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Elle 27m
Happiness passed by
So long ago
But the grass looked greener
In scorched fields
And now I wallow
Across dry barren earth
If you wanna learn where I am tonight
Sun fading in the absence of daylight
The two of us once got in the car
Drove to this place you no longer are
Written 2-27-21
Elle 2d
Nostalgia is
The laughter down the rec
As we poured beer
And did milk shots

Nostalgia is
The camp fires
The boys added hairspray to
And panicked

Nostalgia is
Your arm around my shoulder
Protective and proud
And very nervous

Nostalgia is
The Daisy chains
And gossip of
Who kissed who

Nostalgia is
The innocence of
Running wild in fields
Till the sun came up

Nostalgia is
Our beating hearts
Under the duvet
Hoping your brother didn’t hear

Nostalgia is
Knowing it’s just a memory
No longer to be

Nostalgia is
Looking at old photos
With a half smile
And chest ache
I remember when
You wrote me a poem

I was sitting on the window sill
It was morning
You held out a piece of paper
And you read it out loud
Your voice shaking
With such sincerity
You couldn’t hold it in

I remember the warm sun
that shone onto the city
And the room we were in
that held the words you spoke to me

Everything about that day
Is forever engraved in my memory
And thank god for that

Because I remember the night before
The lamp above the kitchen table
The night we both knew we had
Found each other from another  
Lifetime, in the way our hearts beat together
and our breaths had synched

I wish I still had your poem
Never thought I’d had to think about keeping it
It’s crazy the things pain makes you do
But now that I feel better
I wish I could remember you
The memories fade milliseconds before I drown in another one
Frozen in fear at the irreversible end of an uncorked weapon
A canon hand cannon
Staring down the rifled barrel of a hunting gun
I can't comprehend the timing of when to run
Most always find myself in a state of stun
Literally can't remember, oh what have I done...

In fits of rage
And bouts of pain
I recall all you said to me
And I pound my fists
Against your memory
Till they bruise and bleed
And I concede
And you succeed
In breaking me finally
But in a twist of fate
That's what it took to be freed

Mom took my brother and
I to the cemetery when
we were kids.
Her mother and grandma
were there underneath the
grass and dirt.
The spring breeze felt
good on my face.
We put carnations and
lilacs on all the graves.
She told us stories about
our dead relatives.
The tombstones, with the
dates seemed ancient and

After flowering all the
graves, we went to
the pond and fed
the ducks and swans.
There was a fire in
their eyes.
They were always
They gobbled the bread
and swam in circles.

When we became
teenagers, Mom took
us to the cemetery, and
taught us how to drive.
She said it was
safer there.
We couldn't ****

Many years later
I took my little sons to
I showed them all
the graves and told
the old family stories.
"That's your grandma,"  I said,
pointing to the tombstone.
"She brought me here,
when I was your age."

My oldest son, Zach, who was
seven at the time said,
"When I get old,
I'm going to bring my kids
here to visit the family.
Will you come with us, Daddy?"
"Sure", I said.
Let's feed the swans.
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Virginia is for lovers says
A sign below the freeway
On our way to the beach

My friends and I all
Think it over and
We agree
There is no love here

See boys and girls can
Stand around like
Princes and queens

But no prince charming’s ever
Gonna live up
To her expectations
He can’t do it right

So she tells him
Don’t you dare boy
Hold my hand boy
He’d do anything he could to
Make her happy

It seems she’s getting *****
From the coal dust
On his fingertips
It’s all on her dress

Her daddy never said
A prince could look like this
So I guess he won’t approve

They may be the blessed ones
Or they may be the cursed
I can’t imagine which way’d be
Worse for them to be

‘Cause we keep trying to decide
Between what’s right and what is good
For me to do what’s right by you
And you to do right
By me too

Until we’re shouting
I just want the truth
Give it to me baby

Tell me, do you love me
Or is that too much
To ask of you
To let go of
The things they say

That I don’t love you
When I love you
And I’ll love you til
The day I die

I swear it’s true girl

Pretending that you’re better
Doesn’t seem to be much better than
Just being yourself

‘Cause how’s a guy
Supposed to know
If he’s in love with you
If you were always
Being someone else

Virginia’s not for lovers
Least not how I see
It was the things you said
Misleading me to think
You loved me

That’s what you said
But what you really meant to say
Is that you

Really didn’t care
One way or another
It’s not like you and I have
Feelings for each other

Still I guess I’d like to know
Where in Virginia did
All of the lovers go
song written 2011
Shattered and scattered 
Pieces of heart lay strawn. 
broken echos loudly
in a silence that is profound

 Each sherd tells a story. 
of love that once was a hole 
now lost in darkness. 
of a heart that has grown cold
If only I could collect fragments of my heart, I would let your piece of memory come upfront.
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