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She looked exactly the same,
Yet it wasn't her.

The same silky white hair,
The bright blue eyes that seemed
Deeper than the ocean.

Half of me hoped
She had finally "returned".
Yet the other half knew
It was all just fake memories.
A poem about Yae Sakura and Teresa Apocalypse from Honkai Impact 3rd.
I should probably go to bed and stop rereading Gratitude Arc for like the millionth time. I mentioned the part about it being fake because I'm pretty sure in Sakura Samsara there's a part near the end where we find out that the entire time Kallen was a figment of Yae's imagination/mind.
Fair-weather love is all the rage
like plastic wine glasses
lost in the grass

A summer haze

Fair-weather love is all the rage
And we are just having one of those days
Donovan 4d
Don’t turn over that photo.
That window into brighter days,
steps as light as air,
and storm clouds easily brushed away.

Don’t turn over that photo.
That reflection of wasted potential,
reminder of love doomed
to fester and rot, a once
sweet fruit carelessly strewn aside.

Don’t turn over that photo.
Tear it to bits, burn it to ashes,
anything to prevent its siren
wail from shriveling any scrap
of happiness still clinging to life.
I have a love/hate relationship with nostalgia.
Ally 4d
I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey
Ally 4d
Layers of me, all

around your body

our legs entwined

my breath in your neck

Stroke through me hair

Pull me closer,

Butterfly kisses

Strawberry whispers

and bourbon promises

all through the night

Morning coffee

wearing only your T-shirt

and freshly

squeezed juice

These are the moments I treasure,

whether you remember them

or not

These are my precious moments

When you loved me

before the complications of the day

took over what our hearts

and souls needed
Ally 4d
I woke up this morning

with the sun in my view

birds singing a happy greeting

flowers smiling as I tickle their petals with drizzly drops

But my heart is heavy

my tears are flowing

another day

colorful accessories covering my grey memories of you

Driving, as I do every morning

coffee at the office and the usual

small talk

back in my space, alone behind a closed door to the world outside,

allowing my emotions to flow

onto this page

it is the only way

I would cope through this day, my tears frozen, for now
Ally 4d
Your stone-cold heart

does not match mine

not like it used to

we are worlds apart now

I made you smile

I made you dance

I made you look forward to the rain

Oh, how we soaked in love

After all, that's said and done

and then some

an emptiness many can see in me

but never really feel
i long to be
your first cup of coffee
kissing those
sleepy eyes awake,
whilst you feel the warmth
spread through your bones.
i long to be
the reminder of home
felt with each
gentle mouthful,
now an essential part
of your daily ritual.
i long for you
to spend the day thinking
of when you might
taste me next,
leaving hints of cinnamon
and sweetness on your lips.
- this morning, with her, having coffee.
Joanna hurt me
She broke my heart torn apart
No I am less whole
Heart break hurts always
Reminders daily sometimes
This season is hard
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