will live with him in bliss ...
The dawn is my time when I go to bed, to sleep,
in the daylight, I just do not want to cry, to weep ...
So, here will be no one, who will call: ''My, dear!''
Just my lovely parrot in the cage, which is near ...
With her, I was spending just my bitter loneliness,
or shall I call it, maybe, in the other word - onliness ...
Have you ever felt alone? That not one person can understand what’s going on in your head. And you can’t understand the hell your mind is being put through. You can’t process emotions anymore. You don’t know what Love feels like or hate. Your just empty. And the saddest thing is. You don’t know why your like this. And you probably never will.

                              With love,
Trying to catch every grain of sand as it sifts through your fingers and makes it's way to the ground, only to be walked upon and shoved out of sight, much like every dream I ever had.
Exceeding every option from A to Z, I've grown tired of this constant fight.
Why do I hurt so badly, my heart is so heavy, it's not like there isn't more sand I could pick up and try to keep closer to me preventing much spill , I just thought He was my soul mate sent straight from heaven , I guess I was wrong. I know we are over, it gets worse day by day, I hate the fact that I love him so much it's just best I walk away He won't stop treating me the way he does now, I want to be selfish and stay with him but my love is unconditional and he let me know he's been unhappy for years. I've got to walk away and hope he finds happiness. I have just got to walk away. Loving someone so much sucks
I truly thought he loved me but found I was wrong
Warning: This may not be for some people who have been through sexual assault and/or get triggered easily by such content.

I'll tell you a story,
But first you need to do something for me.
Fall for someone quickly.
Make sure the relationship moves quickly.
Never think steadily,
Offer your body readily.
Just to satisfy the one you love,
Before they leave you with a push and shove.
Keep yourself available to them,
Even though your morals wouldn't even agree to this on a whim.
Make sure they're happy at all times,
With your body of course for he doesn't want you for your loving rhymes.
Now you need to imagine this.
The relationship has fallen deep into the abyss.
They begin growing distant and you wonder why.
Maybe they've found another being sly.
All of a sudden a day comes,
Where for once in a long while they make you feel loved.
You fall into their sticky trap,
You're head over heels again upon their snap.
They tell you that they want to walk you home.
You comply but God you wish you would have known.
They tell you the backstreets are a safer bet because of your overprotective dad,
You agree that he's protective but what a good reason he had.
They lead you down one lonely road,
And pins you against an apartment building that's abandoned and old.
They cover your mouth to muffle your cries,
And their other hand slips into places the sun never shines.
It hurts so bad and your tears could fill a cup,
But they just continue and tell you to shut the f*ck up.
You try to fight because you're a strong person,
But they were so much stronger with a grip that only seemed to worsen.
They finally let you go once they're done,
But God, you feel nothing, for they had won.
This poem was written from personal experience. I took all of the dark energy and negative thoughts I still have and turned it into a poem of raw emotion. I hope this poem can help people who have been through the same thing realize they are not alone, and give people who haven't the insight they may need to begin to understand.
zeebee 2d
it's one in the morning
and i have so many emotions
swelling in the space between
my lungs

the space where
i imagine my soul

i don't know
why, but i feel
i know
that my soul is a tangible
expanding, moving
trapped in my ribcage
my fragile bones are
a birdcage for
the paper bird that is my soul

it really does feel
like it can fly
like now
the darkest hour of the night
or when
i let certain songs
permeate my skin
and sink into my bones

my soul is an organ
visceral, necessary
for my very survival.
a comforting weight
in the space between my lungs
when i lose my grip
or my breath
i can feel it, always there
it grounds me.
My saint,
my good Samaritan
who never leaves.
How lucky I am -
so grateful for
my humanitarian man.

How lucky I am,
so grateful for
his faultless memory -
reiterated recall -
everyone else left you
Oh my humanitarian man.

My good Samaritan,
holy martyr.
A heart for a soul -
a love to barter.
So sweet (so deserving) a sacrifice
for my humanitarian man.

A heart for a soul,
so sweet a sacrifice.
For if our love shall perish
accept my death twice

How luckily I am,
my humanitarian man.

My saint,
my good Samaritan.
he'd die for my heart -
he'd never leave.
So how could I part
my humanitarian man?

How luckily I am.
How luckily I am.
You taught me I was blind
What I thought was wrong
Until someone else came along
“You can see can you not?”
And I said, “No darling. Because that was what I was taught.”
When I write, you say, "it's a reflection,"
When I write, you say, "it's an affliction;              
       it mirror's my heart's true direction."
YOU prophesied my soul's final

Will you be there to witness the outcome      
                             of your own prediction?

"I'm just another puppet,
  I'm just another tool; like a pigeon on  
          the Devil's stool, one more
                               fool that, The Master of
                          uses to create confusion!"

I must fail miserably for it not to be a clandestine activity!

Who am I to argue with someone, who    
     has a set of detective tools, like you?  I'd hate to be so objective, besides,
who wants to be that predictive?
Surely not me, surely not you!
             ~Venjencie NightWriter69
Hey guys, esp @valerie, I wish I could check this out every day. I love the #tag challenges by #valerie. I wish I could comment on everyone's work that I do get to read but even more than that, I wish I could read every single line of everyone on here. I wished I could write more often. But I know 1 thing for sure if you are in any kind of relationship, spouse, job, family member, etc... then a passion for writing like I have... will break every bond that you have in life. Being if that bond so much has a crack that only let's in a small amount of light. Blessings.
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