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I can still recall
When I was young a lifetime ago
I cried over my skinned knees
Memories with my peers

Running around without footwear
Having friends that are rare
I was so optimistic and happy
Can I go back from the past? hopefully.
Grey 15h
“I won’t lose you,” I say
as you slide through my fingers and fade away..
Dwelling on the past again
The soil in the garden,
Pink-colored plastic flamingos
Rusty, and damp backyard
We've planted orchids, remember?
Everything is a palace

Every palace endures solitude
But I am no palace
An apparition,
The maiden I see at night
The roofs are crying

Your memories are still here,
And your clothes, always dusted off your favorite
Your lavander dress, paired with your yellows
Dancing in the meadow
I never liked dancing alone
rk 1d
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
IvS 1d
The muscle that fails me
Everytime I try to scape
Pretending I don't even care

Last time I see your face
Old memories awake
What did we make?
Happiness is a teardrop away

Let love consume this hate
It must have been fate
Forget about let's embrace this chance
That love just made.
Part of a writing challenge
You still haunt me
Midnight, daylight.

Feel your arms wrapped around me
Feel the tight grip on my hand
Feel your soft lips on mine
Feel your breath on my skin.

Memories of you still haunt me
Midnight, daylight.
Old fires are hard to get over with
Clattering of the rain,
On my window pane.
Chattering of the mind,
Desperately hoping to unwind.

Pouring everything upon me,
Flodding me with memories.

Drowning in the puddle,
Of my own emotions.
Frowning on my own thoughts.

Here i am,
Talking to the rain.
There is something in the rain.
Just think of all that you’ve seen
And experienced
Even forgotten
Throughout your Life.

Not just the Big Things.
The tiny
Seemingly insignificant things too.
Those various TV quizzes
Soaps, sitcoms, adverts
What would Aliens think?

Remember the savoury smell of freshly cut grass
Baking bread
And toilets!
Coffee as well.

See every detail of your table –
Strewn with papers
Mobile, wallet, medications, books…

Count those leaves on that tree
Stalks of grass
Grains of sand on a beach
Stars in the sky.

Remember all the people
You have met
Or seen
Or heard or read about.
From the rowdy
To the silent ones.
From Good to Evil.
I could go on…

Who knows what our Subconscious Id
Has stored away
In the caverns of our minds?

Things that are with us always
Right until we Die.
And what happens to them then?
A whole universe of things.
Do they vanish
In a “pool of tears”?
Or are they somehow resurrected
Somewhere in Heaven?
We can only Hope…

Paul Butters

© PB 28\5\2020.
Another "deep one"....
When they come back
They are like salt
That has been poured on my wounds
They open up the wounds and I hurt all over again
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