mk 14h

everyone has their place
except i, i am floating on the surface

Alexander 20h

A late night with friends,
I have come home at last.
The pain in my head is ceaseless,
My body reeks of ash.

That is the smell of my city,
Soot and smoke,
Its anthem?
The murmur of the crowds.

All of them are idividuals of their own
Yet we walk, breathe and talk as one.
Day, night, rain, or whichever time
I'll still love this merry city of mine.

Ollie 20h

I think we're just will-be reads
As we lie down here in our beds
It's 2 am and none of us are sleeping
We're messaging and thinking and trying and crying and
"I'll read it in the morning"
And we're all just will be reads and we can thread the stitches in our broken hearts until we're dead or someone turns 18
Cause that's all we can do
Your messages will be read, they've said
Cause what else can we do?
How else do we get through this without your messages in the morning
Beautiful messages from you
Yes, that's all that we can do
And we're just will-be reads with broken heads and minds and ways to go
What the hell else do you expect us to do though
I'd rather not be will-be read but what other choice to have
Do I run away again? My parents getting the last laugh
I'm not 18 and I sure can't drive and we all wish that we weren't alive and these goddamn will-be read messages just keep coming
And I guess I'll keep writing these odes to you
To fix it up, said color blue, until you finally admit this shit ain't stunning
We say we're just hanging out
But we're leaning on each other
We fucking need each other
We lean on the need for our broken will-be reads
And I say broken too much
The man says
"I don't want to turn any of this into poetry
You're so beautiful
Flowers turn their heads to smell you"
Visiting Hours
The visiting hours of my heart will always be open
So we can rely on will-be read messages
For there is no will-be read to a Heartbeat

this is an ode to my better online friends. I've only shown it to one and idk if I should show it to our main chat. It isn't very good.
Mims 1d

It was all I wanted for the longest time-to open my eyes and see you there. To stretch out my hand and touch the soft, yielding warmth of your skin. But now I have learned the secret of distance. Now I know being close to you was never about the proximity.

Another by Lang Leav. From her book "the universe of us"

I collect memories
Distill them to the letter
And barrel them for aging
Only to later get drunk
Off last life's nostalgia...

My family;
The sweet taste of white wine
I swirl their image around my head
And sip on it every now and then

My friends;
Shots of fireball
Shockingly spicy, yet sickeningly sweet
The liquid trickles down my throat.
Cuddly warmth

My love;
White girl wasted off your rosé
The color reminiscent of the flush of my cheeks,
As bubbly as my disposition
A mix of two "goods" that make a "great".
I can't wait to taste you again

Porto 2d

If you should see me
Walking by
Hair shorter
Say hello
Say hello

If you should spot me
In a crowded dance
Body thinner, or thicker
Don't wonder,
Don't wonder

If we should fence eyelines
Gait slower,
Don't gut and run
Say hello
Say hello

If you should call me
I'm still here
Adorned in jewels
Ruby sun, sapphire waters
Ask for my emerald green
Emerald green
Ask for me

bathing in the light of the sun,
surrounded by the beauty of the world
by night i'm gazing at the stars
awash in the glow of the moon
and i love my little galaxy
this universe, created from fantasies,
existing solely for me
what god exists that made you all my reality
my sun, my world, my moon and stars
and the planets between, unique and
alive, so alive despite no signs
of yet loving life
if i were a god i'd make it so
that you all fell in love
with life and love and happiness
and they fell for you, too

there is a feeling that you get
only once in a lifetime.
it is the feeling of being surrounded by happiness so fierce,
it festers and infects you.
it is the opposite of loneliness,
because in this vast desert i have never felt more at home.

with them there is a safety
so pure it cannot be synthesized.
within those i love i have built a sanctuary,
and i do not plan on leaving.
our hearts seem to beat to the sound
of one celestial drum.
the sun may depart behind the mountain,
but we will climb it together
and find the light once again.

they are loved more than they could ever know,
and here in the infinite unknown
the sun will rise once more and we will stay true.
i make my mark in people’s hearts,
i plant my words in their soul
and carve my name into their veins.

i have built my home to withstand the raging storms
and the bold canyon. i have built my home to withstand
the darkness and fear without the astonishing sun.
i have built my home to protect and preserve
the hearts i have obtained.

These are the moments to live for
When the sun is shining bright
Happiness fills the soul even more
And the end draws near after the longest night.

These are the memories to keep forever
Snow cones, laughter, summer fun
Winter brings darkness, but I will remember
Friends have no season, the stay without sun

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