Your face, lights up the sky on the highway
Someday you'll share your world with me, someday.
You mesmerized me with diamond eyes.
I try to fool myself to think I'll be alright.
But I am losing all control -
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul.

Never in my life have I been more sure
So come on up to me and close the door
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted and more.

To speak or not to; where to begin
Your great dilemmas I'm finding myself in
For all I know you only see me as a friend
I try to tell myself wake up fool; this fairy tale's got to end.

Never in my life have I been more sure
So come on up to me and close the door
Nobody's made me feel this way before;
You're everything I wanted and more.

This is one of my favorite songs. They said this was rico blanco's song for KC Concepcion. Kc's mom doesn't approve him for her.
Mims 2h

There are different kinds of love,
If you said "I love you"
And I said "I love you too"
We would not mean the same thing

You say it as a school ground crush, as a kiss behind a tree, as a wish for something more.
I say it,
As a "I would do anything for you, I care about you so much. I would sacrifice most anything for your happiness, talking to you, gives me smiles unlike anyone else. I do not know much about how to live without you, what would I do without your smile. You are one of my most cherished friends, our friendship means the universe to me"

It is not the kind of love
Where I would be with you as one
It is a kind of love,
Where you are the only one.

Happy two month since meeting!
Soulmates since the start.
Mims 2h

You cried me a river and named it the forgotten,
You spilled your brain like warm cider on frozen fingertips,
You melted,
You fell into what we called a 'sadness'
But now know as a 'false hope'
You told me everything.

Your idea of perfect includes me,
And my god am I flattered,
But baby,
This isn't love,
Can't you see?
You do not love me,
You love the idea of loving me.

I never meant to love you
It happened quite by chance
I only wanted to be your friend
Not share a new romance

But something happened suddenly
Before my heart could know
I came to know a side of you
That caused my love to grow

The tender ways you've touched me
I pray, now will never end
A miracle of circumstance
My lover... My best friend

Written for my best friend back in junior high school.. Whom later became my husband.  RIP Caddyman

When the giant sleeps
he lays dormant, never to be heard.

He sleeps like a baby but breaths like a lion through the caves as it echoes.
But to the surprise of those glaring,
waiting for a beast to emerge from
never seen reputation he has built.

'Tis only the gentle touch of his hand
that gave him his second reputation.

A soft one, a push over - but ha, I laugh in the face of unlaughable emotions, kind notions and love potions.

But that's just not me is it...?

I said to the wall in front of me
I needed to pass but,
to my amazement,
I could never even see,
a wall, a mere
mirage to the retinas deception.

But I question why I ever mention,
my thoughts and perceptions
like the worlds in one convention.

Despite being mouth to horse -
I always got stared at,
trampled down and taken for.

Ironically I'd say for granted,
but I'm left stranded, demanded around then commanded - like this sleeve hadn't already,
seen the washing powder one too many times.

All the lost faded faces I left on my brain,
all the sleepless nights,
I thought my help could turn me insane,
But as the day repeats,
I'm thinking... "Not this Again"
Not another sleepless night,
Just waiting the next day.

But at least I know
before I take my final breath,
It was all just a test,
until death,
And I don't live a day,
with a shard of regret.

A poem about me personally. Always getting called a push over or soft, because I live my life as "that guy" wishing everyone a good day and making sure I put a smile on others before myself. I recently sat and assessed people around me, who was bringing me down, who used me, and I cut loose ends. For once I was selfish - yet I still help them despite breaking. Even if I hate - I give kindness. I live with no regrets, and despite my pain I always wear a smile! Live to the fullest, love, laugh and share dreams, that could never be written even in your mind. Enjoy the read!

i believe that we'll always come back to each other in whatever colors we become

even when i'm scorching red and you're a soft green
even when you're a bold blue and i'm a deep yellow

even when we're two different shades of grey

even when i have rings in my nose and you have some around your neck

even when it's almost dawn and i can't keep my eyes open, but you're a sugar rush, bouncing your leg on the floor

neither of us can ever keep still
neither of us can ever keep something from each other

maybe that's why i know we'll always return to each other when we stray too far from the woods

The greatest story ever told
Is a love story of a lonely Humboldt
One sided, until his time was through
Yet the world to him was his paper waifu

He taught us love has no bounds
Between penguin and a poster, weird as it sounds
He gazed upon her until the very end
Oh how strong was his love of a kemono friend

May you rest forever in peace Grape-kun
We won't forget you anytime soon
Now, every time I go to a petting zoo
I will always remember how much you loved Hululu

Friends don’t tear each other down because of one mistake.

I'm in the bar
With all my friends
We're smiling
Telling stories
Sharing opinions
It's a great night
I'm trying to say something
But I get interrupted
I'm trying to say something
But I get interrupted
but i get interrupted
The night goes on
The bar is full
People are getting louder
Trying to talk over the next loud person
My friends and I go outside
We are laughing
Telling jokes
Cheers go on and on
I try to say something
But I get interrupted
I try to say something
But I get interrupted
but i get interrupted
The night is coming to an end
People are leaving
Tabs are being paid
Some aren't ready to go
Other are tossed
My friends and I plan are next move
Some say come to my place
Others have work
Some are going for a walk
I try to say something
And my friend says what
I look down
Forgetting what was so important
I look up
"Oh nothing, it was just a bit crowded in there, thats all"
We all laugh in agreement

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