It is time for you to fly on
Standing upright on the back of passions
You never needed me to validate
You're looking at the sunset alone
And there's no emptiness by your side
My words were a crutch that bent your back
And my love was just a metaphor

So now it's time for you to go
I didn't understand before what concerned me about you
It's that you're searching
For something you don't need
You have your bittersweet memories
Of laughs we shared
And because you had such a big heart
I never noticed it was hollow
Not wanting to be filled,
Not full of doubt,
Not waiting for a literary device to smash it
But it encapsulated my lonesome one

So whether I got what I needed from you
Or you just needed a reason to smile
I gave you consent to break my heart
And I'm still waiting
Perhaps people are indeed predictable
But the most painful question is when

I know you have good intentions
This will be my choice, I fear
Your face is made of sun-stained pearls
And you nourished me with your warmth
Forgive me for showing you this power
Because you'll be glad to never have seen it before
I'll direct lightning
Down upon your synapses
I'll command rainfall
Down upon your cheeks
I'll order sea-smoke
Down upon your mind
Forgive me for my false assurances
You never gave me permission

We were never a perfect fit
But I deceived you with tender illusions
I grew like vines upon your dreams
I held your soul
I remember how it was soft and smooth
But then I touched the element of your awareness
And again I'm reminded how fondness
Is just a phase

There will always be love
In the salt of tears you'll shed
You'll remember when they made assumptions
That were only mostly wrong
I'll stand in the rain that some call romantic
Wondering if you're beating upon the glass
These words are my last gift to you
A lonely metaphor.


My very old friend

It stood in my backyard,
For what seems to be aeons.
If consistency was talked of,
Thick volumes can be filled on it.

Storm's futile efforts,
Couldn't pull it from the ground.
It stood like a giant mountain,
Amongst the tiny slopes.

My friends were rare to be found,
But it was one of them.
Each morning it waved at me,
When I left for school.

I conjecture,
Of it relinquishing flowers,
To let me know,
That it was gay.

Back when I was a juvenile,
I ensconced myself behind it,
When playing hide and seek with Sam,
Poor Sam! His drudgery went in vain.

It was fun,
When Sam and I owned our house on it,
We had our small tea party,
With only three guests.

Sam and I still reminisce the past,
Reposing underneath it's warmth.
We are tied together,
By a fine silky thread of love.

With time Sam might leave me,
So might his memories,
But what I know,
Will always be there for me,
Is my very old friend.

If I could meet you again for the first time,
I would.
10 times over
And every time,
I would choose you.

If we met at the park,
it would be autumn.
We would see each other there everyday, walking alone,
and one day,
we would look up,
a little nervous,
and say, hey there,
and then, some how, we would end up walking together
hardly saying a word,
as if we had known each other our entire lives.

If we met at work,
I would say hi,
and you would ask, how are you,
and that would be all.
Until one day you would offer to carry my bag and walk me to my car,
and I would unlock the door to get in,
but it would hang there open, long after I planned to leave.

If we met at in line at the book store,
I would ask you what you were buying,
and you would launch into a story, describing the movie or book or whatever you held in your hands,
and as you explained,
your eyes would get really big and your hands would move all around, trying to describe how much you love it.

If we met as kids,
we would race up the slide,
and play tag,
and I would pretend I didn't like to be caught,
but secretly I did,
and we would hide in the wooden castle,
and make up stories,
and miss each other after we went home.

If we met in class,
we would sit next to each other the first day by accident,
but we would become friends.
You would be early everyday and save my seat,
and I would come just in time,
and when I got sick, you would give me your notes,
and when the other wasn't there, the empty chair beside us would swallow the whole room.

If we met when we're old,
I would see you greet the receptionist in the doctor's office,
and watch you laugh about something she said and thank her, your eyes sparkling and kind.
And, at 70, I wouldn't care about subtlety anymore,
so I would go sit down next to you and ask why you aren't married
and you would say, because I've been waiting for you.

It's perfect
You two
But don't shatter it
The screams you'll feel
Will be horrible
So don't scatter it

Love is the bestest feeling
Never judge its worth
Coz it really hits back
With the worst feeling ever
That could end your life

Hold on to her so tight
Don't ever let the grip loose
Pour her with kisses
She won't forget with you
By her side

They said to never let her go
Alec 3d

There is a wall between us
One i cannot break
One i can’t get through
And find a way to say hey

No matter how hard i try
Our relationship, i cannot save
I wish i could reach out
Break through this clear cage.

But i can only smush my face against the glass
In hopes you will see
But you are not looking at me
Can you even see the glass?
Do you realize i am trapped?
Do you see that i cant reach through
I can’t touch or talk to you.

I’m not so sure what to do
You look content
On your side of this wall
Laughing and dancing
Talking and walking

And i -
I stay here
On my side of this wall
It looms all around
I feel like I’m  bound
‘Tis a solemn event
As i attempt to find a way through,
I can only conclude
It’s too strong to dent.

This is more of a vent
But i want it to rhyme
I just want to get over the wall! I’m hell-bent!
I want to get past this pane
It’s glass that just won’t fucking break
Without you how can i possibly stay sane?!
How do i fix this?
How do i reach you?
I’ll find a way out
I need to.

Do you even seen this glass?
How long can this loneliness last?
Do you see how I’m stuck?
How can you reach me?
If you can’t even see me?
I can not reach you.
Though try i might
But you look happy
Perhaps I’ll just give up this fight.

So i stay behind this glass
Maybe if you are happy my sadness will be over in a flash.
But alas i am forced to wait
So I stare through this pain

No matter what I want you to be happy,
Even though i wish i could feel the same.

Jessica 4d

Today, my friends were sitting at our lunch table
My five best friends sitting around me
We were talking about death and funerals
My best friend said,
“I’m dying first.
I’m dying before all of you.
So that I don’t have to go to any of your funerals.”

And I thought to myself
Isn’t that funny?
How she stated, as a-matter-of-factly
That she is going to die first

It’s funny because I almost died before her
When I tried to kill myself
Luckily for her, I failed

As soon as I heard you were enlisting
You never struck me as the type
To completely change your plans.
Such a free spirit before,
Only to conform
Simply because you were afraid
Afraid of what you could have done.
There was so much more I imagined you doing,
Playing for pleasure was always your living.
But now, you are to listen to a droning shout
As the entire world shuts you out.
And I'm forced to sit here and act like it's okay,
That you're throwing your entire life away.
Perhaps I have a biased view
Maybe serving your country was what you were meant to do.
And I'll let you go
To live life on your own
Although, I wish I would've known
How much you've helped me grow.

Do feelings fade?
or will my heart always skip two beats seeing your name light up my screen with a text from you?

Do feelings fade?
or will I wish we'd never met just to spare myself the agony of not being with you

Do feelings fade?
and how do i get over the fact that you're so perfect, funny and witty?
how do i say i love you without making things awkward, without jeopardising what we have? and how do i make you stay?

The master called forth their students
To carve their names in stone
The eternal bond eroding the tablet
The cobble roaring and rolling
Along the beak of the mountain pass

The master chiseled their marks;
The students followed - their hammers
Slamming in unison, the sonorous ringing;
A symphony of erosion on the brittle plate

Elated by the performance, the stone screamed
It echoed through the valley

"Fear not", the master preached and turned to their students
"The bond of stone is as brittle as paper but holds our names for eternity"
They shackled a sevenfold amongst the surface and punctured the heavens

Glimmering in the sunlight, the incandescence of the molten stone
Passed through the iridium stakes - the fractured hammers

A carving of pain, created by the love the students held per desperation
Students of the broken stone, their efforts unspoken;
The mold of a statue of hope stood in eternity
Their love echoing through the valley

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