My silver Knight,
shining with angelic splendour has sailed
towards the outer regions of my Kingdom
to lay waste to all my enemies. My heart in
hands, my hands are clasped, brought alive
with love, with light, with prayer.
Please, come back to me.
As I think of arrows piercing his breast,
or swords, or warhammers or even axes
I cannot, will not ever dance to the songs
of war.
A fire that claims souls, the earth that drinks
blood, a sight that makes my stomach turn
To see men fighting for a cause or no cause
at all. For war rapes all of happiness and loved
Oh! Begone tortuous thoughts! Revolting facts!
He will return. He will return!
For my nation prays with fervour, but all have
bleary-eyes, no more than me. He's gone to brave
the dragon's dawn - of men branded, fuelled by
the flames of war, riding into the fields on their
snow kissed mounts, roaring and clashing under
a broken sky; the kiss of steel, blades that dance
between life and death and give any and many
the kiss of Eternal Sleep.
The harp of his silver tongue plays soft, gentle and
true. Hand in hand, we walk through fields, of my
dreams divine! The ambition, the care, the charm
glowing in your eyes to be something more.
To you, I was a muse to climb and soar though the
heights, and you spoke so highly of my golden
sapient quill.
My heart, heavy, full of woe
As sleep has not come smoothly to my face,
my body, my heart, my soul.
You promised me, 'I will return to you.'
  'I will return to you,'
how your voice hung so sweet in my ear,
ripe with love, vibrant with hope, certain as the rising light
Please do not fade away, I could not bear it!
Please don't fade away!
Bring unto me that gold and joyous hour!
Fair the storms and roars; overcome the shores,
slay and return to me from the dragon's dawn,
unscathed and with a smile on your handsome

A continuation of my 'Silver Knight' poem!
Lyn xxx
Raven 23h
I see you around
but you can't see me.
I'm here,
I'm reaching out,
but it's in vain.

I'm hurt,
what can i say.
I feel like you forgot,
I feel like i'm not important,
but i know it's not true.
It can't be true.
Raven 3d
I see you standing there
my beautiful friend,
I run to you,
you run to me,
but there's no reaching you,
the glass is separating us.

I scratch and scratch,
you do the same,
but the glass just won't break.
Tired I let my head sink,
I smile at you with tears in my eyes.
So close and yet so far.

I sink to the ground
and press my body against the glass.
I want to touch your skin,
I want to feel its warmth.

Each day i sleep at the glass,
I just dream it away.
I dream of reaching you,
of your body against mine.
I believe one day
my dream will come true.
Lydia 3d
I could cry
I'm exhausted
on edge
lately I feel like I've been walking on a mental tightrope
unbalanced and ready to slip at anytime
I keep telling myself I need more sleep
or it's just this birth control in my arm,
but I've told myself these same things since I was 14 years old
and I've slept since then
I've switched birth control since then,
I've still hurt myself since then
AK 4d
I remember the time,
When you were still here.
I remember the day,
When I had to pass through the fear...

I remember the pain,
I can still feel it sometimes...
My tears fell like rain,
When I heard that you're not fine.

Do you remember that summer?
When we took tons of rides...
I wish I could go back there
And hold you till the end of times.

That was the last year,
The very last time we met.
And as my biggest fear,
I will remember it and regret.

I remember that call...
The deep voice on the phone.
Hours spent staring at the wall,
Repeating the words '' He's gone ''

But those are my memories,
I really hope that they will last.
You're still in my heart,
Not just left in my past.
M 6d
A crack in my skin,
you glued it back together.

  a blemish with my mind,
you fixed it by force.

   a doll

that's what you wanted from me

compliant. complacent.

   easily doted in affections
and sacred anecdotes.

   you were devout to me,
but weren't you that way with all your dolls,
with all of your collections?

   I was promised to be your favorite,
but a favorite isn't pushed to the back,
kept in an attic with no golden rays
willing to shine on the broken skin.

   your favorite wasn't ignored.

   I wasn't your favorite, but perhaps that was for the best.

    you're a dollmaker,
a cruel one with
tenebrous standards, ehtics.

and help those who are your
f a v o r i t e creations;

as every day passes by,
I thank myself for
denying your quips any longer,
your routines,
the melodies of your lackluster
yet pretty promises.

   I was a doll, yours to be exact,
but pretty promises with no
density, and formidable
abandonment and ignorance
shall only go so far.
I saw her walk through the cold chamber
She was wearing her old pretty dress
Her face was pale, she looked so sullen
I'm seeing her ghost again, I guess

She has long past died and I knew it
I guess I just can't move on, Oh why?
Mourning so deeply full of sorrow
I ask Thee, "Why does she have to die?"

I still remember the olden days
When I had held her close in my arms
And I could feel her breathe securely
I know she feels safe from any harm

But why, my dearest love, oh why?
Why leave me here broken and alone?
Is this a dejavu, I'm grievous
Grief-stricken, because of you I moan

The quill is the tongue of my very soul;
         dipped into the ink made of my tears.
           It matters not if my words are thorn to many;
                              This Queen will speak and touch those                    
                                       ­                      special few.
"Though honey is sweet, do not lick it off a briar."
                                                                              -Irish Proverb
Queen Lyn xxx
Marcella Kay Aug 2
Your name,
Whenever it's mentioned,
Or even at the sight of you,
I tremble,
Because you are toxin
To my veins and my skin.

You're a charm just like a rose
By the blood of their petals
That stained red,
But the thorns that I stumbled,
Cutting deeper into my flesh
With blood dripping and staining my hand.

A mask
That sweeps the nectar
Of charms and consent,
But only lays beneath
The manipluations
And diabolical deeds.

Accusations are thrown
Back and forth,
Poison was trickling down your mouth
With every word you spoke,
You pollute everything around you
By the deals of your actions.

Drama after drama,
It gets exhausting,
But over time,
I grow weaker and weaker,
The toxicity that drains me whole,
Because I'm just a prisoner
Of your consent.
Toxic people and relationships.
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