you promised to be with me til death,
remember? i don't think so, you already forgot,
the together forever we promised with each other,
left me here all alone , crying in the corner.

why do you have to be the cause of my laughters?
if you'll just leave me full of tears,
why do you have to be the cause for my life to have purpose?
if you'll just leave me full of sorrows.

before, you're the reason of my racing heart,
now, you're the reason why my heart is torn apart,
to the person who made my heart sore,
thank you for the memories i still store.

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Seema 7h

I have forgotten all that was said
Except for the love, you shared
In my eyes, are your tears
You should know, how much I cared

Why should I complain?
When you didn't understand me
How could I make others understand?
When you left my side to be

The promises on oath, you made
In a gust of time, you broke them all
Just the good old memories stayed
You never even bothered to call

Many long years have passed by
Today we come face to face
Our love still glitters in my eyes
But it seems you've lost all faith!


Come to me my love,

On a sandbar overlooking a weightless ocean

Where the grains cover our toes as they depress the sodden ground

Come to me my love,

In a deep dark forest with vegetation thick

Obscuring the sacred path

Where your hand guides me along an animalistic route, savage like we once were

Come to me my love,

Atop a skyscraper in a great city of lovers

Where steam flows from the vents and you hold me watching the sun spread across the buildings

Come to me my love,

Aboard a ship placed upon an ocean blue

Where the past floats to a new future, and you kiss me at the bow

Come to me my love,

In a dirty Dachau of human existence, clawing to survive

and bread the most valuable commodity

Where our bread molds because neither of us is willing to eat until the other is nourished

Come to me my love,

To the Hindu wheel of all the pasts before us

Where our only struggle was to find each other and the only life is a future

Come to me my love,

To a moon soaked room, windows opened after a rain

Where man holds the key to unlock a sweaty night of groping, grabbing, salty licks

Come to me my love,

Your head laying on my pillow

a golden cataract spilling like the waters of everlasting life

Where our blue eyes meet and all the pasts’ spring forth to our future

All the places we will go become clear

All the kisses we will share are repeated

The breeze bumps our skin and with the softest lips you say

“I love you”

This poem was in collaboration with a writer by the name of N. Korroe
Brianna 19h

I often find myself drawn back to the familiar.
The way you make fun of me and it makes me laugh instead of hurts my feelings.
The way your green eyes are always in my mind and your stare doesn't creep me out like everyone else.
The way your lips felt against my neck.
The way your hands felt around my waist.

You would think this was about one man, right?
But, I am torn between two lovers of I have taken in the past.
Two past lovers that seem to continue to come back to me over and over again.

One will continue to ignore me until he figures out his path in life.
The other will continue to flirt and joke with me because he and I are not meant for each other.
Yet, my heart wants something from each of them.
They both offer me endless choices in this world.

One I want to be with for the rest of my life.
One I want to be around me the rest of my life.
What it all comes down too, is who will win the race?
When they finally come to head for the final match in this constant up and down battle for my heart--

I will be the only loser in this race.

Its between the moon and me.
We live the nights with the darkest secrets and the deepest scars, together. ♥
Lonely and cold.

When my heart hears, what for it longs
It would know, tho' I know not.
The words in which it yearns to hear
It would know, tho' I know not.
Ask it I do, so often when lone
Yet reveals it not it's long desire,
Tells me be still, some day you'll know.

When my heart feels, what for it longs
It would know, tho' I know not.
The sense in which it yearns to feel
It sure would know, tho' I know not.
Scent from your hair so near my face,
Yet heart tells be still, some day you'll know.

When my heart longs for what it longs
It sure does know, and I know too.
The searing heat of love's desire
It sure does know and so do I
Prisoner of hope, me, my heart calls,
Her words, her Scent, her feelings all,
Be still for, that day you'll know.

How I used to crawl under your sheets
To find those toes wiggling free
And those legs like long trees
With echoes of giggles you would plea
To have me climb my way up
From your ticklish roots
To your savoring apples

Anon 1d

these cliffs look like gnarled hands, maybe
of an old man trying
to choke life out of me
the sand under me feels heavy like
it's fallen out of my life's hourglass
calm waters just a reminder, irritating
that a bottle of rum is empty
a portuguese song somewhere
fading away into dawn.
death. that's the feeling.
like the carcass of everything
dying inside my head
beauty, words and madness
yes, even the madness
all decaying as if
that old man's fingers, and
down memory lane I go
like a bad fucking habit
fights, audience, ugliness
and love, you know how it goes
the psychedelic flash of a life lived
but they seem like someone else's memories
not mine, because all I remember
is her smile,
and the lilt in her v o i c e when...
even this beat up note book
is ready to keel over, and die
like an overworked sad mule
the beacon from the lighthouse
completes its arc, the beginning?
I feel like the end, a ghost living
in the cul de sac of Ruin Boulevard
now that you are gone, lost to me
the solitude
even my madness
is fucking lonely
without you.

© Anon

J 1d

Darkness threatens a small corner of the world we call home - Panic aroused streets full noises unknown - Ambulatory screams medics fine tuned awaiting the chaos to come - Tents spread dirt fine powder - Fire threatens the life we live - Only to await pure seconds of darkness - Mid morning daylight diminished only once this lifetime - Background tunes hands raised drinks fill brimmed - Down hatch cheers becoming etched in history - Friends beside smiles laughs memories made - Echoes this day a story told of the eclipse that happened - Darkness fades daylight returned - Normal this town retrieves routine - Panic worth words description of those moments anticipated - Reflecting life's cherished mirrored memories - Story to tell - Experience had - Perfect silence - Daylight returned

the painful word lingering on the lips like a sour aftertaste,
morphing the eyes into pools laden with too much weight  
teardrops spilling and being wiped away in haste,
yet nothing can uplift this dejected state

we met after so long only to be separated once more
who knows when we shall see each other again?
grew up together, young and innocent before
undeniably close at heart even back then

our bonds are stretched back to seven seas apart
we will fade in each other's minds but will always stay
and with this new peace of mind and strengthened heart
promise we will never go astray

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