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I’ve been falling.
I’ve been feeling the cold,
It breezes through my bones,
And the very moment it chills me,
Your warm embrace fulfills me.
All I can see are the colors falling through the air,
Each holding memories I can’t get back, it’s not fair.
It doesn’t matter how cold it gets,
Home won’t fail to heat me from the inside.
I am tethering on the edge again
plagued by decisions, too many
the path to travel is nowhere in sight
all that I have left is melancholy.

I remember how I got to this place
it was certain that I would always be right
yet at every fork, I went wrong or left
now there’s no going back, try as I might.

At sorrow’s end I see myself again
as a farmer trying to grow his future
drawing from the well of memories
tilling the fields like a Repugnant Creature.

The choice is simple when I think about it
to savor the moment, or to sacrifice
yet the edge I stand on, rocking back and forth
I cannot find happiness, regardless of the price.

“Fly”, screams the wind, pushing me ever so gently
“Stay”, say the memories, holding me back in place.
“Fight” mumbles my own inner voice
“Pray”, says the world that put me in this cage.

Weary, I sit down on that cliff
staring for answers in that dark abyss
fighting to undo the chains that bind me
all I ever wanted was a little bit of bliss.

This place is cruel, but so am I
unwilling to give up or to fly away
to go anywhere, just not here
my will won’t be undone, it will not sway.

This is another fork, just like before
a battle to be fought before I have recovered
a question that needs an answer right now
To sever, or to be severed?
Contemplating some tough decisions in real life, this is just but a reflection of what's going through my mind.
Dee 6h
His eyes start to eat me up from the inside out
Hands demanding my body
This is the first time I think of my body as an object of pleasure
Still, I don't class it as sex or the R word
Just predation
A sense of redemption for his masculinity
Memories of his actions follow me
Haunt me
My flesh has since arranged itself differently
Forming a cloud around a central object
Which is hard and more real than I would like it to be
The recklessness of his actions means that
My husbands touch can now scare me
Remind me of the time I felt like a means to an end
Remind me of the time I lost my glow and will
We sought a world of pleasure,
One we could not measure.
We opened our hearts to pray,
for what would make our day.
Cause we live a life so empty,
One not worthy of envy.

For so long we waited,
in search of a sign of what would save us.
But as memories faded and our lives wasted,
we found comfort in what would erase us.

Sold to slavery, prisoners of our own greed.
We sought more pleasure, now want nothing more than to be freed.
Time has flashed us by and our tears have gone dry.
And with torturous screams,
we are left with nothing but faded dreams.
I've been burnt so many times,
and hurt with so many lies.
The path that I walk tells a tale of so many crimes.
And the scars in my heart hold memories of darker times.

Stupid, I was! I lived like a cat with nine lives.
Ignorant I stayed! A fool who accepted numerous lies.
Bedazzled by their smiles, who knew they were but deceitful wiles.
And for long I remained, a captive of worthless slimes.

For all the tears I shed and the feelings I spared, I couldn't help but wonder if anyone ever cared.

As a tool for their filthy cause,
I wondered if this was a result of an unknown curse.
For neither was I pure of heart
or saintly in character.
This could be the reason for my life's disaster.
Bullet 1d
Water glistening in the way the wind blows
Light reflect on the way it glares on the waves
Open eyes listening
Glass bottle passing the light to the retina
Ears following the waves talking
Leaving memory pains that are left behind

Right way to move forward
But the bottles sands filled notes presses the words
I can't grasp no more
Letting go of love notes
The ship was wrecked
No more relations
The way the ship swayed
Left me feeling of letting go
All of the cargo

I'm yanked by this anchor
N' it won't let me n' my car go
Just another ship note story
To be told it sank
N' everything went over board
Once love now not to be found

Popped off the cork
To pour the sand filled love stories out
Watch it dissipate
Take all the memories away
The skies coated with reds n' blues
Purple then turns the sky to these dark grays
Watching the sand and water mix together
Ship notes are telling ways of dying
I'm trying to remind life is worth living
But the mind keeps rewinding

The winds are striking
The ships are hitting
Mind is erasing
But can't destroy love that has existed
I can't take it away
But the ship notes will always be noted
Hoping the water lets it one day take it way
Echoes from the past
Memories that will forever last
And as I remember, the sun shines a little brighter
Nostalgic all nighters

The tick of the clock awakens me
Time is moving on
Pressing play on the same radio
But i’m hearing different songs
Those days are far, far gone
Oh sweet, sweet pain
JK 1d
In a rainy evening with the company of million tiny drops,
The canvas of life slowly stroked the memories…

Holding her hand in the drizzle, a castle of dreams was raised.
Promises for a lifetime and beyond etched inside.
The tiny drops of love brushing her eyebrows and slowly dripping onto her lips.

Steps were taken together, leaving behind all the trails of grey,
Breathing in the warmth of ecstasy,
Words dissolving in the passion of the moment,
Sky embracing the solemn strings of togetherness,
The beat of love was raised inside as their soul united…

The drops were sunk with the malt in his glass,
Waving the glass to the sky, he sipped slowly in the drip…
Dripped in memories
L Brown 3d
I’m scared to show you anymore of me,
You looked me in my eyes and made me believe a lie,
A lie to me that felt so true,
Now I’m supposed to believe that this time things will be any different,
I hate that you broke us,
I want to forgive but my mind keeps going back to that morning,
To that hour, when my whole reality shattered,
What did you expect,
Did you think that I would forgive you and love you the same?
I have a good heart you say,
You picked me out of all the girls in your world,
I was nothing more than your mere prey,
Ah, yes I can use and abuse this one,
You know all the shit everybody else has done to me,
I’ll do it to her because I was strong enough to survive,
So she will survive too you see ,
But you were a little too dumb to recognize,
That all the love you taught me to give myself,
You could never repay it x3
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