The rain is falling faster
Every second
Like so many past metaphors.
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They say the pain’s
What hurts the most
But I can say
That they don’t know
What hurts the most
Is not the pain
After all
Why cry? You’ll get no gain
The memories
They’ll haunt your life
The did’s, the didn’t
The whys and no’s
The pretty face
you’ll see no more
You’ll search through them
And find no peace
The happy moments
You’d wish it ceased
A painful flashback
Of a rightless wrong
Is all you’ll see
And still you’d long
To right your wrongs

You’ll cry in sorrow
For one more day
To spend with them
And what you’d say
With joyful pain

You’d tell them that you loved them
You’d tell them, thank you dear
But memories are present
To keep the pain and fear
You’ll beg for one more moment
You’ll scream in agony
And treasure those sweet moments
You had and won’t get back

But friend stop dwelling in the past
Treasure love while it still lasts
Keep your loved ones while they're here
Tell them that, i love you dear
Tell the living while there present
That you love and treasure them
So you’ll never be in haunting
Of the things you never said
It started this day, that year,
Initiated by chance, and the magic unfolded,
though I was blinded for long,
I thank you for ticking the twinkle in my eye!

The journey started unknowingly,
Flown stupidly, managed roughly,
Grown wonderfully, Spoken continually, untold silently.
The priceless journey stuns me as always!

The colours took time to show,
They came one by one,
Startling me at each stage,
The rainbow came with seven,
You came with limitless to space!

I thank the colour of Festivals,
Boundless thanks for everything you give,
My words may never be enough,
Wish every energy which flows wishes thy life,
filled with happiness and success forever.
Thanks for the special inputs and feedbacks always!
Why do we dance better when we are in love?

Why do we dance better, when we are in love?
A lack of embarrassment,
As you feel like you've been drugged.
You feel the music more, because the lyrics have new meaning.
The description to the picture of the woman you've never seen.

The lights enlighten your mind, as the colour fills her face.
She appears before you, when you’re too drunk to concentrate,
On the words she is saying, that you know would be great,
But she thinks you’re not listening and now it's too late.
Her attentions been taken, by another hopeful singleton;
An unknown quantity, you never had time to think of.

He's taken your place, in entrapping her mind;
He's the guy you should have been, but you never had the time.
He's the second rate choice, that wins this fair maiden’s soul;
He's taken your maiden, so now you should go.

The girl I think I love, isn't really who I love;
I just haven't realised, that my time has not yet come,
But love is on the way, my heart is its destination;
But to whom will it be given and mutually taken?

If love is on the way, how long must I wait?
And will it hurt me like before?
Or will I see that it's a new day?
Full of new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams;
But this time around, there will be a happy ending.

Thinking of the future fills my heart with such gladness;
Knowing I could fall in love with a stranger,
Who will take away my sadness.
Knowing anything is possible; my futures full of hope,
That one day I'll get the girl and one day I'll fall in love.

To listen to new words, from a voice I've never heard,
Would be such a thrill, would be more than I deserve.
For the strong always win, as the weaker man falls behind;
But surely I deserve love too, I've committed no crime.

So why am I punished, every time I see her face?
The last kiss we'll ever share, now only leaves a bitter taste.
We could have been good for each other,
If I only stood my ground
And told this girl that I like her,
To make her smile and not frown.

I walk into the bar, as my future sits on her own.
I must seize this last chance and tell her she's the one.
So we sit there all night long, telling tales of our past,
Whilst thinking of the future, as I wonder will this last?

She understands your desires, your wishes and your dreams.
She wants to be with you; well at least that's what you think.
You must let the goodness of love, overcome the bitterness
And let the love light shine on her, so you can feel the goodness,
To light the warmness you feel, so you can ignore all your doubts
And make a hole in your heart, to let the burden seep out.

I'd make a hole in her head, to remove the memories of the hurt,
To help her look to the future; it is what she deserves.
To let her remember the good times
And the love that we could have;
To make her think of our future
And forget the painful past.

I want to take away the weight,
That you carry upon your shoulders
And hope we make a connection,
Between what's inside us.
The worlds too heavy for you to carry,
I think it's time you gave it back;
I only want to make you happy
And stop you ever feeling sad.

Now the weight has been lifted
And you’re free from the burden,
Will you join me on this quest
To find our Garden of Eden?
To create our own world,
Exactly as we need it to be;
To share in the ecstasy of possibilities.

Our future could be golden,
Like the setting summer sun.
Loves a new weight on your shoulders,
But it gives you someone,
Who will be there until you die,
Unless I die before you do;
But I'd refuse to be killed,
If it meant that I'd lose you.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
On this heart a scar is formed

If you have love, why are you asking for more?
Some people do not have what you have.
In these days of every possibility, you should be grateful;
But still you want, so go and break, take and be glad.

Happy inside your fictional love;
Make me up a memory of feeling, because I am so empty.
You treat love like it is just another drug,
But you treat it with such disdain, because you have so many.

Take me out of the food chain; I can no longer be loves play thing.
I have given all I can to this cause.
Just leave me to rot, I will no longer be making.
I have seen this love beast too many times, so no more.

I am alone and happy, so why do I need your love?
You are with someone again, so I will not complain.
Cupid is a fool; he stuck me with you through only lust
And all you ever gave to me in exchange for my love was pain.

The ghost of me is all there is…
And on this heart a scar is formed.
The wish I had when I was a kid, has shown me that I can take no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I believe that life
Does not end when we die.
See, people are imperfect
(That's putting it lightly).
We strive for what we consider
To be.
And the end result of this life long
Is death.
Maybe in death we achieve perfection.
We iron out our flaws in one last
Glorious burst
Of memories
And experience
Before every flaw we have
Is irrelevant.

I can't wait until the day when I can truly say
"I am p e r f e c t."
But that won't be any day soon.
R.I.P. Uncle K.
You weren't a perfect man,
But on this plane of existence,
Who is?
Love is gone

All the times that we had, like a star they explode.
Now they are to stay gone and you are no longer all that I know.
What I need; what I had.  It is all gone into the past.
Like a piece of history, she is gone and she is never coming back.

It was us until the end and now we are not even friends;
Just an ex on a life map and there is no turning back.
There is no way to recall all the love that is now on the floor.
Shattered dreams are all gone and now all I can hear is our song.

Now I just keep on playing it on repeat;
I keep a piece of you inside of me and I have lost a piece of me.
We were broken by three and now we will never be.
Just a memory of what we were;
Just the fading traces of our lost love.
Just a painful heartache;
This result feels so unjust.

All the love that we shared
And all those times I thought I would never forget;
All those memories I wanted to keep inside my head.
They are all gone now…

We cannot say what we want to tell each other,
Without sounding mean.
It was meant to be you and me;
Now we have lost out on everything.

All the pictures I will delete;
I do not want a single memory.
Not a thought of you to cross my mind.  
My mind is made; we have had our time
And if I could turn back time,
I would take back some of the words that I said;
But I just cannot forget,
What we have lost…
Now this love is dead.

They say move on with your life,
But I cannot because you were my life
And now I stand here alone,
With your number still on my phone.
If I do press delete, then you are truly gone
And this is truly it.
I wish it didn’t have to be,
But it must, but still…no delete.
My finger waits over your name;
I could remove all my pain,
But still I cannot remove you from me.

Now all love is in the past, afar, just as you are
And as I walk down the street, I see you talking in a bar,
With a smile on your face, with another man in my place.
Oh my God, I hate this day!
Why could I not just find a way,
To give you what you needed from me?  
It was never me that you needed.

It was him or anyone else; I am simply gone.
I am now lost in my own nightmares.
I only wish that you could still care;
But you no longer do, so I say you never did.
This does not heal my love;
It is truly broken,
Because I am so stupid.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Mission improbable

When we are given too many options,
Concentrating on a single event could become difficult.
We are truly trying, but our concentration is anywhere but here
And there is no placebo that can lift us from our slump;
So all things are half-hearted, no plans stuck to, never fully focused
And all the things that we wanted are never found by us.

Love passes us by, with no wink of the eye
And time becomes a locomotive, speeding into the twilight of life.
Our thoughts are off in the distance, places all seem so far away;
When we should be in the here and now, without delay,
We are only ever thinking of a future that has not yet arrived
And then sooner or later, it is always too late.

With one eye on the window, we will only miss our train of thought
And all those classes we take, they will all fade away.
We will have forgotten all that they taught.
Day dreaming of sleeping; too tired to be awake.
Words on the vapor,
Float away into space.

Reaching out for wisdom;
Lost words in need of someone to speak them,
Drift throughout our minds and disappear into oblivion.
You could be one in a million, but if your heart is in two places,
Then all will count for naught,
If you only, what if, or maybe.

Struggling to be here with a crystal ball kept in your pocket.
A pocket full of poesies tell tall tales of space rockets.
From all that, which came before,
We have walked through a thousand doors or more.
If we always have our eyes closed to what could be,
Then we will have learned nothing
And the things we feel will all just become a chore.

Take a second look at a second chance.
Did you succumb to the will of another’s opinion, perhaps?
Silence your lips; put your head phones on,
But do not play another song until your work is done.

Strike while the iron is hot;
Write it like it is the last thing that you have got.
Grab reality by the horns with both hands and feet,
Before it is all too soon, gone to be lost.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
what a beautiful thing
to have a happiness box
filled with
quite mornings with falling snow
white light of a full moon with the ocean breeze caressing
rumble of lightening on the road under the flashing stars
warm sand between toes with sweet fruit on your tongue
peaceful nights as rain gently taps at your window
gental hums of the dishwasher as you fall asleep
her soft hair as she bends her head to cook
creaks of the stairs as they wear time with pride
what a magical thing to remember
your happiness box
You remind me of my mother. I said that to you once, maybe twice. I think I told someone else that before too.. But I can’t remember which one of the many. I said you were like no one else. Like she was like no one else. ‘Perfect’. Now you’re gone from my life. Just like she is. What have I done? You remind me of my mum.
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