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Some friendships never die—
& others simmer softly
In a boiling kettle of
Misty potential.
We use to be close together, shared good times,
Helped each other through, bad weather.
There were few days, you would see us apart,
We had A friendship that connected,
Right from the start.
We could feel each other’s emotions,
As if we shared the same mind,
We would guide each other through, lonely times.
Our last time together, was just A normal day,
Then for reasons unknown, our friendship,
Just drifted away.
Over the years we cross paths, it’s just like the old days,
Then we part again, journey our separate ways.
We all have friends, we hold so close in our mind,
When we think of them,
A feeling of peace, happiness, comes every time.
During this life, most friendships, will drift apart,
We will only have A few, we keep as memories,
Close to our heart.
                                                          ­                                                                 ­   Tom Maxwell©
Pretty nice words
All put in a poll
I love you beats them all
yellow soul May 30
Music is playing loud in the room
People are shotgunning’ a beer or two
Girls making out just for fun
Some guys playing with a water-gun
Someone looks at me and smile
I look away after a while
The thought that maybe I could feel
Everything suddenly gets so real
The air inside the room is gone
I lay down out on the lawn
My friends are probably hookin’ up
There’s no more liquor in my cup
People are walking all around me
I never actually really feel free
They take my hand and try to guide
How should they know every step is a fight
I try to tell them I am sad
But they just tell me life’s not that bad
They ask if it’s cause I’m not over that guy
I nod yes, but it’s a lie
I try to smile but a tear is coming
Everything feels so numbing
Why am I even still here
What if I just disappear
Leah Carr May 29
There's a gaping hole inside me
That no amount of anything can possibly fill
but the emptiness isn't just on the inside
it's wrapped around me
tight and suffocating
I gasp for breath
but the air vanished
leaving just a vast vacuum
full of...

      full of...
Leah Carr May 25
I don't know what you want me to say
I'm... sorry?
After the hundredth time
Those words lose all meaning
Just a collection of sounds
Just subtle vibrations in the polluted air

"Sorry" doesn't take away the pain I caused you
"Sorry" won't solve our problems
I wish a word had that power
For I don't know how to live with this
Guilt and self-hatred
Rules my every second

How are we going to overcome this?
Alicia Moore May 22
Your heart is simply your home.
It is your safe place.
Family consists of the things living in that ticker;
it consists of the things you hold close in those chambers.

‘You can choose your friends but not your family,’
I am told by my parent who has caused me the most harm alone...
but with the force of the wind I push against those groans.

The roots of my family tree do not match past generations.
The roots connect to my heart and mine only;
the veins that decorate the walls of my home.

So I bid you goodnight now a stranger to me,
for I am finally free to be with my true family —
I am safe here with my created bloodline,
living happily in this little heart of mine.
I beg you to remember that family is what you make it: a pet, a series of books, a painting that brings you a sense of calm...
Remember that you can, and must, uproot yourself from the weakened soil surrounding you.

All my love,
Nikkipopgun69 May 21
Forever wanting to join the 27 club because I can’t stand the pain.
I catch feelings for people I should because I know I’ll never date them, Or marry them.
My hearts been broken too many times I don’t know how many more times I can do this.
Forever trying to help others, but when I need it  no one comes.
People showing their true colours on how they value you in their life.
Trying to learn my own worth even though I feel worthless.
Realising these people would just fake cry at your funeral and they couldn’t even take a minuet to ask you what you’re doing for your birthday.

One day I’ll just vanish off the face of the earth and they probably still wouldn’t text you.
You’ll soon realise what you’ve lost and you’ll have to learn to accept your
Cole Aug 2019
I hear my monsters.
They whisper in my ear
Pretty lies
Wish to die
"No one would care"

I hear their stories
They give me much fear.
Don't close your eyes
Do not sleep
Don't look in the mirror.

I feel your pain
It chills to the bone.
You lie
You try
When I ask "how are you?"

I wish I could do
Something to help you
I try
I'd die
To save you.

Anonym May 16
She doesn't want to lose anybody,
But in the end of the road,
She will lose herself, unfortunately.

She think about others more
Than about herself,
And that's what hurt me to the core.

Bet, every day she looks at mirror
And asks it "oh, no way, is it real me?
How can I be such bitter?"

And I'm so depressed and sad,
That I can't help you and can't fix that,
And I know that all of these thinks in your head,
Are killing you everyday, I bet.

I'm laying down on my bed,
Crying in my hands, 'cause,
I can't be you are in instead,
You make me proud and applause.

Because I've never seen the one,
Who can be the strong like you,
And, my little lady, you should know, that's enough -
Being yourself to get the love that you deserve.
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