Sanny 4h

So much laughter, anger and secrets are hidden in my walls.
From a time that is no more.

I can still hear them sometimes, like a tape playing.
Taking me back in time.

So much love, anxiety and tears engraved in my pillow.
From a time that is no more.

I can still feel it sometimes, when I'm in a confused moment thinking you're right beside me.

So many smiles, hugs and stolen kisses my mirror has witnessed.
From a time that is no more.

I can still picture it sometimes, but the face staring back at me is filled with pain.
Swollen, from the tears that won't stop falling.

Sanny 4h

As I looked at the ring you gave me last year I noticed all the marks and scratches on it.
From memories we had together, good and bad.
I know yours has them too.

I still remember the day you gave it to me and how happy I was then. But now its just a piece of silver.

I wore it with pride, now it was for the last time.
Sitting by the ocean and I didn't feel it anymore. I didn't feel connected to you.
It was just sad memories tied to that ring left.
I was sitting there, thinking, remembering, listening to our song one last time and then i threw it.

Into the water. Never to see it again.
Closure, a goodbye, to the one i once was, to you, to the ones we were back then.

my poor broken heart
cried a million tears for you
one cried happiness

Amanda 11h

The moments when I miss you,
Still come and go with ease,
Memories flutter to and fro,
Doing as they please.

When I pass someplace we know,
I feel just a little bit sad,
Because then I have to remember,
All the smiles we once had.

I know i will find someone new,
But I don't know when or how,
And i cant help but wish that,
You were here with me now.

Under the sky, a heart starts to heal,
Whimpering cries of regret,
I'm still haunted by your words,
the ones I wish i could forget.

Goodnight, sweet ghost, tomorrow awaits,
And ill see you again in my dreams,
Stitch by stitch, I'm falling together,
Slowly repairing my broken seams.

Riot 17h

The blue was taken
out of the birds in the park
and put into my heart
with a cold as deep as
my room in the winter
when we didn't pay the bill.

The blue forces memories  
of the behavioral hospital

The Spiderman bedding
over my father's house

My mother's face covered
in poorly wiped tears
from hours of me lying
unconscious in the hospital

as she prayed silently,
and I said in the darkness
of my own head
"God doesn't do anything for atheists."

Leonila 17h

Emerald Dreams

Kaleidoscope showers of a new day
As psychedelic colors sweep the land
Flower buds unravel to welcome the sun
The birds chirping to the tune of a new song
The birth of a new season, it's spring time
And  the hope of a new day dawn that arises
Wildflowers  are we running through fields
Dancing like the wind amidst sunflowers
Emerald dreams are these bringing me back
To the childhood we had with golden memories
When tomorrow's rain of sorrow posed no fears

I learned to stop dancing with the memory of you
to stop hoping someone else might fit in the depression your body left on my mattress
you were not my saving grace
I wake up in the morning and my sheets kiss my bare skin
the sun running across my shoulders, warmer than your hands ever felt
I am whole without you, I am whole by myself

Aynjul 1d

Whenever I hear new music,
its like the artist knows
Missing you hurts.
out of all The Life my heart holds for you
I don't know how to let it out..
for now, I just bleed words that cant rhyme
Lyrics, melodies, beats and time-
and nothing can tame my heart
so hopefully My poetry will reach yours

Feeling music is not the same as it was when I looked at you almost everyday
ayame 1d

i love you
with all my heart, i do

but in my memories
why can't i find a single trace of you?
i'm tangled in our fingers
intertwined with the night sky
lost in your captivating scent as
each evening passes by
every morning i wake
haunted by your lingering presence
every morning i stay
admiring your lasting iridescence
perhaps it's the work of fate
the alignment of the stars
the reason why i never seem
to figure out where you are

i love you
with all my heart, i do

i love you
and in my dreams i think
                    maybe you love me too

Jobira 2d

I was once fond of you
I fell in love the first time
I touched your face. You were
The only air I could breathe
The only screen I could see
But you began to freeze,
Deleted my files and
And would be blue sometimes.
I troubleshooted with Ctrl+Alt+Delete
And rebooted my systems.
Systems get restored awhile
Soon afterwards went back to
The same problems.
So I saved you in the thin clouds
All I could retrieve from
The corrupted files which
Some were hidden somewhere
On those wired server discs.
I saved you so
I could delete you one day
When I no longer fond of you
Until you will permanently become
The lost memories in the recycling bin
Deleted. Permanently.

Over time, memories are just deleted files.
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