A M Ryder 25m
My fondest memories are those of you
And listening to you sing
For moments could go unnoticed
While time drifted from the mind
You are nothing to regret
You are not a bad person
You are but only, a miracle in the making.
And soon you shall be a savior to those
Whom you used to be. They need you.
Time to dream
Time to imagine
Love it seems
Anything. Even a dragon

Roar like a tiger
Soar like an eagle
Sniff bark woof
Like a silly little beagle

Meow like a cat
Thats that
Draw and write
Play and do it all your way

Our heart our art our part
Even as tiny dots
In this big ol universe
Time and space
Feelings and memories
That we sometimes misplace

Its okay though. Walk to and fro
As the past withers
To the future we go
Who knows
Really. Who knows
I like drawing monsters
I like writing stories and poems
But its gone in time eventually
So why not live to have fun
And just be happy
Letting go of it all
Just play

I miss my stories
My adventures with the guardians
Lex. Shamraka. Micaul. And Jade
And taki. Shes angry
Haleigh 8h
There's a comforting feeling,
seeing that number on my phone,
feeling that panic,
closing my eyes quickly
and making a wish,
that I know won't come true.
Sam 8h
It's hard to get your hopes up
When you have none to begin with
They've vanished like the feelings you used to feel for me
These nights spent with the shadows,
I reflect on the wrongs I've done
Holding on to tomorrow
In the wake of things so far gone

I've become disheveled
My conscience burned away
My eager mind reminds me of the time I spent with you
This hell that burns within me
Can no longer be tamed
Karo 1d
if you want to leave me
do it now
might bleed, won't cry
lost all my tears
for another
once upon a time
I don't know weather
I'm digging my grave
Or my past,
But I hope this feeling
Doesn't last forever
man, life really sucks
Days were short, but nights were long
While I was with you, I drew my dreams in crayon
Messy sketches, missing puzzle pieces
But adding you, it felt like it was coming along

It didn’t matter if the sun was asleep
We danced in the dark like we could still see

Sweaters on cold nights and warm talks that seemed to last forever
Undercovered from the after-rain at coffee shops
Walks that were in summery weather
Always waiting by the max station by the Moda Center
Our destination didn't matter, we were on an adventure

The night was young and so was our love
Memories were long, but moments were short
I feel childish to hold on
This is why my dreams are still in crayon.

1 Corithians 13:7-8
JAC 1d
We melted ice cream
in the golden afternoon
burning out at either end
young enough to enjoy it

we wasted away the summer
exhausting ourselves in the sun
easily friends forever
until forever was done.
In troubled light the old man sat
turning the pages of a darkened book
while on the grass lay his Summer hat
occasionally splashed by a strumming brook;
her lovely face was drawn there
in smooth, fluid lines
echoing her dark gleaming hair
the coal black hue of coal black mines;
his sighs were those of empty years
his sadness that of endless regret,
his wrinkled eyes were calloused tears
where death had already set.
The portrait complete he began another
of a memory, a distant love,
an enduring wish, a long departed lover
packed away with his clouded brain's crippled stuff.
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