Family is not an F word
however family was for you,
cos when family leave you raw and bruised
friends are family in lieu
Quote from Deadpool 2: "Family is not an F Word".
Lily 16h
Mom, I’m not addicted to my phone.
I simply need that connection I have with
My friends, the ones who I don’t get to talk to
Often, that have all but disappeared from
My life, but I can still see them on the screen.
Mom, I’m not addicted to my phone.
I like to read stories and poems,
Browse the Internet’s fanfiction,
Write my own works, and receive feedback
From friends and critics alike.
Mom, I’m not addicted to my phone.
I just worry about the people I care about,
Wanting to know where they are
And what they are doing;
Not unlike the protective nature you have with me.
Mom, I’m not addicted to my phone.
Sometimes, I just need to check the time.
Written with the help of my nine year old cousin, Natalie.
kk 1d
You don't want to be in my photos.
That’s fine, a thumbtack will stay in your place
You don't want to be in my videos.
That’s fine, I can trim, cut, edit
Until your shadow is completely erased
You don't want to be in my life.
That’s fine with me.
Now you have no one left. Is that fine with you?
And in the end
she broke my heart.
Both as a lover
and as a best friend.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
that song played so loud
so loud
so loud I couldn't manage to tune it out
i was forced to savor those lyrics
each one reminding me of those days last august
those days where my summer friends wisped away my worries
reminding me of how much i miss you all
fighting back watery pupils, i reminisce
blaring music in the background
so loud
so loud
so loud...
Lily 1d
In the sand,
We met each other,
And names exchanged between friends
Turned into faces with personalities,
Characteristics, and ambitions.
In the sand,
We played together,
Building homes out of sand,
Pouring our heart and soul
Into the project,
And each other.
In the sand,
We walked together,
Side by side, hand in hand.
Bright sunsets become a backdrop to
Meaningful talks, important words,
And shared smiles.
In the sand,
We partied together,
The firepit blazing under the stars,
Music blaring and friends dancing,
Their forms basking in the fire’s glow.
In the sand,
We argued,
And harsh words were hurled,
Not unlike the terrible stinging sensation
Sand creates when trapped in your eye.
In the sand,
We parted ways,
Under the same sunset backdrop,
And I watched your footprints
Fade away.
In the sand,
I lay there lonely,
Babies crying and mothers yelling
All around me, with me trying to
Fathom the reasons why you left me.
In the sand,
Like a loyal leatherback sea turtle,
We came back to our beach, and
With tears in your eyes and
Sand in your hair, you apologized.
In the sand,
You apologized for your selfishness,
The way you jumped to conclusions,
And you confessed that you had never,
Ever forgotten me and our beach.
A year later, in the sand,
You went down on one knee,
And after saying yes, I thanked God above
That I had fallen in love with you
In the sand.
Cries for help
Are not cries for attention
I mean
A little attention
Is all that person
Ever really needed
Just to know
You're not alone
You're not the only one
Who lies awake at night
And waits to die
I'd be a lie
If I said
I haven't tried
And these people
With their masks on
They tell me
All you ever write about
Is suicide
But they're wrong
I write
For hope
I write
To cope
I write
To let you know
You're not alone

It's ok to not be ok
i wish to find
more of my kind
a group of humans
in which i confide
KJ 2d
Is it possible for heartbreak to cause physical pain in your chest?

I can feel it burning,
its searing pain
deep inside.

How am I supposed to breathe when I'm weighed down by it?

My lungs try to expand
they get stuck.
No air comes.

I don't think I will ever find another who cares like you do.

Your love suffocates me,
I am
floundering and
drowning in it.

I know that when I end this, I will never feel love again.

How is it
that even though
I'm the one ending it,
I'm the one broken.

I asked you straight to your face, how was it so easy to lie?

You lied to me
over and over
time and time

I knew this would never work, I ruin everything I touch.

We should have
just stayed friends.
Nothing will ever
be the same again.

I may be imperfect and flawed, not worthy of much.

I expected more from you,
a self proclaimed
in shining armor.

You screwed this one up, my darling.

I miss my best friend, but I won't rely on your devotion
and misconstrued idea of love.
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