and I have always wondered about the way that the sky disappears into the distance

it touches the horizon

But does it want to?

we know that it doesn't really,

because the earth is flat

but does the sky want people to think it and the land are friends

or maybe it and the land are friends

and it is upset that they don't really touch

and jealous of the people that get to think they do

Some people will never experience Berlin
Except through stories,
Have their thirst for the thrill quenched
Than by reading.
Close, but never close enough ;
I never saw that sunset,
Just the reflection of it,
And it was just as perfect.

Not all love stories have the happy ending
But that does not make them any less real
Than the real thing.

yes, i do the let phone ring and ring and ring until it stops choking me as your name flickers off the screen
i let your name linger on my lips like some sort of bad dream
i lie awake shedding layers and wanting to scream, do you know how much of me you haven't seen?
do you think of me as you go to sleep?

and maybe i do shine light on things i'd rather keep inside, maybe i dwell on things when they've already been unraveled away. maybe i think too much and fill myself with sad songs and one word answers and pity filled sighs, maybe i act like a child and curl up and hide when things get too wild, and maybe i do lie.

but i miss how your hand felt in mine, i miss talking to you without thinking before every line, i miss how i would associate you with a field of light. but now you make me want to die.

i'll miss you as you were,
but never as you are now.

i hope you learn to grow in yourself,
move yourself around a bit,
fill that obvious pit in your stomach

maybe then you'll have some room left to squeeze me in.

i miss the you i used to know
Toby 1d

How can I be so selfish?
I try to give you options to help.
You always get upset for every one.
I don't understand why.
I am trying to help push you where you truly want to go.
I know it won't be here forever.
But yet you resist.
Should give up?
I think not.
Better opportunities await.
You just need to jump.
Don't be scare.
Grass is always greener on the other side.
Don't let me be selfish and keep you.
There someone waiting on the other side.
Do it, just go.
I believe in you.

Sarah 2d

I never had them until now
I’m an amateur at how to interact
An experiment stuck behind transparent glass
People gawked from afar
I let them in
And they were there
I needed them
People don’t stick around for hurricanes
No matter how stunning the view
Destruction takes its toll on everyone
My friends
And me

Daria 2d

I long to recall the embraces of my childhood,
Imaginary friends comforting me as only I wished real friends would.
Speeding down the path of distant memories,
Collecting the thoughts everyone passed down to me.
Street lights shined the way back home for us,
Oh, how I wished our magic was continuous.

sitting in a coffee shop
a man is grinning while
he stares at his laptop
the light from the screen
reflects off his glasses
and his eyes are great
white orbs and he
smiles and smiles and
all I can think is
that I will never
hear you sing again

cold cement under my feet
contemplating a deep colorful galaxy
humming to myself the tune we love
you are not mine
as the breath within my lungs is not mine
I take you in, and then you are gone
we are worlds apart
a century between us as we embrace
the soft night air is our home
adrift on a sea of doubts
lovers and friends
and at last friends
the universe expands
and you float away from me

I smoke a cigarette
at 11:30 p.m
it is cold
even with your absence
I am alive in a world that is home to you
that is enough

Thinking of the time they did coke in my apartment,
and they suddenly realized
I was beautiful

I would have been before, too,
but you were always worried about your tutor
and the white sludge
dripping down the back of your throat
tap tap tapping
on your brain, that couldn't take it anymore, but did.

Now, you live with a woman who works with children
they hear the tap tap tapping
on their brain
and they would have been beautiful, anyway.

You are somewhere with no answers to questions,

no weeping
no laughter

and the tap tap tapping on your brain.

You are old, and you cannot see the sky.

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