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My mind's drifting further
back to the memories we had
when I was yours
and you are mine
the time we said " I love you"
under the midnight sky
the time we were under those
shady tree and secretly kissed
Our story
it was like the stories told by those
television romance
we watched before
it was so magical it made me blind
blinded by our blossoming love
Back then I was a blind maiden
smoothened with your touch
is all it takes for me
to melt in your arms
yet, I was a fool to believe
that forever was for us
Our story
it was a foul play of fate
we were not destined together
and it broke our hearts to pieces.
All the memes and videos we shared together
that weren't really funny,
but funny in the way that you reacted to them
and the cringy faces we made after
Arianna 5h
Bitter with the tang
Of rumination, burdened...
That summer lingers.

Also: "Long Time Traveller" by the Wailin' Jennys
Twenty sixteen And
I am seething and ranting
For what has been done

Two years later, rain
A seedy bus stop, and I'm
Praying I'll arrive
Two completely different, yet equally memorable events, and they somehow both happened on 11/9.
Dearest mother,

I was never the child you wanted.
I know not what you think.
Forgive me, for I blame myself,
More than you know. Those
Anger filled memories you imposed.
Your statements in wrath. I used
To wonder. Was I good enough?
Is it because you have to stay around,
To take care of me? Or was it the fact that
Your guy messed up every other
Five minutes.

Was it because I was an easy target?
A prey who never fights back. I
Was never the one to want to
Make you despise me. I
Just wanted you to think
Of me as good enough. I -
Write now, to ask this of
You. A few
Questions before I go for good.

What did I ever do to you,
To make you hate me so much?
Was it because of what dad said
Over a thousand times? I know
Those that he said pierce like
Daggers, but why unleash it on me?
Is it because I look like him?
Or my habits remind you so much
Of the good times you shared together?

I won't be able to write to you after this...
My pieces will lay in peace-
Now that I have asked all of
This that stifled me so much.
When you get this letter,
Don't worry your head too much.
How you'll find me? You'll know soon enough.
You can talk to me by my stone.
When reality sinks in sync with concrete.

Love alway from,
Your dearest, most heartbroken child.
I swear I was just thinking and this came to mind.
My oldest friend
In those few moments
We share the same breath
Everything is suddenly okay

Your touch is enough
To make everything else numb
Your love is a drug
And I'm still addicted
There's no going back. I'm going to die soon. **** I miss her.
still here
these stars
what might they look like
in places where i used to be
old homes and destinations
i always needed to depart
their shimmer
is it that much brighter?
without enough of me
to recognize
myself at night
when i look at the clouds to find
that stars are callous
about me or the yous i lost
no future now worth speaking of
just little lamps
and bland emotions
the usual, you might say

if solitude were virtue
would this for once not make me
a somebody to reckon with
I made a list of all the things I wanted to tell you;

And I stored them in a box.

Time went on and the list grew so big the box had broken.

I burned the box, the list, and all of my memories with you.

I should've just gotten a bigger box...
This has actually happened to me, and now that the person is gone forever, I don`t know what to do with my life...
Darling, please tell me
When you hear my name mentioned
Once in a blue moon, on quiet afternoons
With all the time that has passed between us
Do your bones still jump and dance with joy,
Awakening and reigniting the old feelings
That you once held so passionately for me?
Or do you feel the opposite and burn from the inside out,
Your blood boiling, heart racing, muscles aching because
the sound of my name alone can no longer tame
the raging war you’re battling inside?
First post in 2 months
Names have connotations for everyone, both positive and negative. When you hear certain names, do you contract or do you expand?
Jasmine tears went with the sea
Drop by drop, filled streams of ****
Spectacular aroma made *** the shores
And Agendas of menage stained the world.

For surely one must have seen reasons for elongating the times retained
For wants and needs to be renamed human greed.
But songful sins gambol on, upon sea beds
Merging ardour with the emptiness of lofting ****.

Never contrary to the man made shows of happiness.
Staining visions of innocence.
Untouched by misunderstandings, tasking greatly aversions pouting from reality.

But exceptional as it all stands!
Dire momentums retreat reasoning’s, conceiting the flares of hurt
Elevating progressions through revelations aloud
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