Porto 20m

I wouldn't call this an anniversary,
But what I have of the old you
Resurged today, and I barely knew its creases,
Barely knew where to buckle when it looked at me
So I suppose that's a waystone, a twist in my gut worth mentioning...
I remember you -

I remember when you came downstairs, naked
And looked at me with bloodshot eyes
Shuffling your swollen feet,

I remember when you begged her to come home, touching a clammy hand to my face
Not knowing I wasn't her, but
I was so close to leaving

I recall, when I said I wouldn't care if you died
And thought of what your legacy would be, distant
Shufflings of bald wax and steam
Breathed through a desperate engine
Firing wrong, chugging wrong, wrong
I remember you.


But guess what, I know you now,
I know what a glint in your eye means
I know, not remember you tell me you love me
Every day
And I answer back, hesitant
Because I fear
Memory doesn't sleep so well under soil
As feelings, so carefully buried
And locked away
Only sprout stems and
Bloom, without my knowing
Without my permission,
But saving what life left me    anyway

I know you now.

please don't use my lips to forget about hers
if my hips are thicker and legs smoother  I hope you don't find yourself craving faded memories
I won't let her scars scare me away if you promise to stay when my tears fall needlessly
and God I'd love to say we found each other easily & unscathed
but my bruises are still purple and sometimes I wonder how he is
please believe me when I say he never made me laugh the way you do and I know you only want me on your passenger side
we have loved before but never like this

vacancy, let me in
i'm drowning in the holes you filled
vacancy, let me in
the sunset doesn't warm my skin

ocean sky, motel room five
my car's banged up, parked in the drive
she's a little rusty but she's still a sweet ride
come jump in the passenger side
one for just tonight, for old time's sake
i miss you so much it's impossible to take
a poem once taught me what it's like to be heartbroken
ne'er reall' believed it 'til those little words were spoken

are you smiling at the sunrise
the way you did with me?
does he drown in your eyes
instead of looking at the sea?

vacancy, let me in
i'm drowning in the holes you filled
vanacy, let me in
the sunset doesn't warm my skin
my hands are cold without yours to hold
suddenly i'm colourblind without you in my world
there's so little beauty without you here to smile
please just let me stay for a little while
vacancy, let me in
vacancy, let me in

autumn leaves fall, but i don't jump in the piles
doesn't cross my mind;  i'm thinkin' 'bout the miles
the miles between you and me
i'm the blade of grass at the bottom of your tree
your roots are buried deep, deep in my heart
as you reach into the clouds like a work of art
maybe i'd be jealous if you didn't look so good
but i'm just staring at the leaves thinking, "would've, should've, could"

is he smiling at the sunrise
the way i did with you?
are you looking at the sea
feeling his eyes on you?

vacancy, let me in
i'm drowning in the holes you filled
vanacy, let me in
the sunset doesn't warm my skin
my hands are cold without yours to hold
suddenly i'm colourblind without you in my world
i promise if you'd let me, by your side i'd grow old
just a look from you and i'm weak, i fold
vacancy, let me in
vacancy, let me in

vacancy, let me in
i'm drowning in the holes you filled
vacancy, let me in
the sunset doesn't warm my skin

This was a very quick song I wrote; I just splurged words onto the page. I'm probably going to put music to it.
Amanda 20h

Im dying to see you and hear your voice,
But I can't run to you anymore,
In fact, its better if i dont think,
About the way things were before.

Surrounding myself with memories,
Will only bring me certain pain,
I need to realize that wishing
For you back wont lead to any gain.  

I know that you arent suffering,
Because you havent tried to call,
How come this isn't hurting you?
Did you ever really care at all?

Maybe for you the last twelve months,
Were a waste of time and energy,
But you gave me the best year of my life,
It meant everything and more to me.

Sorry i had technical difficulties while writing this my phone kept messing up so i finally just got on a computer and i didnt have problems after that.
James 20h

I sleep with my window open
letting in the cool summer breeze.
It stormed today and the air is thick
and damp.
But the air feels good on my bare feet.
When I was a child we spent summer nights
sleeping on my grandmother's screened porch.
The only escape from the Alabama heat
was the wind after a thunderstorm;
softened by the pines outside
and the mesh screen that surrounded us.
The wind brought the night sounds
from the Southern woods and the smell
of a fresh rain-soaked earth sent me to sleep.

I smell that smell tonight.

It's Friday night,
a still blue dark eyed sky
a band plays

It's years removed from the time I wrote about
the bells and how they swing
in the tower to my left
I still hear them
how they cling cling BANG
and I am with you
and I am alone
                          tomorrow is coming
and in two years I'll be here with the bells

cling cling BOOM

and there will be a woman or a man
sipping on coffee
or speaking
                    softly,    and the bells
cl­­ing cling BANG

Running trees and sun rays,
wind brushing and pressing on to my skin
Saline taste, that will be with me, always.
But a genuine smile will be a sin.

Yes, I am almost there,
where i found myself,
where i found them crystals, so rare.
Before that i was hidden in the shelf.

My sorrow and pain will wash away,
the second I touch that ground.
The power of the mask will be tamed ,
and the masked people will be astound.

Loving people and their vibes.
The epoch of my past will be revived.
The fruit of jollity, again, ripes
And the agony resigns

But something scares my heart.
The goodbyes.
Will I be able to start again after the depart?
Would I have to, again, live in lies?

No! My mind is ready to take it all.
To absorb the pain of the departure.
It will sure be a hard fall,
but it will merely be a fracture.

So, yes, I'm here, where i found myself,
where I found them, my rare crystals,
who pushed me out of the shelf.
But the departure will hurt me with a pistol.

Carlys 3d

Let it be luck or fate
You and I became legends
Us against the world

With each battle,
Enemies came to fight
As allies made appearance

Wars are ongoing
But they hinder
From time to time

Young and optimistic,
We were not yet burdened,
With heavier dilemmas

We enjoyed our time
With each passing season,
Our dreams became bigger

We were the same
But different in pace
We became a comparison

No one warned us
That we could defy
One another

After our first few quarrels
We used the word "forever"
Often as we overcame obstacles

Like poison seeping in
Quarrel after quarrel,
"Forever" fell short of itself

There were more stories
Of us and our memories
Than memories being made

Maturity and experience
Changed everything
From our minds to physicalities

Sharp pain resides in my heart
Orignated from comparisons
I hated everything.

You recieved praise
And lost yourself in it
I lost my voice and will.

Mind tricks of my own doing
Distance flourished
As did I.

We were aware of ourselves
But we expected more too
We were no longer on the same page

Something crashed in us
It left marks and bruises
Left us broken and in pieces

Unsure of what was next
Our blades were drawn
Wounded each other with deceit

Haunted with hate,
You became headstrong
I took myself faraway

Time slowed down
The storm calmed
Everything softened

My sun grew confident again
Beaming from above,
Into what was left of me

The shadow casted
Showed me some truth
My mind cleared and spoke

Aren't we peers,
Or the least bit, equal?
When will you learn?

Look at me.
Who do you see,
If not someone found and free?

Words fled quickly
From my tired being
I justified myself for you (again)

You say you understood
But your skull and bones thick
With stubborn and pride.

Spiteful knives sharpened
By shared secrets and confessions
Tell me what part of me do you target

This new nature you claim
Doesn't not suit you well
But maybe the colors are true

It might be time
To take your turn
And make a realization

Patience is my life
All I have is time
But I'm growing

I am not the pity you see
When you look at me
I am beyond that
and so much more

I don't need anyone who doesn't need me.

These times aren't easy,
And I keep struggling inside.
Now my failures are open for you to see,
But I want you to know that I tried.

Life seemed so monotonous;
But you never bothered to ask me why.
Fate is a bottomless pit getting bigger as I climb;
But I want you to know that I tried.

There are things I never said that I regret.
Times that I thought about lies.
All those memories I wanted to forget;
But I want you to know that I tried.

Now I'm blamed for all that is wrong;
But where were you when I cried.
This is my final note and it won't be too long;
Why can't you see that I tried?

A sticky mark on the flesh
As a graffiti on a wall
A sign of the past
memories of the fading dahlia
Stick as a thorn on the flesh

Can be covered but never leaves
Cause the heart is filled with regrets
The soul gasp for air
As the memories suffocate his mind
The night wind refreshes the mark
Cause the thoughts invades his heart
As the cold wind touch his chest
Laid on the bed with a single wish
That someday, the rain will wash away the stain

Helding to past memories(pains),does no good to heart.Prevent yourself from carrying this load by letting go the  past memories
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