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Call me when I’m dead,
Don’t wonder how I’m doing, wonder what killed me instead.

Ask me if everything is okay,
When I’m not around to smile my way out of the conversation everyday.

Shake your head,
Regret my death,
Think of all the ways you could’ve saved my breath.

Shed a tear,
One here and a few more there,
Wonder why I frantically cut my hair.

Know that I’m dying everyday,
More and beyond the usual death you fear.

Lynnia 15h
Am I the only one
Who gives a second thought
To those people that we shun
For everything they’re not?
Am I the only girl
Who doesn’t like these songs?
Who wants to love the world,
Not **** for all that they’ve done wrong?
Am I the only soul
Who really strives to give;
Who wants to play my role;
Who wants to try to live?
Am I the only friend
Who might just even care
Whether this is a dead end?
Is there even something there?
ice statues ice statues
oh they again with me oh so much time
o ice statues ice statues o
you again with me again after so much
time and yet I have long been a beard
but I have been sitting in a cold forest for a long time

ice statues and my friends and my love
and my everything and my notes and my notes are gone
ice statues are all around and even that
it was and what will be ahead because our
life viewing all the results we did
or rather what we call birth is death

ice statues ice statues and huge goes
there is a huge flow through the current through time
oh my friends oh my love oh friends oh time
so much so I went and forgot everything though
now I am there I remember everything and I forgot everything
I do not exist for a long time that I am just ice

Camryn 1d
I find it so hard to understand you
With all your great secrets and mystery,
but  how can one truly understand you,
As I am the Captain and you the sea.

You’re mesmerizing with the life you hold,
And there is nothing to compare to your beauty,
So I ignore all the tales I was told,
That it is dangerous to befriend the sea.

But so quickly do your winds turn and roar,
And as your deep, warm waters start to turn cold,
You start to fight me in another war,
But I did not listen to the tales we were told.

And tomorrow, will your waters be warm,
Warm as they are before the second storm.
I’ll hold you tight
Like a memory you think of when you’re low.
You don’t let go,
Smiling and singing ‘til your heart is full.
We’re slow to realize how quickly life can change
And how fast these days roll by.
It’s like a tidal wave and we’re just floating on.
So let’s look to the sky and know
We still have tonight.

As the fire dances on,
I can see us in the flames.
So vibrant, so alive.
Oh I’d write it out on paper to remember everything,
From all the days and nights we shared
But I’m so lost inside this moment
I hope I’m never found.

After tonight
I’ll be alone again driving home beneath the star light.
When all that’s left of you is your scent,
These memories will get me through the days.
Whisper to me what you swore you’d never say.
I’m hanging on every word.
The hardest tears and the hardest years ahead,
But I look to you now
And feel so safe in your eyes.
Imogen 1d
"The golds and greens of childhood
Are tinged with the blues of might-have-been."
When you are a child all of life is discovery...
and everyone you meet is a friend.
we were walking up the stairs at school
and i said something a little too loud
and it echoed off the walls
causing everyone to look
and i didn't see the look on their faces
but you did
and the way you described it was hilarious
we laugh about ****** things
things other people wouldn't find funny
we couldn't stop laughing
and i was laughing so hard
i had to lean against the wall
with tears in my eyes
because i couldn't breathe
and i haven't laughed that hard in weeks
and you're the only person who can make me laugh like that
Michael 2d
I received a call today,
From someone whom I call a friend.
I did not want to hear it,
Not those words you had to say.
My friends are my family,
So it’s safe to say,
That you my friend, are my brother today.
Through the hard times,
I hope I can say,
That my support you will have,
And by your side I will stay.
If I could take away your pain I would,
But instead I will stay where I stood,
I’d take it for you if I could.
Tell me what you need,
And for you my brother,
That’s what you will receive.
It’s scary as ****,
When you hear you may lose a friend.
You my brother, from now till the end.
A friend of mine got in touch to tell me that he has found a lump and that the doctors are investigating. He’s having a tough time that may get tougher, but he will have me for support no matter what.
A group of female friends is like cooking pancakes; eventually they’ll flip.
They’ll claim to have your back, but when the going gets tough, they’ll dip.
Why is it like that though?
Why as women can we not lift one another up though?
Why are we so quick to call the other a ***?
Why do we talk **** about people we don’t know?
Why are we divided when we should be united?
Why do we put down those who weren’t invited?
Y’all ******* act so ******* entitled...it’s ridiculous.
That’s okay though. I’m going to be alright regardless.
You can have your group of pancake *** friends and watch how they flip on you too.
But don’t come crying on my shoulder after I’ve already told you.
I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen.
You’re so hard headed and desperate to fit in.
We were just fine without the extra *******.
Why’d you have to go off and befriend those other *******?
Am I not good enough?
I’ve always been there for you, but you’ve been doing you sis.
You may not think so, but I’m that one friend you will miss.
The moral of this story is, females are like pancakes; they’ll eventually flip.
They’ll claim to have your back, but when the going gets tough, they’ll dip.
We used to be so conjoined at the hip.
That’s my fault for ever opening my lip.
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